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One of Emily’s Best Friends Gets The Cozy Yet Sophisticated Bedroom Makeover She Really Deserves

Today’s reveal is for one of my best friends (Suzanne) who you have seen around here putting edgy clothes on my body and helping me try on 18 pairs of clogs for our journalistic pre-pandemic clog review. She is a single mom and like so many people I know right now, deserves a warm hug of a room. Life is stressful for anyone in our current *climate* (cough cough), and all you single parents out there, sharing custody during this pandemic, well you deserve more than a big hug. So Julie and I set out to make her room feel like a peaceful, sophisticated, uncomplicated, retreat that she can be really proud of in and spend nights snuggled up with her cute son. It was a room with so much potential, and Julie really made it sing  – or more like hum. She (the room and Suzanne) is quiet and sweet and so so pretty. Head on in and see for yourself.

Hi there, Julie here again and I am so ready to share another room reveal with you all that has been in the works for a minute… or more like 9 months and no that is not the typical timeline for a room design. But then again this hasn’t been a ‘typical’ year for any of us. This room is one of my favorites simply for the fact that when you are in the space or even look at the photos there is a sense of calm that washes over you or dare I say, like you are being hugged. As Emily mentioned above that was the end goal and I think we eventually got there.

But first, here is how the room looked way back when…

If you were to jump into this photo (*Mary Poppins style*) then the door to the hallway would be behind you to your right and the door next to that would lead to the walk-in closet. Having the bed be the first thing in the space you see felt like a better flow, especially when you have a pretty bed like the one we got for her. To solve this design agony we decided to flip flop the room so the bed sits between those beautiful inset windows.

Ahhhh, there that’s better. Now the bed has its own “moment” in the room and plays up the architectural details of the space with its curved ceilings. There were a lot of pieces she had from a previous home where the scale worked but now in a larger room, they felt a bit small. When you have a king-size bed, a general rule is to have your nightstand width between 20-24″ so they feel substantial enough next to the 76″ wide bed. Luckily, she had a guest room that needed some sprucing up so they just got moved into there.

Now for the reveal and everyone, get ready to be hugged. 🙂

THIS BED. It’s amazing and even better in person with that blue velvet fabric catching the light throughout the day! It’s from Ginny’s furniture line with Lulu & Georgia and if you still haven’t seen her full collection then check out this post here and then head over to their site. All of the pieces are timeless with a touch of modern. If I could I would buy them all, especially her sofa bed which looks amazing even when pulled out which is a rarity. It’s all in the details when it comes to a classic furniture design. Speaking of details, the black leather bench at the foot of that gorgeous bed is from Article. I love the U-shaped leg design on the backside and it has just the right amount of tufting. Also, it’s Boris’ favorite spot for a mid-day snooze – that’s Suzanne’s french bulldog who is the cutest snorer in town.

And because I know it might’ve already caught your eye in the first photo let’s get to it and talk about those table lamps. Yes, they are a skosh ’80s/’90s with the tapered shade but that lewk is back. And no, those weren’t the original shade that came with the blue lamp base. Listen, we are all about shaking things up around here – haven’t you read the mix & match lampshade post by now?

The original plan for the room was to transform it head to toe in this amazing lime wash paint from Portola. It was a moody yet happy shade of blue because again when we asked Suzanne what she wanted the room to feel like she simply said, “like a warm hug”. Going darker in the space would’ve been a tonal dream but then the world happened in March and life shifted and well…Suzanne might be moving soon and this house is a rental. It just didn’t make sense to spend the time and money to paint the space just to get it painted back to this color a few months later. In a way, I am happy that we collectively decided to keep it in the warm white where some furniture pieces are now the star of the show. BUT, there will always be a part of my design heart that would’ve loved to see it in the Reservoir color from Portola cause it’s one of those perfect denim blue colors that Emily is always searching for to use.

To keep the bed frame as the star of the show I decided to keep the bedding as neutral as possible. The key to this is to use deliciously soft bedding and in this case, it is pretty affordable as well since it’s all from Target’s new bedding line, Casaluna – with the exception of the lumbar pillow which is a classic Rebecca Atwood design.

If you are on the hunt for a good and SUPER SOFT knit throw blanket then get this one cause it’s all of the above. Plus, it also has a good weight to it for those chilly months when you need a little something extra to keep you cozy throughout the night. Also, that duvet set was designed so smartly – is that a word? It is now! Let me tell you why. First off, it’s again super soft & cute with the subtle fringe detail on the edges, but it also has amazing hidden zippers – it took me a minute to find them haha. But the best part is the duvet. The act of putting on a duvet can be a real struggle, one that can take 20 mins and all of your sanity. But when they are designed right, it’s only about 5 mins and minimal frustration cause let’s be real they are never not frustrating. I bought the linen duvet set and mid weight down comforter for Suzanne and was pleasantly surprised when I found out that the insert has loops to tie to the duvet not only in all four corners but also at the middle at the top and bottom! This means that after night 3 of tossing and turning with your duvet you won’t have to shake it back into place after sagging down. Praise the designer who added this simple little feature, they are a true blessing.

These nightstands were a size upgrade from the previous plus look how well they match with the wood detail on the bed. Meant. To. Be. I love the simple curved design and large single drawer for all your nighttime necessities. You could even use them as end tables in a living room, so versatile! They are from one of my favorite furniture lines by Leanne Ford for Crate & Barrel. If you love a good curve & clean lines then Leanne has got all your furniture needs covered. It’s a minimalist dream and I am here for it.

A little tip, keep the styling (life decor) to a minimum when you have furniture pieces that can stand on their own. A simple bud vase and brass tray is all you need to corral your watch or water glass at night. Plus, since Suzanne has a little boy about Charlie’s age, this is her space to keep the clutter (ahem, toys) out and focus on relaxing at the end of the day because like all you parents out there, she deserves it.

When Sara set up this shot we just both looked at each other with joy. It’s just so good with the reflection of that blue beauty of a bed. We like to pat ourselves on the back from time to time which is a good socially distanced activity you can do with friends and I highly suggest you all try it out now. Feels good right? We all need a little encouragement these days and who better to give it to you, than you!

Now about that mirror, she is large and in charge of bouncing around all that natural light. The thing about living in a house that is over 100 years old is that the hardwired lighting is typically minimal if it hasn’t been renovated in a minute (and this one hasn’t). There are no ceiling or wall lights in this room. So it all comes down to lamps at night and reflecting the natural light as much as possible during the day which this amazing arched floor mirror does that job very well. Oh yeah, it also doubles as an actual mirror too so Suzanne can check out those cute looks she puts together on the daily, like these here. Have you seen her style? Cause it’s real good, I’d let her dress me in her clothes any day of the week. *wink, wink*

Recognize that black side table? Well, you should cause I stole it for the day from Emily’s living room. My plant needed a friend and I knew they’d get along so well. It’s designed by Josephine Forson and her husband Kweku, the tables are made from reforested wood that has fallen from the woodlands in Ghana. It’s not only beautiful but also supports a small business so check them out here on 54Kibo’s site.

There was only one piece of furniture that Suzanne wasn’t partial to parting ways with and it was the dresser which I understand why. It’s from Restoration Hardware, it’s timeless, will hold up for years to come, and was a pretty penny when purchased so there was no point in even thinking about finding a replacement. It works so well in the space with all the new additions and helps to anchor her big TV.

Speaking of that TV, yes I do realize that this is an unrealistic place for a vintage portrait but my stylist brain took over and said goodbye to practicality for this shot. I apologize and realize now that a low tray would’ve been better but it is what it is and let’s just focus on that pretty vase. Or let’s not since it’s now out of stock… here’s the link just in case it magically becomes available again.


We love a good ladder look and this one from Industry West is simple with its curves and is just a good piece. But unfortunately, it too is out of stock…keep in mind that a lot of these pieces were ordered pre-pandemic, so at the beginning of the new year when we were ready to install and shoot but again life happened, fast forward 6 months and this is where we are at. You may recognize that Homer table lamp from Emily’s playroom/family room reveal, I can assure you all that I did not steal this one from her – it was vice versa ;). It’s from HumanHome which is one of our favorite lighting companies and we have used them time and time again in my bedroom reveal, the Mountain House living room & upstairs guest bedroom. The light source is at the base of this lamp so when turned on the whole piece is illuminated, it’s so peaceful.

That rug from Loloi Rugs, that you have been seeing little snippets of this whole time, is the foundation of this room and ties in all the pieces. It’s warm yet cool in color and the texture is ideal for those with pets and human pets (children) because it hides dirt and stains so well. Plus it’s so pretty, you can have it all! As Sara was eating her lunch downstairs, I took over as photographer and set up this shot with her permission of course. Well, let me clarify. I set up a shot that was slightly angled and then the actual professional, Sara, made it way better. To me, this shot captures the “warm hug” feeling that Suzanne desired for the space and she agreed. The best part about this job is to make someone feel more comfortable in their home especially now when we are spending more time than ever indoors. Makes me happy to know that they are a little happier in their space at the end of the day.

And what makes my design heart really happy is THAT CHAIR from Industry West. Playing with different scales of furniture was something I wanted to highlight since that is exactly what Suzanne does with her clothing so this bedroom becomes an extension of her fashion style. The chair is like a large puffy sleeve and that black side table is the skinny jean, they play off each other to balance out one another.

No lounge chair area is complete without an ottoman to kick your feet up on and Sika’s Albini Ottoman from One Kings Lane was the ideal piece. Since the chair is visually heavy, it needed to be paired with a light, airy piece and the wood tone helps to “warm hug” up the area which matches the wood detail legs of the chair.

Now that you can get a better look at it, let us admire that one drink table by Katy Skelton. It’s no secret that we are big fans of her designs and this one is no exception. It’s the perfect size for your morning cup of “wake me up juice” or a glass of “destress me please drink” at night (aka 1 pm – That’s the acceptable time now right?). And look at those legs! I had actually wanted it for my bedroom but it was too high next to my vintage siesta chair so I made sure to keep it in mind for a future project like this one. That floor lamp is an EHD favorite from Rejuvenation with its wood base and elongated cylindrical shade it provides great light in the corner day and night. Add in a vintage botanical print from our prop garage to top it off with a pop of color.

Those vines right outside (and a little inside) the windows are just too pretty to clutter up the area so to keep the focus on the vine view we went with some simple white curtains – that of course I procrastinated on and hemmed the night before the shoot – and a wooden bench. It’s really all you need. Plus it is conveniently next to the other closets in the space making for a great spot to put on your shoes or these days, slippers.

Sara and I got a little carried away with shooting this area but c’mon that dappled light is just too good not to photograph it from every possible angle.

Finally, here is the “see it all at once (almost) shot” of Suzanne’s little bedroom oasis. It feels a bit brighter, lighter, and hopefully helps her relax a bit easier at the end of the day.

And as always here are a few “before and afters” for you to enjoy!

Also, if you saw something that you liked then we’ve got you covered. Here are all the room sources below…

1. Arched Mirror | 2. Black Side Table | 3. Lockwood Bed in Harbor | 4. Lampshade (similar) | 5. Blue Table Lamp | 6. Nightstand | 7. Black Leather Bench | 8. Linen Duvet Set | 9. Lumbar Pillow | 10. Natural Rug | 11. Chunky Knit Blanket | 12. Sheet Set | 13. Candle | 14. Brass Tray | 15. Bud Vase (similar) | 16. White Table Lamp | 17. Wood Ladder | 18. Dresser | 19. Vintage Painting (similar) | 20. Large Ceramic Vase | 21. Grey Knit Blanket | 22. Grey Blanket | 23. Woven Basket (similar) | 24. Small Lumbar Pillow | 25. Small Ceramic Vase | 26. Floor Lamp | 27. Wood Frame | 28. Botanical Print (similar) | 29. Ottoman | 30. Lounge Chair | 31. Wood Bench (similar) | 32. White Lumbar Pillow (similar) | 33. One Drink Table | 34. Cream Blanket | 35. Open Weave Basket | 36. White Curtains

Thanks for stopping by my…I mean Suzanne’s new bedroom. Also, here’s some human for scale. 😉 Talk to you all soon in the comments below! xx

**Design by Julie Rose | Photos by Sara Ligorria-Tramp


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74 thoughts on “One of Emily’s Best Friends Gets The Cozy Yet Sophisticated Bedroom Makeover She Really Deserves

  1. So pretty and calming! Love the bed. We are actually looking to buy a bed (needs to go in front if a window) so are debating between the rejuvenation one in Emily’s main bedroom and the Ethnicraft one that’s at the mountain house (currently on sale, so about the same price) — which one would you recommend more? =). Thanks!

    1. ooh which one in the mountain house? OH wait, in the upstairs guest? That is Thomas Moser (so beautiful). I love our rejuvenation one for sure! Post a link of the ethnicraft one and we can weigh in. xx

  2. really well done! I am wondering if she can take all these high quality pieces with her to the new place. Th etext started with a comment that her initial furniture (I hesitate to say “old”, because these didn´t look dated or broken to me) was not the right scale for this room. This might happen again very soon and she spent some pennies. I really love these choices! Living in Europe I always wonder about the total make-over, plus the infor that the next move is already set up or planned. Same happend with the magical girl´s bedroom.

    1. when we started this project (a year ago?) things were very different. Yes, very much hoping that all of these will work going forward! Also Violet’s bedroom headboard is in her new bedroom as an upholstered nook wall. Next time i’m in LA i’ll sneak over and take some photos to show you guys. it looks so cute and we were so glad that it worked out. xx

  3. This is stunning! What better way to wake up on a Monday morning than a room reveal. I love how it’s sophisticated and understated but also packs a lot of style. It sounds like it’s perfect for Suzanne.

  4. I love this room! I would love to know what colors the walls are painted? I read the article twice… I feel like I’ve missed it. All the details are so pretty! Definitely feels like a hug! I’ll be pinning every image!

  5. I LOVE this room. It may be my favorite bedroom ever. There is such a wonderful balance of simple clean lines and elegant coziness. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Gorgeous room! Where is the original bench from? Is it out of stock or no longer made? Only asking because I’m looking for a dining nook bench and that would work way better than the spindle bench you linked.

    1. Thank you Stephanie! It was from Target but unfortunately it’s no longer available. There are some versions on their site without a back if that is something you are looking for, hope that helps!

  7. Since she’s a stylist, I’m going to guess clothing racks are in here more frequently than not. Am I wrong? I hope so, that room is too pretty to clutter up.

  8. Wow I JUST bought this Casaluna knit blanket this weekend! Soooo thrilled to see it styled on here, looks so cozy and amazing. I just want to curl up with a blanket and a good book in this room!

  9. Now THIS is inspiring, Julie! (and team)
    It really is a huggie room.
    It would induce deep, slow, relaxation after a hectic day, with or without said kiddo or scruffy.
    It’s reminded me that I have a large, Indian dhurrie rug (hoarded) that might just swap i to my bedroom when I feel energized enough for physical work. 😉
    Chemo fatigue is happening big time lately.

  10. This is such a beautiful room and so calming. The chair in particular manages to be stunning while also relaxing and perfectly fits. Bravo! The only weird note for me is the mirror by the bed. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it reflects the light beautifully and it is a lovely shape. But I don’t really like watching myself in bed–maybe that’s just me.

  11. Love! 🤗 I can’t decide my favorite element in the room…the night stands?…the side tables?…the ottoman? It all works together and individually.

  12. This room is so pretty. Question for EHD: I want this vibe in my room, but I have carpet and it feels like it kills design so quickly. My husband stubbornly loves carpet (we have compromised and have hardwoods in public spaces, carpet in bedrooms). How would you accomplish this room’s airy and light feeling with a generic white carpet on the floor? CAN you?

        1. I would try to adhere to them as best as possible since it will still define the area of your bed so you don’t want the scale to be too small or too large since it would have the adverse look of the furniture in the area. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  13. Julie I love it and you’re KILLING me with all these pieces that aren’t available- not your fault but UGH I want this vibe in my life

    How did you decide to go with off-white curtains instead of, say, white? My BR walls are a similar color and I’m not sure what to choose (the room is tiny so I don’t have a lot of opportunities to add interest/texture, but I want to keep it bright, calm, and minimalist)

    1. I know 🙁 I wish we could’ve shot the space sooner but stay safe was definitely a priority for all of us. The curtains look a bit more white in person than in the photos with the natural light coming through but just wanted to keep them tonal with the wall color so the focus was directed more towards the view outside and the bench below. I think it all depends what else you have going on in your room and curtains are a great way to add more character to a space if the furniture is more on the simple side. Let me know if you have any other questions! xx

  14. I typically love a dark, moody bedroom, but man, this is gorgeous. Just love the simple colour palette and that chair (L)!

  15. Lovely room, but I see the styling changed mid-shoot. From one angle the black tufted bench is at foot of bed, but from another angle it’s gone. Looks like it wouldn’t fit (or look good) with the rattan ottoman and puffy chair. Wondering which way it truly ended up. Did she keep both?

    1. All of the pieces work so well together in the space and plenty room for all so Suzanne does still have them all. The bench was mainly taken away for a few shots because it looked like a black box in the corner of the frame on the screen and we wanted to show off more of the bed or lounge chair area since we partnered with a few companies on this project and want to be mindful of highlighting everyones pieces in the best possible way for every shot of the space. Hope that explains it all! xx

  16. That mirror is fab!

    I love it all, but definitely would opt for a different dresser although her reasoning makes total sense for keeping it.

    1. Thanks Susanna and yes, it’s just one of those pieces that once you spend money on you’d want to hold onto it for as long as possible. 🙂

      1. The dresser is definitely unexpected, but I think it adds some tension in the room that’s really nice. Which is amazing because I honestly hated that zinc-wrapped line when I worked at RH, but it really works here. I take back all the bad things I said about it. 🙂 Well done! This room is so good.

  17. Not sure what’s going on but some of the links refresh to this same page. They have worked in the past so not sure what’s happening,

  18. I’m obsessed with this room and am purchasing everything, starting with that ottoman.

    Also, did you manage to remove or cover up the ceiling vent, directly over the wooden bench in the window? I have a few unsightly ones and am stumped as to what to do with them…

  19. I love a good nook. And that is an extraordinary nook. Amazing job on the whole room, really – your decorating enhances the beautiful architecture on all sides.

  20. Love this room however it is way out of my budget. Would love to see you guys do a look a like version of this room for those that don’t have the same budget as your friend.

  21. I LOVE this room – getting a lot of inspo here for my new bedroom design in the apartment my husband and I just bought. Question (and this may be silly) – I know the rule for a rug under the bed is to not put it underneath the nightstands, but does that make the bedframe sort of wobbly? Or are most bedframes heavy enough that the rug placement does not affect the feeling of the bed? I’ve never put a rug under my bed before so I’m curious.

    1. Thank you and congrats on your new place! The bed should be heavy enough that it won’t make your bed feel wobbly. Also, take in consideration how high is the rug pile or thickness. Hope that helps!

  22. A room that dreams are made of and for. I’d adore having a bedroom just like it. So inviting; we’ll done!

  23. I just got Casaluna bedding, and it is truly nice to sleep in. The deep pockets stay on our mattress well, and they feel so silky and cool. No regrets! What a beautiful room, really. All my appreciation for single moms out here. What a kind thing to do, giving her a respite from it all.

  24. I love the result of this room, but the entire post felt like a giant ad. It didn’t flow like your usual content and I found myself skipping over the text just to look at the photos. It was like I was listening to one of my podcasts at 1.5x speed and it was just sponsored content left and right. “We used this product, here it is. Moving on to the next thing, which you can buy here.” I get that you need the affiliate money to keep offering free content, but mosts of your posts have more of a narrative and are less in your face.

  25. this room is so beautiful and calming -I’ve kept the article open on my computer and phone for a quick peek every now and then (same with the ‘blue room’ recently on IG – that’s a long-time fave!)

  26. Love this room. It is the direction that I want to go in my own room. Can you share the paint color or one similar? I’m trying to decide what to use. 🙂

  27. This room is perfection! Love everything about it. Can you please share the source of the black curtain rod.

  28. This room turned out beautiful!! I fell in love with that upholstered lounge chair from Industry West and have already ordered it for my arm chair in the living room!  

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