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48 Budget Friendly Kitchen Hardware Knobs & Pulls



“How do I refresh my kitchen without renovating?” is a question that we get asked every single day here at EHD, and it’s a very good one my friends. Renovating your kitchen is not budget friendly by any means, but there are a few things that you can do quickly and easily to give a facelift to that rather boring kitchen without breaking the bank. Not everyone has the budget for waterfall countertops, a custom backsplash, and brass barstools with legs to die for like this kitchen above, but by simply swapping your outdated hardware for some new pieces you can go from drab to fab in just a few hours. So we have round up some of our budget friendly favorites for you to get that kitchen in tip top shape before the in-laws come in town next weekend for Mothers Day.

Budget Friendly Kitchen Hardware_Brass_Copper_Black_Silver_Chrome 3

Brass is having a major moment right now and for a very good reason, so lets start with those:

emily henderson budget hardware 48 Edited_final_gold

1. Hampton Bar Pull | 2. Peggy Brass Knob | 3. Mid-Century Brass Knob | 4. Brass Barrel Knob | 5. Boulevard Pull | 6. Light Brass Knob | 7. Fagleboda Handle | 8. Faceted Ory Knob | 9. Amerock Brass Manor Pull | 10. Allen + Roth Aged Brass Knob | 11. Liberty Brass Pull | 12. European T-Knob Pull

Budget Friendly Kitchen Hardware_Brass_Copper_Black_Silver_Chrome 5

Black is classic, simple, understated and will always be in style. It also works with almost every color of cabinet and style of kitchen so here are some of our favorite black beauties:

emily henderson budget hardware 48 Edited_final_black

13. Blackrock Round Knob | 14. Modern Metro Pull | 15. Oil-Rubbed Knob | 16. Threshold Sven Pull | 17. Marcio Knob | 18. Cup Bin Pull | 19. Faceted Glass Knob | 20. Flat Cup Pull | 21. Hammercraft Round Knob | 22. Drawer Pull | 23. Cone Knob | 24. Hammered Pyramid Knob


Silver, chrome, and nickel reigned as king in the early 2000’s but it is still very relevant and making a big comeback. We predict in a few years that silver will be just as popular as people and the market get too “brass saturated”, but then again don’t quote us on it.

emily henderson budget hardware 48 Edited_final_silver

25. Streamline Knob | 26. Satin Nickel Knob | 27. Atlas Roundabout Pull | 28. Canfield Chrome Knob | 29. Ella Thin Pull | 30. Decca Nickel Knob | 31. Center Cup Pull | 32. Attest Knob | 33. Brushed Rectangular Knob | 34. Cosmas Round Knob | 35. Brainerd Satin Pull | 36. Brushed Nickel Knob

Budget Friendly Kitchen Hardware_Brass_Copper_Black_Silver_Chrome 1

Let’s not forget about copper. We predicted earlier this year that copper would be a big kitchen trend and we are still very much into it. Keep in mind with copper that if it is unfinished or raw that it will patina over time, although that is part of its charm.

emily henderson budget hardware 48 Edited_final_copper

37. Jessina Zinc Knob | 38. Century Polished Pull | 39. Copper Mushroom Knob | 40. Copper Wire Pull | 41. Glinted Prism Knob | 42. Amerock Brushed Copper Pull | 43. Amerock Copper Knob | 44. Pennysavers Copper Pull | 45. Marcio Knob | 46. Siro Designs Pull | 47. Dynasty Antique Copper Pull | 48. Siro Round Copper Pull

And for those of you that want the ultimate pin-able roundup of budget friendly kitchen hardware we have it below for your pinning pleasure.

emily henderson budget hardware 48 Edited_final

What budget friendly roundups are you dying to see next? In the meantime head on over to: Mixing Rugs in the Same Room, My 63 Favorite Temporary Wallpapers, The 32 Beds I Almost Bought for My Bedroom, The Best Wallpaper Roundup Ever, Best Online Art Resources, Best Online Fabric Stores.

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As always, I LOVE your blog and your resources are always amazing! Thank you! I am dying to change out our silver hardware with copper in our kitchen but I’m wondering, can I leave the faucet in it’s current silver state? Or is that like perming only your bangs?

Hmm. You can do that if you have other things in your kitchen that are silver – or even stainless appliances. But if its going to be the only thing that is silver then I’d think about it some more or potentially change it out for a copper faucet. xx

Hey Em, quick question on mixing metals.

My husband and I are renovating an abandoned 1930 bungalow, and like any modern woman, I originally wanted brass everything (of course), but after seeing the prices of items I liked, I had to reign in my appetite a bit. But the options you’ve listed here are fabulous, so now my question is this: we’ve already hung silver/nickel/chrome chandeliers in the dining and living rooms (it’s an open concept layout), so I’m reeeeally questioning whether brass knobs would make sense in the kitchen.

What are your thoughts?


Similar question here: I already have chrome/silver hardware in kitchen. Replacing lights – can they have gold/copper in them? Or must I match?


Not Emily (obviously) or a designer, but I think you can definitely mix metals as long as they are kind of sprinkled about the spaces. Maybe add some gold/brass accents to the living and dining rooms and bring in some silver in the kitchen somehow. That way it looks intentional and not like you just randomly have brass knobs in the kitchen when every other metal in your home in silver.

Also not Emily, but artist by education, and interior design fanatic…I mix metals all through my house and I love the look. It depends on your style, I think, but it’s kind of like the difference between tucking your shirt all the way in, or doing the cool front tuck. It looks a bit more casual/cool to do a bit of mixing.


Just to follow the theme of mixed metal comments, I thought I’d add my experience. NOT A DESIGNER here (just a simple high school math teacher) but I’ve done a lot of pinteresting and reading about mixing metals because we’re in the middle of our kitchen reno right now. I’ve looked at every kitchen on the internet (or it feels like it anyway), devoured every one of Emily’s blog posts and her book but I’ve still really got my fingers crossed that it all works out because my husband thinks I’m nuts. I’ve found quite a few inspirational shots that show mixed metals working well together. Anyway, for economical reasons, we went with a super simple but very pretty chrome kitchen faucet with a stainless steel sink. I was worried but I think they work okay together. Unfortunately, I have to stick with our stainless appliances, which I don’t love but at least the sink/appliances tie in with each other. I desperately wanted brass hardware and I won that argument. To make it work, I’m just trying to work in other brass elements around the room to make it all look cohesive. The project is not complete but so far,… Read more »

I would love to see photos, Maggie! I too have pinned like a madwoman, but I guess until you see it in your own space, it’s hard to imagine what it’ll all look like together…


I would love photos too. I know years ago they said never mix the metals with your jewelry and now it’s fine to do so – even better to do so!

We ended up mixing metals in our kitchen and (IMHO) I think we did so successfully. We have stainless appliances and a stainless faucet mixed brass hardware, lighting, and accessories. I also mixed a lot of marble and wood and I don’t know if that helped but it gives the space a real lived in feel and I think it makes all the metals work together. You can see it here.


I’m all for mixing up metals in the kitchen, however whilst I am more than capable of switching out a few door handles, I don’t fancy tackling the hinges too, so my question is: do the hinges and pulls have to match?

Ooh, great question! I want to know the answer to this as well! 🙂


A great product is Rub and Buff. Changes color of metal and comes in lots of different colors. Used it on the hinges of a door when I changed the doorknob and lock but didn’t want the hassle of taking the door down and trying to find the exact size hinge and hole placement.


bathroom updates! mine need to be redone completely but certainly don’t have the $$ for that right now!


I’m loving the idea of black hardware, which kind of surprises me. My “one day” plan for my kitchen is to paint the existing cabinets white and add hardware, since it currently has no knobs/pulls. I was envisioning gold, but now I’m really leaning towards black. Plus I assume black won’t show any fingerprints, which is good because I am lazy.


I was looking at brass but went black and I really love it! I also just ordered my black Delta Trinsic faucet and think it will look really lovely with the old hardware in this home. I am a metal mixer, and was also surprised that black spoke to me. Painting the cabinets SUCKED but it was worth the cost savings. I did white uppers and Behr Ink Black on the lowers– love the black hardware with the dark paint. Good luck!!!


also you can spray paint existing hardware to change the look

I have been toying with painting my kitchen cabinets green for ages, and this is it. The final sign. I’m so doing it.


I recently noticed some beautiful hardware at Target. I previously didn’t know they sold that type of stuff! The Threshold Gathered Brass Pull is a beautiful color and size, and comes in a 2-pack for $12.


I like #10 of the Gold – Allen + Roth Aged Brass Knob – but the link isn’t correct.


Thanks for fixing it!

Fabulous round-up! Cool knobs and pulls has excellent service too! I’ve ordered a lot from there both for my kitchen and closet!

Cute! Loving the copper. I was just struggling to find cute kitchen knobs that need one screw to pull out drawers and two to open cabinets. I’ll definitely check these out!
Likely By Sea

Amber Richardson

I found brass hardware at Target that I bought, surprised it’s not included in the round up! Threshold™ Gathered Brass Knob and Threshold™ Gathered Brass Pull- bought these for my bathroom and these for my nightstands: Threshold™ Acrylic and Brass Knob really pretty


I bought the #2 gold knobs from (, because I loved the shape and color. However, when I took them out of the box I almost died laughing because they are so small! I didn’t read the description very well because it says right in it that they’re 3/4″ diameter and only project 1″. Don’t make the same mistake I did!

Hi Emily,

Your first two photos are from one of my best friends, Caitlin Murray owner of Black Lacquer Design, creator owner and designer. She’s amazing…..actually you may meet her at Create and Cultivate in two weeks as we are attending together. I love her and love you! Just thought it would be cool if you could give her a credit on her design and you posted. Thanks!! Xoxo April


I know you did a kitchen table round up but I’d love to see a ROUND or OVAL table round up? Same goes for a round coffee table round up or even better how to style a round coffee table! I’m always stumped on what to put there without it looking cluttered but beautiful and still hold the essential remote and books in reading rotation.


Are you reading my mind? I spent a couple hours yesterday looking for cheap yet cute cabinet knobs for the kitchen and came away empty handed. I just ordered the modern black ones from home depot. Thank you so much for sourcing!


Wow, what an amazing resource! I was looking for black pulls last year and had a difficult time finding many options (almost everything was oil rubbed bronze or satin nickel/silver) — but obviously I just wasn’t looking in the right places. I ended up ordering some I saw in a kitchen shop. Thanks for this — I’m bookmarking it for sure!!!

Julia P

I am dying to change my kitchen hardware but have the problem of not knowing the center to center measurements for the existing handles. They could be inches OR centimeters with fractions thrown in. There’s dozens of center to center measurements out there! The cabinets are stained wood so filling and redrilling isn’t an option.

Some real world practical advice on addressing this dilemma would be a great addition to this blog post.

Sarah D.

Great round up! I’d love to see something on how various backsplash es can give a kitchen a totally different feel.


I second that!! Backsplashes are next on my list and while I love cement tile and subway, I think they are too trendy for my house, which is pretty traditional. What are some super cool options I haven’t considered?

Kate Lim

Third backsplash cos’ subway tiles I have decided to do it in my bathroom. What other options can I have for kitchen backsplash? 🙂 TIA.


Thank you for the links. The 99centknob store seems amazing.
Has anyone orders from them before? It seems almost too good to be true.

I love the copper!!


This is great. Sifting through knobs and pulls is overwhelming. When we remodeled we put in some sliding glass doors and searched for the right size recessed pulls. I bought so many and spent a fortune before finding the right ones.


I love your round ups, but it can be difficult to navigate them sometimes. If you could link the images to the product it would be so much easier.

Thank you for putting the prices in the image – that is honestly so helpful. I hate clicking through links on “budget-friendly” roundups only to find that the pieces I liked most are beyond what I can afford… just goes to show that everyone’s budget is different. Also, THANK YOU for including a wide range of prices that would fit into all sorts of budgets. I went with 99centknobs for a client who’s updating his very large rental kitchen and the whole thing was less than $60!

Kim McCulloch

I would like to know how to order the budget friendly kitchen hardware knobs and pulls?

Thanks, I love your site!!

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