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8 Bathroom Accessory Combos to Rescue Your Drab Bathroom


Hey guys, Emily is in Oklahoma for the next few days (!?!) so I’m here (Brady) talking about how to have fun style-wise in the bathroom – all approved by that lady, don’t worry 🙂

Happy bathrooms mean happy people, and everyone loves happy people, so to bring a little bit more happiness into your life (and your bathroom) we asked on of our contributors, Jeran, from Oleander and Palm to pull together some very happy and colorful bathroom accessory combos. These combos are all EHD approved and will definitely bring some life into your morning routine, even if you still feel like a zombie when you roll out of bed. (***fresh morning glow not included)


Soap Pump | Bath Towel | Hand Towel | Shower Curtain | Trash Can | Bath Mat

Don’t let the name fool you, this one is definitely gender friendly. This combo would be perfect for an all white backdrop which is in need of a dose of some graphic black, white and metallics, and if that color combo doesn’t do it for you then your feet will thank you when you step out of the shower every morning onto this plush shag bathroom mat.


Soap Dish | Bath Towel | Hand Towel | Shower Curtain | Trash Can | Bath Mat

It’s a very updated and fun version of what your grandma probably currently has in her guest bathroom, and we can promise you that it doesn’t smell like roses and metamucil.


Soap Pump | Bath Towel | Hand Towel | Shower Curtain | Trash Can | Bath Mat

A little bit scandy and a little bit flower child. I’m not usually the biggest fan of “caution-sign-yellow” but the blacks and graphic patterns tone it down to a very do-able combo.


Soap Pump | Bath Towel | Hand Towel | Shower Curtain | Trash Can | Bath Mat

You know how we feel about navy, gold, and wood over here at EHD. It will forever be a combo that works and we are very into all of these elements for an update on the traditional color combo.


Soap Pump | Bath Towel | Hand Towel | Shower Curtain | Trash Can | Bath Mat

If peach is your vibe, then this one is for you. I love the pattern on the shower curtain and how it is echoed into the bath mat.


Soap Pump | Bath Towel | Hand Towel | Shower Curtain | Trash Can | Bath Mat

It’s feminine, fresh, and fun. Three words that I am sure Emily would love to be described as in the wee hours of the morning. Trust me she is all three and more.


Soap Pump | Bath Towel | Hand Towel | Shower Curtain | Trash Can | Bath Mat

This is for the woman that always seems to apply a bit too much self tanner (like Emily, self-proclaimed spray-tanning mom). No stains will show on these rust colored towels! Just make sure to not to step out of the shower too soon after you wash it all of as that white bath mat is not asking for any orange colored footsteps.


Soap Pump | Bath Towel | Hand Towel | Shower Curtain | Trash Can | Bath Mat

In case you need a daily reminder and positive affirmation of how good you look in the morning, then this combo is for you. But, I would trust the mirror more than I would trust a bath mat to tell me how I am looking in the mornings. Just a word to the wise.

Which one is your favorite? If you are craving more of these combo posts, let us know what you would like us to pull together in some buyable combos next?

In the meantime if you are needing some more bathroom inspiration? Check out these posts: Brady Gives a Refresh To His Vintage Bathroom, Guest Bathroom Reveal, 28 Simple and Budget Friendly Toilets, Master Bathroom Reveal.

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I’ll take a ‘does of denim’ mixed with ‘nautical navy’ and a dash of ‘manly metallic’!


THIS. IS. AWESOME. Love these round-up posts. Keep ’em coming, guys.


I am considering getting feather eyebrow tattoo….and I need my ace-boom-knows-all-re:-what looks good to tell me what she thinks.
Emily, have you looked into it?


Wfat a wonderful post. I love your voice Brady and the content is so helpful and attainable!!!!
Please do more! This reminds me of the place setting post. Thank you.


Another great round up! The subject of bathroom decor reminds me of a problem I’ve been having with my own bathroom, which is what to do for art. I have tons of vintage prints yet I’m hesitant to hang anything special in the bathroom due to the chance of steam damage. Am I worrying over nothing? Or is there something I can do to protect my art (maybe have it professionally framed?) Any tips in a future post would be great!

Brady here…. I actually have some framed pieces in my bathroom and I haven’t noticed any issues at all with it ruining the art due to the steam so i think you should be fine. I wouldn’t recommend putting the Mona Lisa up in your bathroom, but I think some pretty art that isn’t too expensive should be fine with the steam and heat. xx

I think I would go for the manly metallics ! But hard choice it was !
Where we are moving (in two weeks ! can’t wait!!!), the bathroom has clear wall, wood cabinet, but black tiles for the shower ! I think this combo would blend well yet still refresh the room !
I’ll def, take this as an inspiration when choosing our accessories !!!


so cute. love all mixed styles, patterns, etc. just shows how “interesting” can be achieved with basic (and cheap!) pieces.

I love all of the colors and textures paired together in each theme!
Likely By Sea


Love these!!! I love seeing fun inexpensive ways to update a space! So helpful!!
Why is Emily in oklahoma? so curious!


yay oklahoma!


LOVE THIS! Where was this 6 months ago when I spent too much time trying to make decisions- especially on a rug. = ) Now I just need to pair it up with some of your artwork suggestions to complete the look.


Nautical Navy for me but every combination is fabulous!!


Love this concept, especially using ‘grouped’ price, v. price of each individual item. More please 🙂


Excellent post!!! Thank you for including the group price at the top of each pick—very handy!


I love these! The bathroom in my tiny 1930’s craftsman bungalow has purple/pink and black floor tile, and I have had such a hard time decorating in there with anything other than white. All of the rooms in my home kind of open to the center of the house, including the bathroom, and the rest of my house is filled with blues, grays, golds, and lots of pretty wood. The purple/pink and black tile really sticks out to me as out of place in the house.
Does anyone else have this problem? Do you just roll with the pink and go with something like Pretty Pink? Stick with neutrals like Bold Black & White?
If my bathroom tile was neutral, I’d lean towards Nautical Navy or Manly Metallic.


Fun!! I would like some kind of combo between Manly Metallics and Nautical Navy!


Just ordered the pretty pink combo for my daughter’s bathroom!

Would love to see a combo for a bedroom vanity. I have a pretty desk next to my bed that does double duty as a nightstand and vanity. Would love ideas on a reading lamp, maybe some place to put a phone and laptop, as well as how to display makeup.

And serveware! I know there have been posts about outdoor parties and whatnot. But I’d love how to display a dessert table. Or what I would need for a girls night in with drinks and appetizers.


So rad! I love all of these!

I love all of the metallics! Thanks for sharing! Happy week to you. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

Ooooh! LOVING that mustard bath towel!! Great picks, Brady! 🙂


Love these buy-able combo’s. Would love to see more.
Kitchen styling next??


Apologies if this posts twice… My fave is the Rustic Rust one. I like the gray in it, and that it’s gender neutral.

If you are looking for suggestions for other, similar posts… Maybe do a queen-sized bedding post? (Euro shams, accent pillow, queen pillow cases, fitted and flat sheets, duvet, throw blanket, bedroom slippers) I have a teal duvet, gray headboard, ivory/white sheets, and I’m stumped from there.


Okay, so I may be buying everything from the Rustic Rust one and I noticed that the trashcan link didn’t work, at least not on my iPhone. So, in case people want the link, I tacked it down – it’s this:

OMG dying right now. S she really in Oklahoma????? Would love to show her around at a few of our fave scouting places!!!!! Or take her for coffee!!!!


This is incredibly helpful for those that love a little of everything and get overwhelmed with all of the options. Love these posts!


So I have a question: which one of these would work best with my rentals maroon/cream tile? Anyone?

I can’t decide on which I like more!!


Love the round up. How about kitchen accessories as a next buyable combo – the kitchen towel, utensil holder, dish soap dispenser…?

I can definitely appreciate white space and clean lines in the bathroom. Most of mine have been little jewel-boxes. So, I look for ways to make it feel fresh and uncluttered.


Manly metallics!
Thank you for using sources that are “budget friendly”!
Love Brady’s ‘voice’.
Since you asked, I am currently looking for inspiration for my tween and teen son’s rooms (bedding, art, curtains, rug). Good for a boys their age but no sports themed/plaid comforter/name on wall, etc. I’m not sure how this request differs from any adult or guest room, but you tell me if it does?
EHD is awesome!


LOVE THIS SO MUCH! The combos are all fabulous and the timing is perfect for me! The only thing I’ve purchased for my new master bath so far is the pink trash can…. now I’ll be ordering the rest of the Pretty in Pink accessories. Thanks for making it easier to decorate my new home, Team!


Emily is in Oklahoma?!? Any public appearances? I’d love to meet her while she is here!!!


Bummer. The pumps from Peachy Keen and Manly Metallics are out of stock/discontinued at all the Targets near me in Woodland Hills and beyond, and aren’t able to be ordered online. ?

Love the combos though!

Lonnie Garvey

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Best Bathroom accessories i love it

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