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An Epic Gallery wall with ‘The Frame’ + Get The Look!

I’ve hung 1,364 gallery walls in my career, but none like this. Not even close. Timothy Goodman, the artist/illustrator/designer and I teamed up to style out a barge as a gallery of his work, with the help of Samsung’s The Frame. As you saw last week (check out the first makeover/episode of a greenhouse here) The Frame looks like a piece of art when not in TV mode, and it comes with so many options pre-installed with the option of hundreds more (including anything you want to upload). We no longer have to choose function over form, folks – The Frame is both and has seamlessly merged art and technology. I hereby dedicate a new international holiday to this TV – because the whole world will benefit from this artistic and technological achievement. It’s Christmas meets 4th of July, and I for one am celebrating.

Here’s how this episode one went down (but please read the first post that launched the whole series).

For this makeover we had a day and a half to execute and no one from my team had even seen the barge yet – just these photos.

Emily Henderson Samsung Tv The Frame Barge Timothy Goodman Gallery Before Side By Side

Remember how I said that designing a space without ever having been in it is extremely hard? Well, times that by 10. It was confirmed a week before we were meant to shoot, and we had about 36 hours on location to execute it. It would be like if you were a chef, trying to create a new soup recipe, with unknown available ingredients, from markets you’ve never been to, ingredients that you don’t get to choose yourself, nor do you get to taste, cut, or combine them, or actually even be in the kitchen until the second it comes out of the oven. Wait. You are also working 12 hours a day on three other soups/makeovers so even thinking about what that soup should taste like is almost impossible, let alone ensuring that it is THE BEST SOUP EVER. I basically said, ‘I’m flattered that you guys think that I’m good, but no one is this good’.

So instead of turning it into a living space like we did the other three (2 of which you haven’t seen yet), we decided to work with an artist to create an epic gallery space, with no real renovation and only minimal furniture sourcing. We would take two walls and do something insane on them, showcasing Timothy’s original art and The Frame‘s ability to look like art.

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Timothy Goodman Barge 35 Edited

Timothy was the PERFECT person for this partnership because his work is graphic and playful, and my God he is prolific and fast. You have to watch the episode to see how he pulled this off, but trust me that I had anxiety for him.

Emily Henderson Samsung Tv The Frame Barge Timothy Goodman Gallery Before Timothy Goodman Art Collage 2

There is such a happy energy about his work (and him). Working with another creative is always fun, even if we are in different mediums and Timothy had so many opinions in a good way. I definitely didn’t feel like I was the only one making all the decisions. In fact so much of the makeover was up to him. For the other three the bulk of the design work/prep was either more me/Brady or 50/50 with the other influencer, but this one was extremely dependent on Timothy executing his ‘gallery’. He created 53 original pieces of art in a few hours. What does that look like? Well, watch the video and see it in action:

One of the best things, if not THE best thing about The Frame is that it looks like a piece of art. It can live by itself or mixed in with others for a gallery wall (both of which you’ll see in the 3rd and 4th episode).

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Influencer Photos Sina Duvinage Us 8
Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Influencer Photos Kvart Nordic 2

In an attempt to make each one totally different, and because Timothy doesn’t have an interior design background, we figured doing a twist on the gallery wall would be the way to go. We wouldn’t collect a ton of art of different mediums that all work together. No. We would place frames with white foam core from floor to ceiling and wall to wall in the barge and he would create the gallery.

We brought in two big walls (flats that were stretched with canvas then painted white).

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Timothy Goodman Barge 3

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Timothy Goodman Barge 10

If you are asking yourself ‘why are we on a floating barge off a pier in Brooklyn, if we are just putting up two blank white walls’ you aren’t alone in your thinking πŸ™‚ The whole campaign was about ReFraming your space and there is no reason why a barge couldn’t be a super interesting and weird setting for a modern gallery. It’s floating and cool, and that’s enough for me.

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Timothy Goodman Barge 9

We first placed the The Frame, staggering them (5 total!) knowing that we were going to be filling the rest of the space with picture frames.

We mixed in all the different bevel options (the actual frame of the frame). As you may remember from last week they come in standard black or you can purchase the additional options (beige wood, white and walnut). Then we raided the local Blick Art Store and grabbed just about every size and finish of their gallery frame (around 120) which we brought back to the barge to layout and install.

Emily Henderson Samsungtv Theframe Barge Timothygoodman Gallery During 27

Next up was hanging all the empty frames. They had foam core cut and placed inside each frame and then we just kinda went for it. Timothy also wanted to add these color block book shelves which I LOVED. We executed them by just using basic L-brackets (upside down) and covering the bracket with the bottom book.

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Timothy Goodman Barge 13 Edited

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Timothy Goodman Barge 16

We threw all the picture frames up fast – like within an hour using the super scientific method of ‘just go for it’. He and I had each executed so many gallery walls that we know the basic rules.

  1. Vary the sizes, orientations and finishes (within a color palette) of the frames.
  2. Pepper them all around evenly (aka no two small black rectangles next to each other).
  3. Keep the “rivers” relatively the same – no HUGE gaps, nor too close together – but doesn’t have to be exact.
  4. Don’t forget to have some large pieces and some small. Throwing up a bunch of medium-sized frames doesn’t create the tension or variety that we would want here.

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Timothy Goodman Barge 18

Once all the frames were up it was time for Timothy to draw 53 custom pieces… on the spot… with 60 people staring and cameras in his face.

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Timothy Goodman Barge 19

This isn’t an ideal situation for any creative person – to be clear. No artist wants to hear “Create! Art! Now!” but Timothy has done a lot of custom murals so he’s used to the pressure of it all and he has a ton of confidence.

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Timothy Goodman Barge 21 Edited

He was definitely stressed up until the point where they just let him draw. He was worried that the building of the set, hanging of the frames and the general production process were not going to allow him enough time. But at around 11am on day 2 it was his time to do his thing and they didn’t stop him. He started on the left and worked his way around the room and man, he was FAST. Check out this time-lapse of the process:

I was so impressed with not only his talent, but speed and his ability to produce so well under pressure. He finished in about 3 hours, meanwhileΒ we brought in the furniture and started styling out the space.

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Timothy Goodman Barge 24 Edited

We kept the furniture similar to his style – graphic, playful, modern with an 80’s bent and big shocks of color.

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Timothy Goodman Barge 30

The MELLO sectional from Article was the perfect ‘mod but masculine’ piece that felt early 80’s and the cognac leather helped warm up the space. The red chair was a rental and we loved how bold it was in a playful shape. If we had had enough time/resources we wanted to make this a ‘Big‘ inspired art studio. Yes, as in the movie with Tom Hanks. It was Timothy’s idea and one that I was super, super excited by. We did bring in some of those elements, but focused more on the gallery wall.

The coffee table is a solid (crazy heavy, in a good way) modern piece from DWR and one I would own in a second. The rug/yellow lamp and bench were from Ikea (how good is that bench?)

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Timothy Goodman Barge 34

It may be easier to tell in the photos, but trust me when I say this gallery had so much energy and was really high impact. Yet if you didn’t know there were TVs in the mix, you absolutely wouldn’t have known. Timothy and I kept saying, OMG, this wall is selling these TVs.

Finally, there is a bridge between form and function in the TV realm with The Frame. The two can co-exist and tech doesn’t have to detract from a creative person’s home. It’s always been a fight, with one of the elements coming out as the main loser. So to see a piece of technology so seamlessly integrated into an artist’s gallery was strangely powerful.

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Timothy Goodman Barge 41 Edited

While many of you might not have dozens of your own images to choose from like Timothy did, it’s true that you can upload ANY image onto The Frame. This could be your own art/photography, a friend’s art, your kid’s art, family photos… any image you want.

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Timothy Goodman Barge 35 Edited

For this ‘art meets technology’ story we wanted to make sure to showcase not only all of Timothy’s pieces but some of the pieces from The Art Store.

So here’s the situation – The Frame comes with 100 pieces of art that you can already choose from that are free and ready to go. But if you want hundreds of more options you can subscribe monthly to The Art Store or buy them piece by piece which has curated works from artists around the world like Wolf Ademeit, Nacho Alegre, and David Wilson, just to name a few.

Here are a selection of our favorites that are on the more modern side.

Emily Henderson Samsung Frame The Tv Art Options Barge 1

Emily Henderson Samsung Frame The Tv Art Options Barge 2

Even better, these galleries will continue to add images so that in a year when you are done looking at one image or you want to shift your mood, you’ll have a whole new selection to choose from.

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Timothy Goodman Barge 43 Edited 1

The reason this is so great is because:

A. Commitment-phobes can let go of the pressure finding the perfect piece of art, so go ahead and check that huge, mental stress box off. You can change your mind every day. Heck, every 10 seconds. This means you can switch out art to shift the vibe of a party, or maybe it’s seasonal. It could add energy to a room, or make it more quiet. You have so many options, at your fingertips.

B. You don’t have to be super in-the-know art wise to find great pieces – you can trust these galleries who are professional art curators to serve up some amazing options. You can search through using the remote, but it’s all in one place and you can test it even before you subscribe to the service.

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Timothy Goodman Barge 42

Enough about the art – what about this TV?Β Β Timothy is a big basketball fan and I know that many of you might be interested in the idea that you can have a dope game-day party in your living room, without compromising your style/design.

Emily Hendesron Frametv Barge Roomgif 1280 12fr

I think that gif just saved some marriages. Having tech-y gadgets has almost always created a design challenge. Not only does The Frame not detract from the room by displaying art instead of a black box, but the Art Store inventory actually enhances your room by giving more style choices. It would be like having a rug that you could switch out the pattern/color by pushing one button.

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Timothy Goodman Barge 35 Edited

The Art Store inventory also means that you don’t have to feel limited by this years trends or styles of art, knowing that more will be released and that there are literally hundreds of options. I know this TV is pricey, ranging from $1,999 to $2,799 based on the market (although that price is competitive with other high end TV’s) but you are also getting a 55″ or 65″ piece of art, that you can watch the game on. If you are in the market for a new TV don’t miss this opportunity, it’s more of an investment but if it makes you as happy as it does me, then perhaps it might be something to consider.

Emily Henderson Samsung The Frame Timothy Goodman Barge 36 Edited

A huge thanks to Timothy Goodman for being my partner on this episode. His work really made this makeover what it is and that pop up gallery was a huge success because of his work.

Stay tuned for the final two episodes – a boat house (turned family lake cabin) and a barn (turned Soho House/Lounge and Lobby).

I hope you guys are enjoying this series as much as I did creating it.

If you are into this look, here you go:

Emily Henderson Samsung Tv The Frame Barge Timothy Goodman Gallery Get The Look Final

1. Yellow Table Lamp | 2. White Cube Side TableΒ (similar) | 3. Leather Sofa | 4. Black Pillow | 5. Color Block | 6. Round Black Coffee Table | 7. Round Tan Rug | 8. ‘Emoji’ Print | 9. Paint Dipped Planter (similar) | 10. The Frame | 11. Surfboard | 12. White Frame | 13. Black Frame | 14. Natural Frame | 15. ‘Coffee’ Print | 16. Red Chair | 17. Red Pendant | 18. Bench | 19. Light Book | 20. Air Hockey Table | 21. ‘Make Your Mark’ Book | 22. ‘Logo Modernism’ Book | 23. ‘Sharpie Art Pack’ Book | 24. ’40 Days of Dating’ Book | 25. ‘She’s Really Special’ Print

*This post was in partnership with Samsung, and all my thoughts/designs and words are my own. Thanks for supporting the amazing brands that keep us creating daily original content.Β 

**Photos by Genevieve Garruppo – a very special thanks to her as she had only about 1/2 hour to shoot the whole space and us, with pretty challenging light πŸ™‚Β 

***Video by Alchemy X, directed by EJ McLeavy-Fisher.

****The ‘ReFrame Your Space’ campaign is the genius of Barbarian. Thanks Peet, Lee, Joe and Jennifer for letting us do whatever we want.Β 

*****And thank you to the always wonderful Agata Helena for the beautiful hair and makeup.Β 

******A big thanks to Article and DWR for loaning us their amazing pieces for this shoot. Shopping blind from upstate NY with Brady was a challenge, so knowing that I could borrow from vendors that we know and love made it so much easier.Β 



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6 years ago

Oh my hat! This is awesome. I’m in the market for a new TV and am now totally going to get The Frame! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

6 years ago

I knew there was one β€œframe”,it was easy to spot, but as I read through your post I realized there were 5! That’s so cool. I was totally fooled!


Emily K
6 years ago

I love this dang TV I do. And I’m in the market for one. I just can’t justify getting it when regular similar sized TV’s are 1/3 the price and aren’t *that* bad. Bezels are constantly getting smaller and the guts thinner. Now in the ye old days of big black box tube tvs I was desperate to do something with it. This is such an awesome fun series you’re doing with an amazing cool product but it is a hard trigger to pull.

Emily k
6 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Yay! I won’t be doing any TV purchases for a few months so they got time. I will definitely keep my eyes out for a coupon. I read the blog daily so if it’s posted here I’ll see it.

Lisa Fox
6 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Hi Emily. I need to purchase a new TV within the next two weeks and have decided on the Frame, following your fab promotion. Is it likely a discount code could be available within 2 weeks? Thanks. Lisa.

6 years ago

Im speechless.
That gallery is amazing. What a talent he has!
And the frame is too good to be true. I keep waiting for it to be a big joke..or for it to go away before I can prioritize it as a purchase!

6 years ago

This is just AMAZING. epic. and I definitely have my eye on the frame whenever my tv bites the dust.

6 years ago

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Two of my favorites working together! I have followed both you and Tim for a while now but have never pictured you two together. Amazing collaboration, I want to move into that “Big” space!

Also, a while back you did a “Maker Collaboration” with Jane Denton, any chance we could get something like that with you and Tim?? You know, in all your spare time πŸ˜‰

Ricardo Lane
6 years ago

This is one of the best articles I have come across. Keep up the good work.

6 years ago

The Frame is pretty cool (and Tim’s work is amazing!), but I’d rather hear about your jumpsuit!!

6 years ago

Wow–he is amazing. What a cool space! I was totally fooled–I did not realize there were 5 tv’s on those walls! What a really cool project.

6 years ago

Where can I buy the color block book shelves?

6 years ago
Reply to  Veronica

The Container Store has a similar floating book shelf by (I think) Umbra. Slightly easier than upside down brackets and not too much more expensive.

tricia p
6 years ago

this was such a cool project you worked on! it seems like even thought you only had limited time with each segment, they all turned out utterly amazing.

6 years ago

Love the creative sharing, Emily. Looking forward to viewing the next in your series!

6 years ago

I love the idea of this tv! I do have a few questions about it you may or may not be able to answer. 1. How are they able to get it hung so closely to the wall?? I have never seen a tv so close like that. Is it a special mount? Do you have to have a recessed junction box in the wall? 2. How much energy does this consume in the ‘frame’ function, I’d hate to use extra energy (as California burns)
I am trying so hard to resist the “too good to be true” but its just my natural inclination! If its decently easy to install and doesnt kill the planet, I’m 100% in!!!

6 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Any device that is waiting for something, even a remote, is using power. All these types of things are why Americans use more power per person than any other country in the world. While it is certainly cool looking, I wouldn’t use it [you guys did a beautiful job styling it though!]. I turn off all my power strips when I am not using electronics. I get a monthly report on my power usage compared to neighbors with similar houses and my power usage is regularly below what is considered green and way below typical so I would say these vampire devices use enough to be more than we should be using.

6 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Great answers Emily – I love the motion sensing function, and glad to hear it’s easy to install. Sounds cool!

6 years ago
Reply to  Elyse

Elyse–hopping in to help–there’s more detail about the tv in the first post (she linked to it earlier in the text of this post) in this series that will probably answer your questions.

Susie Q.
6 years ago

You look so cute. I love your hair like that, and I already liked your jumpsuit and shoes. <3

6 years ago

I love how much energy this space has! You and Timothy look like you could be siblings!

6 years ago

I have to say, I am no modern art, gallery wall type of gal, but this. is. amazing. You guys literally made my super traditional self say “Wow!” These pictures are just oozing with talent. No mere mortals could pull this off like Timothy and the EH team did. Bravo you guys! Also, when our tv craps out in the next few years, you better believe I’m getting a Frame.

6 years ago

Were you able to keep the “Emily” piece? Looks so cool!

6 years ago


I SO want the jumpsuit!!!

6 years ago

Great space! You’re all uber-talented.

Question about the coffee table – would the finish stand up to kids? I love the look but at that price, I need something indestructible by my 4 year old and his gang of merry bandits.

6 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Thanks so much! DWR’s claims its “fashioned to withstand years of heavy use, laminate surfaces boast exceptional resistance to scratching, staining, temperature extremes and sunlight exposure. They’re also a cinch to clean.”

I’m going to see if it’s up for the challenge with my both my 4 year old and my not so delicate husband. Wish me luck!

6 years ago

“I think that gif just saved some marriages.” LOLOL
What a great collaboration with a totally different style and vibe from your other work. Timothy seems so nice and must have left you with so many new ideas and inspiration and vice versa! Awesome to see two different kind sof creatives come together!

6 years ago

Interesting post. I would love a TV like the Samsung, I would change the art as soon as I got tired of looking at it. My room would always feel fresh and new. The artist you collaborated with is amazing.

Correy O'Neal
6 years ago

Two questions – #1 does this mean you can now put a TV over a fireplace without looking like a Man-Pad since you can turn it into art over the fireplace?

#2 – since you can add art onto most TVs by streaming a photo what makes The Frame better? And does Samsung have an incentives to grab one up before the holidays?

6 years ago

We are about to close on our house (a million little woot woots) but for a variety of reasons (all good) we are going to rent it for a bit before we move in. I was feeling a little angst about the wait until this post. I know we need to buy a TV and a little over a year gives me the perfect amount of time to pinch pennies and get my spouse on board with buying The Frame! We see you Samsung.

Sammy Batts
6 years ago

You blog is precious & this space is KILLER! Slay queen, SLAY!

Sammy B

6 years ago

This is a great series! Yes, you’re hawking a product, but you’re also doing four awesome, fast, makeovers. I loved both so far and can’t wait for the other two! And I’m so impressed by Timothy’s abilities.

Samsung, please make this tv in other sizes and frame styles! I want one for my traditional home!

6 years ago

Are any of Timothy’s original pieces for this going to be on sale somewhere? I live in Brooklyn so I’m willing to drop by personally (on that same note – is this space open to the public somewhere in Brooklyn?! Would love to check it out this weekend).

6 years ago

You are really making me want this TV. I showed it to my husband and asked how much he thought it cost. He guessed less than the actual price so that means all systems go, amiright?

Please cross your fingers for our older downstairs TV to die so we can send our living room one there and get the Frame for the living room space.

Please try HARD for a coupon code. πŸ˜‰

6 years ago

LOVE everything you are doing with this campaign. I am wondering about the light wood frame- I saw a sample circle for it in store and it looked very faux and plasticky, does the actual magnetic frame look more real? We have a gallery wall of light wood Ikea frames and are thinking about working this into it, but don’t want it to stand out too much.

6 years ago

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6 years ago

This may be my favorite thing you’ve ever done!! Really, really fantastic. Does Samsung realizes how good they’ve got it, with someone of your talent showing how amazing their product can be??

Also, love love love Tim’s style – reminds me of Keith Haring, whom I adore. I clicked through and bought Tim’s sharpie book!

6 years ago

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