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A Look Back at 2016 and a Poll for 2017


I’m a little late to the whole ‘wrap up 2016’ thing but, regardless we like to start the new year assessing what worked and what didn’t in the past to ensure we are putting resources into and creating content that you actually like or find useful. This last year, in addition to the random – ‘whatever-I-want-to-talk-about’ posts, we focused the design content on the following:

Makeover Takeover: Otherwise known as my smartest boss move ever. My team, who work so hard, get showcase their talents, redo their homes (with some blogger perks), while we create original, beautiful content for you all. And guess what? With virtually no designing or writing from me (besides paying their time/photography and the usual advise)!! Not having to be in charge of every single post has been a very good thing for my brain and my family. I’M A GENIUS.


Check them out: Brady’s Bathroom | Brady’s Living Room RevealGinny’s Dining Room | Ginny’s Living Room RevealSara’s Bedroom | Mel’s Living Room Intro

They all looked pretty darn beautiful and I’m so excited to continue this series if you guys are up for it (Brady and Ginny have a few more rooms, Mel and Sara have new places to post about, and Jess is just starting hers, too!).

E-Design: While we are still unsure if E-design is actually profitable once everyone’s time is paid for, we have enjoyed showing you these posts and walking you through the processes. I’m VERY curious if you think these or the ‘design agonies’ are worth continuing.


Check out these others if you are into it: Rustic Modern Living Room | E-Design Winner Presentation | A Neutral and Eclectic Living Area | Master Bedroom Refresh Plan | A Textured Traditional Mid-Century Living Room | A Modern Eclectic Family Room | Moonrise Kingdom Boy’s Bedroom | A Rustic Mid-Century Family Room

Ask the Audience (Emily’s House): I LOVE getting your guys’ opinion in every way and it has often even changed my own mind. It makes me want to ask you about everything, from – ‘do these flares fit or look like i’m trying to hard’ to ‘should we put a head board in front of our bedroom window?’.


These posts are clearly very popular, with some tapping out at 600 comments, and documenting my house is seriously so fun to do. I get free advise, you guys get to see the whole process and its just honestly my favorite way to engage with you all in such a positive way. Rarely are you dicks, and most of the time you enlighten me.

Here are some others: Painting My Woodwork | Ideas For the Most Family Friendly Backyard Ever | Final Decision – What We Painted Our Trim

Fashion/Style: While we focus on design and style over here, every now and again I put some of that on my body. You seem to like them if they are infrequent enough so i’m curious if you want them to change. Do you like the more ‘what I wore’ or do you want them to be more editorial, with more curated outfits that I actually try to put together?


See some fashion posts here: Styling Luxury Handbags | What I’m Wearing for Fall | 18 Things I Almost Bought | My Obsession with The Ruffle Bottom Blouse | What I Wore This Month

More? Less? Better?

Parenting/Personal/political: I’m incapable of not posting about my kids despite wanting their faces less and less out there on social media. Personal posts are how I document my always overwhelming thoughts and feelings on motherhood, marriage, and hell, even on politics and society. I’m curious if you want more or less? Some of you are VERY vocal that you want less, but these posts get good traffic and there are a lot of comments so it seems that enough of you are ok with the frequency of these more personal posts if I keep them relevant and they create dialogue. Thoughts?


For those of you who want to get personal: Happy 10 Year Anniversary, Brian | A Surprise Vow Renewal |  How I Got My Baby To Sleep Through the Night | Turning 37… | Travel A Lot. (And Do It Cheap) | Traveling With Kids – Our Successes and Failures Why I Voted Against Trump and How Your Comments Have Helped | Happy First Birthday, Elliot | The First Four Months with Two Kids

Sponsored Makeovers: We do a lot of design work for clients over here, but they generally take at least 6 months to accomplish (we have one project that is close to a year right now). But if you take away the client component and get a sponsor who gives us a deadline we can make a room over REALLY fast for blog content. We love doing these and of course it’s a good source of revenue that supports all the unsponsored makeovers.


Check out all the rest of our sponsored makeovers (Sylvia’s wasn’t sponsored, but all the product was gifted from Target – and if you haven’t seen it, its my favorite makeover we’ve ever done, for personal reasons). But here are some others: Pillowfort Blogger Challenge – 3 Very Cute Bedrooms |  Sylvia’s Surprise Makeover: The Living Room | Sylvia’s Makeover: Dining Room | Sylvia’s Makeover: Master Bedroom | Sylvia’s Makeover: Ricky’s Bedroom | Sylvia’s Makeover: A Quick Bathroom Refresh | The Easiest Guest Room Makeover Ever | How We Transformed Our Studio Windows in One Hour | Scott’s Bedroom Makeover with Leesa | The New Guest Room Bed | Our Studio Refresh with Devine Color | Master Bedroom Refresh with Parachute Home | Brady’s DIY Channel Tufted HeadBoard

Product roundups: They seem boring but man are they useful, even to us. We spend HOURS scouring the internet for the best anything and we try to make them really epic, thorough roundups not just ‘9 side tables that we like’. So hopefully you guys find them as useful as we do (I reference them ALL the time – and even bought my new vanity from one of them).


My Favorite 37 Online Lighting Resources | Affordable Accent Chair Roundup | 30 Accent Tables Under $100 | 72 Affordable Headboards At Every Price Point | The Ultimate Counter & Bar Stool Roundup | The 32 Beds That I Almost Bought For My Bedroom | 48 Budget Friendly Kitchen Hardware Knobs & Pulls | Where to Buy Cement Tiles | Why the Chunky Low Sofa Has Our Attention | Budget Friendly Ready-Made Curtain Roundup | End of Bed Benches | How to Zen Out in Your Kitchen | Why Matte Brass Might Be The New King of Metallics | Shag Rugs Roundup | 33 Ottomans That Can Double Duty as a Coffee Table | My Ultimate Patio Furniture Roundup | Ready-Made Roman, Woven and Roller Shade Roundup | Runner Rugs Under $100 | 30 Sleeper Sofas We Love | 84 Affordable Amazing Sofas Under $1000 | Swing Arm Sconce Roundup | My 63 Favorite Temporary Wallpaper Patterns | 52 Timeless Patterned Rugs | 28 Simple and Budget Friendly Toilets | Best Affordable Vinyl Tile | 68 Ready-Made Bath Vanities | 128 Ready-Made Frames to Get You ‘Gallery Wall Ready’

Power Couples and Combos: These roundups take even more time as it is hard to pair things together in different styles, price-points and make sure they are good scale-wise, but that is exactly why I thought we should do them. I wanted to take our design skills and market knowledge and help you make one or two more confidant decisions (and spend less time doing so). Were these helpful?


7 Affordable Kitchen Designs | 8 Bathroom Accessory Combos to Rescue Your Drab Bathroom | 6 Combo to Instantly Up Your Curb AppealEntryway CombosHow to Mix Multiple Rugs in the Same Room18 No Fail Pillow Combos9 Lovely Dinnerware Combos | 14 Perfect Dining Tables + Chair Combinations

Budget Rooms. These posts were last years ‘Design Mistakes’ (which we don’t want to stop doing but it’s actually hard to consistently find overall, non-negotiable design mistakes like our first 10 so we are in the process of racking our brains for more ways that people disgust us, design-wise, JK). Budget Rooms are so fun because they show how you can take an already really inexpensive room and reduce it to REALLY cheap but still pretty good!!


Here are others. One Bedroom Three Tiny Budgets | Designing A Budget Living Room | Gender Neutral Nursery | Colorful Living Room with Sectional | Modern Eclectic Dining Room

We should keep doing these, right?

Trends/Color Crush: We started off the year last year with a lot of trend posts which I really liked. These aren’t on the calendar for right now, not because we don’t like them, but more because we have a lot of my house content coming up. But should 2017 trends be on the schedule?


If you want more, check out: Powder Blue, Buttercup Yellow, Lavender,  Fiesta Red,  Emerald & Teal and Bubblegum Pink

So many more, but those were our favorites, and where we put more of our energy. We also started doing all our style school videos on instagram and FB which I personally LOVE.

But besides knowing what posts you like and what you don’t there is some information that I think would be great to know about you guys to make sure that what we are doing is really in line with who you are. So besides leaving in the comments anything positive or negative you have to say, if you wouldn’t mind filling out this VERY quick poll below I’d be ever so grateful. If you are reading on a mobile device then click through HERE for the poll. Thanks for another great year. Despite people saying that blogs are done, our traffic continues to grow thanks to my amazing team and of course you guys reading and sharing our content. xx

Fin Mark


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My favorite type of posts on your site are:
1. All room makeovers including budget makeovers
2. Ask the audience (I love feeling like part of a design process and thinking things through)
3. Makeover takeovers (I really fell in love with Brady’s headboard and really think I need one for myself)
Annnnd pretty random but I actually read your post about how you got your daughter to start sleeping better and so I bought the book and sleep trained my 1 year old son and IT WORKED. So you pretty much saved my sanity. Thanks for that haha!!


What she said :))


Yes, those are also my favourites! But every post is so happy, fun and genuine and that’s why I love this blog. Happy New Year! Love from Portugal


I second these as well, and add to that the roundups (which are SO helpful–truly, such a great resource) and the personal posts, which rock.


Me too! Though I didn’t follow through so it didn’t work, I love sleeping with my little cuddler too much. I Loved to hear Emily say she climbed in the cot with Charlie the other day I have done that many times!


Things I love: Your happy nature shines through your writing, daily posts, your new house, your evolving design style, your team’s point of view and homes, your kids, and your husbands videos. I love all the gorgeous pictures, but the videos add another layer and I like seeing your new house through Brian’s videos.

Things that I didn’t love: kids fashion (it brought the ugly out in the comments section), peoples reactions to sponsored posts also trouble me. I guess I don’t like negative comments, but you can’t control that, I guess. Also, politics get me hot under the collar and I think I spouted off a bit (sorry). Not sure I liked that side of me, but I enjoy your point of view very much.

Overall your killing it so keep doing whatever makes you happy because it shines through here…


What she said :))

Thanks, guys. I agreed about kids fashion – honestly something I don’t feel passionate about anyway (I care shockingly little about what they wear or how they wear it). xx


I’ve said it in the past and I kind of said it in the poll but I want you and your team to keep doing whatever you need to do to be able to keep doing this forever and ever. Whether that means sponsored posts or quicker, “easier” posts (ha! I know…), I will be here to read it all. Your little corner of the internet is my favourite place to visit and it is a very, very welcome and necessary escape from the more serious parts of life and the world. The resolution you made in a previous year to make every post “pretty” has definitely paid off for you and it is one of the reasons I read every word posted here. Thanks to the EHD team for putting out incredible content. You guys really, really rock.


So, I just reread my comment and I’m going to contradict myself a bit. While I do see your site as an escape from things outside of design… I also very much enjoy your commentary on marriage, parenting, politics, everything! I love discussion and I believe that learning more about others’ views on things (like yours but also your commenters) makes us more well-rounded people. So, keep that up too!


I second everything you said!



Kim B.

ditto to both of Maggie’s comments. Very well expressed!


What she said :))


Yes yes yes what she said!!!


Agreed!! 🙂


Ditto! You guys are the cat’s meow. You do you.


^^This! I love reading your (and your team’s) posts! There is nothing else like it that I’m aware of.

agree 150%. I come for you and everything you do and stand for and love because it is beautiful and real, even when the real isn’t all beautiful. My favorite corner of the internet.

wow, thanks guys. VERY appreciated and it really makes us feel good, so thank you very very very much. All of you. xx


Yes! Agree 100%! Do what you need to do to continue being you.




My favorites are the “What I Wore” posts. Would love if you put in some fair-trade brands as well! I also love your family/parenting posts, MakeOver TakeOver and ‘doing good’ posts like when you redid your Sylvia’s home.

My least favorite are the trend posts. They seem very impersonal in comparison to your other posts and maybe that’s because someone is outsourced to do them.

I think it would be great doing design projects for those who don’t have much or really need it and of course they’d probably need to be sponsored.

But great job at the blog!!!!


The one room-three budgets posts are my absolute favorite – it is a way to visualize where I want to splurge vs. save.

For the ask the audience posts, I would like to see embedded polls so that we could know what % of your readers think you should paint the trim white vs. black.

As a long-time reader, I think your blog has really improved over the past year and I’m looking forward to more!


I didn’t put this in my survey, but I love when you use your powers for good, and pass on all the ‘blogger perks’ to someone deserving (the women’s shelter, Sylvia, etc.). For some reason I really really love reading those posts – the Sylvia one really made me cry.

Thank you. You’ll see much more of that this year, too. And I cried every single time, too. But I do have a personal connection to it, I suppose 🙂

Kim B.

Yes, that was just an explosion of goodness on SO many levels. Emily’s appreciation for what Sylvia provides, and her and Brian’s ability to do something nice for her thanks to their and their team’s efforts and Target’s help. And that the makeover itself was so inspiring and perhaps more relevant to those of us with smaller rather than bigger budgets. But the most important thing is the reminder of appreciating those people who we need to appreciate!


My most favourite posts are the ones about your house obviously. So I’m happy to read that more will come. I think e-design services are very interesting, wish I could apply too as I have quite a few problems in my own house. But how to say this… when I don’t see a proper after photo or two, (I remember once there were very nicely shot after-photos by one of your clients and I really enjoyed reading that one but if I’m not mistaken that’s not mostly the case) you know, after looking at all those proposed layouts and reading about your customer’s feedbacks and then finally your refined proposal, in the end I wish to enjoy an after photo revealing a happy ending. And when there is none, it feels like you have started to tell a beautiful story but then at the end you are not wrapping it all up to any ending at all so that has left me with the “maybe this page didn’t load properly” feeling. I don’t know how that could be fixed though since you are not there to shoot the afters. I do enjoy fashion posts too. Well, I have the least… Read more »

Julie P

WSS. Also, I wish that even a quick iPhone photo or 2 “after” shot by the owner was included with the e-design.

Emily I love you and your blog SO much!!!!!!!!


Love the blog! Agree on the e-design comment. The post where we saw the “after” pictures was by far the most successful. Maybe it’s me, but I have trouble visualizing whether something is successful or inspirational based on a floorplan.


Yes that’s what I was trying to say but you’ve expressed it better than I did, I too find it difficult to visualize the end picture by looking at the mood boards and the layouts.

By the way Emily, I forgot to say this but I was actually looking for an excuse to ask for it, the other day I was browsing through your youtube channel looking for a how to style video for inspiration on how to decorate my dining table – which is rectangular and a little longer than 2 meters – for when we are not actually dining on it. In the end I couldn’t find it – but maybe there is, so I decided to make do with the how to style coffee table video.

And once in the past, I’d also looked for how to properly use picture ledges like how many I should buy and how I should lay them relative to each other and then obviously how I should fill them, as I find them less intimidating than trying to go for a gallery wall and yet still hesitate to drill any holes on my wallpapered walls without your opinion on it.

Makeover-takeover: I love Ginny & Brady’s work, both their written & design expression. I thought Sara’s was both poorly written and poorly done. I come here for high quality design, not amateur hour.

E-design – boring.

Emily’s house – YES, this is really why I come. To see your work and the ins and outs of how you go about making these decision, for real people – your family.

Style – not what I come here for.

Personal – I come here for your voice. I always enjoy hearing what you’re thinking about & going through.

Sponsored makeovers – fun!

Roundups & combos- boring

Budget Rooms – fun!

Color trends – I like the idea of this. I have not particularly enjoyed the execution.

I love what you do hear really and have been following for years now. My only pet-peeve is how often there are spelling and grammar problems (I was an English teacher – it’s advice, not advise). Happy New Year & may your adventures bring you joy & abundance.

(And of course in my rush to get out the door, I have said hear instead of here! LOL)

Mary Ann

Ha! I love how you had to come back and note your error! 🙂


And you said “these decision,” too!

O, to be a post from an English teacher complaining about errors that is, in turn, riddled with errors!

I totally get the irony! However, I’m typing on my phone and not publishing a blog!

Jess, I’m less concerned about your grammar (no shock there:)) but more that you weren’t more constructive re your criticism. I will also defend sara -and ANY of my people – to the grave not because I have to, but because I honestly love what they do, how they design and how they write about it. I think that having my team participate in the design and writing process on this blog has made it more robust, while still feeling personal (at least that is my opinion). Just remember (and this goes for everyone), mean comments make people nauseous for days. I’m used to it (plus I have kids so the only ones that stick have to do with them these days -and those stick HARD .. thus less kid stuff on the blog). So let’s hear it for Sara – don’t mess with her!!! (or anyone else here … besides me :))

Emily, you don’t have the benefit of knowing me or actually being my friend, and it can be easy to forget that when one is commenting where one feels familiar with you. That comment might not sound so harsh if that were the case. It was absolutely not my intention to be unkind, so please apologize to Sara for me. However, there is sometimes content that you use that simply doesn’t fit in with the universe that you have created here. Just because someone is a wonderful person (as I’m imagine Sara is), or an employee of yours, or someone you enjoy, doesn’t mean that they fit in with the voice and tone and level of experience that you bring here at this point in time. I’m a colour nut, so I want to like those colour trend posts, but for a reason that I can’t put my finger on, they don’t feel like they fit for me (and that is totally not constructive criticism because I can’t tell you why or what to do about it). I understand that this is tricky, and can be hard to see from the inside. But there are things that seem glaring from… Read more »


Sara’s was one of my favorite makeover takeover’s and I am a Mom in my 40’s. Love all the different takes on style.

Mary Ann

I love so much about this blog but must agree with you! Yes. The grammar and spelling mistakes are my pet peeves too! The survey had asp*e*rational and inspiration spelled differently in the same line….


Is it necessary to be so nasty when providing feedback re: Sara? If you’re an English teacher you have the gift of language so would be capable of providing constructive feedback in a tone that is respectful. Instead your intent appears to be one of wounding in the guise of being helpful. It is obvious that the EHD team put a lot of effort into their work and it would be refreshing to see readers who can be bothered to reply, put more effort into how they provide their feedback.

Please see my reply above Brooke. It is very difficult to ascertain tone on the internet, particularly when you don’t know the person writing. You have ascribed a cruel intent where none exists.


Not to harp on anyone’s intent or tone but perhaps Jessica you should re-read your original comment. You actually called Sara’s design “amateur hour” and although there is no tone implied, that colloquialism isn’t exactly positive.

I agree with Laura that the excitement that is often conveyed in these posts are part of why I like visiting this blog on a weekly basis. The authenticity and spirit that comes across is truly heartfelt. They are excited about design and it in turn inspires me.


I came back here specifically to defend Sara’s work. I read the post and I think it’s totally professional and good design. Also I kind of love Emily’s typos. It makes me feel like she’s just so excited to write this post and pass it along to everyone that she wasn’t bothered to proofread it. I’m not being sarcastic either. It’s wonderfully authentic.


Same here! I went back and looked again and found so many things about Sara’s project that I love: the bed, the throw pillow with the eyes, the gorgeous hide butterfly chair, the gold clothes hanging thing with the gold hangers (basically the greatest thing on earth). It’s a beautiful project, and she really had a challenging floor plan to work with. She made it work and created a lovely little boho design haven. I have done lots of high-end interior design in my career and found many things inspiring about this project.

I also loved this part of her story about the project, where she shows her love for her vintage dresser: ‘You might say, “Sara, there are handles missing,” and Emily might say, “Sara, I thought we agreed you were going to fix that handle situation before the shoot,” but to all of you I say, “I preach a message of self love and acceptance, no matter what extra handles you may, or may not be missing.’

GO SARA. Keep it up, and thank you for the inspiration.


I came here to defend Sara as well! I thought her design was very well-done; I loved the Lulu and Georgia rug, the butterfly chair, the styling on both the shelves and the dresser, her bed and honestly her sense of humor. Just because it wasn’t to Jessica’s taste doesn’t mean it was not a great post.

Also Emily; your blog has been a source of insipration for me and I read religiously everyday! We just got a new house and decorating has been such a fun process with all the inspiration! PS: I also bought the indigo Madeline Weinrib rug I noticed on a couple of your projects. It’s honestly the BEST!

Thanks to you and your team on everything that you do!


As much as I enjoy this site, the grammar and spelling problems are my pet peeves as well. The posts are produced by a staff of professionals and are intended (at least in part) to promote a business. This isn’t Maisie Sue’s blog about chalk painting the table she picked up when she and DH stopped at a yard sale last week. Somewhere in the budget, there should be room for hiring someone who can proofread or for outsourcing it.



I love you, Laura. Jessica, I totally appreciate your comment but but I absolutely disagree with you about Sara – I actually love her voice and style, it just may be different than yours. Meanwhile, I am a speed typist. Like, I won piano contests all growing up because i have very good dexterity. I’m also NOT a perfectionist. These two things have absolutely made me a success at blogging and designing and yet a failure at grammar and spelling. I’m fast, hasty, more prone to look at photos and frankly super busy – thus there are very common mistakes that I CLEARLY know are wrong that some how slip through the bed sheets. Four people read the blog on a daily basis and yes even i’m surprised that so many of my mistakes make it through. But we are all creatives and aren’t bogged down by grammar. We can’t hire someone outside of the blog because many, many (i wish much less) nights the blog isn’t finalized til 6pm, 8pm or yes, 10pm the night before. We can’t have someone on call 24 hours a day to read through a blog post, and when we have had someone they… Read more »


Love your blog, and don’t like nasty commenters. But I thought I would just speak up for Jessica, the original commenter in this thread. She was providing feedback, maybe not with a really measured and considered regard for everyone involved but I didn’t think it seemed like she really meant to hurt anyone’s feelings, it was just a rushed comment providing feedback on the blog. I wouldn’t like for Jessica to feel vilified for speaking her mind and would distinguish her kind of comment from the properly mean kind

Please see my lengthy reply to your first comment above Emily. I totally appreciate how hard you all work on this, and that it’s impossible to make it perfect. I’m never going to stop reading, and enjoying what you do here, or respecting your work because of the blips. But you did ask.

Emily, I’ll be on call to proof your blog posts at any and every hour if it means I get to read your amazing posts a little early AND satisfy my psychotic OCD! (This is not an empty offer. Seriously, I would do it! But only if you it’s a change you care to make! I’ve spent a lot of nights as a marketing proof reader)

Thank you Sharon, you have totally cracked me up!


I’m actually a bit surprised by the defensiveness of most replies, especially from Emily. I understood this to be an open forum for honest feedback. I almost wish I’d read the comments before completing the survey. Perhaps, I wouldn’t have bothered. Honesty and kindness should go hand-in-hand, but not at the expense of candor. At least, that’s my opinion. This reminds me of the political posts of election 2016. You can see the hesitation marks of what could’ve been radically honest and immediately afterwards the obvious back pedaling of someone uncomfortable with the results. I said nothing then, because it was the same thing I saw from White, liberal apologists everywhere… more concern over possibly alienating Trump supporters than empathizing with those who aren’t. Now, the enforced “niceness” appears to be a pattern and that’s much more disappointing.


Yes! I love the blog especially how visually gorgeous every single post is. There’s no particular kind of post that I dislike, and I think the mix and variety is great. I agree that seeing an ‘after’ even a single shot for the e-design would be wonderful.

Sponsored posts don’t bother me at all. I may skim them a bit more than others depending on the sponsor, but this is a professional blog and the fact that they’re sponsored is totally clear, so if they help keep the blog going, keep ’em coming!

I admit, the consistent grammar and spelling/usage really annoy me too. I work in publishing and I cringe at each mistake. Since, like I said for the sponsored posts, this is a professional blog, the errors take away from that for me, making it seem less polished. But I am a stickler for that kind of thing!


I’m sure like everyone else, I love the design/makeover posts best!

The fashion posts are my least favorite, but really only because they feature only your fashion point of view. You always look fantastic, and the style works very well for you, but it isn’t my personal taste, and I venture not the personal taste of your entire team or readers.

Overall I’d like to mimic the comments thus far and say, please just keep doing what you’re doing, whatever it takes to keep the blog going. I love it! I come everyday to check what’s new at 9am EST. Thank you EHD team for all of your hard work and dedication!

Can I say option g) all of the above? Seriously, I love all of your posts. Your (and your team) voice shines through in every post, and you come across as relatable and approachable no matter the subject at hand. Thank you for that! I know this comment was no help at all. 🙂

I love your blog – seriously, it’s my favorite design/home blog – because of how informative, educational, process-oriented, friendly, accessible and pretty it is. Simply by talking through ideas, you create dialogue and conversation and allow the reader to learn from the posts and also from the comment section (which I actually read!). You and your team do this so well and, as long as you continue to do that for all of your posts, I think you will stay true to the core of your blog no matter what you post about. I also work in PR so I’ll say here what I would say to any of my clients: focus on what you do best so you continue to stand out in that area. There is no lack of fashion blogger or fashion influencer and they own that space. Not that you’re trying to compete with them, but this isn’t where you stand out. I understand design and fashion go hand in hand, so it’s natural and fun for this blog to include that, but perhaps make it more quarterly/seasonally rather than more frequently. Also, I understand sponsored posts are important to funding this company, but is there… Read more »


Yes! That’s what I love about the e-design. As someone who’s trying to redecorate multiple rooms in my house, I appreciate that they are for average people with real budgets (like me). I don’t mind not seeing the finished project — I often learn more from seeing the recommendations this way than in the room, i.e. you can see how everything fits together better. It’s been very helpful to me in planning my own rooms.

wow. thank you! Good to know about edesign. We try to ask the edesign clients if they don’t mind us shooting the spaces afterwards but often they implement it really slowly for budget reasons. I’ll think about it and try to come up with a solution. xx


I would echo Regine’s appreciation for the e-design feedback–I think it gives the reader the feeling that we can all achieve the look we love you for in our own spaces.

As far as the ‘after’ photos problem, let me know if you think of anything! Alas, I was one person who benefitted from the service without delivering ‘after’ photos. I absolutely sympathize with wanting to see the after shots on those posts, and I feel especially bad because I adored the suggestions and followed them all to the letter (including painting the bedroom and swapping the light fixture in the room).

I myself got stuck, partly because I apparently know zero skilled photographers and the light in our bedroom is such that all the iPhone photos I took just seemed way too dark/lame to offer as a follow-up to such beautiful advice, and partly (as you said) because I’m still tweaking. Finding art for so many blank walls is both daunting and expensive!

In sum, I love what you do here–including e-design.

Happy New Year Team Emily! Cheers to all your success in 2016 and wishing you even more in 2017!


Please don’t get rid of E-design! I’m saving up for you to do my living room! 🙂 I love seeing what you recommend for other people living on real budgets and normal houses. I’d love it more if you had before and after pics.

Also love the roundups. I’ll admit that sometimes I skip one if it’s something I’m not at all in the market for, but most of them are useful and I bookmark them for later.

Your blog is my absolute favorite. I’ve viewed a lot of design blogs over the years, but your mix of personal and professional keep me coming back here, multiple times a week. Thanks for the work you put into this.

thank you 😉


I noticed you didn’t put politics on the list of favorites! Politically I’m far to the left of any of the political content that’s been posted, and I have to say that even though I disagree with many of the points in those posts, it’s something that really makes this blog stand out to me as living in the same universe I inhabit. I appreciate that you are putting in the labor to foster dialogue with your readers (and between them) in the context of a broader online space that is focused almost exclusively on consumption and keeping up with interior style. I think it’s an important way of staying real that fits with your overall vibe of sharing what’s going on with your work, your business, your family, etc, and I hope you keep it up. As much as I come to your blog as an escape from political work and thinking that I do in my regular life, it’s really nice that those two spaces can connect occasionally.

Thank you very much. I normally save up those posts for when I’ve just had it. When I can think of nothing else. When design and style feel small and shallow compared to whats in my brain, on the news and happening culturally and politically. I think that’s what I’ll continue to do. I’m nervous about this next year, though … Wish us all luck 🙂


I love your blog and visit daily. My favorite posts are:
-Budget rooms
-Makeovers, including and especially makeover takeovers
-Anything involving your home
-Personal posts
Pretty much everything 🙂

I like the fashions posts, but would also enjoy sometimes seeing someone else with a different body type featured in them. I don’t have the same – large chest, tiny everything else – body type so I see your cute styles and love that but can’t really pull off the same looks. Maybe coworkers could do some of these posts too?

Please keep doing what you are doing. The blog is a constant source of inspiration both in design and often in my personal life too. Thanks everyone for all of your hard work!


I agree with co-workers doing some fashion posts!


Every time I “checked off” a choice/circle in your poll, the screen would automatically scroll to the very bottom of the post. I have to scroll all the way back up to the next question. Too time consumming to continue. I am reading this post thru Bloglovin on an iPad (Safari). Thought you’d want to know.


Same thing happened to me using iPhone 7
So very annoying that it influenced my response on the catagory “how easy is navigation on this blog” !

OH no! I wonder if it was just on mobile? We used a pretty standard method so maybe its not high tech enough … sorry!


It was just an issue on my phone. I got super frustrated, but then I love your blog so much and wanted to leave feedback, so I decided to try on my laptop. It worked fine on my laptop.


This happens on my IPad, too, so I’ve given up for now but will try again once I’m back in front of the laptop. (Am still on my break and will let that guy hibernate for a little longer)

Kim B.

Worked fine on Chrome on my MacBook, so it may indeed be a mobile issue.


I really love everything.
I love your house posts, other homes you are designing, makeover takeover, ask the audience, budget friendly posts, vintage/flea market posts, and all your personal stuff. The authenticity shines through and the way you treat your employees is inspiring.

1. I would like a link to the videos you do to be easily accessible on the website. And more of them.
2. I think the e-design service posts would be amazing if there were after photos. Even if the photos are taken by the client with their I phone! It just feels like too many cliff hangers!
3. Your own show on Netflix.



1. After photos are da bomb.
2. Netflix show


I’d love a Netflix Show!!!! Reality inside your studio…like real reality…they could be short 20min episodes! I think you’d be a hit!!!


While I agree that I would like to see after photos sometimes if they’re available, as a former client of an interior designer I can empathize with clients who aren’t ready to submit after photos yet. My designer really, really wanted me to email her after photos for her portfolio, but every time I did, she told me that I wasn’t quite finished yet (which was true) and to email her after I was completely done with everything. It’s been three years and I still have not hung up all the artwork, plus other things in the room have evolved from her original idea. All I’m trying to say is that your suggestion *might* be really hard to implement IRL. And personally (speaking only for myself as a reader of this blog and not everyone else), I’d rather see the content now, when it’s fresh and when the items are still in-stock in stores, rather than wait for after photos.

JessVII, you are totally right! So many people want to send them in but they haven’t finished everything either because of budget or time, and I get that. Thanks for shedding light on that aspect of it 🙂

Kim B.

excellent point. I hadn’t thought about that as a factor (also about products not being available with a later publishing).


Thank you for asking Emily.
I am very excited about the interest in a home office BUDGET DESIGN.
Other than that, I am most interest these days in your fashion/personal style wisdom. My home is only 1200 sq feet. I’ve pretty much done it imagining your help all the way. (Mostly Lorey house immatation). I like both what you wore and curated. I’m inspired by that. I don’t at all have your body type tho. In my ideal dream land, you would curate looks for different bodies too.
Thanks for all you do!


Basically, I echo everything everyone else said about loving every part of your blog. You are my most unmissable content–I get so excited and drop everything for every post!

One thing I forgot to put in my poll re:navigation–a lot of your content is truly evergreen and I’m often digging through the archives trying to find posts I remember but don’t have the exact url for once they become relevant for me (like when I’m picking paint colors and want to find your fave neutrals again).

Might be cool to add some content category-based navigation (even just lumped together like you did above), and/or a design library with some of the evergreen content easier to find. Specifically thinking of your “favorite paint colors” posts, “favorite sources” (online art, etc.). I know you do some tagging, but it’s a bit hard to find. Should be a relatively simple fix that would make re-reading my faves easier!


Yes, agree with the making posts available in categories. 🙂 Mentioned this in the survey–it would be lovely to find old awesome posts. This post must have taken awhile to compile…it would take the team quite awhile to compile all the projects/source lists, etc. but it would be so appreciated! Also making pics pin-able and putting all the eye-candy, even from years ago, into a big fat book (or several) just of your design. What you create is worth more than just a few minutes of looking at–I want to reference it again and again!

I agree. sometimes I find posts impossible to find and i’m like WHY??? It was a blue living room, why can’t I just put ‘blue living room’ in the search bar and find it??? We have categories but maybe we can have subcategories – i love the idea of paint colors, or by room … we’ll come up with something. thanks, guys.


Emily, after reading through the comments left on this post I couldn’t help but feel like some of the readers are being so demanding and picky. I hope that you know that we all love you and what you have to offer and that is why we keep coming back post after post to your blog! Of course, we all have our own personal preferences on what we would like to see more of on the blog, but I think that most your readers will keep coming back as long as you continue to allow your genuine and bubbly personality shine through in each post. I mentioned in my poll response that, for me, it’s so disappointing to come to the blog and find that the daily post is something lacking depth – like a round-up. However, I recognize that you live a busy life and that creating content for the blog must be extremely time consuming! So, while these quicker posts aren’t my favorite, I recognize that they are necessary to allow you to give us the huge makeover posts jam packed with content! I’m also surprised at the number of readers commenting on the how much they dislike… Read more »

thank you! it seems like this time around people are pretty into the sponsored posts (but I haven’t finished reading the comments ;)). Thank you for your additional feedback, though. xx


-I love the home design posts the most, be they “makeover takeover” (especially Ginny because her style happens to jive the most with mine), ask the audience, or obviously reveals of any kind. Those are the bread and butter of your site, and why I always come back. -The “power couple” and “roundup” posts are hugely helpful, and I pin those a lot. -I don’t love some of the sponsored posts, but that sort of depends on what’s being sponsored. For example, I used that Izze post a TON this holiday season–that “new fashioned” punch was awesome. -I usually skip the fashion-related posts…I’m far more into home decor than clothes. (But since I’m writing this in yoga pants and a turtleneck, maybe I should change that?) -Anyway, while I am a mom and I’m obviously really interested in kids, I honestly skip over the parenting posts for the most part because I tend to go to your blog for escapism, pretty rooms, and solid design advice. Though when you list a resource like “Kid and Coe”, I’m more likely to tune in to that. -LOVE your own home reveals, because we see so much of you and I appreciate how… Read more »

Wow. Thank you! I love that you called out the sponsors that you were into -thank you for that. and your ** made my day. THANK YOU. xx


I’ve been reading your blog daily for a few years now and wanted to comment for the first time to share my year with you and how much you have helped me. I’m 28 and opening a bar this year. The budget is very, very tight and I’m doing most of the work myself as a result but I still want to create something that I’m proud of. There are 8 million things to think about simultaneously and your blog has been INVALUABLE to me. Need to paint the hallway to the restrooms a dark, moody color? Hague Blue. Do I need to swatch it and look at the swatch under all lighting conditions? No, if Emily and her team love it I know it will be good. It’s perfect. Everything looking a little gray, need a pop of color? Those aqua target windsor chairs Emily had mocked up for a client were inexpensive and perfect for that back table. Need beautiful and seriously inexpensive barstools for the long hi-top community table down the middle of the space? I’m sure Emily has a roundup I can google. The ones I ended up ordering were perfect and off overstock. Do you… Read more »


Dangit, some of these posts feel like family auld-lang-syn convos. I keep tearing up and nodding. I put most of my gratitude and praise in my survey, but have to echo what others are saying here too. This site is the special-est.


Well, shoot, I was reading this wanting to come see your bar and thinking it unlikely. Then I got to the part where you are here in Texas. Where is your masterpiece?


I could not agree more! We love what you’re doing! Of course not everything will appeal to everyone, but it will appeal to SOMEONE (many ‘someones’ actually)

I understand you need to do sponsored posts and you seriously do them so thoughtfully and so well – thank you!

Okay I’m gonna say it – I’m a total grammar nerd but I love your grammar errors!! They keep your blog from being untouchably polished and take it into the Real World! It feels authentic and so ‘you’ and I actually love it! Don’t change!

Thanks B. I secretly agree. I follow Erin from Elements of Style and every time she has a grammatical mistake I think – yes … she is still just writing about her favorite thing in a casual, imperfect way …. 🙂

Laura, Thank you so so so so much for your thoughtful comment. I know we have “influence” but its so nice to hear specifics of how that influence and this how this blog has made someone’s life easier, or home/bar more beautiful. Congrats on the bar. Let us know the name of it because i’m sure you’ll have some Texans visiting soon. We actually REALLY want to go to roundtop this year so maybe we’ll stop by ourselves. Thank you so much for reading, believing and telling us about it. THANK YOU. xx


I love all the makeovers, including Makeover Takeover with Brady and Ginny and would love to see all of their rooms. Of course, I can’t wait to see the rest of your house makeover. I enjoy the intermittent fashion posts. I like the “what I wore” posts and definitely would prefer them over something more editorial. I enjoy the parenting posts as well.


I am a huge fan of your blog. I read everything you guys write. While I’m not the most interested in the fashion aspects, being male, I would never tell you to stop posting about it. One of my greatest fears is that in this era we return to the fear of being Dixie Chick’ed. While you seek out open dialogue, others fear it. Perhaps it would be in the best interest for those that fear adverse opinions to seek out the decorating advice of lifestyle guru Bill O’Reilly.

If you are saying that we’ll change a lot due to adverse feedback, the answer is ‘no’. I’m actually more impressed that so many people love things that I was on the fence about … we know from traffic what is “popular”, but not always what is “popular” is the most highly engaged. We don’t just care about traffic – we care about, well, how much you care. Meanwhile i’m off to see some Bill O’Reilly decorating advice. 🙂


What about combining Trends and Sponsored content? I really do love the sponsored posts…I should spend less time shopping so sponsored is perfect for me. Combining trends with items from target and a few flee finds or higher end items would be a great way to show the concept and how to apply it right now.

I checked fashion for least favorite because I come here for styled spaces, not styled people… there are lots of other blogs for that. Plus you and i have different personal styles. You always look fab and I don’t mind the posts, but if i had to choose one to go…..

Love it all and love you all! Thanks for making our lives and days better!!!


Ooh – combining Trends and Sponsored content is such a great idea! Both feel a bit bland to me on their own…combining might be a really cool way to give them my relevance and impact!


*more relevance, that is! 😉


Yours is my favorite blog on the whole wide web. You have been rocking it this year, but if you want us to get picky…

Don’t really care for:
The Flea
Local shops (most of us are not local)
Color Crush

Fashion – Fine if very sparse
Sponsored posts unrelated to design. (I will still support because they keep the blog running)
E Design – Requiring novice after shots as everyone suggested would help

Roundups (yes, these aren’t great if I’m not needing bar stools, etc. but what a great resource when I do!)
Sponsored design posts. (Can you talk Target into ALWAYS allowing you to showcase seasonal product in a well deserving home? The Silvia post was amazing), and made Target look so good.
Makeover Takeover
Your house
Your opinions
The three budget designs are SO AWESOME.

You had a really great year, congrats!


Ditto what Anna said – I share all the same opinions. But I agree that it’s just being picky – you could change not a thing, and I’d still check in every day. Happy New Year to you and the whole EHD team!


Same as above, all the way! I usually skip over the shop tours completely, sponsored posts that feel totally out of left field (the e-doctor services come to mind), and the Flea is a toughy. I love it in concept but it’s always somehow disappointing, either because of price point or things are already sold. Overall this has become one of my very favorite blogs/places on the internet to visit. Thank you for all the great work!

Thanks, guys. I agree with you. We stopped doing the shop tours because even I was unexcited by them. I may still do some here and there but since we are a one post a day blog, those don’t really cut it. The flea isn’t really happening anymore – I can’t keep it cheap enough to keep it stocked – aka, once you have to buy to sell then you have to raise the price point so much. It was originally so that I could get rid of vintage that i’d shot a lot, but grew into an animal that i couldn’t control (or afford). So i’ll always have it, but it won’t be a constant big inventory and more when we are done with big shoots and need to get rid of stuff we’ll have a big sale. xx


I filled out your survey!! First, I LOVE YOUR BLOG. And I also LOVE advice columns like “Dear Abby” “Ask Prudie” and Carolyn Hax – and my dream come true would be if they were combined into a design advice column!! The “Ask Emily” column could feature reader-submitted design questions and dilemmas (with photos). In order to make this cost-effective for the blog (since you mentioned the e-design service you offer might not be), the design advice could come from other staff wanting to expand their experience and develop their talent, and you could even tastefully incorporate sponsorship into some of the solutions presented. I think a voting option that allows crowdsourcing of the solutions or suggestions would be a great idea to encourage more reader involvement. A follow-up post showcasing the readers “after’ photos would be fun too! I love design before and afters and this would be a great way to do it!! Sorry for the novel!!


Love the idea of “Ask Emily” format being a monthly(?) weekly(?) feature. Anything that enhances the qualities already in evidence in this blog which reflect REAL people’s situations and design dilemmas would be very welcome and popular!

Ooh, thats a great idea of having it be of my staff … we already do ‘design agonys’ which are the same, but often we don’t get the after photos – with my team we could! good idea. xx


Just finished the survey and remembered — I miss the “Trolling Craigslist” posts! It was always so much fun to see your perspective on the good, the bad and the ugly!


Ooh! Ditto.

I also miss these posts! I understand that you have moved on but these were fun:)


The only type of blog post you mention that I want to weigh in on is to say that I much prefer your “what I wore” fashion posts to any other kind.


I mean any other kind of fashion post. Actually the makeover posts and your “this is how I’m feeling about my family, life, job, balance” posts are my favorites.

Happy New Year, Emily!! I LOVE that you are asking for your readers input so thank you for that. You and your team have been rocking it and your blog has been my escape for YEARS and it continues to be the highlight in my work day. Besides being an absolute treasure trove of design advice, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your personal posts and that you share your real-life successes and challenges. Please keep sharing more of this content in the future! We all go through these ups and downs in life and the fact that your blog is so personal is what makes it so fun and interesting. Your sleep training post was a life saver for us, btw!!! We owe you big time. I commend you for trying new things so keep doing that. Makeover posts are clearly a favorite, but I really do read them all. I also like the idea of the “what’s trending” posts, but maybe with a different look and feel? The focus on color trends in 2016 were not my favorite and the posts felt more generic than your others (I mention this only because you ask:). I can’t wait to see what… Read more »

Thank you Melissa. I loved this comment and it does keep us going. xx


Love your blog, it is the only one I check every single day! Your writing style is fun to read and I appreciate your honesty. Also, loving your instagram stories!


I’ve been daily reading your blog for over 3 years and I love it! One thing I’ve always been curious about is your story regarding Mormonism and your path out of the church and life after Mormonism. Maybe it wouldn’t go over well as a blog post, but as a transitioning Mormon myself, I’m so curious about your Mormon story and how your family has handled your transition, etc. Just curious! Thanks for your beautiful blog! And I love the look for less design posts-as someone who has yet to make it big, I love finding cheap ways to make my home look better-like Brady’s vinyl floor makeover-that was amazing!!!! I aspire to one day afford amazing quality, but on a practically $0 design budget, a $50 floor redo is perfect!!


I found this to be an interesting comment! I have loved some of your more personal posts on marriage, kids, politics, etc. Its great to see that there is a real person behind the design blog! I would love a post around your experiences with religion. I think you do a great job at personal posts – they allow your readers to relate to you on another level, all while being tasteful and not revealing too much of your privacy to the outside world.


Fist bump Megan. I’ve moved on too, and would love to hear Em’s story and how her family relationships are being “out” and somewhat famous, while I believe some of her family members are still in.

Maybe in all of Emily’s spare time she could do a Mormon Stories with John Dehlin? A girl can dream.

Well. I think my parents are already bummed about the amount of wine references in my post so speaking plainly about why I left the church would break their hearts (and offend them deeply). Once i have a really open/frank conversation with my family/parents about why I left then I’ll open it to you guys. I was 16 when I broke their hearts and we still aren’t there yet. While they are extremely supportive of my life, my family, and my career, they can’t help but be bummed that we have different eternal futures 🙂 I get it. I have kids now and what was casual and lame is now full of importance.


To answer specific questions:

Glad you mentioned uncertainty that E-design and Design Agony are profitable. As a new decorator, I have been baffled at how I could do anything similar for anything close to minimum wage.

That said, it is good for blog content! I appreciate the challenge of the Agonies, and of course, always love a good mood board. It’s disappointing to not see reveals…could there be a stipulation that these clients follow through and share pics, even if they aren’t professional pics?

Budget rooms–yes. Power couples–yes.


Absolutely LOVE the makeover takeover series, that really was genius on your part. What I particularly like is that it allows us to see so many different styles. Like, in your home everything needs to be sort of cohesive, so if you are only posting your home, there isn’t as much opportunity to introduce us to different styles and show us how they can work. Also love Ask the Audience. I just think it’s so cool that you appreciate our feedback and take it into consideration. It also helps educate us of some of the (many) decisions that go into designing a space, oftentimes things I would have never even thought of. I do like your style posts, mainly because your style is very different from mine, so I find it so fun seeing what you’re wearing. I would definitely prefer outfits you actually wore, even if you think they aren’t anything “special”. It’s fun seeing what someone in a different stage of life, in a completely different field than me, is wearing. The one thing I would like to see more this year is some more affordable options. I know it’s hard because a lot of these spaces are… Read more »

Thanks, Mary Katherine – we will do more affordable design, I promise!! Thanks for all your other feedback. Very appreciated xx

Ellen Ruhstaller

I just wish you guys had tips for wedding planning! I keep telling everyone to think “A mix of Emily Henderson and Jungalow” for our upcoming wedding in Maui. Only a handful of my (most fabulous, of course) friends/family understand my vision!

Keep up the awesome work on the blog, Em & Team!


I love most of your posts. A few topics I’m not interested in (mostly kid posts–when I have a few precious kid-free moments I don’t want to spend them reading about kids), but they don’t bother me. My favourite post was the one on the highs and lows of your marriage. Your life looks pretty perfect to outsiders and it’s nice to be reminded that we all have similar struggles and life in blogland is not real life. Going forward, I would love to see more emphasis put on sustainable design, choosing things that will last, how to decide when to make do instead of buying new, etc. I love it when you use vintage or craigslist items and point out that the quality is often better than buying new. And I LOVED that you didn’t gut the kitchen in your old house, but kept the cabinets, etc. (though I understand why this wasn’t a great option in your new house). There is a lot of talk about fast fashion but not so much about how nearly disposable a lot of household goods have become and what the social and environmental costs of that are. I hope I’m not projecting… Read more »


Totally agree! Sustainability in design – making do – environmentally conscious, thoughtful discussions would be amazing. It feels like the world is becoming so materialistic, and many other blogs don’t seem to care about this stuff…they just want to turn over a (sometimes perfectly fine) space and post new reveal after new reveal just for blog content. Whereas I think many of us readers are looking for inspiration to create our “forever” homes. I’ve always appreciated you for showing how to incorporate vintage pieces or working with a home’s existing charms and character. ♡


I filled out the survey, but things I don’t love- The Flea-items are super over-priced. I can go to local thrift stores and find similar stuff for a tiny fraction of your price. Maybe it’s because I don’t live in California.

I like room makeovers-gives me ideas. I also like seeing Brady’s and Ginny’s takes on decorating.

Fran M.

More design updates from Mel please! Love her style and how she’s redecorating her apartment.


Forgot to put this on the survey but a comment reminded me. Please put your videos on a tab on the blog. It was really frustrating to know that there was a video of your new home out there but not be able to access it.

Oh interesting, like the FB videos? That’s a good idea. those don’t go on the blog but maybe we could put a tab for FB videos?


Not everyone has or wants a Facebook account. It’s your video why not put it on your site? I’ve never seen any of your videos that were on Facebook and won’t unless you bring them here.


I love your instagram posts, and I want to view the videos you mention; but I refuse to have a facebook account, because I don’t like their business practices. I would love to be able to have access to the videos through your blog though. Thanks!

Michelle T

In response to your questions above…

I’m here primarily for posts about your home, and have been loving makeover takeover as well. Everything else is fine, but it’s basically just filler in my mind until I get to see more of you guys’ homes or client driven design work. 🙂

Still come here every morning though and have really enjoyed the personal posts and learning more about you and your family.


Maybe you could convince Target to make it easier/more affordable for people in Canada to purchase online! I love all of your posts that feature their product and would definitely buy it if I had more access to it.
Love love love everything about this blog. Looking forward to all you have in store!


I like the Target posts a lot!


Yes – I agree makeover takeovers have been a highlight. Ginny, hon a few more rooms and you will have to move to a new home (sorry), but love your work, so you can never “finish your home”.
thanks to you all for great content.


First thing, if you write it, I’ll read it. I love your point of view and the content you and team create. My faves are:
Makeover Takeover
Your house
Round ups (I reference them to friends all the time)
List of your favorite things at ____ (Chairish, the Flea, maybe an EBTH in the future 🙂

I desperately miss your Trolling Craigslist posts and would love to see them make a comeback in 2017!! I am so inspired and learn so much from seeing your finds and hearing what you would do with them

Christine Collins

Emily and Team Emily, this past year has just been amazing!! You’ve found the perfect mix for interesting, informative and entertaining content! Keep it coming!

Cris S.

Thank you for the blog! I love having a place to go to daily during the work week. Because of that my favorite posts tend to have lots of text for me to read while eating breakfast.

I’m not a huge fan of the overtly sponsored posts, but I get how that works. And to walk back the comment further, I’ve spent a good bit of money over at ebth since you posted about it. So that’s both good and bad.

I miss the visits to the Rose Bowl and other flea markets in your area. I may be the only one, but I love shopping along vicariously. I study the pictures intently to see what I would have bought (our tastes are pretty different but the principles are sound and you are consistently there every day, which is what I need) and if I can spot vendors I know from my once a year visits. I would love to see those back. They don’t need to be a huge production!

Thank you for everything!

I so wish I could do more flea market posts! Those kids just need me on the weekends and brining them whilst making content feels like work for now. When they are older and less dependant then i can do both. But thank you!


This is the only blog I read every time there is a new post. I recently bought a new condo and the site was my go to resource. I got two of the cement tiles you featured, bought the bed in the first photo on this post, lights, budget kitchen countertop, etc. You name it I sourced it from you all! Also was very inspired in general by the design posts and Orlando’s condo in particular.

I’d love to see a section devoted just to the round ups. Those were go to sources for me over the last six months and making them easier to get to would be much appreciated.

Keep up the amazing work!

That’s so amazing to hear. THANK YOU. Also i do think that we have a category just for roundups on the side, but I could be wrong … if not we’ll do it. Thank you!


I love the color crush posts


I filled out the survey already – but wanted to add that I also love the interaction in the comments. (And that you don’t overdo it. You don’t feel obligated to reply to every single one, which is also a good choice!) It’s nice to see your responses throughout the comment threads.

Thank you 🙂 And i’m not just responding to you because you like that I respond – or maybe I am because I love that people appreciate that I respond. it’s honestly my favorite way to spend my 8:30 – 10pm hour, and the only times I don’t is if I have plans or if the kids are nuts. So if I don’t respond its not because I’m bored with the comments its because I didn’t get those two house in (and normally do the next day, but with less commenting time – more time just reading). ANYWAY, thank you for noticing. xx


I just wanted to mention that I used to be kind of annoyed by the product “round up” posts until I started renovating a 100+ year old home I bought. I swear nearly every light fixture, vanity, bathroom and kitchen hardware and some of the furniture I’ve purchased have either been directly from one of those lists or something I found by looking at sites linked to products on the list. If you look at my IG account you would be like WHAT AN EMILY HENDERSON HACK! So I wanted to say thank you for those.

GAH! I need to see your instagram feed. Thats amazing so THANK YOU. its very validating to hear. xxx

I love that you post about politics. Keep it up. <3




I agree…Nooo!


Yes. Be the change you want to happen. In this case – the possibility of good open conversations about real, hard issues.

Appreciating your bravery!


I really love of the tone of your blog. It’s both aspirational and authentic. So even if I’m less interested in some posts — like those about kids (I don’t have them) — they complete the package.

Some of the big round ups don’t fit in this mold quite as much, but I’ve used them in my house so keep them coming.

P.S. I’m surprised at the low enthusiasm for fashion posts. Emily’s are much more accessible and real than most fashion bloggers, which I appreciate. Additional body types styles is a good idea though — similar to how you’ve branched out to show your teams’ homes.

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