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Orlando’s Guest Bedroom Reveal

I kind of freaked out when I finally saw my guest bedroom in its fully finished state. Which was insane, because I’d literately been there the whole time putting it together, sweating my face off and screaming at the ceiling. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s Orlando and today I am revealing my guest bedroom, which I intro’ed last week on the blog. But.. back to the room. It wasn’t until everything was in place that was like “HI WHAT IS THIS CAN I LIVE IN HERE?” Since I moved into Chateaulando, this room has been a catchall for the boxes of things I was too busy to unpack. I finally went through everything, got those stupid boxes out of the way, and turned this into the guest bedroom of my dreams. My favorite thing in the room is the art, which is almost entirely vintage and un-soureable (sorry!) with the exception of the Tom Killion woodblock print, which I am in love with. This art represents years of collecting and scavenging, so it carries so many memories for me. And I wasn’t sure I’d find a place to put it in my new place so I was happy to see it all come together.




The budget for the room was, well, nothing so by the time I got to it I was trying to find the most affordable pieces possible. I love the bed I found! It was $179, which is a pretty amazing price (it’s hard to find legit beds under $1000!). I had a similar (yet vintage) bed growing up so the style reminded me of my childhood bedroom.


Don’t you just wanna nuzzle your face into that sumptuous linen? Believe me, that’s the first thing I did when this photo shoot was over (sidenote: if you want to freak out a stylist during a bedroom shoot, sit on the bed and watch them faint). Styling beds for shoots is one of the most annoying tasks on earth, it takes all sorts of tricks to make them look as perfect as you want them to. This bed, for example is full of clothespins, tape, and safety pins. A bed can look gorgeous in real life, but as soon as you take a picture of it it looks like a deflated balloon so you have to do all sorts of crazy tricks to make it look normal for a photo. This shoot was for a collaboration I’m doing with Cultiver, a luxury linen company, so I wanted the images to be absolutely perfect. Don’t worry, you don’t need to use pins in real life. In fact, I’d advise against it. I forgot to remove most of the pins I used for these shoots (we shot my bedroom the same day) and I kept getting stabbed for weeks after.


The side tables were also a fun find ($99 from Target). I was looking for something small-scale and warm, but it had to contrast with both the color of the floor and the bed, so a whitewashed wood was the perfect solution. I wasn’t sure what to put under them, so I used an ancient stylist’s trick that is 100% foolproof: when in doubt, PUT A BOOK ON IT! I dug some books out of more still-unpacked boxes and called it a day. Another thing I’m obsessed with: this cute little Nate Berkus doodad for the wall. Part of me is like WHAT IS IT (a large earring?) and the rest of me is like SHUT UP WHO CARES IT’S AMAZING.



My mom spent a large portion of her childhood in Japan, so I grew up with an appreciation for Japanese furnishings and I’ve always wanted a tansu (that’s what these chests are called). So I finally decided to buy myself one for Christmas. I found an excellent vendor in Berkeley who makes them on-site, so I snagged one and borrowed my mom’s station wagon to drive it back down to LA (it wouldn’t fit in my smaller car). If you’re in the market, I totally recommend this place. It’s a little local place called Eastern Classics and all this stuff is made in California (and is a totally reasonable price as these things can get insanely expensive). Oh, and they ship nationwide. Anyway, I didn’t get a discount and no one paid me to say this, just want to support a small business here. GO BUY A TANSU YOU ALL NEED ONE!


The cute window treatment is from Loom Decor, who do awesome custom window treatments. This one is a chunky textures linen (apparently I have a linen thing, there’s lot of linen in here). I’m not always a fan of putting beds right in front of windows, but orienting the room this way provided the most room to move around possible and a roman shade made the most sense because it can tuck behind the headboard. It’s a very tiny room, perfect for a guest but definitely cozy. And by “cozy,” I mean microscopic. But in like the best way that I wanna live in forever. So there you have it, my guest bedroom. If you are into the look, here is a “get the look” with everything in it, and feel free to ask away in the comments below.


Resources: Wall Color Benjamin Moore New Providence NavyWainscoting Benjamin Moore Super WhiteCeiling PendantGold Wall Hanging, Loom Decor Roman Shade in White Lush LinenTom Killion Block PrintTraditional RugNightstand, White Spotlight Table LampTable Lamps, Framing for Artwork by Simply Framed.

Bedding by Cultiver: Ice Blue Duvet CoverIndigo Stripe Duvet Cover (used as blanket here), White Linen Sheet Set

Photography by Zeke Ruelas

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68 thoughts on “Orlando’s Guest Bedroom Reveal

  1. Orlando, what a gorgeous room! Anyone would be lucky to be a guest in Chateaulando! That little IKEA lamp looks so great in there, I thought it was vintage! Just goes to show that even on a shoestring budget you can pull together a fabulous room.

  2. After following the blog for YEARS (back when Orlando was originally writing and working with Emily and I don’t think there was any other staff) I’m finally commenting. Maybe it’s weird that I chose this post, but I’m just going with it. Here are my thoughts/things I love about this post:

    1) Orlando. Welcome back. You feel like an old friend. A hilarious, make-me-pee-my-pants-in-your-stream-of-consciousness-writing-hilarity, friend. I obviously don’t know you at all in real life, but you seem clever, kind, creative and just all around freakin’ awesome. So great job on that!

    2) I love pretty much all of the content on this blog. But for some reason, this post just YELLS my love language. The design is polished and mature and intentional while still being 100% budget friendly (granted, I didn’t see how much that tansu cost you, but we’ll just keep it that way so I don’t ruin the illusion). As a mom of three littles who runs a small business (shamless plug:, I would LOVE to devote ALL THE MONEY to designing my home, but mostly it gets siphoned off for lame things like preschool tuition and art camp and very small clothing for very small people. So this design actually feels like “Ok, I could go do almost this exact design over the next few weeks and not affect the and clementines and pirates booty budget (again: little people are so particular!) and also not give my husband a small stroke at the amount of money I would require to make it happen.

    3) I know that Emily and her team actually put together budget designs quite a bit (which I love!), but there’s something about seeing this actually IN a room that you are going to use and live in and love that makes a difference.

    4) Lastly – Orlando you’re awesome in making your life into what you want it to be after it all comes crashing down. Keep on keepin’ on, brother. You’re killing it. And if you’re ever in Houston, let’s get a drink! Don’t worry – Houston is much cooler that people tend to think it is (says the lady with three small children who pretty much never goes anywhere cool anymore…).

    1. Just here to say Houston is WAY COOL (I mean, not literally, it’s like a billion degrees outside most of the time, but it has great restaurants/shopping/bars/etc). I’m also here to invite myself, another lady with three small children who rarely gets to take part in the cool offerings of this great city, on your drinks date 😉

  3. More content like this, please! Beautiful style at a realistic budget! And it is real too! I know it is hard to have actual makeovers because of time/people/budgetary constraints but the posts about “a room at three price points” aren’t even close to as inspirational as something like this!

    1. Yes! I have been thinking lately that it would be great to do “Get the look for less” posts on a lot of the more expensive makeovers.

  4. echoing all these comments. Such an inspiring space that feels accessible! Did you put the overhead light fixture in as well? Any chance it was budget friendly?

  5. You have a lot of great photos/paintings in all your rooms. Do you have any favorite spots to search for art? I’m only 27, so I’m just starting to get the money to afford niceish art for my apartment. Where should I look?

  6. I love posts from Orlando! He is hilarious and I love that he is so honest and 100% owns himself! You rock Orlando – sending you love and best wishes!

  7. I love everything about this, but commenting specifically to say NESTING TABLES! Pure genius as nightstands – guests can pull them out, or not! As someone who lives in a small house I’ve long had an affinity for them but this is sheer perfection! And your writing, Orlando – seriously, you may be my favorite writer on the entire internet! The Tansu is gorgeous and I clicked on the link. The pricing does seem quite reasonable for a piece of that quality. You are just killing it!!

  8. I can’t even with this room. It makes me want to use all the internet meme-y language. Just ugh. SO. GOOD. And the art….oh the art. I can’t speak properly thats how much I love it. You have a gift Orlando. I can’t wait til your book hits.

  9. Beautiful, interesting, eclectic, art-filled and calming bedroom. All my boxes are checked! And I love seeing Tom Killion’s woodcut print. My local independent bookstore Bookshop Santa Cruz has featured his artwork for decades. Also I really dig the funky ginormous wall earring. The reflection pattern on the piece really intrigues me.

  10. Hello Orlando. Love your posts and this guest bedroom reveal. I also love all of your artwork. I’m curious – how do you know you’re picking the right piece of art? Are there specifics that you look for when you’re going vintage? Or is it just personal taste?

    1. I think it’s just about stuff you fall in love with. I tend to love blue, so blue ends up being over represented in my place. Just gotta look for work that speaks to you!

  11. Love this room! The blue is so restful… I have similar bedding and now I’m thinking I should paint my bedroom navy because the grey the previous owners painted it is nice but I want to change it up. Gonna have to go grab a sample, I think.

  12. i LOVE this!! i am amazing but how much art is on the wall without it looking like too much. well done!

    1. whoa there. looks like i was too excited. i meant to say: *i am amazed by…..*

  13. Orlando, you are a gem. I cracked up at the big earring comment.

    About that paint color, does it look at all teal in person? It looks amazing on the screen but the Benjamin Moore swatch looks greenish to me…

    1. It looks blue to me. But it’s a warmer blue. Definitely not green, reads as navy for sure. Def recommend it!

  14. Love, love the room. I have a ‘blue’ guest room and this inspires me to take it up a notch or forty! Just don’t stop with the three level budget posts. I have 3 daughters starting their (very different) homes. They constantly comment how useful and instructive those posts are.

  15. Absolutely gorgeous! The art!!!!!!! Did I mention the art????? Everything looks polished but welcoming, comfortable and fun. And as others have said, you are hilarious and very real! I have fingers and toes crossed for good juju coming your way.

  16. Are there any ugly sides in this bedroom? Mine looks pretty great if you’re standing at the doorway looking in … just don’t come in and turn around. Where do you hide all the ugly cluttery stuff everybody has? Giant closets? A portal to Narnia?

    Orlando, do you have your own blog? If not, pleeeeeease start one (with all your free time after you finish your book. It would be great publicity for your book release. Honestly I just want to see your pinterest boards. And every house you’ve ever lived in.

      1. Thank you thank you thank you! I’m now following on facebook, pinterest and instagram.

        1. You have to watch his Instastories. I literally laugh out loud every day. I can’t watch at work anymore because I was calling so much attention to myself. So funny!

  17. thank you for such a lovely post. While this isn’t really my style, I found a lot that I loved and learned from. And I’m so glad you revealed the “before” feelings – I also have been using my guest bedroom as storage for stuff I haven’t unpacked yet, but my in-laws are coming so today I stuffed everything into a closet (such a gross feeling), pulled out a rickety end table for a nightstand, inflated the air mattress, and then sat down and cried because it’s so awful and boring and horribly lit, and of course we probably all struggle with comparing ourselves to the “after” pictures on insta and blogs. But it was nice to hear that even a stylist screams at the ceiling and feels like maybe it won’t come together ever, and sometimes uses rooms as “junk gathering space”.

  18. Orlando,

    Love your room. Love your explanations. Love your personality.

    How do I follow you on instagram?

  19. 1. Big fan
    2. Wall color is INSANE so deep and vibrant
    3. I’m obsessed with how beautiful and clean it looks even with all the statement art in a tiny space. SKILLZ, yo!! I’d sleep sound here any night. ?

  20. I love your posts and love this room too. The bold wall color in the small space is more daring than I’ve been able to do but it really is fantastic.
    I was sorry to hear of the recent challenges in your life and hope you have amazing success soon and find a guy who adores you for you. Obviously we all adore you!
    I do have a burning question though. If you are hiding out at your parents’ home in Napa who IS living in this fabulous apartment?

  21. Hi Orlando! I have similarly sized and lit room and I wanted to paint it like a teal-y navy and everyone told me I couldn’t because the room was too small and dark. Is this just working here because of the wainscoting or would it work if the blue was floor to ceiling?

    1. Also…my floors and double closet doors are dark wood, but white trim and door into the room.

  22. Loved this post and this room! Orlando does it again, actually I have loved all of his contributions to your blog.

  23. It’s all so beautiful! Love the affordable modern nightstands.
    Would you recommend Loom Defor for windows that will be opened daily? I’ve never heard of them. I’m looking for high quality roman shades that will be used frequently, without breaking the bank! Thanks!

  24. I love the room! The way you styled the artwork is a constant nagging question for me… how do you go about mixing frame (styles, colors, materials) and have it look great like it does here vs. some crazy town thrift store display?

  25. Love this! And that rug wouldn’t look perfect in our guest room, too! Question (and I know I sound dumb) – what size rug is it? The 5’3 x 7’7 or the 7’10 x 10’10? Given the dimensions of the room you have, I’m betting the smaller one but I am SO bad with judging measurements online…..

  26. Orlando — when I was a young kid in the ’80s my mom collected Asian antiques. She had two tansu(s). She remembers vividly that one day at preschool my teacher came over to her, very upset because, as this woman informed my mother, I had been making up words at school. Apparently I kept telling kids to put their toys “away in the tansu”. My mom schooled that teacher that day — and we still have the two tansu. Thanks for bringing back a fun childhood memory 😉 The room is stunning ❤

  27. Love your posts and this room. To reiterate a lot of the comments, it is a beautiful example of style on a very limited budget…the same budget I have for my whole house 🙂 Very inspiring!

  28. So cool to see Tom Killion’s art! I’ve loved his art for years! Also, great room and Great Wall color!

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