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The Pink Dining Room Erik Designed BEFORE He Found His Apartment


Dear Distinguished Guest, At the request of Erik Kenneth Staalberg (that’s me), you are cordially invited to dine (virtually) in the Pink Parlor, upstairs at Suite 4, for an evening of unapologetic prissy fabulousness.

Hi yall! Charmed to have you back in my home for another room tour! Today we find ourselves in my scrumptious teeny tiny formal dining room. Doused in Benjamin Moore “Unspoken Love” and dripping in brass accessories, this room is the flashy one of the bunch.

Unlike my lime living room, which was an organic process that developed naturally, my dining room had been a twinkle in my eye for some years. Before I had my own apartment I had this style vision that now has become a design prophecy fulfilled. As any good glamour girl knows, pink and blue, especially in pastels, are a winning pair and to have that daintiness in what is usually the most formal and stiff room of any house provides a happy alternative to something typically moody. So with frothy pink walls, a good dose of ’60s chic, and lots of dutch blue delft porcelain that I inherited from my little dutch grandmother, I created my Pink Palace. My little slice of Barbie’s dream house.

This was the first room I tackled when I moved into my 1930s 1 bedroom apartment. Originally the room was painted a dingy taupe that made the room incredibly dark. Obviously with some new paint came a changed energy and the room quickly fell into place. I scored the Mid-century chandelier from an estate sale website for a record 30 BUCKS! The natural jute round rug at Target for 60 BUCKS! And the mirrored bar cart that my mother spotted on triple sale at Pottery Barn for 100 BUCKS! You could almost say this room was fate. Do you have chills yet?

As a prop stylist, I have a soft spot (read: unhealthy obsession) with beautiful decor accessories that serve no purpose which is why I had to put up shelving immediately. Not wanting to spend a ton of money, I got the cheapest wall mounted shelving from Lowe’s. To make it feel more glitzy I spray painted the hardware and brackets an antiqued brass. With the heights of the shelves being adjustable, this has become my favorite place to STYLE, PLAY, EVERYDAY! Emily has taught me well! I have an ever-expanding collection of blue and white porcelain and brightly hued colored glass objects, and the shelving is the perfect way to enjoy them over my morning cup of espresso.

My latest purchase was the white Saarinen tulip table that I bought off of a friend who was moving. Pro tip: Always have your radar on friends hand-me-downs – that’s how you can score the best deals! I originally bought the Ikea version when I first moved in but I always knew it was a place holder for the real thing. After several years of covering it with a vintage table cloth when I had company over, I finally leveled up! Now it stands proudly bare in the center of all my soirees.

I adore hosting tasteful, sexy, little dinner parties (well not of recently) and this small intimate place is the perfect setting. Dressing the table is my love language and it really shows who you are dining with how important that time together is. If you come over for dinner at my place and there are paper napkins and no candlelight, you better eat and run because clearly I’m not your fan. Take the time, especially for supper, and dust off your grandmother’s china and use the nice crystal serving ware. Life is too short to not use your very best stuff. You are worth it. 

Since this is a space for fabulous city gals, I had to represent my nerdy fixation with the iconic Sex and the City series. After my dear friend Cait Raft @caitraft gifted me an illustration of my muse, the character Samantha Jones, I had the idea to commission the other three characters from three different artists. Sometimes finding art you connect with isn’t always easy, but a great way to change that is to approach artists you admire about collaborating on a commission. I adore how each artist has their own style and yet framed identically, they still feel like a set. These four ladies will live many lives in my future homes, but for now they watch over the bar, blessing the martinis. 

My Pink Parlor has been a dream to make a reality. An enchanting place to break bread and pop champagne with loved ones. That has always been the goal for this room. Anyone who has dined here can attest to its infectious magic. Or maybe that’s just the champagne talking…Cheers! 

And because who doesn’t love a before and after…

Design by Erik Staalberg | Photos by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

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Leigh H



OK so I personally don’t like pink (at all) … but this room is really fun. Just look at the dull taupe against the pink — there’s so much more energy in the pink room. I still don’t want a pink room in my own home but I’d love to have tea in yours. 😉 And I’m definitely coveting the Saarinen tulip table and the bar cart!

Erik Kenneth Staalberg

Thank you! Tea time is at 4!

Mohini Vora

Could you share the paint color you used? Please and thank you!


Well if you are going to do a pink dining room, this is the way to do it.

Erik Kenneth Staalberg



Thank you! This room is so fun and is put together with such care and talent and uniqueness that I know I would have feel quite the guest to be invited to dine there. It is so great to go out of the way to create a fantasy for you and everyone you invite to enjoy. I would probably not have a pink room but would love to have a friend with one. And it makes me want to take risks with my rooms.

Erik Kenneth Staalberg

So happy you enjoyed!


I want a pink room!!! I have a non pink loving husband though. What a treat to live vicariously through yours! Thanks for sharing!!

Cris S.

Sarah – I am lucky enough to have my own bedroom closet and it’s about to be painted pink (a very light version – something like Rosemist from Benjamin Moore) and my husband won’t have to ‘suffer’ through. Something to think about!

Erik Kenneth Staalberg

A great compromise! 💞🎀

Erik Kenneth Staalberg



We NEED a close up of the Sex in the City Quartet; especially Samantha! What a charming room!

Erik Kenneth Staalberg

Thank you! Check Emily’s stories later today for some close ups!


<3 ! Erik should be a weekly guest.

I spy with my little eye a blue room with old-timey pictures… I hope we will be treated to that room too!

Erik Kenneth Staalberg

Stay tuned!! Thanks for the love!

Kendra Yoes

we sure had fun painting that room (I’m his MOM) but I wasn’t sure about the pink when we started. But it looks even better in person! I am proud!

Erik Kenneth Staalberg

My mom is the best!!


So so great! Tell me more about that gorgeous pink vase on the table!

Erik Kenneth Staalberg

It’s a vintage McCoy piece from my favorite antique mall, Stars Antiques, in Hermosa Beach. One of my favorite pieces!!


What a happy room! Love it!!


What a wonderful way to start the week!

I love this room so much! pink and brass all day every day. we have had a pink dining room for the last 11 years (our house was like living in a sunset from room to room) and we just painted it white to prepare to sell. It is sad now. Your room is making me so jealous! and i sooooo want the tulip table too! That’s it. If we decide not to move after all, I’m painting it back. My husband may want to strangle me, but this is goals for me.
I need to see the rest of this house now!


If we’re not supposed to reference other design businesses, sorry and please delete. But — I searched to see if Erik has written a book or plans to write one (as he most certainly *should*) and I found an article from Apartment Therapy, April 2019, with 32 slides of how it looked back then.

There was a closer view of the Sex and the City people; sources for things, including the pink vase … but nothing about the blue wall with the silhouettes, sad to say. I’d love to see more about that intriguing space.

Erik Kenneth Staalberg

Yes! That apartment therapy tour was several years ago and I have done some magic in that middle blue room! Excited to show you guys! 💞🎀

Erik Kenneth Staalberg

Glad you enjoy it!! Stay tuned for the rest of my pad! Pink forever 💞


Fabulous! Making me long for a pink room.

Lisa Callaghan

I love this and I love your outfit while styling! So fun!

Erik Kenneth Staalberg

I have an obsession with silk! 🎀💞

Cris S.

I definitely think we need a “go flea market shopping with Erik” post!!! Please! And I’d love to hear what your favorite fleas/shopping spots are (you know, when we aren’t under a pandemic!). Love to see houses that actually reflect the individual who lives there. Thank you for the post!

I agree with this, he is the best at finding amazing deals!

Erik Kenneth Staalberg


Erik Kenneth Staalberg

Oh I would LOVE THAT! Thrifting and flea markets are where I thrive! Maybe a post in the future!


I loved so so much about this! I love that it’s approachable design wise and inspiring to any budget. Most of all, I love the full embrace of color!! I have to know the story about the art on the wall near the shelves! Gorgeous.

Erik Kenneth Staalberg

Thank you so much! The pop painting of the Kennedy’s was a gift from a friend who knew my obsession with Jackie O. That was over ten years ago and I never hung it once until I painted this room. One of my favorite pieces in my home!


Love the room, love the paint love the styling, love you. I’d expect no less from the great Erik!

Erik Kenneth Staalberg

Miss you doll! Xoxo


I LOVE this pink room! Plus it features my all-time favorite tulip table and chairs. The room looks so inviting. And being Dutch, it’s great to see the Delft pieces. Enjoy!

Erik Kenneth Staalberg

Dank u!!


That chandelier is everything. I cannot believe you got it for $30. Man, that’s the kind of score I have in my dreams!!!

Erik Kenneth Staalberg

I couldn’t believe it myself!!


Erik never disappoints!


Omg I want to be Erik.


Of course I love it, my favorite room in MY house is almost exactly that same color pink!

Funny story, we’re moving and when the stager came thru, he said, “well, I love it, but…..yeah, paint it gray.”


WaaWaa….sad trombone.


“Dressing the table is my love language” – love this! And the Sex and the City commissions are genius.

Erik Kenneth Staalberg

Thank you! Xoxo

Amanda McCullough

I really enjoy your style – it doesn’t always have to be exactly my taste! Awesome creativity


As before, love love LOVE. One thing I’ve noticed from a longtime subscription to Worlds of Interior magazine is that the Brits are not afraid of pink rooms. Pink living rooms, pink dining rooms, pink bedrooms. Pink kitchens! Why not? Americans are so freaking weird about pink. It’s a lovely color that complements many others and is such a warm flattering color. I just don’t understand sad, neutral, sterile rooms. As Auntie Mame said, Live a little!

I adore your art. What is the piece in the white and gilt frame? It has the vibe of an Art Deco pochoir, but looks a bit more 40s to me. Love all of the pieces.

Erik Kenneth Staalberg

You just won me over with a World of Interiors and Auntie Mame references! Too huge inspirations for me. The art is actually just a numbered print I got at an art store closing sale, for I kid you not, $7. Found that massive frame in the trash and got a custom mat to fit. Came together a lot better than anticipated!


I wanna be best friends with you, Erik! What a joy you are!

Emily Meinhardt

Details on the two larger paintings please! They are amazing.


I totally had those dark vintage chairs w my tulip table before swapping them out for natural bentwoods !

My whole month just got better. Maybe my whole life…


Sigh….There is nothing better than a pink room. Every home I’ve had has at least one pink room. In one, each bedroom was a different shade. The right shade is fabulous neutral opening the door to so many decorating possibilities. It’s just finding the right shade that is a pain, but not a deterrent. Yeah for pink walls.

Rosy Alvarez

Love it, very chic! Wondering if you considered spray painting the hardware for the wall mounted shelves in the same pink for it to disappear into the walls? The bar cart and the jute rug on the tulip table look so good!


So fun and lively! And what a difference from the dull before photos!! In the after photo, the ceiling looks like a lighter shade of pink – did you paint it too, or it’s just picking up pink tones from the wall? Would love to see an “everything you need to know about painting or wallpapering ceilings”post sometime. Thanks!


Erik has an incredible eye! A pink room isn’t my thing, but dang this is gorgeous!!


This space is so well balanced and lovely. Normally such intense hues are a bit overwhelming for me personally, but I’m totally into this space. Such a great balance of color, scale, shapes, and accessories.

Mia Tenille

This is so beautiful and seems to match your personality perfectly! I just finished refinishing my kitchen cabinets and I actually chose a light pink color for my dining room! Great inspiration!!


That’s gorgeous. I am constantly trying to get clients to use more color. Fingers crossed I’ll someday have a client with this level of enthusiasm!


Love the room! I would never have thought of doing a pink room but looking at the befores it’s so easy to see why color makes it sparkle. (Those taupe walls are so sad and depressing. ) Burning question: what’s with the salmon (?) colored walls in the bottom “befores”?? Was that an interim color that turned out badly?

Also, that little peak into the other room with the pink, blue, and green is such a nice palette.

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