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Swing Arm Sconce Roundup



Swing arm sconces are having a major moment right now and for a very good reason. They are functional, beautiful, and can be worked into every single type of room or decor. I’ve been desperate for a few of them myself, thus the impetus of this post. Think of them as the “lighting swag” of the design world. Just as too much swagger in your walk is a bad thing, you wouldn’t ever put a swing arm sconce on every wall or in every corner of your house. But when they are used correctly, in moderation, and in just the right place, they add just the right amount of swagger light to your space.

Brady Tolbert_Credenza_Moody Living Room_Swing Arm Sconce_Masculine_Modern_Grey Paint_Kendall Charcoal_Bust

Brady used one of our favorites from Rejuvenation in his Living Room refresh (above) and we have a pair of swing arms from Schoolhouse in our office over our whiteboard/to-do list which help for those very late night design/blog meetings. I am even currently picking out some new ones for my master bedroom to go on either side of our new bed, and have had some major anxiety picking out the right ones.

So, to help you (AND ME) on our quest to find just the right ones for every room in your house, we have roundup the ultimate collection of 95 swing arm sconces at every price point and in every style. Now get out there and add some swing arm swag into your life. You know you need it.

1. Simon Wall Sconce | 2. Wyatt Swing | 3. Morgan Sconce | 4.  Anchored Orb | 5. Anglepoise | 6. Mid-Century Wooden | 7. Paulo | 8. Industrial Wall Lamp | 9. Slim-Line | 10. Mantis | 11. Regina-Andrew Arc | 12. Halfway | 13. Counterpoise Swing Arm| 14. RANARP | 15. French Library | 16. Stanley | 17. Swing Lamp | 18. Shaded Otis Light | 19. Koncept Gen 3 Z-Bar | 20. Cliff Wall | 21. Larabee Double Swing Arm | 22. 265 Wall Lamp | 23. Swing Arm Nickel Sconce | 24. I-Cono | 25. Architect’s Swing Arm | 26. Noho Double Yoke Torchiere | 27. RL ’67 Boom Arm | 28. Waldorf Wall | 29. Jones Single Sconce | 30. Nelson Ball Wall Sconce | 31. Boston Functional Library | 32. Kragero Swing Arm | 33. Stilnovo Koge | 34. Library Swing Arm | 35. Anchored Orb 2 Arm | 36. Bend Classic | 37. Brompton Extension | 38. Ford Mills Double | 39. Bruno | 40. Black Simple Iron | 41. Havana | 42. Enzo | 43. George Kovas Chrome | 44. Brass Wallace | 45. Prouve Potence Lamp | 46. Chic Mini Black Arc | 47. 1950’s Factory Scissor Sconce | 48. Antique Brass White Cylinder | 49. Tolomeo Classic | 50. Metal Hood Sconce | 51. Iris Dome | 52. 20th C. Torpedo | 53. Pelle Sconce Long Gooseneck | 54. Glendale | 55. Lampe Gras Model 214 | 56. Sonneman Orbiter | 57. Elise Adjustable | 58. Isaac Long Arm | 59. Plug In Zig Zag | 60. Mantis BS2 | 61. Osso Swing Arm | 62. St. Germain | 63. Bistro | 64. 1940s Architect’s Boom Sconce | 65. Envoy | 66. 3-Way | 67. Cypress Double | 68. 1900s Pharmacy | 69. Lynwood | 70. Cylinder | 71. Mid-Century Overarching | 72. Circa 1900 Train Station | 73. Albert | 74. Flynn | 75. Métier | 76. Frankfurt Articulating | 77. Jones Double Sconce | 78. Lite Source | 79. “Potence” Style Otis Light | 80. Warren Pulley | 81. Pelle Sconce – Asymmetrical | 82. Tolomeo Mega | 83. Copper Bronze Dixon | 84. Cigar Wall Sconce | 85. Crosby | 86. Cypress Articulating | 87. Hyde Park | 88. Brass Nook Pivoting Wall Sconce | 89. Mason | 90. Brushed Steel Dale Swing Arm | 91. Waldorf Wall Small | 92. Wonton | 93. Mid-Century Task | 94. Crown Point | 95. Charlton

***A big thanks to one of our new market researchers, Rayan from The Design Confidential for helping us pull this roundup together, art directed by yours truly, of course. 

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Love this thanks! Wld also love to see an uodated round up on affordable rugs. I think it’s been a while.


Thank you Rayan, Emily, and the EHD crew for this extensive roundup! Also, thank you for including a lot of plug-in options. I love and appreciate the affordable options EHD has provided lately in many of your roundup posts. I’m looking forward to the next one!


This is great. I hope there’s going to be one for chandeliers or flushmount lights soon.

Elisa F.

I second the flushmount request! I hate the ones I have, the ceiling is too low for anything else; am I doomed to install recessed lighting?


+1! I asked this exact same question yesterday about my kitchen lighting sitch.


I third it!!! I have a low living room ceiling and the owner before me put ugly track lighting there. I hate it so much!!! I’m at such a loss for what lovely brass flush mount lighting to replace it with. help!!


No idea what your style/budget is, but I just used this one on a project and I love it:


I have #43 on either side of my bed in my Master bedroom


Really great collection and it’s nice to see high and low end sconces! I’ll be adding a couple of danish teak swing arm sconces to either side of the bed as soon as I’m finished my DIY floor to ceiling upholstered headboard (in a great mustard colour).


I’m loving the roundups!!!!! keep them coming! could you maybe do one about accent chairs and/or chaise/loveseats that go with colored sofas? its been my dilemma for years!!! what to do with this giant empty space in my living room that matches a navy sofa, lol


This could not be better timed! I’m in the process of redoing my master bedroom and have been looking for (plug in) sconces to go on either side of the bed. I’m really loving #93 from West Elm.


Thank you EHD, I have been eyeing the CB2 one forever, and this confirms that it’s THE ONE. I’ll be sure to click click that affiliate link 😉


It’s so great that you do all the homework for your readers, thanks! Love your blog.

Stephanie H.

I have these CB2 sconces on either side of our bed in the master bedroom and I LOVE them. They are a very affordable option ($79!), and they’re streamlined and minimal without looking too space age.


So many wonderful options.

Lesley Williams

Someone somewhere in blog land did a DIY version of the super long armed black DWR lights and it looked awesome…if only I could remember where I read that so I could provide a link!

This is so helpful!! My husband and I are about to move and I’ve been looking at home decor/improvement stuff like it’s my job haha. I love your style!

Xx Maya from Maya Unmarketed


This is amazing! I was just in the process of laboriously choosing bedside sconces – this could not have been better timed. (Gratified to see some of my choices in the roundup, and thrilled to learn of so many other great options.) Thank you Emily and team!

This list is impressively long and complete. There are also tons of good options on Etsy. I just did a roundup of sconces available on Etsy in by blog last week.


I love this, and it’s just in time, I was about to buy #10 earlier this week but hesitated, now I know why!

(#32 says DWR at $510, but it’s actually $5200, but they link is to the much more affordable AllModern. Same design, just huge cost difference (I only noticed because I was deciding between the AllModern style and #10))


I love the night stand in the top pic…can you tell me where I can find it?


Holy moly!! this is the longest list ever!! I bought a really great modern sconce from World Market about 6 months ago for $60 — its really affordable and a good quality, I promise.


Love this! Any rule of thumb or suggestions for determining what size sconces will look appropriate in a setting?


Any chance you would ever tackle recliners? We have one that is so offensively ugly, was a free hand me down when we were newly married years ago, that my husband refuses to get rid of. And I have to admit, it rocks, is so comfy, and cuddling my kids in it is amazing. But oh my goodness is it the uglyiest thing in my home and I hate to look at it. I just don’t know if there is something that does the same thing but doesn’t look like a lazy boy.


Have you heard of Long Made Co.? I love their lamps!

Kate Lim

I just wanna say appreciate a lot you put the store carrying the lamp next to the price so I don’t have to click only to find out that I can’t buy it from my country. Thanks a lot Emily, you always have your readers in mind! 🙂

I love this, thanks for the quick-look guide. I’m bookmarking this for sure.


How oh how did you know I have been looking for the very same thing for our master bedroom?? Thank you for the perfectly timed post! I adore you & your blog 🙂

Agreed swing arm sconces are definitely having a moment. Loving them in unexpected places like the kitchen.



Love #4 and 74! ?

Ana Maria

Thanks for the roundup!
I have a suggestion for a future one- would you be able to round up some nice carpeting options? A mix of light, dark, textured etc. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to carpet so kids can roll around but I’m worried there is just no way to make it look as stylish as hardwood!

Chaya jain

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