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Griffith Park Living Room Reveal + Get The Look

Welcome to the Griffith Park home living room reveal. This room is the older, more conservative brother of the Sunroom that we revealed on Monday. It’s formal without being too fancy, and comfortable while still being elevated. Let’s get into it.

Emily Henderson Griffith Park Home Traditional Italian Mid Century Living Room Before 1

When we first started the project the family had just moved in. The two blue sofas were newer purchases, but other than that they were looking for everything.

Emily Henderson Griffith Park Home Traditional Italian Mid Century Living Room Before 2 Emily Henderson Griffith Park Home Traditional Italian Mid Century Living Room Before 4

The mood/product board went through a few iterations before we all landed on and loved the version below.

Emily Henderson Griffith Park Home Traditional Italian Mid Century Living Room Moodboard

The room was to feel paired back, but not cold and with a mix of a couple different styles but not ‘eclectic’. There isn’t a lot of “stuff” and what there is feels thoughtful and really helps to give all the symmetry some movement.

So here you are folks. The living room.

Emily Henderson Griffith Park House Traditional Italian Modern Living Room Reveal 10

The two sofas (custom-made by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams) faced each other and created a really great conversation area. The rug (custom size) is really the only pattern in the room and it’s simplicity and neutral color palette works with the rest of the pieces and adds some of the 70’s casual vibe that the clients love and have used throughout the rest of the house.

Emily Henderson Griffith Park House Traditional Italian Modern Living Room Reveal 09

There is that famous tray from Nickey Kehoe – the one Ginny put on her coffee table (and purchased, not gifted), which the clients already had and made our job much easier when it came to styling.

Emily Henderson Griffith Park House Traditional Italian Modern Living Room Reveal 06

The mirror above the mantel is leather and feels edgy and cool, while modernizing the original fireplace.

Emily Henderson Griffith Park House Traditional Italian Modern Living Room Reveal 08

The sconces brought in a beautiful marble texture and the brass finish helped warm it up slightly. We kept the mantel really simple, with some accessories flanking the mirror but on the conservative side. Do you remember when I put like 18 things on my mantle??? Oh, how things have changed. I still love accessories, but just less of them and more edited.

Emily Henderson Griffith Park House Traditional Italian Modern Living Room Reveal 11

Burlwood made a heavy appearance in this room, with the vintage credenza and the coffee table vying hard for ‘most beautiful’. I love the matching lamps, bringing in the variety of finishes that we are relying on in this house – black, brass, chrome and wood.

Emily Henderson Griffith Park House Traditional Italian Modern Living Room Reveal 12

We do need to chat about the curtains. The window treatments in the ‘before’ shots came with the house. At one point Ginny and the client wanted them to be gray and since they were technically the right size, and just simple linen we thought perhaps we could dye them. Well, they came back from the professional dyers 6″ shorter and with a TERRIBLE texture. It was one of those cases of ‘who’s going to pay for this?’ Such a fun situation to be in. Luckily because of this blog we were able to get these new ones gifted from Decorview which ended up being perfect for the room. I had used them in our old house and loved their options and customer service (and yes, the homeowners were extremely relieved/grateful of the gifting).

Emily Henderson Griffith Park House Traditional Italian Modern Living Room Reveal 14

They are simple with a light lining and pinch pleats. Those french rods were the ones that inspired mine – I love them so much (mine are from here, via Calico).

Emily Henderson Griffith Park House Traditional Italian Modern Living Room Reveal 071

The sitting area in that little corner was kept open with two large vintage 70’s club chairs. It’s safe to say that you are starting to get their style at this point, right?

Emily Henderson Griffith Park House Traditional Italian Modern Living Room Reveal 081

That lamp from Schoolhouse Electric (which I think was mine that we borrowed for the shoot, not to be returned :)) brought in a lovely soft texture and shape, in a mid-century vibe.

Emily Henderson Griffith Park House Traditional Italian Modern Living Room Reveal 091

The art wall is one of my favorites – mostly collected by the homeowners, with a couple pieces we sourced (and they kept).

Emily Henderson Griffith Park House Traditional Italian Modern Living Room Reveal 15

I love how the frames vary in width just enough to give it a collected look, even though they are all simple. Most of this was the homeowners doing, but I’m happy to take credit for it.

Emily Henderson Griffith Park House Traditional Italian Modern Living Room Reveal 16

Their books found a home in our custom bookshelf. We designed it specifically to house/display their books and objects, and still allow room for an art wall.

That black lamp from Noir was borrowed for our Sotheby’s shoot, but since this shoot was the following week we brought it here and the clients loved it and purchased it. I think it’s such a powerful lamp and would love to use it (I’m having a moment with spheres right now… ).

Again, Ginny and Mel led the design of this, with me approving and being there for the install (I can’t miss an install). They did such a great job. I also want to again thank our client for having exquisite taste and being so wonderful to work with 🙂

Emily Henderson Griffith Park House Traditional Italian Modern Living Room Reveal 07

Let us know any questions in the comments, and if you are into this look – then feel free to check out the resources below.

Emily Henderson Griffith Park House Dankim Italian Modern Living Room Reveal Get The Look Final01

1. White Ceramic Vase (similar) | 2. Bud Vase (similar) | 3. Cobalt Ceramic Bowl | 4. Sconce | 5. Rug (similar) | 6. Sofa |  7. Live Edge Coffee Table (similar) | 8. Smoke Pillow Fabric | 9. Chevron Pillow Fabric | 10. Diamond Pillow Fabric | 11. Caned Armchairs (similar) | 12. Coasters | 13. David Vincent Wolf Portrait | 14. Black and Gold Table Lamps (similar) | 15. Burl Wood Credenza (similar) | 16. Fireplace Screen | 17. Fireplace Tools | 18. Ceramic Tray | 19. Wall Color | 20. Curtains (custom) | 21. Black Polka Dot Bowl | 22. Small Teardrop Vase | 23. Bookends (similar) | 24. Chain (similar) | 25. Black Table Lamp | 26. White Planter (similar) | 27. White and Chrome Lounge Chair (similar) | 28. White Table Lamp | 29. Side Table | 30. Cowhide (similar) | 31. Mirror | 32. Short Neck Ceramic Vase | 33. Wood Vase (similar) | 34. Black Taper Candle Holders (similar)

*Lead Design by Ginny MacDonald for EHD, assisted by Mel Burstin.

**Photography by Tessa Neustadt for EHD.

For more of The Griffith Park House Reveals: Master BedroomFormal Dining Room | Dining Nook | Sunroom 

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6 years ago

Hi Emily, I get to be the first commenter as I am commenting from the other side of the world where it is afternoon at the moment. I love that you post so early. I am that reader who often messages on your insta stories with comments such as “those shoes”, “that wallpaper”. I also run my own UX design firm with a small team and appreciate how you run your business and how you are continually growing and evolving while having fun.
This is beautiful, such a good mix of different textures and media. The lighting sources, bay window area, custom cabinets and gallery wall are especially gorgeous. Keep doing what you are doing!

6 years ago

Hi — Thanks for sharing this living room. What a beautiful house! I am curious about two custom pieces, since their sizes seem to break rules you have shared in the past (i.e., they seem small, though designed for the space): the rug (chair legs off the rug) and the curtains (not touching the floor). Can you respond and perhaps explain when/why the rules could or should be ignored? Thanks!

6 years ago
Reply to  Io

I’m just guessing, but maybe it was a client request that the curtains be a little bit higher than the floor? Some people hate puddling and would rather air on the side of a touch short, I’d imagine (possibly less likely to collect dust, and be easier to vacuum around?). I didn’t notice it until you mentioned it.

6 years ago
Reply to  jessvii

The rug is HUGE already in the room – you maybe just can’t tell in the photos and we didn’t want it to be bigger or it would have felt oversized. The curtains came in slightly higher than we planned but we didn’t mind it enough to change it out.

Vicki S Williams
6 years ago
Reply to  jessvii

What I learned in design class is all legs on rug or all off or front legs on rug. So three options.

6 years ago

Ha! That covers all the possibilities, all right.

6 years ago
Reply to  Io

I have the same question about the curtains! I immediately noticed they weren’t touching the floor and wondered if that’s okay now? I still prefer skimming the floor curtains (not a puddle girl) so am curious how you ended up with this length. Thank you!

6 years ago

This turned out beautiful. Very simple and light in the best way. Love the chairs against that beautiful curved window.

6 years ago

Question… Why did the curtains end up remaining white? Was gray not available from company gifting? (Might have warmed the room up a little bit.)

6 years ago
Reply to  Rachel

I wasn’t there for the conversation but when I asked the answer was that the clients really wanted white. – to stay really open and clean, with not very much contrast. xx

6 years ago

I really like this reveal, especially the upholstered pieces. I also love the way this blog handles a gallery wall! Seriously, the EH team is awesome at gallery walls. I wouldn’t mind a roundup of ready-to-purchase gallery walls (maybe 4 pieces?) similar to the pillow roundups (which I have already bought like 3 pillows from).

6 years ago
Reply to  jessvii

OOH good idea. Thank you!!

6 years ago

I love this space!! And two of the simplest things blow me away –
– to fantastic pottery and minimal mantel. fantastic styling.
– the curved rod! so, so good.
– best. gallery. wall. ever.

The art over the credenza is killing me. It’s picture perfect. great job team and homeowners!!

6 years ago

THOSE CANED CHAIRS. I need more photos of them – from what I can tell they are amazing!!!

Love the whole room and love when you guys design different styles! Fantastic job!

6 years ago
Reply to  Grace

I know. I SO WISH we had more photos and angles of this room. Sorry!!

6 years ago

So modern, yet timeless.. so fresh, yet cozy.. you nailed it!!!

Kayla AKA Kilo Bravo
6 years ago

It is not often that I find myself pinning basically in a post. Those sconces! The burlwood! The caning on the chairs!! Ugh, I love this style, very, very much.

6 years ago

Probably a lot of people already know this, but what type of plant is that? I would love to have such a large-leafed plant to add to our living room. I think both the sunroom you showed yesterday and the room today are lovely.

6 years ago
Reply to  Terri

HI, I think this is a banana leaf plant,
mine do really well over the summer under covered patio,
indirect sun and warmth,
and look sad over the winter, but we keep thermostat down

6 years ago
Reply to  tess

Howdy, sorry to pop up to disagree with the plant ID, but I’m a professional gardener and I can’t help myself. /o\

It looks to me like a Bird of Paradise (Stelitzia reginae). They’re actually related to the banana, but don’t form central trunks like a banana. There are lots of good guides to caring for them as a houseplant online (ex: don’t let them get below 60F), but here’s a good one:

Julie S
6 years ago

I love, love this room. It strikes all the right chords for me! Except that lamp which I agree is powerful and epic, but it makes me feel angry. Weird I know. Those bay window club chairs!! My breakfast about fell out of my mouth!! I can. not. get over them.

6 years ago

Very nice. That bookcase is styling GOALS!

6 years ago

I’m loving this reveal soooo much! I feel like I’m sitting on the edge of my chair anxiously waiting for the next episode of Breaking Bad but never wanting the series to end ;).

6 years ago

The room looks great. What is that wall color?

6 years ago

Bookcase Styling Goals! Love

6 years ago

I really love how pared down this room is (and this from someone who looks eclectic!). Just the right amount of detail. It looks so clean and polished. Great job EHD!

Jessic E
6 years ago

I am loving this house so much. My husband and I are looking at moving soon and torn- one neighborhood is full of homes built mid-century, which is a style we love. But, the traffic patterns have us leaning toward another neighborhood with more traditional homes. These reveals are showing me how I can possibly mix the two, or at least bring in a few mid-century elements if I can do it thoughtfully and be patient until I find just the right thing. Great job, you guys!

6 years ago

Love this room! It’s so clean but cozy. I appreciate how the mantle was a subtle showstopper but still let their style come through.
PS where are these wooden hands I keep seeing! I can’t find one and I need one! Also, Ginny buying that ceramic tray was possibly her best decision ever. 😉

Amy E Jones
6 years ago

So is the only lighting in the room table lamps & the 2 scones? It just seems like it might be kind of dark in there at night? I love everything in this room. Beautiful!

6 years ago

This is one of those rooms where I first saw it and thought it was a little basic, but once I saw the individual pieces I just about died they are so beautiful. I love this room. Those 70s chairs are incredible, as is that live edge table. And a leather mirror!!!! I need one now.

As always my only question is – is that rug kid friendly with two little kids running around? Or is this room not really used by their kids? I’d love a post on kid-friendly rugs, if possible 🙂

6 years ago

I really want a custom bookshelf like that!

And the wall color – perfection!

Was that vase with the square thing-a-magiggers on in made by Mel’s boyfriend? I strangely love it!

Caroline @ The Hyphenated Home
6 years ago

The caned chairs are SO beautiful.

6 years ago

Emily, this room is so elegant and easy and timeless. Love it.

6 years ago

GORGEOUS! I blame this post for my spontaneous Schoolhouse Electric purchase (was ogling the lamp you have here and ended up getting another one). 🙂 Love the resources list – so helpful!

6 years ago

Wonderful design as usual, I love how liveable it is! I looked at your 18 piece styled mantle and gotta say I still enjoy that aesthetic as well. I’m trying to approach a more edited look but man that’s hard.

6 years ago

Love every single detail. Great job, Ginny & Mel!! Miss you.

6 years ago

I LOVE this!

6 years ago

You may describe it as “pared back,” but this is one of my favorite designs I’ve ever seen on the EHD blog! I love the palette and furniture/accessory shapes, and how it shows off the clients’ great art collection (I spy a Laurie Simmons!). As an art historian, I am very envious of that fabulous gallery wall and bookshelf. It would be so amazing to have a shelf like that to display large art books.

Really nice work, Ginny!

Mary Sperzel
6 years ago

Love, love, love this room! Just wondering the ceiling height is? Sometimes older homes have just 8 ft ceilings and present different design challenges. It would help to know what you had to work with because the ceiling height looks fantastic in the photos. Thanks!

Emily @ Pretty Handsome
6 years ago

Where would us common folk go to get a custom built-in like the bookshelf built? I have a rough design in my head of what I want, but I have no idea what type of person does that? Basically, what do I google to find someone in my area who does custom builds? Is it contractors, or cabinet makers, or something totally different? Love the room too!

6 years ago

In Seattle, I’d use my handyman who has done some wood work for us. He doesn’t do fancy cabinetry. I’d try going on facebook and other social media asking friends if they know someone in your area. Anybody got any great ideas?

6 years ago

You can try too for custom built furniture! There are so many great artists and woodworkers with Etsy shops. In our shop, Curly Willow Gallery, we sell our custom made furniture, as well as original art. We cannot ship large furniture but there are many sellers who do. We are beginning to ship our live edge shelves and coffee tables though, which we sell for a very small fraction of the price of the one listed above:)
You can likely find a seller near you too through Etsy!

Love this room!!! By far one of my favorites!

6 years ago

MAN, I wanna see the homeowners! In my head, they have a very distinct look (she’s a redhead, he looks like Clark gable). And I wanna know if I’m right.

6 years ago

LOVE this room! Such a nice compliment to the sunroom as well. Y’all tricked me TWICE, going through the pictures, thinking you had snuck that new tv (The Frame) into this room- the mirror over the mantlepiece, and that awesome photograph above the burlwood credenza. This is one of those spaces where a traditional tv would really detract from everything else going on, and it would be perfect!

6 years ago

I love this room and everything in it. I certainly helps that blue is my favorite color and I lean heavily to eclectic design. The mantel, gallery wall and the bookcase are stunning.

6 years ago

Those chairs cane, curved wood and metal, you found for them facing the fireplace are pure class. Love them from every single angle. Good on decorview they look great curtains. I must admit I don’t think that is a tough call at all, I would 100% say that would NOT fall under designer responsibility that they were shrunk. If I were the client I would see that under “best endeavors” of the designer and feel the designer still get paid for time involved. Glad it all worked out. Good job!

6 years ago

The lamp is incredible but doesn’t appear available. Can you recommend something with a similar look? This room is really beautiful!!

6 years ago

This room is GORGEOUS. It’s absolutely what I want my house to feel like. Minimal but still luxurious. You guys hit it out of the park with this one.

6 years ago

If the 70s had actually looked this good… I seem to remember avocado green and harvest gold and giant bell bottoms and bad copies of modern furniture. And hatch cover tables and cable spools turned into tables.

6 years ago

This is amazing with so many great details! What is the wall color here? Thanks!

6 years ago

Love this room! I just moved and am in need of a new rug for my living room and I think I might need a custom size as well. Where would I go about finding something like that?

6 years ago

oh oh oh! way to go G & M! the clients style is def my style. i love a modern 70s mix with mid century thrown in. that baughman burl wood credenza is so lovely. all of it. very easy on the eyes!!

6 years ago

I love this room! My favorite part is the Gallery Wall. I want to know more about each piece-I’m drooling over the one with the collage of all the faces/heads(?)…was this something you guys sourced or did it already belong to the clients? Ahhhh!!!

6 years ago

I had bought a similar carpet from west elm, and it has yellow and the pattern is grey, can I put it with the velvet bluish like the sofas that you have here, or with a leather sofa like honey

6 years ago

“There isn’t a lot of “stuff” and what there is feels thoughtful and really helps to give all the symmetry some movement.”

I love that you touch on the idea of symmetry. I’m currently making the furniture plan for my living room (under construction now), and it’s really making me think about what furniture arrangements are going to be too “formal” for what I’m going for.

If you have any more info to share, I would love to read a post about how a furniture arrangement alone can help set a certain mood.

As always, great work!!

6 years ago

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