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Staging my Dream Parisian Hotel Suite with Sothebys

A few months ago Sotheby’s International Realty reached out to partner on a post where we style out and stage one of their high end properties in LA to showcase its potential. We toured a bunch of the properties in the LA area and ultimately landed on this beauty in Pasadena that is currently on the market. The quick history of this property is that it’s a 20k square foot mansion built in the 1920’s in Pasadena by a very wealthy and prominent couple, Mr. & Mrs. John S. Cravens. The family lived in it for a period but for the last 30 years it has been occupied by the Red Cross and used as their offices as well as many film/tv shoots. After touring through each and every single room we ended up choosing this room to redesign and style. It had beautiful floor to ceiling windows, original herringbone floors, lots of character and felt big enough to really tell a larger story.

Here’s what it looked like when we first saw it:

Soethbys Staging Real Estate Parisan Hotel Suite Art Deco Lux 1

Soethbys Staging Real Estate Parisan Hotel Suite Art Deco Lux 2

Since this was just for a shoot we could kinda do anything with it, and Sotheby’s International Realty gave us full creative control as long as we took inspiration from some of their other luxury properties. Sounded easy (and fun) enough. We landed on creating my dream Modern Art Deco Parisian Hotel Suite (obviously). I haven’t been to Paris since I was 22 and I’m not necessarily a Francophile, but this mansion is so historic, with such beautiful classic details and molding. We knew we could do something really high end and editorial this time and so we really dove in.

We first created an inspiration board and rough floor plan:

Soethbys Staging Real Estate Parisan Hotel Suite Art Deco Lux 4

Neutral with an edge. European but modern. Masculine but with romance.

We had some layout options and stuck most closely to this one, but ultimately we knew that things would change once we got pieces into the room.

Soethbys Staging Real Estate Parisan Hotel Suite Art Deco Lux 3

We locked down the major pieces prior to the shoot, but we knew that we were going to mostly shop and borrow accessories a few days prior once the larger pieces were in place.

So without further ado, Chateau Hendo – My dream Fantasy Parisian Hotel, in a Sotheby’s International Realty luxury property.

Emily Henderson The Fourth Artist Sothebys Parisian Apartment Pics 21

We wanted the room to be neutral but full of drama and tension, so we created this plan with a lot of dramatic black lines and graphic circles (a hearken to our art deco theme). These vertical black lines are everywhere, juxtaposed with large scale circles. It started to feel really pulled together, cohesive and stark – but in a comfortable and inviting way. It is a hotel, after all.

Emily Henderson The Fourth Artist Sothebys Parisian Apartment Pics 19

We started by reaching out to some of our favorite vendors that were willing to loan in exchange for us showcasing their items. We were really wanting a tall dark bed, as this room could handle it and we craved the drama that it would bring. Just because I was trying my hand at neutral and minimal didn’t mean that we didn’t want it to be full of drama, contrast and style. We found this one from Noir and checked that box. It was classic and not too fussy, but certainly felt traditional, yet gender neutral.

Emily Henderson The Fourth Artist Sothebys Parisian Apartment Pics 30

The nightstands and lamps are also from Noir. We discovered this company a couple years ago and fell in love with their modern and more edgy silhouettes and finishes. They make super high quality, high end pieces (and they are located in LA so easy for us to borrow from or purchase).

We carried this circle theme from the nightstands, lamps (Noir but not currently on their site), ball fringe, finials, desk lamp and vases.

Emily Henderson The Fourth Artist Sothebys Parisian Apartment Pics 27

The dramatic floor to ceiling curtains created softness and is very on trend according to our recent post about the Parisian Art Deco Trend. We simply bought eight 120″ Ikea panels (4 per window) and added that huge ball fringe onto them (I believe the ball fringe was $16 a yard… not cheap but big impact).

Emily Henderson The Fourth Artist Sothebys Parisian Apartment Pics 5

The chaise in the corner created the most inviting sitting area for my journaling of my romances. I love how its traditional shape is juxtaposed with that skinny modern floor lamp. We added a little cocktail table to round out the vignette.

Emily Henderson The Fourth Artist Sothebys Parisian Apartment Pics 20

The rug was borrowed from Cisco home and I believe it’s still available, and is so versatile and beautiful. It’s a 9×12 and fit the room and style perfectly.

Emily Henderson The Fourth Artist Sothebys Parisian Apartment Pics 3

That might be my favorite shot of the whole room. I love how stark and simple it is, but with these big graphic moments of amazingness. The art is by The Fourth Artist, two incredible artists who work in conjunction to create multi-media art. This series is available for sale at Angel City Brewery from now until Sept. 11th, 2017. The large piece above the desk that I collaborated on with them is on sale for $5000 and will be available at the show as well. During the show email for purchase inquiries. Once the show has closed you can email them directly at

Emily Henderson The Fourth Artist Sothebys Parisian Apartment Pics 4

Black and white circles and stripes everywhere. We added hits of wood to warm it up, and simple branches for drama. That striped vessel is from Kelly Wearstler and my is it intense, yet perfect for the space.

Emily Henderson The Fourth Artist Sothebys Parisian Apartment Pics 22

On the other side of the room we have another corner vignette, this time with the most amazing vintage rocker from Big Daddy’s. The second I saw that piece I died of joy, and then was immediately reborn. It was just so special and dramatic. It carried through our graphic circles and brought warmth to that side of the room.

Emily Henderson The Fourth Artist Sothebys Parisian Apartment Pics 23

We commissioned this huge piece of art also from Patrice and Jackie of The Fourth Artist. We did a whole post about it because they actually created that collage there on site, using our inspiration of the room. I made the first mark, and they worked off that mark and finished the piece. We made a frame for it similar to the one we did for Orlando years ago.

The desk is from Ave home and comes in beautiful raw wood (ready to be painted, or can stay as-is). We had a feeling we were going to need to paint it so we waited till we got it in the space to choose a color. We painted it Satin Black by Behr. It’s such a beautiful classic desk, and I very much considered having it in my office (but not big enough for big conference meetings). The chair is from Kelly Wearstler and we loved the juxtaposition of how modern and 70’s it was with the traditional desk. We needed something relatively solid and light so it wouldn’t get lost against the dark desk. The scale of the desk is fairly wide so we needed a chair that could handle its weight visually.

Emily Henderson The Fourth Artist Sothebys Parisian Apartment Pics 28

We styled it out simply – like a hotel would with a large tray (from Kelly Wearstler) donned with tea, flowers and a water carafe. We added that amazing dot vase (from Consort) and that really dramatic lamp (also from Noir).  This is me doing minimal, folks. I wanted to leave it more bare but it just felt so sad without some styling on top.

Emily Henderson The Fourth Artist Sothebys Parisian Apartment Pics 24

We styled out the bed to be as luxurious and inviting as possible.

Emily Henderson The Fourth Artist Sothebys Parisian Apartment Pics 11

The sheets are sateen from Parachute, the comforter is linen from Target and the blanket is from The Citizenry. (secret – we added another comforter underneath the folded one to make it look extra fluffy). We used four king pillows (even though it was a queen – good tip) and then kept it symmetrical with the two Rebecca Atwood pillows and the middle Cb2 pillows that mimicked our graphic lines elsewhere in the room.

Emily Henderson The Fourth Artist Sothebys Parisian Apartment Pics 26

Emily Henderson The Fourth Artist Sothebys Parisian Apartment Pics 29

That piece of art above the bed is by Colin Glasgow, from Consort and I may need to purchase it. I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s so simple, but dramatic and it just commands the photos. I finally tried it above my fireplace, but the white in it was so cool that it made my walls look yellow. But someone should invest in that piece because I think it’s really visually powerful (it’s $3k).

Emily Henderson The Fourth Artist Sothebys Parisian Apartment Pics 1 Edited

On the opposite side of the room we brought in this vintage deco armoire that I borrowed from a friend. We have these hits of wood or leather peppered around the room, which all tie in with this intensely beautiful piece.

We flanked the armoire with two amazing modern chairs from Consort (that we all freaked out over). We brought in a bit of the color from the larger art piece here (by artist Kristen Georgi which is also from Consort) and these beautiful 1950’s French sconces from Gallery L7.

Emily Henderson The Fourth Artist Sothebys Parisian Apartment Pics 2 Edited

We added a dresser from Cisco, lamp from Noir and that KW dish did double duty. That lamp is so graphic and strong, it really pulls your eye over there and adds so much depth to the shot.

Emily Henderson The Fourth Artist Sothebys Parisian Apartment Pics 18

The curved back sofa really softened the lines of the bed. It’s wood frame tied in with the other wood pieces and the simplicity of the upholstery kept it feeling quiet.

Emily Henderson The Fourth Artist Sothebys Parisian Apartment Pics 8

We all loved this room and we were so sad to pack it up the next day. It was such a great opportunity to explore a different style, pull back on color and be more minimal. A huge thanks to Sotheby’s International Realty for partnering on this post and asking us to design a space that shows off our skills and the beauty of this property. They are all about connecting extraordinary homes with extraordinary lives. It might be my favorite makeover of all time and has definitely influenced my style. Someday I will design my dream Parisian Hotel but the one-day staging of this beautiful room was definitely satisfying, in the meantime if you are in the market for a beautiful property and are ready to purchase then the Craven’s Estate just might be the perfect place for you, (if you have the budget for it of course).

Now for those of you interested in this look, here you go:

Emily Henderson Soethbys Staging Real Estate Parisan Hotel Suite Art Deco Get The Look

1. London Arched Table Lamp | 2. Black Polka Dot Bowl | 3. Decanter | 4. Old-Fashioned Glass | 5. Checkered Tray | 6. French Press | 7. Coffee Cup | 8. Fourth Artist Print (similar) | 9. Desk & Paint Color | 10. Desk Chair | 11. Bed Frame | 12. Colin Glasgow ‘Temple 1’ Graphite Oil Painting | 13. Curtains | 14. Arch Lamp | 15. Nightstand | 16. Ceramic Box | 17. Sateen Sheet Set | 18. Linen Duvet Set | 19. Spring Pillow | 20. Noren Pillow | 21. Sentido Blanket | 22. Striped Lumbar Pillow | 23. Sofa (similar) | 24. Urchin Table Lamp | 25. Striped Catch All | 26. Sconce | 27. Chaise Lounge | 28. Side Table | 29. Bud Vase | 30. Collective Studio ‘Kolorblock Nude V’ Painting | 31. Accent Chair | 32. Floor Lamp | 33. Black Pillow (similar) | 34. Striped Gray Cashmere Blanket | 35. ‘Transition 11’ Print | 36. ‘Transition 17’ Print | 37. Luna Table Lamp | 38. Capri White Vase 

*This post is in partnership with Sothebys International Realty, where their distinctive properties around the world.

Thanks to all the our favorite vendors who loaned for this shoot – Ave Home, Big Daddy’s, Cisco Home, Consort, Gallery L7, Kelly Wearstler, Noir and The Fourth Artist.

***Photos by Tessa Neustadt



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6 years ago

The burl wood on that armoire is insanely beautiful. I love how this room mixes wood and painted furniture. It is something I have been struggling with in my own space – how to mix natural wood finished pieces with other media. It is done beautifully here.

6 years ago
Reply to  Sarah

It is. I can’t stop looking at it. Dream piece. If I could just have that and the fireplace, I’d be good.

6 years ago

The art! The curtains! The armoire! Incredible, beautiful, streamlined.

6 years ago

I cant believe how expensive those Ikea curtains look! Did you guys just hang them with the back tabs or did you clip them?!

6 years ago

So out of ALL the rooms that you and your team have designed, this is my favorite, HANDS DOWN!!! I am in awe of this. And also knowing how much you guys had on your plate around the same time, I am even more in awe. I bow down to you all. Bravo!!

6 years ago

This room is beyond gorgoeous! And just when I thought it might be a bit too stark, you turn and see the desk arrea with the just the right amount of color! I love that abstract artwork above the desk.

Characters & Carry-ons

6 years ago

Seriously GORGEOUS and well done! Good job!

6 years ago

The armoire is STUNNING!!!!!

6 years ago

wow, this is so beautiful! it’s fun to see you do something more editorial! this is not my style at all, but i can appreciate how beautiful it is. i do love the dresser from cisco and the noir urchin lamp, so i wish we had a better shot of that (and that we could get that dresser!!).

6 years ago

This is by far one of my favorite rooms you’ve done!

6 years ago

This is so beautiful! I love how you have been branching out and exposing us to different styles lately. If you’re going to continue with featuring different styles would you consider doing some posts on achieving a Scandinavian style? The style is so cozy, light, and appealing as Fall and Winter are quickly approaching. Great work as always on this project! 🙂

6 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Hi Emily,

I would like to help you with your new project by providing you a rug. Please check out our collection and let me know what you think.

Thank you!

Lizabeth Sanchez
6 years ago


6 years ago

BEST. POST. EVER. Or, in like a really long time. I LOVE that you stepped out of your (blue) comfort zone to show us your amazing design chops. The space is graphic, layered, and full of texture that it feels alive despite the neutral color scheme. BRAVO!!!

6 years ago

This may be my favorite room ever. It draws you in without being overwhelming and that black accent throughout is just perfection. Thank you for the design inspiration!

6 years ago

This room is just fabulous. Love the b/w, and how you brought warmth into the room. My living room has similar colors, and this room has inspired me with how to finish it up. I need to find a place for those side chairs from Consort. I also love your outfits for the post. Mind if I ask where the shirt and dress are from?

6 years ago
Reply to  Susan

I also love the outfits, especially the dress. Hope you’ll share!

6 years ago

I really like the colorful art. Maybe I’m too ingrained in MCM and California Cool, but I’m not a fan of this one. I like the style and all of the pieces, but something isn’t coming together, maybe its the monochromatic black and white without strong pops of color throughout. Not sure. It is a nice room though. As always, I’m a big fan of your blog…you are my favorite designer!

Emily S
6 years ago

This is definitely one of my favorite “makeovers” you’ve ever done. So beautiful!

6 years ago

Really? This room existed (even briefly)? Ahhhhhhhh……… dream…….

Marie Denise
6 years ago

Nice to see you take on something different. Your style and design approach still comes through in the negative spaces and in the play between curved/soft furnishings and more structured pieces. I can see it. love the art work, particularly the small black and white pieces.

Thanks for showing this. That this was a staging event and that it was put together so quickly is pretty amazing. Great exposure for your work/team.

Good luck with your present project, despite the personal challenges.

6 years ago

Oh, you guys!!!! I know you do a ton of accessible price point furniture and I certainly appreciate it. But it’s nice to see this better, more high-end version of a room as it is such a departure form what I usually see on your blog. Yes, it is a hotel suite–so the drama is meant to be temporary. But so, so goood! That chair is so dreamy! No, I’m not going to run out and spend $3,200 on an impulse, but it is so nice to see the tension in style, texture and color… magic. Everything about this room perfection! So much so that I may be able to live in it every day and every night. It’s also great to see Target, Ikea, KW and Sotheby’s side by side–albeit doctored up a bit. Many thanks for doing this; such eye candy! Burled armoire, come home with me…. you can make me so happy!

6 years ago

Wow. That armoire…I had to stop and pray. Stunning. Only a room like this could handle it!

It’s truly the mark of a talented team that can execute such different styles with aplomb! Well done!

6 years ago

This is perfection. Every detail was attended to and the final product is a little trip to heaven.

6 years ago

I feel so fancy and trendy right now – we did the same curtains in our nursery last summer! IKEA panels plus black pom-poms for the win! Love this room!

6 years ago

PHENOMENAL! I’ve been following this blog daily from Secrets onwards, and this is Emily’s best work hands down (OK, may be the new patio… but no.) Wow. Elle Decor is fuming with jealousy. Well done!!!!

6 years ago

I have HUGE heart eyes for this space! What an excellent opportunity to do something that is remarkable, and high-end. It belongs on the cover of AD! Gorgeous.

6 years ago

What a space! The chemistry between the pieces you have chosen is undeniable – balanced, yet full of joyous moments of juxtaposition. I feel that this room is significant somehow, a new way of seeing perhaps?

In any event you’ve really made a mark here – and not only through your Fourth collaboration, which I also adore (that bold scarlet…be still heart, be still!). Quite simply, c’était le coup de foudre!

6 years ago

so good. so so friggin good. I really feel you growing on the blog recently. I’ve been reading this inspiring book called Playing Big (for women leaders in their fields) and you seem to be leaning into your “yirah” lately (the fear that overcomes us when we suddenly find ourselves in possession of considerably more energy than we are used to, inhabiting a larger space than we are used to inhabiting). Brava to taking chances and big leaps!

6 years ago

This might be one of my favorite rooms that you’ve done EVER. Seriously! I’m swooning! Those pom-pom curtains are such a focal point!

6 years ago

This room is, wow, I don’t know how to describe it. Yesterday totality, today this.

6 years ago

This is absolutely stunning! It isn’t my usual style and yet I am now dreaming of staying/ living in this space. Just amazing!

6 years ago

Stunning and exquisite! I think one of the greatest transformations was in brightening the room with a new paint color. All of the furnishings are gorgeous and you nailed the modern French vibe. Could you possibly share the wall color with your readers. It looks to be a very pale gray neutral, similar to Benjamin Moore Pale Oak.

6 years ago

Wow, I love everything about this room. It is different than your usual “style” but it looks fabulous.

6 years ago

It’s beautiful, I could only dream of staying in a hotel room like that.

6 years ago

This is a room of my dreams. I love that you were able to pull of mostly black and white but also include a piece of colorful art. This is actually my delima in my current home, that is mostly neautral – whites, blacks and wood. The art we have has some color and I have been feeling like I need to bring in some of that color in pillows or throws or something. This post made me think about it differently… maybe the color in the art can stand on it’s own?

PS: LOVED seeing a post using a different color palette!

6 years ago


Ken P.
6 years ago

Wonderful, Emily. Loved the curtains, floor rug (so hard to get the right one sometimes) and the layered bed.

I was at the Showcase House here a few years ago, and I think you did a better job.

Paige Flamm
6 years ago

This is amazing! I love how you styled it!


6 years ago

I so appreciate that you tell us things like that you used two comforters for the fluff. It makes all these beautiful rooms a little more understandable and relatable.
Also, my life dream is now to live in that house *swoon*

6 years ago

The chairs by the armoire are designed by a Baltimore design company, everything they do is freak out over worthy.

6 years ago

Emily, thank you! This is my favourite post in ages. This is exactly the vibe I want in my new lounge/ diner 🙂 and it’s exactly the wall treatment and flooring I was picturing! Great timing!

I love this type inspirational (and aspirational, for sure) images. I find I get more inspiration from seeing high end design (even if I can’t afford it) than I would from a post with a bunch of target products.

Thank you for posting the pulled back images too, they really help to see how the space ties together.

6 years ago

This room in incredible. Love it! Really love seeing more variety in styles lately. Amazing room!

6 years ago
Reply to  Elizabeth

Yes!! Fully agree. This rotation of styles is feeling very fresh and inspiring.

6 years ago

SO GORGEOUS. Would love to see a budget friendly version if possible!

6 years ago

Ahhhhh!!!! SO beautiful, and tasteful, and chic, and beautiful! Did I mention beautiful?!!

Not enough times.

6 years ago

Wow! What an absolute breath of fresh air, and just when Cali-cool is reaching max satch for me. I’m so inspired by the desk vignette with the KW chair; I will strive to be as bold in my own space!

6 years ago

You look gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
I hope you do another makeup post. ?

6 years ago

What color did you paint the walls? I love it, and I have to update many of my walls and ceilings.

6 years ago

This room is gorgeous. The art, furniture, styling. I’m finding it hard to stop going through this post.

6 years ago

This room is gorgeous, but I came down here to say that your makeup is ON POINT!

6 years ago

Great post! I love this style and would definitely enjoy a future post about budget-friendly furniture and lighting options in the Parisian Art Deco style.

Amy Madeline
6 years ago

I find this room beautiful, intriguing, and relaxing. Simply lovely with a soupçon (dash) of quirk!

6 years ago

Sooo pretty!