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All The Room Makeovers We Revealed This Year (You Won’t Believe How Many There Are..)

Looking back at this year is disorienting to say the least. Where did the time go?? I know we say that every year, but this one I am quite sure wins and definitely proves that “time flies when you are in the middle of a global pandemic”. Oh well, that’s life I guess, and I am pretty ready to say goodbye to 2020 but not before I look back on EVERY room we revealed this year.

Despite a pandemic that delayed and/or stopped production on many projects, we still managed to post 41 REVEALS this year. It’s actually pretty wild and some of the reveals I am about to show you feel like a lifetime ago. I am beyond excited to talk about every one of these rooms so with that said, let’s get to it:

Makeover Takeover: Julie’s HUGE (and DIY packed) Bedroom Upgrade

design by julie rose for ehd | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: makeover takeover: julie’s hige (and diy packed) bedroom upgrade

Julie’s bedroom reveal kicked off the year (this was even published pre lockdown if you can believe it–remember those times??). This makeover is packed with fairly easy DIY’s including an awesome art DIY and encapsulates Julie’s calming, nature-inspired style and personality. It’s such a serene space with so much warmth and soul.

Our Bedroom Update (Also How I Feel About Having A TV In The Bedroom)

photo by veronica crawford | from: our bedroom update (also how i feel about having a tv in the bedroom)

In this bedroom refresh, Emily played around with new bedding, decor, and art PLUS revealed a controversial design decision: she put a TV in her bedroom. Definitely head to the comments section to see how everyone reacted to this bold move + read Em’s thoughts on why she made the switch. Okay, once you are done with the ~drama~ please note how good that bedding combo is!! I’ve always loved that blanket which brings just enough pattern and boldness to the space, while still keeping it calm and cohesive.

It’s Time For Warmer, Pastel Inspired Gatherings with Target’s New Spring Collection

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: it’s time for warmer, pastel inspired gatherings with target’s new spring collection

Oh how I love a patio reveal. This one makes me want to jump through the screen and hang out with the lovely people in this shoot again but me being starved for human interaction aside, this pastel tablescape SENDS ME. It’s gorgeous and a real treat for my eyeballs.

Sara’s Living Room & Dining Room Reveal

I remember anxiously awaiting this reveal. Sara and I have a similar living/dining room layout so I couldn’t wait to see how she and Velinda executed it. Of course, Velinda killed it and it’s actually one of my favorite reveals of this year. I love how she created a break between the two sections by using two armchairs facing the sofa, and the dining room table and chairs are to die for. Also, the color palette they went with makes the space feel so inviting and warm. I’m a huge fan.

How To Make Your Smallest Room, The Coziest Room In Your Home + Sara’s TV Room Reveal

design by velinda hellen design | photos by sara ligorria-tramp | from: how to make your smallest room, the coziest room in your home + sara’s tv room reveal

I have a serious love affair with dark and moody paint colors, so of course, I love this room. It probably subconsciously inspired my living room paint color decision that I am obsessed with, so for that I am forever grateful. Again, EHD alum Velinda designed this room which had a few design agonies/hurdles to overcome. But of course she nailed it and even designed a killer built-in shelf/media cabinet section that you must see.

A Little One’s Mid-Century Magical Bedroom Reveal

design by julie rose for ehd | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: a little one’s mid-century magical bedroom reveal

This bedroom is pure magic and there are so many exciting things to talk about here. I mean, can you believe that bedframe?? Or the mural wallpaper?? Or that PENDANT??? This is truly a fairytale bedroom for a little one and Julie did an incredible job designing it and bringing a 5-year-old’s vision to life:).

Grab A Drink And Come Explore This EHD Stylist Alum’s Treasure Filled Living Room Reveal

design by erik kenneth staalberg | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: grab a drink and come explore this ehd stylist alum’s treasure filled living room reveal

I’d be shocked to find anyone who doesn’t enjoy Erik’s unique style and voice. This living room reveal actually inspired me in a lot of ways to simply go for it, take risks, and lean into my design instincts in my own home. I love the colors and all of the vintage items he’s collected over the years makes this room so special. It has so much soul and life and looking at these photos just reminds me of Erik’s incredible spirit and brings me so much joy.

The Pink Dining Room Erik Designed BEFORE He Found His Apartment

design by erik kenneth staalberg | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: the pink dining room erik designed before he found his apartment

This is, of course, Erik’s dining room. No surprise there! It’s honestly so dreamy and glamourous, just like he is, and it makes a STRONG case for pink walls. Everything about it goes to show how talented and fearless he is, especially since he had been sitting on the vision for this room before he even moved into the apartment. Trust me when I say, you must give this room another look because it’s gorgeous and so, so fun.

Living Room Update – AGAIN – Our New Sofa, My Dream Floral Chaise And The Pop Of Red I Always Wanted In My Life

If you’ve been around here for a while, then you’ve certainly seen many iterations of Emily’s LA living room. It’s one of those rooms that she never felt looked “finished”, which goes to show that design discontentment can happen to anyone! This version involves a stunning floral chaise, new decor, and much-needed pop of red. It’s a real treat and reading about Emily’s design process is always so educational and exciting.

How To Build A Backyard Lounge From Scratch For Less Than $1,000

design and photo by mallory wackerman | from: how to build a backyard lounge from scratch for less than $1,000

This little diddy happens to be Mallory’s design AND photography debut on the blog. It’s a little backyard oasis that she designed and styled for her boyfriend’s parents backyard which beforehand was bare and never used. She managed to make a space for them to actually use and enjoy AND kept her budget under $1,000. SHE’S A STAR, PEOPLE.

REVEAL: Our Boy/Girl, 2-Twin Bed Shared Kids Room… With A HEAVY Dose Of Mama Drama

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: reveal: our boy/girl, 2-twin bed shared kids room… with a heavy dose of mama drama

When Emily’s kids, Charlie and Elliot, decided they wanted to share a room, Emily began envisioning what their boy/girl room would look like. Designing a boy/girl bedroom is not for the faint of heart and I know Emily went through a TON of trial and errors while designing this room. But of course she ultimately ended up with a room with so many fun patterns, colors, and a ton of charm. It’s such a cool bedroom that I think any kid would love.

Styling To Sell: How We Staged Our Dining Room And Kitchen (With The Changes I Should Have Done Years Ago!)

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: styling to sell: how we staged our dining room and kitchen (with the changes i should have done years ago!)

There is definitely a science to styling a house to sell and if you are like Emily, you might make changes that you wish you’d have done YEARS ago and fall in love all over again. (HOT TIP: pretend you are moving, style your home to sell, and then DON’T MOVE.) Anyway, this is Emily’s favorite version of her kitchen and dining room and I can totally see why. Like, oh man, those chairs. Who could not love those chairs??

Styled To Sell: Elliot’s “Bedroom” That No One Has Actually Slept In, But It’s Still Pretty Darn Dreamy…

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: styled to sell: elliot’s “bedroom” that no one has actually slept in, but it’s still pretty darn dreamy…

As you just saw above, Emily’s kids desperately wanted to share a bedroom which left Elliot’s room unattended. It was a makeshift office for a while, but in order to sell, Emily made it into a gorgeous pink filled guest room (that no one actually slept in..ha). This version of the room really accentuates the wall to wall windows and makes this room feel peaceful, which is perfect for a guest room. And who doesn’t love that wallpaper??

Styling to Sell – The FINAL Entry Reveal (That’s Real Estate Agent Approved)

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: styling to sell – the final entry reveal (that’s real estate agent approved)

This entryway design came to be when Emily’s real estate agent asked, “Can you make the entry any lighter and brighter?” and of course Emily was like, “YES”. That rug is so perfectly bright and vintage and the dresser fits like a glove on the wall. I’d definitely fall for this home if this is the first thing I saw.

My Secret Front Yard Is Finally Revealed

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: my secret front yard is finally revealed

You all had never seen Emily’s front yard before because, well, that’d be kind of creepy to know exactly where she lives. So for obvious she kept this a secret until they knew for sure they were moving. But I am so glad you can see how beautiful it is now! It truly looks like a fairytale cottage and might be my favorite part of her LA home.

Our Secret Closet Turned Play Nook

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: our secret closet turned play nook

This play nook is almost too cute. This was another reveal that stemmed from the styling to sell series and as it is actually a hall closet, it was actually used for storage purposes when they lived there. But imagine if it could stay a play nook?? That’d be so fun for a little one to play in and the slanted ceiling makes it all the more whimsical.

Styling To Sell: The Playroom/Family Room And The 4 Lessons I Learned Along The Way…

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: styling to sell: the playroom/family room and the 4 lessons i learned along the way…

This is another room that has gone through many iterations over the years. That wall mural is so cute for a playroom obviously, but with that Article sofa and ottoman, it actually translates well into a family room space, too. The green sofa also keeps the room bright and fun but really, this room could be almost anything (which I think is why Emily played around with it so much :)).

Our Guest Room/Office Basement Suite Reveal … + How To Make A Basement (Office) Feel Warm, Happy And Functional

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: our guest room/office basement suite reveal … + how to make a basement (office) feel warm, happy and functional

This is the only “room” in Emily’s LA home that never made it’s way to the blog before. The basement was originally going to be an office space, but in order to style it to sell, Emily ended up making it into a guest room/office suite. It turned out SO GOOD and I’d gladly live here.

Budget Basement Bathroom – The One Where We Tried To Not Spend Money… (And Now You Know Why)

This bathroom also had never appeared on the blog before because Emily had been working on designing it for 2+ years but it kept being pushed down the priority list. When it finally came down to it, she wanted to make it as budget-friendly as possible because well, they would be moving anyway. It turned out GREAT and really rounds out the guest room/office suite.

A Mid-Century Eclectic Living Room with Kilz Primer and Paint – The Dark Room Problem SOLVED

design by julie rose for ehd | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | a mid-century eclectic living room with kilz primer and paint – the dark room problem solved

Oh man, this reveal was probably one of my favorites of the year. It’s masculine yet polished, and just also extremely “grown up”. I really love the warm tones and pops of brass that make it inviting but sophisticated. Julie really knocked this one outta the park.

Malcolm’s Deck Reveal: How He Created A Year-Round Outdoor Space

design and photo by malcolm simmons  | from: malcolm’s deck reveal: how he created a year-round outdoor space

This was our first contributor reveal of the year, designed and written by the absolutely lovely and talented Malcolm Simmons. The design stemmed from his brilliant brain and vision to make it a semi-private year round space and it’s GOLD.

One of Emily’s Best Friends Gets The Cozy Yet Sophisticated Bedroom Makeover She Really Deserves

design by julie rose for ehd | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: one of emily’s best friends gets the cozy yet sophisticated bedroom makeover she really deserves

Now that I am ALMOST finished with my living/dining room makeover (expect a reveal in early 2021!!) I am now slowly moving my attention to my bedroom. This one Julie designed for Em’s best friend Suzanne is so dreamy and I will no doubt be referencing it once my bedroom design is underway.

How To Design Your Bedroom For The Best Night SLEEP (+ Introducing Target’s New Casaluna Line)

design by emily bowser for ehd | from: how to design your bedroom for the best night sleep (+ introducing target’s new casaluna line)

Ok, so this is a half reveal. Is this Sara’s primary bedroom? Yes. But was this her design and how it will look forever and ever? No. Sara let us use her bedroom to work some Target magic (which Bowser performed). So even though it’s kind of a ‘fake’ reveal, it’s still beautiful and deserves to be included.

How Ajai Transformed Her Parent’s Dark And Cluttered Living Room Into Their Dream Minimalist Mid-Century Glam Oasis

design and photo by ajai guyot | from: how ajai transformed her parent’s dark and cluttered living room into their dream minimalist mid-century glam oasis

I loved reading the story behind this room reveal. Ajai wanted to give her mom a comfortable and serene, and not at all dark hang out area since Ajai and her husband moved into the aforementioned “girl cave”. Again, the before and afters are NUTS and it is so satisfying to see the transformation.

Ajai’s Back (With Some Big News!) + How To Make An Apartment Bedroom (Quickly) Feel Like Home

design and photo by ajai guyot | from: Ajai’s Back (With Some Big News!) + How To Make An Apartment Bedroom (Quickly) Feel Like Home

In a sudden turn of events (pregnancy-related), Ajai and her husband moved into their own apartment but she wanted to create a beautiful and warm bedroom before her baby arrived. She designed her rental bedroom in record time and it’s SO good.

MOTO REVEAL: Julie’s Anything But Beige, Amazing DIY Bathroom Refresh

design by julie rose for ehd | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: julie’s anything but beige, amazing diy bathroom refresh

Our DIY queen Julie Rose does it again. Her rental bathroom was dreary, lacked personality and color. So she DIYed and styled it and transformed it into anything but boring. She actually HAND-PAINTED the walls to bring in some character and color. If I ever get to my bathroom makeover (ha), I will be revisiting this post for sure.

Sara’s Haunted (But Happy) Halloween House with Affordable New and Vintage Finds

design and photo by sara ligorria-tramp for ehd | from: sara’s haunted (but happy) halloween house with affordable new and vintage finds

Okay, mark my words, 2020 is the last year I don’t decorate for Halloween inside my home. Sara managed to decorate her home in such a cool and elevated way AND a lot of the decor are vintage from Ebay. The bats along the wall absolutely kill me and now I am team black cobwebs forever. It’s too good!

Sara’s Closet Reveal – The Bold Design Moment She’s Been Craving

design and photo by sara ligorria-tramp for ehd | from: sara’s closet reveal – the bold design moment she’s been craving

This is what closet dreams are made of, and folks if you want to go bold in your home but not sure where to start, a closet is a great place to try it out! Sara loves the way hers turned out and it satisfied the bold moment she was craving.

Velinda’s First Freelance Client Reveal: Molding The ‘Builder-Grade Budget’ + Where They Saved & Splurged

design by velinda hellen design | styling by emily bowser | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | velinda’s first freelance client reveal: molding the ‘builder-grade budget’ + where they saved & splurged

Velinda’s first freelance client makeover completely blew us away (no surprise there) and this post is FULL of expert advice on where to splurge and where to save when you are working with a builder-grade budget.

Velinda’s First Freelance Client Reveal Part II: Her 7 Expert Tips On Mixing A LOT Of The Styles

I LOVE BOTH OF THESE ROOMS SO MUCH. Velinda nailed mixing a myriad of styles while making the spaces feel cohesive and special. I can’t get enough of that gallery wall and love how everything feels so bright, comfortable, and happy in both rooms.

A Refresh Of Our Favorite “Child Client’s” – Bedroom 8 Years Later

design by julie rose for ehd | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: a refresh of our favorite “child client’s” – bedroom 8 years later

OH MY. Can you imagine having this bedroom as a teenager? I love the very elegant and Parisian vibe happening here and that bed frame is STUNNING. I want to be this room when I grow up! Plus it’s a project very close to our hearts since Emily designed it the first time 8 years ago!

Our Scandinavian (And Easy, Mess-Free) Holiday Living Room Reveal + How I Finally Figured Out My Biggest Styling Problem… And Solved It

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: our scandinavian (and easy, mess-free) holiday living room reveal + how i finally figured out my biggest styling problem… and solved it

The mountain house living room never misses, and it’s basically the most ideal canvas for holiday decorating. It screams elevated cozy cabin so a Christmas tree and twinkling lights just add to the whimsy and coziness already present in the space.

Emily’s “Messy” But FULL Of Memories Christmas Family Room

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: emily’s “messy” but full of memories christmas family room

This Christmas reveal is so fun and happy. I love that they decorated this tree with homemade and personal ornaments so it’s more cheerful and carefree. Head over to see how she transformed it into a family-friendly Christmas wonderland and see the most adorable family in matching plaid pj’s :).

How Sara Created Her First Traditional But Youthful Christmas (With All Target)

design and photo by sara ligorria-tramp for ehd | from: how sara created her first traditional but youthful christmas (with all target)

Okayyyyy Sara did some serious Christmas decorating this year and I am obsessed. She did an excellent job making this space feel elevated but not boring or stuffy. It’s youthful and bright and would be a perfect space to throw a holiday party if that was a thing (RIP all the 2020 holiday parties that never came to be..better luck next year right?).

Sara & Mac’s Office/Guest Room Reveal – LOTS Of Function + Even More Color and Style

design and photo by sara ligorria-tramp for ehd | from: sara & mac’s office/guest room reveal – lots of function + even more color and style

I love how Sara created this dual home office/guest room space for her and her fiancé Mac. They managed to make this feel like a space you can be productive in AND totally relax in. Plus, the paint color is everything and makes this room pop in the best way.

What Happens When You Design Your Living Room and Then MOVE?? You Make It Work… Albie’s New Living Room Round One!

design by albie k. buabeng | photo by ellie lillstrom | from: what happens when you design your living room and then move?? you make it work… albie’s new living room round one!

In this post another lovely contributor, Albie, answers the age old question “What Happens When You Design Your Living Room and Then MOVE??”. The answer is, simply, you make it work but you must head over to see how she worked with what she had and made it a stunner. It’s bright and happy and we can’t wait for the official reveal when she’s able to do the big upgrades:)

Lea Johnson’s Basement Reveal: Workspace by Day and Family-Friendly Living Room by Night

I am head over heels for this room. Lea did an amazing job transforming her basement. into a space that can be used for multiple purposes (work, fight night, etc.). I love a wall to wall bookcase filled with books as it makes them space feel extra cozy and lived in. That sectional is also INCREDIBLE and brings in the perfect amount of color and life to the space.

Orlando’s Totally Creative “Great For Now” DIY Guest Room – The FIRST Londo Lodge Reveal

design and photo by orlando soria | from: orlando’s totally creative “great for now” diy guest room – the first londo lodge reveal

We couldn’t end the year without an Orlando reveal. Duh. This bedroom reveal is from his NEW home (rightfully named Lando Lodge) that he designed for when his parents stay. He has plans to renovate but in the meantime he wanted to create a space that felt beautiful and comfortable so this is what he came up that is a perfect and totally unique “for now” space.

Shavonda’s Feel Good Makeover #1 – The Twin’s Room (Pure Joy ALERT)

This feel good makeover with Target and Shavonda Gardner was definitely our favorite project of the entire year. Emily and Shavonda co-designed three Christmas bedroom makeovers for Shavonda’s niece and nephews over zoom and then the plan was to safely install and shoot the project together. Then there was a huge spike in Covid cases so it no longer felt safe or responsible to travel or work on a project indoors with 10+ people. SO, Shavonda did the bulk of this makeover on her own and it turned out SO. GOOD. and looking at the happiness on these kid’s faces is absolutely priceless.

Shavonda Feel Good Makeover #2 – Devin’s Star Wars Themed Bedroom

design by shavonda gardner and emily henderson | photos by lisa and gary ashley | from: shavonda feel good makeover #2 – devin’s star wars themed bedroom

Here is the second Target x Shavonda x EHD kids bedroom reveal that is Star Wars Christmas themed. How cool is that?? The wallpaper is honestly a game changer and I loved how they brought in the decorations but you can still see how awesome the room will be post-holiday season.

Our Last Feel Good Bedroom Makeover This Year – A (Pre) Teen Jewel Box Of A Room

design by shavonda gardner and emily henderson | photos by lisa and gary ashley | from: our last feel good bedroom makeover this year – a (pre) teen jewel box of a room

Last but not least, this pre-teen colorful and bright winter wonderland-esque bedroom reveal is so special. I love how it came together and am so impressed with how they were able to combine Ariyah, Shavonda’s niece’s, favorite color (neon yellow) with bright blues and teals and A SILVER TREE. It’s such a fun room and 12-year-old Ryann is a little jealous.

Whew, if you’ve made it this far, thank you for joining and walking down memory lane with me. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, and just for fun, I’d love to know what your favorite reveal is. I’ll see you next year. xx

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3 years ago

Lovely to get to revisit some of these, especially the ones from longer ago that are less fresh in the memory.

Now that you’re moving (can’t wait to see all about that!), I have a question I’ve always wanted to ask, and the “Styling to Sell” posts reminded me. The sconces in your LA house are all “Uppies”, as in the shades point up and the part that’s fixed to the wall is fixed quite low. This means that any art hung under it has to be hung very low, and that mirror in your styled-to-sell-entryway is pretty much adult-torso-only height.

So my question is, in your new house are you going to put “Downies”, where the part that’s fixed to the wall is above the shades, giving you probably a good foot of extra wallspace below the shades?

3 years ago

that’s a great point and question. I loved the ‘uppies’ as you call the in this house and I actually really liked how the art worked around them. not sure what we are going to do next but its a great thing for people to consider, for sure 🙂 xx

Stephanie Kurth
3 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Hey Emily – It’s great to see you’re responding to comments on your blog; I’d also really like to get a reply to my inquiries about what’s become of all the art I provided to EHD nearly two years ago. Please take a few minutes today to get back to me. It would be much appreciated.

3 years ago

I love this!!!
“HOT TIP: pretend you are moving, style your home to sell, and then DON’T MOVE.”
I’m going to be doing a lot of thrifty, DIY changes to this old house once I’m here on my own. Things I’ve wanted to do since 2002, but wasn’t ‘able’ to.
Almost every room in the house is getting some of the good stuff.
I’m going to shift the energy and create the calm, while still gaving lots of colour too.
I. Can’t. Wait! 😃

All those makeovers! I loved ’em all! (And there were more)

You guys have left the others in your wake, keeping the great content flowing, while so many others pulled back or even dropped off.
Plus, on top of that you covered social issues and all, with diplomacy and grace.

Thank you 😊xx

3 years ago
Reply to  Rusty

P.S. This post was really well written and edited. 😉

3 years ago
Reply to  Rusty

Ah, thanks Rusty. and excited to see what you are going to do!!!! send pics of your before and after. we’d love to see (and hopefully we can help make is so much fun). xx

3 years ago
Reply to  Emily

K, now I’m feeling inspired!
I didn’t think of before & afters, but…. hell yeah!
I’m going to have a LOT more time to DO things once I’m on my own and…
I. Can’t. Wait!!! 🤩 xx

3 years ago

I love seeing all these reveals again. One question, I remember a MOTO introduction that was for a peachy/pink bedroom with plans on how to hide suitcases, and talked about furniture that was good for storage. I remember the intro, but we never saw the reveal. Is this still happening? I cannot remember whose room it was, or what it was called, but did that contributor leave the team? I was really excited to see how they made the bedroom work. Anyone else remember this MOTO? Was there a reveal last year and I somehow missed it?

3 years ago
Reply to  Thora

Was that Arlyn’s? If so, maybe it’s still a work in progress? Curiously awaiting also.

3 years ago
Reply to  Nancy

OOh I think it was Arlyn’s. She had some health problems this year (that you can read about on her blog so she was focusing on getting better but we still hope for a bedroom reveal in 2021. xx

3 years ago
Reply to  Emily

I didn’t realize she had had health problems – I hope everything goes better for her this next year, and meanwhile I am just excited the reveal will still come in the future!

3 years ago
Reply to  Thora

Yup, Arlyn had a post on her blog about choosa colour for her bedroom makeover.
She’s having health issues… so let’s all send her some healing vibes!!

3 years ago

I have loved Sara’s TV room colour since the post was published and came back to it many times – and just painted my dining room the same colour a couple days ago. It is a gorgeous colour!

3 years ago
Reply to  Jessa

Oh good! send pics!

3 years ago
Reply to  Jessa

I agree- I have a dark grey living room (painted by previous people) and I have left it because of the way it pops my gallery wall. When we were preparing to move I hated the wall color, but some acquaintances that missed an artshow wanted to come look at what I had available. I actually tossed up my gallery wall to display my artwork AND cover needed wall repairs. The dark makes my watercolors jump and then I became afraid to repaint (because I have no idea what color it is). Im thinking a color think Sara’s would pop the art and our sad grey fireplace.

3 years ago

My favorites were (in random order) Julie’s purple bathroom, Violet’s floral bedroom, and the teen girl bedroom by Shavonda. I think because all were small rooms (in my area, a lot of the homes have small rooms), and all of the designs leaned more playful than serious. In this season, we all need a bit more of that.

3 years ago

My favorites are Sarah’s TV room, closet & office for all of the dark saturated colors (also Ariyah’s bedroom colors!) and Malcom’s deck for the clever use of space and his awesome privacy screen.

3 years ago
Reply to  Carrie

Sorry for the misspelling Malcolm!

3 years ago

I somehow missed Sara and Mac’s office/guest room reveal. I love the interview style and wish for more posts like this- even on older reveal update type posts. It reminded me of when I started reading this blog! I moved into a tiny cabin with my now husband. It is a total DIY place and then it needed fresh paint to feel like a home. I was concerned I’d screw up and he wouldn’t like my choices (deeply sad dusty off white kitchen wall- 70s painted brown cabinets) and remembered an episode of Secrets of a Stylist I’d seen, Found episodes online and watched them, then used the idea (what materials do you love) and figured out what my man loved about his cabin- every unpainted wood surface and the view. When he came home to the freshly painted top kitchen cabinets (pale turquoise instead of dark brown paint) he was thrilled and wanted me to do more, and I was relieved and confident. I found Em’s book and her blog (which are great), but the FIRST big draw that i always consider was how to ID what you love to find a combined style that you can lean into… Read more »

3 years ago

I adore your work! I can only imagine how much time and effort you put into all your renovations! I never miss a post from you and can definitely say that your blog is my all-time favorite. I want to wish you a happy new year, let it be full of inspiration, joy, and good news! Keep up your great work, Emily!
P.S.: I hope someday I will have the courage to start my career over and dive into renovations like you do. So far, I’m just Brittany who works as a freelancer and has big dreams.