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The 32 Beds That I Almost Bought for My Bedroom

In my quest to make the bedroom more portfolio worthy I enacted the great bed debate of 2015. While I was on maternity leave I looked at basically every online bed in America. The pressure was on to make it beautiful, comfortable, interesting, timeless and most definitely photogenic because there are a lot of Saturday morning instagrams that happen in that bed. So, while I was super drawn to some subtler pieces (below) I ultimately decided to go for broke and customize something fabulous. But . . . this isn’t that post.

This is where I show you the 32 beds that I almost bought. I viewed and pinned HUNDREDS of beds, so please don’t consider these beds the “rejects.” NAY. If these beds were nominated for an Oscar and lost, they would happily say,  and mean,  “it was an honor just to be nominated and be included in this roundup.”

First up – The Statement Bed.

1. Campaign Canopy Bed It’s an Anthro classic and one that I hope is around forever. I still love that it’s a statement and does something visually interesting, but it’s slender and feminine lines keep it feeling light. It’s strong, reserved, and full of style. It’s the Michelle Obama of beds. I’ve had a glass of wine.

2. Stella Brass Bed Windsor style + brass = GD wonderful. Two major trends making love with eachother.

3. Supra Bed My love for a good cane goes beyond my love for a good Tonya Harding joke.

4. Curved Rattan Bed This bed is in the top 3. I LOVE it, and much like my daybed in Elliot’s bedroom I think that it is 100% my style and will make the room with it’s vintage happiness. The only reason I didn’t choose this was because my head likes padding behind it whilst reading “Dragons Love Tacos” to a toddler. That’s for all you toddler moms out there. Unite.

5. Balustrade Bed I thought that this bed would be super fun to showcase, what with it’s strange combination of materials.

6. Ariadne Bed It’s the moroccan version of #1 and it will secretly judge you for using sateen bedding. It’s too fancy and feminine for our master, but in the perfect old world style home it would be stunning.

7. Cecilia Bed Again with the caning. Again with me needing an upholstered back.

8. Alchemy Brass Bed So affordable and simple, with enough glam to make me go to bed in that gown I’ve been hoarding.

9. Georgina Headboard I wasn’t actually too tempted to buy it for me, in this home, but I will someday use this in a client’s home. It’s crazy and wonderful.

10. Balboa Bed – A new classic and unmistakably timeless. My friend Scott who has the most timeless and refined taste of anyone is debating using this bed in a makeover we are doing on the blog for his guest room, and for that I whole-heartedly endorse it.

I love a statement, but I love a upholstered headboard more. There were a lot of contenders. All of these are super simple with nary a tuft in sight. I had the ultimate tufted headboard with ruching and ruffles, so I was hoping to do something different this time.

1. Façade Snow Bed During the great bed debate this one kept coming up as such a good deal. It’s simple, affordable, quick to ship, and with great proportions. This is a top notch contender and one that I will probably use in many budget friendly design projects.

2. Yarn Dyed Linen Bed Simple, squared off, and timeless.

3. Mod Upholstered Bed So good! Midcentury in style but totally timeless.

4. Bradford White Linen Bed This one was my #1 for a while. I loved how thick, low, and chunky it is. I ultimately decided for something with less of a chunky footboard, but I really do want to be in this bed.

5. Jane Bed Probably too low and modern for me, but so good and for a while all I wanted was a low platform bed. This is a very good one.

6. Welles Upholstered Platform Bed Now I don’t remember if it was this one or #1 that I almost clicked “purchase” on so many times. Ultimately it was too simple for my master, but will I use it in a project or in my guest bedroom? Yes. That is a high possibility.

7. Broderick Shelter Bed This bed was the design inspiration of the bed I ended up making. I love the simple squared off wings. I wanted a higher headboard so I decided to customize my own, but this bed is VERY, VERY GOOD.

8. Sullivan Platform Bed YES. I want to be in this bed. If you can handle the whole “bed on the ground and you can’t see underneath it” thing, then this bed is for you.

9. Belgian Slipcovered Shelter Bed Like #7 this bed has that simple wing to the headboard. But the proportions still weren’t quite right. I wanted the bed part to be lower, but the headboard to be higher. I also didn’t want to spend $5k for the specific one I wanted.

10. Gia Upholstered Bed While this lady had tufting in it it was still tempting for how pretty that headboard line is and how pulled back and refined the tufts are.

For a brief stint I wanted to do a canopy bed because every girls dream is to have gauzy fabric flowing off a canopy bed whilst watching “Dangerous Beauty” on VHS, no?? These are beautiful, simple, and some even strangely affordable.

1. Reclaimed Russian Oak Canopy Bed Speaks for itself. It’s beautiful. Ultimately too chunky for our master or guest room, but I love it.

2. Manhattan Canopy Bed Lighter and a bit less visually arresting, but still a conversation piece.

3. Frame Canopy Bed I thought about this hard for the guest suite.

4. Bryan Canopy Bed Low like #1 but with a soft headboard to soften those harsh lines.

5. Martens Four Poster Bed A new take on the canopy with those softer corners and that matte black finish.

6. Black Metal Canopy Bed This guy is strangely affordable and simple. It’s one of those things you want to keep a secret because it looks like it could be $1500, but it ain’t.

For a while I thought “It’s time for a wood frame bed. For something simple, and beautiful; masculine and refined.” I will do a wood headboard soon, but not for this head. Here were the finalist that I still love, but didn’t choose.

1. Teak Wood Bed With built-in nighstands this is a piece and a half. Made of beautiful rosewood, this is a stunner for the right space.

2. Simple Ash Wood Bed Kalon Design doesn’t dissapoint. That is a beautiful bed that will elevate any bedroom.

3. Black Platform Bed So simple and affordable. It has a slight traditional bent, but in a really modern way.

4. Companions Bed I almost bought this bed. I would have for the guest suite had it not been so expensive. It’s absolutely gorgeous, with it’s windsor style lines and slight hugging curve. This bed is an investment piece and worth it if you can swing that way.

5. Solid White Oak Windsor Bed When I was obsessed with #4 this became my backup. I love it but it didn’t quite have enough impact to pull me from my upholstered headboard fantasies.

6. Cottage Bed A classic that could work in any room.

While I didn’t choose any of those beds, I love them all for different reasons. So here, for your pinnable pleasure, is the entire collection.

Well, friends. If a demented robber held a squirt gun to your favorite unprotected suede shoes, and you had to decide on the spot, WHICH BED WOULD YOU CHOOSE????

Curious to see more of my master bedroom? Check out: Where We Are Now, Master Bedroom Wallpaper, Master Bedroom Progress

***Master Bedroom photo by Mike Garten for Good Housekeeping Magazine

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7 years ago

Wow, so hard to choose! For some reason I am being drawn to statement bed #5!

7 years ago

Love these, especially all inn the statement category.
I’d pick number 2 (and I’d put number 4 in my imaginary house in the south of France).

7 years ago

I love my IKEA Sultan Sundane circle bed. It’s discontinued now, but it’s PERFECT for my small room because you can navigate any side without bumping shins on frame edges (padded) or toes on bed legs (recessed). It’s sexy and unique. I have a wall mounted headboard that adds to the comfort factor and I designed inserts on the head end so my pillow doesn’t fall of the bed and there is space for kids to clamber on in if we watch movies in bed.

7 years ago

Love #27.

7 years ago
Reply to  Donna

Me too!

7 years ago

This is such a great round-up — definitely something for everyone. We own option #2 from the wood section, the Kalon Ash Wood frame. My husband loved it and it is even more beautiful in person that in the photo. But as Emily noted it is hard against the head. Very hard. I have an elaborate pillow stack technique for when I am reading to my little one. Sometimes we must suffer for beauty?

Wow, that makes for a tough choice! I feel like none of my other bedroom furniture is natural wood (it’s all painted, upholstered, etc.) so I think my favorite is #28, just because for me it would add a natural element. Those canopy beds are definitely the stuff of fantasies, though…

7 years ago

13 and 28 are my two favorites

7 years ago

squirt away, because i can’t choose between the chinoiserie & the rattan! 😉

7 years ago

I love the statement beds 1 and 4!

Out of comfort, I currently have a low upholstered bed. So I would probably end up going with 13 or 16 from that category, but in a bold funky color or pattern. The one I have right now is a light neutral color and the walls are light so I feel it just blends in.

I wish I knew how to sew so I could make a (not horrible) slip cover, but will probably end up putting a fun throw over it. At least then I can switch things up a bit.

Any suggestions for colorful throws?



7 years ago

Statement bed #6. The. End.

LA Lady
7 years ago
Reply to  MelTown

I worry about bedroom activities in that one.

7 years ago

I love all the statement beds!

7 years ago

Wow, I was bed shopping back in December and half of the canopy and upholstered options above were on my list. Was wondering how you found RH looking beds at not-RH-prices, now it makes sense… That fabric tho.
I too did not choose any of those beds. We actually ended up going with a wingback bed from Wayfair that had tons of good reviews. So far, I am very happy with it and had enough left over to buy the Montpellier low and long dresser from RH!!! Oh how I love that dresser.

7 years ago

#23 is a pretty killer deal!! Officially dying to see your custome beauty btws

7 years ago

#13 is my favorite but i realize you probably want to go with something more unique. therefore, i love #2 or #4. don’t canopy beds just make the room look smaller and more compartmentalized?

7 years ago

I have had an intense crush on the Alpine bed from Modernica for a few years now. The angle on the headboard—genius! Unfortunately my budget does not share my enthusiasm.

7 years ago

omg #4

I used to love, love, love high beds, but the older I’ve gotten the more I’ve leaned towards the lower profile bed frames – definitely going to have to keep this list in mind when I start shopping for my next bed.

7 years ago

I bought a Marlo bed from Room & Board last summer. It’s similar to 19. I love it, and the delivery team was amazing. It did take a very long time to arrive at my door, but I’ve almost forgotten about that.

7 years ago

The Anthropologie Balustrade bed (statement number 5) its beautiful and so unique!


7 years ago

great thanks for share

7 years ago

I am in the market for a new bed and loved this roundup.

HOWEVER, it is incredibly hard to believe that ALL of your favorite beds in the world would conveniently be sourced from larger retailers that use Rstyle or other convenient blogger revenue tools. The same has been true for all of the item roundups. I would expect a real roundup of “best” items would include both major retailers and small retailers/designers.

7 years ago
Reply to  Emma

I don’t know much about this stuff so maybe I’m missing something, but it seemed like a good number of these just had direct links to the product website (like everything in the “Simple Wood Headboards” category).

I really like just about all of the statement beds and wood headboard beds, but #30 is my favorite.

7 years ago

Great round-up! I was so excited about the Black Platform bed from Living Spaces. It’s basically exactly what I’ve been looking for, but they don’t deliver to my area. Heartbreak! Good to know about, for sure, though.

7 years ago

Statement bed #1

7 years ago

Such pressure! A demented robber with a squirt gun!! I’d pick #19.

7 years ago

Nice lineup! Especially love #10 on the statement beds

Sarah Matthews
7 years ago

I feel like I could love #17 forever. Classic and comfy.

7 years ago

I would choose a practical bed – more European with one single mattress and
space underneath for easy cleaning or storage. I used to have a bed similar to
# 30 and now I have a metal bed from Pottery barn, typical American with a spring
mattress. It looks nice, but I do miss my old European bed. Canopy beds look
good, but I’d feel like laying in a coffin. Upholstered beds are dust collectors…..natural wood or metal would be my choice, most definitely.

7 years ago

#17 is basically exactly what I’m looking for for when we redo our master bedroom. That was supposed to be this year, but our sewer line broke (builders used the wrong gravel…), so it’s going to be a while.

7 years ago

#23 is so sexy. I love them ALL. The rattan & natural wood stuff seems very “Emily right now”.

Question: we might need to place our bed in the middle of the room. Would a canopy bed be good for that?

7 years ago

Thanks for including the price so I don’t have to go into every single link to figure out I can’t afford the bed! 🙂
Great round up.

7 years ago

#4 and #9 are bonkers beautiful; I guess that makes me a statement bed kind of girl? I can’t fault you on the pillow front, but like, I would seriously consider sacrificing my reading time comfort *and* my favorite pair of unprotected suede shoes to sleep in that sweet, sweet rattan cradle.

xx Hannah //

7 years ago

Wow, impressive collection. I would choose the Simple Wood Headbords n. 31.

7 years ago

#4, its perfect and I NEED it.

7 years ago

We have #13 the West Elm mod bed. Love it!

7 years ago

Very tough choices! Everything was excellent selections!

7 years ago

I love #18 and #21 but I would take #18 for my bedroom. It’s more practical for my existing space.

7 years ago

I have the rattan curved bed and I LOVE it. It makes my room. It makes me happy every time I crawl into it.

Kate Lim
7 years ago

No.22 headboard, I’m a sucker for tufted upholstery. 😛

Kate Lim
7 years ago
Reply to  Kate Lim

But i think my bedroom can only handle no.13. 🙂 MCM love.

7 years ago

Wow! Such beauties! I am right now in the process of tracking down my perfect bed since we’re about to re-plaster and renovate our bedroom, and it is HARD!
I want French styling ideally, I love the carved headboard look, but I also want comfort so some padding or tufting is kind of essential. And I don’t even know whether to go for a frame or a divan – if the former it needs to have enough clearance for storage underneath – in our tiny english cottage space is at a premium! I am planning to add moulding to the walls behind the bed to frame it, so I want the top line of the headboard to be shaped rather than rectangular to contrast with that and properly showcase it. So many dilemmas!! I live in hope it will turn up soon though.

7 years ago

Very nice blog post.

7 years ago

I have #8′ the Alchemy Brass bed and love it for being such a nice balance of “shiny and pretty” and clean and minimal. The only con being that it attracts tiny fingerprints, so a little bit of work goes into keeping it looking it’s best.

7 years ago

I love the statement beds 3and 4! beautiful and so unique!

7 years ago

The worst is when you and your husband are tall af and opt for a cal king, only to find very limited options out there for cal kings 🙁

7 years ago
Reply to  Gayleen

YES. I was just searching through the comments to see if anyone had any cal king suggestions. So few options out there!

Susie Q.
7 years ago

I like the upholstered beds the best and my favorite is #5. I’d cover the upholstered sections w fabric slipcovers and change them out with the seasons. None of the other beds did much for me, but I did like wooden headboard #1. It reminds me of the ubiquitous IKEA Malm bed w attached nightstands, which I used to have. Of course yours is much nicer.

7 years ago

#21 would be my final choice if the room allowed! But there are so many good ones! I love the simplicity of #28

7 years ago

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7 years ago

Hey Emily. Your blog is awesome.

7 years ago

Thanks Emily for your every blog. 🙂 (y)

Emily love your blog.