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Master Bedroom Refresh with Parachute Home

One of my best friends, Scott, is back reaping the benefits of my blog by getting a room refresh with Parachute Home. Two weeks ago his Master Bedroom didn’t have a headboard or proper nightstands and his rug was a standard sisal. You see, he recently separated with his boyfriend of 17 years (he’s my age, by the way, so yes that was a long time and thus devastating) so things in his house were a bit shaken up. We had redone his guest room a few months ago, but after his boyfriend moved out his master was needing some major love. And if there is anything I can provide to a bummed out friend-in-need, it’s a room refresh. If I were a chef I would cook you a meal. As designer I make your home a bit prettier.

Also, random but coincidental side note Scott designed The Parachute Hotel in Venice that is GORGEOUS – yes one that you can book and that has a plethora of their product. He and Peter did such an amazing job and someday when my life drastically changes and I get an ounce of personal freedom again I will drive the 45 minutes to Venice and see it for myself, and spend a night there if they will let me.

Clearly we are all fans of the bedding and brand (my is bed currently made with their sheets and they make me so happy) so highlighting and styling their new Linen color-way at his house was an easy fit that made both our lives better. It’s called Coal and it’s so dark and dramatic but with texture and depth that helps it from feeling too dark or masculine. That’s what happens when something simple is high quality – it lives and gives in many different ways – texture, depth, and softness. One doesn’t have to be loud to be impactful.



When I first met Scott we were both prop-styling assistants – he assisted Steven Whitehead, the foremost bed stylist in the world (yes, he just did beds!!) and I assisted Cindy, the prop stylist. So if anyone in LA can style beds it’s Scott. Those ripples, that effortless-looking throw, can take HOURS. But you know what makes his life (and all our lives) easier? Parachute’s linen duvets, quilts, and woven blankets. Yes, it is a splurge but it’s a product that I can recommend as splurge worthy (you do spend quite a bit of time in your bed after all). Unlike all of us except Clooney, these sheets look best when they are wrinkled, so let’s take in all their natural wrinkled beauty shall we?


All their stuff is low maintenance, high comfort. And very, very soft. I am very into the deep color of the coal sheets against their bright white linens and their woven Alpaca throw which he styled on the foot of the bed is so soft and makes you feel like a very fancy person when you crawl into bed with it. It is the perfect throw in the fact that no matter how you lay it down it just seems to style itself – which always makes our job easier.


We used these lamps that are amazing and of course now I feel like I can’t use them in my house because I’ve already used them elsewhere. Now that we have an English Tudor style house, Scott and I are tudor-rivalring (although mine is more country/antique and his is more ‘neutral dude’). The nightstands are simple and beautiful and the rug is another easy one to use anywhere – just a pretty texture in neutral colors with just enough color variation to hide stains. The upholstered bed is also a great one if you are into simple, affordable and comfortable pieces of furniture. For our house I may get something custom made but for the next year before I do this one seems like a very good idea (our beautiful Rebecca Atwood covered headboard sadly won’t fit in the new bedroom).


So folks, if you are into beds that look like that, then consider using Parachute’s new sheets to really make your room special, in a quiet way. In case you need a head start we have pulled together the get the look below which was all designed around their beautiful new Coal colored sheets and makes me want to jump into bed and take a nap until the holidays are over.


Upholstered Bed | Rug | Nightstand | Table Lamp | Coal Linen Bedding | Linen Sheets | Cream and Black Throw | Wishbone Arm Chair | Candles | Brass Bowl | Black Bud Vase | Shag Throw Pillow | Grey Alpaca Throw 

For more of Scott’s Sophisticated Home Makeover: Bathroom MakeoverHome Tour | Bedroom Refresh


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51 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Refresh with Parachute Home

  1. Are you ever gonna post your target holiday stuff? It’s getting so late, most stuff is probably sold out but I still want to see!

    1. Yes! We have it coming up on Monday, and I was at the store the other day and there is still quite a bit of good stuff! Stay tuned. xx

    1. It really depends on what you like to sleep on. Brian hates linen, but I love linen. Parachutes linens are VERY soft though so it works for those people that usually aren’t fans of linen because of the rough texture some brands have. xx

  2. Love this room! The rug, especially, is awesome. And I’m sure the wood piece is vintage and not available but it is so great – just the right touch.

    1. Scott is very talented 🙂 The wood piece is vintage although I am wishing it wasn’t so that we could pass on a source to you. xx

  3. Wait. . . WHAAAT?!! That bed in king is only $395?? That’s astonishing!

    (plus – cozy, gorgeous room)

    1. The first white looking sheet that you see is a mattress cover, the grey coal linen is the actually the fitted sheet for the bed 🙂 xx

  4. holy crap i’m so glad you posted this….this is almost exactly what i’m going for in my master bedroom, and you have executed it so beautifully!!! i’m eating up all these photos. delish.

  5. That rug is gorgeous, but it appears you have to either live in SoCal or go pick it up yourself. So I’m a sad Midwesterner with rug envy.

    1. West Elm had a similar rug a while back. I’m sure you can find something comparable online! I pinned the rug, too, but sadly, as a NorCal resident, I can’t get it either 🙂

  6. I love the fringe throw ! Vintage I’m assuming, what would I search for if trying to find something similar?

  7. Does the bed seem well-made? It’s exactly the look my husband and I are going for and we’ve put it on the back burner since the ones we love (Room & Board or West Elm) are more of a financial commitment. If it looks or feels cheap though, I know we’ll have buyer’s remorse.

  8. About fitted sheets… I’m about to buy linen sheets and I’ve been thinking of getting flat sheets rather than fitted sheets. What I hate about fitted sheets is that they pull up on the sides, no matter what I do and I’m constantly adjusting them and tucking them in. I’ve heard that flat sheets actually stay in place better because they tuck farther under. I thought that I might get the King sized flat sheets for my Queen sized bed. But it’s an expensive mistake if this isn’t true.

    Any thoughts?

    1. I was thinking of doing the same thing. I have a really deep mattress and have trouble finding sheets with deep enough pockets, so I thought about getting a king flat sheet and tucking it under.

      Come to think of it, I might have a king flat sheet already from a cheap set I bought for a vacation (rental didn’t include linens)…. hmm…

  9. How is it layered? It looks like a gray fitted sheet, white pillow cases and top sheet, a gray blanket or 2nd top sheet? and then 2 throws and a bunch of decorative pillows?

    What color/layer scheme would work for a cooler climate where the layers should be for warmth and the pillows functional? At my house, the pillows on the bed all get used depending on sleeping position and I don’t like having to undress the bed of decorations every night.

  10. Best wishes to you, Scott, your work is amazing. And the room is awesome–cozy, fresh, ready for what awaits.

  11. Man, I wanted to love Parachute bedding so much, particularly since you are such a big fan, Emily. But their sheets were so scratchy that we had to return them (even though they looked fantastic!). Returning them was kind of a pain as well. Still looking for the perfect sheets. I think I will try Brooklinen next.

    1. I have Parachute’s fitted sheet in Fog and loooove it (as does my husband). I can see why someone might call it scratchy—it’s definitely rougher than sateen—but I love the feel and I’d outfit my whole bed in linen if I could afford it. So cool and clean feeling, especially in summer.

  12. This is exactly what I wish my master bedroom would look like! Loving that the bed is surprisingly affordable and the mix of colors is so soothing.

  13. Emily –

    Lovely! My boyfriend and I purchased a 2-bed house recently. Combining pre-owned items hasn’t been too difficult … this blog gives me some ideas. Any chance you can share a source for those roman shades? Are they Decorview (like previous posts) or a ready-hang item.


  14. Love this post. I actually am considering purchasing this bed. Is it pretty much the same color in person? I know photos can sometimes photograph differently. Thank you so much for taking time to answer my question. Love your blog!!

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