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Color Crush : How to Rock Fiesta Red + Shop Our Favorites

Hola amigos! It’s Carla here, writing from Arizona where I’m enjoying spring break with the fam. I am happy to report that all of the ladybirds who live in my in-laws’ retirement community are embracing the hot new hues we’ve been posting about this Spring including today’s color . . . FIESTA RED!

Red has gotten a bad rap all these years. When I close my eyes and think of red, I think of Lee Press On Nails (tacky), the convertible Christie Brinkley pulls up in next to Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s Vacation (sexy), and half of the outfits Samantha Jones wore in Sex and the City (flashy). When it comes to decorating, the use of bright red reminds me of “modern” 90’s interior design – again, flashy and tacky.

As a color swatch, red is vibrant and fun – why can’t it be the same in fashion and interior design? Well guess what . . . it CAN. Take a look at the modern new silhouettes and color pairings below, which look anything but tacky.

Fiesta Red Fashion

Unlike the other trend colors that work best paired with neutrals, or sported on their own, there are roughly a gazillion ways to mix fiesta red into your home. Let’s start simple with some subtle pops.

Emily Henderson Fiesta Red Living Room

I love how this super sleek, modern chair is paired with an eclectic mix of patterns and textures.

Rustic Living Room Red Accent Chairs

Again, these chairs have such a refined silhouette – they could go 90’s “modern” fast – but the embroidered pillow and unexpected floral print make for an overall interesting mix.

Emily Henderson Pop Of Red

If you’re new to red – try an easy solid pillow as shown here . . . such a simple way to make a statement.

Childrens Playroom Red Apple Art

Red is a fun gender-neutral color to incorporate in a nursery or kid’s room. Without this apple print, this room might be a snooze-fest. That apple adds the perfect amount of color and fun.

Modern Red Office Chairs

These chairs look a WEEEE bit seductive, don’t they? But when countered with a solid wood table the overall look is balanced.

Red Accent Arm Chair

Mixing a bold color with a bold silhouette seems like overkill, but by keeping the rest of this room simple, it’s the perfect mix.

Alright. Party time. While collecting inspiration for this post, I starting finding street style looks that paired perfectly with similarly outfitted interiors. While home trends usually follow fashion trends, it’s hard to tell from the pairings below which inspired which. I love how each of these seven looks and spaces incorporate fiesta red in a totally original way.

1. Fiesta Red + Teal Blue

Teal And Red Fashion Combination

Pairing bright red with an equally bold teal blue surprisingly looks balanced and chic. Imagine this space below without the pop of red. While the wallpaper obviously stands on its own, the accent chair takes it to a whole new level. This color combo can easily get all “southwestern motif” pretty quick, but when the right shades are chosen, it looks modern and fresh.

Forested Farmhouse Wallpaper Modern Wood Pendant


2. Fiesta Red + Girly Pattern

Cherry Dress Red Fashion Accent

Mixing a bold color with a sugary-sweet pattern seems like overkill, eh? But as you can see in these two examples, it actually works. This chick is keeping her look streamlined and cool with minimal accessories and perfectly imperfect hair. Walking around with your mouth slightly agape doesn’t hurt either. As for this breezy corner below, floral wallpaper + heart art + stiff cocktail = happiness.

Hearts art gold barcart red and pink floral wallpaper

3. Fiesta Red + Dark Green

Green Midi Skirt Red Sweater Stree Fashion

Oh come on now, gurl. You are just too cool for school, with yer little green bow, flower pin, and armful of books. How is she pulling off red, green, AND a bow without looking like a Christmas present? Likewise, this space below is a crazy-good mix of red and green, and green and red – somehow the symmetrical arches, plants, and patterned floor keep the mix of colored walls from looking like a funhouse.

Red Accent Wall

4. Fiesta Red + Crisp White

Nouveau Grunge Red Fashion

Similar to how I paired every flannel or sweater I wore in high school with a crisp white turtleneck (class of ’97), this gal has chosen to complement a fun fiesta red skirt, lip, and heel with a simple white tee and handbag. Similarly, the fun red fridge below takes center stage when paired with all-white cabinetry and walls.

Red Smeg White Minimal Kitchen

5. Fiesta Red + Head-to-Toe Pattern

Red Pattern Jumpsuit Street Fashion

No need to flag down that taxi, woman… I’m pretty sure he sees you in your head-to-toe patterned jumpsuit and bright red bag. While on a hanger, this outfit would look like a clown costume, but I must say she looks perfect with her chic sandals and simple little ponytail. She is probably headed home to the cute little tot who inhabits this super sweet little nook. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen two patterned wallpapers paired together – especially not with MORE pattern on the floor. I can’t get enough of this room. It’s just magical.

Red Built In Bench

6. Fiesta Red + Cobalt Blue

Red Box Sweater Blue Midi Skirt

This looks comfy and polished at the same time. Pairing two bold colors together can work when the silhouettes are clean and simple. Adding fun pattern through shoes and a little clutch brings personality and visual interest. We’ve got some similar color blocking action going on in this fancy shmancy space below. You would think the floral sofa and leopard pillow would be the showstoppers here, but the bold use of red, blue, and green actually steal the show.

Bright Red Laqured Walls Living Room

7. Fiesta Red + Neutrals (and a cute hat)

Red Knit Sweater Modle Off Duty

If you’re new to red (like me), this here option is the one for you. When trying a new color, you can’t go wrong pairing it with neutrals. The key is to walk around nonchalantly eating a very small serving of frozen yogurt, with a subtle scowl on your face, like this gal. Speaking of subtle scowls, this bold photograph of Kate the Great shines in this otherwise neutral abode.

Gray Living Room Red Artwork

And now it’s time for a little ditty called “Get the Look.” Below is a round-up of my fiesta faves. But you guys, it was really hard to edit it down to just these items. Much like the fashion and home inspiration I found, there is no shortage of fun fiesta red apparel, accessories, or home stuff out there right now.

Sooo, what say you? Are you on board with fiesta red? Is it too loud and proud for your liking? Do tell. And if yer keeping track of the top ten colors for Spring, be sure to check out Powder Blue, Buttercup Yellow and Lavender.

Time for this mama to get back to the pool. Adios muchachas!
Fiesta Red Color Trends Red Housewares Fashion Accessories grid

1. Sunglasses | 2. Red Dress (sold out, but similar found here) | 3. Couch | 4. Campaign Dresser | 5. Bandana | 6. Purse | 7. Blouse | 8. Tassel Pillow | 9. Outdoor Chair | 10. 4 Poster Bed | 11. Kate Spade Tassel Pillow | 12. Leopard Rug | 13. XOXO Keychain | 14. Baseball Cap | 15. Pendant | 16. Tea Kettle | 17. Rain Boot | 18. Danske Casserole Pot | 19. Ruffle Jumper | 20. Purse | 21. Scallop Bikini | 22. Desk | 23. Accent Chair | 24. Pitcher | 25. Smeg Fridge | 26. Maxi Dress | 27. Abstract Painting | 28. Platter | 29. Strap Heels | 30. Eames Rocker

Image Sources: Red Velvet Sofa | Red Trench Coat | Red Hat | Red Leather Jacket | Red Sweater Dress | Red Womb Chair | Vintage Italian Red Chairs | Red Throw Pillow on Blue Chesterfield | Red Apple Play Room | Modern Red Chairs | Red Velvet Arm Chair | Teal & Red Street Fashion | Red Dining Room Chair | Cherry Dress | Gold Barcart | Green Midi Skirt | Red Hallway Accent Wall | Printed Tee & Skirt | Red SMEG Fridge | Printed Jumpsuit | Built In Window Bench | Red Box Sweater | Red Walled Living Room | Red Knit SweaterKate Moss Art

*Post authored by Carla

 **Carla Fahden is a Creative Director at a creative agency in Minneapolis with a focus on fashion art direction. Off the clock she devotes her time to writing her blog, designing wedding stationery and watching her Felicity box set. 



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Tracy Leigh Morgan
6 years ago

Just gorgeous. Great job, Carla. (And hey from Mpls!)

6 years ago

I usually embrace a lot of color but I’m not sure about Fiesta Red in my home… maybe for outdoor furniture? I love that pompom pillow and the acapulco chair… I can see something there. And maybe a floral or Otomi wallpaper in a bathroom, but my problem is that I would get sick of it too quickly. I absolutely love it in the outfits though!


While I love that red sofa, I don’t think I could make it work in my house – the pillows on the other hand, could totally work!

6 years ago

Fiesta red is not for me (I’m a diehard pink girl), but I love all the inspiration photos, especially the color pairings. Teal and red look amazing!

Also, thank you for using descriptive words on the image sources instead of numbers. Numbering the images in a list at the end was so confusing!

6 years ago

I love that red fridge! How cute is that?!

6 years ago

I love these color posts! They are so fun.

6 years ago

Has anyone had any luck with the link to the first red dress (listed as No. 2 above)? It redirected me to the Anthro site, but not that particular dress. A search of their new dresses for that style didn’t pan out either (admittedly, this could all be user error on my part). Can anyone tell me the name of that style? I’d like to peep it out.

6 years ago
Reply to  Tanya

I couldn’t find it either. Though a search on the Anthro website for red dress got a lot of cute results!

6 years ago
Reply to  Tanya

Drats – I just checked my original pin and it looks like this red Anthro dress has sold out… So sorry about that!

6 years ago

Looooove it. Happy to say I’ve been rocking orangey red with dark green for awhile now.

6 years ago

Fiesta Red and no actual Fiestaware Red?!! 🙂

6 years ago

Could you please suggest a couple of Fiesta Red paint colors? Great article.

6 years ago

That red Smeg is delicious.

Annoyed :(
6 years ago

Agh, enough Rstyle links already. Missing the good old posts that didn’t have a hidden motive..

6 years ago
Reply to  Annoyed :(

I don’t think it is a hidden motive, I think they are trying to monetize the blog, and why shouldn’t they? The company was created for just that reason (I mean RStyle). We’re not paying for the content we get from this blog, which is awesome! And we’re not paying to access the links either. So why not!

Susie Q.
6 years ago

So…fiesta red = red? I see many different reds in these photos.

6 years ago

Once upon a time we bought big, ugly brown couches by “mistake” and adding pops of fiery red with smokey greys really saved them

6 years ago

Can any girl be new to red? Red is our color. I just bought an insane red lipstick. I love those red sandals. Nice photos, nice outfits!

6 years ago

Still not feelin’ it. Red gives me the creeps, but my boyfriend has a painting he LOVES that is 1m x 1m and hangs above the fireplace in our living room. I’ve learned to live with it, but if I lived in a decorating dictatorship I would get rid of it ASAP. Red is just too dated and funky-2000s for me. However I will always accept it as THE classic nail colour and lipstick.

Give me three years and maybe I’ll come around.

6 years ago

Thank you for using descriptive words on the image is clear.

6 years ago

Hi there – where is that gold rolling table from? That has glass on its surface?

Hey Emily. Your blog is awesome.

Thanks Emily for your every blog. 🙂 (y)

Emily love your blog.

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