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Elliot’s Nursery Reveal + Get The Look

Maybe I should quit doing everything else, pop out more babies and spend all my time decorating their rooms because they often turn out to be my favorite rooms ever (well, not always … more on that later.) This room (while small and awkwardly shaped) is my happy place, and that almost-2-year old has my heart. Ready for the full reveal?? Me, too. Jump on in ….

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Elliots Room Reveal20 1 EditedEmily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Elliots Room Reveal23

The overall look and feel was highly inspired by this light pink tree mural. I wanted a pattern, but it had to be really soft and not busy since the space was awkward and small. My obsession with trees and nature reared its head again and when I found the pink version of her old green wallpaper I couldn’t NOT do it. I love it terribly. But I had some worries. 1. The fact that the walls have original plaster texture and, 2. That the ceilings are rounded. I kept thinking, would you see the texture underneath and where would the paper end?

Choosing a mural with a lot of movement and a pattern that softened towards the ceiling was key. If I had chose a bold stripe you may have seen the plaster underneath as it may have made those lines wiggly. Additionally I didn’t want to call attention to the stopping point on the ceiling, so having it go from this super cool-white paper into the white of the ceiling worked, rather than a pattern that stopped awkwardly. You can barely tell.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Elliots Room Reveal10

That cribpouf, swan and bedding are from Target (that pink pouf is part of the new Project 62 modern line, which is awesome – stay tuned for a full makeover using that line in a couple weeks).

All the furniture is fairly affordable, it’s the mural and the curtains that were splurge-y.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Elliots Room Reveal 7Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Elliots Room Reveal24

The reading corner now has this perfectly scaled West Elm glider that is so beautiful. And I styled it out with simple soft grays and light blues. Accented with pig-tails. Make sure the skin tone of your child matches the wallpaper and color palette perfectly (and make sure your spray tan looks a lot darker on your body than your face because you don’t like your face to look tan. HA)

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Elliots Room Reveal2

The window treatments are custom blackout curtains from Calico Curtains and my goodness they are so beautiful. We installed both sheers and lined linen because during certain times of the year the sun blasts in here and so I wanted her to be able to play without being in blackout curtains.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Elliots Room Reveal17 1 Edited

I’m going to do a full post on all the window treatments, but for now know that I LOVE that fringe, the pleating, the french hardware and how beautifully constructed they were. They are amazing. Thank you Calico 🙂

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Elliots Room Reveal19 1 Edited

I bought that white cubby shelf a couple years ago from Wayfair and I still think the functionality of it is great. I recently read a parenting article (my weekend obsession) that said that kids need to be able to see their toys to play on their own and I’m starting to realize it’s true. We have a lot of hidden storage (trunks, cabinets), and that’s the problem – they forget about them, complain they are bored until I go and actually open the toy cabinet and pull out some bins.

Stay tuned for updates in the house about that, but I’m thinking that a play/craft room is in the works with open storage like this that they can easily see, access and clean up after themselves.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Elliots Room Reveal15 1 Edited

We kept all the furniture in her room white (except the glider), so it would blend in nicely with the wallpaper and not make the room feel even smaller. The bookcasecrib and changing dresser are all from Target and feel modern and yet classic. The beanbag is from Pillows by Elissa and its pattern is simple, modern and playful.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Elliots Room Reveal1

The round rug was KEY in this room and I struggled to find one big enough (7′) that didn’t look super cheap. The shape of the room is totally weird, with nary a right angle, making a rectangle or square rug impossible, especially if you wanted to be able to open the bathroom or closet doors. Finally Armadillo and Co had one in a light beige, which layers really well with all the whites happening. I knew that an all-white rug would be a problem, but it’s more forgiving than I originally thought. We layered that super thick amazing Article sheepskin pelt on top and man is it cozy.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Elliots Room Reveal18 1 Edited

Below you can see how the bedroom transitions into the new bathroom, and how their wallpapers work together. The paper in the bathroom is a farm scene toile from Farrow and Ball, and scale wise it’s much smaller than the tree mural, but tonally it works so well. I love sitting in Birdie’s room, seeing that paper through the door.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Elliots Room Reveal3

She is a lucky, lucky girl. And I’m clearly her lucky mama who’s job it is to design these rooms. All the hearts in the world for this little lady.

Emily Henderson Modern English Cottage Tudor Elliots Room Reveal22

Well, if you are into this room and want something similar for your lucky child, hopefully I’ve taken away a lot of the hard work sourcing everything. Feel free to copy it if you are into it. 😉

Emily Henderson English Tudor Modern Elliots Nursery Reveal Get The Look 01

1. Wallpaper | 2. Crown Pillow | 3. Circle Pillow (similar) | 4. Ceiling Light | 5. Pink Pillow | 6. Curtain (Library Brush Fringe in Pale Blush) | 7. Chair | 8. Pouf | 9. Tutu (similar) | 10. Dollhouse | 11. Ladder (similar) | 12. Throw | 13. Rug | 14. Rocking Horse | 15. Light Box | 16. Changing Dresser | 17. Swan | 18. Lamp (similar) | 19. Toy Storage Bin | 20. Unicorn | 21. Elephant Storage Bin | 22. Lounge Pillow | 23. Sheepskin | 24. Wood Stool | 25. Painting | 26. Llama Lamp | 27. Water Wood Blocks | 28. Flamingo | 29. Bear | 30. Abacus | 31. Bookshelf | 32. Crib | 33. Blanket (similar) | 34. Pink Stool | 35. Crib Sheet

Just in case you missed the previous posts about Elliot’s nursery be sure to check out: Elliot’s Nursery Update, Most Comfortable Chair Ever, A Roundup (For Elliot’s Room), New Spring Target Collection, Our New Jack and Jill Bathroom Plan 

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P.S. Style blogging can feel inane at times when there seems to be so much badness happening. We can and will always offer some visual and mental escapism as that is our specific job, but please know that myself, my family and my team are not unaware or in denial of the sadness happening right now in the world. If you were into escaping today, hopefully a light pink forest covered room of the luckiest 2 year old on the planet helped…. We are brainstorming other non-escapist ways to deal and more importantly how to help … 🙂

***Photos by Tessa Neustadt 

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78 thoughts on “Elliot’s Nursery Reveal + Get The Look

  1. Beautiful room! I have a 17 month old that likes to flip through books independently and the lounge pillow looks comfortable for you to sit on too. The Lounge Pillow comes in three different sizes. Which size did you select?

  2. This is so special Emily!

    I’m moving and was reviewing you California Spanish him series. Remember when you did “get the look”
    And “get the look for less”. I’m sure that’s a lot of work, but I LOVED IT. And, in reading thru the comments on those posts, it seemed everybody did.
    Just something on my “wish list” that may fit in to your business model? It could be two posts each, even.
    Thank you.

  3. So cute! Wish my I could have done something like that for my girls when they were young. Don’t feel that you have to make excuses for posting things like this when the world is going to hell. We wouldn’t be on your site and others like it, if we weren’t already looking for a little reprieve.

  4. This is my favorite room in the house! One question though– how did you decide to switch out that huge comfy white glider from one of the first posts about her room? I loved that chair!

    1. OOh, that chair wasn’t a glider and while I LOVE it it was always to big for the space. it was just kinda a loaner and man its awesome, but it needs a big space.

  5. For me this is the prefect way to do pink. Such a lovely room for Elliot. I for one need a pause each day away from the world, thank you for a moment of escapism.

  6. Love seeing your home! What a beautiful space for a beautiful little girl (looks just like her mommy).

    Thank you for sharing!

  7. In response to: “We are brainstorming other non-escapist ways to deal and more importantly how to help … “, perhaps ask one of your trusted retail partners to donate a % of the $ sales on the items in your post to legit charity. Just an idea, and I love the mindfulness in this post. xo.

  8. The most charming room! It’s lovely. Can I grow up in it, please? And oh my, I think most people’s hearts are just going about heavy all the time these days – it is good to remember delight and beauty and charm and all the little things that make life good and give us hope.

  9. Have been so disappointed with home interior inventory avail in Target stores lately. It seems they are cutting way back on what they present in the brick and mortar? Any info you can share on that?

    1. I have to agree! I guess my thoughts were that they were simply transitioning seasons and that they were going to be launching their Fall collection soon. Admittedly, I’m anxiously awaiting a post by Emily showcasing their new designs.

    2. Me too, but I’ve been thinking that they’re in full dorm/back to college mode now. At least in Boston, where there are so many schools. I’m hoping for return to normal soon!

  10. Beautiful and inspirational . I’ve been struggling with my 5 yr old daughter odd shaped room and this helped! Thank you for the escape. We are dealing with just the tail end of Irma and even with my slight inconvenience due to storms and power outages it’s nothing compared to those in Florida. Thanks again

  11. Did you paint the edge of the bathroom door pink?! So sweet!

    Also loved seeing Elliot’s Thimble dress in there – thanks for including us in the sweetness!

    1. Oh. HA! I forgot to mention that. Brian did a DIY video with HGTV where he actually painted that and shot it and he had that idea. I kinda wish it were a different tone of pink but not enough to redo it 🙂

  12. Can I ask what the size of the room is? I’m also trying to work on a nursery and would love to know just to see scale of the items. Thanks!

  13. Beautiful room & beautiful little girl!!! <3

    Is there any way to put a link directly underneath each item, or have the actual photo of the item link out? It can be quite cumbersome to keep scrolling up to remember what number the item was, and then down to the list of links. I often lose my place.

    1. I know! We have tried a variety of platforms but the only ones that work only allow us to use affiliate member products … let me ask my IT dude to see if there is anything new out there. That is why we normally break it up into multiple roundups …. Stay tuned, but thanks for the feedback. I agree. 🙂

  14. You know what’s totally weird and seemingly small and I think MAKES THE ROOM? The black hinges, hardware, and curtain rods. What a nice, chic, contrast. Well done!!!!

  15. Warning, this sentence ends with a “but”: Emily, I love you, I love your eclectic style, your designs, your positive energy, and this gorgeous gorgeous room (and little girl), but… I wish you had more posts that tackle the situations that most of us Target-buyers (not high end) have to tackle.

    For example, I’m obsessed with having a sunny bright room painted white. In reality, only one room in my house fits the bill (and soon will). Like so many others, I’m decorating north facing rooms, or darker rooms, or non-sunny basements. Or trying to marry already existing surfaces (non-ideal tile or wood or carpets; horrendous granite counter-tops a budget and/or husbands will not allow getting rid of. Etc.) Most of us tackle these things one room at a time, probably over a few years; we’re not ripping everything out and buying to match.

    I thought your dorm room was fantastic, and that’s a little along the lines of what I mean.

    Please, this is not hate mail, just a greedy plea from someone with a design fetish while stuck with a middle-class budget. Did I mention I love you?

      1. HA. because ‘tackle’ is a really gentle yet productive word. I totally get it. Natural light is basically your best friend in design and makes every room easier to design. We’ll try to ‘tackle’ 🙂 that challenge better. Stay tuned!

  16. First off, the spray tan looks fab. It does make such a difference, right?
    Also, I was wondering, since you mentioned that the room gets a lot of strong sun at certain times of the year, why you chose linen instead of say, a poly trevira that looks like linen? Especially since you went custom. I work in the industry, too, and I try to steer people towards that so they get the most life from their custom panels. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts

    1. You know, I think we actually did choose poly that looks like linen. Let me double check, but I’m almost positive we did. I’ll look it up and when we do our curtain post … hmm.. I struggle with this one becuase I really do love linen more (duh) but poly that looks like linen always makes more sense…

  17. Oh my goodness! As if my ovaries do not scream every day for a little girl – this just put me over the top! I have two boys so… you know. I love it all but the wallpaper in the bathroom next to the mural paper in her room made my eyes go all emoji hearts! So sweet and perfect!

  18. I have a question about the water wood blocks (#27 in the round-up). Do kids like these? I love them and they are beautiful to style with of course, but does Elliot care to play with them for more than 3 seconds? I’m hoping yes (I want them for my soon to be first!) but expecting no. And if anyone besides Emily has similar “toys” around, please let me know how they go over. Thanks!!

    1. No, she does not play with them! So annoying becuase they were not cheap. i love looking at them, though, but shocked that the kids don’t more. maybe a baby wood though?

    2. Eve,
      Hi!! I’m an elementary teacher and mom of two. We own the same set of blocks and both my kids completely ignored them until 2.5-3 years old. Then the blocks were the coolest toy ever. My 3 year old loves to put them in the window to create shapes on the fooor and hold them up to his face to look through and make his world different colors. We also use them to reinforce color mixing concepts. My son enjoys holding two, pressing one against his face and then slowly passing the other block across his field of vision until it makes a new color. He usually squeals that he made purple or green, etc. and has to show us.
      Get the blocks!!!! Then just be patient!!

    3. We love the Tegu magnetic blocks. They are nice to look at and fun for a variety of ages. They are also pretty expensive but my 2 year old plays with them daily…and I actually find them fun as well!

  19. I had a similar epiphany about my 3 year old needing to see his toys out. His room used to always be messy. I had a bookshelf, but I was using large bins/baskets to store everything. He would come and dump everything out of the bins onto the floor so he could get that one car that was at the bottom. This made his room so messy looking all the time and was a lot of cleanup work for me and him. Finally, I got some low bins from Target that were in the closet section. Think 6 inches max high that they come up. I purged some of his old toys and organized everything. Now he can see what is in the bins so he gets the bin, plays with the stuff in it, and then puts everything back in the bin and puts the bin back where it goes. He is a everything has a place kind of kid so by organizing things in small bins where he can see what is in them has been a game changer. No more big baskets or chests for me. Here is the bins I used. They are easy for him to carry and short enough that he can see what is in the bin just by looking at it!

    1. This is great. I’m going to do this, too. Even this morning I had to remind him that of his dinosaurs which he used to love to play with but had forgotten about – then he played with them for 20 minutes. thanks for reaffirming 🙂

  20. A beautiful room for sure! I always love whatever you do in Elliot’s room!! The only thing I’d change is to remove the rocking horse (it seems to have been moved around the room in pursuit of styling shots but really, I think it’d just be in the way when the children want to play on the floor).

  21. Beautiful and so sweet! We just bought our first house and curtain rods are next on the list – like, to buy this weekend. If you are able to share your source for those perfect french rods, please do! They are perfect for our spaces.

  22. I love the look of that Babyletto crib, but do you and/or Brian have any issues with the crib being a little on the shorter side? My husband and I are both relatively tall (I’m 5’7, he’s over 6 ft) and I worry that we’ll have to bend too much with that crib.

    1. Hmm. i’m not sure it is. We have the mattress on the lowest setting so maybe thats why it looks low? But no, i don’t think its a problem or at least one that i haven’t noticed 🙂

  23. Such a gorgeous room. If you are allowed to share the french hardware for the curtains before your reveal, please do! We just bought our first house (1925 craftsman that skews deco on occasion) and I think those are just perfect.

  24. As someone that lives in Florida and was affected by the recent hurricane, I appreciate the sensitivity with regards to those who may be struggling. When you are facing what is predicted to be a “catastrophic” storm, emotions run high. I read several design blogs daily and usually love ones with a sarcastic sense of humor. However, when prepping for Irma, I found myself very irritated by emails from big box stores (this is on sale today!) trite blog posts, Instastories about misspelled names on PSLs, and sponsored posts when there was an obvious goal to push product. It’s really hard to put your most important belongings in a box to try to save and then see a blogger unboxing free goods. It definitely rubs salt in an already fresh wound.

    That being said, as we try and return to normal, it was a great bit of escapism to see the reveal of Birdie’s room. It was a straightforward presentation of design ideas, and fun to look at. There was no pressure (implied or otherwise) to sell any of the items used. A clothing post, sponsored post, or round-up may have been poorly received. (“Try these items for your home…which is currently underwater!”).

    I understand that bloggers have sponsors and commitments. I’m a fan of the Target partnership and realize that these opportunities allow bloggers to creat bigger and better projects. So, I really appreciate the extra time taken to be sensitive to the struggles of others. Others may feel differently, but that was my experience over the past, incredibly stressful, week. And I consider myself very fortunate that my home sustained minimal damage!

    1. I’m so so happy that your home only had minimal damage. And thank you for your note, seriously. It’s so nice to know that you are understood and not misinterpreted as one way or another. yes we have obligations and business must carry on, but we are people who are watching the news, too and sometimes those two things really do feel at conflict with each other, unless worded a certain way. Anyway, thanks for the note. It is much appreciated and i’m sincerely happy that you faired well in the storm and so sorry for those who weren’t as lucky. Its just nuts right now …. xx

  25. This room is so sweet and beautiful!! I can’t wait to see what you do with a play/craft area. It is true certain toys and craft tools need to be out! My daughter has made some of the coolest things at very young ages because of her immediate access to tape and scissors, etc!! P.S. thanks for the P.S. I live at the beach in North Florida which faired well, but the poor Caribbean, the Keys and other parts or Florida did not and it’s very sad to say the least.

    1. I should have said some parts of North Florida!! I know there is a lot of flooding in the city of Jacksonville!!

  26. Love Love Love everything about this. Thank you for this ray of sunshine in a crazy world right now. Love how it all came together. Ironic that you call her birdie and there’s lots of nature in there! 🙂

  27. Emily–this is magnificent!!! And please don’t feel bad for providing this type of content in these trying times. I am grateful to have a few moments of respite and inspiration from your blog each day in the midst of one bad news story after another.

  28. I should have said some parts of North Florida!! I know there is a lot of flooding in the city of Jacksonville!!

  29. PS. Did I miss Charlie’s room reveal? I was so with you on the 80s look. Isn’t it amazing what curtains do to a room! I hope I didn’t miss it.

  30. Love love love this!! And ditto to someones comment about design posts that “tackle” problems. I affectionately call my apartment “the cave” haha because of its lack of light, but recently decided to paint it Super White by Benjamin Moore (thanks EH team!) and hoping it makes a bit of a difference lol But I sure do love seeing images of these perfectly lit rooms with incredible natural light.. (someday I hope that’s my reality!)

    Question about that triangle lounge chair thing, it looks like something my 16-month-old would loveee to sit on but I saw on the Etsy listing that it doesn’t come filled. What material did you fill yours with and how is holding up if I may ask? Thanks so much!

  31. It’s pretty, and I love looking at it, but I don’t love the fact that a sheep (or a lamb) died so you could have a comfy, pretty rug/pillow/pouf in your daughter’s room. You can do better.

  32. I love that blue lamp!! I’ve noticed it in so many rooms you’ve done over the years. It’s SO versitle. Is it a lotte?

  33. TBH your “i dont like my face to look tan” sentence is very odd. You’re okay with a tan body but not a tan face? How might that make those of us that are “tan” or brown always feel? My comment doesnt have to approved. Just wanted to let you know that felt hurtful. I know that wasnt your intention – just wanted to release the impact they had on me.

    1. Angelica, I guess she was thinking about how it’s not so good for the skin to be exposed to the sun. The face is so much more delicate than the body – I love a tanned look 🙂 but when you are fair skinned it’s important to protect your face from harm (and wrinkles). No hate here for any skin colour, I’m sure!

    2. I did cringe at that part and the part about Birdie’s skin color matching the wallpaper. Anything about the color of one’s skin is particularly sensitive. You don’t expect it in a design blog.

  34. In Miami and just got internet this morning. Another sleepless night of over 90 degrees with no air conditioning. The first thing I looked at was your blog which I read every day. Thank you for the beauty and distraction. Thank you for your comments. It means a lot when your life is is chaos. But it will pass and so thankful that myself and kids and grandchildren are ok. Now I can go out again today and try to find some battery operated fans.

  35. your ps is duly noted and appreciated … once again and as always your are so able to express these important subtle perso ideas … and prove over and over design is far more from shaping our material reality … not escapisim … but inspurational (hahhaa spell ck /keyboard poetry … ) and full of hope when dynamic calm and harmony permeate our lives … Bromont, Québec, Canada

  36. I live in South Florida and for the last week my days have been filled with hurricane prep, then the anxiety of the actual hurricane, followed by clean up of our yard and neighborhood. My family, friends and I are so lucky to have escaped the worst of it and our thoughts are with those more affected. That being said, thank you for giving us an escape from the reality of the hurricane, which cant be escaped in-person or on the news. Loved the escapism and getting back to a semblance of normalcy reading this blog post.

  37. Gorgeous room! I would sleep soundly in there. Can’t help but notice your gorgeous blouse too. Can you share who makes it? 🙂

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