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REVEAL: Our Boy/Girl, 2-Twin Bed Shared Kids Room… With A HEAVY Dose Of Mama Drama


IT’S BEEN A REAL JOURNEY. It was less “cobbler’s kids with no shoes” because that sounds kinda quaint and cute. No, more like “dentist’s kids with only 3 teeth”, eliminating the option of dentures. After 4 years of working on this room, today I’m revealing the “final” (ha) version of the kids shared bedroom and even I’m surprised that I like it this much – not because it’s the best kids room ever but because like most of you I was VERY WORRIED that it wasn’t going to turn out well. The truth is my doubts were there, but it still made my heart beat (in a good way, not a heart attack like another commenter feared). So I knew I could make it work. Turns out we all love it – it’s exciting and interesting and playful and has a nod to the eclectic traditional vibe that this house wants, but in a way that is still very ME. And by “ME” I mean, of course, “them” – the two children who might inhabit this room. In this weird world, they haven’t even seen it yet as we are still up in the mountains, so I snuck down to LA without them because in shocking news trying to style out and shoot a kids room with kids in the room is like trying to catch frogs with your elbows. I’m not exactly sure when/if they will ever sleep in this room again, but it’s ready for them when they do and from seeing the photos they love it, too.

It’s been a long time coming …

Let’s revisit ghosts of bedroom past. When we bought this house I think it was considered the Primary bedroom (formerly known as master, learn more about that language shift here) even though it didn’t have a bathroom and had a tiny closet. The year was 1921 and people shared full-sized beds, had 5 outfits in total, and burned their garbage in a pit in the backyard (true story). So we added a bathroom for the kids and made room for a proper closet.

Three and a half years ago we finished the first iteration of this room and shot it for Real Simple, as just Charlie’s room. It was cute, but I didn’t love it. Honestly, I didn’t know it was going to be shot until a couple of weeks before so I scrambled to pull it together. It just felt a bit dated and nothing really too special about it.

Then over a year and a half ago the kids moved in together, by choice (so cute), and I STRUGGLED to design it mostly due to it being small-ish for two beds and the fact that we all preferred a big king bed over two twins. Bunk beds were a big NO for us as we tried one for 11 days and nights of horror. They got up 6 times a night “scared” and while I was out of town Brian took it apart and put the mattresses on the ground, where they stayed for months.

ANYWAY, it’s been 3 different colors, has had cheap beadboard on it and I tried 3 different bed arrangements to get here. Of course, the pandemic made it harder to source pieces and there might be some things that I would add that were unavailable or we couldn’t get our hands on. But it felt ready to show you and frankly I myself was desperate to style something and have a pretty show and tell for you all.


Paint Color | Window Treatment | Rug | Ceiling Light | Stripe Fabric | Green Fabric | Brass Curtain Rod | Brass Endcap Finials | Plug-in Sconce (vintage) | Wicker Twin Bed (similar) | Vintage Wicker Bed (similar) | Table Lamp | Scallop Bedskirt | Dotted Duvet Set | Blue Bed Throw | White Sheet Set | Stuffed Sloth Animal | Stuffed Octopus Animal

It’s whimsical, original, exciting, but with a pretty cohesive color palette of blues and greens (with hits of mustard and red) so it doesn’t feel cuckoo anymore. Last time you saw this we all voted/agreed to separate the beds (we can push together for a while if they want), raise them on higher frames, and lower the brass bar of the canopy. Once we did those three things I knew that I could style it out to be cute. The proportions were originally off, making the canopy feel SO overwhelming. But once they were right, it was just a matter of styling and fun.


So let’s talk details of this canopy. The canopy was the problem child a few months ago. It dominated the room, eliciting fear, worry, and even “vertigo” from one reader/commenter. Every time Brian walked in he would say, “it’s just… a LOT“. I thought I would have to take it down and scrap it all together despite the heavy investment, but I kept telling myself to just work with it as far as you can, push through the finish line and if I couldn’t make it work we’d admit defeat and revise. It was a bold commitment/risk as it was all custom and I KNEW that this room didn’t have an obvious focal wall that it should live on (thus trying to create one). But now that it’s all styled out, it not only WORKS but it’s AWESOME.

The broken stripe fabric is Zak + Fox and if you look closely there are hand stitching throughout, making it far more special than it might initially appear. Its all hand-sewn and super thick (plus we backed it). I know that it’s a lot for some of you, but in the room, now that the headboards are higher, I love it – it feels like a modern/playful take on the traditional canopy. And like a child theater actor, this lady adds a heavy dose of drama and personality, letting the rest of the room be “the company” – full of character and whimsy but taking a back seat.

The green fabric is from Maresca Textiles, is a bit darker in person, and adds some contrast in both color and pattern. Both of those fabric companies are from smaller designers creating patterns that I LOVE, with many of them supporting artisans or made in the states. Please check them out. Obviously I couldn’t just leave it there, and insisted on the fringe on the front and mustard piping on the sides. I love both.

Now, what I learned is that we need something stiffer in the green fabric flap to keep it taut – almost like one of those cardboard things that are in your collar when you buy it from Macy’s. The wrinkles do kinda bum me out, but not enough to spend more time/energy/money on it.

I LOVE what this does in the room, but if I were to do it again I might have done a more affordable version of it mostly because it added up to a lot (12 yards of fabric (gifted) + accent trim + sewing $1500, plus a $200 install, then lowering, another $100). But pre-pandemic-no-spare-time-always-overwhelmed-Emily had different priorities than I do now and outsourcing was all I could muster (more on that later). It was constructed and installed in March when I wanted to create something aspirational and fantastical, instead of my new direction of more approachable and still inspirational (although I’m currently project-less). And to be fair to past-Emily, I was ready to invest here because I was frankly desperate to prove to myself (and sure, perhaps you) that I could make this room awesome, special, editorial, rivaling both kids rooms in our last house which I nailed – design-wise (see Charlie’s and Birdie’s). I was embarrassed by this room for years, making a million excuses/disclaimers when friends – or worse – acquaintances – came over and wanted to “poke around”. And now I can’t wait to show people this room (if we ever have people over). It absolutely gave the room the statement that I wanted and yes, I am proud of it (THANK GOD).

The Headboards

The headboards are vintage, bought off of Chairish – these are normally pretty easy to find at vintage stores and relatively affordable (I paid $400 but I’ve seen them for like $50 before). There are actually a few sets left online. I know that a lot of you voted for either headboards OR canopy – not BOTH – but I stand by this layering choice. Here’s why – you have a simple, warm, solid, wicker oval shape against the busier rectangular graphic softer, fabric pattern. These shapes ground the wall in a way that the wild canopy couldn’t have ever. In fact, if you need a far-fetched metaphor you could say that I’m the canopy and Brian is the headboard. I also love that when pushed together into a king bed these headboards still look AWESOME, so I’ll be able to use them in the future in a different project.

HOT TIP: Like in most of my rooms, I like a combo of square and round – I think that subtle contrast makes a really interesting and eclectic and creates tensions in a good way. So we have the blocks/stripes of the canopy with the rounded headboard (as opposed to a squared-off one). Then the rectangle shade on the sconce and the round ball lamp. You get it, but now that I’ve told you you’ll see this everywhere in this room and in all of my projects.

Also how cute are all those stuffies? I bought them all from a new-to-me brand Goodee which sells far more than just large sloth stuffed animals – check them out.

Stuffed Sloth | Stuffed Pig Animal | Stuffed Crocodile Animal


The room really woke up once I layered the bedding, and balanced out the wall and yet calmed her down. The black and white polka dot comforter set is from Pottery Barn and the teal blanket and shams are from Justina Blakeney’s new line and it’s REALLY GOOD. The blankets have contrasting fringe and the pillows are a really thick weave that feels very high quality (comes in a bunch of different colors, too).

Scallop Bedskirt | Dotted Duvet Set | Blue Bed Throw | White Sheet Set

Please note my inclusion of scallops in this room – the bed skirt, which I think we can go ahead and call it what it is – A DUST RUFFLE. I restrained myself here, almost doing a plaid or something CRAZY ruffly, but when I found these from Ballard Designs (first time ordering from there, ha!). I realized the white helped separate the bed from the rug and the scallop said “playful and whimsy” without taking me into the over-decorated ’80s territory that frankly, this room was threatening to enter.

Before we leave this side of the room I wanted to show off the DIY silhouettes that the kids and I made. I bought the antique frames off Etsy and hung them on a simple change and jump ring from the brass curtain rod. This “moment” makes me VERY happy. If you look closely you can see them write their name and age in pencil and Birdie couldn’t help herself but add a ton of hearts on hers when I wasn’t looking.

The Light and Blackout Shades

Let’s not forget about the other side of the room. But first, we switched out the larger fixture for this one that is more modern and playful (and strangely affordable). It competes less with the canopy and recedes in a good way.

We worked with Decorview once again for the custom shade. The canopy + curtain situation drowned the room in the fabric so we had to change to shades. I wanted something that popped off more than white, but I didn’t want yet another fabric in here. So I customized theses natural woven shades that picked up on the wicker and wood tones in the room. We chose to do just ONE across the windows, hung high up to reduce”light leak”. We still have plans to sew magnets into the sides (and glue to the window frame) to reduce the light leak on the sides even more. I know that custom window treatments are a splurge, but these older windows made getting something ready-made very hard, and once you enter the custom route you want to make sure that they are done right and installed perfectly. We installed them just a few inches from the ceiling to make the ceiling look taller and they reach the bottom of the sill.

The “Bookstore” Nook

Paint Color | Window Treatment | Green Bookcase | Paper Ship | Red Table Lamp | Vintage Children’s Desk | Rug

This corner was such a challenge. I thought about actually walling it off to make the room more square, or doing a cute faux wall with a big circle in it to create a fort. When Brian nixed those ideas I thought about hanging a big oval wicker chair, which would have looked cute and engaged the space nicely. But we needed a bookshelf and Charlie was begging for a desk to do “homework”. I decided to just make it as functional for my family as possible, so I scrapped the swing that I knew they would likely fight over and would just be a hanging sculpture for me to enjoy looking at (there was no room for them to even “swing” much). I found this vintage desk on Craigslist in our neighborhood. I had plans to paint the base but, well, didn’t and that’s ok.

The bookshelf is kinda perfect for this. I love the dark green color and know that it could transition to any room when they are older (or literally any room – even a family room). It’s super simple, with great book storage and a big drawer at the bottom. I thought about putting it where the trunk is (to be able to put the swing in the corner) but it made the room feel much smaller and was too close to the dresser (square case good near square case good felt a little claustrophobic).

I’d like to introduce you to my new favorite accessories in this room – the red lamp and the ship kite. I bought the lamp for the living room but it was a bit too bright and jarring. Once we put it here it really awoke that corner and added more playfulness. The bookshelf corner still felt dark but once I got that white kite hung it really pulled your eye over there and brightened it.

The Rug and The Trunk

Paint Color | Rug | Dresser | Table Lamp | Dotted Duvet Set | Blue Bed Throw | Round Mirror

The rug and the trunk were the two areas that I might have changed had we not been in a pandemic. I could have shopped in person and spent a bit more time and money obsessing. But at a certain point, I just wanted to call it on this room (especially since we aren’t even living here). So I know that this rug isn’t perfect because it’s too big. And I still wanted to layer a playful rug over it (I chose this one, but it was on backorder). But listen, this rug is great in the space and my mindset has shifted a bit in general. I didn’t want to waste this rug and purchase another one just because it was technically too big, especially during our quarantine. It was a case of “good enough” 🙂

I’ve had the vintage trunk since Charlie was a baby and while it could use a recover, it worked well enough here. The round mirror above it was perfect to add something modern and graphic (and again – mix the round with the square).

The Gallery Wall

Face Mobile | Painting by Mary Ann Puls | Embroidered Piece by Jane Denton | Frames | Dresser | Lamp (similar)

This side of the room did stump me. Do I do a quadrant of pieces? Two side by side? But ultimately I used what we already had (plus adding that face mobile) and just had fun with it – mixing mediums, shapes, textures, and dimensions. The dog portrait is one of my favorite pieces that I own and it hasn’t been hung in my house in years – I’m so happy he’s back. The Jane Denton embroidery piece was in Charlie’s first nursery and brings back baby memories. The painting up top is a new piece from Mary Ann Puls that I bought from the Portland project. And then I added a photo strip of the kids and a photo of them holding hands, both pieces I had framed a while ago with Framebridge.

The dresser is from Rejuvenation and is just so classic and high quality. The lamp I’ve had forever, from Schoolhouse, and yes, I want a time machine to lower the harp on it because you shouldn’t be able to see the hardware under the shade. Listen, we were trying to style/shoot really fast, just Sara and I because we had a lot to shoot that day to reduce the number of days on set (we had both been tested and wore masks).

The only thing missing? Those kids.

In lieu of my children I posed for you, here, donning high waisted tight jeans for the first time in months and trust me, it was terrible.

All in all, I needed this day. I miss styling, shooting, and writing about my projects so badly and am so excited to show you the living room, basement and a few other updates we made. More to come soon …..

BUT FOR NOW – I don’t expect full acceptance of this room and canopy from every person in the world (which obviously I’m never offended by). This kind of design isn’t for all people, but I’d love to know what you think? Do you think we pulled it off???? Did we make it work???

In case you missed any of the other reveals so far check them out: The Living Room | The Basement Guestroom/Office | Basement BathroomElliot’s Room | Kitchen and Dining Room | The Entry | The Front Yard

**Final Reveal Photos by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

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And she’s back! Nice to see you, hear you and see you pull together a fabulous, fun room for your kids Emily. I especially like the little touches – the repetition of the mustard on the bedding, the scallops (subtly) on the bed-skirt – instead of the wall, and the impact of the red lamp.


Glad to see you are back and well! (A small part of me feared you had COVID since it’s been weeks since an Emily post.). Your staff is great, but I most look forward to your design posts. =) As for the room — Positives (1) the beds look SO much better separated, (2) The polka dots and the teal blanket do a lot to make the room feel younger! (3) I love the hints of mustard and wouldn’t mind more of them, (4) The bookcase corner was always the highlight of this room for me and I love it all …the bookcase, the desk(please don’t paint the base!), the lamp, and the ship pendant (Cute how it ties into their playroom as well). I’m still not a huge fan of the canopy to be honest, but it is better integrated into the overall design now. The trunk also seems a bit out of place to me, but I’m sure the room reads different in person. …Are you guys thinking of selling? Wasn’t quite sure what to make of you “not sure when/if they’ll sleep here again” comment.


So lovely to see a room reveal, thank you!!! The changes you’ve made to the beds and canopy have worked so well. The styling of the beds compliments the boldness of the canopy without fighting it. Something in the room still isn’t working for me but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe the grey wall colour? would mustard or putty or something with more warmth be better? Also feeling the desk bookshelf combo a bit busy and not loving the red light. Gallery wall is a masterclass as always. Can’t wait to see more of what you’ve been up to x


It’s amazing what a difference those tweaks made (lowering the brass bar, separating the beds). Before I liked the individual elements of the room but it didn’t seem cohesive, now it’s totally come together, you are an artist!


This is the best pulled together version of the room so far! The canopy though is still too busy to me. I would keep the canopy maybe if you’re so fond of it, but would probably cut away the piece of it from the lower rod down (the part that is flat against the wall) because you already have focal points there with the headboards and picture frames above, you have the pattern in the polka dot bedding and that would be it.

Janessa Olney

Agree about the canopy


Didn’t dawn on me until the end of the post that you scrapped the scalloped paint!


It’s the only part of the original design I liked. But given how busy and fussy the room looks now I can see why is was scrapped.

paula mills

so surprised someone thinks the room is busy and/or fussy – doesn’t read that way at all to me. I prefer the scallops on the bedskirt rather than on the wall – still fun but much lighter in feel.


Not gonna lie, still not fully on board with that canopy although the rod positioning strangely helps. The beds are really fun and that nook is all kinds of fabulous. A little disappointed that the red mirror is gone as that was one of my favorite bits from before, despite not being a fan of red. Looking at the pictures it seems as though it would balance out the heaviness opposite and play nicely with the other little bits of red in the room, but can understand that in person it may have been a bit much. The gallery wall is brilliant and OMG, that dog painting! By far my favorite thing in the whole room. That and maybe the dinosaurs, but probably because my own dinosaur obsessed son has identical ones on a shelf in his room…and he’s 18 now. They make me smile every time I see them, the last vestiges of the little boy he once was.

I miss the red mirror too. It has a lot more personality than the round one. The room turned out great. The only changes I would make if it was my house would be to bring back the red mirror and paint the nightstand either red or mustard.


Team red mirror hear as well! I think this room is fun but it needs more color contrast to make the weird seem intentional. Would have loved to see a small red/rust/mustard pattern in the bedding. The black and white polka dot is too modern to work in granny chic. I personally love a lot of elements, including the canopy, I’d just go crazier.


“The black and white polka dot is too modern to work in granny chic.” I’ve been trying to think why the room wasn’t working for me and I think this is it — the black and white is too modern and too stark a pattern to fit with the “granny chic” direction. The teal throw blankets only exacerbate the tension, rather than pulling everything together. I love that there’s experimentation happening and still think the canopy can work (I definitely don’t dislike it as much as others seem to) but a change in the bedding is needed, I think. (I also agree that a pop of brighter colour — maybe not red, maybe not the red mirror, but something — is needed to bring the room to life.)


The red felt a bit harsh to me, I’d like to see one of those arched mirrors that have gotten trendy (but aren’t as overdone as the round mirror. yet.)


Yes, red mirror!


I was worried about where this was going and that it would look insane, but it is amazing! I love that you pulled back on the red. You did it Emily!


This is inspirational content! Thank you for reminding us to play and take chances.

Cris S.

I honestly didn’t think there was any way to make that canopy work. But it does! I’m shocked at how much lowering the brass rail, separating the headboards and adding the silhouettes has improved the space!!!! Really, I saw that canopy going straight to recycling and I hated it sooooo much. And now, with the change in the bedding and the rug, I like it. That is some serious styling magic there!


I like it! The book corner is awesome! So on point with the styling. I think you’re right, the rug isn’t perfect. I’d go for a red rug with a busy organic shape to mix things up. A good example is the one Erin Gates used in her son’s room.


I agree. I’ve always liked the canopy and the headboards, but the rug really stands out to me as being all wrong. Not the right tone, too busy, too bright. I almost wonder if you could just nix a rug completely and show the pretty wood floors!


I knew you could do it! Thank you for being a model for not backing down in expressing yourself even in the presence of a TON of naysayers <3


Honestly… I LOVE IT!! I’m so happy you went for it, I have been obsessed with the canopy since the initial post and was afraid people would scare you off. The headboards combined- magic. The accessories are playful and skillfully chosen. Pops of red, YES! The mustard tassels on the blue throws, AMAZING.

I will say the only thing that bugs me is the rug (and was happy to read you felt the same). Not so much the size, but the blue doesn’t fit with the blue bedding, to me. I’ve been putting my thumb over it to try and figure out what I’d do instead, maybe just a blue in the greener hues.

Overall, YASS!!! Taking risks is scary (especially THIS publicly) and you did it, and I love it.

paula mills

All thumbs up! It’s playful and comforting at the same time. Love the blues and the graphic punch of the dotted bedding and the black and white canopy. And the room is just spare enough to allow for tumbling children and lots of giggles!

wow~ lucky kids! this is a BEAUTIFUL room! this definitely feels more you than the last iteration. the gallery wall is so good. 🙂


Looks great! Bold & different without looking weird— I REALLY like it.

Well done!


Great job making this work! The canopy is definitely still a bold choice, but the balance here is so much better then the earlier “drafts” of the room. Have Charlie and Birdie seen the photos or are you keeping it a surprise for them? It kind of feels in your when/if statements that you might stay at the mountain house permanently-not coming back to LA? Or am I reading to much into it?


The post says they love the photos.


This looks great! Very practical yet fully styled out. The only thing I’d change is to hang the round mirror lower (a no-cost modification). It seems high generally, and especially so for a children’s room where the kids might want to look at themselves in it at some point.

Elizabeth Reynoso

I knew you would turn it around and make something amazing! I love the room!! The canopy, which i initially did not like makes the room with the tweaks you made. I’m so glad You pulled out all the red I love it


I love it so much! It all works so well together. You are a design master! I love the honesty and making it functional for your kids. Homerun!

Krista Siregar

Playful in a sophisticated manner. ❤ The thought to detail and the way the whole space plays off each item is brilliant! I love when designers take risks and make people slightly uncomfortable 🤣. It’s sooo good. Rooms change, take risks. Thanks for the reminder!


It looks amazing! Very different stylistically from what you do but still very Emily somehow. I love your vision and all the updates!


Totally love how risky this is design wise but in all honesty the room is quite simple with two beds, a dresser, bookshelf, etc. that are components of every kids room. I think it shows that we can make rooms inspiring and interesting while still keeping them functional- like your reasoning for not having a swinging chair and instead a desk and bookshelf. I can also see how this room could easily revert back to just Charlie if he and Elliot ever want to have their own rooms again. All in all, I really enjoy looking at this room and I can feel your excitement over it! It’s also so fun to see something totally different than the rooms everyone seems to be giving their kids these days.


Looks really good! I wouldn’t normally comment something like this, but since there’s been plenty of discussion about the ‘controversy’, it’s never been a room I’d put in my own house HOWEVER that’s why I come to a blog rather than stare at my own living room. For eye candy, to be surprised, and to challenge the everyday trendy looks I see over and over. Thanks for being unique and having your own style!


Agreed! I would much rather see designs that make me pause and look closer, rather than have my eyes glaze over. I wouldn’t want that canopy in my own house, but who cares! So fun to see the design process throughout the different stages, and I think the room came out great. Lucky kiddos!


Agreed! I loved seeing the progression of this room, and even though it’s not my taste at all, I would be delighted walking into the space.


I’m 98% in love. Just wish the bed throws brought in the green color from the canopy. I LOVE the gallery wall and the flag hung at an angle and so glad you didn’t paint the bottom of the desk. It shows its soul. I think you can oil old cast iron too to make it a little darker.


Totally agree about the throws being off. Too much blue in too many tones. Other than that I’m in love with this room!

Totally agree! Overall win on the room, but I’d love to see the throws and pillow case in a green color. I’m guessing the choice of the blue was to tie in the rug.


Agree with the green idea! Not feeling the teal.


I actually love the teal!


I’m sorry to say but I think this looks ridiculous. Do your kids like it?


You’re not sorry to say it or you wouldn’t have said it in such a needlessly rude way.


Agreed but I guess I don’t understand why the tone of your reply was unkind? Feels like you had an opportunity to question their motive without being adversarial. It’s possible to point things out without escalating.

Michele Burchfiel

I love the playfulness of this room and the creativity that went into it. Easy to critique, very difficult to pull off.

I think coming up with a design that pleases children as well as their parents is extremely difficult, especially when you are the client. But I think you killed it! It’s playful and fun and unique without anything feeling jarring or out of place. Love the mixture of shapes and styles and new and old. And I love the functionality of it! Your babes are gonna be so excited! Also, yes — death to pants. WOOF. Big love from Nashville!


Very happy to see the dog portrait prominently displayed again. I’ve always loved it!

Best version of the room thus far.

Leigh H

Love all of it BUT still not on board with the canopy. I think the room would be perfect without it. Very nice job otherwise.


I’m sorry, but there is nothing about this that I like. It hurts my eyes… sorry!


Adorable! Love every detail in this room especially the canopy.

How do the kids like it? It does feel pretty sophisticated for my kids who are the same age.


I was a little skeptical but have been converted. Congratulations on pulling this room off. It’s so special.

I could not love this room more! I was so excited to see it come together and you delivered!!! Well done Emily!


I love the way the room came together!


It looks pretty darn fantastic for “good enough”! I never thought I could get on board with the tassel trim on the canopy, but the new bedding combo makes it work with the repetition in the oversized tassels on the throws. (Very sneaky.) Also, “the little library” corner (yep, I already renamed it 😬) is very whimsical with its vibrant red lamp and the ship kite. I hope there is a copy of “Peter Pan” in that bookshelf. 😁


I had my doubts about this canopy but it really looks terrific here. All of those little tweaks made a huge difference. It looks so sharp and fresh and yet welcoming. To be honest, this canopy is still not something I would try to install in my own home (I know I could not get it to look right) but this whole room is a visual treat.


Love the room -so fun! & all the real-life “make it work” shares in your article.


I really like it!! I was extremely skeptical before, mostly that it didn’t feel like a kids room. This is great though! It also makes me so sad that a room could stress you out. I can totally relate though. Personally, I think bedrooms are hard (I am not a designer, I just have had the hardest time putting our our master and kids bedrooms together). They’re so personal, and the occupants have so many opinions, unlike some of our other rooms where people just want a certain amount of functionality but don’t care as much about the aesthetic, leaving me to make my own decisions. Anyways, I think this has turned out really nicely, and I love the headboards and canopy.


Looks awesome! Glad you are happy with it after so many years!


This is classic Emily and I’m here for it! You did a great job pulling this off!

Rachael Martin

Fun and cheerful! Great work 🙂


This room made me nervous but you nailed it, as usual!


Full acceptance from me. There is nothing pedestrian about this ever-so refreshing kid’s space.


What seems really successful in this new version is how the broken navy stripe works with the navy dots in the bedding (and even the trim on the throws) – they have the same scale, texture and boldness. Nice!

For me, the aspect that still seems out of step is the green and the trim on the canopy – when I cover them in the picture, it all feels so much more cohesive! Exciting to see this continue to develop.


Gorgeous!!! Wonderful job, Emily and team! I did like the old room, too (I didn’t mind that it felt a bit old-fashioned, that was kind of the appeal to me), but this is more fun and original! Tbh, I never doubted that you would make the canopy work, you’ve made it to be very pretty and very special from the start, it just needed a bit of proportioning, ironing and the right styling 🙂 Great job!


The old room is in such peaceful colors. It’s relaxing. This new room is interesting but I wouldn’t call it relaxing.

Inês Seabra

Oh, God! I’m so glad to see this. I love it all! It’s pretty, and inviting, and cozy, and quirky… and balanced. Mostly, I love that it makes sense for you and you’re not trying please your audience more than you want to please yourself and your family. I was always on the separate beds team, so I’m glad to see you went for it. I think it’s more relatable this way. I myself don’t like seeing double beds in kids rooms.
What an huge difference it makes just lowering the brass bar of the canopy… I also appreciate you pulling back a little, and not over splurging, without going boring.
Loved the scallops, they made it into the room! And that red lamp, just… wow!
I get that this style isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok. Some people have a hard time appreciating spaces that they would not like for themselves to live in, because it’s not their style. But everyone that can get pass that, and just love pretty things, will enjoy it for sure.


I cringed when I first saw this post but you did pull it off! Those bed covers made everything work and it looks fun and playful instead of granny. I see what you did with the red lamp there! Nice touch!


I love the room … still not crazy about that canopy (too muchness) but love the layering and the whimsy in the rest of the room. Who knows? Later you might swipe that canopy for your bedroom. And I’d probably love it there. Given that you’ve invested so much time and money into making it work, I hope you have it forever.
I love the tiny scallops on the dust ruffle. Love the ship kite. Love the coverlets and the contrast throws (which we all know, kids will never put them back that way). Love so many things.

Good job designing by distance!


Can we chalk this one up to corona fever? The canopy physically hurts me. It’s just the one element that seems so very out of place with all of the other great choices. Sometimes the most expensive element that we would love to salvage, should just be conceded as a mistake, but honestly, if we know Emily, this is definitely NOT the final version of this room. I can’t give up hope…


Love you to death girl and usually all your stuff but this just doesn’t do it for me. It just doesn’t feel like a room that was designed for real kids. It seems like a room designed to be photographed and just doesn’t feel authentic to your kids or home. But I do respect the effort to go different but I’m not in love. Sorry!

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