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72 Affordable Headboards at Every Price Point

According to the official stats (or the last 5 min we spent on google looking for the answer here in the studio), we spend a total of 1/3 of our lives sleeping. 9, 125 days to be exact if you live to 75 years old and probably a few extra hours if you had as restful of a Labor Day weekend as we did. That is a whole lot of time to be resting your precious little head against a bare piece of drywall or a lackluster headboard that you don’t enjoy. Headboards can be tough to find, especially when you are working on a budget or are trying to make a decision about an online purchase. Earlier this year, I showed you the 32 Beds That I Almost Bought For My Bedroom, but today we have pulled together 72 headboards that all got our stamp of approval at every price point. Keep in mind that these are just headboards and not a full bed frame. A lot of these options do come with footboards as well, but if a headboard is what you are looking for then we have got you covered. Without further ado, here is our collection of headboards that will make those 9, 125 days a whole lot more stylish. All pricing is for a queen-size bed.

Affordable Headboards Under $100 Roundup Emily Henderson Design

1. Modway Region Queen Upholstered Headboard in Gray | 2. Fusion Queen Headboard – South Shore in White | 3. Baxton Studio Aldo Upholstered Headboard in Dark Gray | 4. Modway Emily Queen Fabric Headboard in Gray | 5. Modway Region Queen Nailhead Upholstered Headboard in Smoke | 6. Modway Oliver Queen Linen Headboard in Beige | 7. No Nails Slipcovered Nailhead Headboard in Chambray | 8. Simple Living Ollie Queen Upholstered Headboard | 9. Wildon Home Brayden Wood Full Headboard (it is technically over 100 – just barely – but it’s so good we are still including it)

At under $100 all of these are such good options but I could definitely be into using 1, 4, and 9 in a few upcoming projects.

Affordable Headboards Under $300 Roundup Emily Henderson Design

1. Natural Wicker Headboard | 2. Modway Emily Queen Fabric Headboard in Gray | 3. Woven Block Seagrass Queen Headboard | 4. Iron Scroll Queen Antique White Headboard | 5. Darcey Cast Iron Queen Headboard | 6. Roma Tufted Wingback Headboard in Cream | 7. Kerstin Arched Headboard – Safavieh in Wedgewood Blue | 8. Nadine Piping Headboard – Safavieh in Charcoal/Light Gray | 9. Horizontal Tufted Headboard – Dorel Asia in Charcoal | 10. Amira Carved Wood Headboard | 11. Ventura Headboard | 12. Five Button Headboard – Skyline Furniture in Linen Swedish Blue | 13. Millsboro Queen Headboard Walnut – Threshold | 14. Parsons Headboard – Threshold | 15. Brooklyn Metal Headboard Grey – The Industrial Shop | 16. Bralton Metal Headboard Antique Bronze – The Industrial Shop | 17. Three Posts Cleveland Upholstered Headboard in Gray | 18. Furniture of America Petunia Flax Fabric Headboard with Nail Head Trim, Full/Queen, Blue | 19. Queen Lady Peacock Bed Head Teal | 20. Fashion Bed Group Madera Metal Headboard | 21. Darby Home Co Mcdougall Cotton Upholstered Panel Headboard | 22. Skyline Furniture Talc Linen Slipcover Headboard | 23. Motif Design Greek Honeycomb White Metal Headboard | 24. Patterned Nailhead Full Headboard – Upholstered | 25. Region Queen Nailhead Upholstered Headboard in Smoke | 26. Skyline Furniture Linen French Yellow Tufted Headboard | 27. Sole Designs Jojo Upholstered Headboard in Yellow

Jumping from $100-$300 in budget broadens the headboard horizon quite a bit. I am shocked that 1 is under $300, and I am also very into 6 for a traditional home. I used 13 in this makeover, and 16 was used in this room without the footboard. Last but not least, I am very into the simplicity and upholstery on 22.

Affordable Headboards Under $500 Roundup Emily Henderson Design

1. Coco Headboard in Blush Linen | 2. Canopy Stripe Elsie Upholstered Headboard | 3. Elsa Upholstered Headboard in Linen Swedish Blue | 4. Hayden II Queen Tobacco Brown Headboard | 5. Pierce II Queen Java Headboard | 6. Audrey II Upholstered Indigo Queen Headboard | 7. Angled Wood Headboard | 8. Midway Headboard | 9. Pranati Carved Headboard in White | 10. Pranati Carved Headboard in Light Brown  | 11. Sahara Loran Upholstered Headboard | 12. Barnes Smoke Brown Full Headboard | 13. Highway Metal Headboard Brown Full/Queen – Amisco in Gray | 14. Seagrass Headboard, Queen in Dark Havana | 15. Leather Grid-Tufted Headboard in Ivory | 16. Claudette Headboard in Wood | 17. Queen Petal Bed Head Natural | 18. Camille Headboard in Linen Fuchsia | 19. Paxton Headboard in Teal Linen | 20. Soma Headboard, Honey | 21. Anita Velvet Tufted Headboard in Lilac | 22. Queen Sunrise Bed Head Black | 23. Mid-Century Beveled Full Headboard | 24. Skyline Furniture Laguna Linen Arch Tufted Headboard

6 is great if you have a larger room and are looking to fill some of that wall height, 11 has a blue and white pattern going on that I am very into (shocker!), and 17, 20, and 22 are for all of you that are looking to get your rattan fix on without a huge commitment in your room.

Affordable Headboards Under $750 Roundup Emily Henderson Design

1. Textured Woven Bryn Upholstered Headboard in Dove | 2. Maharaja Headboard in Sandblast White | 3. Regency Headboard in Mint | 4. Margaux Headboard | 5. Bellevue Upholstered Headboard in Regal Colonial Blue | 6. Jennifer Taylor Legacy Upholstered Headboard | 7. Hooker Furniture Corsica Wood Headboard | 8. Raleigh Upholstered Queen Headboard with Pewter Finish Nailhead in Cadet Navy Twill | 9. Swoop Wingback Headboard – Skyline Furniture in Togo Black and White | 10. Morocco Headboard – Chocolate | 11. Beck Headboard in Redwood | 12. Wilshire Headboard with Brass Nailheads in Twill Off-White

Which ones are you into most or are there any that you are surprised made it into the roundup? Although these are our recommendations very few of these we have actually seen in person, so definitely look at some of the reviews before purchasing or check the return policy if you are having buyer’s anxiety. But, if you are just looking for a good stylish option that won’t break the bank, then you are good to go with any of the above.

If you are on the hunt for something and can’t seem to track it down online, let us know and we me just start searching the internet for you to bring you the best in a roundup. We have a lot more in the works from your suggestions so stay tuned for some more great collections. In the meantime if you are in need of some more bedroom inspiration? Here ya go: 32 Beds That I Almost Bought For My Bedroom,  15 Bedrooms – You Choose, Our Master Bedroom Finally, Updating Basic Bedroom Furniture with New Bedding, The Curbly Bedroom Makeover.

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7 years ago

Some of those are really surprising! I particularly love the Threshold Parsons headboard. If you’re looking for more roundup ideas, I am having a bear of a time finding a jewelry box that is both functional and attractive. I’m using a 90s monstrosity my mom bought at Costco at the moment, so urgent help is obviously needed 😉

7 years ago
Reply to  Elizabeth

I love the idea of a jewelry box/jewelry storage roundup! I have a beautiful one from Pottery Barn, but it is lined with suede–I wish I’d known that the tannins in suede tarnish jewelry lightning fast! So even though I love the PB one, I’m hunting for a replacement.

7 years ago

Love all your roundups! I have #2 in the under $300 category in grey and really love it. But, then what? Once you attach the headboard to a bed frame it immediately cheapens it because it seems like a bedskirt becomes necessary. And every bedskirt I have ever met has been awful! Any ideas on how to complete the headboard look to still look stylish?

7 years ago
Reply to  Kristen

Yes! That is always my question. I love having all of these headboard options, but what exactly are we supposed to be attached them to keep up the aesthetic? As Kristen said, attaching it to standard metal bed frame with a bed skirt can often ruin the look!

7 years ago
Reply to  Kristen

Yes! Just bought a metal headboard/footboard and didn’t realize the rails that came with it didn’t match! Just a generic frame! I wanted a clean look with clear, open space under the bed, but now I’m having to consider a bedskirt, which seems like it will just frou frou up the look. Your options are ruffled (no) or box pleat, with very few choices of colors (do I match my sheets, the bedspread, go with a coordinating color?) Ugh.

7 years ago
Reply to  TJ

FYI Ikea just recently introduced two new bed frames (Kopardal and Nesttun) that are simple metal bedframes with nice lines and simple legs. They each come with a metal headboard (which actually aren’t bad) but you don’t have to use the headboard. The bed is standalone. You wouldn’t be able to attach a different headboard but could have it freestanding or attach to the wall. I have the Kopardal and have just gotten a cool rattan room divider that I’m going to use as a headboard. Hope that helps!

Keith W
7 years ago
Reply to  Sandra

How have you liked the Kopardal been so far?

I am currently considering it for a new foam mattress.

Emily K
7 years ago
Reply to  Kristen

Couple DIY options:
wrap your box spring in fabric of your choosing. Use spiral upholstery pins to hold in place or if it’s wood just staple it right down. You can even wrap your bed frame along with the box.

For my bed I sewed flat panels of fabric to be the same sizes as the length or width of my bed to the floor. I then fastened them to the box using the spiral pins. I made sure the material went back a good few inches so even if the mattress shifts a little you can’t see the box at all. It’s kinda difficult to describe but so simple to understand if you could see it. Great thing about it is it makes changing the sheets so easy as the panels don’t budge unlike a bedskirt.

Such a common dilemma and no good ready-made solution just a bunuch of diy. I should invent something.

7 years ago

In love with Queen Petal Headboard by The Family Love Tree, wish they shipped to the US!

7 years ago

Love these roundup posts! Do you think you might do one on ottomans?

7 years ago
Reply to  Jennifer

Yes, an ottoman roundup would be nice. Also, I would love to see a daybed roundup!

7 years ago

Any thoughts/tips on storage headboards? We don’t have the room for side tables, and have an ancient storage one (with a platform bed) that is falling apart, but have not been able to find a decent replacement.

7 years ago

You have no idea how much I needed this post!! Our bedroom is looking more college dorm than young professionals with their stuff together…. I will be ordering one now!! Am I the only one that neglects the bedroom design wise??? I guess because I think less people see it? You’d think that would be the first place you’d decorate…. oh well!

7 years ago

Could you do a post with all products that didn’t make it into previous posts because they originated outside the US? Or your favourite European/non-US sources? For us international readers. Thanks!

I just bought my bed for my new home, like last week-end did. In canada we have a store called Structube, which have nice looking and quite affordable bed. I wanted a whole bed, since I don’t have a bedspring. But if I had to choose between one of these headboard, it would def, be the Swoop Wingback Headboard – Skyline Furniture in Togo Black and White ! Could be a great stunning focus into a bedroom !!!

7 years ago

I am considering an iron headboard, but what kind of bed frame do I need to buy to attach the headboard? Are all headboards compatible with standard frames? Do I have to buy a boxspring for our mattress?

Can you provide further details for how to put together a bed with a headboard?

Rachel Rupchand
7 years ago

Hi Emily,

This is probably not the right space to write this comment but I literally just googled your name and went to the best place that I thought I could get in contact with you. I was just on youtube…browsing and your commercial with Target started playing. I usually hit the skip button pretty fast and just get to the video I want to watch, but let me just say I watched the entire commercial and am so glad I did. I am literally writing this comment in tears, what you did for your Nanny and her family was just AMAZING. You blessed them in so many ways that I think is just so selfless and we just seriously don’t have enough people like you in the world. I pray that God blesses you and your family endlessly for what you did for them. Thank you for spreading kindness and love!


7 years ago

It’s always the right place for a sweet comment like that.

7 years ago

I for one would greatly appreciate a round up of non ugly office furniture. If anyone can find some functional, stylish and affordable desk chairs, Emily Henderson and team would be the ones to do it!

7 years ago

Basically I just need to pin everything you post all the time. Love those upholstered headboards … craving them in indigo or navy. Yes, please.

7 years ago

Would any of these headboards work for a platform style bed?
I like a low bedframe and am wondering if any of these would work in that style.

Thanks 🙂

7 years ago

I love the ornate wood ones!

7 years ago

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7 years ago

I purchased #6 under $300 last year and I have to say the quality of the headboard is AMAZING! Great round up!

xx Kaylee

7 years ago

I actually have #1 from the Under $100 section. I bought it because I needed a quick solution and it was just too inexpensive to pass up. In person, it has more texture than expected and I kind of love it.

I think for the future, we’ll invest in something more substantial, but I’m holding onto the headboard and sticking it in the guest room.

7 years ago

So I have a fabric nail head headboard similar to 2 in ‘under $300’ above. My issue is that where it connects to the bed, there is this weird gap between the bottom of the headboard and the top of the mattress, especially noticeable on the sides (kind of like you can even see on the very last picture). I basically got an extra pillow to hide it but that’s not an especially elegant solution. If I didn’t live in a manhattan apt/was very handy I suppose I could make new holes for the box spring and attach it lower down, but barring that step of essentially remaking the headboard, does anyone else have ideas about what to do about that gap? Or am I the only one who is bothered by that??

7 years ago

Hi! Just wondering, as a burgeoning designer, what software you use for all your beautiful graphics? Specifically what you use for your mood boards, for ones like your top image (the collages of actual product imagery), and your floor/furniture layouts that don’t look illustrated… thanks!

Reply to  Abigail

Thanks for sharing. I hope it will be helpful for too many people that are searching for this topic.

Christine Schwalm Design
7 years ago

I have the navy w/nailhead headboard (#2 in the under $300 category) and love it. I bought it on black Friday last year and got a sweet deal: a king sized headboard for $99 with free delivery. The fabric is pretty, not cheap looking.

7 years ago

We recently bought a headboard that I couldn’t be more in love with!

Nice post share..Thanks for share with us that kind informative blog.

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patty blaettler
7 years ago

Number 21 in under $300 also comes in the color indigo. I buy!

7 years ago

Hi Emily and team! I just moved into a new rental apartment that’s a little dark and has no overhead lighting in the living room. I’d love a roundup of non-ugly floor lamps that put off a lot of light (especially multi-bulb lamps)! I feel like this could be useful for a lot of renters.


7 years ago

Yay, my headboard is on the list! I bought the Roma Tufted headboard, #6 in the under $300 category. I was shocked at how good it looks in person but am much happier now that Emily included it.

I remember Martha Stewart recommending a matching fitted sheet on the box spring and it did look okay. I wanted something a little more special though. I found a perfect coverlet in my headboard color and sewed elastic on the corners. It works, and washes, like a fitted sheet but looks custom made and very much like a fabric bed frame.

7 years ago
Reply to  Candice

I’m with the others above…I don’t want a rolling frame because it ruins the clean lines to have a bedskirt. Are there affordable bed frames (preferably lighter wood options) you could attach these to? The sites where you can buy upholstered headboards with a wood bed frame are expensive, especially for a king! Thank you:)

Khara Padgett
7 years ago

I love these round ups and the fact that you give a variety of price ranges. I’ve used the cabinet hardware roundup and have been looking for new headboards and bought 1 for my guest bed and 1 for my master bed each from this list! I would love to see a ceiling fan round up.

7 years ago

Hi Emily and team! I love these roundup posts and was wondering if you could do one on cribs that convert to full sized beds? I have a two year old and we bought the most massive foot-print crib we could find unintentionally. Now that we’re trying for our second and are going to put them in the same room I’ve realized this ginormous toddler bed about to turn twin sized bed is just too big. There is a gorgeous vintage style Jenny Lind crib out there but it doesn’t convert to a twin bed. I have dreams of two matching vintage twin sized beds in the same room someday but damn it if I can find a crib that I like in that style that converts to a toddler bed and then a twin. I figured this could be right up your reader’s alley and on your radar since you’re a momma of littles. Love your blog and everything you do!