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Why Matte Brass Might Be The New King of Metallics + 48 Favorites



When I first started this blog it was called “The Brass Petal” because it combined my two favorite things – brass and flowers. But after I won DesignStar I figured it would be better to have it be my name (and was taken by a graphic designer- you’re welcome “Other Emily”). This is all to say that my love of brass and gold goes 10 years back. These days all metals are competing for most glamorous and matte brass is having a bigger moment. Now before you send all your shiny brass to the pawn shop and flood our comment area with “I thought you loved all brass, ” know that I still love polished brass, specifically unlacquered brass (for how it ages naturally and has a patina) but yes, matte brass is happening and we are into it.

Matte Brass Houseware Roundup Furniture Lighting Accessories 2

It could be brushed or satin and I’m not talking about “aged, ” the brass we are talking about is bright and beautiful like it’s polished sister just less shiny, and it’s everywhere right now. While I do love an antique ornate frame or chandelier if you want to do this in a more modern way go for simpler shapes with less ornate detailing, carving, or fuss.

Matte Brass Houseware Roundup Furniture Lighting Accessories 5

While this one may technically not be a residential living room, those matte brass chairs and tables are just too good not to include and is making us want to jump on the first flight to Milan to stay in this beautiful hotel. If this is tempting you and making you consider going to the gold side, we’ve rounded up many a piece that is on the market now for your shopping/styling/loving pleasure:

NEW Matte Brass_Get the Look_grid_revised

Bar Carts: 1. Terrace Bar Cart | 2. Circular Tiered Bar Cart | 3. Narrow Bar Cart | 4. Circle Bar Cart | 5. Lucite Bar Cart | 6. Single Shelf Bar Cart

Coffee Tables: 7. Metal Clad Coffee Table | 8. Two Tiered Coffee Table | 9. Brass Block Table | 10. Tiered Circles Coffee Table | 11. Lucite Coffee Table | 12. Pedestal Coffee Table | 13. Terrance Coffee Table | 14. Charity Coffee Table | 15. Round Drum Table

Side Tables: 16. Brass Drum Accent Table | 17. Polygon Table Set | 18. Pedestal Side Table | 19. Side Table With Drawer | 20. Tripod Side Table | 21. Cube Table | 22. Marble Top Side Table | 23. Teardrop Table | 24. Gold Wire Nesting Tables

Lighting: 25. Flush Mount Ceiling Light |  26. Conway Chandelier | 27. Task Lamp | 28. Swing Arm Sconce | 29. Diamond Table Lamp | 30. Double Sconce | 31. Brass Globe Pendant | 32. Breaker Sconce | 33. Diamond Pendant Light | 34. Sculptural Table Lamp | 35. Scalloped Pendant | 36. Brass & Marble Table Lamp | 37. Mobile Chandelier | 38. Marble & Brass Lamp | 39. Brushed Task Lamp

Accessories: 40. Decorative Wire Object | 41. Gold Leaf Stemless | 42. Round Brass Mirror | 43. Gold Hexagon Tin Candle | 44. Taper Candle Holders | 45. Wire Basket | 46. Rectangular Brass Mirror | 47. Brass Handled Vase | 48. Mirrored Tray

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nice round-up! i’m on the matte brass train, for sure. i know this is random and does not relate to the post, but do you have any juicy living room/other main living space client reveals happening anytime soon?? i was thinking recently how i missed that eye candy! i know we have seen a few nurseries and some updates here and there, but i’m missing that big reveal of a client’s space. i am assuming the answer is just that you are so busy in general and especially with a new little one that you simply haven’t had the time to do things like that very recently, which is morrrrrre than understandable! no critiquing here, just asking! love your blog no matter what, just kind of realized i had been craving that room reveal type of stuff!!

We do have some coming up very soon, so stay tuned … there will be a very fun bedroom reveal, a playroom area, a few makeover takeover reveals from Brady and Ginny and we also have some spaces from my house that have undergone reno.


Agree! And some of us have less interest in nurseries and playrooms. Everyone has their target market/demographic and of course there is nothing wrong with appealing to moms and it makes sense given where you are in life! Just realize (as Im sure you already do), that may steer you towards one demographic and away from another.

Stacey W.

I cannot stand polished brass, it’s too large of an awful flashback for me. Matte brass, on the other hand, I’m totally down with.

You, Emily Henderson, have made me realize how picky, picky, picky I am about my interior decor. I think it’s a good thing, friends who try to tell me what to do are annoyed by it. Heh.

I have mostly brushed nickel in my house with some oil-rubbed bronze in a few rooms and don’t want the metals to compete. What’s the best way to mix in some matte brass accents in rooms where fixtures are a different metal? Love the look and warmth of matte brass!


Yes! Have mentioned before I would love to see a whole post about mixing metals!


I second this request! I love matte brass, but most of my fixtures are brushed nickel. My home is mostly made up of grays and blues with some turquoise and lime green accents. I would also love some guidance on how to mix metals without something looking out of place.

This sounds like a very fun post! We will add this to our list.


When I saw the coffee table in the second picture, I felt like clutching my pearls and saying, “won’t someone think of the children!”. Because- yeah- that mother would cause some serious head injuries/heart attacks when the child spills ketchup on it.

One of these days I will be able to go back to just appreciating the shiny, so I pinned the photo for my fantasy Manhattan apartment that I will have when I am 60.


We love that one as well! They have some great options, we even included one of them in the roundup (#4). Brady has it and loves it! But then again who doesn’t love a well stocked barcart.

rachelle bell

YESSS thank you!


Sorry but I feel compelled to make an editorial/grammatical correction to your post today…”your welcome other Emily” – should be “you’re welcome other Emily”

You’re welcome Emily, from
an admitted editorial grammatical nit picker

I will never tire of all things gold/ brass related ; )

I just used coffee table #12 in a design plan for a client. Seal the marble and that round baby is a solid choice for comfortable (no sharp corners for bruising knees-or foreheads) and practical.

laurie kaplan

Emily, I am constantly consulting your blog! My husband Thanks you for putting “bathroom fixture gate 2016” to bed.
I too would love to see how you properly mix metals.


Not sure why, but I keep having to resign-up for these emails. For whatever reason I don’t receive them, sign up again, receive them for a few weeks and then I’m off again. I put EHD on my contacts list. Any idea what’s going on? Others having this issue?

We are in the process of switching servers (which will hopefully fix all of these issues) which may be the reason you are not receiving them. In the meantime thanks for the heads up and we will pass the info onto our IT person so that they can investigate it further. Thanks for your patience…

Emily- Have you checked out the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts this year? I used lots of matte brass in my Music Room, I think you would enjoy it. 🙂


I recently moved from California to the UK, and I’m going through major Target withdrawals! So many lovely things AND reasonably priced – oh how I took that for granted. If you ever decide to do a country spotlight/roundup (*cough* choose the UK) I would die of happiness!

woooow.yeees veryyy goood pictures


I love matte brass and have a good bit. I gravitated towards it because 1. I like it and 2. It coordinates better with a lot of the nickel fixtures that came with my home. Although I will say, it puts me in the mind of Pier1 in the 80s/early 90s…lol.

Emily, I love that you not only show us what’s in and cool, but show us where to get it!! Thanks!!

LOVING the new matte brass trend! We’re using it as well and have to sometimes convince clients. Thanks for your post!


I don’t know if people know this, but you can strip the lacquer off brass hardware by simmering the pieces in water and baking soda for a couple hours.


This makes want to become a real adult. I would use my money not only for alcohol, but for a lovely barcart to welcome chic and “durable” bottles.
It’s a really appealing roundup for me!


Ah! I went with enthusiasm to check out hose target nesting tables (#24) and they’re already sold out! I’m crushed. I’ll have to keep an eye out. Loved this post though 🙂

I am finding myself fall in love with brass and copper lately. Dying over #14 coffee table. Anything Metallic, Minimal and geometric is the way to my heart.

Stop by my new interior design blog to see how I have decorated my small Studio Apartment in Los Angeles and what tips and tricks I have used to maximize space and add interest.

I will definitely be stopping by this blog more frequently!


I am finding myself fall in love with brass and copper lately. Dying over #14 coffee table. Anything Metallic, Minimal and geometric is the way to my heart.

Stop by my new blog to see how I have decorated my small Studio Apartment in Los Angeles .


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