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by Emily Henderson
Brb003 Samsung Emilyhenderson 082817 Boathouse 2661

Today I’m VERY happy to share with you the makeover of a 100 year old Boathouse, the fourth episode/post created with Samsung all about Reframing spaces. If you’ve been following along you’ve seen the Greenhouse, Barn and Barge and today is the final Boathouse makeover. The blog posts have been long and epic, and the film series have been pretty beautiful. Today’s content is no exception. For each episode/makeover I partnered with a different designer/content creator to transform the space. Kate, founder of Wit and Delight, was the first name they dropped and while they pulled together the rest of the roster, I felt good knowing that she would be involved.  I’ve been a fan of her brand/blog/personality for a long time and knew that she had good taste and what seemed like a great easy going/not taking herself too seriously personality (and the perception was correct, I’ve got a real talent at reading people via the internet).

Brb003 5834

Our challenge would be to take this old Boathouse, whose previous function was to house, uh, boats right on a lake and turn it into a weekend family retreat. Kate is pregnant with her second child. I have two young-ins myself. So we get the whole ‘needing some escape’ time thing and designing with that in mind wouldn’t be a challenge.

The video, done by alkemy X under creative direction of Barbarian is just so beautiful. We shoot a lot of makeover videos in-house as you know, but the production was feature film quality and I’m so proud of it.

Besides, this dreamy Boathouse would be sufficient …

Img 2700

I took this with my phone a couple days before we started this project, at 7am, and couldn’t believe how breathtaking it was. Every morning the steam just sat on the water like that and created such a dreamy effect. I’ve written about this before, but the reason I did this campaign wasn’t for the money, although obviously I get paid for work. It was for the locations – THAT LOCATION, the experience, new portfolio work and to be able to finally showcase the world’s most beautiful TV in unpredictably beautiful locations.

Imagine being a designer and someone showing you that photo, saying ‘Please design this Boathouse however you want … in 3 days, with no client and only a few creative restrictions’. It’s why we start our careers, why we do low/no-paying portfolio work for years, …. in hopes of someday working on projects like this.

The inside was super simple and mostly original, of which we wouldn’t really change, and it was full of rustic charm and soul.

Emily Henderson Boathouse Makeover Samsung The Frame Before

Kate and I chatted on the phone about the design plan and both loved the idea of a coastal vibe, mixing modern with antiques and keeping it super casual and rustic, yet fresh. We could tap into our inner granny if we were careful, and definitely wanted to bring a bit of upstate cabin in there. This wouldn’t be Palm Beach coastal or The Hamptons, but instead more of a country coastal or a casual coastal. It was meant for weekend retreats with friends and families, not formal parties with strangers.

Since Kate has a background in design, too, and she has a lot of the same contacts that I do (plus I was already on set working on the other two and slammed) she took the lead on creating the initial mood board. She sent me boards and I gave feedback and edited based on my first hand knowledge of the location – YAY FOR ACTUALLY SEEING A SPACE BEFORE INSTALL DAY. After a couple quick rounds, here is where she/we landed.

Ehd X Samsung Moodboards Ehd X Samsung Moodboards

Ish. We pulled from some of our favorite resources that were willing to loan for the shoot – Which I can’t thank enough – I’m talking to you Serena and Lily, Dash and Albert, MQuan, Pom Pom at Home, Canvas Home, Louise Gray, Interior Define, Article, Rejuvenation, West Elm, Rebecca Atwood. Then sourced anything else from rental houses in New York.

Once we removed all the stuff, it really was a great space with two big sources of natural light and a lot of wood – of which we planned to leave untouched.

Brb003 5112   Brb003 5086

If you’d been reading along you’ve heard the stress in my voice on the other three – The greenhouse was the first with virtually no prep time, the barge was sight unseen and totally a mystery until the day of install (where we had to change from being a full makeover to a gallery space) and the barn was HUGE and daunting with all the resources and pieces involved.

But this one… this one was the easiest to get our brains around. Obviously a HUGE part of it being less stressful is sharing the design responsibility with Kate. It wasn’t me presenting to her the plan/pieces in hopes that she liked it, she knew the four rugs we had to play with because she was the one that ordered them.

There was also no construction on this one, which saved us a full day and let us style a bit longer and gave a couple more hours of freedom. For makeovers like these I am going to have to start bringing a timelapse go-pro because seeing it all come together like in the video below is pretty satisfying and although it looks like it came together pretty seamlessly – IT WAS STILL A SCRAMBLE. 

But after two days of styling we finished up this lovely space, and boy were we proud of it.

Brb003 Samsung Emilyhenderson 082817 Boathouse 1371

It’s such a happy retreat and turned out even better than we had planned. It really came together and felt full of soul and comfort. We started by dividing up the space into zones, creating one major seating area in the middle big enough for 10 people to gather around. The key to making this Boathouse inviting was to bring in softness through textiles and furniture. The large, low sectional from Interior Define on a big cozy rug from Dash and Albert softened the room so much – especially since the floor was the original cement.

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Boathouse Renovation Makeover Lake House Country Rustic 1

This space had a lot of innate rustic charm but furnishing it to be functional and feel fully addressed was more of a challenge. We borrowed or rented so much extra furniture that we ended up using because the space turned out to be so much bigger than we thought. I love how eclectic it turned out. Kate fought for that blue floral antique ‘granny’ chair and I’m so glad that she did.

Brb003 Samsung Emilyhenderson 082817 Boathouse 2121

The hits of wicker help keep it young and contrast so well with the modern boxiness of the sofa. We added super affordable roman shades from Ikea on the windows to help them feel a bit more polished. Those shades are a super great solution if you are on a budget, but obviously may not last through a lot of rough daily usage.

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Boathouse Renovation Makeover Lake House Country Rustic 4

The round leather ottoman  from Article was the perfect piece for this sectional and space. Sometimes sectionals are tricky because you feel like they want a rectangle but often can’t fit one, and a square can work but it’s a lot of squared off corners. A large round piece often solves the problem as it sure did here. The leather added warmth and brought in different finish than linen.

Brb003 Samsung Emilyhenderson 082817 Boathouse 2371

Yes I’d like to be there. Ugh, that wicker chaise is so dreamy, with those sheepskin rugs from Article and baskets from Serena and Lily. It’s all just ridiculous.

The MQuan hanging ceramic piece is just so stunning and was quite perfect there. We borrowed so many pieces from her for this shoot and I want to own all of them. They are peppered around the room (next to the tv, above the cabinet in dining room, etc) and they really took the space to the next level.

Now for the reason that we are here – The Frame TV from Samsung. We’ve shown it to you on a studio stand displaying a painting, in a floor to ceiling art installation displaying original pieces or more modern illustrations, a gallery wall displaying fine photography, and this time we want to show you how you can of course upload your own family photo or photos to The Frame.

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Boathouse Renovation Makeover Lake House Country Rustic 2

Kate had taken those photos with her smartphone (crazy, right?) of a weekend she had recently with her family. Obviously we thought they were so beautiful and of course appropriate for the location.

A few reminders about The Frame :

If you are new to this series then there are few things you should know:

  • The Frame comes stocked with one hundred pieces of curated art, with the option to purchase hundreds more – an inventory that is constantly being added to by gallery curators. It includes every medium and style – drawings, paintings, illustrations, and photography. It’s not your standard wallpaper or screensaver. This stuff is good.
  • You can upload your own art or family photos – like we did here. Heck, you could do your kid’s art.
  • With one button it goes from Art Mode to TV mode. Literally, you just hit one button on their tiny white remote – it’s not magic, but my goodness is it magical.
Brb003 Samsung Emilyhenderson 082817 Boathouse 1711
  • Yes it’s a normal Smart TV, with 4k definition and can play everything from live events to Netflix marathons.
  • You have 4 customizable frame options (essentially the frame of The Frame): black (standard – how it comes), white, beige wood and walnut. We chose beige wood in this episode.
  • The way it’s installed allows for you to move it slightly if your walls/ceilings aren’t exactly square/level – so mounting your TV perfectly level just got a whole lot easier.
  • It sits flush to the wall like a picture frame. Unlike most wall mounted TVs that stick out 4-6″, this rests on the wall just like you’ve hung a piece of art (it’s hung on a cleat).
Brb003 Samsung Emilyhenderson 082817 Boathouse 1561

The reasons for its greatness are vast and i’m unsure what is my favorite. I suppose the #1 reason to opt for this TV is because it looks like a piece of art due to the small bevel, flush mounting and high quality imagery display. We’ve been waiting decades for this TV and I sure am not disappointed.

I know that most of you are convinced of the greatness of the product and no need to rush out and replace your perfectly good TV. But if you are in the market, I obviously recommend The Frame with all of my heart, with every ounce of my soul, with all the confidence of a designer who has been plagued by the ‘black box’ for too many years.

Let the revolution begin. Take back your living room. Save your marriage. This TV is the future and thank God it’s not in our present (and comes smaller now!!! – 43”, 55” and 66” which is what we used in the makeovers).

Now for the rest of the room. Although before I move from the bookshelf shot I wanted to point out that the shelf was actually the same shelf we used in the barn, just repainted. I don’t remember what we had planned for that wall, under the TV but I think it was going to be boring and since the TV would be our money shot and the reason we were all there, we needed it to feel special so even though it’s a simple bookshelf it was a great scale for the TV and the books added a lot of warmth and character to that side of the room.

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Boathouse Renovation Makeover Lake House Country Rustic 5

It was such a magical room to be in, with the water reflection bouncing off the ceiling.

The dining area was such a lovely place to be. It was literally right on the water, feet away from this gorgeous lake.

Brb003 Samsung Emilyhenderson 082817 Boathouse 2011

If it’s not clear yet you should know that I am a lake/river kind of person. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the beauty of the ocean, but much prefer the intimacy and the trees that surround a lake in the mountains like this. This is my dream location – calm clean water in which to wade and fish but no tide or sharks.

We mixed two Ikea chairs with the even more casual folding bamboo director chairs, along a chippy paint, dare I say ‘shabby chic?’ rented dining table.

The quilted flag by Louise Gray was the perfect ‘modern nautical’ piece for the Boathouse. I’ve been a huge fan of her work for a while and was so happy to be able to use it in a shoot, finally. The pendant light  is a modern farmhouse/industrial piece from Ikea (crazy cheap) and that beautiful rug is from Dash and Albert. We mixed a few different rugs in this room and they all looked great together (see product board at the end).

Brb003 5900

We brought in my favorite Target Cabinet and stocked it full of pretty dishes from Canvas Home for entertaining. I love how it reflected the water and brought a lot of movement to that side of the room.

Brb003 5602

The herringbone table lamp and brass mirror are also from Target, next to the MQuan Ceramic Chain Links and Blue Stripe Vase. We were shooting so fast (2 hours at sunrise, before crew got there and 2 hours after they wrapped) so there are so many tiny little details I wish I had time to fix – the seam on the lampshade, the fact that the teapot and the pitcher lines up, the slightly dead branches … it just kills me, and of course I feel compelled to point them out, but it does not diminish my love for this amazing space. And a huge thank you to Genevieve and Brady for scrambling with me to get these shots before sunset.

Brb003 Samsung Emilyhenderson 082817 Boathouse 1951

This last vignette wasn’t planned, but once we got the sectional in there we realized we had a decent amount of space behind it in which to fill.

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Boathouse Renovation Makeover Lake House Country Rustic 3

So we did what anyone would do – added a vintage peacock chair, some fur and a classic console full of books and pretty accessories.

Brb003 Samsung Emilyhenderson 082817 Boathouse 3121

We layered the article sheepskin pelts over a simple Target rug and added a couple lamps.

Brb003 5622

We addressed the outside, mostly because I wanted to get some pretty shots of that gorgeous location. We kept it simple with some wicker chairs, textiles, lanterns and plants.

Brb003 5806 Brb003 5619 Brb003 5913 Emily Henderson Boathouse Makeover Samsung The Frame Outdoor 2 Emily Henderson Boathouse Makeover Samsung The Frame Outdoor 1

The location was a dream. Working with Kate was just wonderful. I know you might not believe this but I LOVED working with every single one of the designers/bloggers/artists in different ways. Our job is weird and while I hang out with other content creators in LA I rarely meet so many of them in person whom I follow online. Kate (and all of them) is such a smart, hardworking and creative person that knows what she is doing and yet admits that she doesn’t (because let’s face it, none of us know what we are doing in this crazy world of social content).

But I look pretty cool and collected here. I’m sitting by a lake, finished with four pretty massive makeovers super satisfied with wrapping up this job.

Brb003 Samsung Emilyhenderson 082817 Boathouse 3001

A huge thanks to Barbarian (Peet and Lee you creative genius’ and Joe, Jennifer, Emily, Alex, Junghoon, and Nicole) for thinking up and executing this inspiring campaign for a TV.

But then again, I think i’ve proven over the course of these episodes that it’s not just a TV. The Frame is art and function, beauty and technology and can turn any space into a place to hang – even a Boathouse, on a lake without making it a “TV room”. In fact, I’d say that perhaps with the invention of The Frame that the “TV room” is dead and moot. Sure you can have a room that is more comfortable, more cozy with lots of deep seating. But by this piece of technology looking like a piece of art or (or family photo) and yet having 4k smart TV functions it really can work anywhere.

I’m so happy to announce that ONE of you will win a 65″ The Frame (just like you have seen in all the makeovers)!!!! Comment on today’s instagram, facebook or blog post with the hashtag #EHDTheFrame and tell us where you would put it. If you want any extra entry screenshot the photo from today’s instagram and repost it to your insta feed (make sure to use the hashtag so we can track your entry). We’ll choose a winner on Wednesday, December 6th, and reach out to them directly.

*Many of our favorite companies loaned for this 3 day shoot an we’d love to thank them. Serena and LilyDash and AlbertMQuanPom Pom at HomeCanvas HomeLouise GrayInterior DefineArticleRejuvenationWest ElmRebecca Atwood.

**A huge thanks to our photographer Geneieve Garruppo for taking such beautiful after photos, with us in such a short amount of time.

***And thank you to the always wonderful Agata Helena for the beautiful hair and makeup.

****Video by alkemy X, directed by EJ McLeavy-Fisher.

*****The ‘ReFrame Your Space’ campaign is the genius of Barbarian. Thanks to everyone on their crew that made this such a wonderful creative experience.

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Boathouse Get The Look Final 1

1. Rattan Side Table | 2. White Tassel Throw | 3. Marble Tray | 4. Sofa | 5. Homer Rug | 6. ‘X’ Quilt | 7. Leather Coffee Table | 8. Natural Stripe Floor Pillow | 9. Blue Floor Pillow | 10. Blue Ombre Pillow | 11. Dash Stripe Pillow | 12. Samsung The Frame TV | 13. Wood Hook | 14. Ceramic Beads | 15. Peacock Chair (similar) | 16. Ceramic Wall Hanging (similar) | 17. Blue Woven Rug | 18. Sheepskin | 19. Large Brass Round Mirror | 20. Marble Stripe Pillow | 21. Natural Throw Blanket | 22. Wood Floor Lamp | 23. Pink Velvet Pillow (similar) | 24. Stripe Lumbar Pillow | 25. Wicker Stool | 26. Blue Wicker Basket Set | 27. Dinner Plate | 28. Bowl | 29. Mug | 30. Pendant Light | 31. Blue Stripe Vase | 32. Ceramic Links (similar) | 33. Sun and Moon Pillow | 34. White Stripe Throw | 35. Gray Table Lamp | 36. 6″ Brass Candlestick (similar) | 37. 9″ Brass Candlestick (similar) | 38. 3″ Brass Candlestick (similar) | 39. Dining Table (similar) | 40. Fabric Dining Chair | 41. Stripe Throw | 42. Dot and Dash Pillow | 43. folding bamboo director chairs (similar) | 44. Tan Rug | 45. Brass Mirror | 46. Wicker Basket | 47. Herringbone Table Lamp | 48. Library Cabinet

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  58. #EHDTheFrame – love the makeover. I would love the Frame TV to go with the gallery wall that’s currently trying to camouflage my TV 🙂

  59. OH my goodness how I would love one of these beauties!! My husband and I are moving to Colorado to help his father work out some health issues and we’re leaving our TV behind. Time for a major upgrade! I’d love to finally not be embarrassed to have my TV in the middle of my living room wall! We have a mid century credenza I love but I always felt it looked cheesy with a TV hanging over it. #EHDTheFrame

  60. This has got to be my favorite #EHDTheFrame space so far! Now I just need to casually inherit an open lakehouse somewhere… 😉 Seriously I could use one of these in my home. Our small house is 100% open living-dining-kitchen, no way of hiding a TV in a TV room. And where we currently have the tv, over the fireplace mantle, just feels like a sad waste of a beautiful focal point. Plus, the mantle is currently decked out with garland and stockings for the holidays… any holiday artwork options for the Frame? Would look fabulous!

  61. This would absolutely solve my living room woes. I live in a 120 year old Victorian with a double parlor, and the “big black box” totally spoils the mood. We use one of the parlors as a sitting room and the other as a “TV room” (uggh), but this would be so much more lovely. #EHDTheFrame

  62. The #EHDTheFrame makeovers has been such a lovely series to follow and I’m totally craving a frame now!!! Isn’t derinitely put it in the bedroom for Netflix binge after the baby goes down at night and beautiful eye candy by day!

  63. #EHDTheFrame would hang in our mountain family room, on very similar wood paneled walls (thanks for helping me visualize this) in Lake Arrowhead, CA. Our TVs are ancient, and I’ve been telling hubby all about this innovative TV. LOVE this makeover….one of the best ever, and true to my cozy, modern mixed with traditional style. You guys outdid yourselves on this one!

  64. I would put this to in our bedroom so it wouldn’t look like we have a massive black box in the room. #EHDTheFrame

  65. I would put it in my open-concept living room with a weird corner fireplace. The Frame would allow us to have a tv in the space without adding to the eyesore/weirdness of the fireplace! #EHDTheFrame

  66. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I would put #ehdtheframe over our 100 year old mantel. I’ve been protective of the space and guarding it against the black box, but I think we have finally found a tv solution that works for our tiny room!

  67. The Frame is genius. I would put it in our family/living room and it would look fabulous!

  68. Hey, #EHDTheFrame. I would put the frame tv on my gallery wall with all my favorite art where it belongs.

    1. Yay giveaway! #EHDTheFrame. So many options! Finally finish the basement playroom/media room with a gallery wall of photos of family? Gift to parents and give mom an updated office where she can watch dancing with the stars in style? Amazing! Lovely product and lovely giveaway just in time for the holidays. Thank you!

  69. Drooling over #EHDTheFrame makeovers. How could I not put this in my living room?

  70. #EHDTheFrame – my husband and I have been dying over this t.v. and we’d put it over the console in our family room. I love displaying art and hate seeing tv’s so when we saw this tv we knew it was made for our marriage.

  71. After your first post about The Frame, I raved about it to my husband. We live in a small city condo and the big tv was just a black hole in the corner of the living area. I say was because my sweet husband bought me The Frame for my birthday! It is beautiful. The 4K picture is stunning and the artwork display is really nice. The only disappointment is that you cannot put a slide show on it. Only static pictures. I guess that makes it more like a piece of art. Overall, I’m very happy with it.

  72. #EHDTheFrame We would put this in our living room! It’s a hard room to decorate so we are REALLY hoping to hide the TV in a gallery wall and LOVED watching how you guys did it through this series.

  73. #EHDTheFrame — um, wherever I darn well want to? 😀 . That’s the joy of this thing! No need to do all the work I’ve done over the last two weeks to carefully curate a gallery wall around my current black box of a tv… No need to buy a big black bookshelf for the other side of the room to balance it all… I’d put this pretty little thing whereever I wanted to!

  74. #EHDTheFrame Have been dying for this to hang in my gathering room.

  75. I thought the barn makeover was going to be my favourite of this series, but honestly this location and the interaction between the indoors and outdoors makes it even more outstanding! I’ve been eyeing the Frame for a long time, even before seeing it on your blog, and these have just convinced me that it’s perfect for my new apartment. I’ve been holding off on purchasing a TV for it because I’ve been trying to pretend for a few weeks that I’m someone who doesn’t need a TV. #EHDTheFrame

    Also I adore your dress in the photoshoot, would you be able to mention the brand?

  76. #EHDTheFrame I would put this amazing TV in our den or maybe above our fireplace… gosh so many place it could go! Love the reframe your space posts! So many great ideas!

  77. #EHDTheFrame I’d put The Frame in my bedroom!

  78. #EHDTheFrame – we’re doubling our house size with an addition as we speak! I would definitely put it in our new family room! December 6 is our 14th wedding anniversary so that would be super exciting! Especially since we decided not to exchange gifts for our anniversary or for Christmas because of said doubling of house!

  79. I usually pass when picking out the electronics for our first house. HOWEVER, the #EHDTheFrame is just perfect.
    I’m ready to start budgeting a little a month to get one someday 🙂

  80. Oh man I’d love the Frame for my TV room that could now just be a chic regular room! #EHDTheFrame

  81. #ehdtheframe — This would look amazing hanging in my living room!

  82. what a giveaway! i would put one in my living room. so amazing #EHDTheFrame

  83. In my living room for sure! What an awesome TV. #EHDTheFrame

  84. So dreamy! We just bought a house and have a playroom/family room for the first time and we are plagued by the black box over our “fauxdenza”. I’d replace our standard Samsung, which by the way, is also a pretty great looking standard TV if you’re looking for a new one, but can’t splurge on the The Frame, with the Frame!

  85. So beautiful! I want to be there! I’d put one of these amazing TV’s in my living room. #EHDTheFrame

  86. I would 100% love the frame for our bedroom where I can’t stand the thought of a “regular” TV mucking up the tranquility. #EHDTheFrame

  87. #EHDTheFrame!! What a gorgeous TV, only wish it was in my price range. We’ve lived without a TV for the whole 8 years my husband and I have been together. We’ve used laptops and computer screens! We are definitely ready for something more beautiful, functional, and mature. We would put it in our basement suite, which my parents will be using whenever they come to visit!

  88. This is such a beautiful makeover, and I love seeing the mix of two of my favorite design writers’ styles together! I’d replace my current TV in my living room with the frame, to showcase photos of the beach where my grandparents just sold our family home. It would be such a nice way to keep those family memories a part of my every day life. The fact that I could change out photos for cool art if I’m feeling a different mood would be fun too! Thanks for hosting the giveaway! 🙂 #EHDTheFrame

  89. #EHDTheFrame – I would re-work my bookshelves in my family room to make it fit! I love it. This makeover is one of your best…love the last photo of you; natural and gorgeous, amazing flowy dress.

  90. #EHDTheFrame would probably look and fit best above the fireplace, downstairs. I love it!

  91. #EHDTheFrame – that beauty of a TV would go right smack in the middle of my living room wall!

  92. I’ve always wanted a tv in the kitchen for while I cook, but hate the LOOK of a tv in the kitchen, so this might complete that fantasy!

    Also, unrelated but I’m weirdly curious about what’s behind those sliding doors sharing the wall with the Frame?


  93. Loved this series of makeovers! I would hang the art (ahem TV) in the family room. Thanks! #EHDTheFrame

  94. #EHDTheFrame – I would put that gorgeous TV in our, soon to be converted to living space, attic. Loved this whole series, the locations and (of course) styling, have been just incredible. Thanks!

  95. #EHDTheFrame This is the perfect solution for our open plan living space! The TV is currently hogging the window, I can’t wait to put one of these on the wall and claim back the window without losing my TV altogether!

    The shoot looks amazing – did anyone get to enjoy the space while decorated?

  96. #EHDTheFrame
    Love having a tv, hate looking at one. Make all my aspiring interior design dreams come true and we can move this big black box into my husbands man cave!

  97. I would put it in the living room above our sofa. I have one year old twins and a 10 year old so cartoons are on all the time. My son was more low key and would play with the same toys for hours in one room. I assumed the twins would be the same. I assumed wrong. They litter toys from their playroom (with a tv) through the dining room and into the living room. Constantly tripping over toys. And rubbermaid containers – no matter where I hide them, they manage to find them and spray them confetti style all over the dining room. So, if a tv were in the living room, maybe my containers would be safe and I could knock out on the sofa while they played. #EHDTheFrame

  98. I am reworking all of my rooms as we change our TV room into a big-boy bedroom for my son, and the Frame would solve ALL my problems. The most-logical location for the TV would make it the first thing you see when you walk into my house – and I just can’t do it. No problem if it were the gorgeous Frame! #EHDTheFrame

  99. #EHDTheFrame
    Gone are the days of TV ‘black holes’ in living spaces! I’d use The Frame to fill our living room with beautiful art!

  100. #EHDTheFrame – I would take out old tv and put in this new tv in it’s place.

  101. #EHDTheFrame — I’d put The Frame in my family room, amidst the gallery wall to elevate it and replace the black void!

  102. Omg so much beauty going on here! I’d put my #EHDTheFrame in our family room, with coastal beach shots on it since we live near the ocean.

  103. I want to live there. Just fabulous.

  104. I loved the #EHDTheFrame makeovers more than I thought I would, especially the barn – absolutely amazing! I would replace our large, black cavern of a TV with this delight in our main living space, and hope that one day our two little kids will allow us an hour together to actually watch a show. Like, any show. Until that day, it would look stunning above our fireplace.

  105. #EHDTheFrame – I would make a picture wall opposite my bed with long low bookshelves below.

  106. #EHDTheFrame would go lovely in our family room above the very cluttered bookcase.

  107. #EHDTheFrame
    I have thoroughly enjoyed this series but the boathouse is my favorite!

  108. Hello! Long time reader over here, and I wanted to say that this series has been one of my favorites that you’ve done to date! I’m a designer (graphic/brand) and can seriously relate to the “why” behind taking on this series of makeovers. Dream projects for sure (and such a commitment to make-it-work under pressure)! I love, love how they each came together. You and all the other contributors really created something so much more meaningful content-wise than a simple tv ad! On that note, I’d be absolutely thrilled to put #EHDTheFrame in the living room of my 1-bed, Chicago apartment. With limited sq footage I try very hard to be choosey about what lives on these walls! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  109. Family room for me! Though the artwork screens would be for me, and we’d have to switch it to cartoons for the littles. #EHDTheFrame

  110. I’m obsessed with #edhtheframe and would love it for our more formal living room. My husband insisted on a tv and I pushed for art – he won but now we both could?

  111. Love this giveaway #EHDTheFrame I would replace our TV in our living room, it’s big, it needs a TV console table which is covered in child-proof bumpers, cords for dayz. It’s just a rough look.

  112. #EDHTheFrame

    Inspired by the Boathouse restyle! We would put a bookshelf under The Frame just as you did in this beautiful makeover.

  113. Anything on the water instantly has my heart and this is just amazing. I am so impressed by The Frame TV. I have been thinking about where I would put it. I think it would be perfect in my “she den”! #EHDTheFrame

  114. I have loved this series so much. We currently don’t have an tv. I would put it in my living room above the fireplace. #EHDTheFrame

  115. #EHDTheFrame – I would put it in my living room. We currently don’t have one and it would be the perfect camo for my toddler, art for my walls and create a cozy destination for evenings on the couch with my husband!

  116. #EHDTheFrame we just moved to a new city – a new to us home, too. Our 1977 fixer could really be improved with this TV!

  117. #EHDTheFrame I have an 11 year old Samsung TV in our living room and although it has served as well, I think a replacement is needed. The Frame would be the best replacement and hopefully will be our TV for the next decade or so.

  118. This would be perfection in our family room!

  119. #EHDTheFrame
    I would put this in our family room. I love that it looks like art and fits so well in a gallery wall.

  120. This was my favorite space in the series also. I would give #EHDTheFrame to my daughter’s family. They are almost through with grad school. She was an art history major, so she will appreciate beautiful art hanging on the wall in lieu of a black box. They have lived a spartan life the fast three years. I look forward to them having a home.

  121. This would be perfection in our family room!

  122. Love this makeover, and the entire series! I would love the frame for my TV room to be a part of a gallery wall 🙂 I would also love that couch 😉

  123. What a beautiful makeover! We’d be delighted to hang The Frame in our living room. #EHDTheFrame

  124. Obsessed with #EHDtheframe! Loved following along the series and tried to get my husband to buy one for our new tv. Sadly it isn’t up to his gaming specs, but if I won one….it would go right in the living room and he’d just have to deal:)

  125. I know EXACTLY where I would put The Frame. We just moved into a new, open concept home and our feature wall has a huge, chunky plasma sitting on our big, beautiful, vintage console table. It just takes away from the space so much. My downstairs would surely benefit from #EHDTheFrame.

  126. I have my TV as part of a gallery wall now in our living room to try and diminish its presence. So obviously The Frame would be a perfect replacement! #EHDTheFrame

  127. #EHDTheFrame
    Thank you for this glimpse of beauty.

    I would put The Frame in a prime viewing spot in our living room.

  128. #EHDTheFrame – we have space for a tv in the center of our built-in bookshelves. I’ve always wanted a piece of art there.

  129. This has been the coolest, most interesting way to advertise a product! I’ve enjoyed watching every one of the #EHDTheFrame make-overs! (I think the greenhouse was my favorite!) I loved watching your process and how you incorporated The Frame into all kinds of spaces. It was like watching a short film!

    If I were to win The Frame, I would mount it on the wall in my living room, right above the midcentury modern dresser I refinished. I’d surround it with art that means something to me, and delight in the beautiful pictures it displays! In fact, I might just stare at it instead of watching TV 😉

  130. #EHDTheFrame, I would replace our ugly black box in the living room with this pretty one

  131. I have loved watching this series! I would put the Frame in my living room. Finally, I can have a stylish AND useful living room!


  132. #EHDTheFrame Thanks for posting about the sofa. I’ve been looking for a low sectional with style.

  133. #EHDTheFrame We have a TV above our fireplace that I would replace in a heart beat with The Frame!

  134. I would put the #EHDTheFrame in my living room! We desperately need to rearrange our living room, and The Frame would really help us do just that.

  135. #EHDTheFrame – I would put The Frame from Samsung in our living room up at our lakeside cabin. I hate how our current TV looks so out of place in an otherwise beautiful space.

  136. oh wow … we would replace our 10yo+ screen and hang the frame over our fireplace. This TV seems like such a no-brainer!

  137. Oh my word I would LOVE a Frame. We’ve only had hand-me-down TVs and, while our current one is wall mounted, it sticks out FAR from the wall and makes my heart sad. (My husband loves it.) I would replace it in a heartbeat with a Frame, though, and he would be happy too! #EHDTheFrame

  138. Gah, I’ve been trying to rework our gallery wall /tv stand forever now. That frame tv would make it a helluva lot easier !! #EHDtheframe

  139. #EHDTheFrame – I would put the TV on the gallery wall in my living room!

  140. I just moved to a small apartment with absolutely no windows or natural light in the common space. I would put the #EHDTheFrame right in the living room to bring some life and light to the space. Make it less prison like! This blog post was so beautiful and inspirational. Thank you for sharing!

  141. I loved this whole series! When I originally heard about this TV (before your partnership was announced) I thought, well, this has EHD written all over it!! They were smart to loop you into this campaign 🙂 I am STOKED that you’re giving away a frame–yippee! I already have a perfectly fine giant TV so I can’t imagine purchasing the frame for $2k to swap it out with, but if I received it from a giveaway?!?! YES. I live in a 2 bedroom studio where the living, dining room, office, and kitchen all live in harmony. I have vaulted ceilings so the space is actually pretty huge. I have a ginormous vintage flat file underneath my TV currently–we bought a jumbo TV to keep up with the scale. I think a 65″ would suit this spot juuuuuust fine 🙂 #EHDTheFrame

  142. #EHDTheFrame I would put this in our family room to take it up a notch!

  143. You and your team did such a lovely job. I’m impressed by the amount of time and effort that it took to pull this off. I have a small studio loft, so I think I’d put my TV in the living space. #EHDTheFrame

  144. My husband and I have never owned a TV before (LOL, 13 inch lap top for 8 years of bingeing!) so we have been coveting the #EHDTheFrame so bad! Would love to put it in the living room for when baby comes and I am mindless and nursing!

  145. I’ve tried so many things to make my TV disappear (gallery wall, painting the wall behind it darker) and while they all make it better, it’s never quite right. Obviously a better TV is the answer. I only have one space for living room/entertaining and I’d love for it not to feel so TV centric. #EHDtheframe

    ps-if you weren’t happily married, I’d say you should use that last picture of you in the peacock chair as a photo for online dating. It seems to capture your personality and style beautifully. Instead, go hug your husband and be glad you don’t have to deal with that mess, haha.

  146. #EHDTheFrame I would put it over the fireplace in my new living room!

  147. This makeover is just BEAUTIFUL – exactly my style and one of my favorite projects you’ve done yet. I’d love to win the Frame TV — looks amazing and I would put it in my living room. I live in a 100 year old house, and feel like a television like this would blend so much more seamlessly than my current black box. 🙂


  148. Thanks to #EHDTheFrame I might have to give in to my husband’s request for a new TV in the living room. He could finally get the bigger TV he wants I can stop trying to figure out how to decorate around the black box.

  149. This by far is one of my most favorite spaces Emily and team! And that is hard to say because the spaces you create are all really amazing and well-thought out. And just a bit of feedback (because I am assuming it is nice to hear when a sponsor post turns into something), I just hit the purchase button on the Samsung Frame 65″! We have been needing a new tv and I have been really frustrated how the huge black box in the family room is so dominant and clunky (it is a very old tv). I am really excited to see how it looks in our space! Thanks again for all your work – love the blog and content!

  150. I would love to put that in my kitchen / family area and fill it with our family photos. So beautiful. #EHDTheFrame

  151. This is so exciting!! I would be THRILLED to win this giveaway for a new fixer upper home (our first!) we are buying and renovating in Berkeley. It would be perfect for the den / office / guest room we are trying to create. Thank you for the generous offer – and beautiful boathouse inspiration! #EHDTheFrame

  152. #EHDTheFrame It would love great in my living room!

  153. Wow! So cool. If we were given a Frame TV, my wife and I would add it to the large gallery wall we just started in our living room! #EHDTheFrame

  154. #EHDTheFrame I’d love this for our living room! Marriage saver, indeed. 😉

  155. We’ve never wanted a tv in our studio apartment, why waste wall space on a big black box. I am pretty excited about this and would love to win one! #EHDTheFrame

  156. #EHDTheFrame FINALLY someone’s designed a TV that’s nice to look at. My husband and I have disagreed in the past on what size TV we should have in the family room, but The Frame is so pretty I wouldn’t care if he got the biggest one they sell. lol

  157. #EHDtheFrame I would hang it on the wall of my home to replace thee black box on a stand!

  158. #EHDTheFrame

    Where wouldn’t I put this, it is beautiful. I would be so thrilled to win.

  159. What a great space! I would love to get rid of the big black box in my living room! #EHDTheFrame

  160. I don’t even own a TV right now and watch everything on my laptop because I couldn’t imagine giving so much walk real estate to something so frustratingly ugly. You’re right, thus is totally a game changer. I’d happily put The Frame on my living room wall- it would make watching Netflix documentaries WAY more awesome. #EHDtheframe

  161. Loved this series too! I’m usually anti-TV in the bedroom but I’d put the #ehdtheframe in there for cozy holiday movie watching on snowy days 🙂

  162. I don’t watch tv very often so my current one is quite old. I would put the Frame in the tv nook of our built ins so it would look pretty whilst gathering dust. #EHDTheFrame

  163. #EHDTheFrame We just finished converting an old mid*-century dresser to a tv console so I can hind all the components and wires. The Frame would be perfect above it..

  164. I’d nestle the Frame between some original paintings of mine. #EHDTheFrame

  165. Ho amazing that you get to give one of these away! I’d put it in our living room, right next to our christmas tree that’s decked out in Target goods. 🙂 Thanks for the lovely post 🙂 #EHDtheframe

  166. Did dismantling these spaces after their photo shoots make you want to weep? I would! I have loved this series, talk about turning a pigs ear into a silk purse!!! I AM in the market for a new TV, I would put this in our sitting room right off the kitchen. The current 55″ TV there looks like a big, gaping hole. #EHDTheFrame . I am in Canada, not sure if we are eligible to win this object of beauty, but what the heck, its worth a try!

  167. #EHDTheFrame I would put a Frame in my soon-to-be cozy basement family room – it’s currently just cement floors and no walls, but finishing it is my next home project 🙂 Hoping to do some beautiful custom built-ins that I could put the Frame in. Love love love this makeover!

  168. One of the books on the table is upside down. The Muse.
    Otherwise I love it!

  169. #EHDTheFrame

    I’ve told countless people about this amazing TV since this series started on your site. The Frame would replace my current TV and add to the existing gallery wall instead of taking away like the current one does.

  170. #EHDTheFrame
    The Frame would look beautiful on the living room wall of my 1910 Sears catalog house.
    I’ve just taken down a large scale painting that doesn’t work, and I’d love to put the Frame up in its place, it’s like stealth entertainment! I’ve kept tv out of the public areas until now – If I win!
    How are you possible going to choose, Emily?

  171. Definitely my living room although if I allowed a TV in the bedroom, this would be it. #EHDtheFrame

  172. I would love to replace our black hole of a TV in our living room. We’re not TV-on-the-mantel people, so we’ve always struggled with finding a reasonable, practical place for our TV. This would make decorating our living room so much easier! #EHDTheFrame

  173. I would love a new #EHDTheFrame to put above my fireplace so that we can reclaim our living room. Thanks Emily!

  174. #EHDTheFrame

    I would put it in my living room. I don’t have a dedicated tv room, so making the tv blend into the space would be lovely.

  175. I would replace the eyesore of a TV in my living room (it was acquired at a yard sale for just $30 because it has a defective screen). My husband and I live in a 700 square foot apartment because we’re living frugally as my husband is finishing up a degree and embarking on a new career. Living in such a confined space is all the more reason to have a TV that doubles as art! #EHDTheFrame

  176. #EHDTheFrame I’d put it in my fabulous bachelor-barn! Oh wait… Actually, I’d give it to my mom to put in my parents’ new house.

    Thank you!

  177. So beautiful! In my living room! #EHDTheFrame

  178. Oh my goodness! I’ve been drooling over The Frame since your first post. I’ve been telling everyone! It’s amazing. And I want to live in this boathouse. Seriously. It’s gorgeous! I’d put #EHDTheFrame in my front room, over my vintage buffet/console. Thanks for the chance to win!

  179. #EHDTheFrame – we’re hoping to buy a new house within the next year, so I would love to incorporate this into our new family room!

  180. #EHDTheFrame I would put this beautiful television in my bedroom and incorporate it into my gallery wall–my own personal oasis.

  181. This makeover is so stunning! I’ve been eagerly waiting to see how it turned out ever since seeing the instastories you posted while you were there 🙂 If I won the Frame TV I’d put it in my parents’ living room, since it needs an update and I think this would help it out so much! #EHDTheFrame

  182. #EHDTheFrame I would love to put this gorgeous TV in our family room in my 1907 craftsman in Berkeley.. Beautiful work on all 4 makeovers!

  183. #EHDTheFrame – I hate how our living room is designed around our TV, but I wouldn’t mind if it were designed around THIS TV.

  184. We would love to have #EHDTheFrame in our new home! We’re starting from scratch, so this would be great in the living room!

  185. I love The Frame with Kate’s photos- I did a double take looking at those photos that it’s actually a TV!!

    #ehdtheframe I would swap our current old TV with this new beauty!

  186. #EHDTheFrame Emily – what a generous give-away! Husband and I just bought our first home, after saving for years. It’s a small Craftsman bungalow in the PNW, built in 1925. I’m obsessed with it, but a big black box does not do the space justice! I would put this in our tv room (which I’ve dubbed The Lounge) surrounded by the gallery wall I’ve collected over the years. Thanks!

  187. I know you don’t approve, but I’d put that gorgeous TV in my master bedroom.

  188. We plan on putting one in our living room! It’s the best compromise product to ever exist in the 14 years I’ve been with my husband! #EHDTheFrame

  189. Honestly if I had a big beautiful enough bathroom I would put it in there to have a sense of escapism for the craziness of life. It is also the only room in our house with a lock on it so the kids cant get in when mama is busy in the bathroom aka responding to emails/meditating for 5 seconds/contemplating the meaning of life/eating the hidden stash of candy #EHDTheFrame

  190. Living room for sure. And maybe if we win one, we’d put it in our bedroom too! #EHDTheFrame

  191. #EHDTheFrame – if I won I would gift this amazing tv to my mom for her family room! she’d go crazy for it.

  192. #EHDTheFrame – Would love to have The Frame in my living room!

  193. #EDHThe Frame Just purchased floating lake house that really needs updated. House was already winterized so won’t be getting back in till April. Lots to think about till then and try to make plans for updating. Could tell grandkids we don’t have a TV go jump in the lake😂😍

  194. #EHDThe Frame- I would hang the Frame in my garden shed:)

  195. #EHDTheFrame – My 500 sq ft Washington, DC 1-BR makes dual purpose pieces a necessity – every inch counts! I would place this beauty of a TV in my living room directly beside an antique glass-front cabinet I use for glasses and serveware. It’s an open kitchen, so this would provide the perfect vantage point for when I am cooking and baking (because with 500 sq ft, you’re never too far away from anything!). I have been lusting over this TV since I first saw it posted a few weeks ago, and have had a tab open on my phone with the post just to show friends who, like me, cannot afford it but are equally mesmerized by the design!

  196. #EHDTheFRAME
    I’d love to put this tv over our fireplace in our family room!

  197. #EHDTheFrame – I would put that gorgeous TV in our family room upstairs. So far I have been anti TV in more public spaces because of how it looks. We escape to the basement after the kids go to bed like we have done something wrong!

  198. Our TV is visible from our front door, so I NEED The Frame to save the integrity of our home!!! #EHDTheFrame

  199. We are getting a new place, and after the remodel, it’s going over the fireplace in the kitchen. #EHDTheFrame

  200. #EHDTheFrame I would put it where my TV is now (in the living room next to some built in bookshelves), but make that a gallery wall. Or I might rearrange my entire house around it!

  201. Loved this series. The Boathouse, love!!! I would put the frame in my living room. #EHDTheFrame

  202. #EHDThe Frame
    I would love to put the tv in my living room
    since space is an issue. It would be the perfect fit.
    Thank you

  203. My teeny, tiny living room is crying out for this beautiful tv! Old houses were not made to have giant black boxes taking up entire walls! #EHDtheframe

  204. I would probably have never believed it was this good or checked out The Frame until I saw the features on it in your blog… This has been a fun series to follow along with. I’d love to put the Frame in our family room and replace our current TV in a heartbeat, but the finish and scale is so great, I’d be pretty tempted to let the Frame feature prominently with our photos on display in our living room. #EHDTheFrame

  205. This is my favorite one of the #EHDtheframe I think. I bought a beautiful house that was decorated by a designer a few years before I moved in. The living room has custom built-ins around the fireplace and a 70-inch plasma mounted above the fire place wired into a very expensive sound system. I don’t love the aesthetics but we are addicted to the massive TV now, but it is dying as plasmas do. I’ve been trying to justify spending that much money on a TV because it is SO pretty. But I have another baby on the way. Stupid daycare and college =) I would looooove to make the Frame the centerpiece of the room with some custom art by my artist brother or photos of my kiddo.

  206. #EHDTheFrame My husband has wanted a TV in our bedroom FOREVER, but I’ve banned a big black box because, you know, they’re ugly. The Frame is the perfect compromise. I never thought I’d be smitten with a television. 🙂

  207. I need this for my bedroom! Watching TV in bed is amazing when you’re sick or it’s chilly out, but TVs aren’t the prettiest to look at. Plus, in there my kids likely wouldn’t break it! 😉


  208. #EHDtheframe I would replace my ugly black box in my living room with this beautiful tv in a heartbeat!

  209. Beautiful job! The crooked candle made me nuts just like it does me at home; however, the other 2 things I did not notice until you pointed them out. Don’t be so hard on yourself. What a serene and beautiful location. The barn and the boat house are my favs.

  210. If I had a Frame tv I wouldn’t put it anywhere in my house. Instead I’d carry it with me constantly just so I could show it to everyone I met and evangelize. Because it’s worth it.


  211. I’d put it in my living room amongst my gallery wall…it would look SO good #EHDTheFrame

  212. #EHDTheFrame
    That beauty would replace the giant black hole on my living room wall!

  213. Gorgeous! I would love to hang this in the living room of our new home that we will (hopefully!) buy next year. Maybe even above the fireplace! #EHDTheFrame

  214. #EHDTheFrame Going into the living room, the only room where TV is allowed!

  215. Sorry, I forgot the most important thing #EHDTheFrame. It is absolutely gorgeous and it’s about time a brilliant company like Samsung came out with it. We love our Samsung TV.

  216. #EHDTheFrame inside built in shelving in the living room

  217. #EHDTheFrame I would put it in my living room. It would be super nice to not be looking at a giant black box every time I walk in the room. I love love love television. Probably more than I should, but man, they sure are ugly and detract from my collected pieces I like to display. 🙂

  218. My husband and I just bought our first house a few months ago and are starting the slow process of restoration. Both being architectural designers, we want the eyes to be drawn to the home’s historical details … not a big black box. Luckily, the Frame (seriously, best TV ever) has solved one of our many, many design dilemmas! Adding one of these into our home would be a dream 🙂 A huge thanks to you and your team for this series … and of course Samsung’s innovative designers! #EHDTheFrame

  219. #EHDTheFrame That beauty would go right above my mantle! Absolutely loved these makeovers and the way you present paid content. It’s pretty easy for those to read insincere and forced, and that’s not at all what this series has been – quite the opposite. Thanks for sharing!

  220. I am a lakes and forests girl too! While the converted barn was my overall favorite of these spaces, I also dig the water and green that lend their vibe to this lovely boathouse. I do ADORE the fireplace area. I want to go to there. #EHDTheFrame I would first ask if I could have the 43″ size instead because our TV wall can’t fit the larger sizes (thank goodness they are making a small version now!) and put it in our main living space in our open floor plan home in the mountains. It would be dreamy to have ART on that wall instead of a black hole.

  221. #ehdtheframe Love this! My husband & I moved from LA to Seattle earlier this year with our at the time 3 month old and cat. We bought a place that we have been renovating since June. We are staying with very generous, amazing relatives while working on the house. To save some money my husband has been doing a lot himself like sweating copper, hanging dry wall, etc. We are so close to moving in! We’ve gone waaay over our anticipated budget and have been trying to get creative with how we will furnish our space. Initially, we talked about having a tv room in our basement and not having tv in the living room. But re-doing the basement is now in the distant future. Seeing the Frame makes me want to hang this in the living room! My hubby has been doing his day job and working on the house after work and on weekends. I can’t wait to have evenings and weekends with him again! Curling up on the sofa and watching this tv would be such a treat!

  222. #EHDTheFrame Wow I had to do a double take to make sure that what i was seeing was really a tv and not just beautiful artwork. I would definitely showcase this in my living room above our mid century credenza!

  223. The #EHDTheFrame makeovers are all so inspiring! I’d love to create a gallery wall for my living room with the beautiful art of the Frame at the center.

  224. AHH I love this tv so much! As an artist I’ve been waiting for one to come out that looks seamless and non-tv-y. And the room is so beautiful Emily! It’s hard to choose but this makeover and the Greenhouse are my favs 🙂
    I’d put The Frame tv in my living room in front of one of my murals #EHDTheFrame

  225. I’m hashing this tag so hard! #EHDTheFrame This would change my WHOLE LIVING ROOM PLAN. I love it. I would go – – – – over the couch, the couch would go under the window, the bookshelf would go to the office. . . . yayyyyyy

  226. We live in a somewhat small apartment with a compact open living/dining/kitchen space. Since our TV is prominently placed front and center by necessity, The Frame would be a game changer for our home. I love the artwork library and the idea of being able to change pictures/photography more easily than changing throw pillows is very, very exciting. It’s not only saying goodbye forever to the big black box on our wall, it’s also adding a cool piece of art, win win. #EHDTheFrame

  227. Great, beautiful work.
    I’d put it in my living room above the mantel.

  228. #EHDTheFrame

    Hello Emily and team, I’m not sure, is it possible to participate from Europe? I’d love to replace our old/not so old TV with that beauty of a TV….
    I’d put it up in our living room.
    Have a wonderful week!

  229. #EHDTheFrame – this gorgeous TV would be the perfect addition to my living room art wall!

  230. Seriously, when can I move in? Love what you did with that space and would love that gorgeous tv. Usually electronics don’t float my boat, but that one hits me where I live. I’d replace my barely one year old Samsung tv with The Frame in a heartbeat! #EHDTheFrame

  231. I’d love to put one above the fireplace in the log cabin we’re building. Definitely a marriage saver. 🙂

  232. I love the boathouse! My favorite so far of these. I would use #EHDtheframe in our new house where there is not really a good spot for a tv. It would be wonderful to have a tv that isn’t a big black box.

  233. I am a busy, married mom of 1 and dog mom of 2. I also have severe rheumatoid arthritis. My home is my castle, and my escape, since I spend so much time in it due to pain and stiffness. Specifically, my bedroom is my sanctuary, a place that I have decorated with things that comfort me and give me some peace as I’m resting. I am able to relax and enjoy the design of my room as I watch my fave shows on Netflix and Hulu. #EHDTheFrame

  234. Your posts in all of these different locations was inspirational, not just because of the gorgeous Frame TV, but also because of your innate skills and amazing design aesthetic to make these spaces so beautiful and peaceful. I loved the last one the most due to the waterfront location!! I could just see myself curling up on that gorgeous sectional and watching the world lazily pass by. I am a busy, married mom of 1 and dog mom of 2. I also have severe rheumatoid arthritis. My home is my castle, and my escape, since I spend so much time in it due to pain and stiffness. Specifically, my bedroom is my sanctuary, a place that I have decorated with things that comfort me and give me some peace as I’m resting. I am able to relax and enjoy the design of my room as I watch my fave shows on Netflix and Hulu. #EHDTheFrame

  235. I love the room and I LOVE the bookcase. Is it the one you has custom made for the barn or did you buy it? if it was the one you had made, any specifics would be much appreciated. Thank you!

  236. #EHDTheFrame – I would put that TV in my family room

  237. Coveting this tv so hard for my living room. It would be the perfect size, would look fabulous, and would replace our old tv, which is really starting to show its age. I’ve loved all of these makeovers! #EHDTheFrame

  238. Swapping out my armoir which houses our current tv for the #ehdtheframe would make our small living room feel so much larger. It would be the highlight of our gallery wall!

  239. #EHDTheFrame What a beauty! I’d love to have this gem hang in our new home.

  240. #EHDTheFrame Gorgeous space and location. I would put The Frame in our family room.

  241. We’re moving in two weeks and I’d put the Frame in the future media room in the basement of our 250 year old farmhouse. The basement has an enormous river stone fireplace and we’re going to finish it as a guest room and media room. We’re lucky that the previous owners, who owned it for 59 years, rebuilt the foundation and lifted the house, so there is plenty or head space. I’ve been so inspired by the rustic locations in this series–great inspiration for our new home. I’m posting about it on Instagram @thesaltboxproject

    1. Oops, didn’t put #EHDTheFrame

  242. #EHDTheFrame. Love this thing! I have a fireplace that is seen as soon as you walk in my front door, and the layout of the room makes sense to put a TV above it, but I refuse because I don’t want that to be the first thing people see when they walk in. This would be perfect. Thank you for the giveaway!

  243. #EHDTheFrame

    We live in a small space and will be moving to an even smaller one soon. My husband and I love a big TV and vibrant gallery wall, but they never look good together because of how much the TV always sticks out. This would completely solve that problem and would allow us to have two major focal points in our living space be combined into one — seamlessly! 🙂

  244. Wow! What a beautiful makeover! I’m feeling the need for a relaxing holiday now after seeing these pics!

    And I’d LOVE to win #EHDTheFrame – we have a teeny tiny house and our living/dining/tv watching room is the same space – so I’d put The Frame right above the beautiful shelf my husband made where our existing eyesore of a tv currently is 😂 haha. It would lift our whole space! Thanks for the opportunity to win one 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  245. #EHDtheFrame – I would love to put the Frame on my wall in my living room, so I could decorate my side table with pretty things.

  246. #EHDTheFrame I have been drooling over this tv since you first posted about it. My husband is convinced we need a bigger tv and I’m not thrilled about looking at a giant black rectangle in our living room. I make a lot of my own art and would love to showcase mine in The Frame or swap out new-to-me prints and have my paintings, embroidery etc surrounding it. What’s cooler than a tv that is camouflaged as badass art?!

  247. I wanted the Frame before this #EHDTheFrame series and I am desperate for it now! We just bought a new house that is all redwood and glass. A TV would ruin the space so we keep it in a cabinet and pull it out when we watch. We haven’t found the perfect piece of art for the room either so this would solve two problems for us.

  248. #EHDTheFrame. Loving this boat house. I want to live there!!
    I love a great gallery wall and would love to add a TV to a wall of art and family photos!

  249. I would put it over our fireplace and rotate artwork and pictures. Maybe we would watch TV on it sometimes. 😛


  250. #EHDTheFrame. Love this space! All the linens and blues, and textures… yummy. I hope we get that Frame TV for our family room and can start bringing the same vibes on our art wall!

  251. Nice work on part 4 of #EHDTheFrame. Love this space! All the linens and blues, and textures… yummy. I hope we get that Frame TV for our family room and can start bringing the same vibes on our art wall!

  252. #EHDTheFrame
    I would put in my sunroom which is also the reading and chilling right room.


  254. I’d put it in the living room of course! 🙂 #EHDTheFrame

  255. Ohhhh, I need The Frame in my life! I’ve been dreaming about a product like this for above our fireplace once we add some built-ins. We currently have a giant box TV in the corner of the room. And our other TV has a built-in VCR. Yeah. It’s time for a serious upgrade. Help us, Emily! #EHDTheFrame

  256. Ahhhh! I want the frame so bad!!! We are remodeling a little cabin and there is just NOWHERE to put the tv but above the fireplace, so that’s where I’d put it! I want one so bad! #EHDTheFrame our remodel is documented on insta @littlecabinlove

  257. I LOVE this! I would love to enter the #EHDTheFrame giveaway! I would really like to win it and put in in our midway renovated family room. So sleek!

  258. #EHDTheFrame Would look great in my living room!

  259. #ehdTheFrame I would put this in our living room to replace the 10 year old tv we currently have and it’s just now dying. It has a shadow that’s starting to creep across the screen haha. Eventually my entire image will be several shades darker! Everyone has a tan! I’d love to win this tv to replace it!

  260. This is a beautiful space! I love the idea of rustic coastal. It’s fresh but with a lot of character.

    If I had the frame I would put it in our living room since it is an open space with our dining room and kitchen. It would be do perfect to hide that black screen! #EHDTheFrame

  261. Obsessed with this makeover! Reposting here for good measure, because I really would be the happiest gal to win this giveaway. The #EHDTheFrame giveaway is amazing!! My husband and I just moved to LA and bought our first house. One of the (many) challenges that we’re now facing (and keeping me up at night) is how to gracefully incorporate a TV into a small space. We have talked about #TheFrame as a solution about a million times, but sadly it’s not in the budget at the moment. I would be over the moon to win this, and would put it on the only available wall in our teeny bungalow living room and would enjoy it feeling a little bit more like we did make the right decision. 😊 Thank you so much for all of your design inspiration and for wonderful giveaways like this one.

  262. #EHDtheframe I can’t believe how great those iphone pics look on there! I’m not a huge tv person, we don’t event have a tv in our main living space because I’m anti “the black box,” but I would really FREAK OUT if I were lucky enough to win this one. Fingers crossed!

  263. I have been patiently waiting for this post as a long-time follower of both you and Kate! The space is stunning and I’m ready to move right in next summer! If I were to win The Frame I would put it in our family room aka the TV room. #EHDTheFrame

  264. #EHDTheFrame i’d Put this tv in my living room to replace the ugly bulky tv I have there at the monent 😖

  265. #EHDTheFrame. Love this post, reminds me of the adirondacks but nicer !

  266. #EHDTheFrame is the most gorgeous tv ever! I would blend it into a gallery wall in our living room so you don’t see a tv right when you walk in our front door!

  267. Love, love, love! You’re blog is one of few I continue to follow over the years because it is so wonderful. We have a small home so this would be a wonderful way to camouflage our television that is in a main living area. #EHDTheFrame

    Also, not sure if I missed it, but where is your outfit from? It is lovely!

  268. #EDHTheFrame this is so lovely! I would use The Frame in our (fingers crossed) new renovation project where the one living room could use some art-tech rather than a garish giant TV. I love how thoughtfully designed it is! So well done Samsung!

  269. #EHDTheFrame has been such an inspiring series and I have loved watching it! Adding The Frame to my home would be a fabulous holiday treat!

  270. I would put it in my living room as a piece of art #EHDTheFrame

  271. I would love to replace the current tv in my den. The room is wallpapered and I would love to choose some great art on the Frame to coordinate! #EHDTheFrame

  272. I’ve been drooling over this TV since the first #EHDTheFrame post! I would put it on my the living room gallery wall in my open concept home! My current TV is so old and small that a friend actually insists on bringing his own screen for movie nights!

  273. #EHDtheFrame living in a small space it is the absolute worst to add a plain old tv to a 100+ year old warm space. The frame adds character and would be a lovely addition to my tiny apartment (and I’m sure would follow me to hopefully bigger spaces!)

  274. I’ve been dying to see this TV in person since I first saw your insta stories about this TV!! My husband and I are building our first home that is to be completed in March and we want a new TV for the space and I love the fact that I can also display all my favorite photos and have a tv without sacrificing style. It definitely is one of the best inventions as of late! Fingers crossed #EHDTheFrame

  275. #EHDTheFrame would be right at home on the wood paneled wall over our mantel, between the bookcases surrounding our fireplace. The low light feature for the art function sounds really cool and obviously looks great in your makeovers. The boathouse is really spacious AND cozy!

  276. I would put that gorgeous TV front and center above my fireplace for everyone to see – it’s beautiful!

  277. #EHDTheFrame. We are under a remodel of our first floor and would love this for the family room

  278. #EHDTheFrame I mean- anywhere! But my house is tiny, so… living room to show off my new “artwork” to everyone!

  279. #EHDtheframe I would love to put one on my living room wall that’s 35’ long and looks SO loosided with a huge TV bursting out of the wall. The possibilities are endless!!!

  280. I’d put the #EHDTheFrame smack in the middle of the gallery wall in my tiny apartment, where even my little tv feels like a black hole of doom. TV on the wall = more tchotchkes on the credenza = my dream.

  281. Above my fireplace!! #EHDTheFrame

  282. OMG I’d love to win this tv. It’s such a brilliant idea and would totally transform my small condo space. Thanks for the chance to win!

  283. These #EHDTheFrame posts have been awesome! I would put it in my living room. My tv lives in the corner, and I think the easel stand would work perfectly!

  284. #EHDTheFrame
    I have a room where the only wall for the television is over the fireplace and it is such a focal area that it really REALLY needs this TV to be art there instead of a black box! I want to be the representative to everyone in my life that a tv over the fireplace can be amazing and beautiful! Plus, both my husband and I love to challenge each other in our photography, and this could be the showcase for our best pics! Loved the lake house makeover and wish I could be there too! Great job!!

  285. I would put it in my living room #EHDTheFrame

  286. #EHDTheFrame — I would be thrilled to have this gorgeous tv hanging in my living room. The endless options for art and photos are amazing, and the flat mount and frame make my minimalist heart skip a beat! 💕

  287. #EHDTheFrame- in my living room! Love the series!

    Question- Where is the cream tufted side chair from?

  288. I’ve never liked a TV so much in my ENTIRE life! I would absolutely put this in my living room, and then move that TV into our bedroom (not that we’ve watched in the bedroom in years) but it would finally “kick the” yes thick old fashioned TV out of our room! I’ve mentioned that this is the next TV we’re getting to my husband. 😉 #EHDtheframe

  289. #EHDTheFrame I would add this to my living room and complete the gallery wall of my dreams. Gorgeous space! I loved following all the Frame makeovers and hope to makeover my own space with a Frame.

  290. So amazing – have loved seeing all of these reveals and cannot wrap my head around how you got them all done in such a short time frame. You go Glen Coco! I would put my #EHDtheframe in our family room since it shares a space with our dining room and I refuse to have a TV out in the open in the dining room 😉

  291. Gosh, what a beautiful space! The natural beauty of the surrounding and the vision you and Kate brought to life is just stunning. And that TV! I remember seeing your Instastories featuring The Frame, and wondered why no one had thought of it before. I’d put that gorgeous thing in my living room and admire it daily! #EHDTheFrame

  292. I want an #EHDTheFrame for my family room 😍

  293. So, we don’t even have a TV, but for the first time in a long time, this #EHDTheFrame makeover series has had me thinking about the Frame – not so much for TV, but to display photographs. The fact that you can also watch TV, movies, stream stuff would just be the cherry on top. Thank you for such a beautifully designed TV/Art option to hang on the wall in our living room. Lastly, great job to Emily and EHD for making some of us rethink a TV by showing how effortlessly it can coexist in various spaces.

  294. I would love to hang The Frame in my apartment living room! I’ve put off purchasing a tv for several years because I don’t like the look of a tv, don’t want a tv to be the first thing you see when you walk in the door, and haven’t found an attractive or easy way to disguise a tv. The Frame would be the perfect solution! #EHDTheFrame

  295. #EHDTheFrame This would be an amazing addition in my living room above my fire place.

  296. I’d put The Frame in our open living/kitchen/dining room…perfect for when the family is together cooking, relaxing, and watching TV, but pretty enough not to hide when guests are over! #EHDTheFrame

  297. I was just telling my art-loving father-in-law about The Frame! Where would I put it? The pretend nice-spouse answer is in my husband’s still-hypothetical man-cave-slash-media-consumption-space (i.e. with his fancy speakers), but let’s be real: I would put it near the dining room table so my 3 yo can watch Daniel Tiger during breakfast in the morning. #EHDTheFrame

  298. #EHDTheFrame – I would put it in my living room in the middle of a gallery wall that is currently blighted by an ugly inherited tv.

  299. #EDHTheFrame it would be perfect for the new addition we are putting on our house! A place for the kids to play and watch movies!

  300. #EHDTheFrame – Such a beautifully layered, rustic boathouse you created! Who knew that a television could be chic? I’d love to have the Frame in all of its inconspicuous glory in our very open concept living/dining/kitchen space.

  301. So beautiful! I neeeed this to replace my super old, super ugly TV. 🤞🏼 #EHDTheFrame

  302. I’d put my #EHDTheFrame in the living room across from my couch so I could use the TV as my screen and look at all of the beautiful pics from this blog and then seamlessly transition it back to showcasing art.

  303. This series has been totally magic—an inspired combination of a creative concept, the right partners, a product that feels truly new and different, and some seriously awesome design execution. I’ve been captivated. I would put #EHDTheFrame in our living room!

  304. Love the makeover! I’d put the frame above my mantle and get rid of the TV that currently obscures the fire place. I love this TV!

    1. Oh and #EDHTheFrame!

  305. #EHDTheFrame. I would definitely put this in our bedroom!

    I love that boathouse! Beautiful job!

  306. #EHDTheFrame – I would love to add this to our family room. We love to use our family travel photos as screensavers on our older model clunky tv. This would be a beautiful way to see our favorite memories!

  307. #EHDTheFrame I’d put it in my tiny living room! Perfect for blending in with some of my framed stuff 🙂

  308. #EHDtheframe in the bedroom because normal TVs are so unromantic!

  309. Gorgeous makeover!! I’ve been obsessed with the Frame since you started posting it, hopefully one day I can save up enough! For the #EHDTheFrame contest I would display it on my living room wall because it’s so pretty!

  310. I would put the tv in our upstairs living room. We’ve resisted putting a tv on our huge blank wall for art, but now we could have both! #EHDTheFrame

  311. #EHD #theframetv #frametv #samsungframetv when I saw the instastories about the boat house, I thought to myself, now this is brilliant! Even more brilliant, is that tv! When I was in design school, oh so many years ago, I thought if this idea and I’m so happy Samsung brought it to fruition! We don’t need a tv, but owning this one is definitely on the bucket list. Bravo to a fabulously curated boat house, it turned out perfectly! Stunning!

  312. I’m so sad this series is coming to an end! Such great designs, and this last one is totally my style. I would love to win The Frame and mount it on a reclaimed wood wall in our living room. It is a focal wall right when you enter our home so being able to display something in Art Mode would be fantastic! I wish Samsung would consider adding Art Mode as an app that you could download on their other TV models, since we already have two Samsungs that would be super cool. Thanks for the inspiration! #EHDTheFrame

  313. I would put it in my living room on the wall over my fireplace and that way I could finally watch tv without getting a sore neck. My current tv is in an armoire so we don’t have to see it 24/7. I love that this looks like a frame. love. #EHDTheFrame

  314. Ah! I cannot wait for the day when I get my own Frame!! I would put it in my living room and never have to look at a clunky, obvious, black hole again! And I have LOVED these makeovers, they are lovely!! #EHDTheFrame

  315. I loved this boathouse! It was such a sanctuary! #EHDTheFrame I also love the idea of this TV. Where would I put it? Hmmm, I live in a carriage house on Bainbridge Island, WA with not much wall space but there is a perfect space in a cove in the living area that would be perfect! Thanks for the opportunity!

  316. I live in a small bungalow and a television has never seemed right in this space – thus I don’t own one! I’ve been waiting for something like The Frame to come along where it would look beautiful in its own right above the fireplace (without looking like a television). I can’t wait to see it in person, loved this series! #EHDTheFrame

  317. #EHDTheFrame I would put this up in the living room of my new home!

  318. I’d happily hang this beauty over the fireplace (where our current eyesore-of-a-TV is mounted) and upload photos from my travels. #EHDTheFrame

  319. Love you and my co-Minneapolitan Kate! That boathouse is my dream. As Kate knows, everyone in Minnesota has a lake cabin they go to every weekend from Spring til Fall and one can feel pretty damn left out. Unless you are in “the family” or have been a family friend for at least 2 or 3 generations, it’s rare to get an invite “Up North”.

    Meanwhile, we can sit at home and watch TV — or better yet, look at photos or Instagram on The Frame — but I will not believe that it’s a real TV until it’s hanging over my fireplace. (It’s the only TV I’d hang in the living room since it’s so un-TV looking.)

    What a spectacular makeover! And good luck to Kate and her new baby girl!

  320. I love this TV #EHDtheframe so much. It is so beautiful, and just looking at pictures of it makes me so happy. I can’t even imagine how cool it would be in real life! I would hang it in our living room. We spend a lot of evenings in here. It is one of the only spaces where my husband can get out of his wheelchair and actually sit next to me. It would be so nice to have something more beautiful to look at than a boring black screen!

  321. #EHDTheFrame This is a beautiful makeover – I can envision cozy evenings with loving family and food.
    I’d put the frame in my library living room. It’s sleek enough to look like art when not in use and it would complement my ever-growing collection of books.

  322. #EHDTheFrame I’d hang in the living room above the fireplace!

  323. I love this TV so much! Finally a TV both my husband and I can agree on. I even told him he can get any size TV he wants for our new house as long as it’s a Frame. I would place it above our family room fireplace. Thank you Emily and all your collaborators for showcasing this amazing new technology! #EHDTheFrame

  324. #EHDTheFrame I’ve never drooled over an electronic before, I think I’m in love. Need it in my living room about my beautiful mid century Craigslist score 🙏🏼

  325. This would be just lovely in our living room and I would be so happy to get rid of the giant black box. #ehdtheframe

  326. Just gorgeous! Every one of these spaces was so fun and unique, but I think this was my favorite. I would put a frame tv over the fire place in my living room. It would display some kind of Japanese woodblock print and I love the idea of being able to change it out.

  327. #ehdtheframe would be a stunning addition to our home with our new little bundle of joy!

  328. Have been following this series of makeovers with the Frame. My partner and I have just moved into our first home together and I cannot find a place to put the TV so that its not an eyesore but still useable in our cozy living room. #EHDTheFrame would be perfect! My partner had been wanting to replace the tv we have with a bigger, better one but it just isn’t in the budget (plus note above about hiding the big black box). What a perfect addition the Frame would be to our new space!

  329. #EHDTheFrame I’d put it above my campaign dresser in my new living room… I move December 29!

  330. I saw this #EHDTheFrame on your Instagram and I knew this was the one piece my husband would totally be on board with! Those extra throw pillows I buy…not so much! The frame TV is genius!

  331. This place is a dream! I own a super, cute spanish mediterranean home that caught on fire in October from old wiring. The firefighters put a hole in the wall above the mantel, where the TV was. This would be a perfect way to christen the old home when the damage is fixed and I get to move back in! #EHDTheFrame

  332. I loved it all. I really do love your style. I recently purchased my second home, Haven’t sold my first yet… so that I can leisurely move into my second home and decorate it properly. You are a def influence on my home decor style and I have even caught my 10 year old daughter going into your Target pages looking for ideas for her own new bedroom. Thank you for your openness on clutter and keeping a house in order when you are a mom of two… #EHDTheFrame would go in my new home. And I think I would use it just as you have in this boathouse installation. I have an ikea hemnes sideboard/buffet and would place it along with #EHDTheFrame with an array of books, potted succulents, a few baskets to hide away remote controls and other eye sores.

  333. Whoa! The boathouse is gorgeous! I would be so excited to upgrade our tv and would put the Frame over our fireplace, surrounded by beautiful African baskets we have hanging there currently. #EHDTheFrame

  334. #EHDTheframe this TV is so beautiful! We are building a new home onto my parents home so they can help us raise our future children and we can help care for them! I would design a space just for this beauty.

  335. Love the #EHDTheFrame posts! We’d put The Frame in our little studio home and I’d finally feel like a real grown up and not one who’s pretending with a bunch of hand-me-downs.

  336. #EHDTheFrame. I’d put it in my newly remodeled living room.

  337. My husband and I are in a never-ending battle (maybe that’s too aggressive) because he wants a big TV and I just hate looking at it. We recently rearranged our living room (once our baby started crawling) and now the TV is the FIRST thing you see when you enter the house. 😩 I need #EHDTheFrame. I love this casual coastal look in this post!

  338. Absolutely gorgeous! I would love to hang the frame in the living room of our new house! #EHDTheFrame

  339. #EHDtheFrame it would definitely go in my living room. I would try incorporating it with my gallery wall but it may also be beautiful on its own!

  340. I would LOVE to have this TV for our living room that is open to our kitchen eating area. It’s a smaller room so I won’t put a regular TV in there because it would be such a big eye sore. #EHDTheFrame

  341. I’ve loved following the #EHDTheFrame series! My boyfriend is moving in in a few short months and would prefer not to have the TV be the focal point of our living room. I’d love to incorporate The Frame as we design our new space together!

  342. #EHDTheFrame
    It would go on top of a bookshelf in the family room

  343. All of the #EHDTheFrame makeovers were amazing! Thanks for introducing such a cool new product. I would love to put one in my long the long narrow living room of my mid century modern house! With most walls being windows, it’s hard to find a good place for a huge tv (which my children and husband insist upon). I wouldn’t mind having this tv take up any of our very valuable wall space!

  344. #EHDTheFrame I’ve been staring dreamily at this tv for months now! Best of both worlds!

  345. So beautiful! I would love one in my family room. #EHDTheFrame

  346. This is the most beautiful space I think I have ever seen! I love that you highlighted the location. The decor wasn’t too fussy or prententioud but looks like it was made for that space! It’s amazingly beautiful! I would put #ehdtheframe in my den, front and center where everyone could see it! It is art in tv form!

  347. This is SO beautiful! #EHDTheFrame I would put this beautiful tv in our bedroom!

  348. #EHDTheFrame My husband and I have obsessed over this tv since you first debuted it! It is literally the first electronic piece of anything where we both agree!

  349. #EHDTheFrame I would put it front and center in my living room, with zero designer shame!

    Love the makeover, bravo ladies.

  350. I would love the frame tv in our livingroom. We use the livingroom as a conversation area and as an overflow area when the whole family is home. This would be perfect for each use of the room. #EHD Theframe

  351. Omg! I recently moved and bought a new giant, expensive, UGLY TV and I have been watching this series and the videos and drooling. I even showed my mom a few of your posts about The Frame. I’m honestly thinking about starting to slip money into a little account to buy one of these and then sell our TV. It is my dream to no longer have an ugly TV be the center of my living room … which is exactly where I would put it and no one would know! #EHDTheFrame

  352. Eeek I just learned about this TV yesterday and now you’re posting about it!!! It’s amazing 😛 I would use it in my living room and blend it into my gallery wall! #EHDTheFrame

  353. I would put that beauty up above my fireplace. I’ve had my eye on it for a month now, would be a beautiful addition to my living room! #EHDTheFrame

  354. #EHDTheFrame Wow I can’t get over how much I love this shoot! If I won the Frame TV I would add it to the gallery wall in our living room — would be so much more seamless than our current black box!

  355. This frame is gorgeous! I would put it in our main living
    room as a piece of are right when you walk in our house! #EHDTheFrame

  356. This is so gorgeous! I especially love Kate’s drawings – very chic. I’d love to have this in my living/kitchen area. Absolutely hate having the TV on during functions, it is just a space vacuum! Happy to be able to add back some color. EHDTheFrame

  357. SO beautiful!! I would definitely put it in our living room and it would solve so many design issues! Of course, this would be amazing.

  358. #EHDTheFrame – I would put this beautiful tv in the living room of my new apartment!!

  359. I have been looking for a way to have or frame a tv for our living/gathering room! This is just perfect 👌🏾♥️😁 #EHDTheFrame

  360. #EHDTheFrame

    I just moved and have yet to hang my giant gallery wall bc I need to figure out where to put my TV first. With the frame the TV could blend right in and make me look like someone who reads at night instead of watching the crown.

  361. This is such a cool tv! Because I promoted my husband to “director of technology” of our house when we moved in, we are pretty well tv’d in most rooms, but I think this one might have a great home in my dressing room or office. #EHDTheFrame

  362. I would love to hang this beauty over the fireplace in our family room and replace our giant black box! #EHDTheFrame

  363. The EHDTheFrame needs to be in my living room since our TV is just a giant box on the wall!!

  364. #EHDTheFrame I would gladly put that TV in my family room and remove the jumbotron that is my husbands contribution to our home. I never fully grasped how bad this enormous black box is until I saw these stunning pictures and vignettes.

  365. Getting married this year also means I now have a huge black box in the middle of my home office/living room. Would love to replace it with The Frame. So Beautiful!

  366. #ehdtheframe
    We would hang it over our mantel to replace the big black box that currently resides there. I read about the frame several months ago and have enjoyed your series highlighting how it works in any setting. The boat house is lovely!!

  367. #ehdtheframe Loving everything about this tv and (tbh) about you! Would put this baby in our family room and stare dreamily at art and not a big black box.

  368. Right over my fireplace! This is finally something my husband and I can agree on. #EHDTheFrame

  369. #EHDTheFrame In my living room, in place of the gargantuan black hole that currently rests there (and needs to be replaced before it dies)

  370. #EHDTheFrame – I would put it in my living room, which I want to be a space that is multi-functional but doesn’t scream tv room.

  371. I love this!!! It’s sooo amazing! And that TV 😍😍😍 We need to replace our old box TV in our family room 🙈 so this would be perfect! #EHDTheFrame

  372. #EHDTheFrame – have been dreaming about this TV ever since I saw it appear on your first blog post! Would love to put it on a gallery wall in our living room. We have been contemplating getting rid of our current TV all together since it’s so hideous, but this would be the perfect solution! I would fill it with art that my kids create to display.

  373. #EHDTheFrame I would love to put this in our LIVING ROOM!! This is the most genius solution to the back and forth in my house about where to put the TV. So dang genius

  374. #EHDTheFrame It would be perfect in my art studio for a never ending rotation of art inspiration. That would be amazing!

  375. #EHDtheframe
    I think this is my favorite makeover! And of course that tv would be amazing in my family room.

  376. I never comment or enter in giveaways but this #EHDTheFrame is a dream come true! I would replace the big black box in my family room with this beautiful piece of art! The boathouse turned out amazing like everything you do!

  377. #EHDTheFrame – love this dreamy place! I’d put it above my fireplace! I love how it’s not such an eyesore!

  378. Very good brief and this post helped me a lot. Say thank you I searching for your facts. Continuous it..

  379. #EHDTheFrame would look amazing in my living room, where I don’t want it to look like we are TV people (but we are secretly TV people).

  380. #EHDTheFrame – love this dreamy place! I’d put it above my fireplace in my living room! I love how it’s not such an eyesore!

  381. #EHDTheFrame my husband would be delighted if we won this because I would finally be okay with a tv in our bedroom! Because this piece of art would look beautiful.

  382. #EHDTheFrame I would put it in my condo above our fireplace!

  383. #EHDtheFrame one of these would look amazing in my living room

  384. This is an amazing makeover! Would love to put the TV in the little living room of our 1961 split-level ranch home. #EHDTheFrame

  385. #EHDTheFrame I would put this in my living room, we have the TV over the fireplace

  386. I’m about to move and need a TV! I would but it above the fireplace. #EHDTheFrame

  387. I saw Kate post about The Frame over on her feed and fell in love with it! My husband and I just moved from Minneapolis (where we both grew up) to North Carolina (for his work). After selling our home in Minneapolis, I’ve spent the last two months making this rental house in Raleigh feel like home, and this would be the perfect addition to our white mantle above our fireplace!

  388. #EHDTheFrame – Yhe frame is so beautiful! We don’t have a separate formal living room so this would class up our current family room! Love it!

  389. #EHDTheFrame would go in the family room we just renovated! My husband won’t let us put our current tv over the fireplace where we eventually want it, and a new tv is not in the cards right now. This would be perfect

  390. #EHDtheframe we have a huge wall where we have cirrently placed our 40 inch tv. If we won the frame, i would mount it on the wall behind and flank it with the 2 beautiful chinese wall panels that i recently. Right now, i do not know where to put it but considering that this looks like art, it would fit right in and I can marvel at my so called design geniusness and show off 😉

  391. #EHDTheFrame She would live in our living room above our new mid century credenza. My husband would be happy with a bigger TV and I will finally have unlimited art options to gawk over every day!!

  392. #EHDTheFrame – I would put the frame over the fireplace in our family room

  393. Wow…what a gorgeous job you all did ~ This tv can come to my home and go just about anywhere.

  394. #EHDtheFrame I have been waiting for this tv for forever! I would include it in either a gallery wall in the living room or create a new cozy nook in the office with bookshelf, chair and a half, and the frame.

  395. I loved this series! #EHDTheFrame

  396. #EHDTheFrame Oh how I would love to win this!! My dream TV and I am someone who usually does not get excited about electronics 🤣. Would put it in our living room!

  397. I am dying for this Samsung Frame TV! I am in full nesting mode at home right now getting ready for our first baby and this would be an amazing addition to our family room! #EHDTheFrame

  398. #ehdtheframe LOVE THIS TV!!! I Would put it on our bookshelf in the family room! Focus would turn to spending time together rather than automatically turning on the distracting big black box in the corner!

  399. #EHDTheFrame This makeover is all around gorgeous! That tv is amazing there. I would also put the tv in my living room, to as you said in the post, take back my living room. We’ve actually been out of our home for almost 2 1/2 years now due to a seemingly never ending renovation, and dreaming of having a tv like this on our wall instead of our old clunky black Samsung helps in coping with all the stress of renovating!

  400. Great job on the space! I’d love to put a Frame TV in my living room! #EHDTheFrame

  401. I have loved these makeovers, Emily and company! Especially, the boathouse with its peaceful location on the water! I am so excited that the The Frame TV now comes in a 43″ size which will fit perfectly in my smaller family room. In fact, if you’re looking for another location for a Frame shoot, I volunteer my family room for your next makeover! : ) I might even indulge myself and buy The Frame for myself for Christmas!! Thank you for providing such beautiful content on your blog, Emily. I have never commented before but I follow your blog religiously.

  402. I love these makeovers! #ehdtheframe would be the perfect excuse to rearrange my living room. I would incorporate The Frame into our salon style art wall.

  403. #EHDTheFrame

    I would love the frame in my living room. Such a great way to mask your tv and also show off your favorite photographs at the same time!! And this boathouse project – stunning!

  404. I have been watching these #EHDTheFrame makeovers and of course the greenhouse was my favorite. Just my style. Our home is mid century but small and we need a TV that doesn’t take all the attention. I thought maybe we will get The Frame sometime in the future just not right now with Christmas. But then, yesterday, my husband shared how he loved the TV, too! He doesn’t care about decor at all so it was wonderful to hear that we were on the same page. If I am chosen then The Frame will go right in our living room. We would use it all the time!

  405. EHDTheFrame – I love it so much! I would put it in my now tv less living room because it’s so pretty, it wouldn’t instantly turn the room into a den or a man cave!

  406. #EHDTheFrame You are so right: This is the TV we’ve been waiting for for years. That bad boy would hang in my living room, replacing the big, ugly, always there black box. This is my favorite of the makeovers! Love it.

  407. #EHDTheFrame – I love it so much! I would put it in my now tv less living room because it’s so pretty, it wouldn’t instantly turn the room into a den or a man cave!

  408. #EHDTheFrame I would put it in our upstairs formal living room!! FINALLY a TV that can actually go “formal”!!

  409. #EHDtheframe we would love this for the living room in our new (to us, but really 90 year old) Tudor!

  410. My husband and I just bought our first home and I’d love to have the frame for inside the built-ins we are doing as our first DIY- EVER!!!!

  411. I love love love this tv! My sister and I can’t stop talking about it. I always bring up your #EHDTheFrame posts. If I won it, I would not only finally have a tv, but would hang it on our brick wall in our living room!

  412. All of your #EHDTheFrame makeovers have been so different and gorgeous in their own way! However, through each space you can still see your personality and style shining through. I think THAT is a mark of a talented designer and stylist. I would love to have The Frame in my family room — the idea of staring at gorgeous art vs. a big black void on my wall makes me so happy! It’s also a way for my family’s style personality to shine… when we’re not watching reality TV or network sports, of course. 🙂

  413. #EHDtheframe

    Living room 🙂

  414. Love! I would put #EHDtheframe in a gallery wall in my living room.

  415. I am obsessed with the coastal vibes in this space! The modern mixed with antique and vintage is so lovely!


  416. #ehdtheframe We are finally redoing our family room and upgrading to make it more entertaining friendly. The TV will now be mounted on our stone fireplace and the frame would be perfect. My husband had actually been looking at it but was out of our budget for the project:(

  417. #EHDTheFrame LOVE the look of this TV. I could put this in two spots. Our main living room where our current tv is mixed in with a grid of art or in the basement living room inn walnut Cado unit for entertaining and poker night!

  418. I love the TV frame, I’ve never seen a TV like this. #EHDTheFrame would look great in my living room with photos on display sometimes, as opposed to football most other times! The boathouse is gorgeous!

  419. #EHDTheFrame I would put it in our living room to have more entertainment options without affecting the beauty of the space!

  420. #ehdtheframe I would put this in main living room of course! Makes clear excited to think about being able to change out the art in it!

  421. #EHDTheFrame…I would put the TV in our living room after we finish our remodel. It would be perfect!

  422. This makeover was very special! I loved the eclectic style along side the rusticness of the boat house! The #EHDTheFrame just is the cherry on top! A regular tv would look so out of space, but The Frar adds function while remaining stylish!! I’d replace my out of place with The Frame in my Victorian house, because it would fit seamlessly with the originals mouldings and floors!!

  423. #EHDTheFrame – I’ve been eyeballing this tv since it came out in the summer! It’s genius. My three kids would be so happy and so would mama!

  424. #EHDtheframe I would put it in our new home when we move back to the US next spring! We’ve been expats in Mexico City for the past couple of years in a furnished apt so our TV belongs to our landlord 😊

  425. #EHDTheFrame – I would die to have that beauty for my tiny bungalow living room, which is currently dominated by a “black box”.

  426. Beautiful transformation of the space! I’d put the Frame in my bedroom. #EHDTheFrame

  427. I love this makeover so much! I would definitely replace my TV with #EHDTheFrame! Because it’s a its so unobtrusive and fits perfectly with most decor styles!

  428. My husband is obsessed with tv’s and loves to put them in all the rooms of our house. I’m fine with that, but the one that bothers me is the one in our master bedroom because I used to have a pretty mirror and decor on the bedroom console before he plopped a tv on it! The Frame would be the perfect solution for our master bedroom because I can keep it looking cute with with a beautiful picture, and he can still watch some football before bed! #EHDTheFrame

  429. Since you first posted about this TV, I have send each #EHDtheframe photo and Samsung ad to my husband. He is sold! We have an awesome MCM house we bought a year ago and we can’t for the life of us figure out how to configure the living room and include a TV because I refuse to let it make the room ugly. This would solve it!!

  430. #EHDTheFrame I’d put The Frame on the wall in my living room, which would be just the kick in the pants I need to do the galley wall I’ve been wanting to do!

  431. #EHDTheFrame

    Would put the frame up in our living room which I think might make the room more popular!

  432. I ADORE the frame! My husband and I are currently renovating our house…we hope to move in by the new year. We were planning on NOT having a TV because I just can’t stand the look. But I would LOVE to incorporate the frame TV in our living room – I know the perfect wall for it! #EHDTheFrame

  433. #EHdtheframe would be perfect in my living room! THIs is amazing!

  434. Our family just moved into a new home that has room for more Tv’s then I am willing to have with 3 kiddos who should be creative with their play time, not sitting in front of a tv (we currently have 1 tv). However, now that we have the opportunity and space to have an adult family room (aka few toys) and a kid family room (aka the rest of the toys) I would love The Frame tv to help keep our home looking clean and organized and make me look like such a progressive mom who still (appears) like she only has 1 tv in the house 😜

  435. #EHDframe – love this project! It’s so inspiring. I’d put the Frame in my open concept living room that I am struggling with designing because of the TV wall!

  436. #EHDTheFrame Love this – I would put in my living room over the fireplace

  437. Love your work Emily Henderson! This TV would look fabulous in our new family room as part of the addition to our house we’re starting early next year. #EHDTheFrame

  438. The #EHDTheFrame makeovers have been so outrageously beautiful. The spaces themselves are like a dream (that barge is right by the grocery store I frequent weekly!), and the tv is so amazing. I would hang it in my living room. My father died almost 9 years ago and was an avid photographer. I don’t have nearly enough wall space to blow up and hang his art in my apartment, so I would use the frame tv to feature and frequently change out his amazing photos so we can truly enjoy them all.

  439. #EHDTheFrame – I would put that gorgeous tv in my living room. We are currently trying to figure out ways to make the tv less noticeable so this would be perfect!!

  440. Omg I want this TV ask bad!TV is such a big part of part of our family. I know that doesn’t sound good, but it really works for us. However I just hit a tv last year so I can’t justify buying another. SO it would great to win it! I would place it in our living room/family room as part of our already existing big beautiful gallery wall! #EHDtheframe

  441. I’ve been quietly stalking all your posts and makeovers and IG stories. If there were ever a time to speak up, I thought it would be about “To Paint or Not to Paint” your entry console. Even then, I left it to you, the professional and the person who lives with the furniture every day. But now, I must speak up, and it’s to enter this giveaway.
    The Frame would be a wonderful Christmas surprise for my parents. They are recent empty-nesters and have downsized to an apartment, but that doesn’t mean they have to downsize on style. My favorite part will be to change The Frame’s picture to my face and finally win the title of “favorite child.” Who am I kidding? The grandbabies win everything now… ha!
    Please don’t condemn my parents to gifts of mugs and socks! #EHDTheFrame

  442. #EHDtheframe we’d put the frame in the attic where we love get cozy and share family time and cuddles!

  443. #EHDTheFrame I’m curious how this actually connects to electricity and cable/internet. I love the look (and especially like the boathouse makeover) and am wondering how one would retrofit it in my old house. Sadly Samsung’s site doesn’t give much info. Thx!

  444. I love that you can make the Frame fit in like a piece of art. I would put it in my TV area, but incorporated more into the décor than the current big TV. Or in my bedroom where the current monstrosity takes up so much space on the wall that could be art. #EHDTheFrame

  445. I know this is controversial but until we get our dream home w a fireplace I’d stick this beauty in our bedroom on our Farrow and Ball walls. We’ve been looking for a large piece of art and we love watching tv in bed on these cold nights! #EHDTheFrame.

  446. #EHDtheframe. I LOVE this. We have a tv hanging in the middle of our gallery wall right now and it looks like a tv hanging in the middle of our gallery wall. Everytime you post about this tv I’m kind of amazed! I think I need it. And I never thought I’d need a tv.

  447. this would be so perfect, we just moved into a new house and the one place we could put a tv would leave the side of it visible from the entryway. It would be so nice to not have that issue! Also love the overall design here!!

  448. Such a gorgeous space! So relaxing and instantly comfortable. I adore the Frame—would love to include one in my cozy tv den. We are seriously fixing up a 1930s house in Houston Texas with lots of charm, and this would be a lovely addition! #EHDtheframe

  449. #ehdtheframe this would be perfect over our fireplace. I am in desperate need of good art in my home but the kids and husband require a tv.

  450. this would be so perfect, we just moved into a new house and the one place we could put a tv would leave the side of it visible from the entryway. It would be so nice to not have that issue! Also love the overall design here!! #EHDTheFrame

  451. I find such inspiration from your blog! If I won the frame Tv I would use it in my living room and add it to my gallery wall as the focal point. The only question is what do I display as the art 🙂 #EHDTheFrame

  452. #EHDTheFrame : I would put it over the dresser in our bedroom – perfect to not feel like there is a TV in there except when we want it, and that way I don’t have to settle for just one piece of art!

  453. Wow this space is dreamy! #EHDTheFrame- This TV is exactly what I need! Because of the layout of our den, we had to mount the tv above the fireplace, when I’d rather a big piece of art hang there. This would be the perfect compromise!

  454. loved following along with this series! the frame would look perfect in my living room above my diy ombre dresser turned tv console! #EHDTheFrame

  455. #EHDTheFrame

    I would put that beautiful angel in my bedroom so I can kiss it goodnight 💋

  456. I’m obsessed with this tv! Been trying to convince my husband we need it since you first posted about this collaboration. I would put it in our main family/living room. Right now we just have a big black box of a tv over our mantle and it drives me nuts. #EHDTheFrame

  457. #EHDTheFrame – I would love this for my living room, to replace our current black box!

  458. #EHDTheFrame – Mine would go over our vintage record console 🙂

  459. This TV is seriously one of my favorite things that’s been made in the last few years. I’m a bit of a snob about how obtrusive TVs can be in a room, so I’d really love one for our bedroom! #EHDTheFrame

  460. #EHDTheFrame I’m usually not a fan of tvs in the living room but this one has me rethinking all of that!! I would love to put this in our living room.

  461. This is my very favorite The Frame reveal yet! I’d love to spend a weekend getaway at this boathouse… It’s perfect!

    #EHDtheframe would be the perfect addition to my living room! It’s the place we congregate with others, but I’d love for the focal point to be beautiful art instead of a TV. The Frame is amazing!

  462. #EDHTheFrame oh my goodness this TV is exactly what I’ve dreamed of for my family room. It’s a room where everyone always ends up gathering and contains our greatest memories so I would love to have a TV that can display memories (all of the pictures I take of my kids) when we’re not watching it. Also, the clean lines of the TV for our style. In love!!!!

  463. I’ve been eyeing this tv thinking this may be what finally pushes me to get a tv in our house again! Watching everything on a laptop isn’t the same, but that ugly black box😬 #ehdtheframe

  464. I love this beautifully designed space!! It is so thoughtfully put together!! Everything to the last detail! So much inspiration in this amazing space! I dream of a day that I can hang The Frame on my art wall! 😉

  465. #EHDTheFrame would go in my sweet little cottage I just moved into!! Your work is beautiful, Emily!

  466. Would hang my beautiful Frame in the den with other cherished pieces of art.

  467. Amazing makeover! We just bought our first house…a ranch with some mid-century flair…and the open floor plan is so tricky! We don’t want the tv to define our space, but The Frame world be such a gamechanger! We’d put it in our living room (still working on taking down the wood paneling 😋)…can you put a TV over a piano?? Might just have to try! #EHDTheFrame

  468. This another one of those “Why didn’t I think of that!?” moments. The Frame is such a fantastic idea and showcased perfectly in your latest two day challenge! This Interior Designer (side note: you inspired me to go to interior design school after watching you on design star 8 years ago!) would buy the corresponding stand and put it on my credenza that sits in front of my hanging screen, that divides my converted 1950’s motel studio apartment. Run on sentence if I’ve ever seen one! Oops. Wish I could post a picture! Happy holidays to me? We shall see. #EHDTheFrame @em_henderson @samsungusa @witanddelight_

  469. I love this tv! I’ve already talked to my hubby about it like 50 times 😂 I would love this for my living room which works really hard as it is part of a great room. I definitely feel the big black box in the room! #EHDTheFrame

  470. We are getting some work done on our house and looking to create a gallery wall with our tv, so the #EHDTheFrame would be prefect for that space!

  471. #EDHTheFrame This stunner of a TV would be placed in our living room to replace our “regular” tv that is the focal point of the room and the bane of my existence!

  472. Brilliant!! #EHDTheFrame would look fantastic in my living room gallery wall!

  473. #EHDtheFrame Our house is small so our living room is our family room is our kids’ playroom is our TV room! No shortage of togetherness with three kids in 1295 square feet! I would love to put this in my living room to get rid of the gaping black hole TV and have a beautiful piece of art we can all enjoy when the TV is off instead!

  474. #EHDTheFrame I’d put The Frame in my living room over a low bookcase!

  475. #EHDTheFrame oh my goodness!! This boathouse is a dream!!!! I’d gift this tv to my super stylish sister in law and brother. They’ve been watching tv off a 13” MacBook because they can’t ruin the esthetic of their living room with a big black box. We were actually just talking about this tv the other night and they were bummed to find out it was well beyond their budget!! Winning one would be so special

  476. #ehdtheframe
    I would love to put this TV in my living room above my bookshelf. I actually don’t own a TV because the only spot for one in my small-ish Portland apartment just doesn’t feel right, but the art vibe would totally work!

  477. #EHDTheFrame I would put it over our fireplace

  478. I can’t believe it’s taken this long for someone to think up and execute #ehdtheframe. It’s a brilliant concept. Even if the tv stayed a tv, its attractive bezel and frame are revolutionary. The fact that it actually changes images is another inspiring feature . We need more of these tv’s in the world!

  479. #EHDTheFrame

    I would put this in my bedroom so I can finally solve where I’d put a TV around my dresser so it doesn’t look like I just plopped a TV on the wall above a dresser. It can actually be integrated into the design. This. Is. GENIUS.

  480. #EHDTheFrame – I just moved to the USA and since seeing this TV I haven’t purchased a ‘normal’ TV as I just couldn’t stop thinking (obsessing) about this one! I would put it above my cabinet surrounded by my art (once it arrives from the UK)

  481. #EHDTheFrame I would put this in our very first home! Our TV is so old and is on the verge of dying! My husband and I would be SO happy to win this!

  482. #EHDTheFrame I just had a baby and my husband is a film student so we are never getting around having the TV in our living room (in fact, we just seem to keep getting bigger and bigger Samsungs)! We are on a tight budget with the baby and school, but it would be my dream to have something as magical as The Frame from a company we trust for the living room wall in our apartment.

  483. #EHDTheFrame My boyfriend and I have had our eyes on this beautiful TV for weeks but couldn’t justify buying it amid holiday shopping. We would put it above our fireplace and probably display pictures of our two pups!

  484. I have loved following these posts, and have been telling everyone I know about The Frame and how amazing it is. Words cannot describe how badly I want one, and how much it would elevate my living room getting rid of my big TV that sits on a console. (UGH!!!) I am fervently hoping I am the lucky winner of #EHDTheFrame!

  485. #EHDTheFrame I would place it in our main living area. It would be so nice to have something that is sleek and looks more like a piece of art instead of the bulky tv we have now!

  486. I have absolutely loved following this series! Loved how each space was totally different but the Frame worked so well in all of them. I can’t believe it took so long for a TV like this to exist but it was worth the wait! I would die to have this in our family room so we could upgrade the ugly black box that is our current TV.


  487. I’d love an #EHDTheFrame in our bedroom!! This makeover is so beautiful. It may be my favourite/most inspirational but they were all so great.

  488. The only option for overpur fireplace in our new house!

  489. Awesome tv! I would love to replace the tv in my living room with this work of art! 🎨📺 #EHDTheFrame

  490. So beautiful! My heart just yearns to live by a lake and your design makes it ever so much more breathtaking. Well done! In the mean time we just purchased a home (not by any water but still exciting after a long search). That is where I would place The Frame tv! #EHDtheframe

  491. I just love how seamlessly this tv blends into its surroundings, as we’ve seen through all your beautiful makeovers. Would love this beauty instead of the ugly black box we currently have. #EHDtheframe

  492. #EHDTheFrame – In my den. This is an amazing giveaway! Thank you!

  493. #EHDtheframe Would look beautiful in my living room!

  494. What a dreamy space! I would put the #EHDTheFrame in our new house, where we have been dying to get some art on the walls! We moved from a series of tiny apartments into our starter home and it’s been challenging for us to fill the space and make it feel homey, this would help.

  495. #EDHTheFrame I would add life to my currently bland fireplace! Art would look so beautiful over my mantle.

  496. Love love love this space! Comfy and cozy – just what a relaxing vacation spot should be 🙌. If the #EHDTheFrame were in my house I think I would stare at the images for hours and rotate them thru as if I were in a museum (with a little bit of HGTV & Bravo inbetween)

  497. #EHDTheFrame This would be perfect for the living room!

  498. #EHDtheframe
    agh! This is gorgeous! We have hopes of building soon so I’d love to put it above the fire place in our new living room!

  499. The Frame will be a perfect edition to the makeover I’ve started in my living room! Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway 🙂 #EHDTheFrame

  500. Loved pouring through this with my morning coffee! Such a treat and such beauty….all the way around!

  501. You guys, this #EHDTheFrame makeover rules! Loved seeing you team up with Kate. That tv is amazing, I’d put that beautiful thing in my cabin.

  502. I’ve loved these and I’m super excited that the tv no longer has to be an eyesore!! I’d put it in our living room for sure!! #EHDTheFrame

  503. I think the tv is so beautiful I’d probably put it in my bedroom! #EHDTheFrame

  504. #ehdtheframe I would put this tv in my four season porch! So that on snowy Minnesota winter nights, i’d be able to watch tv surrounded by a winter wonderland! Love your blog!

  505. #EHDTheFrame I would put that TV anywhere! It’s amazing

  506. Love #ehdtheframe!!! I want one for my family room so badly. What a great giveaway!!

  507. I keep thinking that each Frame reveal is the best thing I’ve ever seen from you, and then you show us the next one and it’s even better! I honestly can’t pick which one I love more as I want to live in each and every one, but this boat house design might just take the cake. It’s absolutely gorgeous!!!! #EDHTheFrame – I REALLY REALLY (can I be like my 4 year old and say infinity-REALLY’s) need this TV in my life. 🙂 I’d put this beauty in my living room so everyone can enjoy the amazingness.

    Congratulations on a really great collaboration and even better designs than ever before. I absolutely love them!

  508. #EHDTheFrame I love your blog and read it every morning. Your series on the #ehdtheframe makeovers were beautiful, I especially love the one today. We currently have a tv that is ten years old, and our living room, dining room and kitchen are all open concept. We have a beautiful accent wall painted BM Vanduesen blue, and have our old tv on a media stand against the accent wall. I currently have a gallery wall of prints around the tv, but have been wanting to change it for months now, as its time for a change. The tv would be an amazing way to update the space and feature one big piece of “art” on the navy accent wall! Its exactly what Ive wanted to do for some time now. I know I likely wont win, because I never win anything, but I thought id give it a try. Seeing those beautiful pictures on the tv in the boathouse post, just makes me want that tv even moooooreeeeee!

  509. #EHDTheFrame I absolutely love this. It would make the perfect piece above our mantel!

  510. Oooh- I have been drooling over #EHDtheframe since first started this series. I would put it in my new cozy master suite!

  511. I just bought my first home, YES!!! It’s in the Highland Park area of LA and I want to keep the living space clutter free and beautiful but of course I still watch TV (duh!) so this The Frame TV is perfect and gorgeous! It’s a 115 year old house and I love to mix old and new and this TV mixes beauty and function in the perfect way! #EHDTheFrame

  512. #EHDTheFrame
    I’d put The Frame in our master bedroom. I created a tv watching den out of a guest room because I refused to have the TV dictate my master bedroom design. But The Frame is so pretty I’d put it in the master in a heartbeat!

  513. I would put it in my living room bc everything is light colored and our big black tv is the first thing you see when you walk in the door and it’s hideous. Being able to have a tv that functions as a piece of art would be amazing!

  514. #EHDTheFrame
    I would be so excited to put that beautiful TV over my fireplace (where my black TV is now). I have always wanted art above the fireplace, but lost the TV battle with my husband and kids years ago!

  515. Oh my goodness. This is like the ultimate dream giveaway!!!! My husband and I are on the hunt for our first home and winning this would literally be the icing on the (very stressful) cake! I’ve been lusting over this damn tv since I first heard you talk about it!! #EHDTheFrame thank you for this amazing opportunity!!!

  516. #EHDTheFrame We are finishing our basement this month, but I would save this lovely item for our soon-to-be “grown up” living room as all the toys will be banished to the basement.

    Great series — really loved each one of them.

  517. I would LOVE a Frame TV as I hate having a TV be the focal point of a living room. It’s the only time I’d agree to putting a TV above a fireplace, which is where I’d put it if I won. 🙂 #EHDTheFrame

  518. I’ve been longing for this stunning TV ever since I laid eyes on it! This piece would fit so well with the minimal, earthy vibe of our new home. I would place it above the living room credenza, where it would blend into nearby wall art. #EHDTheFrame

  519. #EHDTheFrame Love this post! The location is so wonderful and your work enhanced, not hid, its beauty. I’m attempting the same in my new-to-me bungalow. The Frame TV would tie together the original wood floors and plaster walls in my 100-year old house that no black box TV could ever do.
    Plus, I love your dress…

  520. #EHDTheFrame I’d put it in my living room! Display it like a gallery wall.

  521. #EHDTheFrame i would stick it on my gallery wall in my living room- what a fit 🙂 !!

  522. #EHDTheFrame This TV is insane! I would love to place it in our living room to make the space seem a little more polished and put together!

  523. I loooove Your spaces! I need art AND a new tv because my ex-husband is going to take his back lol #ehdtheframe

  524. LIVING. ROOM. GOALS. #EHDTheFrame

  525. #EHDTheFrame – I would LOVE to replace our 7 year-old heavy looking TV with this beautiful piece of TV art! It would go in the center of our built-in shelving and would be a total style booster for our living room.

  526. I would love to put this TV in our living room so I can rearrange the furniture. Right now the TV is tucked into a corner, which worked fine for many years until we had two kids who now both want to sit closest to the TV – which means they end up fighting over that one spot on the end of the sofa! The Frame would let me have a living room that didn’t look like a TV shrine most of the time, but would let my kids BOTH have a spot in front of the TV when it was on. #EHDTheFrame

  527. #EHDTheFrame I would put this frame on the wall over our 1960s Lane hope chest–surrounded by some of my husband’s old LP covers, framed.

  528. So crazy beautiful! I want to move right in. Love the setting, and can just feel the lazy afternoons hanging out in this awesome space! Those bamboo director chairs are 👌.

  529. #EDH the Frame. I would love to hang this in my living room!!!

  530. #EHDTheFrame – This would definitely look great in our living room!

  531. Love these #EHDtheframe makeovers! I would put mine in my living room and elevate the space housing my current tv.

  532. #EHDTheFrame this tv is gorgeous! I’ve been talking it about it ever since I saw your insta video sneak peaks! and I just think, duhhhh why have they been making black ugly boxes all my life! A beautiful sleek white frame would look absolutely stunning and I would love nothing more than to have this in my home!! Gahhh!

  533. I’ve never had a TV in my living room because I don’t want visitors greeted by the ominous black box. Instead we’ve been watching TV in the basement. But I hate the basement! Emily, I hope I win so I can binge Younger in my pretty living room. #EHDTheFrame

  534. I Would love #ehdtheframe on top of my fire place😊

    I Love following you on Instagram…

    Happy Holidays!!

  535. We currently have a smallish TV set atop a vintage dresser. With having a small living space (and ceiling beams with lower ceilings) I’m realizing how much that rectangular box of black is adding a dark hole to the room. Would be amazing to replace with The Frame! #EHDTheFrame

  536. The lights on the porch are so dreamy! I love the work. The Frame would transform my living room #ehdtheframe.

  537. #EHDTheFrame – I’d put this beautiful frame in my living where i have a gallery wall and a big ugly tv in the middle. This will make it all look so seamless!

  538. This TV is definitely cool, but I’m also DYING over that peacock chaise lounge! I would put the #EHDtheframe in mine and my husband’s bedroom as we currently have a very large, blank wall that’s in need of artwork/a tv.

  539. #EDHtheframe I would DEFINITELY put this amazing TV in our living room!

  540. It’s so pretty I would hesitate hanging it in my basement where my current tv treasurer’s. I think I’d hang it over my fireplace mantle (which I am normally pretty opposed to)! #EHDTheFrame

  541. #EHDTheFrame oh, to make the big black box in our living/family room ‘disappear” to be replaced by art would be a dream come true!

  542. #EHDtheframe I would DEFINITELY put this amazing TV in our living room!

  543. I really love the cozy feel of this boathouse. I’ve never seen myself as a boathouse/outdoorsy kind of girl, but this may change my mind!

    I would place the frame tv in my living room. The frame actually matches some of the photo frames I have hanging up already #EHDTheFrame

  544. #EHDTheFrame I would love this TV for our family room. All the makeovers have been beautiful.

  545. I would put The Frame in our bedroom. #EHDTheFrame

  546. I’d put the #EHDTheFrame in the middle of my gallery wall of New Yorkers and art in my living room. Hiding in plain sight – what a great idea!

  547. What an amazing series of makeovers with The Frame. If I was ever lucky enough to have one, it would go right in the family room for friends and family to enjoy as art!!! #EHDTheFrame

  548. #EHDTheFrame Love this! Would hang it in my living room over our antique piano.

  549. #EHDTheFrame This would be the perfect compromise! I don’t want a TV to be the focus of our living room but my husband wants to watch TV in there. What could be better than a secret TV?

  550. I’m so glad they invented this!! I’d put it in our living room above the mantle. I want it so much!! #EHDTHEFRAME

  551. #EHDTheFrame I hate how TVs are such an eyesore so I make my husband watch sports in the basement 😬 but I LURRRV watching netflix together so I’m in a conundrum. I would put this gorgeous tv in our living room since it’s totally art and bonus we can spend more time together. #winwin 😍 This TV is what relationship goals are built on! Also I would finally display our gorgeous wedding photos and family photos on The Frame. Eeek trying not to get my hopes up.

  552. #EHDTheFrame
    I would put The Frame in my living room and display family photos.

  553. #EHDTheFrame – I have been dying to do a picture frame wall in the living room around the TV. The Frame would be the perfect fit 🙂

  554. #EHDTheFrame I’ve been trying to talk my husband into getting this tv since I first saw it earlier this year- I’m obsessed! I’d put it in our living room and mix it into our already existing gallery wall across from our sofa!

  555. #EHDTheFrame this piece in unreal! Love the idea of being able to switch out my art!

  556. We are a military family with young kids- if we win The Frame it’s sure to travel with us all over the world! It’ll showcase photos of our past, kids artwork, and be a constant thing of beauty in our ever changing life! We would love it. #EHDTheFrame

  557. #ehdtheframe – I would love this above our fireplace. Having a TV in the room really kills the whole vibe – especially now at Christmas when I want the mantle to be so pretty, but there that TV is just hanging above.

  558. #ehdtheframe I would put this above our fireplace. This lovely tv/art would look so much better than the tv that is there now!

  559. absolutely love all the makeovers, but especially the boathouse. this would be gorgeous in our living room, right above the fireplace!

  560. Oh I would love to put The Frame above the mantle in our playroom! It would be perfect!! #ehdtheframe

  561. The makeovers were all awesome, BUT my favorite has to be this one – the boathouse!
    Although we live in a regular house, and would install it in our family room (to replace the ancient box one that we currently have) I’m sure the ability to add artworks and photos would really elevate the entire room!

  562. #EHDTheFrame – i would put it in my summer cottage where I currently do not have a tv because I don’t want to ruin the vibe!!!

  563. I desperately need one of these TVs! We have a beautiful custom bookcase in our remodeled home and a hideous black tv sitting in the middle. I hate it! This is the perfect solution! #EHDTheFrame

  564. Kate is awesome! Great work to both of you, this boathouse is DREAMY. I’d love to win The Frame. IT. IS. GORGEOUS. I’d hang it in my living room, a room that has been desperate for a big piece of art but I have such a hard time committing. The flexibility The Frame would offer would be so great, plus… a TV on our main floor! #EHDTheFrame

  565. #EHDTheFrame would go great in our new diy built ins.

  566. #EHDTheFrame – I would put it in a gallery wall across from my sofa!

  567. #EHDTheFrame i’m praying my ugly black box dies so i can get The Frame! It will complete my gallery wall in our study.

  568. You will not find a better candidate for #EHDTheFrame then my house! I have a huge ugly black box above the fireplace because there is literally no other space to put it and it seriously bums me out when I love the rest of our space! The Frame is a total game changer!!!!

  569. So fun! I would love to dress up my living room with #EHDTheFrame

  570. So, so beautiful!!! #EHDTheFrame

  571. Holy. Moly. Emily. My husband and I have spent the last 3 years demoing and rebuilding our tiny 100 year old farmhouse from the inside. (http://honestlymaggie.com/category/projects/our-house/) We just recently completed the fireplace area and have been discussing what to put above the mantle: Art vs. TV. The Frame is BOTH! This is such an amazing TV and it would seriously be perfect. Good job Samsung on the TV, and stunning work on the boathouse Emily and Kate!! #EHDTheFrame

  572. We have beautiful white wood built in’s flanking a grey brick fireplace. And killing the vibe: our wall mounted shiny black tv. Enter stage right: the Frame! #EHDTheFrame

  573. I would love to gift the #EHDTheFrame to my Mom for Christmas. She is an interior designer who has hustled my whole life while teaching me the true beauty of design and life along the way. I only wish I could gift her the lake house!
    She would truly appreciate the art behind it—as well as enjoy her tv nights with my Dad. They live in a renovated 70’s rambler. She has always wished the tv didn’t need to be the focal point in the living room. So—I can picture her hanging it above the fireplace with a smile on her face…and finally have her ‘perfect’ living room.
    I know both of my parents would love to be able to showcase their photos. Both my brother and myself live thousands of miles away from home…I would love for them to have our family photos during the holidays to help ease missing us over the holidays.
    Thank you for making this possible! You’re a true inspiration:)

  574. #EHDTheFrame These tv’s are gorgeous! I’d put it in our living room where there is no good place for a tv. It would look wonderful as part of our midcentury wall unit and not look like a giant TV just sitting there.

  575. #EHDTheFrame – I would put that above the mantel in my living room. At the moment our tv sits on the floor since i don’t where to hang it and not become the focus point of our living room.

  576. Wow! What an amazing and inspiring transformation! I grew up going on my grandfathers boat on the ocean almost everyday. I seriously couldn’t live in this space. Everything including the space and decor speaks to me. #EDHTheFrame If I won that amazing tv it would definitely being going in our main living area. In the gallery wall over my mid century teak credenza! 💙

    1. Could! Lol, I seriously could live in this space. 🤦‍♀️

  577. #EHDTheFrame I am very seriously considering the frame as we are planning to replace our current TV. I would put my Frame in the living room, our main hangout space where all of us watch TV, but where we also host guests. I already have a gallery wall going there, so this piece of art would just amp it all up spectacularly! Fingers crossed!

  578. I am new to Instagram and I just started following you,absolutely love your style and the way you get back to your community and can tell that You’re genuine and have a beautiful soul❤️

  579. Ugh, my love for the look of that TV is strong. I tried to tell my husband we needed to buy it but he pointed out that our current tv is totally fine. What a spoilsport (a totally correct one). But if I WIN it, well that’s another matter! This baby would go in our living room, right over the wall that used to have floor to ceiling mirrors that looked like a bad 80’s decision. #EHDTheFrame

    PS. Emily, that dress is too die for.

  580. #EHDTheFrame I love the gorgeous makeover and appreciate a TV that looks like art! I’m in the midst of a massive remodel and this TV would be perfect in the new family room, where my 2 and 4 year old boys will watch ALL the cartoons!

  581. #EHDtheframe abosolutely stunning…I would hang in my livingroom which is also a dinning room and a seating area..one big room….my tv at this moment is on our mantel/in front of the fireplace…would love to move to a wall and open up the fireplace and this would be the perfect solution. I would display my husbands wave photos in the frame which are captured with his GoPro mainly in the Santa Cruz area but sometimes beautiful San Francisco.

  582. #EHDTheFrame So beautiful! I would put The Frame on my living room gallery wall in my California style mid century ranch living room which is in southern RI on the beach! Cheers!

  583. Oh WOW! This is the best #EHDTheFrame makeover so far!! The Frame would be an amazing replacement in my family room! I’ve always wanted to incorporate a gallery wall around my TV and this would be the perfect centerpieces.

  584. #EHDTheFrame
    I would love to win this. I would put it in my open concept den/kitchen area.

  585. #EHDTheFrame I would put this beautiful TV over our mid century modern credenza and it would look sooo much prettier than the monstrosity we currently have above it! We debate getting rid of our current TV but it’s so nice to gather as a family and watch a movie together. Family time is the best, even if we are just cuddling and watching a show!

  586. #EHDTheFrame would go in my living room. I have always wanted to curate a gallery wall and it would fit right in!!!

  587. #EDHTheFrame

    Love all the styling options this TV has and the low profile.

  588. We’ve been talking about #EHDTheFrame often because we don’t want to just hang a tv on the wall, but it’s totally outside of our tv budget. But it’d make a world of difference, since we only have the one living room – no casual extra tv room or anything.

  589. Loved the #ehdtheframe series! I’d put one in our bedroom. There’s no room for a “normal” tv in there and I know you’re not “supposed” to have a tv in your bedroom but sometimes you just wanna snuggle in bed and watch a movie!

  590. Holy smokes this tv is awesome! My #EHDtheframe would have an immediate home in my house. Our home is open concept on steroids. My kitchen opens up to a 40×40 perfectly square room. we can’t have a television in because it can be seen from all angles and is too distracting for our 3 small kids. The frame tv would solve so many problems!!

  591. Oh my gosh Emily, I’d love one of these TVs. My fiancé loves having a 65 inch tv in our living room, and while I’m all about my shows, I don’t love the giant box. So this would be just the ticket for that room! #EHDTheFrame

  592. This is so exciting! I have been closely following the #EHDTheFrame makeovers and anxiously awaiting the final reveal. We are looking into purchasing the Frame, for our new home: it would fit seamlessly into our living room gallery wall (without a trace of being a screen!)

  593. I love #EHDTheFrame !! I’m a closet TV watcher – meaning I love TV but am too embarrassed to hang one in my living room so I have to sneak down to the cold basement under a heated blanket by myself, ha! fingers crossed!!

  594. Finally, an electronic that can actually be an integral part of a beautifully designed room! We would put #EHDTheFrame in our living room above the mantel. That way my husband and I can both have our way… artwork AND tv 🙂 A marriage saver!

  595. My favorite makeover yet!! I would absolutely love to win this #EHDTheFrame – it would be so perfect in my teeny living room where the tv is the main focal point (yikes!)

  596. So pretty! I’d love a frame in my house – I hate the look of our black tv in our mostly white MCM living room. My husband would love to get a bigger tv but I just can’t handle something bigger taking over the space. This would satisfy that issue! #EHDTheFrame

    1. #EHDTheFrame The north wall of my master suite!!it would be perfect. I would alternate between loading up art and family photos. I love it.

  597. #EHDTheFrame
    This would be perfect for my living room! I could get rid of our bulky black tv, finally move in our piano, and mount the frame right above it.

  598. #EHDTheFrame

    I would put that beautiful TV in my living room!

  599. #EHDTheFrame i would love that TV for my living room currently being designed by the one and only Orlando since he hates tv’s in living rooms and we need to put one there so we can keep the tv out of the kids playroom!

  600. #EHDTheFrame I would put that beauty in our family room on a wall that’s the focal point for three rooms. And in 66” because unlike most couples, I’m the one who wants a bigger TV in our house.

  601. #EHDTheFrame Whoa! Never thought I’d be excited about the idea of having a TV in my Living Room, but that is exactly where I would place this beauty. It really is a piece of art!

  602. This is amazing!!!! I love everything you did! #ehdtheframe I would put this in my front room above my fireplace ❤️❤️❤️

  603. #EHDtheframe
    Been wanting one for our remodel! Would hang it in the living room over our console. We mortar washed our fireplace next to it today!

  604. I would love to finally solve the rift of the big ugly TV with a husband who is darling but (ahem) very “function over fashion” minded. With a new baby on the way, I would love our living room to feel more serene and make a gallery wall instead of have this huge black box! #EHDTheFrame

  605. #EHDTheFrame…this is amazing! And perfect as a replacement to the outdated art above our fireplace. My husband and I have talked about putting a TV in that spot for a while now, but really like the idea of keeping an art piece there. The Frame is exactly what we need!

  606. #EHDTheFrame what an incredible merge of design and technology! We would be so happy to receive this very special TV. We haven’t had a TV in over a decade, partially because they can be well, very unattractive. We live in a small space and every bit contributes to the mood of our place. I would place this in the bedroom on a lovely blank wall just waiting for the perfect piece. Fingers crossed!

  607. I‘m minimalist and love art … this one would be a perfect addition to my clean living room area … because it’s invisible as a technical device but would highlight my favorite images perfectly.

    1. #EHDTheFrame
      have waited my whole life for a solution like that.

  608. #EHDtheframe
    Family room for all to enjoy, especially me! 😉

  609. #EHDTheFrame. I never wanted a TV in my living room – in view of The Frame, I might change my mind.

  610. #EDHTheFrame
    love it. It would go in our master bedroom and show off family photos. (Then I’d get another for our living room and showcase art. ).

  611. Sweet Moses, I miss a day and you’re giving away a The Frame TV!! I would put that beauty in our family room where we could all enjoy it! #EHDTheFrame I might be too late, but had to try!

  612. #EHDTheFrame Would love to design a gallery wall around this amazing tv!

  613. It would be a dream to hang “The Frame” in my living room. We live in a tiny cottage with limited wall space. Adorning our wall with The FRAME would be the happiest combination of Form and Function. #EHDTheFrame

  614. We have one main room and I haven’t been able to deal with the visual of a TV, so we relegated it to the basement but I do miss having a TV in my main living space! This would solve all problems! #EHDTheFrame

  615. This is absolutely beautiful; my favorite in the series! Would have commented even without the contest, but hey, who wouldn’t love one of those TVs?? 🙂 #EHDTheFrame

  616. I’d put the #EHDTheframe in my bedroom so I can pretend I’m too sophisticated to binge watch the bachelor in bed!

  617. I would love the #EHDTheFrame TV to put in our living room as we currently do not have a TV because my partner and I don’t like the look of them. I could foresee some serious TV marathons with this beautiful piece!

    Fabulous post and photography – your work is amazing!

  618. OMG this is so surreal I was just talking about this tv to one of my coworkers. What are the odds? If this tv was mine I would put it in my living room. It currently is a home to a small 30 inch tv 🙈 I mean it does the job, but it slowly going out and this would just be perfect to my minimalist style. #EHDTheFrame

  619. This tv is amazing! We haven’t had a tv in 6 years just for the esthetic, and this gave me hope!! 😍😍 I would put it above our piano and watch This Is Us with my family ❤️
    Thank you for giving this away, would be honored to win

  620. #EHDTheFrame wherever everybody can see it! Maybe my car

  621. #EDHTheframe—This tv is amazing! We haven’t had a tv in 6 years just for the esthetic, and this gave me hope!! 😍😍 I would put it above our piano and watch This Is Us with my family ❤️
    Thank you for giving this away, would be honored to win

  622. I would love to hang this above my mantle in the House I am renovating (and currently blogging about!!)

  623. #EHDTheFrame – I would put it in my living room!

  624. #EHDTheFrame I already have an art gallery around our tv, but it would look sooo much prettier with this tv. Perfect, actually.

  625. The brilliance and beauty of the #EHDTheFrame is astounding! It’s like, the best compromise for my guy’s love of television, and my love of good design. Holy cow. Also, I’m finding with a 19 month old I now need to get our television out of her reach, so this solution would be perfect-o.


  626. I would just die if I won this TV! I’d put it in my cute tiny living room and ditch the black hole that’s currently there. Love this whole series of makeovers, really beautiful work! #EHDTheFrame

  627. #EHDTheframe-It’s the only tv I would put over my living room mantle. My family would be thrilled!

  628. #EHDTheFrame Love it! I love this whole look, cabin chic! I would put the frame in our living room front and center, the photography would go great with the rest of the art work in the house. Also going to go out and get that target cabinet, in love!!

  629. OMG THE BEDT GIVEAWAY EVER!!! I’ve been truly coveting the sleek design of the frame for a while now. Fingers majorly crossed. #EDHTheFrame

  630. #EDHTheFrame Great makeovers! Inspired! Really hard to find a TV that fits the vibe of a 100+yr old farmhouse – renovating it mod farm style. The Frame would be perfect!

    1. #EHDTheFrame

  631. This space turned out beautifully! And I’m very intrigued by #EHDTheFrame – I’d use it in my office to show client’s presentations on a large screen – and utilize portfolio pictures or my favorite artwork when in frame mode!

  632. I love, love love this tv. I am in need of a tv and would put it on the big wall of my family room, which is currently completely blank. #EHDTheFrame

  633. #EHDTheFrame in my living room 😍

  634. #EHDTheFrame would be such a welcome addition to our bedroom! No more Great British Baking Show viewings on a tiny Macbook Air, and I would love just using it to discover and display artwork.

  635. #EHDtheframe

    Love your energy!!! I have your design book and it’s lovely. Keep up the inspiration!!

  636. #EHDTheFrame – I have been holding out for years to buy a new TV because I would only be replacing an older TV with one that is more up to date on technology, something I don’t care too much about. However, I do care about making our living room as pretty and functional as possible and this TV makes me actually inclined to replace our old one. It would be going into a living room in a city we have yet to find out about. Our next move will be determined by my boyfriend’s residency placement which we will learn the results of in March!

  637. This would definitely go in my living room! #EHDTheFrame fingers crossed!

  638. #EHDTheFrame – I live in a small condo/apartment, so an amazing TV would be perfect for my open living room/kitchen space!

  639. I would put that beauty in my living room so we could free up some much needed space! #EHDTheFrame

  640. I would put the Frame in my parent’s living room, since my dad loves art and displaying pictures of his family, and would be amazed by the high quality of the image. #EHDTheFrame

  641. Wow- I really love it! That would be amazing to have and hide a tv in plain sight. #ehdtheframe

  642. I would put it in my living room. We have a gallery wall that I learned to put together by seeing them on your blog, and I would put it in there!

  643. Oh how that #EHDTheFrame TV would be perfect in my cozy 1940’s apartment where modern day electronics often take away from the charm and character of my sweet space. Love all the beautiful spaces you create, Em!

  644. #EHDTheFrame – in my new family room addition!

  645. Another amazing collaboration/makeover. We’d definitely put this in the living room of our new house! #EHDTheFrame

  646. This is my favorite makeover of the three you did. And I would love to put that new TV in my husband’s office…Merry Christmas to all of us!

  647. I forgot the hashtag…#EHDTheFrame. I’d love to put this TV in my husband’s office…Merry Christmas to all of us!

  648. #EHDTheFrame, how I wish I could upload a photo of the giant white wall in our living room that is begging for a gallery wall featuring the this stunning TV (two words I have never said or typed together).

  649. My wife introduced me to the frame, and it would look great in our new house! #EHDTheFrame

  650. I haven’t stoppe thinking about this tv since you first posted about it. SO beautiful. To win it would be a dream! #EHDTheFrame

  651. This television is by far the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. We would put it over our bookcase/cabinet and use it for our family photos we just had done in the San Juan Islands. #EHDTheFrame

  652. This would look great as the center piece in our living room

  653. I’d put that #EDHTheFrame in my brand new house! The boathouse is gorgeous!

    1. I would love to put the #EDHTheFrame over my mantle with some beautiful art! Loved the boathouse…everything looked SO inviting!

  654. This is my favorite of all the make overs I think. Or the greenhouse. Actually scratch that I love them all. #ehdtheframe I would looooove to put this in my living room. Currently I have a painting aaaaand a tv but a painting IN a tv would be even better.

  655. #EHDTheFrame Thank you I would put it in a guest bedroom as guests deserve the best!

  656. Absolutely in love with all of this! Especially the chairs on the deck and the TV! We would hang our #EHDTheFrame in our living room – it would class that space up emensly!

  657. #EHDTheFrame I’ve been a “no tv in the bedroom” rule follower for years and years but I would absolutely break that rule for the Frame!! So genuis.

  658. #EHDTheFrame I have been eyeing this beautiful tv for a while now and would love to put it in my living room in a photo collage. Emily I always love your design I have followed you since Design Star!!!

  659. #EHDTheFrame – I would pit the TV in my living room!

  660. These spaces were all gorgeous and so inspiring!! We don’t currently have a tv in our living Room because there is no inconspicuous place to put it! #EHDTheFrame would solve that issue!

  661. DYING! NYC apts are so small already – this would be amazing to trick folks when having them over! And then we could just watch Netflix and Game of Thrones all the other 364 days in style. Love it so much!!


  662. #EHDTheFrame I know exactly where I’d put it because I’m currently saving my pennies for one of these beauties. Our family room needs a new TV as our current one was fatally injured during a light saber fight between our two boys.

  663. #EHDTheFrame I’d put it up in my living room as part of a gallery wall!

  664. #EHDtheframe LOVE THIS. I’d put it over my fireplace. I don’t know it I’d tell my kids it was a TV!

  665. #EHDtheframe the family room! My wife would love

  666. #EHDtheframe the family room! My wife would love

  667. I would totally put this in my living room and what’s so great is it would look like art. I haven’t allowed any TV to go in my living room bc I hate the big black box problem. Wow what a cool giveaway! #EHDTheFrame

  668. #EHDTheFrame–I would definitely put this TV in my living room. Right now you walk into the house and immediately see a big black TV. Or maybe I would break my no-TV-in-the-bedroom rule for this one!

    I have loved this series! All of the spaces have been amazing, but this one may be my favorite. That view! I am a lake person too. 🙂

  669. White, next to the fireplace! 🙂

    1. Oops. #EHDTheFrame I forgot the hashtag!! I was busy looking at where I would put it.

  670. That would be the perfect thing in my dining room that can double as a Superbowl party room #EHDTheFrame

  671. I could move into this space without changing a thing. I love the colors and textures. We have our tv hung with pictures around it in our family room, and I can imagine it looking so much better with The Frame. #EHDTheFrame

  672. #ehdtheframe
    Inspiring! When we need a new tv for our living room – this is it!

  673. #EHDTheFrame That big beauty would be amazing in our long suffering project finally underway….converting an unheated concrete walled basement in Minnesota, to a family gathering space.

  674. #EHDtheframe i would put it in the new apartment we are hopefully moving to soon!! i want a clean slate of new art & objects, & a beautiful new tv would be unreal amazing. 😍

  675. Such a gorgeous makeover, I am especially intrigued by the granny chair! #EHDTheFrame

    I’d probably put this awesome, aesthetically-pleasing TV in my bedroom for safe keeping because a) I have a roommate and b) that roommate has one of those large, cumbersome, pry-out-of-his-cold-lifeless-hands TVs and I’m more than willing to part with my own, smaller, aging set. I’d love to replace it with this beauty!

  676. #EHDTheFrame This is an amazing concept. I would hang it in our living room.

  677. I would mount on the living room wall of our first home…which we will hopefully close on after the holidays!! #EHDTheFrame

  678. #EHDTheFrame I am so in love with this tv! Why has it taken so long for someone to come up with this?! We have a wall in our living room between some windows where it would go. I love that it would just look like a beautiful piece of art since the eyesore we have now is distracting with the rest of the room. And Emily, it has been great to see how you’ve styled each space. They’ve all been gorgeous and I really want to move into that boat house!

  679. The makeovers, the TV and you are fabulous!!!

    #EHDTheFrame would be perfect in my living room, (or bathroom;)

  680. This. Is. Amazing! Living in LA the small spaces are so challenging. Good problems like big picture windows but less space for a TV and then there’s the dreaded above-the-fireplace problem. This solves so much. I have to have it and wouldn’t love to win it! #EHDTheFrame

  681. This series has been truly gorgeous. I know it was a lot of work, but it is so good.

  682. #EHDTheFrame – The Frame would look fantastic over my fireplace in my living room!

  683. #EHDtheframe Emily! Withvyour amazing inspirational ideas, after 20 years of marriage, I’m finally giving some decorating love to our bedroom! With 5 kids in the house, this is the only place we can have to ourselves to relax! Haha! I have an empty wall that the Samsung television would be perfect on!

  684. #EHDtheframe Emily! With your amazing inspirational ideas, after 20 years of marriage, I’m finally giving some decorating love to our bedroom! With 5 kids in the house, this is the only place we can have to ourselves to relax! Haha! I have an empty wall that the Samsung television would be perfect on!

  685. I would hang this proudly in my living room. Right now I have a big black box and it is definitely not a work of art. #EHDTheFrame

  686. My living room is currently storage for all the new cabinets and appliances for our kitchen reno that I hope to finish soon… (its only been 8 years). Once we’re done the Frame would be a perfect addition to our empty walls and give us a chance to actually use the room.

  687. #EHDTheFrame Ah! What a dream! We’d proudly hang this beauty in our living room above our teak credenza! Heres to hoping!

  688. #EHDTheFrame I put definitely put the tv in our living room. Love the concept!!

  689. #EHDTheFrame This TV is insanely beautiful and my TV would be out the door if I had it!!

  690. #EHDTheFrame

    Beautifully done! As a cabin-loving Minnesotan, I would have loved to have seen a beautiful and creative way to screen the big doors or the porch. This is a design issue as TVs! It’s just not practical to keep doors open at sundown with our pesky mosquito population. Gorgeous and love the Frame too!

  691. I would put #EHDTheFrame over my fireplace for my gardening show marathons. I’m all tucked in for winter but planning out next years spring!

  692. #EHDTheFrame I loved watching your insta stories through the 9 days you were designing with The Frame. The finished products are beautiful! My favorite would have to be the green house because that would be an unbelievable oasis. So much light! I love natural light. Any ways, I would love The Frame in my tiny apartment where the main focal point is currently a big black screen. Yuck!

  693. I think I may be late to “the party” but I really enjoy your blog (one of my favorite posts is actually the one about your laundry room) and I have especially loved this series of re-thinking spaces. If I could ever have the #EHDFrame, I would use it over the piano we unexpectedly inherited a year ago. (We “temporarily” shoved it in a corner next to the giant wardrobe our tv lives in. I like keeping the tv out of sight for my kids (when not in use) but the wardrobe is blocking the piano! It’s so awkward and we’ve just lived with it because we couldn’t work out a solution. The Frame would totally solve this problem.)

  694. Above the fireplace in my new home! #EHDTheFrame

  695. #EHDtheFrame I’d forever settle the debate of art or TV over our living room fireplace!!

  696. #EHDTheFrame I would replace the hideous black rectangle void in our family room with this!

  697. I work in a museum, and I love art. I would definitely hang it in my living room and use it to display art when not watching TV. I love that we can upload pictures ourselves- maybe I could put some photos from my own museum’s collection on The Frame! #EHDTheFrame

    Interestingly, did you see that the MoMA design store is selling The Frame? https://store.moma.org/tech/home-electronics/samsung-the-frame-tv%C2%A0–55%E2%80%9D-screen/125116-125116.html

  698. #EHDTheFrame, I have been searching for a big piece of art to put on a huge wall in my bedroom and The Frame would be perfect for that! I’ve really enjoyed reading this series and seeing the makeovers!

  699. #EHDtheframe! We’d LOVE to put it in our newly renovated family room!!

  700. #EHDTheFrame
    I would love one of these for my cozy den!

  701. #EHDTheFrame
    We moved our tv out of the “formal” living room, but this one is so pretty I’d put it there!

  702. Wow! This is simply gorgeous! Well done to both of you. Love it!

  703. Absolutely stunning and what a transformation!! Love all the depth and texture!! Can you please tell me where the large glass vase on the dining table is from? Thank you!!

  704. #EHDTheFrame My living room!

  705. This was my favorite of the #EHDTheFrame makeovers! Gorgeous!

  706. I’ve loved the #ehdtheframe makeovers! What an amazing opportunity. I wanted to live in everyone of the spaces, even though they were all so different. I’d put the Frame in the office/sitting room space my sister and I share. We’re living with our grandmother, to help look after her, and it would be nice to have a space we could unwind at night without the noise bothering her!

  707. I read your blog really its informative and unique blog which provide awesome information.!@

  708. Our itty bitty living room desperately needs one of the Frame, so we don’t have to stare at a big tv screen when it isn’t in use. #EHDTheFrame

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