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A Modern (yet Warm) loft with the new Project 62 Collection + Shop The Collection


There are a lot of new things happening at Target and they are good. As you may have heard they launched a new home line called Project 62 that is modern, young, and a little edgy. The line also focuses on small spaces, functionality and affordability. The challenge of what has historically been dubbed ‘Modern Design’ (meaning more minimal, simple and with contemporary finishes) is that it can feel too cold. Knowing this, the design team gave themselves the challenge of creating modern pieces with warmth. It’s streamlined, but not sterile. It’s comfortable, not cold. It’s sleek, while still being stylish. Whether ‘Modern’ is your style or not, there are so many pieces that are so simple I think they could work with any style.

So with the help of my style team (Brady, Emily and Erik) we designed/styled a loft of a friend of ours with 100% Project 62 (ok, besides the guitar, bright red bike and vintage cameras) to really showcase the collection and show you how you can “Go Modern” in a warm/inviting way. In fact, we did a whole video about it.

While my style in our current house isn’t terribly sleek and modern, I love so many of these pieces and love how it all turned out. Curious how to do it? Here you go:

Emily Henderson Target Loft Masculine Neutral Project 62 1

1. First start with a consistent color palette – we chose neutrals: grays, blues, blacks, and whites with some slight hits of a more poppy color (RED! WHUT?!). We layered two 7×10 solid rugs to create a 10×14 rug ($700 total, which is a GREAT price for a rug so big).

We chose solids over patterns on all major pieces, making them more timeless and the space feel more calm and less busy. The rugs have amazing texture, but aren’t fussy at all. And we mixed up the finishes of all the furniture, yet kept it in that color palette.

Emily Henderson Target Loft Masculine Neutral Project 62 2

2. Repeat the same elements for high impact simplicity. It’s style science, and it’s a formula that works. If you are more eclectic and like having a lot of different styles, colors, textures, patterns, etc. mixed in then GREAT (and read every other post I’ve ever written) but if you want simplicity and a sense of ‘less’ while still having the function then this trick is for you.

We chose two of the same sofas, coffee tables, bookshelves andΒ side chairs which allowed us to create a lot of symmetry with very little contrast. “Minimal” is hard to do with smaller scale furniture because you may not have anywhere for people to sit, so we accomplished this by giving multiple options of the same place. It looks totally pulled together, yet very calming.

Matching is not a bad thing, folks. You just want to keep it interesting (see the following steps on how to do that). Your eye likes things to match, but your soul needs it to be stylish.

Emily Henderson Target Loft Masculine Neutral Project 62 3

The sofas are super low, deep, and comfortable and are a great scale for an apartment, bedroom, (foot of the bed?) studio or even a small lobby/office seating. The french seam gives them some detail (read: high end) and the pretty gray fabric feels like wool, but is probably a more practical poly-blend (read: super warm). I want to suggest to the designers to have that cushion lift up for storage – that would be genius for small spaces, right? Meanwhile, another reason why these are so chic is the single seat and back cushion. If you are in the market for a new sofa, we are here to tell you that a ton of back cushions is not exactly ‘the rage’ right now. Even if it’s a more traditional style (like our two custom sofas) they look more updated, clean and modern with less and longer cushions.

Emily Henderson Target Loft Masculine Neutral Project 62 4

In the dining room you can see we took the same design ideas and repeated them. A simple white dining table, with comfortable slimmer-scaled, yet comfortable dining chairs.

Emily Henderson Target Loft Masculine Neutral Project 62 7

I have this set up now at the fixer upper and we LOVE them. The chairs are solid enough for the kids to climb all over (they don’t tip easily) and they are really cozy for grownups, too.

3. Mix up the shapes. Boxy sofas, with boxy coffee tables, with boxy side tables, etc. would feel … harsh. Soften those lines with some circles, folks. The coffee tables, side table and lamps all help it feel both modern (square) and inviting (circle).

I knew paying attention in my geometry class would one day pay off. This post is feeling VERY scientific, no? Maybe my next book should be called ‘The Science of Style’ …

Emily Henderson Target Loft Masculine Neutral Project 62 121

4. Vary the “visual weight” of the furniture legs. This is a slightly higher concept, but one that is important to learn to help a room feel balanced and neither too heavy or too ‘nervous’ (read: too many legs). If your sofa is low and boxy then your coffee table should have legs, and ones that feel ‘lighter’. If your side chairs have black hairpin legs, for instance, then your side table in between should be solid.

Emily Henderson Target Loft Masculine Neutral Project 62 2

You can see in the shot above that the sofas really ground everything and allow for the coffee tables, chairs, and floor lamp to have more legs – not creating busy-ness but giving it contrast, style, and lightening everything. Also, those bookcases are extra genius because the bottom half of them have a closed black back and the upper is open. This helps them feel grounded and is a style detail that takes them from being basic to being more special and high end. It gives them more of a cabinet feel, rather than cheap shelving. I also love how the metal is squared off.

Emily Henderson Target Loft Masculine Neutral Project 62 14

5. Accessorize with less pieces, in more refined finishes. The lamps are BEAUTIFUL. I have that black standing tripod lamp and it looks like it cost $400. I also snagged the smaller versions on the bookshelves and they are currently residing at the fixer-upper (MORE ON THAT COMING SOON I PROMISE).

Emily Henderson Target Loft Masculine Neutral Project 62 5

These sofas or chairs don’t want a lot of pillows, plus the more modern/minimal look doesn’t have a lot of ‘decorative stuff’, so we landed on these two pillows in our color palette but chose a pattern to help it from looking too generic. A room can exist without pattern (if it has a ton of texture) but you guys know it’s hard for me not to have ANY pattern, so these throw pillows are perfect.

What is that amazing art??? Well, Stephen Busken (our photographer and the co-owner of this amazing location) had it already and yes it helped inspire the personality of the room, and the color palette. He DIY’d it by stretching a huge canvas, and then had a friend paint on it. Genius, right?

Emily Henderson Target Loft Masculine Neutral Project 62 13

6. Add personal touches. Since this was a ‘set’ for a Target shoot, we let our inspiration come from, Stephen – the photographer who shot it/homeowner. While the main pieces needed to be from Target, his guitar, vintage cameras, coffee table books and those huge canvases were the personal touches that make it special and unique. Is the ‘design tip’ to be good friends with a super stylish photographer who has an awesome loft and special accessories? Nah. Just don’t be afraid to bring in your hobbies and personality into your space. Corral your collectibles together, eliminate too many small pieces that don’t seem to fit in (if you are going for a modern look) and stack books in a simple way. You know all those ‘how to style your bookshelf/coffee table/nightstand/dresser/credenza’ videos and posts we do? Well don’t do that. Just stack your books, and place your well-edited collectibles in a simple row. Less is more if you want to go more minimal and modern. But there still needs to be some of YOU in the space.

Emily Henderson Target Loft Masculine Neutral Project 62 6 Edited

In the dining room it really pained me to only have those three candlesticks, but I was like – Calm down, Emily. Control yourself. Don’t splay open a big coffee table book. Don’t add a stack of plates. Just. Three. Candles.Β I thought that the painting behind it would be enough (and it is) but I still kinda wish there was one more thing on here. If I could go back in style time I would add a newspaper and a mug. The newspaper would be folded back to the crossword puzzle, with the perfectly placed pencil (not pen, duh) and it would be 75% filled out. Because that is how smart our imaginary modern dude is.

We created one last vignette that became an entrance, mostly to show off that simple table and mirror combo.

Emily Henderson Target Loft Masculine Neutral Project 62 11

Which brings me to my last tip: 7. Add branches and plants if you want to make sure your modern look has enough life. Those flowers/branches, above, sure do the job. I love that console/mirror combo. If you are looking for an easy go-to entry combo, there you go (who can guess how many times I’ve used that round Target mirror, now? 12?).

Stephen loves himself some plants and has like 9 green thumbs. I haven’t seen figs so healthy in a while.

Emily Henderson Target Loft Masculine Neutral Project 62 8

I couldn’t not use his amazing red color-block bike (by Martone), I WANT THAT BIKE. And while we didn’t bring in red in the actual Target pieces having them pop up in a few books and that book on the coffee table (and shoes) I think gives it a late-2017 edge.

Emily Henderson Target Loft Masculine Neutral Project 62 2

There you are folks. The Project 62 collection. And to be honest there are so many other pieces that we loved and many more coming out. We were inspired by the space and Stephen’s personality so it’s more on the masculine side, but we are doing a collaboration soon with someone who is more glamorous so you’ll see a totally different side of this collection (it has some awesome marble/brass and velvet pieces, too.)

While our Modern English Country house is less ‘Project 62’ than it is ‘Threshold’, I am loving this collection and I have quite a few of the pieces below. If you are into this particular look, here you go:

Emily Henderson Target Project 62 Makeover Loft Get The Look1

1. Navy Chair | 2. Wood Accent Stool | 3. Black Bookshelf | 4. Tripod Table Lamp | 5. Blue Abstract Art | 6. Tripod Floor Lamp | 7. Charcoal Knit Rug | 8. Round Coffee Table | 9. Gray Sofa | 10. Round Brass Mirror | 11. Blue Table Lamp | 12. Black Geometric Pillow | 13. Color Block Pillow | 14. Blue Woven Basket | 15. White Console | 16. Tan Modern Vase | 17. Black Metal Tray | 18. Marble & Chrome Table Lamp | 19. Ceramic & Wood Planter | 20. Marble & Wood Bookend | 21. Black Earthenware Vase | 22. Marble & Wood Coasters | 23. Navy & Silver Enamel Tray | 24. Marble & Chrome Task Lamp | 25. Gray Dining Chair | 26. Indigo Knit Rug | 27. Cream Woven Basket | 28. Large Candle Holder | 29. Medium Candle Holder | 30. White Dining Table

Check out the whole Project 62 collection HERE. We like it a whole lot.

A big thanks to Brady for leading the design, Emily and Erik for styling assistance. Photography (and location) by Stephen Busken and video by Brian’s company Propeller Media.

*This post was in partnership with Target, but all content and words are mine. Thanks to you guys for supporting the sponsors and thanks to sponsors like Target who give total creative freedom πŸ™‚

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6 years ago

Love this space, and boy do I miss having a Target around the corner! But I have to say I really wish those sofas had arms on them! I like how sleek the cushions are, but they look a little unfinished to me and a bit like RV furniture without arms…

6 years ago
Reply to  Clarissa

I have multiple Target locations close by but it still doesn’t help for stuff like this, because very few Project 62 items are in stock anywhere near me.

Rehana Malik
6 years ago

I search this type information to many blog but I don’t find this topic but you’re blog Very Well define this subject!

6 years ago

What fabulous content! I love it! It’s masculine, refined, edgy, and still has personality. Target is lucky to have you.

6 years ago

Everything in here looks so good! I want all the things!! These are great pieces that can be mixed in for a high / low design and my clients would love these. And as always, so many good tips πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work, Emily!! I have been reading your blog for years and you always keep it fresh and interesting. Thank you!!

6 years ago

Love all the new stuff from Target… I have that brass mirror and it’s amazing… love those tripod lamps too … and all that marble and wood stuff that Target has is just right up my alley… Target is killing it with style. Great job Emily… love this post…

6 years ago

Those figs haven’t lost a single leaf. How is that possible? πŸ˜‰ Still loving all your Target posts.

patricia blaettler
6 years ago

Two of everything. Very clever!

6 years ago

Wow! I am blown away by how affordable this is! That rug especially is giving me heart eyes. And I know this isn’t part of the target collection, but that apartment is unbelievable! Does that big door really open??

6 years ago

Does anyone know how the chunky wool blue rug would hold up to pets, specifically a dog and a cat? Also, does anyone know how it would hold up to vacuuming? I had a rag rug before, and vacuuming killed it b/c it pulled at the loose strings, not to mention my cat loving to knead it and exacerbating the string situation. I want to avoid a similar situation at all costs (that poor rag rug lasted less than a year).

6 years ago

emily, you did a wonderful job of showcasing this collection, so this is NOT a criticism of your work or talent….but words can’t express how disappointed i am that target is “phasing out” some of the threshold stuff they would typically roll out each season with THIS. a super-modern, very style-specific line. i am one of those people who gets excited for weeks about the anticipated threshold fall collection, spring collection, etc….anytime we know they should be rolling out new stuff. in fact, i am so into it that i budgeted a few hundred dollars for myself specifically for buying the new target fall home stuff, knowing that i would likely want to buy a ton of it (as i have in years past). i was SO SAD when i walked into my local target, saw the new project 62 set-up, looked for the threshold fall line, and was told “this is it” as an employee pointed to a small, SMALL collection of new pillows and tchotchkes (that, by the way, i’m not a fan of either–what happened target??). i asked when the rest would be coming in, and he said this is it for threshold and the new project… Read more »

6 years ago
Reply to  abby

Agree with you. Don’t know why both can’t exist in the same universe? If the same company can own Pottery Barn and West Elm or another offer Crate and Barrel and CB2, it proves that both styles are popular and there is a demand for both. I think some of the Project 62 stuff is cool, but doesn’t really go in my house. Threshold was more my cup of tea.

6 years ago
Reply to  Kaiulani

Some of the things are exactly the same, just with new packaging, like the mirror Emily used. Young house love had some other things in their instagram stories.

6 years ago
Reply to  abby

I agree. I have been totally disappointed in Target’s home section lately as well. I agree that there are some fun things in this new line but it isn’t something I would want to fill my home with. It seems as though Target is scaling back their home goods section, which I think is a huge mistake. Hopefully I’m wrong.

6 years ago
Reply to  Nicki

I too am not a fan of modern like this. Although your team did a great job showcasing it. I hope they don’t bring the threshold line around to being super modern as well. I can’t imagine my love affair with target ever ending. Maybe target is targeting a younger audience than my 34 year old self. I don’t know.

6 years ago

I know this isn’t a fashion post, but Emily, do you mind sharing where you got your green pants? Super cute!

6 years ago

Looks awesome! Is that rug the same as the new one you have in your living room? I love the way it looks in your space.

Emily R Hylden
6 years ago

So off topic, but I LOVE THAT CARDIGAN AND NEED IT. Source?

6 years ago

Lovely! I do have a question about layering two rugs together to make one large one. Do you sew them together? Or attach them at all? Are rug mats underneath enough to prevent them from sliding apart slightly with normal use?

Christine Schwalm Design
6 years ago
Reply to  Andrea

Rug grips are a good idea on any rug, especially one on concrete, so they don’t bunch up over time. You could use rug tape to connect the 2 together, but a heavy enough coffee table could also do the trick.

6 years ago
Reply to  Andrea

This was the exact question I want to ask. Thank you. πŸ™‚

6 years ago
Reply to  Idril

be careful using any sticky grip, I’ve had them pull the finish off my floors πŸ™

6 years ago

I love the video with all the tips and tricks. its great to see how you can take the new line and make it look great!

6 years ago

Can I tell you that I put the date in my google calendar when project 62 would go online? Because of your heads up about it. And I’m a hard working mom of 3 kids! I’ve got like 20 million fish to fry every second. And I got up early that sat to look at it! I’m making our new house a home and the only way I can do it with limited time is with help like yours. You help me cut through so much stuff and ideas that are out there and help me zero in on what fits my family and what we own and love, and solves design problems. Yes, Target picked the right stylist to be their “influencer”. Great job!

Christine Schwalm Design
6 years ago

I’m seriously considering those dining chairs for my home. I saw them in person at the store and they look sturdy and comfortable. And the grey/green color is really pretty. I’d love to find a spot for that black tripod lamp, too. That’s beautiful!

6 years ago

Perfect timing as my 27 year old son is getting ready to move into his own apartment. Love the rug and the navy side chairs (although they are listed as unavailable : ) Although the marble based lighting. Will definitely source Target for many of his needs!

6 years ago

Emily – Serious question about the Project 62/Threshold lines that I hope you have time to answer since I cannot find this online anywhere… How come a ton of the new branded Project 62 items are actually just Threshold items that were once the Threshold brand? For an example, I’ve had that round circular lamp in my entryway for MONTHS and it was bought under the Threshold moniker, but now has it branded Project 62 and is acting like it’s a new product… This is just one of the many examples I noticed when I was perusing the Project 62 website (the entire Siegel series was once Threshold… even the wood arm chair you have in your living room is Project 62 now when you’ve been showing us that for months). I get that marketing is marketing, but it’s creating the false illusion that all of these things are new product when they definitely are not.

6 years ago

Thank you for these posts! I am super excited that Target is expanding into this more modern aesthetic! I have a question about the accent stool, though. I love the look of it in your “Get The Look” montage, so I clicked over to the website and was disappointed to see that it got so many negative reviews. Most of the reviews say that the “walnut” color shown online (and also in your montage) is misleading — that the actual color is darker and looks like dark lacquer. Also, the picture that one reviewer posted makes it look as though the bottom part of the stool isn’t tapered, but is more of a straight column. It’s a bit hard to tell from your photos of the decorated loft whether the reviews are right or not. What was your opinion of the stool? I’m super curious, because I could really use something like that in my living room!

6 years ago

Is that indigo rug you styled in the dining room the same one on the target site??! the colors look so different in their photo so I wasn’t sure.

6 years ago

I love this space. Thank you for the idea on the simple way to style vintage cameras. I have a small collection and I’ve been overthinking it.

Sarah D.
6 years ago

Have to admit this Target collection is looking pretty good. ?

6 years ago

I’ve been checking to see when the Project 62 Ogee Lumbar Pillows would be available in the blue color since they aren’t available in any store near me and your post was a reminder to check again. They were in stock and are now on the way! As a child of the 60s, this is my favorite design style…lived it, love it!

6 years ago

Those sofas would be perfect in my new apartment and I agree, Target make them with storage please!

6 years ago

Emily, I mean this with the best of intentions: why don’t you hire a copy editor? You have a great voice, but I often find myself having to read over sentences a couple of times to understand what you’re saying. Sometimes I get so frustrated that I just close out the window and leave the site! That shouldn’t happen on such a popular, high-profile blog like yours. A bit of proofreading by another set of eyes would really enhance the content that you clearly put a lot of time and effort into.

6 years ago
Reply to  Jessica

I have to agree. I love this blog and I really appreciate all the free content and wonderful advice, but I find the errors distracting. Some days are worse than others. Given that this is her business, I’d expect better editing. It’s possible to retain the author’s informal voice while cleaning up the grammar and punctuation (and occasional spelling errors).

6 years ago

Those arching glulams though!!
Love this article that gives the basics of designing and choosing furniture!

6 years ago

I love the coffee table and the dining room chairs. Target is hitting it out of the park with this collection.

This is super nitpicky, but you use the word “less” when you mean “fewer.” If you are talking about objects that you can count (not a massive number of something), you say fewer, not less. I’m a total grammar pill, so sorry! I know you are probably way too busy designing amazing rooms to worry about something so silly. It’s just one of those things that drives me crazy when I read it.

6 years ago
Reply to  Kristin

Thanks, Kristin for pointing this out. It drives me crazy, too!

6 years ago
Reply to  Kristin

Kristin, I agree with you! The mistakes with less and fewer should be corrected by Emily or her editor.

6 years ago

I enjoys a lot while reading your posts because you explained your post very deeply in a very easy and clear language.

6 years ago

Sadly, online reviews suggest quality control and inferior materials are a real problem for a lot of items in this line.

Judith van Oudheusden
6 years ago

I see Target ships to the Netherlands aswell, nice! Love that vase like table lamp!

happy wheels
6 years ago

I love these designs. I wish that I possibly could stay in a location such as this. It must be amazing!!!

– happy wheels –

6 years ago

Source please for that great ceramic lamp…the one on the white console with the round gold-edge mirror?

6 years ago

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