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My 63 Favorite Temporary Wallpaper Patterns

The Lorey’s Dining Room

We all know that I am no stranger to wallpaper. I love it, I use it and I constantly find myself trying to get every single one of my clients to use it in their homes. We even did a massive wallpaper roundup last year where I showed you some my favorite sources. But, wallpaper can be daunting to shop for, commit to and hang. Not to mention it may not be the right solution for everyone… cue renters, commitment phobes, and squatters. But, when you do wallpaper correctly, it really can make a room. It not only provides a big pattern that creates impact but it actually makes the rest of the room easier to design because you have this super solid style that leads everything. Let’s take a little walk down memory lane (which is very wallpapered memory lane in this case).

Charlie’s Nursery
The Cattery
Nicolette Mason’s Weekend Makeover
Elliot’s Nursery

So, for those of you that are ready for some pattern, color and life to bring into your rooms but are terrified of the cost or commitment we have round up our favorite 63 temporary wallpapers for you to gush over. Let’s get into it.

Temporary Wallpaper_Roundup_Self Stick_Self Adhesive_mural_wall covering_Emily Henderson

1. Waves Of Chic | 2. Yellow Cheveron | 3. Navy & Gold | 4. Cheetah | 5. Red Poppies | 6. Geostar | 7. Linen Grasscloth | 8. Dotted Trees | 9. Arrows | 10. Woodland | 11. Honeycomb | 12. Herringbone | 13. Striped Leaf Pattern | 14. Flower Pattern | 15. Hill-Side Floral | 16. Gingham Pattern | 17. Grey Chevron | 18. Black Xs | 19. Grey Goose Feathers | 20. Aralia Leaves | 21. Geometric Deco | 22. Palm Areca & Calibri Birds | 23. Black & White Peony | 24. Watercolor Peonies | 25.  Speckle | 26. Lemons | 27. Savannah Soiree | 28. Map Of Pairs | 29. Red & Lime Peonies | 30. Swans | 31. Byzantine Pattern | 32. Wild Grass | 33. X Marks The Spot | 34. Wild | 35. Stamped Triangle | 36. Tally | 37. Marble | 38. Raindrops | 39. Gold Peonies | 40. Tulip Art Nouveau | 41. No Longer Available | 42. Petal Pusher | 43. Daydream | 44. Otomi | 45. Ballet | 46. Watercolor Cactus | 47. Spring Floral | 48. Banana Leaf | 49. Facade | 50. Watercolor Mural | 51. Lace Web | 52. Humming Marsh | 53. Sketched Ikat | 54. Paradise Found | 55. Tiled Crest | 56. Mushroom Forest | 57. Nuvolette Wallpaper | 58. Peacock | 59. Blue Wood Grain Texture | 60. Navy Burlap Texture | 61. Stripes | 62. Botanical Blossom 63. Bronze Grasscloth

Ready to throw some pattern on your walls, what are your favorites? And, what roundups are you craving next? Let us know and we will pull together some of our favorites for you.

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8 years ago

I am in love with the wallpaper you used for your daughter’s room! I’m pregnant with a baby girl and I would like to use the same paper for an accent wall in her room. When it comes to removing the paper (when we eventually sell the house, not in the immediate future) – how difficult is that with that particular vendor’s paper and paste etc? Would really love your thoughts! Love love you blog and insta feed, your babies are so adorable!

8 years ago

As a renter this product is terribly intriguing. I have non-textured walls (yes, I know, I’m amazingly lucky) and wanted to try this. I bought a CB2 wallpaper like the #49 Facade that is vinyl coated and followed the instructions to a T. Unfortunately the wall paper kept falling down and bubbling. It was hugely disappointing. I ended up trashing the wallpaper & getting a full refund from CB2, but I’m wondering if anyone at the EHD team has experienced this, or any readers? Is this common? Is there a fix? Are some temporary papers better than others? Also out of curiosity, has anyone had success with using this or a similar product to temporarily cover ugly tile?

8 years ago

LOVE 22 and 46. I wish that it was less expensive though! I feel like I’d be dropping a couple hundred on something that isn’t going to last very long 🙁

tracy aichele
8 years ago

Having just patched and repainted from temporary wall paper – I just think these products are awful. The products were on the wall for a year – and there was no way to cleanly remove – pulled the paper layer off of the wallboard in places. Sure, I didn’t have top steam to remove, but still could not be removed without having to repaint the wall.

8 years ago
Reply to  tracy aichele

Hi Tracy – the same thing happened to me when I used temporary wallpaper. The directions said to make sure the paint on the wall you were applying it to had cured for at least 3 weeks. Mine had cured for 3 years and when I had to peel off the paper to readjust it, a huge piece of paint came off. Can only imagine what will happen when the whole wall of paper comes down. Great idea but temporary with no damage? Not so much.

8 years ago

I’ve been wanting #47 since I saw it in the spring Anthropologie catalog. It is amazing, wish I could live somewhere long enough to feel like the investment is worth it!

8 years ago

Etsy round up. I still look lovingly at your etsy pillow one from waaaay back.

8 years ago
Reply to  Shawn

Hi Shawn! I just did an Etsy round up on my blog and have some great artisans to share if you’re interested!


8 years ago

I absolutely love that palm print and I didn’t even realize it was temporary?!

8 years ago
Reply to  Nikki

If you mean the one in the inspiration image, that one is not temporary. It’s regular style.

8 years ago is a great source for this! Tons of fun patterns, and you can upload your own custom design, too. They have a peel and stick version that’s super easy to install.

8 years ago

I would love an affordable TV stand roundup. We’re doing a Scandinavian/ mid-century style look, but all the pretty TV stands are $1,000 and up! It’d be great to see if any are less than that.

8 years ago
Reply to  Leanna

go to Craigs list. Just got a fantastic one for 200$.

8 years ago
Reply to  Leanna

try the Ikea Stockholm tv stand or sideboard. I used the sideboard and love it.

8 years ago

How temporary are they? What is the application process?

8 years ago
Reply to  Kaiulani

some apply with a light coat of water and then you use water to pull them off as well, and some are light giant stickers. I’ve used both and they were both super easy to apply!


8 years ago

these are fabulous!
Can i request a throw blanket round-up? I realize we are moving into spring/summer but we blast our AC so I still love a cozy blanket in the summer.

thank you and thank you for all the hard work on the blog and the fabulous content!

8 years ago

absolutely love temporary wallpaper and you have 63 great picks here! I used #2 in black and white in my bar area, and designed my own cherry blossom wallpaper to use in my powder room. I also love the price tag and the easy application for temporary wallpaper. Although I’m sure it would have been easier to do it with a second person, I was able to do it completely by myself!

The bar area one is in this post:
the bathroom is this one:


8 years ago

We have #56 installed in our guest room, and while it’s GORGEOUS, I wouldn’t say it’s temporary. It is supposedly easily removable, but it is prepasted wallpaper that you hang in strips, not peel and stick like most removable wallpaper.

8 years ago

Emily, can you PLEASE PLEASE tell me where the wallpaper was from in your periscope yesterday (interviewing the intern)? It is EVERYTHING.

8 years ago
Reply to  jan

It’s called “My House,” and it’s by Sissy + Marley for Jill Malek! You can find it here –

8 years ago

I need #3 in my life more than I ever thought possible. It speaks to my heart. I really wish I had a powder room; it would be perfect in there. Where can I put this? Hmmm…. Might be time to redo my home office!

8 years ago

Roundup of fireplaces! Like hard finish options, not just styling. Brick fireplaces! Tile fireplaces! Stone fireplaces! Wood fireplaces! Fancy carved marble fireplaces! Mod sleek steel fireplaces! I say this every time you ask for content ideas, but I think I must be the only one, haha.

8 years ago

I love so many of these! I kind of need to pin this and then go crazy wall papering my entire house!


8 years ago

As lovely as all these are, what would be even more helpful is a quick review of the different application methods utilized by different brands and maybe some experimental tests on applying and removing. If you are really and truly renting, the whole goal is to get something that’s not going to break the bank – or your security deposit. If it turns out that most of these either a) don’t stick at all, or b) stick too well and can’t be removed without damage that you are then responsible for repairing at your expense, their good looks won’t get you very far.

8 years ago

Wow that’s an impressive round up. These wallpaper are so cheerful and impactful, simply beautiful.

8 years ago

Gorgeous roundup!! I want that swan paper in my bathroom so badly. Also, that cat shelter was ridiculously awesome. Would love to see you do another charity space like that.

8 years ago

LOVE everything you all come up with!

Round up ideas!!
-patio/pool area furniture and decor (hammock, loungers, candles, umbrellas, attractive kid toy storage (that keeps spiders out!), side tables, candles, etc)
-man chairs/recliners
-coffee table books for varying interests
-favorite + easy to take care of indoor plants
-budget friendly floor tile for kitchen, laundry, bathroom
-wall art/decor

Other idea:
-functional yet pretty kitchen and pantry styling

Thank you! 🙂

8 years ago
Reply to  Julie

I second coffee table books!!! And I think it would be really cool to do a gas stove roundup for those of us with no fireplace!! 🙂 You guys do such a great job!!! I LOVED the over sized pillow idea for your bed (and purchased one off of the list)!!

8 years ago

20, 30 and 53 are giving me heart eyes!! I’d love to try out wallpaper sometime, and removable definitely seems like the wisest option for a first-timer.

That Twenty Something

8 years ago

cool. Really really Cool. Love many of these wallpapers. Am one of those who have Often given up wallpaper ‘shopping’ after a brief toe dip in the pool. Too many choices, too many vendors, too much yukky stuff to wade through. Needed someone – Yourself! – to narrow down the options and making these all ‘temporary’ wallpapers helped enormously. Having said that, I Still gave up after a while, a long while, clicking on this and that and finding too many out of my price range. I get that you garner ‘credit’ for placing a company’s product in a story, and getting us to click-on to their websites…but still, a price point guide? a price beside the product? would get ‘credit’ from your audience I think, and save a lot of unnecessary Further winnowing for us your readers. Me anyway. I say this because this Really applies to this long list, but too because I have felt the same with your other product lists – beds, sofas, etc – and sometimes you Do have prices so I don’t waste my time tilting at windmills. On a tight budget this is just frustrating.

8 years ago

So gorgeous! Love these designer wallpapers which are adding an elegance to your room walls, especially the Living room’s leaf pattern one. Moreover, the blue candle holders also seems stunning.

Other Emily
8 years ago

I love number 3 so much. I’d love to know how DIY friendly these really are. Can I actually do this or is this something better installed by someone who knows what they are doing?

I know you did a rug round up recently- but I would LOVE another. I am so paralyzed by all the options and they make such an important impact on a space. I’ve been trying to pick one forever, and I just can’t.

8 years ago

I mean, really, did you read my mind? I’ve spent the last week trying to find the best temporary wallpaper out there for my office in my rented apartment. Thank you for making my life a whole lot easier, and a whole lot prettier!

xx Hannah //

8 years ago

HOW FUN!!!! Im obsessed with all of them!!! Ive been looking for a temp wallpaper for my apartment, and this is amazing help!! <3

8 years ago

Would love something on outdoor furniture/design. (Not sure a roundup is the best kind of post for it though). Thank you!

8 years ago

omg, i love these. so nice to see them all in one place.

8 years ago

Hey Emily. Your blog is awesome.

8 years ago

A roundup of recliner sofas that don’t look like three airline seats jammed together would be great. There are no couches advertised that I would have in my home; surely there are designers who have tackled the problem of de-uglyfing these divans that are so desired by the male in the house.