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Budget Dining Room: Modern Eclectic


Dining rooms are typically full of big and expensive furniture, so we decided to combat that here on the blog by doing our best to pull together a full dining room for under $1500; yes, you heard me… $1500, and guess what we ALMOST made it. So for your browsing and buying pleasure we’ve pulled together one at under 5k, under 2.5K and almost under 1.5k.


Table | Chairs | Rug | Chandelier | Buffet | Barcart | Faceted Vase| Mirror | Lamps | Planter | Art 1 | Art 2 | Frames

Our first one totals up to just under 5K, she’s a little modern, a little glam and a little homespun (what with the plaid rug). Please note those art prints are small (8×10). It’s a pretty budget-friendly dining room at that price, but we went cheaper, because, well, we are CHEAP and therefore figure other people like to be cheap too.


Table | Chairs | Rug | Chandelier | Buffet | Barcart | Faceted Vase| Mirror | Lamps | Planter | Art 1 | Art 2 | Frames

I actually secretly like this one more than the first one – at least the dining room portion. Those chairs and that table are great and I’d say even better than the high priced room. But just in case you want to go deeper and cheaper and scrappier when it comes to your dining room, here you go.


Table | Chairs | Rug | Chandelier | Buffet | Barcart | Faceted Vase | MirrorLamps | Planter | Art 1 | Art 2 | Frames

$1580 for a whole dining room is pretty darn cheap and if you want to skip the rug, you can, as rugs aren’t totally necessary in the dining room anyway.

What next? I want to do another living room … or maybe a family room? With a sectional? Eh?

Fin Mark


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love this series. another living room or bedroom would be great! maybe in a different style you don’t usually do…just for kicks!


Would love a nursery! Also…styling school on measuring for and hanging curtains please!! I’m desperately in need!

I love the second option! So pretty with the farmhouse chairs!

What about a fun kids bedroom option? You can get SUPER cheap with a kids room!

This is so awesome! And usually sends me into a buying tizzy. Bought the plaid rug and the pink lamps!


DAMN. This is basically two rooms. “clap emoji”

And those windsor chairs! Love ’em.

I love the idea of repeating rooms in different styles at different price points! I’d also love to see kids rooms on a budget. These round ups are so valuable for seeing that style doesn’t have to be expensive to be good. Thank you!
– Rachel


Yes please to another living room or family room with a sectional!! Would love a sectional round up as well 🙂


I definitely bought that UO chandelier for my dining room because that price is BANANAS! Thank you x million!!!!

PLEASE AND THANK YOU YES a family room with a sectional!


Always love these posts! What about a teenage bedroom? Or a post-nursery bedroom transition?


I love these types of posts – please keep them coming!!

My request would be for a comfy home office, or a gender-neutral family room.


I love the CHEAP room!
I would love to see a playroom, nursery, kids room, and family room w/ a sectional!


The second one is my favorite too! How about a studio apartment or backyard patio setup? Oooh or what about doing a blog post version of your show (RIP)? You could give us examples of one style room, a different style room, then a third room showing how to combine the styles?


Living room with a sectional would be craaazy! Do it 🙂


I have those Target Windsor chairs from your 2.5k option and they are so great. Comfortable, solid, modern but not too trendy and SUCH a good deal. I think I found them through one of your makeovers(we’ve had them for a while now) and I am so happy with them.

Hi Emily,

It was so nice to meet you at the HGTV Blogger Block Party! Through my fumbling and rambling, I was trying to tell you how much I admire you – not only as an interior a designer, but also as one badass business woman! You’re killing it on every level…and doing so in such an authentic way.

As an add on the question I asked about “knowing when to hire,” I was wondering if you had any advice on “knowing where to invest?” I am about a year in to working for myself and want to start putting some of the money I’ve earned back into the business to allow it to grow. When you started, where did you find it best to put a couple bucks? Was it with photography? Support staff? Design software? Marketing efforts?

I would love your insight on this topic.

You do you,


Great questions!

Sarah Z

Agreeing with the other commenters in a request for a nursery/kids’/teenagers’ room. Maybe all three with some pieces that can easily transition? They grow up and change needs and tastes so fast that it would be so helpful to find some cheaper options since it isn’t stuff that you want or need forever! Thank you!


These posts are so much fun!


Oops! Looks like the link to the planter in the final option isn’t correct. That West Elm one costs $99.

I’d love a planter round up!


You know what I would love, sometime if you would. How to use vintage doilies and lace in a n updated fresh way. I love them but don’t want the Granny look. You’re awesome!


I would love a post on a living room with a sectional! Specifically, a living room that leans more traditional than modern. I have a hard time finding sectionals that are not overstuffed or have too many try hard details (I listen to your Design Mistake posts!) that don’t feel super modern or midcentury.


I love your dedication to making design accessible, and realize that I am in the minority with this comment, but it has been on my mind for a while and I wanted to see what you think. For a long time, your budget design advice was to “go vintage.” And this was advice that I followed! In my young, childless, small apartment in Brooklyn life, I have managed to make a very lovely home from things I’ve found at tag sales and on Craigslist. All solidly constructed, beautiful pieces that I paid way less for than even your cheapest option here, not to mention the untold environmental benefits. I understand that people like fully sourced posts so they can go and buy anything that catches their fancy, and I also understand that this is not a DIY blog, like like…. jeeeeeez you do not need to spend $53 on a crumby plastic chair! There are so many nice solid wood chairs out there that just need a little love and cost like $5. And yes it will take longer but you know that old adage “you can’t have fast, cheap, and good?” I really try not to be critical in… Read more »


ack sorry… that posted before I wanted it to!
Anyways… I try not to be critical in blog comments because they can become really toxic places, but I have stopped reading these “budget design” posts and wanted to tell you why. I hope this comes across as constructive, because that is how I meant it. Maybe some more posts on restoring vintage furniture or shopping at the flea market? I always loved those–they seemed so much more accessible than these.


I’m totally with you on the vintage issue and most of the furniture/decor in my house was found over time, too! Much better for the environment and I think older pieces are more personal and unique. However, I think a lot of people want a certain look but know that they don’t have the eye to find a “diamond in the rough” or the expertise or time to refinish or reupholster vintage items. So I think it’s really great to see both approaches…everyone’s definition of “accessible” design is different!

I’m obsessed with this post. Not really happy with current dinning room table. But I can totally makeover my room on this budget.

#2 is my fave as well – but I’d probably go for the omnipresent IKEA striped Stockholm rug and skip the bar cart. I’ve been seeing that style of chair everywhere recently and am totally digging it. The home options from UO keep getting better and better – that chanedelier <3

Love the idea of a living room or an office.


family room with a sectional yes!


Giving myself a little design pat on the back over here. I’m in my first house ever and decorating has been paralyzing for me! But–I bought that west elm table and picked out the blue target chairs to go with. I loved seeing this! It was validation for my choices, who doesn’t need that once in a while. Now I need to go scoop up one of the rugs. Yay!


Hi, I love this series and I have an empty corner in my dining room that would be a great spot for a bar cart, but I have a toddler and worry about putting things on it – do you have any recommendations for toddler-safe ways to style a bar cart?


Do people really have rugs in the dining room? Even without my two kids I would fear all the stains!

Gosh, I love posts like this! The blue chairs in the $4,149 room as so similar to the room essentials one that Target sells.

Of course they may be out of stock online, but I saw a bunch in my local store the other day. 🙂

*are so similar


Bathroom hardware- specifically, the wall stuff for towels and TP.


Ugh. I love this series so much. Thanks for sharing this one – I think the room looks killer high priced or low!


a sectional living room!! please, preeeeeetty please! we just moved and i am desperate for some good sectionals. we have a big family and i can’t find one i like. xoxo

Loving the second option!


I am totally agreed with your post…. It too good…


This post is good…. Waiting for your next post….


Thank you for validating my purchase of the teal dining room chairs from Target!! We have been using them for a few weeks now, HIGHLY impressed with the quality of the product so far. Using sales and coupons I think I got 6 chairs shipped to my home for under $350 so it is possible to get them even cheaper than listed in the article.


Ha! Yay! Now I know what my style is! I have a vintage dining table and I just added the Eames-esque plastic bucket chairs with metal legs, mine are white though (beggars can’t be choosers at $49 at Homesense/HomeGoods!). Thanks for doing these, the mix and match at different price points makes you think about what you have and what you can add to it to actually use the style in your house. And makes me realize I’m on the right track so far!


Fun! And the oversized (and cheaper) plaid rug is way cooler than the pricier version in my opinion.
Mod-country-glam-schoolhouse styling is unexpected but really interesting!

LOVE these dining rooms! My dining room space really calls for a round table and i have been searching high and low for an extendable round one. Ideally midcentury or contemporary. Does anyone know if this exists? Thanks!


The table from West Elm in the most expensive (least cheap?) option is on sale now! Under $500 I think.

I would love to see one of these for a study/den/sitting room type room. And/or a bedroom for a pre-teen girl.


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Lindsay P

I went to look at table #2 and it’s several hundred dollars more expensive than noted on your mock up. Booo, out of the budget for me. Still beautiful!

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