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My Ultimate Patio Furniture Roundup


In my obsession to find the ultimate patio furniture for our recent deck refresh (seen yesterday and here), we scoured the internet to find the best of the best for all things outdoor. I pinned and sourced what feels like one million different options so I decided that my “online homework” should benefit more than myself. So, without further ado I present my favorite outdoor furniture (in all different price points) that is on these here inter-webs.

Chairs Emily Henderson Design Patio Furniture Roundup

1. Soleil Lounge Chair | 2. 2-Pc. Adrianna Chair and Ottoman | 3. Directors Chair in Classic Stripe Navy/White | 4. Penelope Lounge Chair | 5. Loop Easy Chair | 6. Wood St. martin Occasional Chair with Cushion | 7. All Weather Wicker Marina Del Ray Occasional Chair | 8. Gracie Metal Retro Patio Spring Chair | 9. Blake 2-Piece Metal Woven Strap Patio Club Chair Set | 10. Bryant 2-Piece Faux Wood Patio Club Chair | 11. Carag 3-Piece Sling Rope Chat Set | 12. Standish 2-Piece Patio Club Chair | 13. Bryant Folding Sling Director Patio Chair | 14. Elizabeth Single Arm Chair with Sunbrella Fabric Cast – Ash | 15. Willow Bay Adirondack Chair w/ Woven Seat & Beak – Teak | 16. Applaro / Hallo Outdoor Chair | 17. Sundial Chair | 18. 3-Pc Kaitz Patio Set | 19. Eddie Arm Chair | 20. Morocco Lounge Chair with Sunbrella Cushion in Charcoal | 21. Portside Lounge Chair | 22. Huron Large Lounge Chair + Cushion – Gray | 23. Sunburst Hoop Modern Lounge Chair in Orange | 24. Palisades Chair | 25. Palm Lounge Chair | 26. Pod Hanging Chair with Cushion | 27. Brisbane Swivel Chair in Sunbrella Canvas Ocean | 28. Cancun Chair with White Base in Yellow | 29. Ciel Lounge Chair | 30. Pari Rattan Chair

Couches and Sectionals Emily Henderson Design Patio Furniture Roundup

1. Tropez Black and White Stripe Sofa | 2. Sail 2 Seat Lounge | 3. 93” Brisbane Sofa in Sunbrella Canvas Cement | 4. Regatta Sofa with Sunbrella Cushion | 5. Morocco Charcoal Oval Loveseat with Cushion | 6. Dune Sofa with Cushion | 7. Kungsholmen / Kungso Outdoor Sofa | 8. Ixtapa Loveseat | 9. Huron Sofa – Gray/Seal | 10. Twist Weave Sofa | 11. Modern Peacock Sofa | 12. Bayan Deluxe Loveseat | 13. Outdoor Day Bed | 14. 72” Merida Sofa | 15. Essex Beach 3 Piece Sectional – Wheat | 16. Tillary Outdoor Modular Seating – Sofa, 2 Back Supports | 17. Morocco 6-Piece Sectional with Sunbrella Cushions in Sulfur | 18. Portside 4-Piece Sectional | 19. Maya Modular Sectional in Sunbrella Canvas Orange | 20. 96” Crescent Sofa with Chaise in Sunbrella Canvas Blue | 21. Breeze XL 2 Seat Sofa | 22. Applaro / Hallo Sofa with Footstool | 23. Casbah Loveseat | 24. Gray All Weather Wicker Minorca Bench Outdoor Coffee Tables Emily Henderson Design Patio Furniture Roundup

1. Penelope Cocktail Table | 2. Safavieh Outdoor Living Oakley Ash Gray Acacia Wood Coffee Table | 3. Gray All Weather Wicker Minorca Coffee Table | 4. Acara Coffee Table | 5. Nova Cocktail Table | 6. Bayan Coffee Table | 7. Heatherstone Metal Patio Coffee Table | 8. Slim Outdoor Cocktail Table | 9. Breeze XL Coffee Table | 10. Dune Round Coffee Table with Painted Glass | 11. Crosby Teak Round Coffee Table | 12. Portside Coffee Table | 13. Slab Box Frame Coffee Table – Square | 14. Mosaic Coffee Table – Solid Concrete Top | 15. Chesapeake Coffee Table – 36” in Wild Black | 16. Mosaic Tiled Coffee Table – Gray Spider Web Top | 17. Regatta Coffee Table | 18. Bondi Coffee Table | 19. Finn Coffee Table | 20. Wood San Paolo Coffee Table | 21. Aruba Coffee Table Outdoor Dining Chairs Emily Henderson Design Patio Furniture Roundup

1. Union Charcoal Dining Arm Chair with Sunbrella Cushion | 2. Sophia Black Dining Chair | 3. Cruz Chair with Cushion in Sunbrella Canvas Cement and Navy | 4. Regatta Dining Chair with Sunbrella Cushion | 5. Morocco Dining Chair | 6. Lyle Metal Dining Chair | 7. Lacko Armchair | 8. Kruger Turkish Tile Dining Chair with Sunbrella Turkish Tile Cushion | 9. Dexter Dining Chair | 10. Angso Reclining Chair | 11. Standish 6pk Dining Chair | 12. Holden Aluminum Patio Dining Chair | 13. Carmel Chair in Sunbrella Canvas Slate and Graphite | 14. Bistro Chair – Turquoise | 15. Bayan Dining Armchair | 16. Del Rey Stacking Chair – Yellow | 17. All Weather Wicker Sanya Tub Dining Chairs Set of 2 | 18. Dark Navy Kaliko French Bistro Chairs Set of 2 | 19. Wood Danner Stacking Armchairs, Set of 4 | 20. Green Durresi Metal Chair | 21. Wood Sirmione Outdoor Dining Chair Set of 2 Outdoor Dining Tables Emily Henderson Design Patio Furniture Roundup

1. Montego Tables | 2. Mesa Table | 3. Bayan Dining Table | 4. Paxson Wood Grain Table | 5. Mayhew Patio Furniture Collection | 6. Resol Resin Dining Patio Table | 7. Angso Outdoor Table | 8. Dining Table by CBK | 9. Mosaic Tiled Bistro Table – Blue Penny Top + Driftwood Base | 10. Slab Round Dining Table | 11. Morocco Dining Table | 12. Regatta Round Drop-Leaf Table | 13. Jardine Dining Table | 14. Mid-Century Dining Table – Teak | 15. Union 72” Trestle Dining Table | 16. Quarry Rectangular Indoor/Outdoor Table | 17. Skiff Large Outdoor Café Table | 18. Finn Dining Table Patio Chaises Emily Henderson Design Outdoor Patio Furniture Roundup1. Somerset Chaise Lounge with Cushions | 2. Bryant 2-Piece Faux Wood Patio Chaise Lounge Set | 3. Filaki Lounger with Black and White Stripe Cushion | 4. Wood Sirmione Pool Lounger | 5. Riviera Chaise | 6. Morocco Chaise Lounge with Sunbrella Cushion | 7. Newport Lounge Chair with Cushion in Yellow | 8. Rebecca Patio Lounger in Green Nautical | 9. Regatta Mesh Chaise Lounge Umbrellas Emily Henderson Design Outdoor Patio Furniture Roundup1. Double Decker Aluminum – Keyhole Valence | 2. The Santa Barbara Umbrella – Teak | 3. 9’ Round Sunbrella Turkish Tile Patio Umbrella with Tilt Black Frame | 4. 9’ Round Sunbrella White San Patio Umbrella with Tilt Black Frame | 5. Lilypond – Aluminum | 6. Venice Paisley 9 ft Umbrella Canopy | 7. Brown 9 ft Umbrella Frame and Pole | 8. Carousel Umbrella | 9. Seaside Scallop Peony Designer Umbrella | 10. Phat Tommy Hunter Green Market Patio Umbrella | 11. Cirque – Teak | 12. Langholmen/Loko Umbrella with Base | 13. 8 ½’ Square Outdoor Market Unbrella | 14. 7 ½’ Round Outdoor Market Umbrella | 15. Italian Bistro 6-foot Acrylic Striped Patio Umbrella

So what do you think? Which ones are you ready to lounge on outside with a very full cocktail and a nice breeze to cool you down?

Fin Mark


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Love this and couldn’t be more perfect timing for summer! Thank you!


Love this! Thank you! Could you also do a roundup of outdoor rugs?


I second a round-up of outdoor rugs!



Yes, I was just going to ask the same thing! I’ve been looking and looking and am having such a hard time finding cool outdoor rugs in my budget!

Julie P

Perfect timing! We need new outdoor dining chairs and I was so bored with the options I was finding. As always, thanks SO much for sharing.

Now I just have to decide how “poppy” I want from the chairs…

What a great round up, so hard to pick favorites, but my eyes immediately went to that tasseled umbrella and instantly fell in love!

rachelle bell

Hands down one of the best posts in the history of the world. Seriously… life changing. Thank you. *pulls out credit card. spends all da money.*

A lot of these picks were on my pin board as we furnished a pool deck this summer, and I managed to snag one set of those Carag chairs from Target (a crazy match for a much more expensive West Elm option); I just wish Target restocked the summer furniture–by April a lot of these options were totally sold out! So frustrating because they KILLED style-wise this year. Please tell Target that we will all buy chairs in May and June and even–*gasp*–July!

(Ah, I looked twice and see that it you do have the West Elm one on there too!)

Wow! You’ve done your research! I’ve always wanted padded outdoor furniture (like patio chair #7), but fear that they would be hard to keep clean. Do you have any suggestions for that?


Emily and Co., these Roundups have been killing it! I’m infatuated with your deck furniture…gah! Keep it coming.


First,I mean this with concern and caring. I get that this is a design blog.. with lots of kid /parenting input. But the prices on most of the stuff is way high for most of us. I have followed ya since design star. I loved the recycling you did. With kids, don’t you still care about recycling stuff, trying to save some resources for those sweet babies? I think it is immoral to spend soo much on furnishings when there are urgent needs elsewhere. three and four hundred for an outdoor chair?? how about more how to make cool stuff over for the yard? goodwill remakes with outdoor fabric or oil cloth? just saying. I hope we all have given a third as much to these causes as we
spent on your house?creativity over money, old over new, money to save the planet? keep the


I think there’s a huge variety in the price points up there… sure, not a lot of people can drop 2K on an outdoor chaise (for example), but there’s a lot of good inspiration and eye candy up there! Thanks for sharing the fruits of your outdoor furniture search Emily!


I agree, I think the range is really good. Also, this isn’t primarily a DIY or budget blog, it’s design focused. I for sure can’t afford tons on furnishing my home, but there is always so much inspiration here that I can use whatever my budget is!


We miss the budget posts, the blog is starting to feel like a commercial encouraging people to spend, spend, spend…


Hi Beks, interesting perspective about the blog, that you feel “it is starting to feel like a commercial encouraging people to spend, spend, spend”.
I am curious when you visit an art gallery or museum of beautifully curated items, do you wear the same tinted glasses and have the same feeling? Or are you able to simply enjoy the collection for what it is, and possibly appreciate if you happen to see something that you like, that the viewing was given to you for free.


Hi Joyce,
Obviously you have every right to think it is immoral to spend $400 on a chair, however likewise I would like to say how much I appreciated some more average prices being included in the blog, instead of the majority focus on budget. ( even thou it is amazing what Emily can find)

There are a lot of high economic demographics that enjoy this blog, including Manhattan, an area that is able to comfortably support stores that do $30,000 tables, hence please include all $2000 plus tables. That you do a range is great.

As great a deal as Emily can find, sometimes you have to pay up for amazing craftsmanship and faultlessly executed design, it is often a joy to experience and have it brought to our attention. So Emily please bring those items to us too.

Also if the item is expensive just like many artworks in a museum it doesn’t mean you have to buy it, you can aspire to it or take inspiration or just enjoy it.


Some of these items are expensive, but there is something to be said for investing in a few quality pieces that you will use for 30+ years. My mom has my great-grandmother’s wicker furniture on her porch today- it’s probably approaching 100 years old now. I bet it was very expensive back in the day, but it’s classic and has held up well with the occasional paint refresh.

There is a lot of waste in buying inexpensive pieces that need to be replaced every few years, and many of the inexpensive pieces today can not easily be refinished, recycled and updated, as they are made of cheap and toxic materials- laminates, composite board, glue vs joinery, etc.


CAUTION about Patio Chair #8: I bought 4 of Gracie Retro Patio Spring Chair and they started rusting horribly within a few months. The side edges of each slat were not properly coated/painted, so the bare metal started rusting. They were returned.

Another great roundup! And I do so appreciate the price tag directly beneath the image–saves me from frothing over an item that’s out of my budget range (I always gravitate toward the most expensive items). A great range of styles, too!

Sarah D.

Totally agree with the awesomeness of including price below the item! It helps to temper my excitement when I see tassels and then the justifiable higher price point:)

R. Pyper

Wow, this is such a thorough round-up—thanks for all your hard work! Good stuff here.


As always this is terrific! Lots of choices and styles.


Be sure to keep in mind that mid-July is almost the end of the season for patio furniture. Last year in August, I scored a patio umbrella from Pottery Barn for under $100. (I’m lucky to live in Southern California so was able to use it well into November.) And I got some nice planters from other vendors for about 1/3 of the original price, also in August. And keep in mind Target, Wal-Mart, etc will start marking down patio furniture soon because they’re already setting up back-to-school supplies.

patty blaettler

I get 9′ market umbrellas at ShopRite supermarket for $40. Great colors, too.


THANK YOU for including the prices with each photo. Such a great roundup and couldn’t be more timely. I pinned the hell out of this page. 🙂

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so many round up’s on the blog lately 🙁

This is awesome! I’d love to see a post about dirt cheap patio design!

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