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128 Ready-Made Frames to Get You ‘Gallery Wall Ready’

I’ve wanted to do this post FOREVER. I love custom-framed art (the above GIF is from a sponsored post we did with Framebridge who do lovely and very easy custom framed options for your art), but I love even more less expensive ready-made frames when you are able to do it and your art allows for it. My theory is if it’s a standard size then get a ready-made frame unless it’s something super special that you want to invest in. I typically only get a custom frame when I can’t find a good ready-made inexpensive one that works with the style of the piece or if it’s an antique that needs a more traditional style frame (which is way harder to find beautiful versions of that are ready-made).


We all know that Ikea, Target, West Elm, and CB2 have great readymade frames but we’ve gone ahead and found 128 of our favorite specific frames from many different sources for your shopping ease (many of which we constantly use in clients homes and shoots). It’s a hard one to round up because we haven’t seen every single one of these frames in person and many of them look alike in the roundups, but we wanted to give you a lot of options – so click through and find what works best for you. Some quick tips about using readymade frames:

1. Right now we are into thinner frames even on large pieces. Sure, structurally they need to work, but chunky frames are less in right now, so less is more in this instance.

2. Don’t be too worried if the tone or cut out of the matte doesn’t work with your piece – we get custom mattes cut all the time for under $20 (even cheaper sometimes depending on the size of the frame) and it makes it look so much more high end.

3. While we did put some poster frames at the end for large scale pieces, I highly recommend the Ribba frame from IKEA with custom mattes to fit your art rather than a poster frames, unless it is indeed a poster and needs something that large.

4. For a custom size, canvas, or float mount – or if you want someone else to frame your piece for you (which could definitely look better and can be much easier if you are doing a lot of pieces) we use Framebridge for all of our framing needs (and LOVE them) but we also know that Simply Framed is great, too.

Now, off you go…


1. Ikea Ribba Black | 2. Ikea Mossebo White | 3. Ikea Ribba High Gloss Gray | 4. Ikea Gunnabo Black | 5. Ikea Virserum Dark Brown | 6. Ikea Silverhojden | 7. Ikea Gunnabo Brown | 8. Ikea Fiskbo White


9.  West Elm Weathered Wood | 10.  West Elm Polished Brass Gallery Frame | 11.  West Elm Antique Silver Gallery Frame | 12.  Pottery Barn Wood Gallery Frame | 13.  West Elm White Gallery Frame | 14.  West Elm Black Gallery Frame | 15.  West Elm Thin Bamboo | 16. West Elm Polished Nickel Gallery Frame


17.  Ikea Ribba Black | 18.  West Elm Gallery Frame | 19.  West Elm Polished Brass Gallery Frame | 20.  Ikea Silverhojden Silver | 21.  West Elm Bamboo Gallery Frame | 22.  Ikea Virserum Dark Brown | 23.  Restoration Hardware Weathered Oak White | 24.  Ikea Fiskbo Black | 25.  Ikea Stromby Silver Frame | 26.  Ikea Ribba High Gloss Gray | 27.  Restoration Hardware Antique Nailhead Frame | 28.  Restoration Hardware Antique Zinc Nailhead Frame | 29.  Target Nantucket Detail Frame | 30.  Restoration Hardware Gilt Frame Gold | 31.  Ikea Gunnabo Black | 32.  Ikea Mossebo White | 33.  Wayfair Metal Frame, Gold | 34.  West Elm Gallery Frame Black | 35.  West Elm Gallery Frame Polished Nickel | 36.  Restoration hardware Black Metal Frame | 37.  Ikea Ribba White | 38.  Wayfair Metal Frame, Black | 39.  Restoration Hardware Beaded Fillet Frame | 40.  West Elm Gallery Frame, Antique Silver | 41.  Restoration Hardware Black and Gold Gallery Frame | 42.  West Elm Gallery Frame, Weathered Wood | 43.  Ikea Marietorp Black | 44.  Ikea Fiskbo White | 45.  Wayfair Metal Frame, Silver | 46.  Ikea Gunnabo Brown | 47.  Michaels Flat Frame, White | 48.  Restoration Hardware Weathered Oak


49.  Urban Outfitters Art Print Frame, Black Matte | 50.  CB2 Gallery Brushed Silver | 51.  Urban Outfitters Art Print Frame, Natural Wood | 52.  Overstock Barnwood Grey | 53.  Michaels Belmont White | 54.  Overstock Barnwood Rustic Black | 55.  Overstock Economy Cherry Frame 56.  Urban Outfitters Art Print Frame, Silver Matte | 57.  Urban Outfitters Art Print Frame, White Matte | 58.  Overstock Economy Honey Frame 59.  Urban Outfitters Art Print Frame,  Black Wood | 60.  Overstock Barnwood Rustic Brown | 61.  Urban Outfitters Art Print Frame,  Walnut Wood | 62.  Overstock Barnwood Whitewash | 63.  Overstock Economy Black Frame64.  Urban Outfitters Art Print Frame,  White Wood


65.  Ikea Ribba Black | 66.  Ikea Mossebo White | 67.  Overstock Barnwood Whitewash | 68.  Ikea Ribba High Gloss Grey | 69.  Overstock Barnwood Rustic Brown | 70.  Ikea Silverhojden | 71.  Ikea Marietorp Black | 72.  Overstock Rayne White Washed Antique | 73.  Ikea Gunnabo Black | 74.  Overstock Barnwood Grey | 75.  Ikea Stromby Silver | 76.  Ikea Virserum Frame – Dark Brown | 77.  Overstock Architect – Honey | 78.  Ikea Ribba White | 79.  Ikea Gunnabo Brown | 80.  Overstock Architect – Black


81.  Urban Outfitters Art Print Frame, White Matte | 82.  Ikea Ribba High Gloss Grey | 83.  Urban Outfitters Art Print Frame,  Black Wood | 84.  Ikea Virserum Dark Brown | 85.  Urban Outfitters Art Print Frame,  Walnut Wood | 86.  West Elm Gallery Frame, Antique Silver | 87.  Ikea Ribba White | 88.  Pottery Barn Eliza Gilt Frame 89.  Urban Outfitters Art Print Frame, Black Matte | 90.  Ikea Stromby Silver | 91.  Urban Outfitters Art Print Frame, Natural Wood | 92.  Crate & Barrel Matte Black Frame 93.  Crate & Barrel Matte Brown Frame 94.  Urban Outfitters Art Print Frame,  White Wood | 95.  CB2 Gallery Walnut Frame 96.  Urban Outfitters Art Print Frame, Silver Matte


97.  Ikea Gunnabo Brown | 98.  Overstock Verona Narrow Frame, Gold | 99.  Ikea Ribba White | 100.  Michaels Black Barnwood Frame 101.  Overstock Architect Frame, Honey | 102.  Ikea Mossebo White | 103.  Overstock Architect Frame, Dark Walnut | 104.  Ikea Virserum Dark Brown | 105.  Ikea Ribba Black | 106.  Ikea Stromby Silver | 107.  Ikea Gunnabo Black | 108.  Ikea Silverhojden Silver | 109.  Michaels Belmont Frame, White | 110.  Target Poster Frame, Black | 111.  A.I.Friedman Mod Gold Metal Frame | 112.  Ikea Marietorp Black | 113.  Overstock Verona Narrow Frame, Black | 114.  Overstock White Washed Antique Frame | 115.  A.I.Friedman Black Metal Poster Frame 116.  A.I.Friedman Natural Frame


117.  Urban Outfitters Art Print Frame,  Black Wood | 118.  Urban Outfitters Art Print Frame, Silver Matte | 119.  Overstock Poly Posterframe, Black | 120.  Urban Outfitters Art Print Frame, White Matte | 121.  Urban Outfitters Art Print Frame, Natural Wood | 122.  Overstock Black Poster Frame 123.  Overstock White Washed Antique Frame 124.  Urban Outfitters Art Print Frame,  Walnut Wood | 125.  Urban Outfitters Art Print Frame, Black Matte | 126.  Overstock Poly Posterframe, White | 127.  Pottery Barn Ridge Distressed Frame, Black | 128.  Urban Outfitters Art Print Frame,  White Wood

You inspired to get all that old art framed now? We would love to hear which frames have worked for you in the past if you have tried any of these – let us know below.

Need more help with that gallery wall or art you need to hang? Check these out: The Guide to a Well Hung Gallery Wall, How To Hang Art Correctly, How To Create A Focal Wall, How To Choose, Frame, and Hang An Art Collection, Best Online Art Resources.

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7 years ago

Thank you for this! Framing can be soo expensive, so this is great. What about Aaron Brothers? I recently discovered them and were surprised at how many options they had.

7 years ago
Reply to  Tracy

Tracy, I was also thinking of Aaron Brothers as I read through the post. Although I have had mixed luck with them over the years I have gotten some great frames with their buy one and get another for a penny. Victoria

7 years ago

Awesome! FYI – the names/prices don’t match the frames in the last section.

7 years ago

Nice round up! Good to hear about options other than IKEA and my local art supply store.

How about a round up on door hardware? Brass options and also some of the black door handles, etc. that I’ve been seeing around the web.

Jacquie Frazier
7 years ago

Great round up! I’m curious-where do you get custom cut mats?

7 years ago

Try Frame Destination

7 years ago

My question too. Custom mats – when & where?

Emily K
7 years ago

I use Michaels/Hobby Lobby/or similar for custom mats. Basically anywhere that has a custom framing shop can cut mats to size.

Emily K
7 years ago
Reply to  Emily K

Oh and you can specify a mat cut to any size. It doesn’t have to be even all the way around. I use this trick to make odd sized art fit in standard frames. For example if the artwork is 13×18 I’ll get a mat cut at 16×20 outside dimensions and the interior cut at 13×18 (1 1/2″ left over on each side in one direction and 1″ left over on each side in the other direction) then I can pop it in a standard 16×20 frame.

Perfect ! I’m thinking of doing an gallery wall in our office, behind the wall-to-wall desk I wanna build. So the computer screen will blend in with the different frames and art, giving a more fun & chic vibe to the room !
This list of frame will really help me when time will come to choose them !!

7 years ago

I think art supply stores tend to be cheaper for frames than anywhere but IKEA, and IKEA is mostly not using real wood any more, just MDF. I have a number of IKEA frames, but I dislike how MDF chips and dings easily, and if you want natural wood rather than black or white, you are better off getting something that is actual wood. Dick Blick’s house brand has a lot of clean, affordable options (e.g., Essentials Wood Gallery frames). For floating artwork, I like Framatic’s Cirrus line.

7 years ago

This might be a dumb question but where do you get custom mattes cut?

7 years ago

Thank you for this post!! These look great. Do you have any suggestions for where to order prints to put in these frames? And anything for mattings?

7 years ago
Reply to  Harley

Etsy is full of original art ranging from oil/ acrylic painting to all sorts of printmaking to watercolors.

7 years ago

You just made me realize that recently I took some old maps to a framer without even considering ready made options! While where I live (Buenos Aires, Argentina) we don’t have as many options as in the US, I may have been able to get away with some ready made options!

Emily K
7 years ago

Oh how I wish I had an Ikea closer than 2 1/2″ hours away…

I’ve always loved the thin black metal frame sections you can buy by the pair. It’s so easy to get a custom size because you purchase the horizontal and vertical stiles separately then put them together. They are easily spray painted to whatever color you desire. Michael’s used to carry the frames but I think they’ve stopped stocking all but a few sizes unfortunately. They’re still available online though.

Any time I’m at a junk store I dig through their frames and grab up any thin wood, brass, or silver frames as those are super hard to find anywhere.

FYI Lowe’s cuts glass to size for cheap.

7 years ago
Reply to  Emily K

Hi Christine, I was able to order Ikea Ribba frames online, not sure if that’s an option for all their frames or if it depends where you live, but worth a try! Even with shipping, still less for their big frames than buying elsewhere. 🙂

7 years ago
Reply to  Courtney

Oops the Ikea info was for Emily K. 🙂

7 years ago
7 years ago

This is great! Your round-ups are the best. Two questions:

Any ideas on where to get deep frames to frame non-flat items? I have some arrowheads my grandfather collected I would like to frame in a non-cheesy, non shadowbox way, just a 1-2 inch deep frame.

Ideas on where to get frames for painted canvases? No glass/ just wood or metal frame for the canvas wrapped on wood stretcher

Thank you!!!!

7 years ago
Reply to  sj

She recommends Framebridge in this post. Also Jenny from the Little Green Notebook has a post about Framebridge and an example of what you’re looking for:

7 years ago

.. and now ill never have to go hunting for the perfect frame ever again, thanks for sharing!

7 years ago
Reply to  Nikki

Do you have a roundup for desks? LARGE desks preferably. Office sites just have canned, ugly ones it seems, or they are SO SO expensive.

7 years ago

Thank you for this!! I am in the midst of a gallery wall shopping frenzy for my living room. I recently purchased the 24×36 Studio Decor Belmont frame from Michaels in white for less than $20 (and I didn’t even have a coupon!). Now that it’s up on my wall though, the “glass” kinda gives it away – it’s almost too reflective and looks a little cheap. Do you have any recommendations on what to look for specifically when it comes to the glass? (The Michael’s frame comes with “shatterproof, lightweight styrene,” p.s.)

Also, if you have any more recs for bamboo-ish looking frames (I’m obsessed) that’d be great!


7 years ago

Thank you for this great round-up! I’ve got loads of prints and posters that need frames; so this is just perfect! Thank you for sharing. Happy week to you! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

7 years ago

Thank you…what about 22 by 28? so hard to find.

7 years ago

I have used a couple of other on-line framing companies who offer non-glare acrylic. It’s the best, especially when hanging art in a room with lots of windows. I won’t use anything else since I received my first framed piece with non-glare acrylic. I have sent emails to Framebridge and Simply Framed hoping they could offer a non-glare acrylic option in the future. Love, love, love your blog!!

7 years ago

my FAVORITE frames are the framatic fineline from AI Friedman!! LOVE those

7 years ago

I love the Herringbone frame from Minted, but haven’t been able to find a cheaper version – have you ever seen anything like that? Thanks! 🙂

7 years ago

Thanks for this round-up! Craig Frames is another one to try – I’ve been happy with the quality relative to the price, and there is a huge range of options.

7 years ago

Thanks, great post! It was really nice to have the retailer listed underneath each specific frame. Made it much easier to consider the item and retailer I wanted to buy from.

7 years ago

Where would you get a custom matte?

7 years ago

Thanks for providing it.

7 years ago

What do we think about the plexiglass used in most of these vs. glass? Is that ok?

7 years ago

This round up is amazing! I’ve been working on a gallery wall for my den for-freaking-ever at this point, and know this post is going to help with serious inspiration!

– Dara ||

7 years ago is also great and affordable!

7 years ago

Can we pleeeease have the first two pics “un-gifed”? I’d like to really look at them.

7 years ago

Best designs ever I’m really impressed.

7 years ago

Best post ever! This post is really helpful to me! Artwork is the number one most stressful thing for me when it comes to making a space look good.

7 years ago

Emily – can you share where the blue loveseat is from the gif for this post? It’s adorable and looks like exactly what I’m hoping to find…

7 years ago

Hi Emily – Noticed a few other comments on this but I was curious where you purchase custom matts? I’m in NYC and was curious if there is a good spot you recommend or a spot online. Thanks for this great post!