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by Julie Rose
Emily Henderson Rental Decorating Tips And Tricks3

Welcome back to my ‘old man library’ bedroom with a modern twist and to the first reveal of the year 2020! This tiny, cozy room has been about a year in the making while working on many other EHD projects (Mountain House, Velux, Invitation Homes, etc). I’ve been slowly designing a space of my own on my off hours, which now finally feels like home. For any of you that might’ve missed yesterday’s post check it out herewhere you can see what inspired the space and how I’ve come to terms with the fact that I don’t have a ‘signature style’. The main takeaways I learned from designing my own room are: 1. Color is wonderful and oh, how we’ve missed you. 2. I’d rather be surrounded by objects that have a story than just from a store. 3. Take a ‘big risk’ in a small space, see risk below…

Emily Henderson Rental Decorating Tips And Tricks24

Window Treatments | Chair (vintage) | Side Table | Green Paint

Say hello to my purely decorative green door. Sometimes you just have to go for it especially when it’s just paint and this door was my moment. As you saw yesterday, I loved how Helen Cathcart painted her window trim in a bright and happy green. I decided to take it up a notch by using Farrow & Ball’s Breakfast Room Green not only on the baseboards and decorative door but also the headboard wall (more on that in a minute). Remember my room is only a little over 100 sq ft so this felt like the perfect balance of adding color into the space without it being overwhelming.

Emily Henderson Rental Decorating Tips And Tricks1

  Green Paint | Window Treatments | Chair (vintage) | Side Table | Coffee Mug | Small Plate

This is one of those ‘a little bit of everything shots’ that really shows off the mix of the old and the new elements that I’ve been collecting over the past couple of years. And for those of you who saw the sneak peek shot in yesterday’s post, I finally got the chair of my dreams. I’ve been eyeing that Siesta chair for over five years and have come across a fair few that were way out of my budget. Then a couple of months back Caitlin (our vintage deal-finding queen) slid into my DMs with the perfect match. If any of you are local to LA then I urge you to go check out Saasaan. He’s been traveling to Europe and shipping back some amazing pieces (and is even sourcing locally now). I can also vouch for the comfy factor, even tested it out for you all by reading the first two Harry Potter books in it over the holidays. You’re welcome 😉

Emily Henderson Rental Decorating Tips And Tricks2

Pendant | Window Treatments | Rug | Duvet | Throw | Lumbar Pillow

In the beginning stages of the design, I was so stuck on not knowing where to start because I couldn’t really identify with a particular style. So instead of trying to narrow that down and then start picking out the pieces, I reversed it. I pinned everything that I was drawn to, bookmarked items on Instagram that were “thumb-stopping” and then decided to choose three items (totally manageable) to get the ball rolling. First up was that pendant from Room & Board, I came across it on Jessica Reed Kraus’ Instagram.  She used it in her kid’s room and I immediately fell in love. It almost has a classic feel which gives it longevity but then the geometric lines bring it into the modern-day. The linen shade gives off the most beautiful glow and Jess can confirm that I had literal tears after she expertly installed it for me.

Second, were the window treatments which is something (in addition to lighting) that I would encourage anyone in a rental to invest their money in. These roman shades from Tonic Living not only transformed the space visually but mentally for me. They are beautiful and functional, yes. But they gave me such peace of mind to have actual privacy on my ground floor apartment which faces a very popular street. I couldn’t stand the original slatted blinds (aka dust bunny magnets) so I immediately took those down before even moving in my stuff and threw up temporary IKEA paper blinds. Well, that was a mistake because I felt so exposed at night that I would sometimes change in my bathroom or turn off the light. My room was also super bright at night from the street lights. It wasn’t great. These romans solved all those issues for me and I love that you have so many fabric options to customize to your space.

The last piece was the grey rug from Annie Selke, I’d been eyeing it ever since we almost used it in the Portland project. I wanted something neutral and textural for the space but unfortunately, my eyes were too big for my stomach or rather the rug was too small for the room. I had actually reached about the rug when I was still living in the other room of our apartment. So hypothetically it would’ve worked but in this room, it quite frankly felt dinky. Instead of starting over I decided to layer it with a simple black jute rug. It now grounds the bed that occupies the majority of the room.

Speaking of…here’s the place where I sleep, watch tv and let’s be honest, eat most of my meals. I think I might’ve made it too comfy and cozy because I never want to leave.

Emily Henderson Rental Decorating Tips And Tricks12

Mattress | Rug (Grey) | Rug (Black) | Bed Frame | Pendant | Window Treatments | Green Paint

Just kidding, I actually can’t take any credit for that. In stepped Tuft & Needle and their newest mattress, the Hybrid and let me tell you it’s a straight-up heavenly feeling. Especially compared to my last mattress, it wasn’t exactly the mattress itself that was the problem (although it wasn’t great) but the MASSIVE water stain that it got while being stored in my dad’s garage when I was living in Seattle. My father (bless his heart) drove this very stained mattress over from the valley in Friday traffic when I first moved in but forgot to mention the stain until he. had. arrived. And the gross part is…I’ve been sleeping on that for 2 years. Mind you I did have a memory foam topper as a protective barrier but seriously, what was I thinking?!? Sometimes present Julie really needs to have a talking to past Julie. But that is neither here nor there now that I have my Hybrid Mattress from Tuft & Needle. This one combines the classic springs with a thick memory foam topper compared to their other models which are all foam. I’m a side sleeper through and through so I prefer a firm mattress to support my spine but also soft on top to help me relax and fall asleep quickly which is something I am not great at accomplishing on my own.

Emily Henderson Rental Decorating Tips And Tricks10

 Bed Frame | Nightstand | Sconce | Green Paint

Before I started my MOTO I had purchased the IKEA Tarva bed frame because prior to that I was sleeping on my futon frame from my middle school days. And no respectable designer who works for Emily Henderson can sleep on a haphazardly put together futon. That’s a rule that I am instating right now. Once I was pretty far along into the design process of the rest of the space I had honestly forgotten that I still had the IKEA bed. To make my life easier, I just decided to go with it and do a mini DIY to upgrade the piece. It was a three-step process: first, use the leftover paint for the black line detail on the wall and paint a thin coat on the frame. Second, sew the simplest cushion with two layers of batting between. Third, drape the cushion over the headboard and shooooove it down between the mattress and frame. You’re done.

Let’s be real you’re eye doesn’t go to the bed frame first anyway so I wanted to keep it simple, quick and most of all cheap 😉 Where did your eye go to first? That’s right, the green painted wall. I cannot believe that I almost didn’t paint this part of the wall, it adds so much visually to the space. There is so much going on, on the other side of the room that this big block of color balances it all out. And that 1/2″ thick black line makes it feel purposeful and finished off.

The cherry on top are those vintage nature photographs that I shared in yesterday’s post. I only ended up using 3 out of the 7, the others will be used in future spaces or be gifted. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of hanging heavy items above your bed (especially in California) so I skipped the framing. Instead, I bought a $3 woodblock from Home Depot, painted them black and nailed a picture hanger on the back. Up they went. This frameless option works because they are lifted off the wall which still gives that ‘elevated’ feeling that a frame would’ve done.

If I regret one decision in the space, it’s the nightstand. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s beautiful, right for the room and I love the compartments on the inside but it opens up from the top. I had this idealistic version of myself who was ‘never going to have anything on it but a book and my glasses’. HAHA. There is currently a book, CBD balm, two coffee cups, some vitamin bottles and a freakin partridge a pear tree on it. Someone stop me before I ever buy something like that again, thanks.

Emily Henderson Rental Decorating Tips And Tricks14 Cropped

Sconce | Nightstand | Black Marble Tray | Round Marble Dish | Ceramic Knot

I obviously couldn’t have gotten a table lamp for the nightstand so the Human Home plug-in sconce was the ideal option. It gives off great light and the classic shape plays up that ‘old man library’ feel. This is also a great rental hack especially in one as old as mine where you only have one light source. That styled out tray is now just mocking me cause I tried to live with it after the shoot but couldn’t handle taking it off multiple times a day… returned!

Emily Henderson Rental Decorating Tips And Tricks21

MirrorPendant | Sconce | Duvet Set | Sheets | Lumbar Pillow | Green Paint

Let’s talk about something a bit more soothing like bedding, aaaaaahhhh. I feel like a real grown-up now with my linen duvet set from In Bed. They have the most beautiful colors. This one is stone but the tobacco colorway was a close contender. And it’s the perfect combo with the vintage washed percale sheets from Target.

I’m also so excited to say, I have a FULL-LENGTH mirror! No more jumping up and down in the bathroom or asking my roommate to use hers to see if what I am wearing for the day is cute or just crazy. This mirror from Rejuvenation is a classic. The elongated pill shape with the thin black frame was exactly what I was looking for to fit between my closet and the real bedroom door. I even installed it on my own. Rejuvenation always makes things the right way and that’s why we love them as a company and their products!

Emily Henderson Rental Decorating Tips And Tricks17

Lumbar PillowWhite Paint

On the other side of the bed, I decided to forego another nightstand and instead opted for a rubber tree. I wanted something to help with the air quality since I live on a very busy street and trees just always make me feel good. Can we also note the cute wood detail on the pom poms of my lumbar pillow from Tonic Living? I am not one for having too many decorative pillows on the bed just to take them off at night so this lumbar was a great solution.

And because we all know you want to know, the white paint color is Polar Bear by Behr. My room doesn’t get a lot of natural light throughout the day so I needed a true white but with a bit of warmth. It is actually the same white that Emily Bowser used throughout her whole house which I loved in person. So I tested it out in my own space along with a few other of our favorite whites but it was the best. White paint colors are like a magic trick. It can work in one space but not in another, I’ll never not be befuddled by that fact.

Emily Henderson Moto Julie Rose Bedroom Reveal Side By Side 01

Window Treatments | White Paint

Overall I know that this space had a lot going on so I wanted something calm and simple between the windows since it is the first thing you see when you walk into the room. That chair on the wall is from the Rose Bowl Flea and I bought it one weekend when I was a tad too hungover. I was sold when the guy folded it up for me, okay I actually bought it for $20 before he folded it. #weekendjulie

To save a little money, I made the piece of art over the chair using a kids’ art roll from IKEA ($5). I measured the height and cut the first paper to size, then cut the following paper 1″ smaller and so on and so forth until I had a one-inch strip. I then layered them one on top of the other and framed it in a, yup you guessed it, IKEA frame. Then the morning of the shoot I remembered I had my great uncle’s used sandpaper block and up it went cause why not? Vignette done. Moving On!

Emily Henderson Rental Decorating Tips And Tricks23

Foot Vessel | Woven Basket | Green Paint | Abstract Print | Continuous Line Drawing | MaryAnn Puls | Circle Vase | Wooden Sketches

On to that gallery wall! Fun Fact: I actually only purchased 3 out of the 11 things on that wall. This is my hack that isn’t really a hack at all. Just wait for people in your life to give you cool things, that’s helpful right? But really there are items that I am sure a lot of you have lying around or in storage that could become your art.

Starting at the top left with my lady MaryAnn Puls, you might remember her art that was used throughout the Portland Project and like many others before me, I was very lucky enough to receive a piece of hers from Emily a year ago for Christmas. (Thank you again!) I fell in love with her artwork when Velinda and myself spent hours hanging it up all over the Portland house. So much so that when she came to the open house event I went up to her and told her I was the biggest fangirl. She is very talented and deserved to hear it, still love you MaryAnn.

To the right of that are my great-uncle’s ink pen nibs and he is looking right at them in the black and white photograph. When I graduated art school my mom gave me a box with his old art supplies. Which meant the world to me because…now this may sound corny but when I draw I feel him with me. His artwork filled our house growing up and his talent was always something I aspired too, still do.

Hold on, let me wipe away the tears. (literally)

Below that is an abstract print by the artist Hilma af Klint which Jess and I got to see at her exhibit at the Guggenheim last Easter. Needless to say, we were mesmerized by her work and both bought prints. Another artist whose work I admire is Jack Devereux. He did the continuous line drawing titled ‘Folie’ (madness). About a year and a half ago he was featured on DesignMilk’s instagram and I knew right away I had to purchase a piece. That black leather ruler between the two pieces was from Emily Bowser, she is the master of the flea market (thank you).

If you haven’t already heard our very own Sara Tramp has taken up ceramics which has really benefited me since I now own 6 of her pieces including that black squiggle up there. We all think that her work has been great for a while but now she does too and she is starting to sell some pieces via Instagram. Take a peek!

It’s pretty hard to see but the last piece up there was a gift from my professor and yes, it is vintage homework. Someone drew their parabola so perfectly that they received a big ole check and now it hangs on my metaphorical fridge. Good job kiddo!

Emily Henderson Rental Decorating Tips And Tricks19

Foot Vessel | Woven Basket | Green PaintContour Line Drawing

I think it is about time we talk about that planter cause I have the biggest heart eyes for it and the artist. You might have spotted it previously in the HommeBoys One Room Challenge master bedroom post that I was hardcore crushing on. The very talented designer Carmen Ellis created this beautiful ‘Foot Vessel‘ which was actually the last piece of the puzzle that is my room. It was all meant to be and she is also one of the sweetest people I have ever talked with via email.

That little green bench (which I now know is a garden kneeler, never knew this was a thing until today. Thanks readers!) is a vintage find as well as all the wooden objects. RULE: Never pass up an interesting wooden object because they typically don’t cost more than $10 and can go anywhere. The majority of these cute little fellas I picked up while Emily Bowser and I were thrifting around Atlanta for the Invitation Homes project. The one with the lid however holds the treasured birthday compliments that is the best EHD tradition around here. We all feel so lucky to work in an office surrounded by ladies who support one another. We truly do love each other and are very vocal about that fact. Love you ladies and see you for game night at Arlyn’s on Friday!

Emily Henderson Rental Decorating Tips And Tricks13

Circle Vase | Ceramic Dish | Wooden Sketches

I saw that circle vase about a month ago on Sarah Sherman Samuels IG stories and immediately bought it, not really knowing where it was going to go. It’s from H&M but is sadly out of stock. It just goes to show that sometimes an impulse buy pays off. That little dish is another Sara Tramp Ceramic piece which is filled with some treasures: my grandma’s brooch, my other grandma’s ring and a ring that my momma made in high school. My roommate, Sarah Krausse, is an amazing artist so I commissioned her to do two line drawings for me of the two men in my life, you may have heard of them, John Steinbeck (above) and John Muir.

Emily Henderson Rental Decorating Tips And Tricks25

Woven Basket | Green Paint | Abstract Print | Contour Line Drawing | MaryAnn Puls | Circle Vase | Candle | Wooden Sketches

And there is that $80 craigslist find, it’s the perfect size and the dark wood helps to balance out the green door / gallery wall. It isn’t quite my dream dresser but it’s great for now and sometimes it’s good to still have (furniture) dreams to aspire to one day.

Emily Henderson Rental Decorating Tips And Tricks7

PendantRug | Duvet | Throw | White Paint | Ceramic Chain

Last but not least, the coveted doorway shot and probably my favorite part of the room, the wall of rulers. In total, I spent around $200 on them. Averaging about $15 each which in my book is an (art) steal, plus I had a really good time thrifting for them so it’s a win for me.

And because we all love a good “Before & After”…

Emily Henderson Rental Decorating Tips And Tricks8 Emily Henderson Rental Decorating Tips And Tricks9 Emily Henderson Rental Decorating Tips And Tricks10 Emily Henderson Rental Decorating Tips And Tricks11 Emily Henderson Rental Decorating Tips And Trick12 Emily Henderson Rental Decorating Tips And Tricks13 Emily Henderson Rental Decorating Tips And Tricks14

And here is one more bonus shot we got at the end of the day just because the light was just too pretty to pass up.

Thanks so much for coming over friends, I hope you enjoyed my modern “old man library” bedroom. I also hope that if you are also having a style identity issue that you don’t let that stop you from creating a space you love. I promise you’ll be happy you did. Talk to you soon in the comments!

  1. Love this room! It is beautiful and feels so accessible; great tips as well as eye candy. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much AP!

  2. It reminds me of the Palihotel in Seattle!

    1. Oh wow, it really does! I’ll have to check it out the next time I’m up there, thanks Emily. 🙂

    2. WoW, LOVE It! Congrats for your work! You should very proud!!!

  3. Bravo Julie! Also, whoever came up with painting the black line on the headboard wall should get a nobel prize. Genius!

    1. Agreed! That black line just – well it’s just perfection!

    2. Thank you so much KP, it’s amazing how little details can really make a design come alive!

  4. Wow! This place is not only beautiful but filled with great DIY tips that actually look really good, as opposed to some DIY ideas I see that, well, look a bit too obviously DIY’d. 🙂 Love the green paint on the wall/trim, love the Ikea hack for the bed, love the $80 dresser, and especially love the way you’ve displayed those cool vintage pictures.

    I, too, like everything I put in my home to have a story. That’s not always possible of course. Sometimes I spot something that I just like/want. But I do think what you’ve shown here is that the trick to making a house a home with character and style is having enough truly personal things around you so that it doesn’t feel like you bought your whole room in a day clicking around the internet.

    I’ve been in way too many homes where people just don’t have enough confidence in their own taste to make use of some weird object they feel a sentimental attachment toward. So they only display stuff they bought from Pottery Barn or Target. And their house ends up looking impersonal, cold, and “staged.” The lesson here: Display at least some of what you love.

    Your place looks personal AND stylish. Cheers!

    1. Louann, your comment means so much to me thank you! That is my ultimate goal for being a designer for a space to feel relatable and yet inspirational. And I totally get just wanting something because you love it, I do too!

  5. Gorgeous. I particularly love how you mounted the vintage photographs on a wood block. Could you share that DIY?

    1. I, too, would love the DIY on the vintage photo wood blocks! They look phenomenal! Plus, it seems like a project that even someone handy-challenged like myself could accomplish.

    2. Ellen & Shannon thank you so much! I promise you both can easily accomplish this, it would work best if the photograph is mounted on a poster board of some sort or really thick matting. All I did was paint the wood block black (you could also use spray paint if you have some) waited for it to dry. Then nailed on the sawtooth picture hanger which the nails that come with it are quite small and frustrating to hammer in so I used a slightly longer nail in the same diameter for ease. And last but not least just super glue the photograph to the wood block and hang it up!

      Here is the link to the wood block (works best with a soft wood for the picture hanger to go in easily): https://rstyle.me/+4tMJxhjWBPvO0Fa6d5mhYQ & the link to the picture hangers: https://rstyle.me/+WbLmFR6v1A3iIT7gelikMQ

      Hope it works out!

  6. Wow!!!! I’m so inspired visually and creatively, and now feel like I have a few marching orders for my own space!! Thank you!!! Great MOTO. We are style twins!!!!

    1. Hey style twin!!! I’m so happy it inspired you for your own home, that’s my end goal as a designer!

  7. Julie, this is absolutely fan-flipping-tastic! Even if you had trouble pinpointing your style, I love the end result and think that you helped a lot of us who are also in a style quandary. I don’t fault you one bit for sleeping, watching tv, and eating in this room – IT’S GORGEOUS!

    1. Thank you so much Julia!

  8. This space is gorgeous! The pop of green is great. The whole design feels very artsy yet deliberate, vintage and modern (which is my fave combo). Love it.

    I will say, the ruler wall……just yesterday, at my print shop – where I’ve worked for thirteen (13!) years, I looked closely at this wall mounted “machinery” that was used way back in the day to handle ammonia, when the printing technology was old blueprinting (all of that is long-gone now). Well, it used keys, and back then my dad took an old school 12″ ruler with a drilled hole on one end to make a key chain, and it’s been hanging there since. I literally took it into my hands, looked at it closely, and thought how cool it would be to bring into my home. And today, your wall of rulers appears before me! I’m off to email my 7am work-self a reminder to grab it, so I don’t forget!

    1. Thank you Karen, those were the 4 things I was going for! That is so amazing and absolutely sweet, you should definitely hang it up somewhere in your home that you’ll get to see it and smile. XX

  9. Just gorgeous, well done! Really love your paint accents, black line and mirror and loooove the vintage finds. Yummy. Truly a perfect kick off to 2020. Love you guys!

    1. Yay for 2020 and we love you!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE this MOTO! Great job Julie!

    FYI – I think that that little green gym bench is actually a garden kneeler. Typically, it would be upside down from the way that you have it, and the gardener kneels on the wooden part so they don’t have to get their knees in the dirt. But either way, it looks great it your space!

    Also, I’m so inspired by your DIY art that I think I’m going to try to make something similar myself! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. OMG JEN YOU JUST BLEW MY MIND!!! I had NO CLUE that was a thing, thank you for letting me know. And thank you for your kind words!

    2. Just what I thought!

  11. best one yet!

  12. This has to be my favorite MT! Love the green, love all your choices. I don’t have a siesta chair, but I do have a falcon chair. Love all that old bentwood and leather. Alos that dresser may not be your dream dresser, but that is a fantastic find. Well done! i’m totally saving this under room bookmarks:)

    1. Oh wow, I LOVE the falcon chair. It’s like the Siesta Chair’s fancier friend!

  13. Wow! So many things I love. That green paint is very old man style. I have collected some old lunch boxes from the late twenties and thirties. Old man green! I never knew The cold name before.The cb2 blanket is killed personified. Love it to pieces and have never seen it before.
    A++++ for sure girl/old man. The black paint line almost made me gasp , I held it in cos peeps were sleeping.

    1. Karen you’re comment made me literally LOL. You are one hilarious lady! And thank you so much!!!

  14. I am WOW-ed by this room. I love so many things, but especially the pendant light, siesta chair, and perfect green paint color. Well done!!

    1. Those are my 3 favorite things, I literally will sit in the chair reading and just gaze up at the pendant lovingly. hahaha Thank you so much! xx

  15. The green is so pretty. The room feels so lived in and real.

  16. WOW! Favorite reveal next to Brady’s bedroom. Which is basically me saying I’m obsessed and I’m painting my bedroom this weekend. WOW!

    1. Thank you Sonja, that is such high praise that I am so grateful to hear!

  17. This might be my favorite room I’ve ever seen on EHD. I LOVE it. Nice work!

    1. Thank you Meg, I’m quite literally blushing!

  18. So beautiful and full of character and life. Thank you for sharing!

  19. Love this! Did you go with a satin or matte finish for the green trim paint?

    1. Eleni, I went with more of a satin/eggshell finish since the majority was on wood trim. Hope that helps!

      1. Super helpful. It almost looked matte in the pictures but satin makes more sense!

  20. Love the room! I know the door handles were painted previously but they would be soooo pretty refurbished. I’m assuming they would be unlaquered brass underneath? I did the same thing in my 1911 condo. Boil them in water for a few hours and you can use steel wool to buff them. Plenty of tutorials on YouTube.

    1. Oh that is such a great trick, thanks Steph!

    2. Lead paint within one of those layers? Perhaps it would be wise to test first?

      I also love this room, and every detail. The green paint colour gives the room life (and black line)! Great hack for the headboard, and for the art above it (want to use this idea for sure)! Great art, including Sara’s work (so good)! The chair looks so comfy!

  21. Wow! I don’t have the words to say how much I love this room.
    Every . Single . Thing!

  22. Well done!! Love your honesty about how long this took and your struggle to nail down your style. It turned out wonderful and original! Love the IKEA paper art piece and will definitely be giving that a try! Bravo!

    1. Thanks Jamie, still struggling but that’s half the fun cause then I get to try new things. 🙂 You should definitely give the paper layered art a go!

      1. I love the whole room! Would you mind sharing a bit more about how you did the layered paper art? After you cut the layered pieces, how did you get them to stay together and not shift in the frame?

        1. Thanks Debby! I actually folded them, then licked the folded edge (haha), then tore them. And I used a little piece of double sided tape on all four corners!

          1. Thanks!

  23. OK I absolutely love this room, especially the painted door and that little line above the green paint. But I don’t know that you can call it ‘old man library’ when there are barely any books! (In case you can’t tell, crotchety east coaster who works in publishing here.) I’d maybe say ‘old man from Maine’ instead (that’s the vibe I get). 🙂

    1. haha very true, I do have some books in the hallway shelves but I will take ‘old man from Maine’. Or perhaps, ‘Old Man Library sans the books’ haha. 🙂

  24. This is such a comfortable room anyone would sink into and never leave! I truly love the color combination, the green is so so soothing and the throw compliments the bedding so well.
    I also like how you remodeled with a frugal budget – many people your age don’t have the
    means to change their rooms, apartments with expensive designs and furnitures. You’ve given
    them an idea – a great idea actually – and don’t mind mentioning IKEA either. I think you are
    one of these designers we’ll be hearing lots of. You’ve got an unique talent.

    1. Betty, congrats you did it. You brought me to tears but don’t worry they are the best of happy tears. Thank you so much, that truly means a lot to me!!! All the love to you!

  25. I love this room because it feels like it reflects you instead of just trying to be trendy. The thin strip of black is just the thing to top off that green wall. It adds so much for being a small thing! And your aglaonema is the perfect match for this shade of green 👌

    1. I am the old man, it is my library. hahaha But in all seriousness, thank you. It is hard not to get wrapped up in all the trends that flood our eyeballs every day so I listened to my gut & heart for this one. I know it was crazy when I pulled off the tape, I was like, “aaaaahhhhh, I did it!”

  26. This is so pretty! I love this room, and I think the Makeover Takeover series is my favorite. I’d love to know a bit more about how it works behind the scenes. Obviously some pieces are generously sponsored and gifted, but how does the rest work? Does EHD provide a budget to work with, or is the staff member expected to pay for it themselves? Just curious about how these things work! 🙂

    1. Hey Morgan, thank you so much for loving the series as much as we do 😉 Yes, we are very fortunate to be able to have amazing vendors that are willing to do a product trade. And, we wouldn’t have access to that opportunity without the hard work Emily has put in all these years so I am super grateful for that fact. The MOTO design happens outside of work hours and yes we do pay for everything out of our own pockets but this is an optional thing (like a work perk) so no one is pressured into doing a MOTO. Emily is also very generous and gives us a budget for some gift cards and florals. Hope that answers your questions & gives you a bit more insight into the process!

  27. I love it- that green makes the room 🙂

  28. This looks amazing!

  29. Makeover Takeover series is my favorite, and the green wall and door and black line have me wanting to go paint a room in my house. So many cool ideas!

    1. Do it, Heather! It’s just paint after all 🙂

  30. Love this room so much! I just want to pack my bags and move right into these pictures.
    Curious, in the end do you feel like you have the words to describe your style? You visually captured a style I adore but I don’t know what to call it so hoping you do ;p

    1. Come on over lady! Thank you so much, I guess you could call it a modern-artsy-old-man-library-nature-in-a-box style??? Honestly, I am still a stumped as you are. Maybe I should bring the question to the rest of the team and see what we come up with. Stay tuned!

      1. What a breath of fresh air! The vibe I get is “Yosemite Nature”. That CB2 blanket mixed with the wood pieces is sooo good. And the thin black line plus sconce elevates the room away from “cabin”.

        Perhaps another vibe is “Old Friends’. This is a feeling I get when admiring the measurements wall. I can just see the calloused hand of the gray haired carpenter reaching for his folding wooden yardstick.

  31. It’s gorgeous and it’s given me some ideas for my own space. Thanks for sharing!

  32. The bed diy and the paint technique I didn’t know I needed

  33. I love how you shared your process of discovering your style, and included so many sentimental and personal touches through out your room. Will share this with a friend who is working on figuring out her own style.
    p.s. The green metal and wood display shelf is a vintage, possibly English, folding garden seat/kneeler. Perfect for an outdoor lover!

    1. Please do share and thank you so much! Oh, man that’s what that is! Thank you for letting me know 🙂

  34. I LOVE the green!! And I think the rug was a happy accident – it looks so great framed by the black jute rug. Also, thank you for so including so many before/after comparisons, all of which match perfectly.

    1. Thanks Brittany and you’re so right! Sometimes things are supposed to go a certain way that you’ll later see the reason. I took A LOT of before photos (like 117) so I’m glad someone appreciated that fact. hahaha

  35. There’s nothing “old man library” about this room! It’s gorgeous and so cozy. Well done.

  36. I am SO impressed by the green door and the handmade paper art. I was actually looking for link to the paper art when I realized it was a DIY!

    1. Thank you Sarah, you should totally give it a try! It only cost me $20 and was so fun to do while binging a favorite show of mine. 🙂 … to get the ‘frayed’ edges, I folded the paper and then licked it (kinda gross) then tore. Hope that TMI tip helps!

  37. This room is beautiful!! LOVE all the personality that the objects give, and the light and color. GREAT job!!

  38. Julie, I read this blog just about every day and I’ve only commented once or twice. But I wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE your room. It’s at the top of my list of my favorite spaces I’ve seen so far. I guess my style is “old man library” too…who knew? Huge congratulations and excellent work. I hope you really enjoy it!

    1. Wow, that truly means the world to me, thank you so much Susan. Side Note: My momma’s name is also Susan so I totally thought it was her at first! haha

  39. Perfectly awesome! And I also agree that having meaningful things is much better than just buying a bunch of stuff to have stuff. The bench looks like a gardening bench to me. I have one that has a foam cushion on it and you can sit on it or turn it upside down to kneel on it. You must look around the room and feel a wonderful sense of well-being. I do love the black line, too! And the colors are calming.

    1. Thank you so much Roberta, there is definitely a sense of calm (partially cause it is finally finished) in the room. Another couple of readers have let me know that it’s a garden bench and it completely makes sense now. Oh, Etsy and their vintage naming antics. haha

  40. Oh my. Love your work in your bedroom. I have not read all of the comments and need to know about your new dresser. I have never seen one with the top that opens like that. What is the top portion for? I love how the mirror is held up and like the view from the side.

    Love your new found confidence. You have your own cultivated style!

    1. Thank you so much Kelly! When I bought it, it came with a couple of wood pieces that slide into metal brackets along the edges creating smaller compartments. I think if I kept it closed I would use it for jewelry, sunglasses etc. but I just love how it looks opened so I removed them temporarily.

  41. Sooooooo pretty! Old man library style all the way!

    1. making t-shirts! haha

  42. The little folding chair on the wall—Is the seat/back fabric or leather? Do you use it or is it 100% decorative?

  43. Dear Julie,

    I love this room so much. See you at game night tomorrow. Also, see you in a few seconds when I stand up. GOOD JOB FRIEND!

    Love always,

  44. Wow. I love this space!

  45. Beautiful! And thank you for giving me language for my style—”old man library” is just about right!

    1. Happy to help!

  46. Lovely work! The green door – it seems to be blocked by the chair… was does it lead to? If anything? If you answered this before, I apologize. So many comments to read!!

    1. Hey Lexi, it actually just leads to the room that I used to lived to and it is never opened. So instead of trying to hid an awkward & non-functional door I decided to highlight it as an architectural art element to the space because I loved the trim around it. Hope that explains it all!

  47. I love this so much, it’s perfectly funky and refined at the same time with JUST the right amount of color. Awesome job, Julie!

    1. Thank you MJ, that’s also how I try to dress so that made me smile!

  48. Wow, I think this is my favorite MOTO yet! I love everything, and I especially love that you’ve incorporated so many meaningful objects into your design. I am really impressed with the way you have incorporated more traditional elements so seamlessly into an updated, modern space. I feel like this is always the note I am trying to hit, and it can be hard!

    1. Sarah, thank you so much! It isn’t an easy feat and it took a loooong time so don’t give up on it!

  49. Love the green 💚. So fresh and clean!!
    I also love your artwork of John Steinbeck and John Muir!!! Two incredible men!

    1. Thanks Lynn, I am very lucky to live with someone so talented to make them for me! They are incredible men indeed 🙂

  50. What a wonderful, interesting, and inviting room. Beautifully done!

    Team EHD, THIS is what you do best (per your survey questions). This post is personal, specific, and aspirational (design skills, art, collections) and attainable (thrifted furniture, Ikea, paint, small rental room) at the same time. This is why I read this blog!

    1. Ah, Rae thank you so much! Before working here it was always my favorite part of the blog as well so it’s surreal to be on the other side 🙂

  51. I really, really love your style! I need to paint a door now…

  52. Beautiful room! BUT YOUR SKIN! Heart eyes! So glowy. I will be looking forward to your skin care tutorial.

    1. Thanks Suzanne, I am actually very acne prone but went to make-up school in my early twenties so I’ll leave all the skin care tips to our Sara.

      1. Ooh make-up tutorial, please! Because if that’s acne-prone skin can look like, I need your magic!

  53. I love this room! I often don’t like layered rugs but yours looks so intentional and pairs together so well. The color palate is great. I am also a lover of the outdoors and am a fan of green in decor. How great is it that John Muir is one of the two men in your life!

    1. Honestly Andrea, I am not a huge fan of a layered rug as well so thank you I appreciate your kind words cause I was pretty nervous about that aspect in the space. And all the love to John Muir.

  54. I LOVE this so hard! it’s just so good! like everything. MOTOs forever!

    1. Yes, MOTO all day every day! If only that could truly happen 🙂

  55. Loved this MOTO! Fabulous work and I love that ruler wall and that Ikea art DIY is genius, I may need to try that!

  56. Awesome job!! So warm and love all the special things that make it your own!

  57. Oh wow, I love that gallery and the voice you bring to the team. Thanks for sharing such an amazing space!

  58. looks amazing! question: was something done to the wood floors? they look so different in the before and after photos!

    1. Laura, I think that’s just the difference between my iphone 7 (before’s) and Sara’s nice camera for the after’s. haha but thank you so much!


    1. too late I’m here for life, love you!

  60. 1. I love this. 2. Is there a tutorial you have/used for the bed frame DIY? 3. Did you glue the paper art DIY to keep it together?? I love that!

    1. Hey Kalie, thank you so much! I don’t have a tutorial that I used for the DIY bed frame but if you email me (julie@emilyhendersondesign.com) I’d be more than happy to show you step by step with some photos! And I used super glue to mount the Nature photographs onto the wood blocks. 🙂

  61. This room is one I would never leave! The combination of colors, black accents and wood, and texture is just perfect. And I love the pendant. Can you share which size you went with, and how far from the ceiling you chose to hang it? I love the proportion in this space.

    1. Thank you so much Gail, I feel the same, it’s so hard I never want to leave! The pendant is 20″ diameter in size and I choose to leave about 12″ of cord (between the plate and top of the shade). My room is on the smaller side (11’x10’6″) with 8′ ceilings so take that into consideration!

  62. I LOVE the green. It all feels like a modern craftsman and I am a huge fan. Great job!

  63. I can’t tell you how much I love this reveal. The black line above the green paint is pure genius! And the chair and the dresser and the art–I love it all.

    The green and the painted trim remind and the vintage feel me a bit of Daniel’s basement: https://manhattan-nest.com/2019/02/25/bluestone-basement-laundry-the-big-reveal/

    1. Thanks for sharing Beth, you’re right!

  64. WOW wow wow wow, I absolutely LOVE this. I love how much personality is shouting out joyfully from every single corner of this room– I feel like I know you (is that weird?!) from hearing you describe everything and your decisions while also looking SO gorgeous and professional and interesting to the eye. Genuinely, one of my favorite room reveals. The vintage rulers and meaning behind so many things on that gallery wall are so beautiful, and I also love that both Emily in the Mountain House and Arlyn in her dining room gallery wall (weird that I also consider you all kind of friends?!) also have such personal and carefully-chosen, thoughtful items on their gallery walls, although all three have such different looks/styles.

    THANK YOU for sharing this with us — I absolutely loved it! What a refreshing, light-filled spot in my day reading this turned out to be!

    P.S. John Steinbeck is also my favorite author!!!

    1. J, you’re words are so kind. I want to print this out and put it on my mirror to read every morning on those hard to get out of bed days. It truly means so much to us when readers are so genuine with us. And not weird AT ALL, you all are my best friends now! He is my favorite author as well, see our friendship is growing more already!! East of Eden 🙂

      1. <3 <3 <3 — my favorite of ALL time! (not sure anyone else reading this will get it but—) I wear a small simple gold bracelet every day that is engraved with my main life-guiding philosophy/favorite story/heartbeat of my being– 'timshel' 🙂 🙂 :). Thank you for being you, Julie!!! I am so inspired to tackle my own space, and this post/you have put a smile on my face all day!!!!!

  65. What an absolutely fabulous room and post! I love your detailed explanation of your reasoning of color, furniture and decor choices, and I feel that this is a very personal (albeit perfectly designed, curated room). Maybe the fact that it feels so personal and curated is what makes it so special! Your sense of color, unique finds, and arrangement is so yummy. This is my favorite MOTO ever; it feels attainable, but original and masterfully “designed”. Great job! I am inspired, and I loved your narration.

    1. Pretty sure this is the 4th or 5th comment that has made me VERY teary eyed. Thank you so much!

  66. I’m utterly blown away by how much you transformed this space! It reaffirms my belief in the magic of good taste and vision. I find nothing more intimidating than shopping vintage, but you guys always nail it and make it look effortless. Taking notes, and maybe working up the courage to crack open that box labeled “random stuff to save.”

    1. Open it up Kate! Holes can always be repaired 😉

  67. Lovely, I owned two siesta chairs when I was your age and that was in the late 1970’s here in Los Angeles. Maybe you got mine form all those years ago.

    1. How amazing would that be!

  68. Green’s my favorite color so I’m always happy to see it featured in a room! Also, this is SOOOO doable in terms of time and money and degree of change. I really really appreciate that. It’s how most of my own house is getting decorated and I’m coming to terms with the slow/good/cheap-but-creative trifecta! It does not inspire in me the same yuck feelings of envy that the top to toe, rip everything out and replace with all new, kinds of makeovers sometimes unfortunately do. I’m proud of my house and I’m proud of your house! Just wondering about that bathroom you mentioned…

    1. I am proud of you too, that you are going the slow/good/ cheap-but-creative route, I think it makes a home special that is personal to you than to have a design of the masses.

  69. Julie, Thank you so much for sharing your bedroom with us. It is lovely, beautiful, and calming! No wonder you never want to leave it!

  70. This is so beautiful! “Old Man Library” sums up my style but I never had a word for it before.

  71. I think a solution to your bedside table top is to make it a slide out top. See if someone can put small lengths of wood on either side of it inside and have the top rest on it. Remove the back hinge and it should work! it is a great little table but I see the issue.

    1. Omg Kim, that’s a brilliant idea! Thank you so much, I’ll look into that.

  72. This is my kind of room. Beautiful!

  73. Such a welcoming, cozy room with all the plants, art, wood, and the perfect green. I have to say my favorite thing is the frame of pen nibs that belonged to your great-uncle! So unique and special. Also love that garden kneeler! That wall of rulers is so interesting also. Kudos and enjoy!

  74. Green is my favorite color, so of course I love this room. (Have you noticed its hard to find home decor with green tones in it? Blues, reds, and neutrals are much more prevalent.) Beautifully done.

  75. Your post is my favorite kind. Like Velind’s total remodel, you show us a real redo that inspires all readers.

    I love everything, especially your color of green. I hope Matchy matchy Target and Pottery Barn will be replaced with personal style like yours.
    I love to shop at both, but only for a piece or two.
    Great job.

  76. WOW, I’m in love with this room! I know it took a lot of work, but it looks effortless! So inspired by your DIY art projects especially the once with the IKEA paper roll. Definitely doing that this weekend! What size frame did you use?

    1. Yay, I am so glad you are giving it a go! I used the Ribba Frame (19.75″x27.5″) from IKEA.

  77. Julie, I’ve had a massive day painting outside today in the sun (Australia) and specifically came to see what you achieved, before I stagger to bed.
    Fantastic! 🤗 I’m so glad I did …. what a beautiful room.
    You’ve achieved cozy AND charming, with a big dose of relaxing, with the plants and the green and the linen and the … everything!
    Definitely doable and inspiring rolled into one.

  78. Just chiming in late to say it’s AMAZING. Love all your choices and I NEVER in a million years would have picked that green or painted that trim/door but man, it just works! Great job!!

    1. Thanks Karen, I definitely was nervous about the green at first but once I got a lot of other pieces into the room it felt like it was working!

  79. I love this! I’m joining the chorus of other commenters who have deemed this their favorite MOTO yet! Love the green, love the wooden objects, love the “old man library” aesthetic. Thank you for all the inspiration!

    1. Thank you so much Tricia!

  80. What fabric did you use for the headboard cushion?

    1. I used a wool tweed that I picked out at Mood Fabrics. 🙂

      1. Do you think it was this maybe one? I am obsessed with it! I can’t quite make out your colors in detail. https://www.moodfabrics.com/italian-black-white-gold-wool-tweed-312240

        1. HI KD, so sorry I missed your reply! This is the closest one I could find, it might actually be the one but cannot confirm since it is online and I bought it in the store. Unfortunately, that one is sold out but you could use it as a reference! Hope that helps 🙂 https://www.moodfabrics.com/gray-woolen-wool-tweed-coating-325558

  81. I LOVE the green wall. Our room isn’t big enough for a headboard (husband is 6’5″ so we need a King bed, but the room is probably technically too small for one). I’ve tried headboards even a couple of inches deep, and it makes walking around not very comfortable. I can’t believe I’ve never thought of paint to mimic a headboard/wainscoting! This is very exciting.

  82. Beautiful!! This room feels personal, calm, and welcoming. Well done. I especially appreciate the siesta chair, because I also have one that was purchased from Saasaan! Except mine is more of a cognac leather as opposed to black. It’s by far my most comfortable chair. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

    1. I love a good cognac leather, he has some amazing items! Thank you so much Ben

  83. What is at the bottom of your picture wall? Is that a paddle?

    1. It’s a vintage cricket bat that we had bought for the Invitation Homes project but didn’t end up using so it’s home is now on my wall!

  84. Painting the door to make it a sort of feature was so smart! And painting the hardware too! So bold 🙂 I love how something that could have been annoying (seemingly random door) was made a pretty pop and backdrop for a special reading corner. Well done!

    Also when I saw this I was like, I am an old man, with a raised hand. I also studied architecture, so I was like, I love this lady. She is a kindred spirit.

    To conclude, also love the bedding. That blanket at the end is, dare I say, perfect.

    1. My kindred spirit! Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂

  85. I love the green door and trim, and I especially love the half-wall behind the bed with the black line. So elegant!

    Great room.

  86. So beautiful! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m an outdoorsy girl as well and just love your vintage photos.

    1. Hello fellow outdoorsy lady! Thank you so much

  87. Very nice. Love that the decor is based on loves and not just design elements.

  88. Amazing! So inspiring! I think I’m going to do green trim in my bathroom now! Wasn’t even on my radar before and now I’m in love. 🙂

    Wondering what the complimentary white is that you used on the walls? I don’t want to mess that part up.

    1. Go for it, Charu! The white is Polar Bear by Behr, happy painting 🙂

  89. So creative and filled with inspiration. I have vintage rulers, yardsticks and other measuring tools but I’ve never thought of displaying them as ar! Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Laurie! You should display yours, they are easy to hang & have an high impact for a room!

  90. Hi!
    I am employee of marketing company in Taiwan.I have a case for Glamping event of vehicle brand in Taiwan and we have outdoor theater in the event.i saw the picture its fit our event announcement.could you please let me know if we can use the picture authorization from you:)
    Look forward to your reply
    Thank you!

  91. I call it “the cabinet of curiosities” look, and it’s a very popular style!
    ( Some of us just can’t part with our stuff! which is not to say that it can’t be organized and visually stimulating).
    I love that you used things that really express your individuality, yet it remains calm and restful with out being a “Scandi- modern” blank. The DIY headboard adds architectural interest to an otherwise boxy room! The textiles add texture and the re-use of old furniture is socially conscious- a WIN WIN on all points!

  92. Hi! I would love to know where you got the window treatments made. At the same place you got the fabric?
    Thank you!

  93. It’s a thing! I too am a designer and CAN NOT decide on a style! Plus my living room is wonky and the layout is hard! You did an awesome job, it looks lovely and so livable. Plus I agree on the “found” type objects instead of all store bought!

  94. Can you share about making the blinds for the windows with the Sheldon Stripe fabric? I LOVE the look of them and think it’s just what our house needs!

  95. Wonderful! The shot from the door and the last shot (because of the light) were wow!

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