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Reveal: A Refresh of the Kids’ Room in the Mountain House

Welcome back to our two-day stretch of MORE mountain house “reveals” except they’re all kind of “refreshes.” The kids’ bedroom was actually the first room in the entire house that we revealed back in March but it was styled and shot for Target using their Pillowfort collection and after some living, there needed to be a few updates…for two reasons: 1. the kids now share a king-sized bed and 2. I felt that the white headboard could be more playful and exciting.

Here’s what it looked like when we first revealed it:

I loved it all (especially that DIY canopy), but the twin bed thing just didn’t last (for now). We ended up shoving them together so we could read together and FINE, maybe I’m bad about resisting the urge to go in there in the middle of the night when they call. They’ve got my number and at least four nights a week, I ended up laying with them for a bit or hours if I fall asleep. I was sleeping in the crack so uncomfortably and was like, this is ridiculous. We bought one of those kits that puts them together and fills the gap (and as you can see we still have two twin bed frames because we know that this situation isn’t forever).

Plus, for renting this out, this could be another grown-up room, and the memory foam carpet is honestly soft enough that you can literally put a sleeping bag on the floor for kids, if needed.

Mountain House Kids Updated Headboard 3

Days before the reader event, I looked at this room and just thought that headboard could be better. We found THE PERFECT fabric from Minted by artist Beth Schneider and Emily Bowser and Julie spent a day DIY-ing that long headboard wall by reupholstering over the white canvas.

Emily Henderson Kids Room Update Headboard Process Side By Side

Because the headboard is so wide, they had to spend time carefully finding a way to pattern match, which is far more complicated than you think (hot tip: if you plan on doing something like this, always account for more fabric needed for the pattern repeat because there is waste).

Mountain House Kids Updated Headboard 4

We had bought those nightstands as options for the upstairs guest room so we tried them in here and loved how they modernized the space. They popped off the busier headboard in a graphic but playful shape and tone. And we switched out the bear for the moose because the dark brown was feeling heavy.

Mountain House Kids Updated Headboard 6

Mountain House Kids Updated Headboard 5

We had to switch out the bedding because the green blankets were twin (and the pirates couldn’t live with the animal headboard, duh) so we kept it calm but playful with that Rebecca Atwood blanket, long striped lumbar, and tiny delicate striped shams.

I loved how it turned out.

But there was still something on the other side of the room that was bugging me. This is how it looked when we originally revealed it:

It always bugged me that there was nook on nook and that bottom nook was meant for a custom pull-out closet that we never executed due to budget (the renderings are here if you want to see). It just felt busy to me.

So the day before the reader event (nothing like a last-minute deadline, huh?) we thought, what if for now, we just put a white curtain with leather pullbacks there? So day-of, Julie (bless her) figured out how to make that work and this is what she came up with:

Mountain House Kids Updated Headboard 7

It did help, I promise but we all agree that it’s not necessarily permanent. I think I want to get someone to make two white cabinet doors for now and turn it into a secret cupboard. If we wanted to call it a closet, we could even install a rod somewhere.

We had leftover fabric and Julie had the sweetest idea to sew a pillow for this nook.

Mountain House Kids Updated Headboard 8

She stayed up the night before the event to sew it—hopefully with wine in hand. THANK YOU JULIE. It really did help bring that side of the room to life and work well with the other. Then I found that bunting at Lulu and Georgia and those colors worked perfectly with our new animal print.

Mountain House Kids Updated Headboard 1

There we go. An update on a room that wasn’t quite there when we shot and revealed it originally. As we live in the house, we realize what tweaks need to be made because designing a home isn’t necessarily a start to finish process. I still need to tackle the dining room back cushion and light situation and I might play musical rugs downstairs… 🙂 Ooh also we aren’t done with the play attic, which we spend SO much time in and as soon as we are I’ll show you.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in renting out the house for shoots (or very vetted vacation trips), let us know.



Side Tables | Bed Frame | Toy Bin

Bedding & Fabric:

Lumbar Pillow from Filling Spaces | Shams from Pom Pom at Home (similar) | White Pillowcases from Target | Duvet from Target | Blue and White Coverlet by Rebecca Atwood | Green Throw from Target | Headboard Fabric by Beth Schneider from Minted | Reading Nook Cushion Fabric by Crypton


Bed: Nightlight from Target | Unicorn from Target | Sconces (above bed) by Schoolhouse | Cloud Shelves from Target | House-Shaped Wood Blocks from Amazon | Papier Mache Moose Head by Crate&Kids

Reading Nook: Garland from Lulu & Georgia | Throw from Target | Octopus from Target | Lumbar Pillow from Target | 2-Tier BookShelf from Target | Sconce by Jones County Road

Under Stair Nook: Lantern from Target | Faux Fur Pillow from Target | Wood Side Table from Midcentury LA | Sheepskin by Article | Stuffed Bunny from Target

Climbing Wall: Floor Pillows from Target | Climbing Holds from Metolius

***photography by Sara Ligorria-Tramp, design by me, DIY canopy and headboard by Julie Rose and Emily Bowser

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54 thoughts on “Reveal: A Refresh of the Kids’ Room in the Mountain House

  1. Adorable. I love that carpet!

    How was the fabric chosen? In pictures, it doesn’t look like it coordinates with the carpet and surprised you went with a safari theme.

    1. That’s surprising that you think so! There’s a lot of blue animals in the fabric and orange (in our case burnt orange) is a complementary color of blue so we really felt it pulled the carpet into the the rest of the decor.

  2. I’m glad you’re happy with this space now! It’s super cute. The green blankets in the first iteration never really meshed with the blue carpet for me. I think the canopy would work better/pop more if it wasn’t the same white as the wall – maybe a marled light grey or a sage green stripe? But I get that the theme of the house is pretty light.

    1. I just really didn’t want it to get loud and heavy in here, and the carpet is such a big dose of carpet, but there have been times when i’ve been like ‘should this have been a color?’ re the canopy. but in person this room is well, we love it. it feels finished and clean/scandy but with enough going on to make it more playful …

  3. I like it! I actually like the (original) nook on nook best – it’s fun and quirky and rather unique. I love the colors in this room, so peaceful!

    1. Would this type of headboard (full length of wall) still work with two beds? Asking for a friend ?

      1. Carrie – yes! I think what’s great it that in the future this will still work with the beds separated, like it was before.

  4. How is the curtain attached to the book under the stairs? I have a similar situation and would love to do this!

    1. We stretched and staple gunned it to a piece of thin wood then screwed that on the inside of the nook. it was far more complicated than we wanted it to be 🙂

  5. You had me at “memory foam carpet.” Details please.
    Also – Re under stairs nook. I had open nook shelves in our master bath. Looked messy. I found great online source to make 3 PERFECT cupboard doors. All wood, pre sanded for paint, ea. maybe $50, predrilled with holes for European soft close hinges (which you can get from them). Maybe took 3 weeks? Such a change. Wish I had thought of it 3 years ago when we bought house! The company is an Amish one in Wisconsin. Easy to Google.

      1. Ooh, what if you had them cut a little window into the cupboard doors so it would be like a little playhouse? It wouldn’t feel as hidden/secret, so maybe that’s a not-go, but it would be so fun!

        1. YES to the playhouse window – making the nook into a mini house was my first impulse when I saw the nooks at the initial reveal! I would have lovedlovedlooooved something like that as a kid 🙂

  6. I love your work. I’m usually so inspired. This is the first time I’m stumped. Confused I guess. Why not moose, fox or mountain themed fabric for the headboard? Safari doesn’t make sense to me personally.

    1. I don’t think EVERYTHING at the mountain house needs to be mountain themed and I’m guessing they just liked that it was a playful pattern but still neutral colored. I do think the theme seems a little weird with Mr. Moose and would maybe ditch him.

    2. Agreed. The colors feel really off to me with the rug and green blanket and the safari print feels a bit out of left field — particularly with the very mountain-y moose head and rock wall and tent canopy. I also would have used a fabric with a background color other than white for a better contrast with the white walls, bedding, bedside tables and canopy (all of which I like). Maybe a soft flannel-y blue plaid to pick up some of the tones from the rug?

    3. There are no orcas on safari and I’m pretty sure they’re a northern hemisphere-only animal in the wild. To me the print reads animal-themed, and a moose is an animal and the colours all work together for me.

      I like how the headboard and the nook with the more colourful bunting have a bit more contrast now while still working with the overall Mountain House vibe. Great update! And I like how you made the twin beds work with the kit instead of replacing them with a new king.

      1. Ha. the word ‘safari’ never really came to mind – its just a bunch of animals. We all loved it so much and we love how it works with the carpet, so i’m surprised at these comments, but what can you do??!! Always love a good design debate 🙂

        1. I see now that there are a lot of different animals in the fabric. It’s somebody’s design and could look great in the right room. However, in this room with the blue and green accents, I really do not see the connect. It’s just a moment where you could have done something so “special.”

  7. I really, really love this refresh. It looks so pulled together, and I love the warmth that the new pillows, headboard and bunting bring to the space. My favorite part is the upstairs nook… it is PERFECT! Way to go Julie on the pillow idea.

  8. My kids were not good sleepers either – they’re twins and used to sleep on the same bed. I would also lie between the two of them or sometimes, we all end up in the master bedroom. Now that they are teenagers, I miss those times.

  9. Refreshes are my favorite – spaces need to evolve as they are lived in, the functions change, and just for variety’s sake. It is so fun to see how a space can change from looking fantastic one way to looking fantastic another way, just swapping out a few things. Thanks for taking us on this journey!

  10. It’s good to embrace what works for you (your kids) for now with flexibility to change later. I love the idea of a little tented space to echo the bed canopy. And I’m anxiously awaiting the play attic.
    I’m here for that.

  11. We have the same bed-would you mind sharing the kit that you used to fill the gap? There are sooo many!

  12. I love this space and it totally makes sense, at this point, to have a king bed that can later be 2 twins with young kids.

    One question I have, is there a seperate closet that’s not shown? Just wondering where you store clothes in the room.

    1. we have a dresser that we didn’t shoot, but its in the first iteration of the room. We were going to turn the nook into a pull out closet (Velinda did this awesome big design for it) but haven’t executed it yet. We lost the closet in exchange for the stairs so there isn’t ever going to be a proper closet and if we ever sell it we’d likely put a wardrobe where the dresser is. xx

  13. So beautiful, the whole thing!
    For the moment, that under-stairs nook looks like a perfect spot for little kids to hide, play, daydream etc.

  14. would really love to know how you did that window treatment. Was it in another post? simple but beautiful.

  15. Love the print on the headboard – it’s playful, beautiful, and brings warmth to the space too. I think the room looks tied together wonderfully – I’d sleep there in a heartbeat! 🙂

  16. I really like the way the nook looks now with the leather pulls and that would probably be permanent for me until my daughter became a teenager. I think I spot a light on the wood barrel table and that nook is perfect for reading, hiding, pouting (lol) etc.

  17. I love this so much! Love the mix of patterns, love the animals, love the colors… And it all looks so sweet and cozy and practical. Really great work, everyone!

  18. I love this room change! My kids would go wild for it, for sure.

    I’m with you, Emily, those kids call and you’re there! I am in the literally exact same situation. Props, Mama! Awesome that you made a space that works for the kids, or renting it out, and it looks amazing.

  19. I don’t have young kids and I still love the Pillowfort line. So great.

    I think your kids will love the animal headboard. So fun. An easy switch away from the green throw might be the Nate Berkus Project 62 quilt in Citron. Or Anthro has a faux fur throw in a similar color but it’s not as wide.

  20. FRESH. I love the motley assortment of animals in a kids room with a blue jean floor. I also prefer white on white for the canopy, especially since you warm up the whites with leather pulls. Suggestions for a canopy that contrasts more with the wall feel over designed and cloying to me. This room is playful and peaceful, perfect mountain Scandi. Yay!

    Hope your kids love the cozy nooks and get lots of reading one. <3

    1. So funny…. I have always loved the room as it was! I thought the green quilts were a lovely pop that you pulled in with the trees. It worked perfectly to me with the white walls and that gorgeous blue rug. Nothing about it seemed busy or “off” to me. Even the nooks!
      That said, if there was a need to change the bed situation, your redo is adorable. Love hearing that you all snuggle to read at bedtime, so fun!

  21. Enjoy falling asleep with the little ones for the time being. Yeah, it is “wasted time,” or “poor sleep,” but worth the snuggles with them at that age, and fuel to your lasting bonds. My daughter is almost 7, and I miss those phases.

  22. Where is the green bedspread from? The old one is Target Pillowfort, but the new one is…? It is gorgeous!

  23. Emily, this room is gorgeous. I love the nooks. I want you to know, it is perfectly ok to go to your kids when they call out in the night. I promise you will not look back on those moments with regret when they are teenagers, which will be all too soon.

  24. I love the blue and green together…………..nature colors-you can never go wrong!! Everything looks sweet and playful and darling the way a kids space should be!!

  25. Emily,
    You frequently write about the great lengths that your team goes to….the all-nighters and extra-hours work.
    I really hope they are well compensated. Or get overtime.
    I work at an interior design firm and we are all on salary and expected to work crazy hours. The more hours we work, the more our hourly wage decreases–typically just above minimum wage.
    It seems like you have a great team, and you thank them frequently. But at the end of the day, actions mean more than words. Hopefully, their paychecks reflect your appreciation.

  26. I would love to see a tutorial on how to build a headboard like that! Can work in my small guest room!

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