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Our Last Feel Good Bedroom Makeover This Year – A (Pre) Teen Jewel Box Of A Room


In case you aren’t following along this is our third and last (for now) feel good makeover – Holiday Style – this week working with blogger/designer Shavonda Gardner and supported 100% by Target. If you are just catching up here’s the quick story – Shavonda’s sister just moved near her after decades of living on opposite coasts. She has four kids and being a military ICU nurse works 12 – 14 hour shifts (Covid isn’t helping this situation – she’s been deployed twice for Covid relief) so furnishing and decorating her kid’s room couldn’t be her first priority. And any of you out there know what it takes to design a room – far more time, thought, and resources than you’d think so Shavonda knew she was going to help. As we were chatting on Zoom we decided to pitch the three rooms to Target and they said yes, enthusiastically. So off we went (months ago) brainstorming and ordering, all set for a Thanksgiving install/shoot. Covid spikes hit and I wasn’t able to travel to the install or shoot so Shavonda basically had to execute without me with the help of styling assistant Jordan (plus some production assistants). I literally can’t say ‘thank you’ and ‘I wish I could be there!’ enough. They did a great job and this room turned out to be quite the pre-teen jewel box for Ariyah.

Since they just moved in there wasn’t much other than this bed which nobody was a huge fan of (and was safely donated). Ariyah is 12 and she loves color (her favorite is neon yellow). Shavonda wrote more about it on her blog so go check it out! It was time to paint, decorate and of course give it a heavy dose of holiday.

The colors – that teal and yellow – simply POP. We knew we wanted that neutral bed and rug, and she chose this super sweet light blue wall color (it’s on the ceiling too). Then accented it with the bright teal and yellow. Since her favorite color is neon yellow, Shavonda figured that this bright yellow was a great way to bring in that vibe, but not neon necessarily.

They went to Target and Ariyah chose all of her own ornaments and pillows because while you don’t NEED a tree in your bedroom, it sure made them all really happy to have them. While the twin’s room was more playful and fun, Devin’s was totally Star Wars themed, Ariyah went with a cool blue and silver with a lot of glam.

Her desk needed its own tree, for obvious reasons. The desk isn’t available anymore, but that chair sure is.

I really love how it’s clearly a room for a soon to be teenager but that there’s still that playful whimsy that doesn’t make it feel too grown up.

I think we could all use a big ‘before and after’ to see how this was transformed in a week (with obviously a lot of planning and prep).

1. White Comforter Set | 2. Printed Flannel Sheet Set | 3. Wood/Metal LED Flush Mount | 4. Good Tidings Pillow | 5. Embroidered Christmas Tree Pillow | 6. Christmas Village Lumbar Pillow | 7. Velvet Tufted Quilt | 8. Scandinavian Upholstered Bed | 9. Holiday Embroidered Zebra Pillow | 10. Boucle Throw Pillow | 11. Glass Dry Erase Calendar | 12. Grid Wall Organizer | 13. Mixed Metallic Ornament Set | 14. Tabletop Christmas Tree | 15. Diamond Patterned Woven Rug | 16. Rattan Fan Back Chair | 17. Gold Wire Pencil Cup | 18. Desk Calendar | 19. LED Task Lamp | 20. Baby Yoda Snow Globe | 21. Perry Desk | 22. Unlit Tinsel Tree Figurine | 23. Wood & Enamel Church Figurine | 24. Seagrass Tripod Floor Lamp | 25. Pelham Vertical Dresser | 26. Countdown Garland | 27. Faceted Curtain Rod | 28. Velvet Curtain Panel

1. Pre-Lit Flocked Tree | 2. 10″ Glitter Snowflake Topper | 3. Glitter Snowflakes Ornament Set | 4. Acrylic Diamond Ornaments | 5. Silver & Blue Ornament Set | 6. Faux Fur Christmas Tree Skirt | 7. Turquoise Bead Garland | 8. Silver & Dark Blue Ornament Set

Not being able to finish the project (and trying to just facetime from here was a bummer), but Shavonda (with the help of Jordan) pulled these rooms together and they are so vibrant and fun. Designing and shooting during a pandemic is challenging. Trying to please 4 personalities with different requests wasn’t easy either. Shavonda was nominated ‘best sister’ and ‘best aunt’ by Ariyah, Devin, Isaiah and Jayden. Andrea said “I was filled with so much joy and love after seeing each room!” followed by “The kids ABSOLUTELY LOVEEE their rooms!” A huge thanks to Target for supporting these feel good makeovers that can make us all smile during this time. Now go read Shavonda’s blog post about the rooms and see other photos (and more personal anecdotes that I can’t give). xx

*Design by Shavonda Garnder
**Design Assistant: Jordan Ballenger
***Photos by Lisa and Gary Ashley

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Karen T.

I’ve loved all three of these rooms–really enjoyed seeing a very realistic room with obtainable style options (Yay Target!). And I adore Shavonda.


So nice of you and Target to help this mom and her children.

What a DREAM come true – a glamourous retreat for a young miss! If that were my room, I’d keep the tree up all year – well, maybe not, but definitely right through dreary January.


This is an awesome example of fun, funky colors being done masterfully!

(FYI in Shavonda’s post she says her niece’s favorite colors include neon yellow- you said neon green here twice)

Such a great series! Can’t wait to see the non-holiday versions


Lucky kids to get to have such fun rooms! And Target gets me again, just ordered that light fixture to pep up a hallway.


I love it too!
Shame Australia’s Target is NOT at all like the US version. It’s failing as a business. We need Emily and Justina to connect with them and set them straight…mate!


Oh shucks, Target tried in Australia too? I’m Canadian and their shot here lasted about 6 months. It was such a disappointment. So anytime I see how great they are in the US, it is like a knife to the heart. 🙁


Target Australia is not affiliated with the US Target. Sadly.. I would love a Target like the US ones here!!


I really love and am inspired by the color choices. Very fun! I just wish I could get in there and steam and adjust those curtains.


LOVE the color palette and that tree is so pretty. Home should feel comfy and beautiful and a reflection of one’s own styles. I feel these three rooms nailed that and everyone looks so happy in their new spaces. Thanks for sharing!


The Christmas trees/decor in each of these bedrooms seems excessive, especially for a single hardworking Mother to have to clean up after the Holidays….Wouldn’t it have made more sense to get more practical things for this family?


I get what you mean and I’m also “The Plastic Police”, however, these joyful makovers can only happen with sponsorship and with that, comes excess, I guess.
Having lived with very little after my dad died when I was 15, to have some excess can be a life changing and thrilling feeling.
Being such a recipient can also trigger a drive to work hard and be kind.
We’re all going to see the after-Christmas versions, so maybe more practicality


Emily said in the first reveal that Target required it to be holiday themed in order to sponsor.


Oh, beautiful! What a great design to grow into!

I especially love that chair and the curtains (wish the curtains had been steamed though, to get the fold wrinkles out). The bed is heaps better and she looks so cozy on it.

It is blatantly evident that that mama loves her cubs. I can see it so clearly in the photos. Lovely to see Shavonda in the finished designed room too!

Great job….yet, I’m wondering….does mama bear get a room makeover too???


She did get a very thorough makeover of her bedroom – it was on Shavonda’s blog, but wasn’t part of this makeover series with target.


Oh, I didn’t know. Thank you.


Love the new lighting fixture and those curtains seem made for a teen room 🙂

All of these rooms have been so special- love those fun and colorful curtains!

Roberta Davis

Another great room, another happy kid! And Mom! And I second the shout out to Target for providing all the stuff to make this happen. Target has great stuff and this is a very effective way of showing just how great it can be in your home!

Erin Dae

I love this one! I have seen those curtains at my local Target and have wished for a space to use them so it is a thrill to see them add so much personality to this space. I agree with the need to steam them out as others mentioned. I also wonder if they would look better with blackout liners behind them vs the window light coming through them and breaking up the drama a bit. Overall, this entire miniseries was a hit – we want the sequel!


Love the yellow and teal combination! Makes me think of summer in wintertime🌞


I especially love the yellow + teal, the cool Moroccan-style rug, Christmas tree and the overall vibe!


the velvet tufted quilt is sooo good! reminds me of a PB teen quilt, but for much less $$$


Shavonda can do no wrong. Love the EDH/Shavonda crossover. Sweetest cap for 2020.


So pretty! I never would’ve thought I’d like yellow and teal together, but I do. And seeing that lovely girl reading warms my teacher heart. So many kids lose interest after lower school. Hope the family has a beautiful, peaceful holiday.


Love the colors and what I can see of the room, but I’m a little underwhelmed. The same view is shot over and over again when once would have been enough. How about the other side of the room?

Amanda Blackford

Beautiful! Maybe I missed it, but what color was used on the walls and ceiling? My 11 year old daughter is interested in a similar makeover!

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