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Sara’s Bedroom Reveal

Sara here, and you guys, THIS IS MY VERY LAST POST (for now)! I’m going to miss you all so very much. I’ll still be here working at EHD but I won’t be rambling to you on a weekly basis and reading back your warm comments about my cat and Tom Hardy. I’ll miss it so much.

Sentimentalities out of they way, let’s get on with the final chapter of my three part #MakeoverTakeover series – The Bedroom. *cue sultry music* (and if this is your first time here, jump back to my living room post, and office post to catch up).

It’s not that sultry of a room, but it is bright, minimal, and cozy. This had to be a super relaxing space because, well, we sleep here. So we tried to keep it as minimal as we could, without feeling empty. I personally get something Em has coined “clutter body” (which she suffers from as well), which means we have a difficult time relaxing/working/exsisting in an area that has too much un-organized stuff. You know, when your body starts to feel cluttered. This is 100% a real thing. So when it came to designing this space I didn’t want a gallery wall, or a bunch of patterned sheets. Simple, simple, simple.


A bed was the first thing that needed to be addressed because we were sleeping on a mattress on the floor. We wanted something simple, but beautiful and this Miles & May bed from Wayfair delivered. As soon as I showed it to Mac he was like “that’s OUR bed.” It’s super simple (have I mentioned that I wanted to keep this room simple yet?), but the wood tone and shape are perfect. Plus 90% of the wood that Miles & May use for their furniture is reclaimed. The frame is 100% solid wood, and while that makes it a bit heavy it also makes it a long lasting, quality piece of furniture. It’s a really good frame, folks. Just don’t try to assemble it alone.

Something that brings a little life into the room is that sea foam-ish green rug by Jaipur Living from Rugs Direct. When we first unrolled it I thought it was going to be darker than it was, but the lighter color ended up being exactly what the room needed to feel just a bit more lively. And it’s super soft under my toes.


You can’t sleep on a frame alone (I mean you can, I won’t tell you how to live your life), but we didn’t have money to splurge on a new mattress. So we just topped Mac’s old Ikea queen with a memory foam mattress topper from Target, which is totally awesome for just $70. The thing(s) that really takes our sleeping situation to the next level is our new bedding from Cultiver. We got a set of their white linen sheets, their linen duvet set in ‘smoke gray,’ and their quilted black bedcover. The quilt is amazingly soft and light, so we’re sleeping with it right now as the temperature starts to near summer-in-LA-with-no-AC levels. Plus the tonal colors are so perfect. I also promise I won’t say the words ‘soft’ or ‘simple’ in this post ever again.

The sconces are from Onefortythree, and the matte black metal perfectly matches our West Elm nightstands. We love the minimalism of them, but the little hits of brass on the lamps keep them from feeling flat.


I love this shot because you can see out into our hallway, where we have our vintage German anatomy poster hanging. The colors of the poster play really well off the rug, and he’s just a really pleasant fellow to say hi to every morning on my way to the bathroom.


This is my side of the bed (obviously – cat embroidery). We really did have clocks on either side of our beds when this photo was taken. I had just read this experiment some students did where they grew plants next to wifi routers, and the plants grew all weird, so I decided we weren’t going to sleep with our phones next to our beds anymore. That lasted all of zero nights, and my clock ended up ticking so loud that I returned it. But we kept Mac’s clock, and I like being able to see how late for work I am just by glancing at Mac’s nightstand when I’m running back and forth from the bathroom to the closet instead of having to frantically search, and re-search for my phone.

That awesome piece of art over the bed is a really pretty piece from Capricorn Press. It’s based on a restored antique constellation map from 1849. We of course had it framed by Framebridge.


On the opposite side of the bed I’ve got this tiny little corner situation going on. The room was starting to feel a little too minimal, so I thought maybe bringing in some plant life would help (until they start dying, BUT it’s been three weeks and so far everyone is still chugging along). And they really do brighten the atmosphere up. I potted them in those pretty standing planters from Modernica, and the materials and colors of the planters perfectly bounce back the materials and colors of the room. That standing mirror is from Urban Outfitters, and just a really pretty, affordable find. And again, all our pretty drapery was custom made by Country Curtains.


I have to admit, I love this side of our room. Where do I start? How about that amazing mid-century dresser Mac and I picked up at the Rose Bowl for $300 DOLLARS?! Or the vintage French seascape that Jess found on Etsy for $100 one day, and I impulsively bought before Emily could decide if she wanted it or not? (#sorrynotsorry) OR that freaking vanity nook?!?!? Who even has a vanity nook these days? You know, besides me. Studio-Session-1751

The dresser has these amazing oblong handles with blush copper metal details, which had me swooning. And so far Mac and I haven’t fought over drawer space (yet). Mac found that little captains box at the flea market too, and it’s where he keeps his ever-growing collection of enamel pins and saint pendants (and photo of me that I definitely didn’t put there). Also note the beautiful ceramic vase, with adorable little feet. I’m a sucker for ceramics with feet.

As I write this I’m starting to realize we have the tiniest bit of a nautical theme going in our bedroom, with the captains box, seascape, constellation map, sea-foam green rug, and cloud wallpaper. But I’m going to call it ‘minimal-nautical-modern’ so I don’t feel too weird about it. It’s kinda hip, right? . . . right??Studio-Session-184

Don’t tell Mac, but I’m in a serious relationship with this vanity nook. I think it might be my favorite part of this entire apartment. Ginny pointed out pretty early on that this was a small space that might be able to handle something bold and fun. At first we thought about painting it a darker color, like navy, but the idea of a printed wallpaper sounded so intriguing. I had never wall-papered anything in my life, and I felt like it was a right of passage. I spent hours looking at removable wallpapers, but in the end we both fell in love with this Fornasetti mural wallpaper from Cole & Sons (which I got from Lee Jofa). It’s not temporary, and we did pay someone to install it, but I’ve convinced myself that wallpaper is easy enough to take down, and it’s makes such a difference in that space.

I refuse to read a single comment ruining this illusion.


The sconce is from Schoolhouse Electric, and matches the flush mount that we have in the hallway. I learned how to replace a chain-pull sconce on my own to install this. No moral to that story, I just wanted to share my accomplishment. But that sconce was worth all the youtube tutorials. That sweet little painting is by my very good friend Molly Purcel, who’s just opened up an Etsy shop where you can buy prints of her adorable and whimsical art. Every time I go over to her house I rifle through her recent paintings and sketches and sneak away with 1 or 2 pieces. Soon I’ll have a full-blown collection.


And finally, let’s talk about that vanity. It’s a pretty piece from Ekais, which I found on Etsy. This vanity was the absolute perfect piece for this nook in size, color, and functionality. Several times people have asked me ‘why didn’t you hang a mirror there where the art is? Then it could have been a little dressing table,’ to which I respond by opening the lid of the vanity to reveal a mirror and storage area. This usually produces loud ‘oooooohhhhhssss’ of satisfaction and amazement.

And it’s all finished off with my tiny vintage rug. I love this little space so much.


Oh no, we’ve reached the end. That’s it. I’m all out of rooms in my apartment (Mac…should we buy a house??? Haha, just kidding (I’m not kidding)). I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a peek into our home as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing it. Thanks so much to everyone on the EHD team who helped make this happen, to all the amazing companies and individuals I worked with to pull together these rooms, and of course to all of you for your warm comments and support.

Now I’m going to go crawl into that bed and sleep for like 1 bajillion hours.





1. Black Quilt | 2. Linen Duvet Cover Set | 3. Swing Sconce | 4. Constellation Art | 5. Bed Frame | 6. Nightstand | 7. Navy Blanket | 8. Sheets | 9. Rug | 10. Gray Striped Pillow | 11. Gold Hex Cup | 12. Blue Bud Vase | 13. Black Planter | 14. White Planter | 15. Gold Clock | 16. Photography Book | 17. ” How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are” Book | 18. Anatomy Map | 19. Sconce | 20. Wallpaper | 21. Oil Painting | 22. Vanity | 23. Stool | 24. Black Clock | 25. Ceramic Vase | 26. Mirror | 27. Cat Dish | 28. Fox & Rabbit Totems Art Print | 29. Leaning Mirror | 30. Hanging Macrame Planter

**Photos by Tessa Neustadt

For more of Sara’s Makeover Takeover : Office | Living Room | Childhood Bedroom | Living Room Update

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6 years ago

I must know where the cat art on your nightstand is from. I looove it…it is probably vintage.

6 years ago
Reply to  Beth

It’s more than “kinda hip,” it’s totally hip! I especially love the vanity nook and the feeling of calm. Your choices are beautifully edited.

6 years ago

That’s amazing. Your apartment posts are some of my favorite on the site. It’s so nice for those of us who live in apartments to see restyling without wall removal or renovations. I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts. It would be nice if you guys could do a more affordable version of this though. I realize that you have sponsors that either give you the furniture or substantial discounts. I mean, your bedroom decor alone is over $5000 which isn’t practical for those of us who have kids, are saving for retirement, have student loans, or any version of the above. Even so, I love the brightness and how you made the minimal trend seem inviting and cozy in your space. There’s always the bathroom and kitchen that you can do … maybe a piece on working with the constraints of cabinets or layout.

I need all of the cat art. My sister/roommate won’t let me get any more live cats, but she didn’t say anything about art cats!

6 years ago
Reply to  Sara Tramp

I second that opinion!!

6 years ago

the end…! it came to sooooon!! but, but what about your kitchen?! and surely you must have a bathroom in there somewhere that we could ogle at just for the fun of it (and for the glorious cat pictures)!? We will miss you Sara! Tell Emily she needs to let ya’ll write more post… like I wouldn’t want to miss anyone else’s posts either just *also* more Sara posts pleaaaz! That bedroom ist wonderful by the way and the wallpaper is seriously glorious (and as soon as someone invents a gorgeous clock with arms that doesn’t tick, I’ll give them a Nobel prize…) take care Sara, Mac and lovely cat in your lovely flat!

6 years ago
Reply to  Lisa

This!! I love hearing all the different voices that make up the EHD team. And you all have great, and different, senses of style which makes it so much fun for readers. Please keep posting! 🙂

6 years ago

That nook with the vanity!!!! I love your whole apartment but that is my very favorite spot in the whole space. The mix of the wallpaper with the little painting and the sconce is definitely pro-level design…so unexpected & dreamy!

6 years ago

This room is so cute! One (oddball) question – why did you put the bed on the wall with the entrance, instead of on the opposite wall? I’m weird about feng shui with furniture placement. Interested to read your thoughts!

6 years ago

This morning I grossly overslept, put on the EXACT same outfit I wore last Thursday, saw that it will probably snow today (thanks MN), and burnt my mouth on my coffee on the drive in after talking to my crabby sister on the phone. Came in and saw no less than 4 frantic crabby emails from clients.

Then I read this post and thought whew, all is right with the world as this is one of the most delightful little bedrooms I have ever seen. Well done. I love everything about it. That seaside vintage print over the mid-century modern dresser makes my heart so happy.

6 years ago

That wallpaper is awesome. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

6 years ago


6 years ago

I love that bed frame and rug. And I’m a huge fan of plants in the bedroom. Looks like the perfect place to lay your head at night!

6 years ago

The nook is my favorite in your house too……’s purrrfect! And the little rug with the wallpaper with the artwork, with the hidden treasures inside your vanity. So sweet! I can’t believe West Elm sells a cute little cat dish!

6 years ago

It’s lovely but what happened to your Danish sunburst bed? I loved that one.

6 years ago

Say it ain’t so! Don’t be done posting or talking in-depth about Tom Hardy’s lack of pants, please! You guys are all awesome writers and we need you to all keep writing! You’ve hit the sweet spot where it feels like we know every one of you, all of the info you share is awesome, and every post is also pretty damn funny. Way to go Emily and team! PS – your apartment is also so great, Sara.

6 years ago
Reply to  Heidi


6 years ago

Beautiful! Where did the handles on the nightstands go?

6 years ago
Reply to  Sara Tramp

Oh I see.

6 years ago

I am so in love with that wallpaper! The texture is mesmerizing. I’m so sad that we wont be hearing from you in for a while! You’re writing really is very entertaining. Keep it up!

6 years ago
Reply to  Katie

*from you for a while. I haven’t had coffee this morning. XP

6 years ago

OMG I flipping love this place so much! You have me having all kinds of home envy happening over here. Thank you so much for sharing! I love that I have been able to see a beautiful rent-able design. Often times when I come across rental makeovers they hurt my soul almost as much as they hurt my eyes. Ugh I hope one day I can achieve these #homegoals!

6 years ago

One of the very few rooms that I would live in and not change a thing with the decor. I would move the bed to the opposite wall and hide those exposed lightbulbs (my eyes!), but the decor itself is perfection.

6 years ago
Reply to  K

I thought the same thing about those light bulbs–too bright and asking to be shattered in your bed by protruding beyond the shade. I even checked their website to see if they were supposed to use different bulbs (nope!). Otherwise it looks very relaxing and love the bedding!

6 years ago

Looks great! I really love those West Elm nightstands. I noticed that they have brass pulls on their website but not in your photos. Did you just remove them? I like the simple black look so much more.

6 years ago

I wish this had been posted right after I found out I passed the bar exam and decided to celebrate by upgrading from my twin bed to a queen. Because then I could have just bought everything Sara used. This room is so pretty/my dream.

6 years ago

I love that vanity nook and the wallpaper!

6 years ago

It looks fantastic! Especially the nook side of the room with that Fornasetti wallpaper, so dreamy.
Couple of questions:
1. Same as someone asked above, where are the brass pulls on the drawers to your nightstands? Photoshopped out? Never put on? Table turned because the brass was somehow distracting?
2. I love the placement of the sconces, but is it a bit annoying to stretch up to the top of the lightbulb housing to switch them off every night?

6 years ago

Love the wallpaper and the entire room. Good job all around. I like your style in terms of decorating and writing. Hats off!

6 years ago

Looks so good! Nice lookboard!

Love the wallpaper in the vanity nook – that space is special 😉

6 years ago

Ok Sara, you have some amazing taste girl…….LUV IT.

Masculine/FEM vibe. ( if that is even a style , haha) you nailed it.

***black detail, vintage, wood, blue, gray

6 years ago

You must be thrilled with your new living space, especially the bedroom. You did a stupendous job of marrying feminine and masculine style. I do have one question. Do you have a clothes closet in the bedroom?

Sarah D.
6 years ago

I’ve loved all of your reveals! Thank you.

6 years ago

Looks so very cozy. Loving this room. Crushing on that green rug.

6 years ago

I don’t think I’ve ever commented here, even though I’ve been an avid reader since day one. But your bedroom is 100% everything I want in a bedroom that I couldn’t resist. I honestly want to sell every piece of my bedroom furniture and recreate my bedroom from everything from this post. The color palette is amazing too.

6 years ago

Omg, “clutter body” is that the term for it? I have that really bad, I never knew it was a thing, I thought it was just me. I can’t even watch tv in a room that’s cluttered. It lifts my spirits to look around and see clean and space. Sometimes I pause a show, or put down a book to straighten up some more. Same goes for work, homework, etc.

Katie O
6 years ago

Would you mind sharing what size print of the constellation picture above the bed you ordered? And is it a king or queen? Really like the print and scale of the picture to bed so interested in trying to do something similar. Thanks!

6 years ago
Reply to  Katie O

Hi Katie, it’s the 40″ x 20″ version. It’s available in a few different sizes, both smaller and larger, as well as different colors.

Katie O
6 years ago
Reply to  molly

Thanks Molly and Sara for responding. Molly I love your prints.

6 years ago

What a lovely apartment hou have put together for you and Mac! I love it all and the bedroom is a delight. The vanity nook is really special and the wallpaper, perfect! I also love the shout out to Country Curtains. Weclived in Western Massachusetts for a very long time and just love them!

6 years ago

So after reading this post, I had to go back and read your office post (you know, Tom Hardy) and now my mind has taken the two best things from each and combined them, and all I can see is Tom Hardy not wearing pants sitting in your vanity nook. That thrilling/strange/disturbing vision aside – love this room!!

6 years ago

Serene space. Question on the leaning mirror from Urban Outfitters: what is the meansurement of the actual mirror (their website doesn’t say)? Room for whole body reflection? Good quality and sturdy? Thinking about putting it in my small guest bedroom. Thank you!

6 years ago

Thanks for sharing your home with us. The bedroom looks so restful, and that vanity nook is perfection. Also, your writing is funny and engaging. I hope to see more from you on the blog!

6 years ago

Love. Love. Love. Truly a beautiful room to finish out a stunning home. I also have a solid wooden bed in almost the same stain color and have agonized over the color/style of my night stands. You have made a perfect match. Definitely going to keep your apartment on file for future reference. Beautiful job!

6 years ago

Love the nook with the heavenly wallpaper. Actually, love the entire bedroom. And, the cat print, priceless. I enjoyed your posts, hope to read more soon, you are delightful.

6 years ago

That seascape is everything. There’s a lot to love here, but that damn painting just blows me away.

6 years ago

Could I ask what fabric your curtains are? They look like the perfect amount of sheer. Thank you!

6 years ago

Loved this reveal! That little nook is adorable and perfect for people like me who like little cute spaces. Would LOVE to see more of your writing – perhaps a feature where we watch what you like/look at when you go to the Rose Bowl flea, etc? I think I said it last time, but I loved the Craigslist round up so much and since I love your finds that you have shared, would love it if we can bring it back.

6 years ago

I too suffer from “clutter body,” it defiantly is a real thing! You did a great job making this room look stylish and still minimalist. I absolutely adore the bed that you have chosen, it is now on my wishlist!

6 years ago

Wonderful ideas. Your whole space is lovely. The link for the standing mirror goes to Urban Outfitter but alas there is no mirror. Not available anymore or???

6 years ago
Reply to  Christine

Ha, I’m from Canada so it’s not available:(

6 years ago

I’m going to miss your posts! You’re so funny! And you’re apartment is absolutely stunning. Maybe you should buy a house… ?

6 years ago

That vanity nook is crazy wonderful! And the wallpaper is swoon-worthy! I wouldn’t worry about taking it down when you move. The landlord ought to pay YOU for installing such fabulousness!

6 years ago

I love this so much! 🙂

6 years ago

Love the nightstands. But did you leave the handle off? Does it come without it?

6 years ago

You said you got your window treatments from Country Curtains. Which ones did you get? I have a CC store near me & I’m in the market for some white drapes.
Your room is lovely. So jealous!

6 years ago

Beautiful room! You are a great writer!

6 years ago

Love the minimalist aesthetic! (and that secret-but-not-so-secret cream ceramic bowl with pics you’ve got on the bottom of your side table)

6 years ago

Nooooooooooooo I miss you already Sara! Gorgeous apartment – I’m on team #housepurchase to get more of this beautiful style and blogging!

Wendy Walke
6 years ago

Hi Sara
I see you incorporated wall mounted lighting. I am doing the sam in my guest bedroom and am finding it difficult to determine where & how high they should go. The headboard is somewhat low. I don’t have any artwork for over the bed yet so I was hoping you might tell me if there’s a rule? Thx

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