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14 Perfect Dining Tables + Chair Combinations

Like Angelina and Brad, Beyonce and Jay Z, or Donald Trump and his ego, finding the perfect match is difficult, but when found, it is powerful. Thus our series “Power Couples” in which we scour, shop, and pair up two things that need each other in order to survive in the home. These 14 combinations of dining tables and chairs are 100% guaranteed to look good together; the colors, scales, styles, and finishes have been stared at for a long time by the EHD crew. They are on the budget friendlier side, and they are all available online no matter where you live in these here states. So, for your viewing pleasure we present, Power Couples: Tables and Chairs.


For you simpler yet happy type, these two make breakfast snappier. (Scandinavian: Table: $179, Chair: $419)

Modern Glam

These two fair best in older homes, set in the Hollywood Hills is preferable, donned with Kelly Wearstler style wallpaper. (Modern Glam: Table: $1530,  Chair: $115)

Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse is a trend that is going no where especially if its actually in a country setting. These two say ‘drink that cup of coffee and read that local ledger, while listening to Rilo Kiley’. (Modern Farmhouse: Table: $269,  Chair: $127 for 2)


Throw a sheepskin on that chair and you have warm minimalism – which is the only way I can actually do minimalism. (Minimalist: Table $499,  Chair: $325) Nordic Zen

I’m dying to go in this direction with a future home. It’s both straight and simple, while being curved and warm. (Nordic Zen: Table: $2, 099,  Chair: $178) 


I love a pedestal table so much – it makes shoving in and styling those chairs fast and easy. That’s the former waitress in me talking. (Traditional Old World: Table: $729,  Chair: $288)


I think that ‘contemporary’ would even be more accurate for this. Its new and simple and beloved by most people scared to go too far in one direction or another. (Modern: Table: $1, 600,  Chair: $560 for 2)


Because where else are you going to drink Peroni from real Peroni glasses or espresso from teeny, tiny cups? (Bistro: Table: $398,  Chair: $225) 

70s Glam

Seventies burlwood is going nowhere and when paired with black leather it gets a big dose of bad ass. (70s Glam: Table: $1, 199,  Chair: $349) 


One of my favorite combos here and I’m not even particularly ‘global’. I love this combo so much. (Global: Table: $749,  Chair: $398)


For those of you with your uber chic lofts and perfectly aged accessories. Here is a table and chair that has that industrial vibe without looking too cheesy. (Industrial: Table: $270,  Chair: $145)


If you don’t/can’t buy real mid-century vintage you can replicate that look with some pretty darn wonderful pieces on the market these days. (Mid-Century: Table: $659,  Chair: $145)Modern 80s

Lucite, brass and black leather can go dated certainly but this combo keeps it looking modern and edgy. Remember when Brady used those chairs in his dining room and it was love at first site for all of us? (Modern 80s: Table: $1, 499,  Chair: $349)


A table/chair combo that I want to sit at to play all my epic Rummy tournaments and chardonnay. I’m not normally too drawn to slipcovered linen dining chairs with skirts to the floor, but MAN I want to sit in that chair. (Country: Table: $1, 195,  Chair: $738 for 2)

This roundup would not be complete without a huge pinnable image for you to share, stare at, print out and draw lipstick hearts all over. Power Couples Table And Chairs

Scandinavian: Table, Chair | Glam: Table,  Chair | Modern Farmhouse: Table,  Chair | Minimalist: Table,  Chair | Nordic Zen: Table,  Chair | Traditional Old World: Table,  Chair | Modern: Table,  Chair | Bistro: Table,  Chair | 70s Glam: Table,  Chair | Midcentry: Table,  Chair | Global: Table,  Chair | Industrial: Table,  Chair | Modern 80s: Table,  Chair | Country: Table,  Chair

Next up? Sofas and club chairs …

Are you into Power Couples? Any particular combo that you are begging to see? In the meantime, if you are craving more dining room inspiration check out some of our favorite projects: The Patels, The Curblys,  Spanish Dining Nook, Loreys Dining Room, Ian Brennan’s Dining Room, Bri Emery’s Dining Room.

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8 years ago

Love this! I’d really like to see combos for lighting when you have an open concept home with kitchen and dining area/breakfast nook connected (like I do).

8 years ago
Reply to  Eliza

Yes! Great idea!

8 years ago
Reply to  Eliza


8 years ago

Ooooo…. beautiful and helpful post! The best kind!

8 years ago

It’s funny how coincidences happen. I was just looking for a burlwood table on craigslist, because my parents used to have one and I really liked it. My dad actually had that table recovered with a set of 6 chairs with square brass bases in white vinyl. And it was cheap, like less than $200 cheap. But that was in Mexico, where reupholstering and recovering furniture is money saving. Which brings me to suggest you to have the work done on your vintage finds on the other side of the border 😉

8 years ago

Global is my favorite too! Although I love the look of many of the modern/scandinavian chairs, going forward I will almost always pick a nicely upholstered chair instead. I have the plastic-y ones now and they are just not comfortable for a long dinner. Its a shame there are not more interesting or modern looking upholstered dining chairs!


8 years ago

I like the traditional, country and global best for my home, but my fantasy home has the modern glam and 70s glam for sure! LOVE!

8 years ago

I love the look of the country table with the white modern chairs, that’s what we’re trying to do for our house right now!


8 years ago

It’s refreshing how IKEA is stepping up their dining table game. I’ve been disappointed in the options there in years past, but their new designs and price points are just what we need, what with our fresh-out-of-grad-school budget. The Norraker table is even solid wood and rated for public use which leads me to believe it would be quite sturdy.

8 years ago

Please do tell on Saarinen?

8 years ago
Reply to  Shawn

agree agree! i have my thoughts but would like yours.

Love the industrial combo! Going to be doing a similar combo in my home office reno.

8 years ago

Thank you so much. This post is so timely. I just searched for hours online yesterday for a good quality, mid century/contemporary, yet affordable dining set. West Elm seemed like the best option. I’d love to see a modern traditional combo too.

Anyone have other recommendations?

Oh, and is your accent wall post still coming soon?

8 years ago

Hey Emily, your comments on the industrial category got me thinking, and I think this is something I struggle with. How much should you cater to the type of home you’re in versus what your style is? Is there a sweet spot that can be achieved there?

I live in a Victorian apartment with beautiful cased openings, trimwork, detail, elaborate fireplaces (most of which have been painted out white after many years of being an apartment, which I’m ok with) but my style is more modern farmhouse/traditional. How much do I need to let my home’s style influence my decorating style? I think finding that sweet spot is a big challenge for me.

(sorry/ ignore if you answer this in your book, but it’s #1 on my beach read list when I go in the next couple weeks and I’m saving it for then! ha!)

8 years ago

I love a lot of these, although I was a bit disappointed to not see a classic farmhouse table (as opposed to modern) + chair combo…I have a very traditional farmhouse table with the turned legs and everything, and my husband is crazy sentimental about it, so if you have any ideas for modern chairs to pair with said table I’d be ever so grateful!

8 years ago

Love this Power Couple idea. I would like to see a bedroom storage Power Couple – dressers and nightstands! 🙂

8 years ago

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8 years ago

I’m in the middle of a long hunt for dining chairs. We have a gorgeous custom walnut live edge dining table, and I can’t an alternative option to the one from C&B I have seen.
My husband is super traditional and wants all of the chairs to match, with two arm chairs on the ends. I’m terrified of fabric because I have kids.

HELP! Suggestions???

8 years ago
Reply to  Nichole

Slip covers for the chairs or choose chairs that only have fabric on the inside back and seat that way the rest of the chair is “safe” from kids, pets, spills. Pick a durable and easy to care for fabric. Colorful patterns in are great as they hide stains very well.

I would love a sofa / coffee table power couple. P.s. Love this new series

8 years ago

Oh, I love this series!!! Keep the power couples coming. I would love to see something about barstools and dining chairs. We’ve been looking to update out barstools but don’t want them to match our dining chairs this time. Also maybe one about mixing and matching chairs in the living room.

8 years ago

000 I like the modern 80’s one and the mid-century!! =)

8 years ago

Genius idea for a post! My favorite is Nordic Zen.

8 years ago

Hi, thanks for the helpful post. I just had the chance to be able to purchase a set of kartell phantom chairs (those without arms) and I’m curious to know what kind of table you guys would pair them with. Maybe this could be interesting for others, too!

8 years ago

This is great, I am a mix between Mid-Century and Scandinavian with a pinch of 70’s glam!

8 years ago

great post! but, but, what about the so popular chinese chippendale dining chair thats been popular for ages?! please show me a match made in dining room table heaven!

Emily S
8 years ago

Love this series! More power couple suggestions: end tables/lamps, headboards/night stands, desks/chairs

8 years ago

Hey Emily. Your blog is awesome.

Thanks Emily for your every blog. 🙂 (y)

Emily love your blog.

You have done a great post. Thanks for sharing I would like to read more from this blog. keep posting..

8 years ago

Thanks!!! I’m looking for new chairs to match my dinning table but don’t know the style of it. It looks like your country table but is darker, I might be teak or darker. I like to mix styles …. would love to see any suggestions!!! I love nordic, country and a bit of glam… what a mix. But don’t know how to combine the table-chairs thing yet!!!

8 years ago
Reply to  Lucia

I should add I like industrial too 🙂

8 years ago
Reply to  Lucia

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Just wow Emily!!!! no words .