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The Griffith Park Master Bedroom Reveal + Get The Look

Welcome to the Griffith Park Master Bedroom reveal. This room is a great example of how to go bold in a bedroom, but still have it be sophisticated and even calm. It has this huge moment with the wallpaper, but the rest of the room is quiet and balanced. I was skeptical about the one-bold-wall thing (and told the client that) but after it was all said and done, that room is pretty wonderful.

When we first met, they had just moved in and it looked like this:

Emily Henderson Griffith Park Home Traditional Italian Mid Century Master Bedroom Before 1

It is big, has great light, great floors and nice architectural detailing, it just needed…well…everything else.

Emily Henderson Griffith Park Home Traditional Italian Mid Century Master Bedroom Before 2

After many iterations of design plans we settled on the below. A bold charcoal and cream patterned paper (from Farrow and Ball), contrasted well with warmer tones in leather and wood. We added hits of this 70’s Italian theme (as per Dan’s request), with soft neutral oatmeal curtains. The wallpaper is the star, with supporting roles of nightstands and bed and a super simple but beautiful rug to keep it feeling calm and feeling big.

Emily Henderson Griffith Park Bedroom Mood Board

Things came in slowly and the whole process took about a year to finish. All the process shots were dark and ugly so we left them out, because I just want you to see how pretty these after shots are:

Hillhurst 752

I love how it turned out so much. I was nervous about the wallpaper – especially doing such a bold paper only on one wall. I really tried to convince them to do the whole room but they were right that it would have been just too much. If they had chosen a more subtle lighter pattern we could have done it, but this high contrast large scale pattern was best only on the feature wall.

The bed is flanked with two large scale leather nightstands from Made Goods with brass feet (yes, I have the single version in our master). I love how much warmth they bring in and they age so beautifully. I rarely put my massive glass of ice water on a coaster and the water spots don’t bother me at all.

Hillhurst 759

The lamps from Rejuvenation, brought in a nice squareness against the fluidity of the wallpaper pattern, plus they are really simple and quiet, with enough detail (that brass stripe) to give it some interest.

We chose to do romans on these windows and drapery on the other wall, but both in a oatmeal that matched the wallpaper.

Hillhurst 765

We worked with Decorview on the curtains in this room and per usual they did an amazing job of helping us decide on the fabric, the type of treatment and then they measure, fabricate and install. One stop shop, folks and beautifully done.

The bedding is a combination of Parachute’s linen sheets and some custom pieces layered with this beautiful striped throw from Serena and Lily.

The bed is from Restoration Hardware and is in the most beautiful slate blue velvet.

Hillhurst 801

On the other side of the room we have a pair of custom club chairs with brass base that help create a seating area and of course just look amazing. Ginny and Mel went through a LOT of iterations of those to get the proportions perfect, when of course now there are a few chairs on the market (but not with our exact measurements). They were originally going to go at the foot of the bed, but everyone liked them better on the wall, with the bench at the foot of the bed instead.

They already had the two Milo Baughman dressers, but we had the brass kick-plate installed to help them pop a bit. By the way little things like that, don’t seem like a big deal, but the time that it takes really adds up. You have to find the vendor, get a sample, get the sample approved and then install. It’s like a four part process, and it’s that sort of minutia that you hire a designer for. I have literally like 15 things like that around my house that I feel like even I can’t seem to get done ….

Hillhurst 789

They borrowed my pretty blanket ladder for this shot and paired it with the lamp from Noir (another vendor here in LA that we love) as that textile art from Meike Legler as well as the ink drawing piece by Jackie Leishman.

Hillhurst 777

Dan found the bench at a vintage store in LA and we had it recovered in Sullivan Black by Schumacher. I love all these tones of light wood, leather and wicker (even the mirror) really warming everything up and softening the seriousness of the wallpaper.

The EHD team did a fantastic job on this, if I do say so myself and the photos turned out so beautiful. If you are into anything in this room, here you go:

Emily Henderson Griffith Park House Dankim Italian Modern Master Bedroom Reveal Get The Look

1. Stripe Throw Blanket | 2. Round Pillow | 3. Bed | 4. Rattan Bench (similar) | 5. Wallpaper | 6. Table Lamp (similar) | 7. Nightstand | 8. Carafe & Glass | 9. Rug | 10. Rattan Mirror | 11. Black Chair (similar) | 12. Chandelier | 13. Oatmeal Quilt | 14. Bedding Set | 15. Wicker Tray (similar) | 16. Ceramic Vase (similar) | 17. Black Bud Vase (similar) | 18. White Tray (similar) | 19. Ceramic Bud Vase | 20. Burl Wood Dresser (similar) | 21. Black Metal Ladder | 22. Blue Throw Blanket | 23. Cream Woven Throw Blanket (similar) | 24. Drapery (custom) | 25. Bench Fabric | 26. Blue Chair Fabric | 27. Burl Wood Tall Dresser (similar) | 28. Abstract Art | 29. ‘Small Yosemite 3’ Art Piece | 30. Table Lamp | 31. Ceramic Box | 32. White Tall Ceramic Vase (similar) | 33. Blue Ceramic Pottery | 34. Edwin Henry Landseer Art (similar) | 35. Accent Chair (similar) | 36. Round Side Table (similar)

*Photos by Tessa Neustadt for EHD

**Lead design Ginny MacDonald, assisted by Mel Burstin

For more of The Griffith Park House Reveals: Formal Dining Room | Dining Nook | Living Room | Sunroom 

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6 years ago

I love, love everything, great style! I tried hard to find something I dislike, it’s the TV 😉

6 years ago
Reply to  Alice

Yes, why not The Frame thingy?

6 years ago
Reply to  priscilla

The Frame wasn’t out yet when we shot/styled this space, but you can be that we will be recommending it to every future client as it is SO good! xx

6 years ago
Reply to  Alice

The paper is crazy expensive! 🙁

Régine from The 256 Project
6 years ago

That brass kick plate is a fantastic detail.

Meredith Lynn -
6 years ago

This is so beautiful, what a transformation!! I love the wallpaper & roman shades!!

6 years ago

Fantastic, all the form and function wrapped up in a gorgeous room – Love the navy velvet bed!

6 years ago

Wow what a beautiful room!

6 years ago

Great bedroom as always! I like your bedroom better however. It’s more my style and seems more calming and relaxing. I generally don’t compare the designs of your home vs your clients, but your bedroom was on my mind this morning. No . . . not in a creepy way. My weekly Amara email came through today, and as I was scanning through, bam . . .there’s your master bedroom with a click through to their blog, The LuxPad ( Congrats!

6 years ago
Reply to  Robin

Thank you! So fun to see xx

6 years ago

Love your blog but it seems the formatting changed. When I view on my phone the pictures are itty bitty. Just wanted you to know. Thanks for bringing joy every morning to my bus commute !

6 years ago
Reply to  Sara

Thanks for letting us know! We will look into it and see if we can pinpoint the problem. xx

6 years ago

I love how spacious and airy the whole house is (and of course your impeccable styling.)

Not sure if the owners would feel comfortable sharing external shots of their house, but it would be really helpful for context (even if it was a “similar to their house” post) to see how their design aesthetic was influenced by the overall style of the house (ie I don’t think it’s “English Tudor” like yours but totally curious how the overall architecture influenced the interiors.)

6 years ago

I am just so in love with this house. Such a well done job!

6 years ago

Looks great! I wanted to let you know that for maybe a few weeks now, when I read a post on my iPhone the photos are very small – hard to see the detail. Thanks for looking into it and for all of the fantastic work!

6 years ago
Reply to  Tracy

Thanks for letting us know, we are looking into it currently to see if we can pinpoint the issue. xx

6 years ago

My first response to that wallpaper in a bedroom was “NO!”, but within about 30 seconds it started to grow on me. It’s powerful, for sure, but in balance with the rest of the room, kinda fabulous. And the more I look, the more fabulous it gets. It’s a very livable but very glamorous room, and very special. This is why we mortals need designers, to push us past the obvious!

6 years ago

Gorgeous room–that burlwood (I think? Or maybe bird’s eye maple?) furniture is the stuff of dreams. This whole house is, actually!

FYI: I’m viewing from a desktop in Chrome and the photos are showing up really small.

6 years ago

This room is gorgeous! I love it all!

6 years ago

Of course, the first thing I clicked on was the drapery and it was custom, which I just cannot afford. I would love it if you would post a round up of reasonably priced draperies — curtain panels and roman blinds, wood blinds, etc., that you like (if you use them at all). Also, I would love to see combinations…what kind of blinds to pair with drapes, when to use wood, fabric, when to use just blinds and no drapes, nothing at all, etc. Basically a 101 on curtains…with reasonable options! Thanks in advance if you do it!

6 years ago
Reply to  Tanya

I love this idea! Please do this! We have European tilt and turn windows so we’re really limited on options so I just haven’t done anything (you’re welcome neighbors)

Gina Spengel
6 years ago

the chandelier source does not seem to match the one in the room. Is there a chance of getting the correct source for it? its gorgeous.

6 years ago

I LOVE the club chairs! Where did you get them made? I’d love to see more blog posts about the process of getting custom furniture designed and made!

6 years ago

This is a beautiful room…but when do we get to see yo your new hair?? 🙂

6 years ago

The room is great! Not a fan of the wallpaper, but everything else is perfect. 🙂 The opposite side of the room at the foot of the bed feels very luxurious and timeless.

6 years ago

I love you, but I HATE that wallpaper. It makes me seasick. Glad the owners like it!

6 years ago

Any chance you know of a similar nightstand at a lower price? Like…dirt cheap potentially? (Under 200-300?). I love them so much, but the originals are definitely not in the new homeowner budget!

6 years ago

That wallpaper is really cool!

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6 years ago

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6 years ago

Hi Emily!
I’m a big fan of your blog 🙂 I’m really interested in hearing more about how you go about getting custom finishes done (or complete pieces) like what you were talking about here:
“They already had the two Milo Baughman dressers, but we had the brass kick-plate installed to help them pop a bit. By the way little things like that, don’t seem like a big deal, but the time that it takes really adds up. You have to find the vendor, get a sample, get the sample approved and then install.”
I wouldn’t have thought it possible to install a brass kick-plate, so I’d love to hear more about this sort of stuff!!

6 years ago

Love this, just ordered a navy bed and this is great inspiration! What size is the lumbar pillow on this bed?

6 years ago

Very good brief and this post helped me a lot. Say thank you I searching for your facts. Continuous it..

Sanu saini
6 years ago

I really want to say thanks for these interesting post. Keep it up and post continuously …

6 years ago

I love this room – but I have a bedroom with only one window – is it OK to put the bed under the window instead of between two?

6 years ago

i can never get enough burl wood. i want it allllllll. love the wallpaper, bed, chairs, all of it.

Mary Sona
6 years ago

How many times per post/instastory you mention the word folks?!?!?

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6 years ago

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Diane D.
6 years ago

I am just so in love with this house. Such a well done job!
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6 years ago

Amazing Post!! Thank you so much for sharing this detailed post on Dulux Colour of the year..I would definitely like to experiment this shade in my designs..

6 years ago

This came out so beautifully! I have a navy velvet bed that I love (a Target purchase that I had my eye on for years after you used it in the Curbly house!) and I’m starting to think about redoing all my bedding, so this post is some great inspiration for me. In fact I’ve had my eye on that exact throw from S&L! That being said, I wish somewhere in this post you had a better shot of the bedding. The combination of that footboard and your lower camera angle makes it pretty tough to see what you did with the soft goods which is a bummer because I bet they’re gorgeous. Either way, loving this stunning transformation!

Lisa Courtney
6 years ago