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Little Girl’s Playful Bedroom Reveal + Get The Look

Hey all, it’s Ginny again with the final reveal of the cute transitional toddler bedroom I introduced a few weeks ago (click through in case you missed it).

And here it is!

To our absolute delight, the clients wanted to do a wallpaper in here, so that was the first thing we tackled. They loved the idea of adding a subtle neutral pattern, that felt calm but fun, so we went with Nethercote from Hygge and West in gray. It looks so sweet in here and feels like a modern version of a traditional toile (which we did in the guest bedroom of this house). As described on their website, the pattern depicts a Northern English country home, with a sprawling manicured garden complete with deer and swans. Forget the kid’s room, now I want it for my bedroom!!

Emily Henderson_Full Design_Little Girls Room_Pink_Gray_Playful_Pics_4

The family wanted their daughter to transition from her existing nursery to a big girl bedroom, and toyed between the idea of a twin bed vs a full bed. With this room being a space they envisage her growing into, they ultimately decided that a full bed would be better in the long run. They normally have protective stay put cushions on either side of the bed to stop her from falling out, but we obviously took those out for the shoot.

Emily Henderson_Full Design_Little Girls Room_Pink_Gray_Playful_Pics_5

The room is fairly large (for a toddler) so we decided to add two nightstands on either side of the bed to balance it out. A little over the top for a kid’s room? Maybe. But when you have the room to do it then why not?! It also means that when she’s older she has a space to hide her diary and other things from her parents… well that’s what I used to do at least. The lamps started to feel too white and blend in with the wallpaper, so we added a lavender ball fringe to the inside to give it a pop of color. There’s no real need to get overly fussy when styling kid’s nightstands, mainly because they’ll not stay like that for more than 5 minutes. For everyday use we installed the lamp and artwork (to add more color) and then the wicker basket with books on the lower shelf. For the sake of the shoot we added flowers to bring in some life.

Emily Henderson_Full Design_Little Girls Room_Pink_Gray_Playful_Pics_7

Emily Henderson_Full Design_Little Girls Room_Pink_Gray_Playful_Pics_6

They already had the play tent in the corner, so to make it feel more fun we dressed it up by adding some string beads to the top. She often reads and takes naps in there so we added lots of soft, colorful blankets and pillows which makes it feel super cosy.

This rug has been a huge hit since we installed it. It’s super plushy and soft under your feet so it’s perfect for little ones playing. It does shed a bit so if you buy it just make sure you keep vacuuming the heck out of it when you get it. It’s 100% wool which has a tendency to shed more than synthetic fibers.

Emily Henderson_Full Design_Little Girls Room_Pink_Gray_Playful_Pics_8

The window shutters are original to the house, so once we found out that they’d be easy and affordable to re-paint, we decided that’s all the room needed. They already provided great black-out (which I’m told is crucial for kids sleeping) so adding drapery, albeit a nice idea, didn’t seem necessary. It would also cover up some of the wallpaper and since there isn’t a ton of wall space (due to doors and windows), and we knew we’d add art, we wanted to make sure that we got the most out of seeing the pattern.

Emily Henderson_Full Design_Little Girls Room_Pink_Gray_Playful_Pics_1

This bookcase is as much storage as they need in here. There’s already two built-in closets in the bedroom: one is a walk-in with hanging storage and shelf space, and the other has a ton of built-in drawers. So they really didn’t need, or want a free-standing dresser at all. The bookcase is purely for her to store books and toys (which we obviously styled out for the shoot) and helps to bring in height to the room.

Emily Henderson_Full Design_Little Girls Room_Pink_Gray_Playful_Pics_2

For this type of bookcase (with large spaces between the shelves) I’d encourage you to invest in some good bookends to stop books from toppling over. We’ll be doing a cute styling gif of this bookshelf on other social platforms so be sure to look out for that.

Although the bookcase added height in the room it wasn’t that overpowering, and therefore gave us another opportunity to add a lamp and some artwork on top. This helped to bring in more color and sculptural elements to the room.

Emily Henderson_Full Design_Little Girls Room_Pink_Gray_Playful_Pics_9

The family loved the idea of having a little settee in here so they could sit and read books with her. This settee came with a darker contrasting grey seat pad, that we recovered in some of the leftover pink fabric from the playroom sofa. The wall above was a place where we could add some more color and introduce some artwork. We created a mini gallery wall with a mix of prints, paintings and fabric art showcasing different animals. The raccoon literally kills me every time with his cheeky grin and stripy jumper.

So there you have it: A toddler bedroom for a sweet girl to grow into. Granted this room will never be this styled out like this for every day use but for the sake of the shoot we’d rather show you a more polished room as opposed to normal every day life. 🙂

If you like what you see and fancy recreating the look for your own littles ones, we’ve included a ‘get the look’ as well as some before and after photos below.

Please let us know what you think!

Emily Henderson_Full Design_Little Girls Room_Pink_Gray_Playful_Before and After_4

Emily Henderson_Full Service_Design_Girls Bedroom_Playful_Pink_Get the Look

1. Banner (similar) | 2. Pendant Light | 3. Teepee Print | 4. Abstract Sunset Print | 5. Wallpaper | 6. Nightstand | 7. Owl Lamp | 8. Bed | 9. Rug | 10. Kids Teepee | 11. Pouf | 12. Fox Head | 13. Dot Sheets | 14. Pink Quilt | 15. Round Pink Pillow | 16. Rainbow Pom Pom Pillow (similar) | 17. Hamper | 18. Sheep Toy (similar) | 19. Unicorn Head | 20. Dreamcatcher | 21. Polar Bear Print | 22. Dog Print | 23. Raccoon Print | 24. Multi-Colored Print Pillow | 25. Silver Pillow | 26. Turquoise Throw (similar) | 27. Settee | 28. Bookcase | 29. Bird Lamp | 30. Cloud Pillow | 31. Multi-Colored Circle Knot Pillow | 32. Gray Stripped Throw (similar) | 33. Plush Ballerina (similar) | 34. Pink Balloon Dog | 35. Geo Planter | 36. United States Blocks

*After Photography by Tessa Neustadt

** While we love, love, love comments (good or bad) please be mindful that this is someone’s home, so please keep any negative comments tasteful, thoughtful and constructive.

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7 years ago

I think I’d like to BE this girl… 😉

7 years ago

This room is adorable and I definitely want to live here! The animal themed gallery wall kills me and I’d add one to my own home immediately but I don’t think my husband would approve. What a lucky little girl to get to grow up in such a sweet room!

7 years ago

Is there a dresser somewhere in the room? Or did they forego the dresser and opted for shelves or alternate storage in the closet?

Love the room! Especially the bookshelf styling and the gallery wall over the settee

7 years ago
Reply to  Janine

It says they have 2 closets in the room and didn’t need the storage of a dresser. That makes me so jelous. My kids rooms never have enough storage!

Sarah D.
7 years ago

Sooooo sweet for a child’s room!

Mike Konieczny
7 years ago

When tou have wallpaper how do you deal with nail holes? What happens if you like the wallpaper but want to change things out in the future? Do you use something other than nails to hang the frames?

7 years ago
Reply to  Mike Konieczny

I always wonder this as well! I figure you’d use 3m hooks on the lighter stuff but what about the heavier items to anchor or hang?

7 years ago
Reply to  MelissaB

You can take an exacto knife and cut a v-shaped flap in the paper, gently fold it down, and insert the nail/screw in the exposed wall. When you’re ready to move things around, or move out, you can re-glue that flap and aren’t likely to be able to tell it was there at all.

7 years ago
Reply to  Hilary

fantastic idea!

7 years ago

Wonderful room. You made it really sweet, yet practical. I would paint the ceiling a soft blue to make it extra dreamy.

7 years ago

It’s so cute!! That wallpaper really is adorable and, like you said, isn’t really childish so she can probably grow into this room quite well.

7 years ago

This is adorable. Really. I’m not a huge fan of purple, and the color usually repels me, but this time it’s done with elegance and subtlety. The wallpaper is fantastic too.

I really loved it when you specified the “styled” parts. I have no trouble imagining this room with a real girl and real toys everywhere, and yet the styling makes it magazine-worthy. Good job !

On a personal note, thank you for the inspiration. As someone who is 2 weeks away from moving to the US with two suitcases for two kids, I badly needed it. Now, I have to remember that it’s home first, Land of Nod shopping spree second…). Also, your couches round-up has been a constant reference in my search for a stylish couch with a reasonable delivery time.

7 years ago
Reply to  Amalécyte

Hope the move goes smoothly(?) and that your are happy in your new home.

7 years ago


Any idea where the ice cream scoop print is from? I NEED IT!

7 years ago
Reply to  Alicia

Ditto, I need to know!! Currently designing a little girl nursery and that would add the perfect amount of whimsy.

7 years ago

This bedroom is so pretty! I love how light and airy everything is!


7 years ago

Where did you find the cute bookends on the bookshelf?

7 years ago

Great room, sweet without being too little – a few easy/cheap decor swaps and I could def see it going from toddler to young adult!

If you know I’d love to know what cushion they used in the conical tent, I have a similar one and am looking for something better than the million pillows I have stacked in there now.

7 years ago
Reply to  MelissaB

yes, me too! I am looking for a cushion to place in a canopy to help it hold shape and provide a soft place to sit.

7 years ago
Reply to  MelissaB

Don’t know what was used here, but my sister has a floor-based reading area (for herself) and used an L.L. Bean dog bed. Firm enough to be comfortable to sit on, lots of sizes & colors available, washable cover. Might work for you–just don’t tell your kid;<).

7 years ago

I really appreciatte that you shared and took the before and after photos. It is so nice to compare in detail what was added to give that polished look!

7 years ago

Any idea where that little gold vase on the nightstand is from? Or where I could find one similar?

7 years ago

I like this space more than I do my own room! I love that each and every space has an intentional piece of home decor, whether it be furniture, a cute hide out, or even wall decor. Decorating with a tee pee is great for a kids room, not only is it stylish but it creates a fun space for them as well.

7 years ago

I like this room, especially the wallpaper, but am I seeing it right that the bathroom access is behind the tent and pouf? The floor plan looks tight for such a comfortably sized space.

7 years ago

What a lovely, sweet room. Perfect now and as she grows.

7 years ago

This is cute – I love the little tent and want to cozy up in there and nap myself. I can’t help feeling like that little love-seat is begging for an ottoman or a pouf to put your feet on!

7 years ago

Oh me!
Oh my!
The most perfect girl’s room to spy!

Now I must hunt out a pink pennant banner with fluff balls.

7 years ago

I LOVE the Curious George artwork, “You don’t always have to hold your head higher than your heart.” Source? Thank you!

7 years ago
Reply to  Liz

I’ve been searching for the same. I found a blank graphic of George at an easel – maybe you could fill in with whatever quote you want?

7 years ago

It’s lovely.

I wish the ceiling was a very light and perfect lavender.

7 years ago

It seems a very “grown up” space. Not what I should imagine for an under 10 year old crowd.

Lovely. But not the room of a toddler or pre-teen.

7 years ago

So Great – i have a dream in the house here!

7 years ago

Nice designs

7 years ago

Awesome post! Really enjoyed this post. But I want more information on such valuable topic.

7 years ago

Lose the toys and I’ll move in! Especially with two closets. Charming. I even want the tent …. just add a book light.

La Monica
7 years ago

What a peaceful and playful little girl room! So many elements to love, especially the bed and the settee. Also, may I ask the source of the elephant on the bookshelf?

7 years ago

Such a bright and cheerful transformation! I love the wallpaper and adore the internal shutters!

7 years ago

Love the room; but what’s up with the formatting of the pictures on the posts lately? They are smaller than they used to be, and not great for seeing all the great design details.\

7 years ago

This room is adorable and I definitely want to live here! The animal themed gallery wall kills me and I’d add one to my own home immediat