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How To Design Your Bedroom For The Best Night SLEEP (+ Introducing Target’s New Casaluna Line)

You’d think that “SLEEP” would be the main goal when designing a bedroom but it’s often not. I’ve put TVs in bedrooms before (a big sleep no-no) and have indeed over-pillowed before (because it looks pretty and makes me happy), and I love the idea of fun patterns and bright colors even in a bedroom. But I’ve changed, (gotten older? wiser?) and now sleep is the #1 reason I use this room and it’s my thesis that “SLEEP” should be considered in all design decisions. So today I’m walking you through the elements of a bedroom designed for SLEEPING. We partnered with Target and their new Casaluna line (which is SO BEAUTIFUL) and if you haven’t seen it for yourself in-store, know that it’s their higher-end, all organic, sustainably made line at still an affordable price point for luxury. Plus it’s very, very beautiful so the designer in me is still satisfied, when awake. So if you need more sleep feel free to use this post as a guide for how to design your bedroom to do just that – SLEEP.

Keep It Minimal (But Warm)

There is truly such a difference between cold and minimal. Both don’t have “a lot of stuff” but only one is inviting. It’s actually quite simple – warm minimalism is achieved through textiles and textures in monochromatic or soothing colors. Here we have these soothing blues and creams in different textures, a rug that pulls them all together (that rug is very good in person, btw) and accented by wood and brass (both warm). Also consider adding a cat or some sort of cozy animal, in your color palette of course, to the bed – a lovely, textural living sculpture!

Stick To A Calm Color Palette

Chair | Stripe Blanket | Slippers | Blanket Ladder | Chunky Knit Blanket | Cable Knit Blanket | Green Vase | Art (not available) | Frame | Lamp (not available) | Dresser (vintage) | Ceramic (handmade by Sara)

Now “calm colors” means different things to different people so I’m not saying you have to use neutrals. But for “calm” I always think low contrast (not a ton of black and white busy patterns) and cooler tones (yellow and red aren’t typically “calm” but also do whatever you want, it’s your bedroom!)

Symmetry = Less Stimulation

Round Mirror | Large Wall Art (not available)

Your eye likes it when things match because it’s less work to process “what is happening” – so when your nightstands “match” it’s almost like we only have to do 1/2 the visual processing. I’m making us all sound like newborns that get exhausted with too much stimulation, as if two different nightstands would confuse our baby brains so wildly, but I’m telling you – our eyes and brains understand symmetry easily and stimulates our brain so much less (thus ready for sleep).


1. Consider Your Inserts

Regardless of your style, it’s time to seriously consider what goes on your bed – both inside your bedding and on top. (Obviously, the mattress is important too, but that’s not this post). We are talking inserts, pillows, sheets, blankets… But before you begin, ask yourself some questions to help guide you because there are a lot of options.

1. How cool or hot do you “run”? This might also shift by season (and often does). Depending on the answer there are light, medium, and heavy inserts and provide, well, light, medium, or heavy heat and weight. I’m a medium girl myself (in down, not down alt). Speaking of…

2. What “fill” best suits you?? Most bedding inserts are made from either Down or Down Alternative. What’s the real difference? I’ll break it *down* for you:

3. How many layers do you want? What is your level of comfort needed (mine is HIGH, Brian likes less)? Do you want to feel like you are swimming in softness (me)? Or have just the basics with less fuss (Brian)? We’ve landed on four king pillows, one comforter, and a big quilt for colder nights.

4. How important is machine washable? How often do you want to replace? Some materials (down, goose and wool) don’t do well in a typical washing machine so opt for down alternative going forward.

Once you know all of those things, you have the following basics to think about: mattress topper, comforter insert, and pillow inserts. This can be kinda intimidating (and an investment) so I’ve broken it down for you so you can purchase (if you need) with more confidence.

Mattress Topper

Foam Topper | Down Alternative Topper | Down & Feather Topper | Wool Blend Topper

The mattress topper is a luxury for those of you who A. want to soften a firm mattress B. crave even more comfort, C. want to protect the mattress as much as possible and D. really want to sleep in the clouds. These are attached simply on top of your mattress and yes, add a cloud-like softness. They also can add heat so might be better in winter months. These options in the Casaluna collection are simple (in a good way) – Down, Down alternative, foam topper, and wool. The down and feather blend looks AMAZING and I’m tempted to get it for the kids here in winter as they have a similar one (in down alt) on their bed in LA and they LOVE it. The foam is more firm and feels more like a memory pad. But for those of you who like a “crisp bed” you probably don’t need a topper. You DO however, need a pillow.

Pillow Insert

Medium Firm Down Alternative | Cool Loft™ | Firm Down Alternative | Medium Down Surround™ | Serene™ Foam | Firm Down Surround™ | Soft Down | Goose Down | Wool Blend

Ideally, we’d all go into the store, be able to test these out ourselves, but these days that’s less convenient. My personal opinion is to get one that is more firm – like the medium-firm down alt for leaning against, and then Brian and I are leaders of team “SOFT DOWN“. It’s incredibly soft and fluffy. I’m curious if any of you have tried the “cool loft‘ and if so leave in the comments. The idea of it keeping you cool all night sounds dreamy.


Light Weight Down Alternative | Mid Weight Down Alternative | Ultra Weight Down Alternative | Light Weight Down | Mid Weight Down | Ultra Weight Down

Don’t be intimidated by the options – just remember if you like fluffy and still warm and you don’t mind not being able to wash it yourself then stick to down. If you are prone to allergies go with down alt. We now have the light-weight down for summer/fall and mid-weight down for winter.

Mid Weight Down Blend | Light Weight Down Blend | Wool Blend | Ultra Weight Down Blend


Now you’ve figured out the basics, let’s jump right into the sheets. The new Casaluna line is VERY PRETTY, and I know you can’t tell through photos that it is very soft and comfortable BUT IT IS. But choosing off of photos is hard because frankly they are very well styled and all look so attractive. So here is what to think about:

You have fabric options both in color AND texture. I’ll explain.

Fabric Options

Linen Blend | Hemp | Washed Supima Percale | Lyocell | Jersey | Temperature Regulating

Stop worrying about thread count (that was just a marketing fad), think about touch and quality. Linen and Hemp are both so beautiful to look at and have a more handmade feel, but some (Brian) consider it too rough. I love a percale myself as they just feel crisp and fresh, but I can certainly lean toward Lyocell which is even softer (and has a bit of a sheen). Jersey is cozy and while I haven’t tried the temperature regulating sheet if this is a struggle of yours give it a roll. All the bedding is sustainably sourced and of VERY high quality.

Basic Bed Necessities

After sheets and pillows, you get to think about the other elements and layers you want. If you have a duvet cover with an insert you do NOT need a flat sheet (as the duvet cover is washable) and maybe you don’t like to have four pillows up top (we do). We’ve purposefully left off decorative pillows because they aren’t necessary for “sleep” but you can certainly add them.

Yah, But How Do We Layer The Textiles?

Ultimately this is about your preference on comfort, feel, and volume of layers. But if you are going to mix (yay!) as your official designer, I say go for it with as many different textures as possible (in a tonal, minimal colorway). In this bed, we have hemp sheets (top and bottom), linen/cotton blend shams, a comforter, quilted blanket, and knitted throw. Now you probably don’t need all of those, but it sure does look pretty, cozy and Lady (the cat) found it VERY easy to nap on, so if you need a cat spokesperson to convince you she’s it. If you want it to be simpler skip the top sheet and the throw, but I personally think that a quilt at the end that ties in with the shams at the top makes your very comfortable bed look also beautiful.

Hemp Sheet Set | Linen Shams | Comforter | Quilt | Throw | Side Table | Table Lamp | Tray | Reed Diffuser | Botanical Art | Bookends | Rug

Consider The 5 (Fine, 4) Senses:

What if you tried to curate a sleep-inducing room for all 5 senses? How do you even address them to make your body fall asleep and stay asleep longer? Obviously what you touch (or touches you) is important with the bedding, but we’ve covered that. Now onto sight, smell, and sound and just know we are skipping taste but feel free to consume dark chocolate, wine, or tea before bed to ensure your perfect nighttime sleep-inducing sensory experience.

Sight – Reduce The Light

Not only do you want to keep it visually “minimal” but you want to have the right lighting for the before-bed-wind-down (reading) as well as reducing the light in the morning to sleep longer. For this consider:

Eye Mask | Glass Vase | Knot Object

1. Lamps. This could be a pendant on a convenient switch, a fabric shade like for more ambient lighting, or a metal shade for more directional lighting like this one. Just make sure it’s easy to reach and a low wattage bulb. If you need a reading light consider a smaller lamp clipped to your headboard with more directional light.

2. Window Treatments. We shot this in Sara’s bedroom and she had these custom blackout shades installed (that are so pretty). But there are many readymade blackout shades and curtains available. Quick HOT TIP – curtains block out the light better as most roman shades have some sort of light leak depending on the direction it faces and the time of year. We love these curtains from Target that block out light and are really affordable.

Tray | Mug | Napkin

3. Sleep Masks. It does seem kinda silly that we obsess about blackout curtains when really you just need to cover your eyes with a snug piece of soft fabric. Historically sleep masks have either been really uncomfortable OR super expensive. Enter this new Casaluna silk mask. You barely feel it’s there, it blocks out the light and now I use it every night.

Smell (Let’s Call It “Fragrance”)

Essential oils via reed diffusers are so lovely and subtle, and lavender can tell your brain to relax and drift off. I wasn’t really into these until we bought some at the mountain house and I LOVE how they A. kinda look like flower arrangements and B. you don’t have to light them like a candle therefore more safe. They just give off a very subtle fragrance without you doing anything but refilling when empty.

Sound – SHHHH

As I was writing this I realized that we didn’t address sound in the photos! But consider this for yourself – would you sleep better with a white noise machine? Earplugs? Fall asleep to a meditation, song, or storytelling podcast? The Casaluna line of bedding doesn’t sing you to sleep, but creating a calm sound environment is also important for good sleeping (especially for us light sleepers). Brian swears by the Sleep With Me podcast – to get him to sleep and if he wakes up in the middle of the night he puts it on again and it works.

While I hope you are still awake I do hope this post helps you design your bedroom to actually SLEEP. We all know the rules – stay off the phone, don’t go straight from TV to sleep, etc. But the bedding you choose, including the inserts, can make a big difference on you first of WANTING to get into bed (I crave my bed), falling asleep, and even more importantly staying asleep. The Casaluna line was designed just for that, and being sustainably made you can also rest your conscious that you are doing best for the environment. High quality, good for the earth, BEAUTIFUL, and ready for you to have many great nights of sleep.

Emily’s Outfit: Top and Pants

**Styled by Emily Bowser | Photos by Sara Ligorria-Tramp


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66 thoughts on “How To Design Your Bedroom For The Best Night SLEEP (+ Introducing Target’s New Casaluna Line)

  1. So beautiful, such a calm and cozy atmosphere! Is this a hidden Sara´s bedroom reveal? The trims look very familiar…

    1. YES! They did slip in that it was shot in her bedroom but way too casually! As if we haven’t all been waiting with bated breath for the rest of Sara’s reveals. 😃
      Sara I know you don’t *technically* work at EHD anymore but your style is SO beautiful and we are all very invested in your home, please keep us in the loop! 🙂
      I’d love a full bedroom tour – these photos today are gorgeous! Very cool headboard and beautiful dresser vignette!
      Also nice to see it was styled by Emily Bowser 🙂

        1. Yep! Bowser came up with the idea, my brother helped us with the dowels, and we built it. It was super easy though and a DIY post is underway!

      1. THANK YOU! We’ve got my primary closet reveal and our office/guest room reveal coming up this fall. And the kitchen should be ready for reveal in the new year! And at some point I’ll sneak my real bedroom reveal in there too…

    2. Haha, yes you caught it! BUT this isn’t a reveal. In order to be super safe, but still able to create really pretty original content, we’ve been shooting with really small crews at really safe locations. So for this we just staged my bedroom and it was just Bowser and I on set for most of it, Em checking in and art directing virtually during the install days, and then popping by for a bit on the day of the actual shoot. So yes this is my room, but I have PLANS for it. Stay tuned….

      P.S. I did keep the bedding from this shoot though, and I have to say that I’m REALLY into it. Mac wishes I had kept the neutral cream color, but I fell in love with the sage.

  2. SUCH A SOOTHING BEDROOM! i used to love love love a colorful maximalist bedrom (fond memories of my college-aged bedrooms), but now that i’m a little older (is 40 even old?), i find myself drawn to a more minimal and calm bedroom look.
    something to consider with any of the foam items. synthetic foams off-gas and you breathe that in as you sleep. organic latex (assuming you don’t have a latex allergy) is a better option since it is all natural and doesn’t off-gas.
    also, YAY for including hemp here. Soooooooooooooooooooo much better all around, especially for the environment. 🙂

  3. I love that you pointed out matching the night stands is more soothing in a bedroom. I know the trend for a long time was to have mismatched night stands and I couldn’t stand it. It gave me visual anxiety in my bedroom, lol!

    1. hahah. When I was a stylist we always did like a beautiful sculptural chair as a ‘nightstand’ and often had them not matching, but i’m VERY into symmetry in the bedroom these days. 🙂

  4. Down is actually pretty easy to wash, unless you have a giant comforter. Use 1/3 the regular amount of detergent and make sure it’s super dry before putting it back on the bed. You can check down manufacturing instructions and most say the same.

    My 5 year old uses the down comforter I had in high school. (!) We have a cover on it and we wash the insert once a year or if there’s an accident.

    1. Came to say the same thing! My high school comforter is still going strong in our guest room, but sometimes the cat thinks that’s a great place to hairball. It comes out of the wash looking brand new.

      Down is easy to wash in a large front loading machine and any laundry mat will have one if you don’t. Also dryer balls are key to re-fluffing the down, and clean tennis balls work in a pinch.

    2. It also helps to put a dryer ball or tennis balls in with your pillows and comforters when drying (down or down alternate, doesn’t matter) to keep them properly fluffed!

  5. What shade of the quilt is this? The sky blue or sage green? It looks much more mint than the products photos on Target so I wasn’t sure…

  6. Beautiful! I love this simple look with the 4 pillows but my pillows are fat and bulky…is it still achievable? I always wonder when I see staged phots of beds if the designer is using the pillows they actually sleep with or flatter ones for staging purposes

    1. We kept these pillows and we do actually sleep with them! They’re really comfortable. I personally really like using one between my knees, haha.

  7. Any chance you have a post coming that’s all about mattresses? I’ve been researching and am overwhelmed 😳. (And I’m an interior designer!)

    1. PLEASE do this! I just sent back a hybrid mattress in a box right at the 100 day return mark. It just didn’t work for me!

    2. Okay go to the mattress underground. Seriously. I just did the mattress shopping thing and this saved my life. I had a budget that wasn’t overwhelmingly big and very big needs. They have all the information you could ever need AND they have an AMAZING forum where you can ask experts questions about what you’ll need. I had to shop for myself and my boyfriend who’s stuck on the other side of the border because of we couldn’t go try things out together and we have completely different bodies (he’s over 400lbs and I’m about 115). They helped me figure out exactly what I would need and helped me find discounts and local factory direct places. I honestly can’t recommend anything enough.

    3. I have the top of the line tempurpedic bed, the luxe breeze, in my main home. But I didn’t like the off gassing I had to deal with for the first month. I had forgotten about that with my previous tempurpedic that I had for 12+ years and gave to my teen daughter. We recently furnished a beach apartment, and I shopped natural beds. I ended up with the 9” Botanical Bliss from PlushBeds, and I love it! No off gassing, and possibly more comfortable than the tempurpedic at a fraction of the price. I know many of the EHD staff have mentioned Tuft and Needle in past posts. I’m pretty sure there were preferences stated. Maybe it was another post on bedding or how to make a bed. I also considered Avocado Green, and did end up with their latex/kapok pillow, which I love. Good luck with choosing. It’s such a difficult decision.

      1. I am actually making my own mattress out of wool and a latex topper for my son. I may even make a very bottom layer or straw (which is what mattress used to be made out of).

        On one bed I have a latex topper which is supposed to be 100% natural but it really smells terribly. On another bed I have a feather topper with a wool cover on top of it, and I prefer that.

        I am really into making my own organic mattresses because mattresses are soooo toxic and we spend so much time sleeping on them!!

        1. I haven’t had any problems with the natural and organic latex products I’ve purchased. I’ve also bought wool pillows and mattress toppers, and they are nice, too.

  8. I am dying over the headboard, can’t pay attention to anything else. It is GORGEOUS.

  9. I know this is almost too strange to say out loud, but I sleep in a twin sized bed and I see none of the new bedding comes in that size. I guess that’s a relief in a way…it’s all so lovely and tempting.

    1. Oh no! I was thinking I’d finally be able to get soft twin sheets for our guest beds. They are very hard to find. Please reconsider Target!!!

  10. Hi Emily, I just wanted to add to the cons list for down filling. You might not know it, but feathers are actually plucked from live birds! I had always assumed that they came from the birds they plucked for food purposes, but no, live birds! I can’t imagine the horror! So, I would consider down alternative for a cruelty free sleep!

    1. I loved this post but I second the sentiment about the practice of down being incredibly cruel and painful. There are amazing down alternatives these days! I’d love for down-alternatives to be as mainstream as faux-fur some day. Let’s help the animals of the earth in any way we can. 🙂

    2. Thank you, Lynne. Yes, this is a VERY important point. Please, people, spend your money on cruelty-free products! Down alternative performs amazingly well anyway 🙂

      1. Oh no. I didn’t know that. really??????? thank you for letting me know! Doing more research now.

    3. They’re not always plucked from live birds, but…the point is, that it’s needless suffering.
      Anyone googled how ducks are killed?? Or cows, sheep, pigs…for that matter? It’s all extremely cruel and csuses immense suffering.
      Imagine dtanding in line hearing thevpeople in frontof you screaming as they met their demise.
      If you visit a commercial abattoir and STILL eat meat…well then.
      Animals body parts in plastic wrap disguises the awful truth.

      1. Quick note, there is such a thing as recycled down—it’s usually called redown I believe. They take down from used products, determine what’s useable, clean it, and repurpose it.

    4. Thank you for flagging, Lynne! This was the only thing I could think of when reading this post. It breaks my heart. Down (unless it’s certified recycled) has come out of our home for this reason. It’s barbaric and unnecessarily cruel when there are other great alternatives, many of which were highlighted here!

  11. At first I was thinking the Hendersons got a cat….but then….not their house/es….Sara’s cat!!! Yaaay!

    I love the colours of this line! Very dreamy, pun intended. Iminto more bold bedroomy things, but am moving more to bold patterns with more muted tones, if that makes sense?

    With the quilts…. DOWN = dead ducks.
    I. Just. Can’t. Do. Dead. Ducks. For. My. Comfort. Pleasure. 🐣🐥🙄

    1. FYI: When my college boyfriend hunted in the Chesapeake bay, the down companies would clean the birds for free. Birds were already goners. The hunters were happy to skip the chore, and the down and feathers were used to fill duvets and pillows after cleaning.

      1. The point is nit whether the duck was dead when it was plucked!
        All the ducks the fown comes from are dead before they’re plucked.
        Just like all the lambs are killed to be cut into “lamb chops.”
        Perhaps you missed the point? 🙄

    2. To complicate things a bit… down alternative is usually some form of “poly fill.” Poly fill is basically a form of plastic. It doesn’t biodegrade, is difficult/energy intensive to recycle properly, and comes from fossil fuels. When washed it sheds micro plastics. Sooooo my vote is to focus on treating animals respectfully but I would still rather use some animal products. Our family is trying to learn from indigenous cultures in this way.

      1. also, just a heads up, there’s such a thing as recycled down! There are also companies that certify the ethical practices of down as well that you can do research into. PETA’s distinctly not trustworthy I’m afraid… so you’ll have to get your info elsewhere with regards to that…. other options (not plastic) are wool, silk, and cotton. They will have a different feel/weight though. Also cotton is a very difficult thing to buy ethically right now because it has such a long supply chain and generally involves some sort of forced labour in its production. (Google Uyghur forced labour). Silk can also be a difficult ethical buy.

        1. There is also kapok. I am not sure about issues with supply chain etc, but I don’t want to use petroleum in my home. I never knew about recycled down, will look into that!

  12. In case anyone is drooling over the chunky knit Casaluna blanket, I own it and offer the following data points: 1) it weighs a TON when you try to pull it up at night, 2) it snags, so not super dog-friendly, and 3) it’s verrrrrry stretchy, so best for a rumpled styling. It’s gorgeous and inexpensive though.

  13. WOW!! I literally just did a blog about this a few weeks ago!! So pleased more people are talking about bedding basics and how important they are for a good nights rest!

  14. ONE MORE THING!! You left off silk as an alternate for your duvet inserts! It is super breathable and light-weight, great for warmer climates!

  15. Do you physically have the soft down pillow? I am obsessed with the field crest duck down pillow you recommended in the past and am devastated they discontinued the line. How does this Casaluna pillow compare? Does it fluff up as readily as the fieldcrest ones do? Is it as lofty? Help!!!

  16. So lovely! Also, I just got word that Boll & Branch is sending a gifted blanket my way! I purchased one from them after discovering them here…and guess I was one of the first people to order and get the giveaway. So grateful! I LOVE the one I ordered – natural fabric is essential on my end, and it’s 100% organic cotton and so soft. My cats agree:).

  17. I’m swooning over everything in this post. But I just can’t take my eyes off of that gorgeous headboard. Please do a DIY post asap! I’d also love to know about the bed frame. It’s ALL gorgeous!

  18. Is the whole Casaluna line organic? I can’t find that info anywhere online, it just says the cotton is organic! The bedding is super beautiful though and I’m completely inspired!

  19. Can you share which colorway the rug is that you chose? I’m searching for a new one and love it!! Target pics of the rug are very off if your shots are any indication…it’s impossible to tell which one you have so please share!!!

  20. In pros and cons for feather down inserts, it would be wonderful of you to include the ethical implications as well!

    Real down is a result of either live-plucking geese and ducks (holding them by their necks and wings to tear their feathers from their skin) or scalding their bodies (to make it easier to remove the feathers) post-mortem, after they are slaughtered for other types of human consumption. So synthetic is not only hypoallergenic, it’s cruelty-free – a huge pro you would be remiss not to mention!

    1. Okay…so now I’m even more horrified!!! 🤯

      Been googling and most down DOES come from live ducks!!!
      What’d ducks ever do? They get force fed to make them fatten up, plucked alive and eventually killed to be eaten for the taste on someone’s palate.

      Mmmmmmmm….tasty….NOT if you gave a conscience.
      Like, really?!!

  21. Love all these looks and totally agree on making the bedroom as serene and soothing as possible. The other thing that was a game changer for me was a water pillow – my husband and I both swear by ours. No neck pain, as it adjusts as you move, and you can fill it to your desired firmness level. They look and are sized like normal pillows, so you can use any sheet sets with them.

  22. OK – so I haven’t read all of the comments to see if this had already been addressed, but did read the post twice to confirm that there was NO mention of the inhumane practices in the “harvesting” of down. It wasn’t on the pro/con list and it wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the article unless I somehow managed to overloook it? Is that not even a remote consideration for anyone but me?

  23. Ok I have to be this person because there’s such a cute kitty in these photos. If you have pets, please do not buy reed diffusers and be really careful with any essential oils that you’re defusing in your home. Pets (especially cats) will get oil on their fur from the air and then when they groom themselves, they’ll ingest it, so you need to make sure any oils you pick are pet safe. There’s also a horrible account of a reed diffuser spilling on a cat (or, ya know, those curious kitties knock stuff over…a lot) causing severe chemical burns. The photos are gruesome. Be so careful!

    1. YES. True. And also, things that are safe for dogs are NOT necessarily safe for cats because their livers work differently. So, for example, those peppermint essential oil flea treatments? Cat poison.

  24. Ahhh!!! It’s like you were reading my mind!! I’ve been redoing my primary bedroom ( the EHD community has been the BEST for feedback) right now and we did get both the blush pink and sage temperature regulating sheets sets for our bed. I love them! I’m happy to report that the deep pockets of the fitted sheet actually stay on the mattress (a huge problem with other sheets we had – no idea how my husband does that) and the color is really beautiful in person.

    Sara!!! I’m so so excited to see the rest of your bedroom! It’s such a testament to you that you do moody and light in the same home and so well. I know this was staged for photos, but that headboard is GORGEOUS

  25. I know this isn’t about mattresses, but with mattress pads/toppers and pillows and such involved as well, I thought I’d mention an amazing resource I discovered while shopping for a new mattress recently: the mattress underground. It’s a blog with more information than you could ever need that can help you shop beyond the buzz words of things and they have this AMAZING forum where experts take time out of their day to support people with questions. There are even great discounts and resources to find deals in your area.

  26. I bought the cool loft pillow. After a week of uncomfortable nights I gave up. No “give” at all.

  27. Everything in this room is warm and calm, but I have to point out that you should now have a cat in every bedroom shoot! They make everything look so much cozier!

    (Oh and those table lamps, so pretty! I would be buying a dozen if I lived in the US!)

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