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Where To Buy Cement Tiles

It’s national cement tile day and we are celebrating by rounding up our favorite 35 online resources – not 35 tiles, mind you, 35 different designers/makers/artisans and sellers that have many, if not hundreds of cement tiles each. We were so sick of searching for these ourselves so we made it into a post for your (and our) convenience.

First off the rules: I’d warn you to make sure that the style of the house works with the style of the pattern so you aren’t dating yourself in 15 years. There are so many patterns out there now that work with almost every style, but my rule is to keep the tile reminiscent of the style of the house that it is in as that will give the tile longevity in style and design. That means don’t put something super graphic and modern in an antique craftsman.

cement tiles_roundup_kitchen_design trends_encaustic_living room

Kitchens: As we mentioned before the cement tile trend is booming in kitchens and for a very good reason. These tiles whether on the floor, as a backsplash, or even an accent wall are high impact and add instant ‘wow’ to what can be a typically boring kitchen recipe.


I used them in this kitchen, above, that was installed in a 1920’s Spanish style renovation. It is still one of my favorites. Note: the floor tiles weren’t properly sealed the first time (if at all, I don’t remember and it wasn’t my contractor) so they got really dirty really fast. I had to have them professionally scrubbed and then resealed but they definitely still had a lot of wear from those couple days of no-sealant days. It actually looks great because its an old house but if you had a new house you might not be so into it.

cement tiles_roundup_kitchen_design trends_encaustic_kitchen
Sources: 1, 2

Bathrooms: I just installed these tiles from Erin Adams design in my own bathroom and my search for those is what started this whole thing. Most cement tiles will work either on the floor or walls of your bathroom, but check with the manufacturer as some tiles will need to be sealed before they get a lot of foot traffic and water on them. Again, seal them after install and ideally keep sealing every couple years as needed.

cement tiles_roundup_kitchen_design trends_encaustic_bathroom
Sources: 1, 2

Entry: Yes. You can put cement tiles in your entry but it certainly sets the vibe for the whole house. If you have again a Mediterranean or a Spanish style house then go for it, but if you have an English Tudor, then be careful what pattern you go for and choose one that has a more delicate, traditional feeling. Also anything too light or simple will get worn easier so go for darker/busier so that the wear and tear doesn’t stand out so much.

Cement tile roundup home style decor Emily Henderson 5

Outdoors: This is where we are used to seeing cement tiles because it really does wear so nicely over the years. It can get expensive if you are doing a large area or don’t already have a hard surface (concrete) to lay the tiles on, but if you have a small courtyard or a little patio off your bedroom or living room (we can all dream) then cement tile can be just the ticket to create that little bit of visual wow.

Now that they are seemingly everywhere it seemed time to round up the largest resource ever to be on the internet of cement tiles. We chose our favorite from the resources, but there are many more so click on into the site to start shopping.


Cement Tile RoundUp Amethyst Artisan Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. Retro | 2. Albers | 3. World | 4. Mirror | 5. Stars | 6. Medieval

Cement Tile RoundUp Ann Sacks Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. Fez | 2. Zigzag | 3. Rings | 4. Gatsby  | 5. Majorelle | 6. Tangier | 7. Honeycomb | 8. Aladdin | 9. Mamounia

Cement Tile RoundUp Arto Tiles Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. BB38 Arabesque 5a 3 Grays | 2. BB45 6” Hexagon Douro Blend Vintage | 3. BB130 Arabesque Pattern 8B Early Gray | 4. Target Tile Natural Gray | 5. GB20 Conche Charcoal Gray | 6. BB15 3×5 Mini Diamond Old Cal, Sidewalk, Charcoal

Cement Tile RoundUp Bel Tile Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. CH100-2A | 2. CH120-1A | 3. CH150-2B | 4. CH130-1B | 5. CH240-2B | 6. CH200-2B

Cement Tile RoundUp Bert and May Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. Red Otura | 2. Grey Santona | 3. Churriana | 4. Navy Vigo | 5. Green Majadas | 6. Blake Border| 7. Pencil Salon | 8. Victoriana | 9. Azure Lapis | 10. Alexis | 11. Blue Risco | 12. Petrol Otura

Cement Tile RoundUp Bespoke Tile and Stone Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. 30105 Quarter Blue & Black | 2. Bandit Cool Grey | 3. 29016 Flash Butter | 4. 29017 Spangle | 5. Pond Marin | 6. 30120 Gallery

Cement Tile RoundUp Brothers Cement Tile Corp Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. Cement Tile #19 | 2. Design #4 | 3. Design #32 | 4. Design #23 | 5. Design #25 | 6. Design #39 | 7. Design #31 | 8. Design #44 | 9. Design #22 | 10. Design #8 | 11. Design #1B | 12. Design #77

Cement Tile RoundUp Cement Tile Shop Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. Grand Harlequin III | 2. Banchetto | 3. Atlas II | 4. Courtney | 5. Sunset | 6. Zig Zag | 7. Circulos Black | 8. Bob II | 9. Berlin | 10. Calais | 11. Tulum II | 12. Pacific Monaco

Cement Tile RoundUp Cle Tile Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. Web | 2. Swiss Cross | 3. Twin Piston | 4. New West Pattern 10 | 5. Point | 6. Faceted Square | 7. 50’s Manhattan | 8. London Apothecary| 9. Cabin Rug | 10. New West Pattern I | 11. Space Kitchenette | 12. Mermaid

Cement Tile RoundUp Cuban Tropical Tile Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. Sibyl | 2. Cluny 2C | 3. Vienna | 4. Gloriosa | 5. Cluny Sky Blue | 6. Snowflake Yellow

Cement Tile RoundUp Erin Adams Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. Funnel in White & Teal | 2. Helsinki in Grey & Light Grey | 3. Lewitt in Terra & Blanc | 4. Lewitt, Martin, & Dale  | 5. Ellis in Blue & White | 6. Avesta in Black & White

Cement Tile RoundUp Fireclay Tile Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. Elephant Star | 2. Jardin Fretwork | 3. Mazagan | 4. Old Cairo | 5. Kasbah Trellis | 6. Sintra | 7. Marrakech Lace | 8. Isfahan | 9. Padma

Cement Tile RoundUp Fired Earth Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. St Sernin | 2. Grau | 3. Ornelas | 4. Madalena | 5. Olival | 6. Pico

Cement Tile RoundUp Granada Tile Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. Skara 805 B | 2. Narvik 817 B | 3. Stockholm 815 A | 4. Vegas 914 A | 5. Santander 922 A | 6. Jaen-918 | 7. Fez 928 A | 8. Kotka 809 A | 9. Rabat-927 | 10. Serengeti 913 A | 11. Sevilla 900 A | 12. Maldon 453 A

Cement Tile RoundUp Grow House Grow Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. The Cedars | 2. Captain Smith | 3. Otomi | 4. Montpellier | 5. Ortiga | 6. Santos

Cement Tile RoundUp Hadeda Tiles Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. A405A | 2. A459 | 3. A205 | 4. A403 | 5. A621 | 6. A112 Blue

Cement Tile RoundUp Jatana Interiors Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. My Azule | 2. Indian Fleur | 3. Spanish Flower | 4. Venetian Antique| 5. Retro Hex Antique | 6. White Mustard Royal | 7. Zellige | 8. Cuban | 9. Blue French Mosaic | 10. Blue Bird Glazed | 11. Teal Paris | 12. Blue Haveli Glazed

Cement Tile RoundUp Kismet Tiles Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. AP17 | 2. AP23 | 3. AP20 | 4. Onda | 5. Barcelona Production Tile #1 | 6. C42 | 7. Kismet Bejeweled | 8. Digita | 9. Soleil | 10. Casablanca | 11. Stepanova | 12. Jazz

Cement Tile RoundUp Knox Tile Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. Neiba | 2. Manzanillo | 3. Alcala | 4. Malaga | 5. Santo Domingo | 6. San Juan

Cement Tile RoundUp Lindsey Lang Design Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. Ellipse Yellow Encaustic | 2. Leaf Grey Encaustic | 3. London Roundel Cement Beige Pink | 4. Scallop Storm Grey Encaustic | 5. Hex Blue Encaustic | 6. Scallop Electric Blue

Cement Tile RoundUp Mosaic Del Sur Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. 10673 | 2. 10599 | 3. 10713 | 4. 10141 | 5. 10146 | 6. 10200 | 7. 10105 | 8. 10113 | 9. 10651

Cement Tile RoundUp Mosaic House Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson copy


1. Wazo | 2. Brooklyn | 3. Viola | 4. Rugosa | 5. Chelsea | 6. Bordeaux | 7. Ramblas | 8. Scabiosa | 9. Stipa | 10. Rosa | 11. Wazo | 12. Moderno

Cement Tile RoundUp Original Mission Tile Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. Tyler II | 2. Fes | 3. Cement Tile Yaneli 01 | 4. Amalia | 5. Hex Adele | 6. Paul’s Flower | 7. Flor Mexico | 8. Cement Tile Cean 01 | 9. Agadir

Cement Tile RoundUp Ottoman Tile Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. CT1850 | 2. CT1910 | 3. CT1871 | 4. CT1500 | 5. CT2030 | 6. CT2070

Cement Tile RoundUp Overstock Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. Ozod Black and Purple | 2. Agdal Grey and White | 3. Medina Blue and Orange | 4. Mogador Black and White | 5. Handmade Amlo Blue and Grey | 6. Nador Black and White

Cement Tile RoundUp Popham Design Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. GOA | 2. Rabbit Hole | 3. Oscar | 4. Rep Stripe | 5. Op Art on Four | 6. Britwell

Cement Tile RoundUp Rustico Tile and Stone Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. La Catolica | 2. RTS6 Circulos GW | 3. Maximus | 4. Rombos Cruzados | 5. RTS16 Thames | 6. RTS14 Roseton C | 7. Espanola | 8. Valencia | 9. RTS9 Estrella

Saba Tile Company


1. Cross | 2. Hockney | 3. Ipanema | 4. Lines LG | 5. Savoy | 6. Diamond

Cement Tile RoundUp Sabine Hill Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. Lace Colorway 3 | 2. Crystal Colorway 3 | 3. Sofia Colorway 2 | 4. Kinetic Colorway 2 | 5. Confetti Colorway 3 | 6. Sevenfold Colorway 3 | 7. Quads Colorway 6 | 8. Portofino Colorway 1 | 9. Confetti Colorway 1 | 10. Duke Colorway 3 | 11. Crystal Colorway 1 | 12. Sevilla Colorway 2

Cement Tile RoundUp Terrazzo Tiles Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. Balboa Marine | 2. Rocio | 3. Venice | 4. Ambrosia | 5. Macedonia | 6. Floral Black | 7. Havana Celeste Blue | 8. Santa Clara | 9. Marrakech Grey

Cement Tile RoundUp Tesselle Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. Modda | 2. Avenida | 3. Alexa | 4. Lyssa | 5. Spatial | 6. Origami

Cement Tile RoundUp Urban Archaeology Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. V103-15 | 2. V103-16 | 3. 12-800-M Connecting Circles | 4. V103-04 | 5.  V103-09 | 6. V103-12

Cement Tile RoundUp Villa Lagoon Tile Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. Star Lattice Nautique | 2. Herringbone | 3. Code Talker | 4. Ikat D Moonlit Sky | 5. Chevron Grill | 6. Tugboat Featherstone & White | 7. Casablanca | 8. Sicily | 9. Pinwheel B Blue

Cement Tile RoundUp Waterworks Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. Promenade Bobbin | 2. Promenade Crossword | 3. Promenade Madeira | 4. Promenade Sparkle | 5. Promenade Delta | 6. Promenade Mail | 7. Promenade Clover Wheel | 8. Promenade V8 | 9. Promenade Tess

Cement Tile RoundUp Workhouse Collection Patterned Tiles Emily Henderson


1. Vanbrugh | 2. Webb | 3. Gradient Beam | 4. Tone Row | 5. Link | 6. Block 45

That’s a lot, I know, but hopefully it helps all you who have been out there googling for hours like we did. Let me know what you want us to roundup next ….

Want more roundups? Check out these: Why Matte Brass May Be The New King Of Metallics,  Shag Rugs, 48 Budget Friendly Hardware, How To Zen Out Your Kitchen, Favorite Pastel Paint Colors (for grown-ups), How To Mix Multiple Rugs In The Same Room, 63 Favorite Temporary Wallpaper Patterns, 32 Beds I Almost Bought For My Bedroom, Best Online Fabric Stores, Best Online Art Sources, Best Online Wallpaper Roundup.

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Oana Roman
7 years ago

Hi Emily,

Baldosas Cordova,, makes cement tiles in Chile since 1930!!!



7 years ago

THESE ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! I have 1 tiny bathroom I hope to remodel sooner rather than later and I love all of these!

Yes! This is awesome…I had such a hard time finding good cement tiles when I was looking last year! I ended up going with some black and white patterned tiles from Overstock for our fireplace and a small backsplash behind our range. I liked the tiles I picked, but honestly it was the free shipping that sold me – when I priced tiles from other suppliers, the shipping was more than the actual tiles.
xoxo – Cathy

7 years ago

The Spanish company Mainzu does some beautiful cement tiles in classic designs.
Keep in mind that real cement tiles are thicker than ceramic tiles. It can affect your measurements. Check with your contractor.
As for whether they will go out of style, maybe if you pick something very trendy. But I just had dinner at some friends’ 1895 house in the south of France and its original cement tiles are still gorgeous.

7 years ago

WOW! So many options… I feel myself falling down a rabbit hole!

7 years ago

Love this post. So great!

Veranda Tile Designs is another company worth considering too.

Sarah E.
7 years ago

Wow! So many options! May I kindly request a roundup of chairs – specifically wing back chairs 🙂

7 years ago

A gorgeous (and very thorough) roundup of sources and designs! Bookmarking this page just for eye candy. I love pattern of any kind but tile speaks a language all its own.

7 years ago

Your round-up posts are the best thing on the internet for amateur designers!!!! Keep them up!!!!!!!

7 years ago

This round-up is EPIC!! Thank you for this!

7 years ago

OMG WOW!!! So many awesome amazing graphic designs, I WANT! Are there any budget friendly cement tiles on the market yet? I have seen some ceramic versions / knockoffs on overstock… I bet we will see this graphic trend be recreated in ceramic and/or porcelain soon, but wonder if there are any cement tiles that are cheaper than the others…?

7 years ago

I’ve seen some from Daltile at my local tile shop’s window.

7 years ago

Aroud corner in New York City we are factory. try here.

7 years ago

Aroud corner in New York City we are factory. try here.

rachelle bell
7 years ago

this post just changed my life.

7 years ago

Yes, yes, yes! 2/3 weeks ago, I googled & houzzed “cement tiles” and “patterned tiles” & got nowhere, basically. Thank you for the timely resource!

7 years ago

i love these ideas and appreciate the impressive amount of work that went into researching all of it. ironically, i am right now (as in…NOW, today) removing heavily patterned tile from the bathrooms in my 1970’s “spanish” (subdivision…ranch) house. the tiles have held up beautifully for 42 years, but yowza. living with the patterns on floors and walls day after day can be crazy-making over time. plus, the colorways are self-limiting — the tile demands center stage. i will replace the patterned tiles with plain cement tiles and go crazy with towels.

7 years ago

these tiles do have wow factor but in average American house subdivisions, I don’t think they’d have longevity. I do love the look, for now.

7 years ago

Omg!! Thank you so much for posting these resources!!! I have been searching and searching and have not come across near the cement tiles that you shared ! Awesome! I’m so excited to get going on my project!

Thanks Again!

7 years ago
Reply to  Felishia

Aroud corner in New York City we are factory. try here.

7 years ago

Awesome Roundup! Would LOVE to see a follow up post where you picked your favorites by style of house (per your awesome advice)! Thanks for all you do 🙂

Julie P
7 years ago
Reply to  Karen

Yes!!! Exactly this – suggestions as to what is appropriate for your style of home. I’d love to use a subtle cement tile for a kitchen backsplash but am concerned it will date itself quickly in my 70s California rancher house…

Emily, I love your Rules”. These tiles are amazing and trendy right now, but they can’t just be thrown into any decor. They’re beautiful when placed in the right style house with the right elements. Thank you for reminding us we need a designer sometimes!! ?

7 years ago

**So glad** you mentioned Villa Lagoon! Lundy (the most gorgeous, both in body and heart), the owner, helped me with our laundry room (now changing room) project eight years ago. I wanted a colorful crazy quilt and Lundy definitely ensured I got what I wanted, including a good mix of black to help ground the pattern(s). I did investigate Popham but back then they were still only in Morocco, not yet in the US with Ann Sacks, and, while lovely, they were (are?) a bit more mod than I wanted (although I do like their Rings) and MUCH more $$$ than Villa Lagoon.

After eight years of daily use and not the most loving treatment (that floor is not babied — vacuum and occasional wash) I have to say they have held up beautifully. Seriously. We would do this again in a heartbeat and we would work with Lundy at Villa Lagoon again in the same. And I’m kind of a barracuda ….

You can see a teeny bit of the floors here, but they’re in shadow. I promise they are lovely!

7 years ago

I would love to see a round up showing which tiles work best with which style of house in more detail. I have a mid century built in 1961 so I am thinking if I stick to the very graphic tiles it could still feel authentic. I’m sure others would like to see what you think works best for their style of house.

7 years ago

Great Round up! Just want to share Archipelago Tile. They are from Portland and the designs are incredible.

7 years ago

I have to admit I chuckled a little hearing that it’s national ceramic tile day. Is there anything without a national day? This post is an absolute godsend. There’s about 10 different placed in my home that I want to add ceramic tile to. We have a midcentury raised ranch that is so cookie-cutter-vanilla-suburbia it makes me want to cry. I need to add some (appropriate) spice to this house ASAP!

7 years ago

Thank you so much, Emily! I’m remodeling my house this summer and want cement tile for the bathroom floors, but I’ve been overwhelmed by all the different companies and really wishing I could have them all in the same place to compare. This is the best thing ever!

7 years ago
Reply to  MEC

Aroud corner in New York City we are factory. try here.

7 years ago

So incredibly generous, yet again. Thank you Emily and crew.

Now I wish I had a house style that could use these gorgeous tiles!

7 years ago

This is rad! I’ve loved the Captain Smith wallpaper by Grow House Grow for years; had no idea they’d gotten into tile-making. Sealing cement sounds like a real pain in the ass though so I have no intention of installing these; I have enough trouble keeping the grout acceptable in my shower.

Next roundup idea: super-slender console tables! You know how sometimes you need something that doesn’t have a big footprint, in a narrow older hallway or odd room? I’d love to see a roundup of consoles that are less than a foot deep, and bonus points if you include some that have storage and aren’t just gorgeous expensive art-furniture that I can’t cram wet gloves into.

7 years ago

Great roundup! Do you by any chance know who makes the blue hexagonal tiles with white lines used in the bathroom pic above? Thank you!

7 years ago
Reply to  Rebecca

Aroud corner in New York City we are factory. try here.

Emily K
7 years ago
Reply to  Rebecca

I think several manufacturers have a similar design. My best guess for this exact one is Mission Stone and Tile.

7 years ago

This blog looks fabulous, does not know existed a client recommended to me as I saw the name of our company Brothers Cement Tile Corp. in your post. You did a great job, We are a small factory cement tile handmade in the same way as their birth year 1857. We have our factory in the city of New York and very easy abscess, we have a lot of patterns, where you can choose you want, and be inspired to use the colors you like most

7 years ago

Wow…an increadible round up! I thought I’d already obsessed over every encaustic option for our master bath, but now…!!! Thank you 🙂

7 years ago

Love cement tiles – have them in my guest bath and fireplace surround – but those puppies are hard to seal properly. Make sure you’ve got somebody who knows what they’re doing. In the bathroom, first guy made a giant mess of the job – specialist had to come in, scrape the bad sealer off and reseal – they ended up with a bit more of a rustic, distressed finish, but it works OK with the style of my house (kinda like Emily’s cloent’s kitchen)

7 years ago

Great roundup and nice work! Just as an FYI- the Fireclay tiles are a hand painted clay body tile and are gorgeous in person. They are actually a great alternative to cement if you don’t want to deal with as much maintenance.
Thanks again!

7 years ago

This website is good and always shares new thought….

sara best
7 years ago

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this round-up! Hoping to do mudroom/bathroom soon and now I have even more options to consider!
I would like to suggest that when a link is clicked that it opens a new page instead of navigating away from your site. Is this possible?

7 years ago

Hi Emily!!

I love these! Any chance for a ceramic tile roundup too? We’re redo-ing a tiny bathroom and I’d love to put in something with a little character, but the small batch fees are killing me!

7 years ago

Thank you for this post!! We are working on a small wine room and love the ARTO option. Great resource!

7 years ago

What a resource! I’ve been drooling over cement tiles on Pinterest recently and had no idea where to find them. This is great! Thanks!

7 years ago
Reply to  Megan

Aroud corner in New York City we are factory. try here.

7 years ago

Wow, this is such a generous post!! Loved it!

7 years ago

This is a keeper. Gonna print it. Thank you! Great design photos!

7 years ago

just letting you know how much i *love* that you’ve included an Australian source 🙂

jenny K
7 years ago
Reply to  Sarah

For those in Europe, there is also

7 years ago

this list is exhaustive! thank you so much for compiling it. i’m so grateful for your sourcing lists!

7 years ago

Thank you for this incredible list. Thank you for including Tesselle.