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Color Clash : Emerald and Teal + Shop The Look




Hi folks, it’s Carla here and I’m happy to report that spring has finally sprung here in Minnesota. We are finally seeing buds on the trees and the grass is green. Like, emerald green. And the sky is blue. Teal, almost. Gosh, that is such a coincidence because today we’re here to talk about emerald and teal!

When we first discussed infusing some “color clash” posts into our fashion-trends-turned-home-trends series, I thought it’d be a fun challenge. But when Emily said we should start with teal and emerald as the first combo, I kinda panicked. While the fashionistas bopping around the streets of Manhattan may be able to combine such a clashing mix, who tha eff would use these two hues together in their home? Well, to my surprise and delight, I actually found more than enough examples that mix emerald and teal in the same space. So much so that I started to wonder if I’m the only one who DOESN’T use these colors together.

To ground us in what this trend is all about, here’s a smattering of cute chicks rocking emerald and teal.

Color Trend Emerald and Teal Fashion 1
Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

I think sans the lower left look, these are actually combos that could be worn outside the streets of fashion week. The key to these looks is layering multiple shades of greens and blues in a way that feels put-together and seamless. Likewise, this next space does a great job layering color upon color in a way that feels rich and saturated.

Color Trend Emerald and Teal Room Decor 1

While I’ve always treated plants as a neutral, you’ll see in these next examples that they can be used as an intentional hit of color too (duh Carla, they’re green).


For the noncommittal folks out there, the perfect way to try out colors and trends is through artwork and pillows. If you don’t like the way these pieces come together in your space, you can easily return them or do like I do and stack them in the basement amongst the 252 other items you’ve purchased and decided against and hope you husband doesn’t notice.

Color Trend Emerald and Teal Room Decor 6

This is a sneak peek of a kitchen you’ll see in full toward the end of the post. But I like this tight crop as it exemplifies that genius tip of mine about using plants as a hit of color.

Let’s slip into something a little more comfortable and head to the bedroom. Bedrooms seem like such an easy place to try new colors. Since the floors and furniture are typically neutral, all you gotta do is paint the walls and switch up your bedding.

Color Trend Emerald and Teal Room Decor 7

I loooove how calming these dark walls are. Four years after moving into our current home, we still don’t have window treatments in our bedroom so this seems like such a perfect dark, snoozey spot to me.

Color Trend Emerald and Teal Room Decor 2

This space gets bonus points for mixing in a SECOND color clash. That red and orange artwork thingy looks like a sunrise/sunset… doesn’t it?

Color Trend Emerald and Teal Room Decor 8

If you’re gonna get all technical on my ass, this space probably doesn’t combine emerald with teal. I’m considering the walls a shade of emerald and the bed frame looks like a super dark teal (but admit it may be black). Regardless, what I love about this is how great the wood floors look mixed with the green walls. And you can never go wrong with crisp white bedding.

Okay pop-tarts, nap time is over, let’s head out to the sitting area.

Color Trend Emerald and Teal Room Decor 9

Spicing things up a bit, here we have some sassy teal chairs mixed with some bold artwork and a hit of zebra print for extra punch. While this style is totally unlike anything I would try in my home, I admire this dame’s (or dude’s) ability to go for it.

Color Trend Emerald and Teal Room Decor 10

I love how the rich colors and masculine artwork here are balanced with more delicate metallic accessories and a flood of natural light.

Color Trend Emerald and Teal Room Decor 3

You know that feeling when you pound a mini-box of Nerds and it’s totally sensory overload with all the sweetness and sourness and crunchiness and colorful tongue-ness? I get a similar sensation looking at this hear space.

Color Trend Emerald and Teal Room Decor 11

In most cases, adding big mirrors to a space will enhance the use of color and visual business, but this smart lassie used dusty-foggy-vintage-type mirrors so-as not to dial up the use of saturated color TOO much.

Let’s end this make-believe tour with a stop in the kitchen.

Color Trend Emerald and Teal Room Decor 12

As promised earlier, here is a wider shot of this super cool boho kitchen by Emily’s friend Justina Blakeney. People always seem to shy away from color in kitchens (including myself). This space does a good job of keeping a super tight palette and countering (no pun intended) the super saturated greens with lots of white and natural wood.

Color Trend Emerald and Teal Room Decor 13

WHERE do you think this kitchen is? I can’t even image the kind of home that would have a magical kitchen like this. The more I stare at it, the more I’m convinced a family of hobbits and wizards and fairies live here.

Color Trend Emerald and Teal Room Decor 14

If you’re the kind of person who likes to get dressed up in a specific color palette and then dine in a restaurant decorated in the same specific color palette, you can REST ASSURED, ladybird, because this place exists.

So what do you think? Are you convinced these clashing colors could work in your home? What about on your bod? I for one am ob-sessed with the silk-chiffon frock below.


1. Mr Godfrey Chair in Venice Peacock | 2. Casablanca Moroccan Wool Rug | 3. Les Touches Pillow | 4. Green Zebra Pop Pillow | 5. Montana Beryl Floppy Wool Hat | 6. Jenni Kanye Short Sleeve Dress | 7. Cactus iPhone Case | 8. Whistles Leather Verity Backpack | 9. Bottega Veneta Leather Satchel | 10. Anna Sui Printed Maxi Dress | 11. Juno Loafers | 12. Cape Clogs Herringbone Green | 13. Velvet Bar Stool | 14. Bloomsbury Green Long Tray | 15. Le Creuset Juniper Round French Oven | 16. Malachite Pine Scented Candle | 17. Monroe Mid-Century Sofa | 18. KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

For more fashion-trends-turned-home-trends, check out Powder Blue, Buttercup Yellow, Lavender and Fiesta Red.

*Authored by Carla

**Carla Fahden is a Creative Director at a creative agency in Minneapolis with a focus on fashion art direction. Off the clock she devotes her time to writing her blog, designing wedding stationery and watching her Felicity box set. 

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I love these colors together! Especially with pops of gold and copper.


Emerald and teal? That’s unreal!! Bad rhyming aside, I’m just glad to hear that someone who has a life a lot more pulled together than mine also doesn’t have window treatments four years after moving into their home 🙂

I am typically a “white + bright” type of person, but teal and emerald are my go-to deep shades that I love to decorate with!


I LOVE this color combo, although I don’t think I could go as extreme as some of these examples. We have teal tile around our fireplace, and a nice green plant would look great next to it if only the cats wouldn’t chomp on the leaves 24/7.


The Driskill Hotel in Austin has the most GORGEOUS emerald green cafe with copper accents, it inspired me to paint my living room emerald once. I loved it… my landlord not so much! It never occurred to me that emerald and teal might clash, I love them together! Gonna have to try it now.

YES! I was there last weekend, and it was life changing.


I think it depends on the shade of ‘teal.’ some of these examples I’d just call blue. I don’t care for the very first example at all.
But when the ‘teal’ is more blue, I think it works.

Aditi Paliwal

I love green and decorating with it – so this is a great post for inspiration. However, the price point on the bar stool (#13) is a little too high. Any suggestions on like items with a lower price point? Thanks!


My living room is white (yep, the walls and furniture) so I can swap out colorful accents whenever I want. It’s been emerald and teal for ages, it’s so fresh and clean, I love it! White, emerald, teal, medium wood tones and some dark metals (though I’ve started gravitating toward copper). It’s my fave room in the house!

Interesting idea – some of these rooms look great but I don’t know if I’d make such bold choices, since I’d be afraid of getting tired of it really fast. The plant option is doable though – I have a teal loveseat and a peace lily in the same room so perhaps I’ve dipped my toe in the water!

FYI, half of the pics in this post are coming across really grainy – I’m on Chrome on a Windows computer, if that helps.

This color combo is what I see in my peacock’s feathers… So beautiful for sure! ~Kim

Luisa Browning

Not convinced. I find the combination of emerald and teal together ugly and unsettling.

I’m pretty sure the “hobbit/wizard” kitchen is by Agnès Emery, maybe even her own…

Susie Q.

I think you’re right.


Interesting post, its a change to see so many colour-strong interiors in one place! As someone above mentions, I’m seeing almost half of these images as low resolution which is a shame! x


I loved that kitchen! And love the idea of bringing in some emeralds to my neutral and blue home. Thanks for making me rethink my preferences a little bit today.

This is one of my favorite combos! I think most all greens look great when mixed together. I even have a pinterest board dedicated to it. Thanks for some new inspo!

I loved that green sofa against the white wood wall… what do we call that style? Royal Rustic? 🙂

Susie Q.

A lot of these large images are pixelated/low res. I hope this issue will be ironed out.

I love these colors together! And those kitchen tiles from Justina’s jungalow kitchen are amazing!!

Love everything about this colour combo. Saw a divine vintage chaise lounge in a gorgeous teal velvet the other day. It adjusted to 400 different positions! Unfortunately it cost $7000 so will not be coming to live at my house any time soon. I bought a $350 armchair instead. #realworld


I loovvvee this! I’ve never ventured into the world of green (it’s probably my least favourite colour!) but this post has almost convinced me! Beautiful!


Gorgeous. All the images are clear as can be, not pixelated or grainy as some have commented.

Love this rich, jewel-tone combination! I’m not brave enough to do walls, but would love a dresser or small chest in emerald.

Chaya Jain

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I haven’t gotten this excited about a color combo in a long time!! Green (especially emerald) is my favorite color with blue a close second.


Omg I just realized that I’ve been this in my bedroom already! I have emerald nightstands, a gold velvet tufted headboard, vintage style floral duvet, emerald/teal pillows and a calypso ocean blue dresser. I know no one cares but if Emily and co. like it, I’m feeling pretty good about my 2 year old design choices.


love this color combo & love this series!!

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