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Shavonda Feel Good Makeover #2 – Devin’s Star Wars Themed Bedroom

Here we go again. Star Wars, bursts of red and, a daybed full of happiness for a very sweet 7-year-old boy. In case you missed it, we revealed the first of three bedrooms on Tuesday that we did with Shavonda Gardner for her sister’s family, fully supported by Target. Today we have the second, Devin’s room and yes there is fun wallpaper, a black ceiling, and painted red trim and door. It’s definitely the boldest of the three makeovers as Shavonda really pushed it. And while I still haven’t been able to see it for myself, THIS ROOM POPS. I think it’s my favorite (although Ariyah’s is really dreamy, coming at you on Friday).

In case you don’t remember this is what it looked like before they moved in, and they didn’t have much furniture.

A total blank slate, with white walls and new flooring and the smallest of the three bedrooms. Devin LOVES color RED and Star Wars – both requests made us very happy.

After a few months of planning and a week or so of install (thanks to Shavonda and Jordan – sadly I had to cancel traveling up there because of Covid) the room was ready for Devin to take over.

First off, Target sells this Star Wars removable wallpaper that is SO CUTE. We were wondering how we were going to bring this element in, in a way that was frankly cool and not super loud and riddled with logos. This wallpaper was actually perfect and checked off every one of our boxes.

To save room we chose this daybed to keep the space as open as possible, which gave Shavonda a great place to throw some very cheery holiday pillows.

When we were choosing paint colors, Shavonda had the idea of painting the molding, trim, and door a bright red, which I LOVED. But when she wanted the ceiling to go black I got a bit scared, thinking there was enough happening already. But I was WRONG. That ceiling had such impact in the room without adding a lot of busyness and from what I can tell in the photos it balanced everything out.

Having the ceiling go black really made the light fixture really POP, too, and it could have gotten lost against a white ceiling. And yes she mixed the gold (sconce) with the silver which worked really well with all the other tones in the room and felt kinda space age-y.

See how fun the red door and trim are??

Devin picked out all of his ornaments on his Star Wars tree and Shavonda filled it in with some simple white, black, and red balls. I imagine that they are going to be so happy every year revisiting the ornaments they chose. I love the idea of them all being ‘set up’ for the holidays from here on out (and so easy on Andrea).

That RUG. When he requested a lot of red I knew we could bring it in in the holiday decor. But without red walls or red bedding (which feels questionable), I was worried until I found this rug on and we FELL IN LOVE. I like that it isn’t solid red, has a fun Moroccan pattern that works really well with the wallpaper.

You are looking at the most popular Auntie in the world, Shavonda Gardner. She wrote about the room yesterday and has more insight on Devin and more about her process.

1. Daybed With Storage | 2. Rug | 3. Star Wars Wallpaper | 4. ‘Letters To Santa’ Pillow | 5. Red Stripe Pillow | 6. Red Plaid Pillow | 7. Jersey Comforter Set | 8. Red Plaid Sheets | 9. Ceiling Light Fixture | 10. Tassel Garland | 11. Nightstand | 12. Santa Mailbox | 13. Snow Globe | 14. White Rotating Tinsel Christmas Tree | 15. Snow Blanket | 16. Sconce | 17. Black and White Plaid Pillow | 18. Snowflake Square Pillow | 19. Merry Christmas Lumbar Pillow | 20. Santa Hanging Advent Calendar | 21. Curtain Rod | 22. Small Camper Decorative Figurine | 23. Dresser | 24. Mirror | 25. Nutcracker | 26. Curtain | 27. Stocking Holders (set of 4)

1. Silver Ornaments (set of 8) | 2. Black Ornaments (set of 4) | 3. Star Tree Topper | 4. Artificial Tree | 5. Darth Vader Christmas Ornament | 6. Green and Red Tinsel Christmas Garland | 7. Light Gray Ornaments (set of 8) | 8. Tree Skirt | 9. Red Truck Ornament | 10. Red Tinsel Garland

A huge thanks to Shavonda (and Jordan) for executing this without me, it wasn’t how it was supposed to go, but even with all the craziness of the month it looks SO GOOD. And thanks again to Target for supporting this Feel Good Makeover. I hope that it does make you all indeed, feel good. Stay tuned for the final room on Friday. xx

*Design by Shavonda Garnder
**Design Assistant: Jordan Ballenger
***Photos by Lisa and Gary Ashley

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2 years ago

Especially the bed and the bedding are so great! Neutral, time-less and so versatile – good job!!

2 years ago

Red trim + black ceiling = perfection!!

2 years ago

The words “red, black and white” terrify me when it comes to interiors, giving me thoughts of some terrible 80’s bachelor pad, but this is gorgeous and manages to look cosy. Love the wallpaper, love the black ceiling – well done!

The wallpaper is PERFECT. Star Wars, but not obnoxious or super kiddie looking. That can work for any age.
The room looks awesome. the black ceiling is awesome and that light fixture has a space-y look to it.

2 years ago

It looks.amazing. My 8 year old Star Wars lover would be in heaven. Glad Devin got such a cool room!

2 years ago

So awesome!

2 years ago

I am so impressed!

2 years ago

Shavonda knocked it out of the park! I LOVE that red trim and black ceiling, it just works. This is way cool.

2 years ago

Shavonda – you have a great eye for design. When I first read Star Wars, I thought it would look a little juvenile but you made it look playful yet chic. I want this room and I’m 51!

Cris S.
2 years ago

The space ships are my son’s favorite part of Star Wars and I love this wallpaper for him – graphic, detailed, but not loud or colorful. Thank you for bringing this to us!

Love the room and the wonderful changes happening for this mom in the nursing / military service and her children!

2 years ago

Love the black ceiling with the Star Wars wall and the pops of red.

Just curious: What’s going into the room to replace that big tree once it’s taken down after Christmas?

2 years ago
Reply to  LouAnn

Shavonda is planning some after-Christmas re-reveals of the rooms styled out for normal life!

2 years ago

Love to Black Santa advent calendar!

I thought the pillow next to it was so cute with the simple red logo. Whoops, not a pillow.

Crissy Perham
2 years ago

Love this room…and that Star Wars wallpaper is basically a kid’s version of toile! Great job, again!!!

2 years ago

I love the juxtaposition of the traditional pattern on the rug with the futuristic pattern on the wallpaper. Great room for any age🚀

2 years ago

You KNOW Shavonda knows her way around a can of black paint!! She could teach a masterclass on just that! Love these rooms!

2 years ago

And make me feel good, it does!
This is brilliant!!!
I tell ya, the black ceiling with the perfect Star Wars wallpaper (didn’t know that even existed!), plus the rug … PERFECT!
The red door and trim is better than I expected and I don’t think red bedding is a good choice…not conducive to sleeping, so I’m glad that didn’t happen.
Gorgeous and amazing.

Shavonda (and Jordan), congratulations on making that sweet 7 year old’s dreams come true…what a fab aunty! ❤

2 years ago

Oh, yup…. had to come back and say THAT LIL SCRUFFY DAWG!!! ❤
Okay, Hendersons…you’ve got some competition going on in the scruffy rwalm,

Roberta Davis
2 years ago

Another great room! I especially love the wallpaper and the rug. What a great Christmas these kids are having!

Lena Waldon
2 years ago

What an amazing before and after! Love love love it! As a mom of three boys, I am taking notes.

2 years ago

Love this. Going to use this as inspiration for my son’s bedroom! Painting ceilings is a pain, but what a cool payoff.

2 years ago

It looks wonderful. Perfect for a boy that age.

2 years ago

This is great. I love the wallpaper and black ceiling!

2 years ago

That red closet door is just so so so good, especially with the rug? *chef’s kiss*

2 years ago

Stunning! I can only guess at how much work happened behind the scene to give us these amazing reveals. Looking forward to the next. And restyled after Christmas!

2 years ago

The black ceiling brought this home. Love it.

2 years ago

What a cute room!! Love the tree too!

2 years ago

What a cute room! I love the tree to and the red door.

2 years ago

I want this room for myself, and I am neither a young boy nor a Star Wars fan. It’s so cool!! All the details work together so well.

2 years ago

I love how the light fixtures bring the metallic elements like all the Star Wars droids. Obviously the black ceiling and that wallpaper (why have my boys grown out of their Star Wars phase) are amazing. And the red door. And all the smiles, including the dog,