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Brady’s Bedroom Makeover With Parachute+ Shop The Look

Hey guys and gals, it is me Brady and today we have got the FULL (yep, the entire thing) reveal of my bedroom. You would think that after living in my apartment for almost two years I would have had it all pulled together, finished up, and presentable to the general public but unfortunately that didn’t quite happen. There were other projects that were more important to me to finish up like my living room and kitchen (the places people actually would see) and also to be completely honest, I wasn’t totally inspired by the original space. So, when Parachute reached out about collaborating on some sponsored content and a bedroom refresh it was the perfect excuse to get things in order. But, before we take a look at what it is looking like now, let me show you what it looked like when I first walked into the apartment.


Scary (and very uninspiring) I know, granted these shots were taken at night, with a flash, while the previous tenant was moving out (that isn’t my mess in case you were wondering). But to put it simply, the space was a blank slate and didn’t have a lot going for it other than the coved ceilings which I loved. It had a row of three windows on one wall and then doors on two of the other walls but other than that it was a pretty long rectangle of a room looking for some love and life.

When I first moved in I tried arranging my bed against the wall adjacent to the windows rather than in front and although that worked it was a little bit awkward walking into the bathroom with the foot of the bed so close to the door and also walking around the bed to get to the other side if needed. Not to mention the view from the bed looking directly into the bathroom. So I tried a few other layouts and ultimately decided to divide the space into two areas. The bedroom area (with the bed) and a little seating area (with the bench, safari chair, and tv unit).



Let’s start over in the bed area. After searching high and low for the right headboard that was short enough to fit under the windows but still upholstered to rest my head on while watching “what the health” (have you all seen it yet?!), all while not feeling like I was essentially sleeping on the floor, I just couldn’t find the right shape, size, color or fit. So I decided to make my own. In case you missed the initial DIY headboard post and step by step click through – but once the headboard was in, the room really started to take shape and felt like it had a little life in it. It created a great focal point wall and also somewhere to lean some art and a little shelf for whatever I needed closest to the bed. (Don’t let the book and glasses fool you – it usually is just my apple remote, and a bottled water although I am trying to be better about reading before bed, but then I turn the TV on and well… 2 hours later I am still scrolling through Netflix).


You may have also noticed that the window is not exactly centered on that back wall (scroll up in case you missed it). It is slightly more to the left which meant that trying to do anything with too much symmetry on either side of the bed would just accentuate the fact that when they built the building they decided to move the window a couple feet to the left rather than centering it. So rather than letting it be an awkward feature of the room I decided to make it a distinguishing feature of the room (a la Barbara Streisand’s nose that she kept natural which is now one of her best features, if I do say so myself) by adding that huge wall sconce which added lighting to my side of the bed and also filled up the negative wall space. Moral of the story – when you have awkward, interesting, or weird architecture or features try to accentuate them rather than ignore them, which makes it seem like they were integral to the design of the room and helps them make sense.


Over on my side of the bed I framed one of my friends prints and then had some vintage notecards that I picked up at the flea market float framed to make the sentence “He has what I’ve wanted”. I thought it was more comical when I decided to frame it but now looking at it I kinda feel like Ariel when she longs for the prince to love her so she can get some feet to walk on, AKA too dependent on someone else. Either way, it is controversial, funny and interesting art which I love.


Now into what makes that bed so beautiful. The new beautiful textiles from Parachute Home. We have long been fans of the brand over here, but after sleeping in these sheets for the past week I have to say that I am a new convert as well.


Because I am THE ABSOLUTE worst person at actually making my bed in the morning and because when you are in a hurry to get out of bed and jump into the shower the last thing you want to do is worry about the perfect placement of a bunch of decorative throw pillows I kept the styling pretty simple. Here is my trick – which may or may not work for everyone but works perfectly for me. I have a queen sized bed but I sleep with and used king sized pillows to style. Not only does it make the bed feel full visually, but it also means more cushion for me if I need to prop myself up in bed to binge watch tv read at the end of the day. I ended up using two of their simple percale shams (which I sleep with every night) in the very back then I used a king sized quilted sham in the front of them and then one lumbar pillow from their collection with Caroline Cecil. So in the morning all the pillows can be thrown on quickly and the duvet pulled up without having to really style or futz with anything. Win for morning routines, and win for styling.


Another one of my favorite features of their bedding is that the pillowcases have an envelope closure on the back and a flange edge which makes it feel a little more decorative than the traditional pillowcase without adding anything too frilly or fancy. It also makes for easy styling as you don’t have a massive opening on one end that you have to deal with or look at. I combined their oatmeal, sand and white bedding for a tonal look and played with pattern by bringing in one of their lumbar pillows from their collection with Caroline Cecil. Then to help bring the oatmeal color up on the wall and further into the room I hung this oversized textile art (which we included in this recent post). It is HUGE and is such a good piece for the price to fill up a big empty wall space. I hung it with some hooks from MQuan and a copper rod but it could be hung with any sort of dowel and a few screws.


You might also notice that in these pictures I got rid of my nightstands and opted for a floating metal shelf that comes out from in between one of the panels of tufting. It ended up being super easy to add as I used a pre-made metal shelf (which is sadly no longer available in black), and it also freed up a ton of room around the bed making the space feel more open and tied into the matte black of the wall sconce. 


Moving down to the foot of the bed I used this bench from Rejuvenation’s collection with O&G Studio which helps to divide the “sleeping area” from the “lounge area”. (Look at me trying to make it sound like I also drink my tea in the parlor and sunbathe on the veranda with my fancy words). But the repeated vertical lines of the bench help to play with the large horizontal lines of the channel tufting on the headboard which visually helps the combo to work.


I love that it has a shelf on the bottom where I can throw some books, shoes, or some accessories which also helps to break up the large visual expanse of the bed with a few pretty items.


Now, let me introduce you to my TV cabinet. I know it looks like it is just a Mid-Century hutch, but let me show you what I did to it.


As much as I love watching TV, I also hate seeing a massive black screen in the room every day and it also is such an incentive to turn it on when you visually see it so by hiding it inside of the cabinet it solved both problems. The vintage cabinet came from Chairish and ended up being the perfect house for what I had planned. When I got it, the cabinet doors were one large panel and slide side-to-side rather than opened accordion style. So I reached out to our friend Chaffee at 4th Period Woodshop (who designed and built our office cabinets) to adjust this slightly to fit my needs. I had him take the doors off, slice them in half which allowed them to open accordion style and then reattach them to the sides of the cabinet rather than into the groves that they used to slide in. Then inside the cabinet I had him mount an extra long TV wall mount I bought which allowed me to open up the doors, pull the TV out, adjust it to any angle that I want and then easily push it back in when I am done. The cabinet is also just big enough that all the wires, cords, and accessories can fit inside it as well. And in case you are wondering where it all plugs in, I installed a power strip inside the cabinet that feeds out the back so there is one cable that plugs into an outlet in the wall directly under the cabinet rather than a mess of cords.


I love how it turned out, and I love that it gives me some additional storage and another surface to style (as if I need more decorative objects in my life). Up here I included another source of light with this task lamp (as the bedroom can get pretty dark and I put this one on a timer), and then a few of my favorite accessories and art (all the resources are below).


Next to it I have the “trend de jour” the leaning ladder and while I get that these things may be slightly controversial in the fact that they aren’t the most functional thing for pulling blankets on and off especially when I have styled it out with that beautiful handmade ceramic garland by MQuan, I absolutely love the way the ladder and the vignette looks, and it gives a nice friend to the sconce that is on the wall next to it. And for those of you that might ask how it stays up. I installed some brackets on the back of it where it leans up against the wall that I anchored firmly to my wall so that it doesn’t come toppling down if I ever decide to grab a blanket off of it during those cold LA nights… who am I kidding it is 89 degrees in my bedroom right now.


Directly opposite the TV is this little seating vignette where I actually spend a few hours almost every single night in that safari chair from Third Life Design (who hand makes all of his chairs and benches in his workshop and has some beautiful stuff). Whether I am finishing up a little bit of work on the blog, watching some TV or pinning away it is perfectly situated across from the TV and also speaks well to the bench that is at the foot of the bed. If you haven’t noticed from my kitchen post, I love art, and I am running out of places to put it so I pulled together some of my new favorite pieces into a collection here. Unfortunately they are all vintage besides the black and white textile art from Jane Denton (but I put a few look a likes below to get the look). They were all framed by framebridge and if you guys are ever in need of the easiest way to frame things then be sure to check them out.


On the last wall which is directly opposite my bed, is where the door to my little walk in closet lies and where I put this wall hook to house a few of my prettier clothing items and some of MQuan’s bells. (BTW we have a big post coming up for why these hooks are so handy in every space and make styling so easy – so stay tuned for that). You may be asking yourself why I basically just styled out this hook situation to look pretty but not functional, but my closet adequately houses everything that I need and has ample storage for clothes, shoes, accessories and my daily items so I wanted to keep the rest of the room more visually appealing rather than having my 23 reusable grocery bags and my dirty gym bag hanging on the wall. I’d much rather look at those bells, one of my favorite vintage hats, and that black leather back pack any day of the week than a visual reminder that I should be actually using said bags every day and getting myself into the gym.


And to give you a bit more context for the full room and how it really all plays with each other and is laid out, here are a few pulled back shots.


The door on the far right is the door to my bathroom. Which if you missed it here you can check out the facelift I gave to it in this post.


Then on this wall you see the door to the walk in closet, and on the left where the picture is cropped is the main door that walks into the bedroom from the hallway.


And because we LOVE a good before and after moment over here at EHD, here are a few side by side shots to show you how it was before I moved in and how it is looking now.


See how happy I am in my brand new finished bedroom? Also, Tessa told me I look short when we were taking these pictures which we were both concerned about as I am 6’2″, so what is the verdict? Do I look short or does this hutch just not make the best partner to photograph with? Speaking of the hutch, I am still figuring out what to do with that little inset area, right now I have a few trays in there with my cologne and a place to throw my keys but if any of you have any genius ideas for what it might be for or what I should use it for, let me know below.


If you are into the look then everything is linked up below in the “get the look”, and let me know if you have any questions on the room, and what you think below. Now who is ready for a slumber party?? I will bring the popcorn and assortment of classics (Devil Wears Prada, First Wives Club, Mrs. Doubtfire). In the meantime, if you want to read a little bit more of my process head on over to MyDomaine who has covered the reveal and Architectural Digest who has some more info on the DIY headboard.


1. Percale Venice Set | 2. Linen Throw | 3. Sheets | 4. Safari Leather Chair | 5. Wood Stool from Wayfair | 6. Floor Lamp from Wayfair | 7. Rug from Esmali Rugs | 8. Rattan Ottoman | 9. Sham | 10. Lumbar Pillow | 11. Alpaca Throw | 12. Swing Sconce from AllModern | 13. Ladder from Horne | 14. Ceramic Beaded Garland from MQuan | 15. Gold Sconce from Wayfair | 16. Wood Zig Zag Chair | 17. ‘Sable Song’ Print | 18. ‘Gesturing Man’ Print | 19. Still IV B & W Woven Art Piece from Jane Denton | 20. Ceramic Large Eye from MQuan | 21. White Bud Vase | 22. Black Candle | 23. Wall Hooks from Horne | 24. Tall Ceramic Bell | 25. Medium Ceramic Bell | 26. Leather Backpack from Yield Design | 27. Wood Wall Mount | 28. Woven Wall Hanging | 29. Bench from Rejuvenation | 30. Hutch from Chairish (similar found here) | 31. Pillow Inserts | 32. Duvet Insert | 33. Fringe Throw | 34. Table Lamp from Lamps Plus | 35. Wire Gem Art | 36. Relaxed Roman Shades from Tonic Living

For more of Brady’s Apartment: Brady’s Living Room Refresh with The Citizenry | Brady’s Kitchen Reveal | DIY Channel Tufted Headboard | Brady’s Living Room | Brady’s Bathroom Refresh | DIY Kitchen Flooring

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6 years ago

I’d never ever think you were 6’2″ based on that picture. The hutch isn’t doing you any justice. But i love all the different angles you showed after giving all the details, it really helped give a better perspective of the room!! This is exactly what I like — details, then full room shots!

6 years ago

Brady, what a beautiful room! You totally killed it! I love all your art and the textiles, so pretty! One question – I’ve been eyeing that wood stool from Wayfair since you guys featured it in your round up, but the top of it doesn’t look completely flat. I want to use it as a small side table like you’ve done but am worried about cups toppling over if I don’t set them down carefully enough….and I can be clumsy……what do you think?

6 years ago
Reply to  Sarah

I use it as a side table and it totally works to have a glass of water on top without it toppling over. I love the piece so much and it is super solid, so I would say go for it. xx

6 years ago

Simply stunning! ???

6 years ago

I love everything about your bedroom. EVERY. THING. Really stunning… job well done.

6 years ago

I love this whole room, what an amazing transformation and such a beautiful tranquil space! I really love how you dealt with the non-centered window problem. I also really love your TV hutch, I want a TV in my room but I’m also afraid of being tempted to watch it 24/7!

Characters & Carry-ons

6 years ago

This is my FAVORITE thing I’ve seen on the Internet in ages! I can’t believe that’s your actual house…I mean, I CAN…But, wow. That’s too dreamy for words. Bravo, Brady!

6 years ago

amazing bedroom, brady!

6 years ago

Awesome work!! Obsessed with your TV hutch.

Quick question – could you tell me a little bit more about the timer you have your lamp on? Thanks!

6 years ago
Reply to  Wes

It is just a simple plug in timer that allows you to set when the lamp turns on and off and plugs into the wall and then the lamp plugs into it. You can grab one here:
I have mine set to turn on at 8pm and off at midnight. xx

6 years ago

What search terms would you use to find an amazing rug like that? Thanks 🙂

6 years ago
Reply to  Stephanie

My rug was from Esmali Rugs and they have a huge selection of Moroccan rugs like this one. Check them out and you might find just what you are looking for.

6 years ago

Your adaptation of the hutch is genius and I find myself coveting it a bit too much! Thanks for sharing your lovely room.

Still obsessed with that headboard and I love the hit of color it brings to the room. The TV hutch is GENIUS. When can I move in?

6 years ago

The bedroom looks terrific, except for one thing: the bed’s headboard is invisible (which makes it appear as if you don’t have one — thus, the room looks a little unfinished, I think). That’s my only quibble, as every other detail is perfect. It’s airy and elegant, with a great use of space. Congrats, Brady!

6 years ago

I like this room overall, but parts feel overstyled: the three light sconce, the ladder with throws protruding into the walk space, and the tension with the smaller rug seating area and bench. I want to love this room: The colors are perfect, the style, and everything in it is really cool, but some pieces, like the sconce are too dominant compared to the rest of the room.

6 years ago
Reply to  Josh

I have to agree about the insect sconce. Don’t you hit your head on it getting out of bed? That whole insect sconce would freak me out lying under it in the dark — too many horror movies as a kid! I’m afraid I’d wake up screaming.

6 years ago

Wow this is a great post! I am absolutely in love with your hutch, although it does sort of make you look short. I am so jealous of all your nude prints! It makes me wonder who in EHD has the best art collection? Maybe do a contest of sorts? Just a thought. Keep up the good work!

6 years ago
Reply to  Katie

Thank you so much! I think Emily will win hands down though in that contest. She has some amazing pieces that I am always jealous of. xx

Sarah D.
6 years ago

Aw man, I want so badly to jump into that bed! I get lost in each of the vignettes, with all the beautiful, tranquil details. Your master is gorgeous, well done, Brady!!!

I think it’s the combo of the cropped sleeve and rolled up pants that are stealing away inches?

6 years ago
Reply to  Sarah D.

I will keep that in mind next time I take a photo 😉 Although with this heat I gotta roll them up! xx

6 years ago

Sooo… I think I’ve only commented like twice ever, but BRADY. This is SOOOO GOOD. You handled the off-center window situation with aplomb and hiding the TV in that hutch? Freaking genius. This bedroom is so unique and refreshing and wonderful and the perfect masculine/feminine/modern/natural balance and all the things. UGH, YES. ???

6 years ago

Hi I was wondering, why is there no carpet/rug near or under the bed? I thought it made it look as if something was missing, but maybe it is because there is little space on the side of the bed? I’d love to know if you have thought of this! Thanks a lot, rugs are very difficult for me to understand ahah

6 years ago
Reply to  Gi

It is probably hard to tell in pictures but the only other option for rugs would have been to get one huge 8×10 or 9×12 rug and run it vertically which would have meant the entire room would have basically been covered by the rug. So I kept the rug down in the seating area of the room which helps it feel a bit more cozy and then left the sides of the bed open since they are too narrow for a rug anyways. Hope that helps. We actually have a post coming up about what rug sizes work best under what beds so hopefully that will give you a bit more insight. xx

6 years ago

It feels kind of wrong to say it, but Brady, I like your work even more than Emily’s.

6 years ago

What a great transformation and a great place to unwind! Beautiful!

6 years ago

Oh my wonderful Brady… You are full of talent (and no doubt a lot of hard work). This is beyond words beautiful and still uniquely your look (you do other’s styles too-like your niece). You are a (tall and handsome) star!

6 years ago

Hi Brady
Yes, doll, you did look short in the previous photo. Thanks for the height update.
The MB is wonderful but I got to say I am not over the kitchen yet. Seriously not. over. it. Remains the best after ever.
I cannot wait to see why your future holds.
Emily, don’t let this guy get away

6 years ago
Reply to  karen

Thank you so much for the sweet words. Made my day. xx

6 years ago

Absolutely gorgeous! So perfectly executed in design, color, texture, usage. What a nice BIG bedroom to have in an apartment! Thanks for all the time you put into the post with explaining the process. This was a really fun read. Enjoy every second of lounging…you deserve it.

6 years ago

Brady you are perfect! This space is perfect! Love the hutch!!! and the M Quan loot!

6 years ago

Brady, this is amazing. You took a nothing room and made it beautiful and personal and wonderful. The hutch transformation is INCREDIBLE. I am in awe and in love – incredible job!!

6 years ago

Really nice space Brady! Well thought out and interesting. I really love the large black wall sconce offset from the bed to make use of the asymmetrical room.

6 years ago

This turned out beautifully! I can’t even begin to pick a favorite feature: the giant sconce, the hutch, that headboard… It’s all fantastic!

6 years ago

Amazing work, Brady! I love the addition of the black shelves SO much (as well as all the hits of black throughout the room). And awesome modification to the hutch (I would hide all my tvs in beautiful furniture, if I could).

6 years ago

It’s really hard to pick my favorite thing of this room cause I love ALL of it. The hutch (AMAZING), the headboard, the rattan pouf, the textile art, the wood bench, the linens…man you killed it….AGAIN. Grasshopper, you have learned much from your teacher.

6 years ago

HOLY. COW. Beautiful, beautiful work. This room is so special! Since seeing your original post about the headboard I’ve been thinking of how I could pull it off in my bedroom. Seeing it again makes me think about it all over again! And your sconce solution to the off-center window? Genius. (Seriously, we have the same problems in our bedrooms.)

Excellent work! I love everything in here.

6 years ago

Gorgeous bedroom. Great job, Brady!

6 years ago

So gorgeous! The hutch transformation is just brilliant, I’m in love.

6 years ago

Brady, this is gorgeous! AND awesome content. Awesome. I love it. Thank you also for the close ups AND the pulled out pics. Really tells the story to completion.

That cabinet hack was genuis! Cant wait to see more! (Please tell me there are like 7 more rooms in your apartment, that would be great)

6 years ago

You nailed expensive California Casual, Brady! So gorgeous. I want this room!!!

6 years ago

I love it all! I have serious bench envy (but that one is roughly 3x my budget!). I like the look of the nightstands but immediately worried that a bedmate might get tetanus on their way to the bathroom. (Needless to admit, I’m clumsy and a worrier.)

6 years ago
Reply to  Kate

I like the nightstand shelf too, but I looked at the PB description and can’t figure out how you secured them to your headboard?

6 years ago
Reply to  Lesley

Same here! How did you do it?

6 years ago

Brady this is SPECTACULAR! Everything is gorgeous and perfect. Well done!

Just beautiful! Really, exceptional. I think the green headboard is the perfect touch. Adds a bit of color to the room

6 years ago

Are you real?! This transformation is beyond words and what you did with the hutch.. genius! You should be so proud of yourself, this is incredible!

6 years ago

Brady – you just kill it. I have loved the content around your kitchen update and this bedroom reveal so much! Please don’t be selfish and make us wait so long for your next project. (I kid. Not really.)

6 years ago

Brady, I love your bedroom! You did an amazing job. It’s amazing how much that diy headboard makes the space. The only thing I dislike (and am I really the only one?) is the wall hanging. I know it fits into the whole boho California thing… But it also looks like a caveman’s merkin. Otherwise, awesome work!

6 years ago
Reply to  Lara

You had me at…..”Caveman’s merkin”…….HAHAHAHAH!!!!!

6 years ago
Reply to  Jane

OMG! haha. I am dying over that last comment.

6 years ago
Reply to  Lara

Yes, love absolutely everything except that wall hanging – I think the wall doesn’t need it and it’s not pretty. Might also get rid of the chair under the hooks, it’s cool but maybe too busy. But, yaasss, great bedroom!

6 years ago

ADORE. Sooo Lovely, and Oh So Practical!! Spectacular, indeed!! You, Sir ROCK!!!
AKA……Sir Rocks Alot !!

6 years ago

Your bedroom is current, yet unique. That’s always been the challenge for me. Love it!!! BTW, the link to the white Roman shades goes to Tonic Living’s home page. Can you provide a direct link please? Those shades would look great in my window-filled wall.

6 years ago
Reply to  Susan

Hey! They were custom that were made through tonic living. She can make any size or spec for you in any of her fabrics, so definitely reach out to her if you are looking for something like mine. xx

6 years ago

Brady, you’ve turned a generic LA bedroom into a thing of beauty! And, I vote for adding a leafy green plant to the hutch insert area.

Amy Madeline
6 years ago
Reply to  Marie

Great suggestion of a plant for the hutch! However might be a squeeze, maybe on top of hutch would work better with books stacked in insert. I love this room, neutral color scheme, eclectic art, textile!, offset lamp, beautiful cozy bed.

M McCurdy
6 years ago

I love the swing arm sconce. It would be perfect for my space. Is there any chance you found something similar at a lower price? I love the room!

6 years ago

Ugh, Brady, you killed it! High five.

6 years ago

to use an analogy about how this room makes me feel is that is one of those bedrooms you find on airbnb 30 miles outside of where you actually want to stay but you are like my. body. needs. to. be. in. that. room. and so you book it despite everything for just how amazing it makes you feel. can’t wait to see more of your work come up on this blog. xx

6 years ago

Ugh. So good. Sorry Emily, but Brady’s place is my FAAAVVVEEEE!

6 years ago

Lamp questions: I’m looking at the All Modern listing for that sconce and is says 91 inches!? Please tell me that’s if arms were swung in opposite directions. Are the individual arms adjustable in length? I have a similar off-center-bed problem and would love to use the same lamp. It would be great to know more about the arms! Thx Brady, you are awesome.

6 years ago
Reply to  Kay

I actually think it might be correct! The arms are all insanely long besides the short one that I use as a reading light that comes out from the bottom. I will have to measure when I get home and let you know. But it ended up working perfectly for me as it helped engage and bring light to the entire space. xx

6 years ago


What color white is that?? :)!

Hurrah for getting to the finish line on your bedroom, ps!

6 years ago
Reply to  Felicia

Landlord Special White. I actually never repainted this room so I have no idea, but if you are looking for a soft warm white like this then White Dove is a great option. xx

6 years ago

Brady, you are a constant inspiration of style that I keep referencing with my own home renovations and have purchased a few of your recommended items. Thank you for your hilarious commentary and insight into design. Love your talent!

6 years ago

Hi Brady – that hutch is absolutely gorgeous. What a find. I’m currently attempting to do the same thing with my TV in an antique secretaire, and I’m wondering if you will share what arm you used to mount the TV? Did you mount it to the back of the piece, or did you drill a hole in it and mount it to the wall? We’re worried about our piece being about to support the weight of the TV. Thank you!

6 years ago
Reply to  Lucy

I used this mount which extends out way further than most on the market:
Chaffee who is the one that did the woodwork on the piece installed the mount directly to the back of the piece but installed a piece of wood support across the back as the back of my piece was a super thin veneer. Let me know if you have any other questions, can’t wait to see how your piece turns out. xx

6 years ago
Reply to  Brady

Thank you!! I’m going to try this.