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Scott’s Bathroom Makeover with Parachute + Shop The Bathroom Line

You may all remember my best friend/insanely talented stylist Scott, from some of the projects that we worked on together in his old house (master bedroom and guest bedroom, we also showed his kitchen and living room off in a few posts) or from the pictures in my book which he helped style. You see, he recently moved into a new place and the house although filled with character needed some major love. So, when he mentioned that he was in need of a bathroom renovation to give it some new life I figured why not show it off on the blog (as I knew he would do such an amazing job with it) which would allow him to finish it up with some pretty new pieces from some of our favorite places. It was actually not too bad, before – certainly glamorous what with all the mirrors, but not Scott’s style.

Emily Henderson Bathroom Renovation Scott Horne Parachute Linen White Traditional Bright Simple Clean 1

Lot’s of old finishes, dingy tile and grout, a mirrored bathtub alcove (sexy, no?) so while he was doing some other fixes to the house he wanted to get this over with.

Right around the same time our friends at Parachute (makers of the bed linens that we love so much) reached out about working together to show off some of their new bathroom product, and it seemed like a match made in styling heaven what with them already knowing and loving Scott due to the fact that he has styled a lot of their product catalogs and designed their hotel in Venice, CA. (Which is pretty darn amazing).

Now that you know the backstory to this man and his bathroom, let’s show you what it looks like now:

Emily Henderson Parachute Bathroom2

It’s a pretty radical transformation. Scott’s house sits up on top of a hill in Silverlake which pours loads of natural light in through the steel framed windows original to the house, so he decided to keep the general color of his house (and bathroom) neutral. And if there is anyone that knows how to layer neutral colors in the most refined and timeless way it is Scott. You see, Scott is a full time prop stylist and so much of his work with styling is trend driven which means showing off and styling crazy new products/colors/patterns so it only made sense for him to want a place to come home to that was neutral, timeless, and simple with carefully considered details. Which is exactly the vibe he created for this bathroom.

He kept the majority of the bathroom all white by painting it White Dove by Benjamin Moore, and then accented with a lot of tone on tone finishes and small graphic hits of black to keep it interesting.

Emily Henderson Parachute Bathroom3

Let’s start with that window. If you noticed in the before pics that the window only goes about half way up the wall then you are right (and have a very observant eye). To battle and make sense of an awkward window Scott used one of our favorite decorator/stylist tricks by faking the window to be larger. He had a custom shade made by Tonic Living (who also made the custom roman shades in Brady’s kitchen and bedroom) and then rather than hanging it directly above the window he installed it just a few inches down from the ceiling and lowered the shade so that it appears that the window goes all the way up. Not only does it make the window appear larger but it also visually makes the ceilings appear taller as well. GENIUS.

Emily Henderson Parachute Bathroom4

Gone are the mirrored walls and he replaced them with this gorgeous Calcutta Gold tile from Artistic Tile. It is so pretty in person and the honed texture and slightly irregular shapes make it feel like it has been there forever. He used it both on the floor and the shower walls and I can’t get over how pretty it is.

Emily Henderson Parachute Bathroom9

You can see a little bit more of the texture and irregularity of it in this picture.

Emily Henderson Parachute Bathroom7

The sink area got a total overhaul as well, which we will get into, but let’s take a second to talk about that beautiful waffle towel (and all the other textiles in the bathroom). As you know Parachute has been a leader in the bedding game for the last few years with their luxurious bedding and decor, but they are busting into the bathroom world with a new collection and we are very into it. When it comes to bathroom textiles there is nothing worse than drying yourself off with a dingy old towel that doesn’t ever seem to dry out in between your showers, and after getting their new towels in the mail (before we decided to do this post) I have to tell you I was very excited. Yes, they are simple in both color and style but they are soft, quality and something I want to wrap my body up in post-shower every day.

Emily Henderson Parachute Bathroom5

You see, they use AeroCotton (a new term to me) which basically means that the fibers used to make their towels and bathroom textiles are spun when they are made so that air passes through the cotton, creating extra long yarns with an expansive surface area. The result? Exceptionally fluffy and absorbent towels, and a very happy drying off experience. It also means that they air-dry quicker than your typical towel which if you read our VERY controversial post about the bathroom towel hook is good news for those of you on the pro-towel hook side of the argument.

Emily Henderson Parachute Bathroom6

While the bathroom is all white, it definitely is not boring and that is because Scott warmed it up with some natural pieces like the wood/woven accents that you see around the room as well as some graphic hits of black like in the new mirror and sconce from Rejuvenation. Having these warmer and graphic elements help to keep the room from feeling boring and lifeless.

Emily Henderson Parachute Bathroom10

In case you are wondering where those gorgeous shut of valves are from, all of his hardware came from Mission West Tile and Bath, and boy do they look better than the traditional valves you usually see. It is all in the details people.

Emily Henderson Parachute Bathroom11

He again peppered the black around the room with a few more hits of it above the toilet area with the vintage art and then on the wooden stool with the black planter.

Emily Henderson Parachute Bathroom8

To warm up the white we also used Parachute’s Oatmeal colored shower curtain vs. the white option. Adding that hit of off-white against the tile and bathtub area helps to bring out some of the warmer tones in the tile and again makes the entire room feel cohesive and bright without it having to all be white (read: boring). It also worked perfectly with the tone and texture of the roman shade.

Emily Henderson Parachute Bathroom12

When Parachute first introduced their bathroom line a few months back they sent everyone on the team their new waffle bathrobe and slippers which you see in the last two shots and we all quickly became robe converts. But I’d be curious to know how you guys stand on the robe vs towel spectrum?

If you are into the look we have pulled together everything that he used in his bathroom including all the fixtures and hard finishes and of course all the beautiful new pieces from Parachute’s bathroom line. I love this bathroom so much, and a big thanks goes out to Scott for letting us come in a shoot it as well as Parachute for giving us the excuse to give this bathroom a whole new look.

Emily Henderson Parachute Bathroomrefresh Scott Horne Makeover Get The Look Final

1. Sconce | 2. Waffle Towel | 3. Roman Shade | 4. Round Mirror | 5. Tile | 6. Ceiling Light | 7. Shower Curtain Rings | 8. Linen Shower Curtain | 9. Faucet | 10. Vanity | 11. Ceramic Cup (similar) | 12. Aesop | 13. Sponge | 14. Sapone Liquido | 15. Looped Bath Rug | 16. Art (similar) | 17. Waffle Slippers | 18. Toilet | 19. Soap Dish | 20. Vase (similar) | 21. Black Planter | 22. Wood Side Table (similar) | 23. Linen Tissue Cover | 24. Dry Brush | 25. Waffle Robe | 26. Classic Towel | 27. Woven Basket (similar)

*This post is in partnership with Parachute – a company we obviously love an are proud to use in content on the blog. 

**Thanks to Rejuvenation and Tonic Living for gifting some of their pieces, 

***Designed and styled by Scott Horne for EHD, shot by Sara Tramp for EHD. 

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63 thoughts on “Scott’s Bathroom Makeover with Parachute + Shop The Bathroom Line

  1. Gorgeous! Love, love, love this.
    It is so calm and soothing to the eye but also has a lot of depth in the textures. Now I want to redo my bathroom!

  2. Divine! Please show more of Scott’s new home! I loved his old place, and this bathroom reveal has me excited to see the rest of his place. He does a such great job with freshening up craftsman/bungalow spaces

  3. I would like to do that same trick with roman shades in my living room (hang them much higher than the window.) My windows have molding, though. Any tips for what I need to consider in installation? Should I mount them on a board to get clearance over the molding or if just put them high enough should they be fine? Thanks!

    1. Most romans have a mount or piece of wood behind them that does bring them out from the wall at least a half an inch, so that might be enough to go over your moldings, but if they are installed higher on the wall you should be able to clear them. xx

    2. Hey Shana!
      We are happy to help out with any questions you might have but to get straight to it we supply the fabric wrapped board that the roman is already mounted to. All you need is a screw driver and we provide the rest! We’re so happy with how this turned out in Scotts bathroom!

  4. this bathroom is beautiful and i would like to move in immediately. but i do have a technical question, so perhaps you can educate me. i see a gap between the floor and the wainscotting, which i assume is due to the uneveness of the floors. normally i think i’d slap some quarter-round down or at least caulk (although some of the gaps look too wide for caulk). so is this something that just hasn’t been addressed yet? is quarter-round wrong for this style? i’m just genuinely interested in this finishing detail. overall, it is so beautiful.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I would lean towards installing quarter round, but maybe its weird with the wainscoting?

      1. We actually all didn’t notice it until we saw the pictures. In person you don’t really notice it at all due to your eye line being higher. Good catch 🙂 xx

  5. I am in the minority here, but I find this bathroom really boring, and for all the white and beige in it, oddly dark too. I do like the black accents, though.

    1. I think it’s photoshopped out. I’ve been shopping for a new one and hate everything out there (except one the cost $100 plus.) I was excited to see what he chose.

        1. All of his fixtures and hardware came from Mission West Kitchen and Bath in South Pasadena. He said that they were extremely helpful in through the entire process and had a great selection. You could reach out to them directly and they should be able to help you find what you are looking for.


  6. This is fantastic! I would love to know the ballpark of what something like this – mostly facelift – costs!

  7. This bathroom is undoubtedly gorgeous, but it doesn’t have any storage options. Where does he keep his stuff?

    1. I thought the same. I like the pedestal sink here, but I would have done a medicine cabinet, or at least a shelving niche over the toilet. I have an allergy to seeing pedestal sinks surrounded by little storage carts/baskets. If you need the storage, a vanity looks so much better IMHO.

    2. I thought the same thing too at first, but I see some cabinets to the left of the toilet. At least I think they are cabinets?

  8. I pinned every single photo. The look and feel of this bathroom is what I want in my ENTIRE HOUSE.

    Truly the next time I am in a splurgy mood (shipping to Canada makes US items ALWAYS splurgy…) I am getting those slippers. Gorgeous.

  9. I love this bathroom! I’m a neutral girl and he hit the mark with adding textures to create interests. Great job!

  10. Hi all!

    I’m curious if anyone has found curtain rings that down’t eventually rust? I feel like they all do! “stainless” or not….

  11. Lovely design. Texture for the win! The small, patterned marble tiles are a good choice because they probably won’t show any etching or marks. I really like the tub faucet and the paneling too. Mixing white with off-white creates a sense of layering that keeps the bathroom from looking generic.

      1. He found it at the Pasadena City College flea market years ago so unfortunately we don’t have a source on it at all, but man is it good. xx

  12. Can you comment on the sink plumbing? It’s uniquely modern and shiny, not industrial.

  13. I always wonder where is the toilet paper in staged bathroom photos? I mean why not install the matching toilet paper holder on the wall and call it a day?!

  14. The paneling coming up to the bottom of the window makes it look meant to be that way. Is that the original tub – sans mirrors? I can see the sink and toilet both changed for more classic fixtures. Lovely room.

  15. I love the tile, and the entire room feels like it’s been there forever, very timeless and gorgeous. I desperately want the waffle towels, maybe I will splurge for my birthday. But I do have one nitpick. What is going on with the caulking around the toilet and the floor/wall transitions? Looks like it’s missing/wrong color? To me, the caulk job is the one detail that really makes a bathroom look fresh and spotless.

  16. Obsessed with this. I would also love to know how much it cost to add all the wainscotting and it looks like to the left of the toilet there might be some type of built in linen closet/storage that was added. I’d love to know what that costs to add to a bathroom too since we have the tiniest bathrooms and no storage/linen closet! Also the door knob/lock is perfection but I’m guessing it’s vintage hence no source? But I could literally look at this bathroom all day.

  17. Beautiful! A dream bathroom indeed. You all did a great job!
    I’d love to to something similar in my bathroom. It’s a good size but there are no windows. It’s currently done out in dark slate tiles and v gloomy.
    Anyone want to weigh in whether I can go white in a windowless room?

  18. Love the blind and the way it really does make it look like a sensibly proportioned window!

    Have to say, when I first saw the top photo I thought it was the “before” 🙂 as the tile looked like a fairly average beige mosaic and the whole bathroom looked so bland. The tile looks beautiful in the close-up though, and I am sure it is stunning in real life!

    Also, LOL at everyone enthusing about the shut-off valves… I didn’t even know what one was until you all made me go back and look for them!!

  19. I am developing a tiny obsession with Calacatta Gold marble. (Sorry, Carrara, you had a good run!) This use stunning, and so smart to continue the same tile from the floor to the walls in a small space.

    Could you please have one of your minions correct the spelling in the link to quiet my proofreader soul? Thanks, you’re awesome!

  20. Beautiful bathroom! This is exactly what I need for my bathroom redo, but my big question is storage. Where does he keep his stuff (hairdryer, extra toilet paper, floss, other cosmetic products, etc)?

  21. So beautiful and relaxed!

    I’d love to know where the door hardware is from — any chance you could share? Thanks!

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  23. Fun fact: The very distinct and beautifully veined Italian marble is commonly referred to as “Calcutta marble” or “Calcutta Gold”. But folks, that is incorrect. It’s actually “Calacatta marble” or “Calacatta Gold” and is only available from one quarry in the world, located in Carrara, Italy. As far a I know there isn’t a similar marble mined in Calcutta, India. 😉

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