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Styling to Sell – The FINAL Entry Reveal (That’s Real Estate Agent Approved)

Welcome to another case of “why didn’t I do this sooner?” Our realtor came in and asked, “Can you make the entry any lighter and brighter?” and I was like “I sure can, and thanks for asking”. I had a larger piece of furniture there, which I loved (you’ll see it below) but I also had some options in our garage… Let’s lighten it up. But first, let’s get into where it’s been the last 4 years.

When we first moved in I had found this pretty pine piece on Craigslist. I LOVED it and maybe should have kept hoarding it. Ugh, furniture purging regret is real.

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: our painted entry console + an ‘ask the audience’ …

I, too, wanted the entry to feel happier so we painted it this Swedish gray which was a total fail as it didn’t pop off the walls at all and it wasn’t the kind of monotone look that we were going for. Read about the process here.

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: how we shoot, edit and hang family photos with framebridge

THEN we painted it this blue which I loved a lot more and seriously wish that I still had for our move to Portland. But the good news is that it landed in this Feel Good Makeover and worked so well in their space. And yes we move the rug closer to the dresser based on the shot because it looks super weird to just have a corner peeking into the shot.

Then I bought this amazing rosewood vintage piece from Midcentury LA (my favorite vintage store in LA and yes, they sell online).

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: our living room, dressed up for the holidays

This piece provided a ton of storage (kid puzzles in the bottom, and entry drop zone in the top). I loved it but when Howard (our realtor and fun fact, owner of this house) told us to lighten up the entry I agreed that this piece could be “lighter”.

I had this piece in the garage which I was hoarding for our move and was so excited to try it here. Once I did, I realized that it should have been here the whole time! Also, we moved the original light fixture in the entry to a junction box over by the laundry room, which we NEVER even realized was there until our realtor pointed it out. Then bought that new super affordable one and installed it in the entry. I actually thought it was going to be much wider, but that’s because I have overconfidence in my mental measuring skills and didn’t actually break out a tape measurer. It still works, I just thought it would have more presence.

The mirror is from Target (that I had in my garage), and everything else I’ve had forever. In a perfect world the mirror would have been a horizontal pill/oval as this one is kinda crammed between the sconce and the dresser, but I still really liked how it modernized the space.

I bought that dresser from the flea market for $200 a few years ago and it’s a good long hoard based on its size. It’s just kinda easy to make it work in a million places and yes a dresser can be your entry table. I am also a firm believer in a shoe basket and this one is so pretty.

That rug is my favorite rug of all time. All I want is a magic wand to make it 10×14 to put in the living room but for whatever reason, the rug gods have never made a saturated blue large rug. I know because I’ve looked. I’m sure there are new versions out there (or will be now) but it’s not the same. The dark blue with the brighter teal and the caramel/brown tones are just so beautiful together. If anyone knows what type of rug this so I can try to find a bigger size please let me know. It’s my perfect rug.

There we have it. The door is Rectory Red by Farrow & Ball in a high gloss on the exterior and semi-gloss on the interior, and if you are looking for the perfect bright red I can’t recommend it enough. A lot of you mentioned that I should repaint it on the inside to be less jarring – like a blue or neutral, but I absolutely didn’t agree. I LOVE that big pop of red in the entry. And I know that the rug might seem awkward in that space, and maybe it is, but it also makes me so happy even if I have to move it around for shots. The final “entry” is done and yes, I wish I had done it this way from the start 🙂 xx

In case you missed any of the other reveals so far check them out: The Living Room | The Kid’s Shared Bedroom | The Basement Guestroom/Office | Basement BathroomElliot’s Room | Kitchen and Dining Room | The Front Yard

**Reveal Photos by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

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3 years ago

The final look is a knockout for sure, but I can find a lot to love in each one of the earlier incarnations. A rounded dresser is always swoon worthy, and maybe the rosewood piece filled every bit of the space but holy moly, what a joy to behold. I’m a HUGE fan of the red door and glad you stood your ground. Keeping it just a little bit weird is always my favorite way to go. <3

3 years ago

What a wondeful result and so helpfulto see the process of progress!
And now, I am sooo curious to see how you ended up with the playroom/den. We sneak a peak of one of your former chairs from the mountain … 🙂
Looking very much forward to seeing the next revewals.

Yvonne Bouma O'Brien
3 years ago

It’s an Oushak/Ushak rug! You’re right, the blue ones are VERY hard to find. We don’t live in the US, so I’ve had some good luck with Etsy. Best wishes for your move to Oregon. It’s my birthplace, so I understand it’s pull (plus that of family).

3 years ago

If it’s the geometric pattern that you like, better to search for Kazak (Other spellings: Qazax, Kazakh, Kasak, Gazakh).

i love every iteration of your entry, but the last one and this one are my all time faves (i’m a sucker for vintage danish modern storage pieces). This looks amazing 🙂

3 years ago

Was there an update on if you got the property in Portland that you were bidding on? When is your moving date? Inquiring minds want to know!!

3 years ago

I’m DYING for more info on your move to Portland! Is hoarding mid-century a clue? I hope so!

3 years ago

I always loved the curved dresser. It was nice painted, but the wood oozed charm and authenticity…and because my family had an antique shop during my teens, I just can’t paint good wood. Crappy, boring or damaged wood, hell yeah!
That said, itslight n breezy now and great for sale!

I’m really keen to see what you did with the (former?) playroom. That was trrrrr-icky!

3 years ago

Happy birthday (yesterday, yes, but it’s your birthday month as we say at our house)! And this room is be-u-tiful! So welcoming and homey. The barn slider on the right is to the play/tv room right? And is that door behind the entry table to the basement? I’ve never noticed it before.

The next owners of this gorgeous home are so lucky!

3 years ago
Reply to  Sara

Pretty sure the barn door is to the laundry room.

3 years ago

Love it. Although I think the feng shui acolytes say having a mirror across from an entry door is bad for energy.

3 years ago

I agree the red on the door in the entry is a great pop of color. It works so well with the blues and neutrals. And I need to remember that dressers make great entry pieces or consoles. I’m really enjoying these little tweaks you’re doing to sell the house.

Julie Enichen
3 years ago

I love the flushmount! Where is it from? I think I need it for my bathroom!

Megan Lec
3 years ago

I’m getting so excited for when you guys sell. I loved seeing outside shots of your last home once you had moved! Fingers crossed for a quick and painless sale 🙂

3 years ago

Love the red so much! But, I’ll admit to slowly bringing pops of red into several areas in my own home. Something about it just makes me happy. After living with neutrals for years, I’m loving color again!

3 years ago

OK, I like every one of the entry photos, and I have to say I am kinda over realtors making comments like he has to you about “brightening” things up. Yes, some homes are furnished, not decorated by a professional like you, and buyers know the difference. I so disagree about most staging….it’s a racket. For decades people sold homes that were lived in. Realtors are paid (supposedly) to “sell” a home. They can point out what a client might do in a room, or if they have learned the clients likes and dislikes, can be prepared to maximize or minimize features to assist a client envisioning themselves living in a home. Every client is not going to walk into a home and be over the moon about the decor, so do what is necessary by cleaning, removing personal photos and excess decor. Your home is beautiful and someone is going to walk in and fall in love with it. OK, I am over it, kinda.

3 years ago

You wouldn’t be “Emily” if you just designed it that way in the first place. You’re a stylist; you’re born to tinker. Different process than a “designer”. Accept your process.

3 years ago

Love it. And just a thought Emily…how easy is it to design and make your own rugs? I sense a business opportunity for you 😂

3 years ago

I actually think I’ve liked every iteration of this entry except when the curved dresser was the super light gray (which I think even you said was a “no” right away). Honestly, when the curved dresser was unpainted pine, I think it achieved a very similar result to where you landed, which is sort of a funny full circle moment. Each version of the entry was the right version for where you were at the time – the rosewood piece was functional in a way that fit what you needed then. Don’t be too hard on yourself 🙂

Deanne King
3 years ago

Bet there’s a lot of reasonable property for sale in Portland. I know if I lived there, I’d be getting out!

3 years ago
Reply to  Deanne King

Oh no, did I miss the part where Emily asked for opinions or advice about where she’s moving to? It’s doubtful she cares what you would do anyway, but thanks for the thoughtful analysis about the area!

3 years ago
Reply to  Deanne King

There’s been a lot of bad press about what’s going on in Portland but as a Portland-based realtor, I can assure you that the real estate market is going strong. Inventory is really low and prices are going up, but compared to every other major city on the west coast we’re still very affordable.

Welcome Emily and family! We’re happy to have you here (soon)!

3 years ago

“In a perfect world the mirror would have been a horizontal pill/oval as this one is kinda crammed between the sconce and the dresser, but I still really liked how it modernized the space.” This is exactly what sets this blog apart from others – capturing a teaching moment when possible! This totally made me take a second look at the photo (of which I first thought, “yeah, looks good!”) and see exactly what you mean. The ethos of “making it work” is so important in a world of disposable home goods and general excess, so I love that you did that but also noted it for readers, rather than glossing over. Thank you!!

3 years ago

My favorite was the blue painted dresser version, but this one is great too and I love the flush mount! We have a red door in a very similar hue and I love it.

For blue rugs, my friend just posted a picture of a similar one from Wayfair and I pinned it because it’s so pretty. Probably not the vintage feel you’re going for, but a similar style/colorway:

I’m thinking it will be our next living room rug, since my husband tracked TAR on the brand new rug we got during quarantine. (TAR!)

3 years ago

That rosewood piece is BEAUTIFUL

Ashlee Fox
3 years ago

Great post. Thanks for sharing!!
FYI, Loloi’s Cielo collection may put your quest for saturated blue rugs to and end!

3 years ago

Those tambour doors on the vintage rosewood chest are gorgeous! I missed getting a MCM Ramsuer gentleman’s chest in great condition two years ago so love an interesting looking, functional piece.

3 years ago

What a beautiful and inviting entry

A good rug, better persian and thick pile, in the entry is excelletn to keep clean the rest of the house and very useful to keep the door open. I had a kilim years ago, but it does not clean the sole of your shoe, gets dirty, is difficult and expensive to clean. It last few years and nice kilims are almost as expensive as persian rugs.

The more you walk/abuse on your persian rug the more beautiful and valuable it becames, Afetr thirty years of use the persian rug is still making you happy.

The way to make it work IMHO is to add two or three details in the colors of the rug, i.e sofa pillows, wall art etc..
Not as beautiful as yours, but still pretty and simialr colors:×198-p-101017.html

3 years ago

I am LOVING these posts with the final iterations of all the rooms in your LA home. All gorgeous and so fun to see how they’ve progressed over your time there.