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Our Bedroom Update (Also How I Feel About Having A TV In The Bedroom)


It’s been 3 years since we moved into this room and of all the rooms in the house, this one has changed the least. Same bed, nightstands, lighting, dresser, rug, and window treatments. But as we were shooting an IGTV on how to make a bed, we realized that there were enough changes to shoot a little update post (plus there is one new friend in the room that a lot of you have been asking about).

That’s right, we put a TV in the bedroom. We know that the bedroom should be for sleep and sex, as told to us by many a self-help article. But here’s the deal, we don’t really have a TV in the house besides the projection screen in the living room and while it’s easier than you’d think to operate, sometimes it just feels super weird to be by yourself in a room at night with a massive projection of say, Chris Harrison. What must the neighbors think? Brian is gone a lot at night performing in plays and I just want to be able to put the kids to bed, cozy up, write and pin while watching something meaningless. FYI that’s literally how I started this blog and truly how I work best – it makes it feel like fun to be able to do it while watching something with a glass of wine. So not having a TV was truly affecting my career (which was my plea to Brian).

Waverly Master Bed Update Lores 9

After much convincing (and a heated debate on social media) I convinced Brian to let me do it. Let me be very clear, if we had a TV room or literally any other room or wall that we could put a TV in the house we would have done that instead. But we don’t, and I’m alone 3-4 nights a week when Brian is in a play so it only seemed fair to have some company.

We bought The Frame because a couple of years ago I worked as its spokesperson, and I kinda can’t go back to a normal TV (it’s that good). No, I didn’t get it for free (although I tried). I have yet to download/purchase some of my favorite art so you are getting some Edvard Munch 🙂

Our handyman dude threaded the cord through the wall (yes, he made a new hole) and plugged it into the outlet behind the dresser to avoid having to call an electrician to wire it up and put in an outlet.

Now to the rest of the room …

Waverly Master Bed Update Lores 3

We had to switch out the roman shades on the left for curtains because we didn’t know that in the summer, the light would leak like CRAZY and blast right into our eyes. So yes it’s a lot of curtains but it does what we need it to – block all light.

Emily Henderon Bedroom Update With Tv Side By Side 1

I reupholstered the Target bench in this fun Schumacher fabric that I’d been hoarding for a while (it’s one of my favorites and sadly unavailable). Admittedly the stripe was supposed to go horizontal (longways across the bench) but when I got it back from the upholsterer I didn’t really know what to say or do because I wasn’t going to make them buy more fabric and redo it, especially when I wasn’t the one to drop it off so it may have been our fault or a communication issue. It’s also not a huge deal, but for the record …

Waverly Master Bed Update Lores 1

My bedding changes all the time, but I’m pretty into this look with the navy pillows balancing out the blanket at the bottom. I took my own advice on how to make a bed and I’m trying every day to make it look nice (which does, in fact, make my day start in a more positive way).

I also took my own advice about hanging or placing art in interesting places, and put some pieces that didn’t have a home in the window and I LOVE IT.

Waverly Master Bed Update Lores 6

I also hung three of the pieces that I purchased from the Portland project (above the fireplace) by Addie Juell on a blank wall as you walk in, which I LOVE.

Waverly Master Bed Update Lores 8

They are the first things you see and they add a lot to the room, in a very quiet way.

Waverly Master Bed Update Lores 7

A year ago I was kinda “over” this dresser, thinking it was too traditional and granny for me, but THANK GOODNESS I didn’t make any moves because of course now that I’m leaning into “Eccentric English Granny” I love it again. I didn’t buy anything new for this shoot, just shopped what I already had.

Waverly Master Bed Update Lores 10

We debated the piece of art on Brian’s side because I realized that I have so much art that I love, so it’s time to just hang them. All three are great pieces, but what actually works in this room created the debate.

Side By Side 1

Ultimately I found that the dude (below) color-wise felt better in the room and more appropriate than the still life of buckets (which I like but like what is it?).

Waverly Master Bed 15

So there is where we’re at with this room. While I’m so excited to update the living room and finally working on the kid’s shared room, it’s nice that this room is just so stylistically easy and works so well for us.

As a reminder here is the difference between 3 years ago and this week.

Emily Henderon Bedroom Update With Tv Tv Side By Side

Am I happy I have a TV in this room? YOU BET. We do a family movie night on Friday nights and we all crawl in bed and it’s pretty darn dreamy. We don’t go to sleep with the TV on and when Brian is home we are good about watching an episode of something or just reading/listening to podcasts before bed.

But per usual I’d love to know your thoughts and feelings about it all…


**Photography by Veronica Crawford

Fin Mark


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TBH I would be very scared to sleep with that Brad Pitt time traveler portrait looking at me 🙂

(So glad you kept the dresser! The color is perfect for English granny chic.)

Teresa Maria

Thank you again and again and again for sharing your wonderful work! Sometimes I get sad because I don’t have time to read all your posts and follow your ideas. I have to admit that sometimes your posts are a bit long, but at the same time you wouldn’t be Emily if you didn’t do them that way! Sometimes it takes more than a sentence or 2 to explain a work in progress. And it‘a because of that amazing capacity that you have to think and explain to us every decision you take that makes this blog so special! So thank you again for being an amazing designer and share that with us! A lot of Love from Portugal!


What a beautiful room and a lovely article to read to read – as always.


I’m fascinated by the American tradition of placing the bedhead against a window. I could never do it, I consider windows to be lioked out of; do you know why this is done over there or is it just a thing?!


I don’t think it’s an American tradition. I’ve always thought it’s preferable to not have your headboard against a window (drafts, noise from rain, etc.). My guess is Emily places it there because it was the only place that made sense for a bed in that room.

It’s the only wall possible to put a king bed, unfortunately. It looks very pretty but I sure would would to look out the window – although we can look out the other window while in bed during the day. the curtains are THICK and get rid of all drafts and noises. But agreed, in front of window isn’t ideal, but i don’t think its american, I think its ‘old house built before king beds were invented’ 🙂

Fiona Johnson

I’m a bit like you. I have had my bed in front the window. Just felt uncomfortable. Moved the bed back. Also really depends on the size of the room. How much light as well.


Yes – I’ve always wondered why too as I’d find it far too drafty to have my head / neck right under the window.

However, having studied a number of bedrooms in the States, I’ve come to realise that they have to have a built in closet on one wall, they frequently have windows on two walls and sometimes there is also an entrance to an en suite. That only really leaves one wall against which to put the bed – which inevitably is then too close the the door to fit comfortably or leaves nowhere to put a TV.


I have a bedroom so small that the only place for a bed is directly in front of the door or in front of a window. it just felt wrong so close to the door so I put the bed in front of the window. this is in Connecticut, mind you, and I have shades on the window the bed is under. I feel no draft on my head, neck or anywhere else. just saying..


It’s definitely not an American tradition. It’s an odd thing to do, as I think Emily has pointed out before in her postings. It’s a bit edgy, although I think in Emily’s bedroom it really works. (I hope this didn’t come across as too pointed of a comment — it wasn’t meant that way.)

Ha no, @catherine its all good. I actually love how this looks but If I could build a house I definitely wouldn’t put the bed intentionally IN FRONT of a window. Look at the mountain house bedroom – we actually intentionally built a wall so that the bed could face the windows and views.


Hi Emily! I’ve read through your posts on this topic (“bed in front of window”) and can’t figure out why putting the bed on the wall where you currently have your dresser wasn’t an option for the layout? Thanks for sharing the magic in your design brain — you’re one of my favorites!


Blair, I think that wall wasn’t big enough to put a king bed and nightstands on. The window wall is longer bc if you look at the pictures the dresser wall has the hall leading into her bedroom.

Fiona Johnson

It works though????


Your room is beautiful. I am jealous!


I love this sort of “update” post. The room looked great before…and still looks great. It’s just fun to see the little changes that happen over time. For the record, I never would have known the bench fabric was supposed to go the other way. Oh, and I’m on team tv in the bedroom. I, too, have lots of unused art I love…but I also love watching tv before bed and that wins

We all love the updates too – my favorite game to play with myself is “what’s different” every time I go over to Emily’s, haha. There’s always a new little piece of art or vintage find to covet.


I’m so glad they “mistakenly” did the fabric for the bench in the “wrong” direction, looks so much better that way!

oh good 🙂


Agreed! I don’t think it would have looked as nice horizontally!

Rebecca Trobec

We put a TV in the bedroom when we moved into our house about 17 years ago. I had some major back issues and was often confined to bed. It has been a cozy space. Our living room is more of a reading room/game room/puzzle place. No TV, tranquil and calm.


I love all the updates! While I am personally very against TVs in the bedroom, I think this is a good way to compromise. We have one TV in our house (in the basement) that we use only when we want to sit down and actually watch a movie or premium TV – no casual watching in our house. I do love the idea of a TV that doesn’t look like a TV – so it’s not the focal point but it’s there when you need it.


I love having a TV in the bedroom. I don’t care if it’s “wrong.” It feels like the ultimate luxury to me. Ultimately, a bedroom is a personal space, so I think people should do what works best for them. I actually hate the idea that there’s a wrong or right way to design a space.


I agree with Bethany. It’s your personal space! I have a TV in my bedroom and watch a little before I go to sleep, after I read. It’s the ultimate luxury in my humble opinion. So glad you kept the chest.


One vote for “Buckets” 🙂 I love how the tones pull from the curtains and nightstands.

I do really like the tones in the photo of it better actually ….


Two votes for “buckets”. Agree


+1 buckets!


Another +1 for the buckets. And I’m completely on board for the tv in the bedroom, especially one that can display artwork!


We also have a tv in the bedroom. But I’ve informed my husband, no politics at bedtime. It gets me too upset to sleep. So he records Antiques Roadshow episodes and that sends me right to zzzzz land.
I totally get the need for a cozy place to snuggle up and watch HGTV.


What a lovely room! I want to curl up on the bed with a book right now. The colors and space are the perfect mix of fresh, soothing, and cozy.

We recently put The Frame in our tiny tiny NYC family room (I first came across it on your blog!) and I love how it makes the television disappear. By the way, the painting displayed in the post above is by Edvard Munch, not Gustav Klimt. And it is beautiful in your space. 🙂

HAHAHAHA. you are right! I didn’t even look it up, just wrote it down like i’m an art expert. Whoops.


I have been seriously coveting a Frame TV, I love the thought of a TV that blends into the space. Do you leave the art on even at night, or does it cast enough light to be distracting?

we turn the art ‘off’ because it does give off a glow. most days I forget to turn the art ‘on’, actually. But in a living room you wouldn’t need to turn it off.


We set it so that it turns off automatically if the living room is dark. Then in the morning it comes back on – so it is always on Art Mode when I can actually see it. I think if in the bedroom it wouldn’t matter (cause once I leave the bedroom in the AM oftentimes I never go back in until bed time) but our TV is smack in the middle of the living room above the fireplace so I really like not having a black box there. For those of you who already have Samsung TVs, it’s basically Ambient Mode with more picture options – which sounds meh for those of you who know what Ambient Mode is – but those options really make a difference. That, and the fact it attaches flush to the wall. Doesn’t sound like much but you have it, like Emily said, it’s hard to go back, esp now that the prices have dropped. I couldn’t pull the trigger at the original prices ^^.


You know what? I actually like the TV “art” on the wall better than I like the real art up there. Maybe it’s the scale? I don’t know. I just like it better. I personally like having a TV in our bedroom. My husband is a gamer and it’s sometimes impossible to get the living room TV to watch actual TV. The TV isn’t a distraction unless it’s on anyway. Now I want a Frame TV!!

Haha, my partner is also a gamer and I often find myself staring at the remote willing it to just make the TV work…


Love this so much. We are building and love all the inspiration! Did I miss the source for the dresser lamp? LOVE IT. NEED IT. Thanks, friends!

Its from schoolhouse! Sorry, forgot to link up everything. thanks!

Devon Moon

I really like the weird “buckets” art, it’s got great composition and picks up the browns and wood tones perfectly.


Still love it! Do you still have the curtain at the closet entrance? If you had a *much* smaller bedroom, like, maybe just enough space to walk/shimmy around the bed, would you pare back on the extra bed layers or wall art? Love the FrameTV – seems like a great solution!


I love that wooden nose guy that holds your glasses on your bedside table! I need that! I am assuming it is a piece of art and not something I can snatch up…?

Also, I have always loved a tv in the bedroom. It feels so cozy and luxurious when I’m able to lay in bed and watch tv. It doesn’t happen often so when it does I am truly giddy.

It is vintage, but meant for glasses (I think from the 70’s). I recently had 24 hour stomach virus so I had to stay in bed all day and man, having that TV in there, total control of what I watched, with Pinterest on my laptop, and quarantined from the kids, it was like the most luxurious 8 hours of my life, despite all the puking 🙂


Sorry Em, maybe not so vintage afterall? You can get them on Amazon.


Awesome! I’m totally buying one of those for my desk at work to hold my reading glasses! Another mass produced vintage item. I still laugh at the “vintage acorn twine” holder. Poor Emily was so proud of that find only to have her thrifting dreams shattered when it was found at Williams and Sonoma. . . .LOL. 🙂


It looks like you have the Frame black box thingy on your dresser. You may already know this but it doesn’t need to be out in plain sight to work with the remote. So if you want you can just place it on the floor below your dresser and no one will see it and it still works perfectly (that’s what we did in our room). Love all the practical changes that still look great.


I wondered if under the dresser would be an option too.

I love the updates and I LOVE posts like this because they give me inspiration that I can actually achieve!

Love the blue on the bed and also the more simplified dresser decor. I liked it years ago, but looking at the before and after I felt myself sigh with relief – that’s what less stuff does for me :). I So wish I could fit a frame tv in my house, but even their smallest size is just too large for my space. I think the tv looks so much better than the art you had before because the current colors are so vibrant. Love everything you’ve done here.


Anyone who judges TVs in ge bedroom has never had a chronic illness, recovered from surgery, a bout of depression, or an infant. These are not the only good reasons for having one’s entertainment in one’s personal space, but they’re valid ones. Does it make design difficult? Sure. But so do many things (including the humidifier I need to survive winter’s forced air heating). Bedrooms are living spaces and have to work for the people who live in them.


Lisa Hamel

If you had to have a TV in the bedroom, the Frame makes perfect sense. While I would never go that route, hubby and I have occasionally set up a laptop in our room so we can cuddle in bed and watch a movie together. I get it, and it clearly works for you.


Oh those windows are gorgeous!! I’m a huge fan of tv in the bedroom- if turned off in timely manner (speaking to hubs). Many a happy evening snuggling with kiddos watching Disney movies (and they are now responsible, happy adults, so no damage done). And much easier to snuggle husband or just generally be cozy when watching our fav show after a busy day. No excuses necessary!

Roberta Davis

We don’t have a tv in the bedroom, and I would never want one. We only have 1 tv in the house! In our family room. I can understand your reasoning, though! I do like the idea of The Frame, no matter where it is! Also, I think the stripes are going the right way! 🙂


THANK YOU! My husband travels for work a lot, and after I get the kids to bed I have no energy to do anything but lay down. But I can’t go to sleep at 8:30 either, so…Another mom here voting for a TV in her bedroom??‍♀️

Stacey Castor

I think we must always do what suits us and loved ones, while recognizing that different seasons of our lives bring different needs and wants. I’m not a fan of right and wrong in life or design. If we go inward we know what alignment is for ourselves.


Such a beautiful room! Love the art and textiles. The dresser is good! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a TV in your bedroom if you like it!


Hi. Love your room! Just FYI the art on your frame tv is by Edvard Munch. Yay!

Kim B.

I am so glad you said this because i thought for a minute I was crazy!!

We’ll edit!


Because I use Feng Shui in my home, I would be hesitant to hang a picture of a single person in my bedroom. Feng shui likes art to refelect your life-so a picture/art of a couple is better than a single person, etc.

TV on in the background is fine-as a teacher, I get the house to myself in the summer, and on days when I am just hanging out I like the TV on, too-but be careful of multitasking ALL.THE.TIME. with TV on as well. It can create a “monkey mind” where your thinking just can’t/won’t slow down.

LOVE the frame. When we need to replace our TV it will be with something along those lines!


Is the bench still available at Target? Searching but not finding. Thanks!


Love it!


I love it and I would LOVE a Frame TV in our bedroom! Gorgeous!


Love the pretty frame TV’s and the dresser is really beautiful.. How I want a frame TV in my bedroom but we just have a regular one. I like having one in the bedroom, especially if you and your spouse have different TV tastes. It’s also nice for when you want to watch a movie and it’s not blaring in the family room and you hope it doesn’t wake up your toddler.


Hi Emily — what a beautiful room! Can you tell me where the lumbar pillow is from? It’s gorgeous!


yes, I’d like to know where the lumbar pillow is from too! Thank you!


Yes! This is so beautiful and I would love to know too 🙂

Annie K

I have a ten month old and a 3.5 yr old andar has taken me 4 years and many iterations and way more time and money than I would have thought to figure out how to actually blackout where our kids sleep. Ugh. What a pain. Ultimately our solution isn’t very graceful- blackout curtains mounted higher than and wider than windows, plus blackout cellular blinds, plus a blanket thrown over the top of the curtain rod. Emoji grimace face. It makes such a difference to how much they sleep when it’s sunny out but ughhhh. This is all to say, it makes me feel better to know that even famous designers have had to change stuff around to accommodate real life and California sun.

I love the room, the TV, and love coming to the blog every day.


I do miss that ocean painting above the dresser! Kinda made the room. I do get the need for a TV though.

Auburn Daily

For its color tones and subject matter, I much prefer the buckets, but that’s just my opinion (and art is nothing if not personal).
And I’ve never really understood the hatred for TVs in the bedroom. Why wouldn’t you want to be in your most comfortable spot when you finally have some downtime to relax and enjoy a show? When my husband is in town, we enjoy watching together (total intimacy builder, if you ask me) and when I’m solo, I love crawling in to bed after I’ve put my little one down and watching whatever I damn well please.

I love watching TV solo – I like watching with Mac too, but there’s something about watching whatever you want and as much of it as you want without worrying if someone else is getting bored or judging your sanity…

Rachel S

I’d love to hear about the curtain rods. I have an almost 6 month old and I couldn’t stomach the $1000 quote I got for a custom french return rod (it looks like a french return in your photo but I can’t quite tell) for her nursery. So we got a cheap one from CB2 but the seams from the telescoping rod drive me completely batty. And since my daughter takes 3 naps a day, we are opening and closing the blackout curtains many times a day. I’m at the end of my rope. It seems like there’s nothing between the $50 one that telescopes and literally $900+ for a custom one.


I bought some at target and just bought the largest size so that the two larger rods butt up to each other in the middle, so no high/low sticky spots.

Rachel S

hmm Susie you might be a genius

Rachel S

I don’t think this trick will work, actually, I’m not sure. The span is 8+ feet…
I might just get some copper pipe cut to size and spray paint (or leave as is, honestly)


Yeah, that’s a long span. Sorry.


Three cheers for the Samsung Frame tv. We have one as well, and love it. The screen resolution alone is awesome, but then having a tv that looks like a piece of art when it’s not turned on is even better.
(I got the idea from the boathouse/industrial-type space that Emily decorated a year or two ago)


I like the styling on dresser now. Calmer, less cluttered. Really like the TV with the art shown. Even though TV in bedroom does distract from what experts say a bedroom should be used for, I don’t care. Love watching TV in bed.

I like this styling more too! Plus I’m also a big supporter of watching TV in bed

Colleen Williams

Beautiful and oh so calming! Where is blanket on bed from?

It’s one of our favorite blankets from Schoolhouse, Emily has had it for years and still loves it! Here is the link:


Hi. What a lovely room! I actually think the art on the TV ties the entire room together. The way I read the text it seems to me like the painting was said to be by Gustav Klimt. If I read it correctly I have to point out that this is incorrect. The painting is by Edvard Munch ( who also painted The scream). This information might come in handy if people are looking for a poster online to replicate the look without the TV.


Do you know what this painting is called by Edvard Munch? It’s gorgeous!


No judgment on TVs in the bedroom, in fact I’m in the process of replacing ours that was zapped by lightning in June. I finally talked my husband into The Frame, but just as I was about to press the “purchase” button last night he said “Wait. Does it have that soap opera effect?” Unfortunately no one in our area carries them for us to see in person. So I’m asking the internet – anyone able to tell me about the picture?


I don’t think it does, but even if so you should be able to go into the settings to fix it. I can’t remember if we had to do that when we first got it or not, but you shouldn’t have a problem!


Really pretty room. Did I miss the reference about the curtains. Are they custom or ready made?

Talia, they were custom from Calico Corners, here is the original link:


I recently put a TV in our bedroom after YEARS of feeling guilty for even wanting one because of the sleep/sex reason. I finally did it a few months ago and it’s heaven. Admittedly now it seems my husband and I spend nights apart (he prefers video games to TV) but hey, we were already doing that. And cold rainy PDX winters I just want to be in my bed with a giant blanket onem. I feel a tad guilty too for the ENORMOUS TV in our basement going unloved but I reason I’ll spend summers down there when it’s “hot” 🙂

Anyway I say NO SHAME, do what works best for you. One way or another i’d be watching that damn tv so might as well do it in the most comfortable fashion possible.


Where is the blanket ladder from? I’ve been looking for a dainty one!


This is one of my favorite kind of posts, just a good old decor update. I like the bucket painting, and yet it reminds me of chores, so that would be a little stressful to wake up to every morning. And for the record, I like the direction of the stripes on the bench. It’s a really cute piece.

Thanks for the great content!


Your room gives me the warm and fuzzies! I love the “frame” tv we’ve been debating on whether or not to splurge on one since they came out but the show stealer in my opinion is your amazing dresser so glad that you kept it! That color is my new favorite it looks like a vintage piece did you buy it that way or did you paint it? If so what is the name of the paint? Great job Emily your room is making me totally reconsider my bedroom design.


I don’t really understand why people are so judgmental about having a TV in the bedroom. If you like it and it works for you, for any reason at all, then have it! I am a TV-as-background-noise person. I am an artist and I like the hum of food network or HGTV on in the background while I work. I also like it on while I cook. And watching something calm like house hunters or secrets of the zoo helps my brain relax so I can fall asleep. Having the TV there doesn’t interfere with sleep or sex for my husband and I, we can just TURN IT OFF! Haha! Also, the bedroom looks great!

I agree! I also like to work and sleep with TV on in the background. It is soothing!


Question about the whole “tv cord through the wall” thing. I wanted my husband (handyman extraordinaire) to do that but he told me it was against fire code. We live in Canada ?? so it might be different. Or my hubby was telling fibs cus he just didn’t want to do it. Lol. Wondering …


The instructions actually tell you not to put it in the wall. It isn’t fire rated for in wall use. Your husband was right.

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