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Ginny’s Dining Room Reveal

Hey all, it’s Ginny again! If you tuned in yesterday you will have seen my living room reveal and today I’m excited to share my dining room. This room is probably one of my favourites in the house because of the dark blue walls. I actually only decided to paint those wall a few months back. I was really worried about losing the freshness that the white brought to the space. But in fact what happened was the opposite. It brought a deeper, moodier vibe to the room that I love. It also highlights the white trim around the windows and moulding details on the ceiling. I used Farrow & Ball’s Stiffkey Blue, which to me is the perfect blue. I did try out an EHD fave – Hague Blue, but it had way too much green in it for me. And that’s why you should always, always swatch before committing because what might look great in one space can look not so great in another. This is also what sparked the thought to paint the living room and bedroom as well.


This is how the room started; painted out in a dark charcoal until we got the landlords permission to paint it out in a bright white to give it a fresh blank canvas. Look how sad it looks with a rug, chairs and no dining table. I bought the bentwood chairs from the flea market just after we moved in – I literally carried all 4 at the same time in the steaming Pasadena heat, through reams of hoarding shoppers – (I was working out a lot more then). Needless to say the AC was blasting in the car on the ride home.


Ugh looking back at these progress photos is cringeworthy. I think most people expect designers to have these amazingly put together home, s but it’s not always the case because sh*t costs money and sh*t takes time and we’re FOREVER changing our minds – or at least I am.


We pretty much lived with an Ikea desk top and legs for over a year before we got this table. I knew I wanted a white oval pedestal because this room is more of a transitional space as it leads to the kitchen and the back of the apartment. Plus I’d already collected a lot of wood pieces so I didn’t really want to do a wooden dining table, which would be the only other option for me. The oversized map which we hung on the wall (best seen on the first and last photo) is probably my favourite vintage find in the house. We were shopping at the Mart Collective in Venice when Patrick spotted the name Lancashire at the top of, which happens to be my home county in the UK. On closer inspection this map has all the areas I grew up in, even the town called Chorley where my family still lives. It was a pretty bizarre experience and I really wish I knew the history of where it came from or how old it is. Either way it’s a very special piece in this house.

We acquired the bar hutch when a friend was moving from LA to NYC and wasn’t going to have the room to take it. When I say bar, I actually think it’s purpose is a secretary desk, but I’m ok with it storing our glasses and hiding our booze, and the dropdown is perfect for mixing cocktails :).

The light fixture is original to the house. I was going to swap it out with something slightly more modern feeling but every person that comes here always comments on it. And when your English interior designer friends tell you to keep it, you keep it. Done deal.


I always like to have a tray set up on my dining table and I love this brass one from Schoolhouse Electric, it really pops off the white. I mixed a few different pieces of pottery here. The small black vase is from Melanie’s (one of our awesome designers) BF Blake Beaudette who is a legit amazing ceramicist. He started pottery about a year ago and is now finding his niche and his style and we’re loving it at EHD.


Here’s a fun little styling gif that shows how you can style out a dining table for everyday use. You don’t need to go overboard, but a large tray helps to corral pieces. Layer items with differing heights. Then add something organic like flowers, plants, or tall branches.


Another flea market find is this cute cabinet that hides all my decanters and tequila collection. I really love the line detail on the door fronts and it fits perfectly in this spot. The watercolor art is also from the flea market and there’s one guy there every month that I just hand money over to. He has the best collection. I’ve bought so many watercolors and oil painted seascapes from him that are stashed away because there’s no more wall space for them. This one and the one on top of the bar were both framed by Framebridge and the process could not have been easier.


Another piece that is evidence of my love for stripes is this rug from Annie Selke and Dash & Albert – I knew I’d get some mattress ticking stripe in here somehow. You can also see here how the blue walls really pops against the archways and it kinda makes me want to paint the living room in an even darker grey.


Another vintage piece I snagged for $40 is this rattan chair, I had the seat cushion reupholstered in a denim-y coloured linen fabric. No one ever really sits on it but I love it so much I can’t bear to part with it. Above the chair, you’ll notice the newsprint clippings. My husband Patrick has a love for all things Irish and wrote a script about the Irish Easter Rising. Sadly it’s not about an awesome Easter baking competition – google it, I had to! The framed newspapers were printed here in the U.S. in 1916 (100 years old!) documenting the goings on in Ireland at that time.


I think what I love best is that it does feel kind of old world in here and wouldn’t feel too out of place in England. I feel like a lot of older buildings back home have mismatched furniture that has been handed down through generations. And whilst none of these pieces have come from any of our family members, they did belong to someone one day.

So there you go, my moody transitional dining room. What do you think? Do you love the blue as much as me? Let me know what you think and here is a “Get The Look” with most everything linked up – sorry a lot was vintage in here. If you have any questions on anything else, then leave a comment below.


1. Ceiling Pendant Light | 2. Paint Color | 3. Silhouette Print | 4. Frame | 5. Landscape Print | 6. Teak Bar Hutch | 7. Ceramic Bell | 8. Bar Jigger | 9. Tall Decanter | 10. Short Decanter | 11. Short Drinking Glass | 12. Tall Drinking Glass | 13. Oval Dining Table | 14. White Eames Chair | 15. Patterned Plate | 16. Brass Tray | 17. Tall White Vase | 18. Stemless Glasses | 19. Water Pitcher | 20. Area Rug | 21. Bentwood Chair | 22. Framed Vintage Maps | 23. Table Lamp | 24. Striped Lumbar Pillows | 25. Rattan Arm Chair | 26. Antique Cabinet | 27. Faceted Planter | 28. Dream Decor Coffee Table Book | 29. Brass Candle Bowl | 30. Black Vase | 31. Turquoise Footed Pot

I’m also in the throws of finishing up the bedroom and office/guest bedroom – who knows when those will be finished 🙂 Soon I hope and then I’ll be sharing them with you guys. Thanks for reading and a big thanks to Zeke Ruelas for the beautiful after shots.

Love Ginny


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91 thoughts on “Ginny’s Dining Room Reveal

  1. I could not love it more!! I think the blue that you can see through the arch looks amazing. It seems modern and vintage and fresh all at the same time. very well done

    1. Yes, I agree completely! The blue coming through the arch looks insanely good. Great job, Ginny! These two rooms have blown me away.

  2. Love it, Ginny! The blue, the furniture mix, the cool original light fixture, and of course the meaningful artwork. It all looks so welcoming.

  3. Ginny, I love it so much! I didn’t get a chance to comment yesterday but I loved the living room as well! Your combination of styles speaks to me so much and gives me tons of inspiration for my own home. Thanks for putting yourself out there and sharing this with us.

  4. I’m interested in getting that style of dining table but the price on the link is $$$$$. Does anyone have experience with a copy from another vendor that they’re happy with?

      1. @Patty the one from LexMod is on my shopping list. I have heard completely polarizing reviews of the company but it is the most affordable option I have been able to find.

        1. Thanks for the info, Ginny! I have been eyeing that exact table so it’s great to hear you recommend it!

  5. That blue color is amazeballs! We have it in our master bedroom. I, too, looooove the idea of vintage furniture and am always curious about the lives they lived before ending up in my home. That map must be so happy to have found you!

  6. Stiffkey Blue is the business! I have my living room painted in it, and I’m thrilled to know my color decision is corroborated by your beautiful design. Bravo Ginny, everything looks spectacular!

  7. Absolutely love everything here Ginny, especially the blue walls. Thanks for so much fabulous content. The makeovers, with befores and afters are my favourites. I adore taking in every detail.

  8. This is beautiful and I do love that blue, especially the way the wood and rattan looks against it (as well as the beautiful moulding obviously)

    Re your newspaper clipping, this is (obviously) the centenary of the Easter Rising and here in Ireland we are having a full year of commemoration that has touched every historical and cultural area you can think of. It’s been hugely successful and many of the initiatives may still be around next year but if you get a chance to visit Ireland , and Dublin in particular, this year, it’s really something special. The official website should whet your appetite.

  9. I love when someone takes something I’m not really into and makes me love it. I’ve always kind of hated slate blue, but it looks amazing in here. I love your tight pallet and the artful mixing of old and new.

  10. It is stunning! The blue is perfect and the mix of old and new really really works. It has both a current freshness and an old soul which is so much harder to achieve than it seems. Part of the appeal of the dining room is the correct contrasted coziness with the lighter brighter living room next to it. If the living room were darker it wouldn’t be such a refreshing juxtaposition. I look forward to seeing the other rooms.

  11. The navy color is FANTASTIC!!! So glad you went with a color in there because, while I do love white, you are totally right that the molding detail is lost with white walls. And that molding is incredibly beautiful!

    You also have an incredible knack for mixing different pieces and styles, I envy that!

  12. Love it! I’m also in the market for an oval tulip table, & am having a hard time deciding on size. The link went to 96″- is that what your’s is? Thanks for any input!

  13. Love the blue! I just painted my dining room a similar dark blue and love how it makes all the wood tones in the furniture pop. What paint color did you choose for you white walls?

    1. I would also like to know the paint color of the white walls. I am thinking of painting my family room white but it is really hard to find the right white. Any advice?

  14. YES! to all of this.

    One “pull back the curtains” thing I would like to hear about (If you don’t mind us being very nosy) is how do average people on average budgets get $4000 tables? This is zero percent meant to be snarky, I’d just love to hear a few different perspectives on how designers at various levels of income prioritize pricey purchases. When I saw your table, I wondered how a normal person ever executes that. That is one fifth of a new car. That is two awesome vacations. That is an entire half-bath reno. I know the answer for everyone is ultimately “priorities” but I think it would be fun to hear how various EHD staffers rank the priorities. Also, I am really curious if all these expensive lovely things were found at a steal somewhere, or if you purchase items for people’s home and if they don’t work you keep them, do you get special discounts, are you a wizard, etc.

    1. I don’t know how designers do it, but I spent a very long time searching for a vintage Tulip Table for our dining room that was not too expensive. It is a Burke not a Saarinen so that is why the price was reasonable but it is still heavy and well made. It took a long time to find but now that we have it I love it. Yes it has some scratches on it that I could eventually get refinished, but it still looks great and has been so easy to maintain with kids! I think Emily’s blog was where I originally read about searching for vintage if you don’t have the money to buy new stuff that is expensive.

    2. I’d love to hear about this too! Furnishing a house is so expensive…how do you rationalize spending $$$$ on certain items, particularly when you know your taste and style will inevitably change over time and resale value is so low?

    3. I bought that exact same marble tulip table for $500. It was originally a floor sample that went into the warehouse where the marble got etched and slightly discolored. Whatever — it looks awesome in my house!

      I just got a Murano-like glass chandelier to hang over it. Regular price is $2,400 at Wayfair. I found it new-in-box on Craigslist for $600 and even got $25 off because one of the glass pieces was broken. That didn’t even matter because the box held an extra one.

      I also bought one of those acrylic hanging bubble chairs from craigslist. New they are about $1,000 if you buy one with a stand. I got it for $200 used. It’s a bit scratched, but I could buff it if I have the time. In the meantime it is cozy and looks so cool!

      I bought the Zgallerie Omni 6 drawer dresser used for cheap because the glass on top was broken. I replaced the glass for $40.

      Basically, if you have patience you can find pretty great deals, especially if you take the Wabi-Sabi approach to home decorating, which means that imperfection is fine. Having furnishings that are already pre-banged up just makes me less stressed about damaging them. In the meantime, placeholder IKEA and hand me down furniture works just fine.

    4. sometimes i wonder if people have a lot of credit card debt? ha jk.

      i would love to have a vintage sarineen but i’m not rich, so i had to get a reproduction. i really wanted a marble top so i did. of course, it’s not true blue marble, but it works for my needs. it was $600 from that was my budget priority. get the look i want but not spend $5000.

      sounds like the other commenter really hit the jackpot but no one in my area has awesome craigslist finds. if you live in LA i bet you get lucky all the time. i live in alabama…no one knows what’s up around here.

  15. Dark dining rooms with white trim have me all <3 recently. Great job!

    Also, I'm glad you left the light above the table. It looks perfect.

  16. Wonderfully done Ginny! I am a long time reader and I never comment, but something I have always wondered- where do people who don’t live in LA find cool vintage furniture like all of the pretty things you guys always get at the flea. Because here in Oklahoma I don’t know of anything like that.. Thank you for sharing!!

  17. I love when all you other contributors post about your spaces! While everyone on the team naturally has a somewhat similar style you each gravitate towards different brands and craftspersons. We get to see items sourced from a lot of different places than who Emily tends to use. I love being introduced to new pretty things.

  18. Outstanding job done here. I love the combination of mid century modern, art deco and casual almost beach like styles seamlessly mixed together. The room is elegant without being stuffy and very inviting.

  19. This makes my day! Because I’ve had that exact Art Deco light from rejuvenation in my dining room for the last 11 years and I’ve been plagued by a little doubt. Who puts a light like that in the dining room??Now I know– Ginny does, EHD does, and I do, ha ha! Love the room. Great unique, original and inspiring design. Thank you!

  20. I too love the light fixture and rattan chair! Great job, Ginny!

    P.S. I believe you meant you’re in the “throes” of finishing your bedrooms (a difficult or painful struggle). ? Can’t wait to see them!

  21. I too love the dining room color! Totally agree that the pale gray walls in the living room add to the impact of the blue. Wonderful balance of finishes and textures overall. Big fan of Dash and Albert rugs-never can commit to a purchase as they have so many great ones:). Your map was such a find! On a side note, just finished a 5 part series about the Easter Rising on Netflix, entitled Rebellion. Super well acted and made me want to learn more.

  22. One of my favorite rooms on EHD lately! As someone with a lot of heirloom furniture that is mostly dark wood I’ve struggled to make it feel fresh and fit in a more transitional space – you’ve done such a lovely job making it look modern and lived in all at once. Bravo! Maybe this is a separate post – how to make antique / vintage furniture not look old-lady 🙂

    1. Yes! This!

      Seconding the fact that this room (and the living room) are stellar and that I would love a post on how to make antiques fit into a more current-feeling room. I have a beautiful heirloom chest/dresser and desk from my grandparents but I feel like they sometimes dictate the direction that a room can go design-wise.

      Anyway, Ginny, this room is seriously beautiful. I’m in love with the color, the chairs, the awesome Art Deco light, etc. I am so glad you kept it!

  23. I have three things to say:
    1. The blue paint against the textured wall looks old world and FaBuLoUs. I think I’d like that blue color most at night. In the shot of the wicker chair, the wall color looks very dark–I like that.
    2. A secretary as a bar–yes. Why have I never thought of that before?
    3. Your huge map is gorgeous. From a distance it looks gold. I love it.

    1. I love the regular infusion of blue/Danish modern/white/brass color combo elsewhere on the blog, but never have I seen it executed more beautifully. Wish my rental had as much raw material to work with! Well done.

  24. I love the look of the cotton D&S rugs, but am concerned about their practicality in a dining room (I’ve been on the hunt for a good rug for our dr forever). Do you have issues moving the chairs in and out without bunching up the rug? Does it vacuum easily or does it get sucked up because it is so thin? Thank you ever so much!

    1. It’s been a dream so far. We also don’t have a rug pad underneath so I can only imagine if we did it would be even better. It also cleans up a treat – one of the dogs was sick on it the other day and it came right out. Totally get yourself one! x

  25. I absolutely adore this makeover! The blue is perfect, and I love all the flea market finds. From one Rose Bowl aficionado to another – where is the watercolor guy?! Always looking to pick up new pieces there 🙂

  26. Absolutely LOVE the transformation. Feeling very inspired by this and yesterday’s post- I pinned the heck out of both. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

    p.s. I can’t believe that light fixture came with your rental!! So jealous!

  27. These rooms are so beautiful and livable! I love the way the dark blue transitions into the light grey.. don’t change a thing! And I was so happy to see you kept that original light fixture– it adds the perfect vintage touch and grounds the design to the apartment in a way that something more modern wouldn’t have achieved. So well done, Ginny!

  28. this room speaks to me. love the blue paint and the mix of vintage, antique and modern is just right! yesterdays room was nice but the dining is my fave! i also have a saarineen tulip table. i love them mixed with wooden chairs. woo!

    i’m glad you kept the original light fixture!

  29. I’ve always loved when Emily would do a day at the flea market post, but it’s been a while and I think she may have run out of time/energy/put too much expectation on having a professional photographer there.

    I sit in a cube in Chicago and seeing other people go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market is one of my favorite forms of escapism. It sounds, from this post and the last, that you go fairly often. Would you all be willing to bring those Flea Market shopping posts back? I scour the pictures looking for what I would have bought if I were there!

    I get out to the Rose Bowl once a year when we visit family in the area. I know exactly who your English guy is who has the cool British condiment holders. I seek him out every year (one year I was bitterly disappointed because we were visiting over Long Beach weekend instead and he’s stopped selling there). Please consider sharing your visits on the blog! Thank you!

    And I love your makeover!

  30. This is my favorite living/dining space of all time! Seriously, it makes me want to sell every item of furniture I own and replace it all with the “get the look” items. It’s so casual/cozy/collected. It’s completely perfect!

  31. Everything looks beautiful – thank you for sharing! Can you tell us about framing your map – did you take to a physical framing store, how much did it cost (if you can share) and what’s the name for that style of frame? Thank you!!

  32. I love it, and I love that light shade, I’m so glad you didn’t change it, it still feels modern with the geometric shape. I also love the fact that the lounge is a different colour.

  33. So gorgeous and inviting. I agree with a previous poster that the blue on the textured walls looks old world and sumptuous. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us, Ginny! What a treat.

  34. This is a fantastic post! I love the wall color and the vintage furniture.

    Your timing is also impeccable, because I just bought some newspapers last weekend at a vintage store from 1906-1943, and they’re so delicate that they’re flaking apart at the edges. How did you frame yours? I’m tempted to scan them and frame reprints, but I’m having a hard time finding a place with a huge flatbed scanner. So if you want to share some details, I’m all ears! 🙂

  35. I absolutely LOVE this space!! The color combination is perfection and I love the old pieces. The blue walls look amazing and that light is so awesome. I really love everything about it!

  36. Love the blue, like so many commenters here! Gorgeous. I have a question, though: my house is all 8′ ceilings. I’m wondering if the design team at EHD thinks dark is best on a wall with taller ceilings and with mouldings vs. more average/builder box rooms or does that matter?

  37. QUESTION! looks terrific Ginny. It’s an inspiration to those of us that like to mix styles. My question is how the flat weave (I believe it is) rug is working in such a high traffic area. Did you have to use anything to hold the edges down? Thanks!

  38. I’ve been following every step of your makeover on my lunch breaks, sat at my desk in Preston (Lancashire), surrounded by my colleagues from Chorley. Absolutely love it and totally with you on the mismatched furniture!!

  39. Ok… I am so bummed because the first thing I saw was that light fixture! But it makes it even better that it is original to the house. Everything is so beautiful. It really makes me jealous for a separate dining space. Maybe someday… Love your style, Ginny!

  40. That blue color blows me away. I want to sink into it and swim in it! Now, I’m looking around my house and wondering if that blue would work anywhere.

  41. P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N girlfriend! As you know it’s not easy to find beautiful vintage pieces that are exactly the right scale. You nailed it. SO good.

  42. Im so obsessed! I want to move in! That rattan chair gives me life!!! Why is blue the perfect color???

  43. Just stunning! The blue walls make all the gold, brass, wood, and white look so beautiful. I love how the Lancashire map looks with the blue walls–perfect and gorgeous!

    I vote not making your living room walls darker, if you’re taking a survey! The pale gray and white of the living room is what makes the dining room so dramatic and lovely. I think darker living room walls would take away from the dining room.

    I love your work, Ginny. Congratulations on all!

  44. I love the dining room just as much as the living room…maybe even more! the blue was a great choice! And I almost always like WHITE (and maybe gray) for interior walls. 🙂

  45. One of my most favorite reveals! Great job Ginny! Your home looks so cozy and fresh. I think you did a great job of mixing traditional and modern

  46. I love the blue!! I am referring to this post when we buy our house, hopefully soon, and painting a wall or two in this blue. Love, love, love!!!

  47. Love the post! You think you can write about pastels, specially combo pillows? I’m having a hard time trying to figure it out. Thank you!

  48. Looks absolutely fantastic! I’ve been trying to convince my partner about the tray trick for ages, but he wasn’t having any of it, this gif has finally convinced him, thank you! Also suffering with map envy, I’m also a Lancashire Lass, from Preston not too far from your family although living across the border in Merseyside these days!

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