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6 Combos to Instantly Up Your Curb Appeal

Earlier this year we gave an update to the facade of our house (to help it sell once we finally put it on the market) and I can not tell you how much happier I am every time I drive up to it. I now get excited to walk up those steps to the front door and although we did replace all the siding, light fixtures, and painted the whole house (don’t worry a big reveal with the whole process is coming soon), you can give your home some major curb appeal with just a few new accessories and a quart of paint on your front door this weekend. With fall quickly turning into winter there is no better time to give your front stoop a little makeover before those judgy in-laws come into town. Nothing says ‘I have my life together’ like a well put together front door, right?! We put one of our market researchers, Jeran, to the task and she pulled together some mighty cute combos for you below. Each combo includes a door color, wreath, doormat, mailbox, planter, and house numbers so the only thing missing is the house and a little #EHDweekendmakeover time!

Door Paint Color | Wreath | Mailbox | Planter | Doormat | House Numbers

White and Wheat: A little bit country, a little bit modern what with that mid-century planter and black door. I am very into it for an update on a modern farmhouse.

Door Paint Color | Wreath | Mailbox | Planter | Doormat | House Numbers

Casual Classic: There is nothing more classic than a boxwood wreath and I am very into the silver and green combo paired with the black.

Door Paint Color | Wreath | Mailbox | Planter | Doormat | House Numbers

Gold and Grey: I love this gold wreath. We used it recently in a fall decorating post and it is good in person. Grab it before it is sold out online and in store.

Door Paint Color | Wreath | Mailbox | Planters | Doormat | House Numbers

Modern Moment: Classic black and white will never go out of style and the punch of blue updates the combo and gives your front door that pop it needs to stand out from your neighbors.

Door Paint Color | Wreath | Mailbox | Planter | Doormat | House Numbers

Rustic Red: If your weather doesn’t have you feeling like it is fall, then this front door combo definitely will. When spring rolls back around swap out the doormat for a simple neutral one and you can transition seamlessly into the new season.

Door Paint Color | Wreath | Mailbox | Planter | Doormat | House Numbers

Tons of Texture: This one might be a better bet for those of us that don’t get the cold and snowy winters as I am not sure how well this wreath would hold up through the elements, but I love how casual, warm, and inviting this combo is.

So, which one is your favorite? Are there any must see pieces for your door that we missed, if so leave the links below in the comments and let us know what we need to check out! Happy Friday folks and good luck with the DIY’s this weekend, be sure to tag #EHDweekendmakeover if you tackle any projects you want us to see!


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46 thoughts on “6 Combos to Instantly Up Your Curb Appeal

  1. I puzzled over the title of the blog post for a few minutes. I thought there was a new word I didn’t know. That is the problem with typos…

    I like the wreaths, but that birchbark wreath looks like crumpled up newspaper.

    I am sure that what sold my home was new pretty doormats from the dollar store.

    1. Lol. It looks like a mummy wreath. If it were a bit fatter, I think it’d be cuter. Plus you could add to it a bit, add a bow or something.

    2. Good catch! As soon as we noticed it we swapped it out this morning, but sometimes it takes a bit for the changes to go live to everyone! xx

  2. Love this! I was just on Pinterest earlier this week looking to up my curb appeal game πŸ™‚ The first is my favourite. Already looking into purchasing that doormat and wreath.

  3. These are all so cute and then I remember I really must do something about my hideous storm door. I read they aren’t really very effective so I might remove it altogether though they’ve just been so ingrained in us up in the cold great lakes region.

    1. Paint the storm the same color as your door. It makes it virtually disappear. I’ve done it with all my (MI-based) houses, and people have literally come up to the house to compliment me on it.

  4. Dear Emily,
    This post is a dream come true!

    Thank you.

    I have a Cali rancher, painted all super white with a unpainted wood and plain glass door.
    Something like the picture below but prettier wood.
    Should I paint it?!?
    I need to do something. I love it now, but it’s been a few years.
    Or which I the recipes above can I fallow? Or dear Santa of emhendo, can u make a combo for me?
    Please help!

    1. It sounds beautiful as it is! If the door is still in good condition then I would leave it natural and you could maybe bring in some neutral color with a green/live wreath or a colored door mat. Happy Friday! xx

  5. The title should be “Instantly” not “Instanly.” And the link to the cotton ball wreath — my favorite — in the last option isn’t working.

  6. Very pretty! I like the first one best! I have a dumb problem that maybe somebody could comment on – my house number is 1111. Graphically this makes the house numbers so challenging because it looks like a bunch of hash lines. Is having a serif enough to make it interesting? Any other ideas?

    1. That’s cool! But I can see how it’d be tricky. Have you enough room for “One thousand one hundred and eleven”? Or even “one one one one”? The words stacked on top of each other, instead of in a line, would be cool:

      One thousand
      One hundred
      & eleven


  7. What about an option for people that have wooden doors? The prettiest but least favorite part of my house has got to be the wooden door with glass inset. I don’t know how to decorate around such a traditional suburban door!

  8. My door is already a slightly lighter shade than the “Tons of Texture” look but the rest of our entry is seriously lacking in personality. Am going for this whole look (minus the mailbox as our mailslot goes to the garage) now!

  9. Your blog is knocking it out of the park for me, lately. I’d love to see a round up of outdoor lighting, especially for the front door/porch area.

  10. I have never understood door wreaths. Not a thing where I grew up, and I am forever perplexed as to their purpose. What are they adding exactly? So confusing.

    1. I don’t know about other people, but I sometimes put up a wreath or other seasonal decor outside my door to distinguish mine from my neighbor’s. I live in a condo community and the buildings/stairs/doors all look very similar if not identical. We are very restricted on what we can do (nothing permanent). Even the storm doors must be of one specific type. My guests seem to get confused about where they are supposed to go. With a wreath or similar, I can reassure people that “it’s the door with the X on it.”

      I hope I don’t create a trend though. If my neighbors start hanging wreaths, I’ll be in trouble.

  11. I love last one the best I think – I love wreaths on a front door, I actually own four of the wreaths you featured. Made my day πŸ™‚
    Thank you so much.

  12. I love the boxwood wreath, but the product description says it’s for indoor use only. Any sources for one that could be placed outside? Thank you!

  13. I’ve been looking for a brass “W” or script that says “West” to add to my house. Have you ever seen that around? I’m struggling to find a place to purchase it.

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