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Scott’s Bedroom Makeover with Leesa + Get The Look

One of my best friends, world-famous prop stylist, Scott Horne is not boring, nay, the opposite, both in style and personality. But he had a boring guest bedroom as most of us do (including me). It drove me crazy. It’s like when a hilarious comedian gives a mediocre knock knock joke. You think “You, YOU, of all people, YOU could do better”. To his credit, he has one of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever been in, with intimidatingly good taste (not fancy, mind you, just really GOOD). But his guest bedroom was lacking with a capital L. He needed a new bed, mattress, rug, some accessories, art and a lot of styling. Now that it’s done it looks so good that he is never, ever going to change it.

Let’s revisit this boring room before:

Scotts Bedroom Guest Bedroom Rattan Headboard Grey Masculine Leesa Before 1

Not a bad space and nothing in here is offensive, but it’s not pulled together, intentional or finished. The one pillow is particularly jarring. You can tell where he wanted to go, but he got busy and didn’t get in that car.

Scotts Bedroom Guest Bedroom Rattan Headboard Grey Masculine Leesa Before 2

So Leesa reached out to sponsor a makeover and I said, “Scott, it’s time. Let’s use this opportunity to give your guests the room of their dreams”.

Leesa is the mattress in a box company that is affordable, high quality, and extremely comfortable. Trust me… I have one in my guest bedroom so I can actually tell you these things with confidence. The thing that makes Leesa so different from other companies of its kind is the multiple layers of different foams which help to keep you cool at night as well as well as the fact that for every 10 mattress they sell they donate one to a homeless shelter. If you still aren’t ready to take the jump try it out, you can’t really go wrong since they have a 100 night risk free sleep trial and free shipping. We ordered it online and within a few days this cute little white box arrived his front door.

Scotts Bedroom Guest Bedroom Rattan Headboard Grey Masculine Leesa1

Then you unroll it on your bed – like so:


It’s pretty magical, not to mention attractive even before we put on the sheets. Try to figure out what I’m doing on that bed. Go ahead. That GIF is absolutely mesmerizing.

Scotts Bedroom Guest Bedroom Rattan Headboard Grey Masculine Leesa4

First we added the major pieces – that beautiful bed, rug and benches. Scott already had a beautiful wall color (Pavilion Gray by Farrow and Ball) and beautiful linen roman shades, but the rest of the room needed addressing.

Scotts Bedroom Guest Bedroom Rattan Headboard Grey Masculine Leesa3

As a stylist Scott obviously appreciates vintage so we scoured some of our favorite local stores and flea markets to fill the room out. Here is what she looks like now, all transformed and beautiful:

Scotts Bedroom Guest Bedroom Rattan Headboard Grey Masculine Leesa Rep 2Scotts Bedroom Guest Bedroom Rattan Headboard Grey Masculine Leesa Rep 1

The whole story here shows how to add excitement without color. Scott is petrified of saturated colors in his own home. But his house still looks and feels exciting, fresh, happy and lived in. The reason? A perfect combination of textures, subtle patterns and contrasting warm finishes.

Scotts Bedroom Guest Bedroom Rattan Headboard Grey Masculine Leesa12

For the textiles we combined the striped rug, a larger graphic pillow, a subtle small patterned sheet and multiple solid textured linens. Setting them against that warm woven rattan bed that has a simple pattern really created a happy, pulled together bed.

Scotts Bedroom Guest Bedroom Rattan Headboard Grey Masculine Leesa8

While the nightstands are different, they carry the same amount of visual weight and work perfectly in that small space. We freed up some surface space by hanging a plug-in sconce instead of a table lamp and balanced it with another metal lamp on the opposite side. Both lights are sculptural and fairly masculine.  Scotts Bedroom Guest Bedroom Rattan Headboard Grey Masculine Leesa11

All of these textures, colors and patterns are echoed through the space, making the whole room look cohesive. Scott and I argued over whether or not to show the ties on the pillow – I voted no, he voted yes. He won because it’s his room, but I still think it looks messy. Please tell me in the comments that I’m right. Scotts Bedroom Guest Bedroom Rattan Headboard Grey Masculine Leesa10

The black in the lighting echoes the black in the benches and the leather chair in the corner. This my friends is how you pepper color throughout the room properly for it to work.

Scotts Bedroom Guest Bedroom Rattan Headboard Grey Masculine Leesa7

GAH. I love that shot so much. The rug from Dash and Albert is so simple, pretty and warm. We chose to get a larger 9×12 and run it the long way in the room which I think made the room look so much bigger and obviously more inviting. That mid-century sculptural wall piece is insane and couldn’t be more perfect here. The vintage leather chair has the perfect amount of patina (we bought at MidCentury LA), and the plant livened up that corner and brought in some color. Don’t worry, Scott, it’s just green. It won’t kill you … just a little bit of color …

That lamp is ‘Classic Scott’ – it is unique and yet so simple, with odd proportions that cause tension and yet it goes away. So quiet and pretty.

Scotts Bedroom Guest Bedroom Rattan Headboard Grey Masculine Leesa 9

The room turned out so beautiful and I have instructed Scott to NOT TOUCH A THING. As stylists it’s really easy to try new things out in different rooms or worse, borrow from your house for a shoot and then not put it back. But he is not allowed to move one thing and if he does he will be arrested. I have sensors on each thing that will notify me and I will call the cops if disturbed.

Scotts Bedroom Guest Bedroom Rattan Headboard Grey Masculine Leesa9

So what do you think about this neutral, soft guest bedroom? Would you want to stay here? In the meantime head on over and check out Leesa who sponsored this makeover. The first 50 readers to redeem promo code EMILYHENDERSON at checkout will get $75 off their order as well as a $25 Target gift card with purchase through 4/25 (which will help you buy a few of the items from the get the look below). 

Sources: Carson Bed | Nightstands: Vintage, Similar: Curiosity Nesting Tables | Dash and Albert Lenox Rug | Patterned Sheet Set | Embroidered Duvet | Linen Euro Shams | Wall Sconce: Vintage, Similar: Princeton Junior Sconce | Plant Stand: Vintage, Similar: Wooden Planter Stand with Pot | Leesa Mattress | Art: Vintage, Similar: Hovering Union Art | Side Table: Vintage, Similar: Round Metal and Glass Accent Table | Global Oversized Pillow | Raw Edge Quilted Sham | Table Lamp: Vintage | Slab Wood Table: Vintage

***Photography by Tessa Neustadt

For more of Scott’s Sophisticated Home Makeover: Bathroom MakeoverHome Tour | Bedroom Refresh

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8 years ago

I love the neutral tones with layered textures. These patters go SOOOOO perfectly together! I actually agree with Scott about the ties on the pillow, I think they’re cute (a little messy never hurt anyone). The one thing I’m not 100% convinced about is the wall sconce on one side and the table lamp on the other. Not sure if I’m just OCD about matching lighting on each side of the bed but it just doesn’t seem balanced to me.

Beautiful guest bedroom though I would happily curl up in that inflatable bed!

8 years ago
Reply to  Josette

Isn’t it funny how personal design is? The wall sconce on one side and the table lamp on the other is one of my favorite details! (I personally have two wall sconces, but I love the idea!)

8 years ago

Such a beautiful room. Would you please provide source for the quilt on the bed?

8 years ago
Reply to  Darlene

It’s from Target. I have the shams.

8 years ago
Reply to  Carolyn

Carolyn, do you know what the quilt is called? I tried searching for it. Thanks! 🙂

8 years ago

I have those pillows at home and I can’t stand the stripey inside fabric or the ties so they are always hidden for me…I like the room in the photos, but I think if I was the guest at Scotts house I would absolutely luuurrrrve it. I wish Leesa was in Australia, my husband and I have been debating a memory foam mattress forever and we really need a 100 day trial so I can prove I am right 🙂

8 years ago

You can make magic with just about anything ! Love the room, especially the two lamps and how you freed up table space by mounting one. That was cool !

8 years ago

But the benches! Where did you find those benches?!? Awesome room, I’d love to stay there any day.

8 years ago

Can I just tell you how much I love that swing arm sconce! Wish you would have included the source. This room is fabulous.

8 years ago

Wow I love, love, love this room! The way you balanced that one window, how all the lamps are different but look great together, the nightstands and all of the textures. Just beautiful!

8 years ago OH MY GOD.

8 years ago

I love love love everything about this room. I’m way more drawn to balanced neutrals, so this is soooo my speed.

8 years ago

LOVE this room! I have those Euro shams (yay IKEA!) and always hide the ties 🙂

Serious question- do those sheets actually fit the mattress? Those new foam mattresses are skinny like old standard mattresses, yet the Target website says those sheets fit the thick pillowtop ones. I have a standard depth mattress and can’t for the life of me find fitted sheets that fit. And I HATE a sloppy fitted sheet.

8 years ago

I would love to see more of Scott’s home. Love his aesthetic! I’m also terrified of color (in my own home, I mean; I love it in others’ but can’t handle looking at it everyday!), so I’m so happy to have my fears validated and see how well-done neutral can be. 🙂

Jordan G
8 years ago
Reply to  Courtney

This aesthetic reminds me of one of my other favorite blogs, House of Earnest. If you like this, I think you would love her home.

8 years ago
Reply to  Courtney

Me too! Would love to see more!

8 years ago

This is a little bit of heaven!

8 years ago

Sorry Emily, I have to agree with Scott about the ties on the pillow 🙂 And the room is just perfect!

8 years ago
Reply to  Ivana

NO!!!! Shoot. Maybe you guys are right …

8 years ago
Reply to  Emily

I agree with you– don’t like the ties.

8 years ago

It seems silly to need to match light sources. I have rarely (never?) had a room with matching walls on either side. Like Scott’s got- there’s usually a window on one side… which is it’s own light source! I think this is perfectly balanced.

8 years ago

What a lovely room!!
Emily – where is the wood hanging art piece from?

8 years ago
Reply to  Sharon

It’s vintage 🙂

8 years ago

This is a really beautiful room. What first caught my eye was the way the rug and big pillow work together. Stunning.

I am dying over that wall hanging, for crying out loud.

The ties on top are the right thing to do. Sorry Emily! I agree with you on everything else, including that he should be arrested for messing with this space.

8 years ago

The room looks fabulous. Thank you for the information about using the black in the lamp, benches, and and leather chair and how it ties the room together. I’m sure that is obvious to you but is a revelation to me. I do notice the plant is in a black container also. For anyone wondering about the Leesa mattress; we have had one for months and we LOVE it. I would highly recommend it.

8 years ago
Reply to  Brenda

Oh that is great to know. We have one in our guest room and we love it.

8 years ago

Emily, you right!

Rose Boccella
8 years ago

Nice looking space. You’re right about the pillows…. messy. Love your work!

8 years ago

I wish I could transport this room to my son’s home……… is so perfect.
I would not have shown the ties….I would actually have opted for a non tie case.

8 years ago

Guest bedroom of my dreams.

8 years ago

Can you do a post on how to style a bed??! Pretty please! It’s so difficult to me…how many pillows? How to get that layered look that doesn’t look ridiculous? How to make the bed feel cozy and inviting whil still looking styled. This topic eludes me so much, I would love to set oh break it down for us the way you did the bookshelf post. Thanks in advance!

Cheryl Ebsworth
8 years ago

Love the room, messy ties somehow make it more masculine. Did the large storage unit remain, I didn’t see an after photo of that angle? Also, would love to know where to get that sconce! I also have the one pillow issue on my guest bed…thanks for the reminder 🙂

8 years ago

I also want to know about the wood wall piece! Lovely room, Emily.

Elizabeth R
8 years ago

Where is the black chair from?

8 years ago

LOVE this room! The textures and colors…just what a bedroom should be. I would love to know where the wooden wall sculpture came from. It looks vintage but maybe not?!?

8 years ago

Where is that amazing wooden hanging wall piece from?? Please tell!

8 years ago
Reply to  Doug

I know… I clicked on every link at the end of the post — just crossing my finger that it was one of them.

8 years ago

Yes, I love it! And that little burl slab wood side table by the chair is so, so cool. I like how it is visually interesting, but small enough not to draw too much attention.

I vote down on the pillow ties or showing but turned 90 degrees so that the ties point outwards.

8 years ago
Reply to  Emma

Yes! Isn’t that how they are supposed to be-with the ties on the sides?
Love the room!
I also like the idea of a layering of bed tutorial.
Is the patterned pillow from Target?

8 years ago

I saw the benches at the end of the bed on Instagram and came right to the blog…but they aren’t sourced – where oh where are they from?!?!

8 years ago

That hanging piece adds SO MUCH to the room. I’m not a diy gal, but it looks like it wouldn’t be that difficult to replicate for those who have the skills. Great room!

8 years ago

Stunning room Emily, seriously! You can do no wrong in my eyes. For the other visitors, can you guys please direct me to the correct link for that blanket? The link that she gave for the target sham doesn’t look like the one in the photo 🙁

8 years ago

The wooden wallhanging is amazing. I love the whole room but that one piece is it for me.

8 years ago

Beautiful room! I have a room with 1 big window that isn’t centered (it’s all the way to the left and comes to the middle of the room. Can’t figure out how to balance my space! Would love a post on how to situate a room to feel balanced. ??

8 years ago

That wall piece is insane! So perfect! I’m also wondering if you have your roman shades custom made or is there a good place to buy them?

8 years ago

I have so much art that is not currently hanging up anywhere in my house. I get intimidated with where to hang everything (like, I have a giant wall and a bunch of not-giant pieces). I mention this because the piece of framed art work does not looked centered in that space (from the picture angles at least) and yet it looks great…any insight on why you put it there? Or tips in general? Thanks!

8 years ago

I want that bed now.

8 years ago

Oh, well done! I particularly loved the wall art, the subtle plants and how the patterns came together. I’d totally put this room in my house if I could!