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All of our Makeovers and Reveals from 2017

2017 was a very big year for us over here at EHD. We moved offices, made some changes to the business, bought a new house, started construction on a fixer-upper in Portland, among many, many other things. Earlier this year we highlighted our top 10 posts from 2017 based on traffic but in the last year, there were SO many full reveals that we worked on and showcased to you that even WE had a little walk down memory lane when pulling this list together and prepping this post. In total we had 38 full reveals on the blog (which doesn’t count holiday makeovers or small refreshes) that the team over here on EHD worked on, produced and designed and we are all very proud of what we were able to pull off in 2017. We have many, many more BIG and EXCITING ones planned for this year but in case you missed any of the big reveals from this last year here are all of them in one post:

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup8

Modern Bohemian Home Office: It was bright, happy, filled with hits of indigo and brass, and had a lot of personality.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup7

Moody Mid Century Home Office: This office was for the husband of the office above and it was a total contrast both in style and color to the boho office, but we loved pulling it together.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup39

Mel’s Living Room Reveal: Mel revealed her living room and only confirmed our love for layered cozy textiles, minimal decor and a cozy California casual vibe.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup4

A Playful and Bright Playroom Reveal: We worked on quite a few rooms in this house and this room turned out so fun and whimsical. I want to play here.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup5

Little Girl’s Playful Bedroom Reveal: I am still not over that wallpaper that we used in this room. It was such a fun young space that still felt sophisticated.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup6

Eclectic Traditional Bedroom Reveal: Toile wallpaper, modern fixtures and lots and lots of beautiful accessories came to play in this guest room.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup22

Orlando’s Kitchen Reveal: Orlando walked us through his entire kitchen renovation (both the good and the bad), but we love the end result.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup17

Sara’s Living Room Reveal: Sara moved into her first apartment with her boyfriend and showcased a few of the rooms in there including the living room above.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup23

Sara’s Office Reveal : Sara and her bf Mac worked hard on this gallery wall and it could not have turned out more perfect. It was a happy, bright and eclectic room for them.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup24

Sara’s Bedroom Reveal: Last but not least from Sara’s reveals, her bedroom was a cozy and serene spot filled with beautiful vintage finds and lush textiles.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup2

Brady’s Kitchen Reveal: Brady revealed his kitchen (which included the $50 DIY peel and stick flooring that took the internet by storm) and we fell in love with the graphic black and white light-filled space he created.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup21

Orlando’s Guest Bedroom Reveal: Orlando gave new life to his guest room and we are still all waiting for our invite to sleep over.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup9

The Finished Patio (with the tile!): This tile. This patio. It will always be one of our favorite makeovers ever.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup1

Orlando’s Master Bedroom Reveal: Orlando proved that pink was for bedrooms, bed linens, and for just about everyone with his master bedroom reveal.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup16

Brady’s Bedroom Makeover with Parachute: Brady DIYed a massive wall to wall custom headboard, worked in some mid-century and vintage pieces and showed us that olive green velvet CAN be a neutral.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup19

Our Backyard Makeover – The Final Reveal: The place where we never want to leave. Our backyard took A LOT of love, but this was such a fun one to finish.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup18

Staging My Dream Parisian Hotel Suite: We channeled our inner Parisians with this makeover and had so much fun in the process staging and shooting this room.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup3

Tessa’s Living Room Refresh: Tessa (a photographer we use to shoot a lot of our reveals) worked with us to do a big refresh to her living room and the results were pretty amazing and very inviting.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup11

Elliot’s Nursery Reveal: That pink wallpaper will always be one of my most favorite things in this room although the entire space turned out to be such a happy space for Elliot.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup12

Our Kitchen and Dining Room Reveal: We showcased the entire renovation of our kitchen including the hardest part… deciding the shape and layout of the island.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup13

Our Modern English Tudor Living Room: Our living room got a few different updates throughout the year, but this was the first big reveal and included a much more colorful rug than the one we have now.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup14

Our Classic Modern Master Bathroom Reveal: Blue wainscoating, hand-printed wallpaper and the bathroom of my dreams.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup15

Our Master Bedroom Reveal: This was a big reno that included quite a bit of planning and moving walls around upstairs when we renovated the house, but I love this bedroom and it was worth every bit of insanity along the way.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup10

Charlie’s Big Boy Room Reveal: His very first big boy bedroom and although there are a few things we might change we still love it so much.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup32

A Greenhouse Makeover with: Brady and I ventured to NY late last year and worked on four incredible projects with a handful of insanely wonderful influencers. The first of these projects (and maybe my favorite) was this greenhouse.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup27

The Design Milk Family Room Reveal: This was a bit of a departure from our typical style but we had so much fun pulling together this modern, bright and poppy living room for Design Milk.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup34

A Modern (yet warm) Loft: We found an amazing loft with a crazy amount of natural light and beautiful architecture and filled it with Target’s new Project62 line and channeled all things mod and minimal.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup33

An Epic Gallery Wall with: Working with Timothy Goodman on this massive gallery wall and art installation was definitely one of my favorite projects this year and I love looking at these pictures.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup28

Griffith Park Sunroom Reveal: I love this room, I love that bar, and these clients could not have been more wonderful. We had so much fun working on this house.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup31

Griffith Park Living Room Reveal: A little bit Italian 70’s and glam a little bit mid-century but any room with a blue velvet sofa is something I will appreciate.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup35

Scott’s Bathroom Makeover: Scott moved into a brand new house (YAY) which gave us a fun opportunity to work with him in showcasing some of the new renovations he did in there, one of which was this beautiful and simple bathroom.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup29

The Griffith Park Dining Nook Reveal: The cutest little dining room nook of 2017 if we don’t say so ourselves.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup30

Griffith Park Formal Dining Room Reveal: A grand dining room makeover with some equally grand wallpaper.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup37

A 120-Year-Old Barn Makeover: We got to restyle an old barn into a swanky soho-house inspired library lounge for this one and had so much fun working with Louise Roe in the process.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup38

The Griffith Park Master Bedroom Reveal: Blue velvet headboard, graphic wallpaper, leather nightstands, made for a great combo in this master bedroom project.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup36

Silver Lake Hills Master Bath Reveal: One of our favorite and very first clients had us come back and renovate their master bathroom and I still am not over that tile.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup26

A Boathouse Makeover with The Frame: The last of our makeovers in NY, this boathouse turned family room was such a fun project to work on and got me really excited about the upcoming mountin fixer upper we are working on.

Emily Henderson 2017 Reveals Roundup25

Brady’s Living Room Refresh with The Citizenry: Last but not least, Brady gave a big refresh to his living room when his BF Jason moved in with him and the space got a brand new lease on life.

So, which one of these was your favorite? I know it might be like asking a mother to pick her favorite child but we would love to know what you loved so that this year we can keep showcasing the reveals, makeovers, and refreshes that you guys want to see. Let us know below.

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6 years ago

Beautiful rooms, well done.

I was looking at your resources page and noticed Lawson and Fenning. It rang a bell and I realized that they have purchased a couple of brass accessories from my Etsy shop, Sweetpotatojack, over the years. Maybe you’ll want to take a look. You can also access sold items to see what I’ve offered in the past as the shop varies depending on what I find. Best wishes.

6 years ago

I love this whole thing. Brady’s living room, your patio and almost all the Griffith Park reveals are my fave! But what i love most about this whole post is scrolling through while remembering some of the “we arent happy with content…we want more reveals!” comments from other posts. And it just makes me chuckle. Because, man! 38 in a year is a crazy pace!!! That’s just shy of one major reveal per week! All lovely and fun to remember. Way to go EHD! 🙂

6 years ago

EMILY – so many incredible projects! I wonder for you, if after your amazing 2017 whirl-wind (new) house reno (or any personal renovations actually), did you experience twinges of post-reno blues? Literally last night I came home from work, and my contractor’s stuff is GONE. Because he is DONE. He’s been at our house for almost one year to the date, we have transformed so much of our space. I designed everything, chose all the materials….it’s been my all-consuming creative baby for a year and a half. As my husband chants to me, “house-house-house-house-house-house-house”…b/c I am obsessed. When I say I love our contractor, I mean I.LOVE.OUR.CONTRACTOR – we worked so well together, and with him being a younger guy (early 30’s) and me being a young(er) client (just hit 40, eek!), for him my projects were fun and different because I pushed the envelope with design/materials; no “beige-on-beige” (gotta say it fast, with a stuck-up tone) that’s rampant here in San Diego/So Cal. Anyways, we have one little bathroom and the laundry room left, and then our entire interior house will be totally finished. (Granted our 1 acre lot/pool is a whole different story.) We have spent a lot… Read more »

6 years ago
Reply to  Karen

I feel you Karen! We are currently mid-renovation of a tiny unit in Perth, Western Australia and I NEVER WANT IT TO END! We are working with our best friends on it and I am loving everything about it. We are trying to work out if it is feasible to buy a fixer-upper because we can’t bear for it to be over! I can definitely foresee post-reno blues!

6 years ago

My personal top six favorites, in order:

Playful and bright playroom (had a pink sofa w/ mint walls) – because I have young kids and can relate, the need is real to create nice spaces for play

Design Milk living room – it’s not totally my style but it’s not not my style, and I wish that more of the products were available for sale when the post went live

Griffith Park dining nook – that red light fixture, that table…

Charlie’s bedroom – it’s not a huge room, but then again, my home has small bedrooms too, and I also loved the Christmas makeover of Charlie’s room

Modern Bohemian home office (had blue and white ottoman) – it looked comfy and functional

Mel’s living room – it has been blowing up my Pinterest feed for a while

6 years ago

What a portfolio you have! So many different looks and all of them are fabulous!

6 years ago

So much good work. It’s hard to pick favorites. I think my favorites are the moody midcentury office and the eclectic traditional bedroom.

There are standout products I love from various reveals too, like Brady’s dining chairs (so pretty, but I suspect not comfy enough for my tall, comfort-focused man). That trio of Anthropologie candleholders from the Design Milk reveal (which now live in my house). Mel’s coffee table. Etc, etc…

Looking forward to another year of beautiful work. 🙂

6 years ago

Where are the reveals from your kids bathroom, the downstairs bathroom, and the playroom? Can’t wait to see!

6 years ago

Without question, my favorites were:

1. Emily’s master bathroom
2. Dream Parisian Hotel Room
3. Brady’s kitchen reveal

6 years ago

Such great spaces and talented people! I’d say my top three are:
1) Parisian Hotel Suite
2) Emily’s Patio
3) Brady’s Kitchen

6 years ago

It is so hard to choose, I love them all! I guess that my top 3 (and not necessarily in that order) The Parisian Hotel, your amazing patio and the Griffith Park living room. There are so many interesting color combinations in the different rooms and beautiful textiles in the bedrooms. Such a treat! Thank you, Emily.

6 years ago

What happeneded to your laundry room makeover?

6 years ago
Reply to  Lk

Oh, and the Fast and Fun Nursery with Orlando?

6 years ago
Reply to  Lk

Oh, and Little Girl Bedroom with Stokke?

6 years ago

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6 years ago

Hello. I love your creativity. Keep it up.

6 years ago

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6 years ago

I loved you all design. Keep it up