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PillowFort Blogger Challenge – 3 very cute playrooms

A few months ago, as you know, I did the nursery of Jen Campbell of Green Wedding Shoes using almost exclusively the Pillowfort Collection. Target gave three well-known bloggers The Hunted Interior, Hi Sugarplum! and Emily A. Clark the same challenge and today I’m showing you how they used the playroom we did and pillowfort to design their own playroom. Game on.

The first one is from The Hunted Interior and I love her cute little daybed with that built-in shelving around it. I bought those storage boxes recently for a job and they are great.

PillowFort 06

PillowFort 03

PillowFort 05

She was able to get her paws on most of the animal heads that seem to always be sold out at my local stores. They are all pretty darn cute together. You can grab the Lion, Giraffe, Panda, Unicorn, Zebra, and Dog online through the links before they sell out.

PillowFort 07

Emily Clark did such a cute job on this family room for her girls.


I love how she engaged the wall with so much art from her kids combined with some of the Pillowfort collection.


That’s a cozy space perfect for me to snuggle with those children. And I know I’ve told you before but that rug is SERIOUSLY so great for the price. We have this one (which is very similar) that we used in Jen’s playroom and it is now what we used to help Elliot learn to crawl.


Hi Sugarplum! took the poppy, saturated route and I’m into it:

hisugarplumblog-2 copy

It’s a cute little desk moment  – and those hooks with the buckets of art supplies are so awesome.

hisugarplumblog-4 copy       hisugarplumblog-27 copy

Her daughter is older (that table is probably best for over 6) and she is selling it.  So cute.

hisugarplumblog-71 copy

They are continuing to add more and more to the collection (because its been such a hit) so check it all out here. There are many, many, many more photos of each makeover on their blogs The Hunted Interior, Hi Sugarplum! and Emily A. Clark plus Good ran the whole story here, as well as Target’s blog here.

I’m in the midst of planning our new playroom and I’m swarming with ideas … but they all have color and whimsy like these guys.

Happy Monday. Should we just ditch work and go play???

***Hi Sugarplum photography by Mary Summers,  Hunted Interior photography by Kristen Jackson,  Emily A. Clark photography by Emily Clark

For more Pillowfort Makeovers: A Custom Daybed | The Playroom 

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7 years ago
7 years ago

Hi Emily, just wanted to report the the first few links to the other blogs are broken me go to ‘target sharefile’ whatever that is? Looks behind the scenes-ish.

7 years ago

Psst…the blog names are linked to the Target file sharing site.

7 years ago

My two faves collide! In my head I have an ongoing joke that I need to check in with the emilys (Emilies!) each day. You and Emily a. Clark are my only two go-to daily design blogs. 🙂

7 years ago

Very cute, but, errrr, the animal heads in the first set of photos from The Hunted Interior seem to be Photoshopped. It’s hurting my eyes. I guess even Target couldn’t get her the animal heads. Bad sponsor!

7 years ago
Reply to  Vanessa

They totally are! Good call.

7 years ago
Reply to  Vanessa

I think so too! I actually clicked through to the original site to see if the blogger explained why they were photoshopped but no dice. When people do things like that it just serves to make me wonder how much of the design blogs I read are real. 🙁

Thank you, EHD for being real and posting behind-the-scenes info about things you photo edit. Sorry this post is coming out a little negative… not meant to be, just disappointed.

7 years ago
Reply to  Lynn

At first I thought you were right, but the picture in the original post shows proper shadows from what I can tell! So I’m gonna believe they’re real. 🙂

7 years ago

I love your blog, loved your book, love Target. Do not love the animal heads on the wall.

7 years ago
Reply to  Lisa

I agree. I do not see the appeal of faux stuffed hunting trophies. That product line is a misstep to me.

7 years ago
Reply to  kellie

I actually really like the faux animal heads, which is kind of weird since I am ADAMANTLY against hunting and would be horrified to find real animal trophies in someone’s home. I think these are so cutesy that they don’t even remind me of the real thing.

7 years ago
Reply to  kellie

I love it for the simple fact that hunting is a way of life either by necessity or choice for some families and this makes it so cute for a little kiddo of a hunting family! Wish these would’ve been around when our kids were small. I dot think it’s a misstep. I found it refreshing that target included these – because they really do have a diversified client base.

7 years ago
Reply to  kellie

Totally agree!

7 years ago
Reply to  Robin

(Meant as a reply to Kellie’s comment)

7 years ago

these are cute but just another reminder of how good you are at your job 🙂

7 years ago

That first rug isn’t shown in red (or dark pink). I think it is this one instead: Still relatively inexpensive, but probably not quite as fluffy as the one you linked.

7 years ago
Reply to  Gmerre

Good catch, we have linked up both rugs now, which are both so great for the price!

7 years ago

Emily this is why I love your blog! What a fun post.

I so so so wish that Target would pay you (and other bloggers/photographers) to shoot for their website. (or pay for your content to use as the “additional photos” on their website)

Seeing your team and the photographer’s styling makes me want to buy that pillowfort rug so bad. Target’s website images…not so much. It’s hard for me (and I’m sure others) to buy something with a white background and zero sense of how it looks in a space.

That may not be logistically or financially possible for Target, but they should definitely look into it! (and pay you heftily for it – the last few things I’ve bought for target have been 100% down to you!) It may also not be right for your brand – which I totally get! Just had a thought!!

7 years ago

Uhhhhh. I love this! I’m working on a play room/TV family room for a client right now and I love what you’ve done here! So inspiring!

7 years ago

Just a little friendly advice (FROM you, not FOR you)–

Wondering how one goes about doing a sponsored post for Pillowfort? I listened to your podcast at Young House Love and I’m interested in moving my blog ( ..corny name, don’t judge) to the next level. I have the opportunity to design an 8 year old boy’s bedroom, thought I could get on board this train…or maybe that’s pie in the sky. No formal training up in here, just love of the game.

7 years ago

Hey Emily, are those pillowfort industrial chairs good for 2 year olds safety and height wise? You need to do a play room furniture round up!

7 years ago
7 years ago

What fun! Each room looks bright, colorful, happy and kiddo friendly!

7 years ago

Has anyone done Pillow Fort blogger challenge that included rooms designed for boys? Just wondering… need some inspiration for a boy bedroom.

7 years ago

Love you. Love your site. Glad you have a sponsor. Don’t begrudge a dime. But experiencing Target burn out of late. Since I first saw this line, it just screams “LAND OF NOD DIRECT KNOCKOFF” to me. If only they’d knockoff the overpriced acrylic shelves……

Cute rooms though.

7 years ago

As the parent of two boys, and zero girls, I’d have preferred if Target had also sponsored a boys’ playroom. These three playrooms look great, as does the one Emily Henderson did a little while back (the playroom with the custom daybed). So that’s four great playrooms from Target for girls… and none for boys.

I had a similar problem with Target a while back when they released their cute Easter clothes for Spring 2016 – guess what? Over like a hundred cute girl outfits and… zero boys’ Easter clothes. That’s right, zero. I even emailed Target customer service to make sure, and they just said to buy regular boys’ clothes and sent me a link to normal, super casual t-shirts (ones with writing on them).

I’m starting to think someone at Target is under the mistaken assumption that parents only want to shell out on daughters, not sons. Don’t get me wrong – I love these types of posts, and makeovers in general. I’m just feeling a little left out – please share the love, Target.

7 years ago

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