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84 Affordable Amazing Sofas Under $1000

Very few posts in the history of my life have been as popular as our first design mistake about avoiding the generic sofa. It swept the Pinterweb, leaving men, women, and children staring at their sofa wondering if it qualified and then clicking through to our roundup which gave them/us some hope. We concluded that most people don’t want to buy bad sofas, they just don’t know where to buy good ones for an affordable price. We did a roundup then, but so many more really good sofas have come out in the last year that warranted an even bigger, better roundup. I am SHOCKED by how good many of these are. Have I placed my own rear-end on every sofa on this list? NOPE. Can I vouch for their in-person comfort? No. Nor do I know how/where or under what conditions they are made. Typically more affordable sofas have less amazing quality – but for the price, style, and sheer ease of online ordering – I think these sofas KILL it in the non-generic and, yet, affordability category.

Grab a seat (non-generic sofa preferred) and feast your butt on these 84 REALLY, REALLY good sofas that are under $1000.


1. Synchronicity Sofa in Laguna | 2. Dove Gray Woven Apel Sofa | 3. Bella Tufted Settee in Pink Linen | 4. Cielo II Loveseat in Tess Fuchsia | 5. Paxton Sofa | 6. Anderson Sofa in Blue | 7. Kinsley Sofa in Light Blue | 8. Emerald Green Velvet Marian Loveseat | 9. Carl Sofa | 10. Quincy Chaise Sectional Sofa | 11. The Sterling Sofa in Red | 12. Eddy Sofa in Indigo | 13. Stockholm Sofa in Gray | 14. Cirrus in Pacific Blue | 15. Oliver Sofa | 16. Central Shadow Sofa | 17. Billie Sofa in Dusty Blush | 18. Engage Sofa | 19. Annette Sofa in Maroon | 20. Ceni Sofa in Pyrite Grey | 21. Linen Lounge Sofa in Cream | 22. Julie Storage Sofa in Blue | 23. Happy Sofa in Quartz White | 24. Adeline Storage Sofa in Olive | 25. Kiko Futon Sofa in Cayenne | 26. Midnight Blue Velvet Kendall Sofa | 27. Teal Kaira Loveseat | 28. Richmond Sofa | 29. Fabris Sofa in Red | 30. Catalina Sofa in White | 31. Oasis Sofa in Smoke Gray | 32. Seaford Swoop Loveseat in Grey | 33. Flannelette Sofa | 34. Emil Sofa | 35. Slipcovered Standard Sofa | 36. Felton Tufted Sofa | 37. Mid Century Modern Sofa in Blue | 38. Martine Tufted Settee | 39. Empress Upholstered Sofa | 40. Carolina Sofa | 41. Gordon Tufted Sofa | 42. Stocksund Loveseat | 43. Jarvis Fabric Sofa | 44. Bria Tufted Settee | 45. Blvd. Sofa | 46. Flatiron Rouge Apartment Sofa | 47. Retro Sofa | 48. Teal Velvet Kendall Sofa | 49. Braxton Sofa | 50. Hamilton Upholstered Sofa | 51. Remark Sofa | 52. Winslow Sofa | 53. Modway Loft Sofa | 54. Walden Two-Seater Sofa | 55. Jodie Cappuccino Sofa | 56. Deegan Sofa | 57. Anna Tufted Settee | 58. Metropolitan Sofa | 59. Anders Loveseat | 60. Bonded Leather Sofa | 61. Turquoise Linen Sofa | 62. Metro Sofa Bed | 63. Mid-Century White Sofa | 64. Marco Sofa in Frost Gray | 65. Rounded Retro Armless Sofa | 66. Sectional Sofa with Reversible Chaise | 67. Rocket Loveseat | 68. Mid-Century Tufted Sleeper Sofa | 69. Echo Sofa in Coral Red | 70. Chesterfield Tufted Scroll Arm | 71. Jessica Sofa | 72. Finn Sofa | 73. Anywhere Convertible Sofa | 74. Cherie Sofa in Fiery Orange | 75. Singular Sofa | 76. Scotia Fabric Sofa | 77. Liza Tufted Settee | 78. Clare Sofa | 79. Rostanga Sofa in Beige | 80. Puget Sofa | 81. Square Arm Bonded Leather Sofa | 82. Norsborg Sofa | 83. Sofia Chesterfield Sofa | 84. Clayton Sofa

So many favorites and steals, but if I had to between them I’d choose #2, #3, #5, #9, #14, #17, #31, #37, #51, #72, #41, #67, #56, #71, #17.

The shockingly good ones for so cheap are #56, #71, and #17. If someone were holding me over a huge vat of centipedes and I had to decide I’d choose #71. I think it’s just such a pretty sofa for $598.

Now you go. Someone, is holding you over a big vat of (insert whatever you want here, could be cats, snakes, lard, mice, cockroaches, rabbits…) and you HAVE to choose one of those sofas or you will be dropped. WHICH ONE DO YOU CHOOSE???

**Photo by Laure Joliet


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103 thoughts on “84 Affordable Amazing Sofas Under $1000

  1. I’d probably buy any sofa on the list that is not UO, Overstock or World Market. But maybe make and exception for #5 as it would be very easy to make new covers for it

  2. My problem with sofas under $1,000 is quality: my family is ROUGH on furniture. I bought a sofa (maybe it’s generic, I don’t think so) in 1997 from Ethan Allen that is still in amazing condition and is still crazy comfy to sit/nap on. I think I paid $1300 for it, on sale. Unfortunately, the upholstery is shot, so this year I’m getting it re-done. We thought about replacing it earlier this year, but haven’t found anything we liked better comfort and style-wise that would actually stand up to a den of Cub Scouts jumping off of the stairs onto it (even though they KNOW that isn’t allowed!!).

  3. While I like round-ups from time to time I don’t really like the super huge ones unless the items are broken up into categories of some kind. 84 is just overkill IMO. I’m endlessly scrolling up and down trying to remember the #s of the ones I like to find it in the resources links. I’ve always felt this way but it took this post to get me to complain. It’s still a minor complaint though! I’m a big fan of the blog.

    1. Ooh, good feedback. For the sake of pinterest the long one works best but when we did both people thought it was repeating too much. But yea, maybe categorizing it would be better.

      1. Maybe just splitting them into smaller groups of 10 (or whatever) with the appropriate resources underneath each batch would help. I also was chanting numbers to myself to try to remember by the time I reached the bottom 🙂

        But it’s a great roundup — thanks! I was bummed to find that the dark blue tufted one (#6?) was UO, since they aren’t renowned for furniture quality. It’s a looker though.

    2. This!
      It’d be nice to have had them grouped by length. I checked about 5 of them out, all of them too small or known for poor construction (UO, World Market) and gave up. Not what your sponsors want.

  4. Love these posts, thank you! Any chance you can do one on “affordable, amazing sleeper sofas” (that sleep 2 people). Love, love your work!

  5. I found two vintage leather chesterfields for $50 a piece at garage sale, which basically made my sofa dreams come true

  6. i like all your sofas. no 40 is the best and price is $898 but my budget is $600. i will wait to have no 40. thanks for best collection , your blog is awesome..thanks

  7. I think it’s great that there are so many stylish sofas available out there now. However, at this price point I think a lot of them would be a fail on comfort and (especially) durability. My preference is to go vintage (there’s a ReStore near me). But it for cheap and reupholster. They don’t make ’em like they used to!!

  8. I have #72!! But in a light grey weave. I love it!! Just need to find the perfect pillows to go with it 🙂

    1. Is #72 comfortable? That’s the #1 couch on my list (and I’m planning to buy a new one within the next month), but the West Elm near me doesn’t carry it so I can’t try it out. I’m a little nervous to buy a couch without seeing if it’s comfy!!

  9. Love posts like this! Surprisingly, my biggest dilemma has been finding the right duvet cover. I have a perfectly good, stark white, down comforter still in the packaging because I can’t find the right design at the right price. (Note: My fluffy black cat would turn that white to gray in a matter of hours.) Obviously not as significant an item as the sofa, but would love a roundup post of affordable and stylish duvets!

    1. I’ve given up on duvets… I have two cats, a dark grey one with very thick hair, and a light beige one with long hair, so I’m screwed either way. On dark colors, the light hair show, and vice-versa.

      So, I settle for what I like, and joke about ditching the cats (which I’ll never ever do, but after vacuuming the bathroom again, the jokes feels good).

      1. Haha! I feel you – I would never get rid of my cat but sometimes it makes me feel better to pretend I would trade him in, particularly after he’s gone and puked all over something like a shoe or my bed.

        I just have a hard time finding a duvet that’s not ridiculously overpriced or so crazy in pattern that it won’t go with anything else!

      1. Thank you so much for the suggestion! As much as I scour Target’s bedding section online, I somehow missed this one. I appreciate it!! 🙂

    2. This is my life, and something I’m currently scouring for online at work right now. Ssssh. But I am so over seeing my cat’s hair on my white duvet. I honestly don’t know WHAT I was thinking.

    3. I’m searching like crazy for a duvet too! I want one with solid color, but TEXTURE. No picture/stipes/nothing. I’m only finding solid smooth and solid with major frills. Can’t find any in-between. 🙁

  10. Hi- IKEA’s Stockholm sofa is on there twice (#13 & #79). And not worth it, IMO. The 2-cushion seat/3-cushion back means you’re always sitting in a crack, and the cushions themselves are thin. It looks nice though, and every time I see it I’m disappointed that it’s not comfy.

    1. Good catch! We actually included both as we liked the colors. Although they may not be the best quality for some people (as mentioned in the post) for the cost, shape and style we do appreciate them.


  11. this is amazing. can you do the same thing for bedding? i’m buying myself an adult bed as a law school graduation present to myself, but i’m having a hard time weighing through all of the bedding options on the interwebs?

  12. This is so helpful. Thank you thank you thank you for the efforts you put in to find all these options.

    I’m loving the single cushion look these days, especially on a really long sofa. Faves: article oasis, west elm billie, and crate and barrel pennie (all basically the same sofa).

    Crushing on article’s sven and west elm’s gia. Alas, they’re both almost double the budget for me and for this post.

  13. Hah – I WISH I’d seen this roundup BEFORE I bought my budget-buster leather sofa from C&B – don’t get me wrong – it’s great – but would have loved to have found one of these and put the savings somewhere else! Great finds, Emily!!

  14. Not fair to entice me with the beautiful sofa in the header pic but then not include it in the roundup!

  15. I just bought #26 last week. We needed a really really good deal on a sofa and since we bought the floor model they gave us 10% off plus another 15% off because we signed up for a rewards program (not a credit card). It’s actually pretty comfortable & the quality seems decent. We just plan on changing out the legs eventually.

    1. ha, that’s what i said about my world market tufted bed! did i ever get around to doing it? nope.

      but i do trust world market. i think they’re a good brand that makes quality affordable furniture. i wouldn’t ever buy a piece of particle board ikea crap but i would and have and do shop WM.

    2. We have the Ikea Stockholm in grey. We chose it after sitting on the one in the show room in green velvet, but ultimately decided on the grey because it has slipcovers and we have two very young kids. We regret buying it; it looks okay and we do need to wash those slipcovers but the durable material it rough and uncomfortable.

      1. We bought the 3-seat Ikea Stockholm in red a year ago. I like the style and didn’t want to spend a lot since it’s in our rec room in our basement and the kids jump on it relentlessly. It’s held up so far (to my surprise) and I actually think it’s more comfortable than our Lazyboy sofa in our living room. I like that it has a deep seat so I can lay down on it without feeling like I’m going to roll off. The red slipcover feels quite soft.

    3. I’d actually prefer a post with six to ten sofas under $1000 that you’ve actually sat in and that you can verify are reasonably comfy. Otherwise, the list is just eye candy that I can’t reliably use to inform my decision on what sofa to buy, and could lead me to spend hundreds on a sofa that I’ll end up wanting or needing to replace less than a year later.

  16. is that bri emery’s sofa in image #1? does she have cats that claw or is it just low quality because it looks like it’s pilling like crazy!

    for some people, after a certain age, you just decide to stop buying cheap furniture and save up for quality (or buy on credit. whatever situation you wanna put yourself in). it makes a huge difference.

    i’d rather have a $2000+ all wood custom sofa and a $50 thrift chair that i know is vintage (good bones) and is going to hold up than all the $200-500 mdf crap made today (ie splurge on the big things, be thrifty on the details). priorities. also, i’m terrified of buying large items like a sofa online without having sat on it! 🙁

    1. I think that is a good move, but I know that when I was younger there was no way that $2k was in the budget. I went ikea or vintage, but now there are so many other options out there.

  17. I bought the #36 loveseat version from Target online because I loved the style…it is very small and not very comfortable. I wouldn’t use for a living/fam room that has much tv watching going on….maybe a foyer, waiting room, sitting room. I love how different all of these are but my living room (and house for that matter) is sort of casual traditional with a tiny touch of coastal and glam so I have a rolled arm chunky tan sofa from a big sofa store 🙁 I just feel like I can’t pull off a blue chesterfield or mid century sofa…

  18. Damn where was this list (specifically 2 and 10) when I was furnishing my first apartment last summer? Oh well, hacked my IKEA Karlstad to look just like #2

  19. I’ve learned from experience that cheap furniture is not cheap. I think many of these are adorable, really, and I generally love this blog, but I just think $500 or $700 spent on a sofa that’s stylish but neither comfortable nor durable is not a “savings.” You will be kicking yourself in a year or two when it starts to fall apart or you realize you can’t curl up on it. If you only have $500 or $600 (and believe me, right now, I don’t have even that–daycare eats up all of the money we used to spend on stuff like furniture!), save it and wait until you can spend more for one that will last. Make do until you can spend, say, $1200. Or buy vintage/Craigslist and reupholster if you need to/when you can afford to.

    1. good advice. sitting on the ground isn’t an option, but yes if you have something that you like enough and can save and wait, then it is good advice. I tried to explain that in the first paragraph with a ‘you get what you pay for’ but at the same time when you don’t have a sofa and need one now, then these are some solid options to think about (and test drive).

    2. When my husband and I first got married, we decided that instead of splurging on furniture, we’d save money so that within six months we could both quit our jobs to travel Europe. (Priorities, right? Those were the days…) Anyway, we furnished our entire living room for less than $800 (thanks IKEA and Target!). Our sofa and loveseat was $600 for both, and guess what? Almost four years later, and it’s still as good as new. Plus it’s comfortable (I prefer it over the bed for daytime naps) and super easy to clean. The style is very similar to Number 33, so it’s safe to say it’s decently “stylish” as well. All that to say, different strokes for different folks. 🙂

  20. I love this post, but am wondering what you’d look for if you had the same budget and wanted to go the Craigslist route. I’m guessing you could buy a better quality (if used) sofa and would love to hear any suggestions on what to look for. Thanks!! Love your work.

  21. I liked the review on of #62: “Yes it is very nice to look at, but as soon as you sit down you’ll contemplate cutting your a** off so you never have to sit on something so uncomfortable ever again.”

  22. I have #47 and while I’d consider it more of a love seat size, it’s fantastic! Though it isn’t cushy, it is incredibly comfortable to sit on, and is my husband’s favorite place to take a nap. The upholstery has held up well to my dog and can handle a good scrub when it gets dirty.

  23. I’ve been reading your blog for years now and have never commented. But tonight I just wanted to say that I keep coming back to your blog because I love your work, and interior design in general, but mostly because I think you’re hilarious. Thank you for not only sharing your beautiful work and terrific advice, but for making me laugh too 🙂

  24. Hello once again! With this sofa round up post you have solved my problem to some extent. I really need to replace my old sofa. It has been ages that I have not bought a new sofa. I want heavy and bulky kind of sofa somewhat like 35.

  25. I’m loving the sofa in the header picture and that colorful pillow (actually the whole living room!) Any chance you could provide a link?

    Also, I have #82! It’s covered with a few colorful throw pillows. It’s such a hit whenever we have guests. People always comment on it. In fact some friends that bought a new house asked if they could buy the same one!

  26. Love this roundup!

    To anyone considering #73 – don’t do it! We owned it once and it is seriously possible that a bed of nails is more comfortable. Save yourself!!!

  27. love the post, so many good ones! i know it’s a huge ask but is there any way you would include items available in other countries? i mean every one has IKEA so that’s great but sofas just aren’t something you can ship internationaly easily… xx

  28. Good job rounding up sofas with nice lines and colors. Here’s a vote for a future blog talking about how to detect the better quality inexpensive sofa.

    My experience is that many inexpensive sofas look good in the pictures, but should come accompanied with a tag that says CAUTION: Sofa is extremely uncomfortable and built (literally) with cardboard and glue.

    SUGGESTION. Why don’t you have one of your team buy a cheap upholstered item and cut it open to show how they made? Compare the construction with a similar thrift store item. Landfills of America would thank you.

  29. I bought my sofa from Ikea on sale with two removable covers for 414 dollars two years ago. It’s comfortable, gets a lot of wear, endures a cat and still almost looks new. Look for RileysBuys.

  30. Where is the one in the intro photo….turqoise (or light green-blue) with one solid tufted cushion on the bottom and three non-tufted cushions along the back?

  31. Hi Emily,

    I would love to see a round up of media units/tv stands or maybe other tv display ideas that don’t look horrible. I noticed you hardly ever show tvs in living room photos and I totally get that, but I’d love to see stylish ways to display a tv. Sorry if you’ve already done this and I couldn’t find it!


  32. Hi Emily
    Can you tell me anything about the beautiful turquoise sofa in the article opening? Love that.

  33. You are not being truthful to people if you tell them that there is a good quality sofa anywhere under $1,000. You have to pay a lot more.

  34. This is the BEST blog post EVER. Please do more for all types of furniture and decor. You are AMAZING! It’s so nice to have someone with your unique perspective corral the best looking affordable pieces. Thank you – I’m sure this was time consuming.

  35. Simply WOW! All of the sofas here are amazing! I really like: 37, 76, 82 and 84. I’m planning to decorate my new apartment and just found a good website, called Restoration Alternative. Similar sofas you can purchase there as well. Plus Free shipping! Time to shop! Thank you for sharing this!

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