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30 Accent Tables Under $100


Batman has Robin, Lucy has Ethel, Kim K. has her Phone, Brad HAD Angelina (sorry Brad but we were always team Jen) and now your chair can have the perfect sidekick too. You just can’t have one without the other and so is the case with your chairs, sofa’s and sectionals – don’t let your seating arrangements live alone anymore. A good accent table not only serves as a great companion to your seating arrangement but also functionally serves as a great place to rest your drink/magazine/copy of STYLED, and can instantly bring in a fun pop of color, texture, or glam into the room depending on which direction you go with it.


Brady went functional and minimalistic with his bent metal side table (above), while Ginny (below) went the antique route and we don’t blame her what with those beautiful curved legs and wood tone.


But, whatever design direction you head these accent tables are sure to please. So – without further explanation and terrible sidekick analogies we have pulled together some of our favorite accent tables under $100 on the internet for you.


1. SANDHAUG White/Natural | 2. Regency Side Table, Gold | 3. Soft Modern Side Table, Yellow | 4. Factory Side Table, Mint | 5. Albi Side Table, Sky | 6. Sofia End Table in Frost Grey | 7. Gold Ceramic Garden Stool | 8. Metal Storage Cubby, Black | 9. Acrylic Tray Table | 10. LOVBACKEN Medium Brown | 11. White Marble & Metal Table | 12. Martini Two-Tone Side Table in White/Brass | 13. Campfire Glass for Paper Table | 14. Brass and Black End Table | 15. Metal Accordion Side Table, Brass | 16. LACK Side Table, Yellow | 17. Gold Accent Table | 18. Palm Beach Spindle Table in Black | 19. Demba Side Table | 20. Green Ceramic Table | 21. Sofia End Table in Heritage Blue | 22. C Table in Blue | 23. KVISTBRO White | 24. Hexagon Side Table, Bronze | 25. GLADOM Tray Table Dark Green | 26. Albi Side Table, Black | 27. Live Edge Accent Table | 28. Acacia Mobbi End Table | 29. Bergland End Table in Sonoma Oak | 30. Marble and Gold Accent Table

What roundups are you interested in having us roundup next? Anything you just can’t seem to find or that seems out of budget? Let us know below in the comments and we will get to work!

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That rattan number (from urban outfitters) is such a great find!


Great roundup! Have you ever done a floor lamp roundup? I think my living room needs one, but they are tricky!


Yes, floor lamps!


Yes! Also–this is a weirdly specific one–how to style floor lamps with built-in tables. I have the Meurice Table Floor Lamp from JA, and it’s so tricky figuring out what to put on it because the lamp base comes up through the middle of the table.


Yes please!!

Sara Beth

I would just like to say that I bought one (and returned, but no offense to the Table, it did nothing wrong) one of the tables on this list, have another one in my guest room, and loved and almost bought a third. Which basically ensures and reassures that I have great taste, and now my day is made.

The precognition here! Looking for side tables as we speak for the new apartment. Thank you, Em!

patty blaettler

Ceramic table lamps that are fresh and ‘modern’.
Bonus if they’re tall enough to provide good light for reading in bed.

Emily R

I love these roundups! I could really use a Roundup for attractive TV stands. I will never be able to be rid of our living room TV, but at least I could have it displayed more attractively.




TV stands are so hard! Everything looks so generic (or ugly), except for vintage dressers, which mostly are too tall to really be good TV stands. I want a TV stand which puts the TV directly in front of my face. Right now, I have an IKEA one that looks okay, but it doesn’t make me very excited. So yes, a round up of TV stands that are the right height, not generic, and not just midcentury modern would be amazing. Real wood and closed storage would be nice, too.


I’d love a round up of bedside tables/nightstands that have multiple drawers. My one cat gets into EVERYTHING on my nightstand so I need closed storage and my husband has an ugly sleep apnea machine he needs to keep by the bed that I’d like to be able to tuck away when not in use. Anything with a coastal/California casual/vintage vibe would be awesome!


We have the same issue with the sleep apnea machine, and recently got this nightstand. I love it! The lower shelf with an open back is perfect for keeping the machine tucked away, plus a drawer for storage!


We have the same issue with the sleep apnea machine, and recently got this nightstand. I love it! The lower shelf with open back is perfect for keeping the machine tucked away, plus a drawer for storage!


I’ve been using #8 (urban outfitters) as our nightstands and they’ve worked out great so far. I also bought #30 (target) as a living room accent table, but both tables target shipped us came cracked. I’d question the quality of #30 before purchasing it, though I do love the look!


I got all excited about #30 when you posted about it a while ago, and then went to Target only to find that the ones they had in stock were all super shoddy quality, with cracks in the top and/or huge gaps between the marble and the frame. Lovely idea, poor execution– super disappointing, but I suppose to be expected when similar higher-end tables are $500-$1000.

I’ve been wanting to buy the Urban Outfitters Regency table for a while now but haven’t been able to press the purchase button – now I have to before the rest of you buy one and they’re sold out! 🙂


I LOVE that you’re including the price and source in the graphic with each table so we don’t have to scroll down to see the corresponding number/info below. Great improvement!

Jennifer S.

I agree! Half the time I forget which number(s) I like by the time I scroll down to search for the corresponding link. This is much more shopper-friendly. Thanks, Em!

I love this roundup! Been looking for a side table for my living room and this comes at a great time. I would love a round up of 108″ length curtains, how to pair them with rugs (pattern with pattern) and also lamps for mantles. My 1916 home has such high ceilings and I’m having trouble pairing my patterned rugs with curtains. I’d love to do another pattern, but not sure how to go about it. Thank you for this post!


What an awesome roundup. Have been looking FOREVER for a small entry table (under 30″ wide) but they all seem too low . . . Do you think any of the above tables would work as an entry console? Thanks.


Great variety of tables….problem is I like so many of them! Don’t really need one but I may weaken.


Curtain rods! Why are they so ugly? I have a very large window (over 120 inches) and it’s been difficult to find good hardware!


Think of dividing it in half….not as one big window! Or just using panels on the ends with small simple rods. ??????

Mary Catherine

This is super helpful–thanks for the round-up! We are about to move into a new and much larger house….have yall done a round-up on coffee tables?? I searched for, but didn’t see one….if not i’m formally requesting one of those! For some totally nonsensical reason coffee tables overwhelm me. (In a first-world-problem kind of way….)


I would loooooove to see a round up of convertible cribs that look old but have modern features. There’s a navy blue spindle old style crib from Jenny Lind but it doesn’t transition to a twin bed. I want two of them in my kids room someday but would love to be able to use it from crib to twin bed. Whaaahhhhh!

amazing collections of side-tables.especially those round up tables are simply good and multi-utilitarian.


I recently bought two number 30s to use as nightstands in my bedroom and I love them. The marble has brown tones in it which I wasn’t sure about at first, but next to my carved dark brown wooden headboard they look amazing! Definitely an instant, affordable upgrade compared to the mismatched TV tray/nightstand combo I was rocking before.


Yes, TEAM JEN! And I own #11 and love it 🙂 Thanks for these roundups! Loving them!

Fern Bradley

Great picks on accessory tables; would love to see coffee tables.
Make sure to include the brass one in Brady’s pick.
Love your blog, always different. Thanks!


I would love a roundup of affordable plumbing fixtures!! also non hideous media stand solutions!


I’d like to see an affordable nightstand roundup.


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I love your roundups! I’m searching for updated front porch lighting… a roundup with different color metals or styles would be so helpful! Also, what are your go-to stain colors for wood cabinetry, floating shelves, decking, etc.? Thank you for sharing all of your tips and expert opinions.

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Emily, Always your post Awesome..

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