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Color Crush: Is Lavender The New Blush?


Word to your mother. And word to your grandmother too, who I think will be pretty happy about the color we’re talking about today. Typically reserved for granny-type things like broaches, scratchy bedspreads, and Sunday Brunch eyeshadow, this color has pulled a fast one on us by making it’s way onto the “Top 10 Colors for Spring” list. That’s right,  today we’re talkin’ about LAVENDER.

Lavender (or any shade of purple) may indeed be the least used color when it comes to interior design. In chatting with Emily, only one of her past gazillion clients has let her come near them with a purple paint swatch (and probably only because they were on TV). Well folks, today I am here to prove the haters wrong. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that this trendy new color from the fashion world CAN work in the home too.

Before we dive into lavender interiors,  let’s look at some well-dressed ladybirds who are rocking this new fashion trend, without looking like Barney.

Lavendar Fashion Color Trend

As you can see, all of these gals look effortless and chic by keeping the overall palette simple and wearing minimal to no pattern. Fun touch-me textures, like fur and suede, keep the hue looking rich and interesting instead of overly feminine or tacky.

Popping a lavender jacket on your bod is one thing, but incorporating a such soft, frilly color into your home is a much more serious matter. Let’s take a seat in these lovely lavender chairs and get to business.

Lavender Pink White Color Trend Emily Henderson 1

If you search “lavender bedroom” on Pinterest, you’re gonna be overwhelmed by the abundance of super ornate, over-the-top styling. I’m talking about rooms with lavender walls, rugs, lamps,  bedding, and tacky chandeliers. EVERYTHING is lavender. Too much lavender can go Gaudy McGauderson pretty quick, so if you want to use the color to make a bold statement, let’s look at ways to do it tastefully.

Lavender Pink White Color Trend Emily Henderson 2

Pairing a lavender sofa and artwork with more muted blue/grey tones and rich wood makes this room feel sophisticated, calm and masculine.

Lavender Pink White Color Trend Emily Henderson 3

Who woulda thought lavender DRAPES could look chic? The dramatic height of these bad boys keep them looking luxe and elegant. And look at those pretty kitties, would ya?

Lavender Pink White Color Trend Emily Henderson 4

Keeping the rest of this room neutral not only allows the lavender chair to shine, but also keeps the space from looking too girly.

But what if girly is your jam? Let’s look at some rooms that play up the use of other colors for a more feminine appeal.

Lavender Pink White Color Trend Emily Henderson 5

I would never think to pair lavender with a deep red, but somehow this just works. And a wood horse head thingy never hurts.

Lavender Pink White Color Trend Emily Henderson 6

Pops of metallic keep this room looking sophisticated and chic.

Lavender Pink White Color Trend Emily Henderson 7

How fun is that crazy rug?

Lavender Pink White Color Trend Emily Henderson 8

While this many trinkets personally gives me the heebie jeebies, hats off to this gal who played up the femininity of lavender with loads of jewelry, vintage artwork from Vogue, and a dreamcatcher.

Lavender Pink White Color Trend Emily Henderson 9

Another fun use of lavender – and bonus points mixing a SECOND shade of purple, lilac.

Lavender Pink White Color Trend Emily Henderson 10

A chandelier AND a lavender sofa? Where’s a girl supposed to eat her Ortega tacos and watch House of Cards? Alas, it’s still a beautiful room.

And now it’s time to get the look. Check out this plethora of all things lavender. Since I’m a sucker for ruffles, I particularly like the sweatshirt and bikini. How about you? Have you already been rocking lavender for years? Still skeptical lavender can reinvent itself? Discuss.

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1. Knitted Mink Sweater | 2. Fuchsia Rose Print | 3. Leather Crossbody | 4. Sunglasses | 5. Arm Chair | 6. Shibori Pillow | 7. Knitted Pillow | 8. Vase | 9. Peplum Tank | 10. Chair | 11. Sheet Set | 12. Vacation Duffle | 13. Color Block Pillow | 14. Ruffled Sweater | 15. Fur Pillow | 16. Lace Top | 17. Sofa | 18. Bathing Suit | 19. Tufted Chair | 20. White Sea by Julie Hansen | 21. Accent Table | 22. Rug | 23. Purse | 24. Pouf | 25. Bed | 26. Lamp | 27. Pan

*Post authored by Carla

 **Carla Fahden is a Creative Director at a creative agency in Minneapolis with a focus on fashion art direction. Off the clock she devotes her time to writing her blog, designing wedding stationery and watching her Felicity box set. 

*** Image Sources 1 | Grid 1 | Grid 2 | Grid 3 | Grid 4 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

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You somehow missed the most amazing example (though those curtains rock) – from a New Orleans home featured in House Beautiful a few years back. Just stunning.

We certainly did miss that one! It’s gorge, thanks for sharing.


The Mahalia Jackson art is what makes the space vibrate

Stacie Martin

Oh gosh, I LOVED that home!


I dont usually go for pastels. I am haunted by my frilly, over the top, childhood Easter dresses, ruffled socks, and patent leather Mary Janes. But after seeing this I’m definitely going to rethink. I don’t share your love for ruffles(see above) but lavender in textures like fur or suede add softness without being overly feminine, which is doable. I also love the color gray, which looks surprisingly well paired with this shade. Thanks for sharing Emily ?


I so agree. Every time I see pastels as the new “it” color I cringe. But I do infinitely prefer lavender to blush…

Lavender and lilac are two of my all-time favorite colors, especially for clothes; apparently it’s genetic, because my daughter chose the color “lavender ice” for her bedroom, which is pretty and not too over-the-top. I have to admit I’m nowhere near over blush, though… I just posted a style board using blush recently, and my new handbag is blush. Blush is just such a soft, pretty neutral!

Sarah H.

The skirted console topped with art and lilacs is my favorite! I have a dated old table in the basement and this would be such a simple way to give it a sophisticated reincarnation. Thanks for sharing!

Those Siamese cuties though?! Totally make the photo. But I think lavender is the perfect color for around the home – especially the living room.


I saw the kitties in that photo and cracked myself all the way up:

we are siameeese if you pleeeeeease
we are siameeese if you don’t pleeeeease
we will look aroooooound our new dom-o-cile
if we like it we will stay for quite a while

(Lady and the Tramp? anyone? *tap tap*is this thing on?)


You are not alone…every. single. time I see Siamese cats, I sing that song to myself. Involuntary response!
In other news, I’m really enjoying the contributing writers. While I still am not a fan of lavender, this was an enjoyable read. Thanks Carla!

Dom-o-cile! Thank you for correcting a lifetime of unknowingly jumbling this lyric. 🙂


Best faint hint of lavender paint ever : a la mode by Benjamin Moore

PS LOVE THIS POST! so much inspiration

OOh good to know. We just tested out a ton of lavender paints but I don’t think we did this one. I’ll check it out …

Love the campaign dresser – the strong gray tone to the lavender makes it feel doable!


Lavender + dark gray or black= the boom

I just covered an ottoman with lavender hair on hide leather. It looks amazing!


I painted my living room lavender when I moved in. Unfortunately, I picked a shade that did not work with the light in that room at all, so I ended up repainting. I still love the color, though.

Can you put the author at the top? It is confusing to not know the author until the end of the post.

Love the lavender and the top 4-5 inspiration posts. Nice to see something new and fresh!


Agree – it’s nice to know who’s writing the post before reading it! 🙂


Agreed! I had a kind of blog-reading whiplash when I read the paragraph referring to “Emily’s past clients”- like hang on a moment, is this not an Emily blog post on Emily’s blog?
I am all for contributor posts- love the fresh eyes and different takes on trends etc- I just think we all would like to be aware of who has penned the piece before we read it.
Thanks as always to Emily + team for all the hard work!


HA. Yes, there was confusion. I thought it was there, but it wasn’t so then Carla added it in the caption but our caption was designed poorly and it looks totally weird on the home page. Long story short we discussed the exact same thing and it will be very obvious in the first couple sentences whether its more or Carla. Sorry about the confusion 🙂

My husband thought I was crazy when I showed him a lavender velvet fabric swatch for a chair in our little reading nook. But now that she’s all done, we can’t imagine her any other way! It’s the first time we ever thought to choose a shade of purple for ANYTHING in our home:


This looks so cozy and perfect!


That looks great! Love the chair and wall color (esp together)!

As a person who is currently wearing a lavendar shirt… I’m totally down with this trend!


How funny! Just yesterday I decided lavender was my new fave and I immediately searched out and bought a lavender dress. Although, this is no surprise…I’m Mrs. Gaudy McGauderson. Even with my gaudy tendencies, I LOVE all the examples you showed.

i was watching the Bachelor’s “The Women Tell All” last night with all my girlfriends and i was surprised to see you in the audience– you got a lot of camera time! how fun to be there. . . quite a night, right?

It was pretty darn awesome. As a mega fan it was the best day of my life. All 8 hours of it. 🙂

I knew that was you! I went to an after the final rose taping once… also the best 8 hours of my life 😉

Lavender is lovely! Bu I can’t believe you also missed this one – I helped style this shoot a while back


Oh yea, thats beautiful!!


YAAS LAVENDAR FINALLY GETS ITS MOMENT! I have been working with lavender in decor for years and it is one of my favorite colors in my house (love it with Burgundy). I have a media console in my living room in a muted lavender with vintage brass hardware and touches of lavender in a large abstract painting in my dining room. It’s such a beautiful color but doesn’t have to be too feminine when paired appropriately, looks amazing with black.


I love this look. Muted, understated, and cool. The exterior of one of my favorite Victorian homes in my neighborhood is lavender and I’m kind of obsessed with it.

BUT! I tried it in my bedroom a few years ago and I got tired of it so quickly! I’m not sure if it was a chromotherapy thing or what, but I had to get rid of all signs of purple fast. I only hung on to one purple item, a piece of marbled paper I’d framed. It now lives in my bathroom, which seems like a much better place for it.

I think it would work in the right home, for the right person, though! (That lavender chesterfield is killing me.)

Insanity. All week I’ve been picturing a lavender room with orange furniture and now you’re telling me it’s an IT color! Well, I’m glad I’m not crazy for thinking these things!


Yesss, I love lavender and am so glad this lovely hue is having its moment!


Hmm, I have to say I only like it in the first two examples. It appeals to me a lot in the very minimalist-mod spaces, but not at all in any of the others. It seems to me like a fussy, ornate color, so using it as ornament in a pared-down severe space works for me, but in more ‘traditional’ spaces it’s just too saccharine.

I am so into this color lately…..I did my closet see here- and am now helping a friend with her bedroom and it has all kinds of lavender…..


Love. Also love the purse…but sadly the price not as much! Found an alternative that’s also vegan – Matt and Nat has quite a few lilac bags this season:

2016 is a good year to be a girly girl.

Oh my gosh! Love the way lavender is used to decor the home. This lavender cushion covers & chair are simply elegant.

Amazing Interiors 🙂

I’m definitely down and a half with the lavender craze! I’m more of a fan of lilac (more blue based) but lavender is my jam! xx

Autumn | A Fabulous Hippie

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