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18 Things I’ve Bought, Almost Bought, Or Am Going To Buy…


It’s Friday. It’s been a long, good week. Last week my family had a truly incredible week together on vacation so getting back into the swing of things was tricky. So why not celebrate the weekend with a quick fashion post? I’ve been transitioning into my fall wardrobe, and thought it should be broadcast internationally to all of you (obviously).

Here are 18 things I’ve either bought, almost bought, or want to buy. Also please note those baby thighs (above).


1. Levi’s Denim Sherpa Jacket – What is this 1999? YES. When I met Brian he would only wear this coat. I was endlessly attracted to him. Now I want it. It’s still too hot to think about in LA, but I may hoard for January because having snuggly-ness near my face is something I’m prioritizing in my winter life.

2. Pendant Necklace – I bought this. It’s awesome. It’s hangs at the perfect length and is graphic, heavy, and yet special. I broke my last everyday necklace so this is my new one.

3. Peplum Sleeve Top – I’m sure this one won’t be terribly flattering on me, what with my secretly large boobs, but I love it and am going to try it out anyway. Haven’t bought it yet, but seriously thinking about it.

4. Slip On Sneakers – YOU GUYS. I was desperate, DESPERATE for cute park shoes. You know, those shoes that you can throw on to take the trash out, or go to brunch, or push the swing at the park. I like a tiny lift (my feet don’t like flat flats) and these are insanely comfortable, add an inch, and are so cute. They are Dr. Scholl’s, who’s marketing department is PSYCHED that frumpy shoes are having a moment right now (see #15 and #17, too) but I personally am down for this pair of casual comfort.

5. Circle Purse – I’ve wanted this Baggu bag for a while, with the only question being which color. I have too many camel bags and their olive suede is beautiful but maybe less easy to mix, so I figured to go along with my nursing clothes theme I’d don this white purse . . . to house my pill box and backup orthopedics.

6. Striped Huipile Top – I bought this and just tried it on today. It’s awesome. It’s big and needs to be worn with skinny jeans and heels (maybe some mules?), but the sheer volume and graphic nature makes it super compelling and striking. It’s not for everyone, but for those of us who like volume on top and less on the bottom, this number is your song.

7. Cropped Sweater – It’s a joke among my team that I love a boxy top/sweater. I haven’t ordered this one because it’s too hot in LA and I have two small kids who will probably ruin this expensive sweater. But for the record if I lived in New York and was sans kids I would buy this in a heartbeat.

8. Circle Cuff – I bought this. I love it. It’s slim, and graphic, and beautiful. I wore it in a shoot today and it was a crowd pleaser.

9. Skinny Cords – I own two pairs of these – one charcoal and one tan. I love everything Emily and Meritt does, so when they created The Great I had no idea that was them, but bought piece after piece (my ruffle bottom top and my buffalo plaid dress are from them, too). These are slim, flattering and comfortable. You have to wash them after every wear but I look forward to them in my pant drawer because they make my body (and tummy) very happy.

10. Sailor Skirt – Just ordered this but haven’t gotten it yet. SO CUTE.

11. Pink Bolero Hat – I found this via Bri Emery of DesignLoveFest and I knew that I, too, had to add this to my hat collection.

12. Gold Pin-closure Bracelet – You have no idea how happy it makes me that cuffs are back. I don’t like dainty jewelry because I lose or break it. So, this I can handle.

13. Intentionally Blank Heels – My favorite shoes ever are from this brand and I was so excited to see another version out there. My pair are so comfortable and flattering (EVERYBODY SAYS SO) and I’m hoping these have the same magic.

14. Pleated Tunic – Because tunics are the perfect layering piece for fall. Shove a sweater over that bad boy an you get cute little tails and cuffs sticking out.

15. Frill Sandal – Back with the Dr. Scholls chatter. These are nursing but I think they are so cute, and for $80 they are WAY more enticing than buying $350 trendy nursing shoes. I know that the rest of the country isn’t buying sandals right now but we wear them year round in LA and these give a lift, are flattering, and yet fill that weird/fun trend hunger really well.

16. Denim Zip Mini – I bought this a couple weeks ago and the front zipper/pocket combo makes it really flattering and makes your stomach look really flat. That’s all you really need to know if you are into such a thing.

17. Slip On Sneakers – Broken record. I bought three pairs. I love them all. Comfort + a tiny bit of height + cool + under $100 = WIN.

18. Maxi Dress – The new California brand that is taking casual ladies by storm, Doen is doing it. Order small as these run big, but no one loves that bell sleeve more than me.

Have a great weekend. We’ll be pumpkin shopping/carving and catching up on THIS IS US (Please tell me you are watching it??)




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7 years ago

I love slip-on sneakers for all the reasons you list. I have some Sketchers that are like walking on marshmallows.
That pink striped top is seriously adorable.

7 years ago

RE: Non-frumpy frumpy park shoes: have you checked out the Everlane Stree Shoe slip on sneakers ($135)?! Almond toe, ethically made, bit-o-lift. Check, check, check.

7 years ago

Do you ever shop on Poshmark? Reason I ask is I’m selling a sherpa-lined denim jacket for $35 on that app. In case the price tag of $148 was holding you back 🙂

7 years ago

Go for #3! I have the dress version from rent the runway and I’ve kept it for months because it is so awesome (comfortable and beautiful). I am a c/d and it totally works.

7 years ago

What does ‘nursing sandals’ mean? I just ordered some of those on Amazon for $27 and none of the ads say anything about nursing. Just curious!

7 years ago
Reply to  mary

I think she means sandals like these, you know, of the Dr Scholls variety:

7 years ago

I love the denim jacket. Its something Ive been wanting to buy since last winter. And baby thighs are the cutest!! 🙂

7 years ago

Hi, I have been meaning to order the Doen dress for a while, but I hesitate since it looks so transparent (top to bottom). I can’t possibly wear that outside. Do you wear a slip inside?


Lisa H.
7 years ago

I LOVE all of the jewelry! Have you checked out Addison Weeks? Lots of brass, lots of natural stones, all very modern designs. I’m dying to get a piece!

Also, amen to the cute slip-on. I live in sandals, ballet flats, and the occasional wedge, but a few months ago I broke from routine and bought pair of black, genuine leather, slip-on Meds. One of my proudest purchases ever! The leather really kicks them up a notch, but they are still SO comfortable. 🙂

7 years ago

I LOVE!!!! This is Us!

7 years ago

Those baby thighs …❤️

7 years ago

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7 years ago

I LOVE THESE POSTS! When you suggest something, I’m willing to
Go out in a limb and stretch myself. So far, I’m 100% thrilled with everything I’ve ordered based on your suggestions. I’ going to order the brass necklace and a pair of dr. Schools! ThNj you.

7 years ago

I cannot believe how much your daughter looks exactly like you!!! Adorable 🙂 Love these posts. Also love This is Us….seriously the best show ever 🙂

7 years ago

What I’d really love to know: where is that amazing camel coat from that you were wearing in the Instagram photo a few days ago! (Standing in front of your fireplace) Please share!

7 years ago

When I saw the first episode of “This is Us”, I knew this was the show to fill the “Parenthood” shaped hole that was left in my heart. I knew this would be right up your alley too!

7 years ago

Thanks for sharing…

7 years ago

And thank you for actually displaying all the items on the page instead of making us click through a thousand links like some bloggers have been doing (for reasons we all know ). It’s the little things you know!!!!!!!!!

7 years ago

Wait — are the Current/Elliot girls also behind Pilcro?!

7 years ago

Great picks for early fall, I am especially loving that Baggu bag!

7 years ago

I totally remember everyone in the 90s wearing those Levi fleece jackets! I’m sure my husband owned one too. haha

7 years ago

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Muslim Black Magic Expert

7 years ago

Hi Emily! I want to order the Beatrice slip ons but I live in Canada and I can’t find them here. How do they fit? True to size? I have a narrow foot and usually wear a 7.5. Just not sure what size to order. Let me know!



7 years ago

stylish. simple, gorgeous.