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Brady’s Living Room Refresh with The Citizenry

Just when you thought my house was all decked out for the holidays, I decided to be a completely insane person (with Emily’s full support of course) and refresh my living room just a week after shooting some holiday content there which you saw on the blog earlier this week. Let me give you a little bit of backstory. A few months back my boyfriend Jason decided to move into my place (big step I know) and while I won’t bore you with all the sappy details, the move-in meant the opportunity to refresh the space and make it “our own” in a way which we were both very eager and excited to do. Around the same time, Emily and I were prepping out the holiday editorial calendar and one of our favorite brands The Citizenry reached out about working together again to showcase some of their new products. Due to the busy blog schedule and the holidays coming up we originally had planned on shooting some of their product as small vignettes, but because we know you guys love a good makeover or refresh we mulled it over and decided to instead use all the product to style out and refresh my space. So Emily and I went through the product, selected some of our favorites and styled it out in my living room. Was it slightly insane to attempt two totally different shoots in the same space just a few days apart… yes. But do we love doing totally insane things to create original content for you guys every day… duh. And when it involves using product that we both absolutely love and working with a company that we stand behind not only because of their beautiful decor but also because they promote fair-trade practices and give back to the artisans that help to create their product we are always on board. So let’s get into the changes that we made in my space and how it is looking now.

Brady Tolbert Citizenry Emily Henderson Living Room Refresh 2

One of the biggest and first (read: stressful) decisions I made was painting the room “Super White” by Benjamin Moore. Although I loved the soft gray it did make the room feel rather dark despite how it may have looked in pics. Zeke and Sara who photographed the room before for the original reveal and holiday shoot did an amazing job at making it look bright and happy which it kinda was, but compared to the kitchen (which was flooded with light due to the color) it did feel a little sad. So I tossed the idea across to Emily and she quickly responded with a resounding ‘YES’ to painting the walls even if it did mean a painting crew there until 8pm the night before we were to style the place out. But now after it is all said and done I love the white walls so much more for the space, especially with all the new pieces from The Citizenry we used. And thank you Emily for the thumbs up and constant encouragement.

The next big change that happened in the room was the couch. I swapped my more formal English Roll arm for this more casual and super cozy one from SixPenny and I love this new one so much. If you are in the market for a new couch I can’t say enough good things about the comfort, quality, and craftsmanship of this one. Not to mention it has one huge seat cushion which means it is very comfy to lounge on.

Brady Tolbert Citizenry Emily Henderson Living Room Refresh 6

Once the main pieces were in, it was time to style it all out using some of our favorites from The Citizenry. If you aren’t already familiar with their brand, The Citizenry has quickly become one of our go-to’s for projects. As a socially conscious company, they work with local artisans and communities around the world to handcraft capsule collections featuring a variety of products from a specific region. With fair trade practices, sustainable products and giving back 10% of proceeds to the community in which the designs were created, they have not only a business model but a selection of products that we can stand behind and support.

Brady Tolbert Citizenry Emily Henderson Living Room Refresh 31

This little vignette might just be my favorite from the room. I layered their handknit Nublado throw on the couch and mixed it with their Encanto tassel pillow, La Nieve braided pillow, and Pampas lumbar leather pillow. The number of compliments I have gotten on that throw is insane (in the week that it has been set up like this) and although it isn’t something that you would cuddle up under every day due to its natural raw wool and construction it makes for such a good styling piece no matter where you use it.

Brady Tolbert Citizenry Emily Henderson Living Room Refresh 41

We had so much fun playing around with their entire collection. Their colorways and patterns are all so easy to mix and match to create your own unique setup. Lots of neutrals, texture and subtle graphic patterns in high-quality materials and finishes.

Brady Tolbert Citizenry Emily Henderson Living Room Refresh 7

On the coffee table, I used their Engobe terracotta vase which comes in a few different sizes and shapes. You can use them as a collection or they are pretty enough to stand alone on their own with a few dry sprigs.

Brady Tolbert Citizenry Emily Henderson Living Room Refresh 51

On the opposite side of the room, I still have my Christmas tree up because even if a shoot does mean turning your living room upside down, there is no way I was going to give up that Christmas tree through the holiday season.

Brady Tolbert Citizenry Emily Henderson Living Room Refresh 8

Opposite the tree, I turned my little bar cart area into a place to house our record player and records. When Jason moved in we both ended up with quite an extensive collection of records and although we don’t listen to them every single night it has been fun having them out and accessible for those times that we do want to turn them on.

Brady Tolbert Citizenry Emily Henderson Living Room Refresh 9 Edited

And in case you had any questions as to what some of our favorites are just take a look at the lineup: Babs, and Bette…. the greats. The Citizenry’s sheepskin throw makes a great place to hang out on the floor while we both “lovingly debate” who we should listen to tonight.

Brady Tolbert Citizenry Emily Henderson Living Room Refresh 10 Edited

Moving into the kitchen I couldn’t wait to add some of their kitchen goods to our growing collection (which by the way make such a good gift). Hopefully my mom isn’t reading this as she might be getting a few of these and I know Emily has a few of these on her Christmas list as well. The thing that makes The Citizenry so special is that they produce a limited number of each item meaning that each and every item is handcrafted, feels organic and original, and also isn’t something that you are going to see in everybody’s living room or dining room. They have an authentic quality and style to them that is so refreshing.

Brady Tolbert Citizenry Emily Henderson Living Room Refresh 11

We both loved their Caribe wood trays (which come in a few different sizes) and make the perfect accessory for any kitchen or dining area. They are pretty enough to display out and the geometric shape makes them different than a lot of what we are seeing out on the market – again quality materials, simple pieces, but so special and timeless.

Brady Tolbert Citizenry Emily Henderson Living Room Refresh 12

Brady Tolbert Citizenry Emily Henderson Living Room Refresh 142

Brady Tolbert Citizenry Emily Henderson Living Room Refresh 151

In the bedroom, I brought in their Tripolina camp stool and Mercado tote bag which again comes in a few different sizes and is a great accessory for both display and use. The extra place to sit while putting on shoes is much appreciated now that we have 4 feet running around the room in the mornings and the leather is such a pretty color that I love having in the bedroom against that white wall – which also just happen to match perfectly with the color of the row of hooks. Not sure if it is coincidence or something else but either way I love having them both in there across from the bed. 

Brady Tolbert Citizenry Emily Henderson Living Room Refresh 131

Thanks again to The Citizenry for continuously being not only a wonderful company to work with but a brand that we can stand behind and authentically showcase to you. If you have any questions let us know below and if you are into the look we have linked up everything that we used in the post as well as created a little gift slider of some of our favorites from their entire collection. If you are in the New York area be sure to visit their pop up at 411 Bleecker this weekend (the popup closes on Tuesday, December 19th!). They’re open from 11-8 pm on Monday – Saturday and 12-6 pm on Sunday (More info here).

Emily Henderson Citizenry Bradys Apartment Living Room Refresh Get The Look

1. La Nieve Pillow | 2. Encanto Pillow | 3. Pampas Leather Lumbar Pillow | 4. Nublado Throw | 5. Sheepskin Throw | 6. Aldama Chair | 7. Halston Mug | 8. Puebla Marble Coasters | 9. La Lena Throw | 10. Cascabel Throw | 11. Neva Sofa | 12. Engobe Vessel – Tall | 13. Engobe Vessel – Wide | 14. Engobe Vase | 15. Grano Coffee Scoop | 16. Puebla Marble Tray | 17. Echelle Mud Cloth Napkins | 18. Milagro Pillow | 19. Demi Mud Cloth Pillow | 20. La Brisa Throw | 21. Mercado Tote | 22. Palermo Tripolina Camp Stool | 23. Caribe Wood Trays | 24. Halston Pitcher | 25. Oro Cacao Cups

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6 years ago

Brady, as a person who is not crazy about white rooms, this is really beautiful. I love the white walls with the cream of the sofa, throw and pillows. I was inspired by Emily’s post about socially conscious gift-giving recently and decided to incorporate that into our Christmas this year. My sister is getting the Diamanta throw in dove gray from The Citizenry. When it arrived it was just so lovely and soft and the fringe on the edges was a beautiful touch. I was so impressed. You could even wear it on a cool evening as a wrap. (After his recent trip to some national parks out west, my brother-in-law is getting some Parks Project gear.) Thanks for the inspiration to make our gifts more meaningful, Emily, and thank you to The Citizenry for a really lovely gift for my sister. I’ll be back.

Jill Hill
6 years ago

Such a stunning, scaled back space. It looks so relaxing and makes me want to get rid of a bunch of clutter! Motivating content as usual. Also, congrats on moving in together!!

6 years ago

Wow, what a beautiful space! I’m curious where you purchased the record holder?

6 years ago
Reply to  kate

YAY! That’s our bin! Emil Erwin – Kate, everything is handmade in Nashville, TN by my very talented husband, Emil 🙂

6 years ago

Love the small framed diamond art piece. Where’s that from?

Amanda Taylor
6 years ago

I love this so much. I mean, could it be any more calm and relaxing?? Also, I love that you used your bar cart to house your record collection. Using something for not its intended purpose is one of my favorite things!

6 years ago

Loving the neutrals in here. Can you share where that black side table with the magazine rack is from?

6 years ago

The SixPenny sofa is STUNNING. What fabric did you go with? And how has it held up?

6 years ago

Beautiful! Two questions –
1. Where did you get that leather box that holds your records? Such a great storage solution!
2. Is that couch REALLY comfortable? Mainly – I’m a lounge-against-the-arm kinda gal. Those are some mighty skinny arms. Do they hold up people with not-so-skinny arms? 🙂

6 years ago
Reply to  Grace

Hi Grace,
The leather bin is from Emil Erwin –

6 years ago

I was SO hoping to find a discount code at the end of this post. I absolutely love The Citizenry but have never pulled the trigger on any of their items because they’re so darn expensive. But I realize that’s how much things cost when you pay real people a living wage for quality craftsmanship, so I really can’t complain too much. 🙂

Cris S.
6 years ago

WHERE did the worn leather chairs go?????? I want them! Are you selling them on Chairish or EBTH?

6 years ago

Where is the artwork above the sofa from? Perfection.

Jessyca Smith
6 years ago

Such beautiful pieces! Maybe I missed it, but where is the large rug from?

6 years ago

I love this! It’s not only a great room, but gives a better perspective of what it looks like before/after the Christmas decor (minus the tree, of course). Thanks!
Any details on your record bag/basket?

6 years ago
Reply to  Suzy
Julie P
6 years ago

Thank you so much for having the Get the Look in addition to the flip through roundup thingy.


6 years ago

Love the refresh! The lighter colors make it so bright and happy. I also love anytime we have a Brady post!

6 years ago

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6 years ago

Good post !! I really loved reading your blog. It was very well authored and easy to understand.

6 years ago

Love this room! Where did you get the little table next to the sofa that you styled with coffee and magazines.?

6 years ago

Please share where that tiny black end table is from!!

6 years ago

Hi Brady!
Where is the little metal side table next to the sofa from? Its the perfect size!

Jen Lawrence
6 years ago

Wow Great Article. Totally in love with your blog (& with you)

6 years ago

I love this room design. So chic, so modern. Always love the Emily-and-company aesthetic! And because I love and read y’all daily, I, err, well, I *must* hitch up my hipstery pants and offer a loving audiophile’s warning: that Crosley player will very likely damage your records. I know Emily promoted one of their colorful players in a previous gift idea list — for teens, I believe — it made me worried then, and seeing the brand used here again solidified my worry enough to speak up. The basic gist is that while attractive and affordable, Crosley players are also made so cheaply that the needles are often unbalanced, and thus scratch more deeply than they’re supposed to … leading to record damage. Mostly the audiophile-advice is to search out a record player from previous decades — from eBay, a record store, that sort of thing — that were made in a time when needles were balanced and players were built to last. I say this as a lady who bought herself the cutest pink Crosley player once upon a time, quickly discovered that cute didn’t mean well-made, damaged some records, aaaaand then went down a long audio-research rabbithole before… Read more »

6 years ago

Where did you get the little black side table?
I need it!

6 years ago

Love both the holiday decor and the new refresh! The credenza is beautiful , can you tell us the source? Keep up the great work, love your posts!

6 years ago

I’m so curious about your old interior define sofa! I’ve been eyeing a new sofa from them, but am hesitant bc long term reviews just don’t exist yet for such new companies. It looked so lovely, but what made you want to swap it out? Was it too firm? Did it not hold up well? It’s so hard to find a comfortable, beautiful sofa that is actually durable (and not a million dollars)…

6 years ago

It’s a very nice room, but you lost the masculinity of the space completely… This looks like the house of a girl now, while before was one of the best masculine interiors i have seen. I guess 90% of the readers of this blog are women, so it makes sense as a content from the blog… though still…

6 years ago

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Karen Bowen Pooler
6 years ago

really like the black & white…very chic with all of the additions like the tables. Really like all of the information here!!