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33 Ottomans That Can Do Double Duty as a Coffee Table


It’s no secret that things get switched up quite a bit in my living room, whether that be for shoots, blog content, after I find something new at the flea market that needs a place to call home, or just because I need a change or get bored of the current setup. In case you need a walk down living room memory lane,  here is a look back at how much my living room has changed through the years. You’ll notice that in each setup the coffee table was either wood with sharp/pointed corners or metal which stylistically I am a fan of, but unfortunately they are not the best option when you have two toddlers running around like we do now. Sharp coffee table corner + small baby head = something a mother does not want to think about. So, something had to give, and we swapped out the coffee table for this oversized Moroccan pouf in the above pic, which we loved. We have since put a wood slab coffee table back in the room as the kids are old enough to know how to navigate around it and it has soft corners. Then the big pouf got moved to the family room, but with all that coffee table limbo going on we decided it was about time to pull together a roundup of oversized ottomans or footstools that can double as a coffee table.


Whether you have kids, need some extra seating when guests come over, or like to have a place to rest your feet comfortably when you are binge watching “This is Us” these guys below are all your friends. So without further ado here is our roundup of 33 oversized ottomans or footstools that can certainly double as a coffee table – some of these even have built in storage!



1. Taupe Ottoman | 2. Velvet Oval Ottoman | 3. Buffalo Check Ottoman | 4. Teal Ottoman | 5. Black and Brass Ottoman | 6. Cream Rectangle Ottoman | 7. Oversized Moroccan Pouf | 8. Wood Storage Ottoman | 9. Velvet Square Ottoman | 10. Tufted Ottoman | 11. Leather Tufted Ottoman | 12. White Square Ottoman | 13. Pink Ottoman | 14. Burgundy Ottoman | 15. Tufted Carved Ottoman | 16. Leather Tufted Ottoman | 17. Tufted Rectangle Ottoman | 18. Yellow Ottoman | 19. Blue Leather Ottoman | 20. Leather Square Ottoman | 21. Blue and White Patterned Ottoman | 22. Leather Rectangle Ottoman | 23. Blue Tribal Print Ottoman | 24. Grey Square Ottoman | 25. Tufted Square Ottoman | 26. Leather and Wood Ottoman | 27. Tufted Cream Square Ottoman | 28. Leather Round Tufted Ottoman | 29. Leather Tufted Ottoman | 30. Upholstered Storage Ottoman | 31. Faux Flokati Ottoman | 32. Round Linen Ottoman | 33. Green Mid Century Ottoman

A lot of these ottomans come with lots of color and fabric options, so if you like the style of one but not the color be sure to click through and browse through the fabrics they offer. Do any of you guys already own any of the options above? If so, let us know below as we would love some insider intel on how they have held up or how they look in person. And if there is something that you think might be a good fit for a roundup on the blog, let us know below and we can start pulling something together.

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#1 link goes to Wayfair but graphic says Bed, Bath and Beyond.

How about bookcases for a future roundup? Or wall shelves would be a good roundup (can you tell I need storage?).


BOOKCASES!!! Yes, please!


We’re moving next month and I’ll be getting a new coffee table, but until I do, I can use my ottoman. I found mine on the sidewalk and recovered it, so it works for now.

In the future, I want something with storage; either an ottoman or coffee table with lower shelf.

Ooooh perfect!! I’m still in the toddler run into everything phase so this is perfect!

Thanks a bunch! Also this was posted super early in the morning, please tell me you have a program that does that and you weren’t up soooo early!!

I am drooling over that velvet oval one kings lane option!


Thanks Emily, these are great! Can you also do a roundup of ottomans that can act as side tables? Or simply side tables that can house extra storage? I’m in need of extra storage spaces that can still look pretty. Thanks! 🙂


Regarding ottomans and kids – I have 3 kids under the age of 12 and am in the process of replacing all my 4 legged ottomans with ones like numbers 5, 10 and 26. The legs just aren’t holding up and I’ve had them either break off altogether or more often the legs start to lean. While I don’t let my kids sit on them, sometimes the soft surface is tempting and they just haven’t held up to family life. I think the #5 from Target is a Safavieh piece that they sell on a couple of other sites as well. I ordered 2 in navy to use with a basement L shaped sofa from Joss and Main for something like $125 each. They are quite firm, perfect for a coffee table, and I think the full box metal base will prove to be more durable. I have such faith in them I just ordered a 3rd to put at the foot of the bed in my oldest son’s bedroom.


This round up was just the inspiration I needed. I have a small sitting/reading area with a loveseat attached to my dining room that definitely needs some sort of coffee table, but 2 tables basically right next to each other would look weird. A soft round ottoman would be PERFECT, I feel silly for not thinking of it before!


I’ll throw out this option as well, which is dirt cheap and which we purchased just to get us through the little kid years. Several of other friends with young kids have subsequently bought one and it’s holding up really well. (The color is true gray – I don’t know why the description says “brown-gray.”)


I have had #9 for over a year now. My kids (2 and 4) have really tested its durability and it’s held up so far. They often jump from the couch to the ottoman and vice versa. (The drawback, of course, occurs when I’m laying on the couch and look up to see a 2 year old in the air coming towards me without time to brace for impact.) It’s also their preferred place for watching TV. I don’t have to worry about them breaking it (or it breaking them!) and I love the look of it.


This made me LOL. I’ve had similar 2 year old in flight experiences!


I would love a round up of alternatives to a coffee table! We’ve got a big new sectional, and I flat out do not want a coffee table — I want to keep the center open for legos and just dance! Plus, I find they are difficult to actually use for drinks while visiting or movie watching, and then just collect stuff. Instead,I want several (3-4) very small but low tables that can sit up next to the couch for drink resting, and can be easily moved where needed… So sturdy enough not to tip if bumped, but can’t weigh 200 lbs. This is so hard to find! Surely I can’t be the only one who wants this set up?!? I know I’m not that original 😉


Oh man, I am so into ottomans as tables and tables as ottomans! I even have made one…shaped like a goat! (we call it the goattoman…)


So cute Jane! You are really talented. I love this whole room.


Thanks! I had a lot of fun making it:)


Like your style!


SO CUTE! Your living room is so fun, I love all the little mushrooms.


Aww, thanks! I need to start a crafting blog and write up some tutorials!

SO cute!!

That’s awesome!! Love the creativity!

XO, Amanda @


I have been wanting to replace the coffee table in our den with an ottoman of some sort. But, we often eat in our den (guilty pleasure, I know) and I don’t really know how any of these could function as a table. Has anyone done this?


We a leather one from Room and Board that is similar to the round Restoration Hardware one.
It has held up great to a 3 year old dancing on it and using it to jump from the ottoman to the couch. We just clean it every now and then with leather cleaner and we put a brass tray from the Rose Bowl flea market on it for drinks. We also just bought a bench from for our bedroom from your bench round up. So helpful!


On the other end of the spectrum, when I was looking for a new coffee table recently I came across the least kid-friendly one ever!


Bahahaha – stitches waiting to happen!

Motherhood nightmares!!


This is great!! We have our own version of this that we found at a swap meet that is perfect for our two under three. ~ I would LOVE a round up of casual dining room lighting. We have a farm table in our craftsman bungalow (built in 1910) and I just can’t decide on a good look. I would love your help! Thank you!! Xo


We have this one in leather from Room and Board and it has held up great to a 3 year old dancing and jumping on it. We just clean it with leather cleaner every now and then.

We just bought a bench for the end of our bed from your bench round up. So helpful and on sale during cyber Monday!

I cracked my head on a marble coffee table as a baby (I was totally fine), and my parents got rid of it…and to this day they have never had another coffee table! Ha!


WHAT ARE U, A MIND READER?! Thanks so much for this. I’ve been looking for something round with a non squishy top that u can safely set a drink on that’s baby proof so gonna try that bed bath and beyond one in white. Not sure what the fabric is (???) but for that price I’m hoping it works out! Thanks Emily and team!!

This is something we’re in desperate need of. The bf thinks we need maximum comfort and I’m kind of inclined to agree with him.

Thank you, thank you.


Love this roundup! What about smallish buffets/credenza/console/bar tables? I’ve been searching for the perfect one for my dining room. A lot of 5 drawer dressers seems to be about the right size, but a lot of other buffets are way too deep and wide for my tiny home.

This is a great alternative to coffee tables! I love the Ikea Ottoman.

– Charmaine


Hi Emily,
What are the dimensions of the ottomans you used for the OH Joy kid friendly living room?

This is an amazing idea! So do I have to change my coffee table?

I came across the 9 by Novogratz ottoman at Walmart and was inticed to buy but concerned about the quality. The Novogratz’ are known for creating durable, kid-friendly style – so I’m really debating it! Anyone have real life experience with these? $89 for a 21X40 ottoman is a steal!

Amanda @

Woow cool Coffee tables!1 that is Perfect fit for Drawing room and give an elegant look.

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